Boris Johnson Calls for Quotas on EU Migrants

Steven Swinford and Matthew Holehouse, Telegraph, October 12, 2014

Quotas for European immigrants must be considered to help win back Conservative voters who have turned to Ukip, Boris Johnson says.

The Mayor of London says in an article for The Telegraph that people are “furious” because the immigration system is “out of control” and has become a “magnet for the hordes at Calais”.

Mr Johnson says most UK Independence Party voters, or “kippers”, aren’t “wicked” or racist but simply want to end the “madness” of Britain’s lack of border controls. He says David Cameron is the “only man” who can deliver the changes that Ukip voters want by restoring control over Britain’s borders.

His intervention comes after senior Conservatives warned Mr Cameron that he could face a leadership challenge if the party loses a second seat to Ukip next month. A Cabinet minister said defeat in Rochester could prompt a vote of no confidence in Mr Cameron, leading to a “damaging” leadership challenge in the run-up to the general election in May next year.

Nigel Farage, the Ukip leader, increased the pressure after he warned that the by-election could cost David Cameron or Ed Miliband their jobs.

Polls at the weekend suggested that one in four people could vote Ukip at the general election after the Tories suffered a bruising by-election defeat in Clacton, Essex. Research suggests that four Tory MPs would be more likely to retain their seats next May if they defected to Ukip.

The Eurosceptic party has predicted further defections by Tory and Labour MPs in the run-up to the election.

Mr Cameron will head to Rochester this week to galvanise Tory support ahead of the by-election next month, brought on by the defection of Mark Reckless.

His visit will mark the start of six weeks of frenetic campaigning in Kent. The Tories are expected to “throw the kitchen sink” at the seat in an attempt to head off the Ukip surge.

Unlike Clacton, where the Conservatives were resigned to defeat, the party believes it can win Rochester.

However, opinion polls have put Ukip nine points ahead in the by-election.

Mr Johnson’s intervention is the first stage in a tough new message from the Conservatives on Europe and immigration designed to stop Ukip stealing more of their support base.

The proposals are likely to be at the heart of the Conservatives’ plans to renegotiate Britain’s relationship with the European Union ahead of a proposed in-out referendum in 2017. Mr Johnson says that under current laws Britain is powerless to prevent large numbers of people from all over the EU coming to Britain. He says: “The voters aren’t fools. They have spotted the incoherence–and what they object to is not so much the immigrants themselves; what makes people angry is the sense that the whole thing is out of control.

“Britain is now the America of the EU; the place people want to come; the magnet for the hordes at Calais.

“It is only reasonable for us to have some kind of further protections–involving points or even quotas, agreed with business–so we can manage that pressure.

“It would be madness to close our borders to talent; but it is also madness to continue with a system that means we have no idea how many are coming or what burdens they place on the state.” The Mayor of London says that “kippers” are not “automatically racist” because they are concerned about immigration.

He said: “It is true that the kippers are fed up with things as they are, and it is true that the number one issue they mention–publicly and privately–is immigration.

“I am not sure it follows that they are all racists who want to kick everyone with a brown face and send the last Polish plumber back to Poland.”

He says most Ukip supporters would speak favourably about the Albanian family that runs a restaurant which does a “nice spaghetti alle vongole”, the construction workers who build homes and the nurses on whom the NHS depends.

He says that the concern of Ukip voters is not about immigrants who “come here, work hard, learn to speak English and make their lives in this country”.

However, they are concerned about the “speed of change” and politicians who “keep dissembling”.

He says Tony Blair is the “first and biggest culprit” for failing to implement border controls when eastern European countries joined the EU in 2004.

“The surge of energy and talent was, of course, a boon to British business and industry but it was a direct attack on Labour’s core vote,” he says.

“Workers found their wages suppressed and were accused of bigotry if they complained.”

In an interview on The Andrew Marr Show on BBC 1, Mr Johnson suggested that Mr Cameron had committed a “deception” by claiming he could reduce net migration to “hundreds of thousands” of people a year.

The Mayor of London said it was “critical” that the Prime Minister made ending free movement from the Continent “number one” in his renegotiation of EU membership.

He said the Prime Minister should win an opt-out on free movement and introduce an Australian-style points system for immigrants.

Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, has been warned that he could face a “bloodbath” tonight from his own MPs after his party came within 600 seats last week of losing the seat of Heywood and Middleton to Ukip.

Labour MPs have accused Mr Miliband of failing to reach out beyond his “north London comfort zone” to address the needs of ordinary voters.

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  • Quotas for European immigrants must be considered to help win back Conservative voters who have turned to Ukip, Boris Johnson says.

    That sentence is in error. It should read:

    Empty and half-baked campaign season promises that those making them have no intention of enforcing or following through upon must be considered to stop the Tory to UKIP voter hemorrhage.

    There, I fixed it.

  • JackKrak

    Ok, fine. Even though we know this is just the result of sticking your finger in the wind, it’s better than nothing.


    Why single out EU national immigrants first? Isn’t it better to start by questioning why the UK seems to actively recruit the most useless and parasitic elements from the more sand and camel-intensive parts of the world?

    • B.A_2014

      Because the media would destroy you if you said that. Objectibg to Eastern European immigration is not frowned upon as much.

    • LHathaway

      “why the UK seems to actively recruit the most useless and parasitic elements”

      Your statement is completely irrelevant. Please prevent the immigration of the productive and selfless, if they are non-white.

  • MekongDelta69
  • KenelmDigby

    Just a few years ago, Boris Johnson strongly advocated a so-called ‘amnesty’ for the UK’s untold millions of illegal immigrants.
    Now Johnson backs UKIP style anti immigrationism. Boris Johnson, apart from being unprincipled is a very astute and intelligent politician – as a hat-tip, watch him become a future Prime Minister. Boris Johnson knows full well that immigration is an utterly indefensible position in British politics, therefore, in his bid for power, he is trimming to the wind. It’s a good sign, as it seems that anti-immigrationism is now becoming the default position of ambitious mainstream politicians – but I still don’t trust them. Vote UKIP and get the real deal.

  • Chris Granzow XI

    David Cameron isn’t the only man who can restore Britain’s border controls—he can’t. He already promised to cut immigration by “the tens of thousands” and instead they had record highs.

    • KenelmDigby

      Yes. Because Britain signed away its national sovereignty and independence over to the EU, the EU has control of Britain’s borders and David Cameron does not.

  • Johnny

    Huge numbers of black Africans and North African Arabs (Libyans, etc.) are flooding into the EU are quite a few want to end up in the UK.

    The UKIP is calling for an immigration quota on EU states to keep out those African/Arab refugees. It’s not European immigrants who are flooding in, but the refugees who arrive in southern Europe and then move north. Another reason UKIP wants the cap is to keep Eastern/Balkan gypsies from flooding into the UK.

    The UKIP is the real deal. I suggest all the British Amren readers should vote for them in the next election.

    As for French readers, they should consider Marine Le Pen.

    Unfortunately, we in America have no immigration-restrictionist candidate to vote for. Currently, America is grapped by a state of madness. Not only are politicians not considering immigration cuts at all, but plenty want to INCREASE immigration and offer AMNESTY during a recession. Truly a country gone mad.

  • Mark Hillyard

    Not making any prediction but what would happen if the markets take a mighty dump and the nation is no longer able to send out those subsistence checks? Anyone willing to think knows they come to America and the UK because of the ease of getting free stuff.
    This system we live in is not normal, it enslaves people simply by the fact that if you don’t pay your taxes on your own property you will loose your home. This is wrong but so many of us have been accustomed to being screwed we’ve come to think of it as normal.