US Court Rules Foreign Victims of Domestic Violence Can Seek Asylum

Raf Sanchez, Telegraph (London), August 30, 2014

An American court has found for the first time that foreign women who suffer domestic violence in their home countries can have grounds to seek asylum in the US.

The decision is likely to be used by Latin American women fighting deportation from the US and could potentially trigger a new wave of asylum seekers fleeing violence at home.

It may also spark fresh rancour among Americans who believe the White House should be turning back the tens of thousands of women and unaccompanied children who have arrived at the southern border this year.

The case was brought by Aminta Cifuentes, a Guatemalan mother-of-three who fled to the US in 2005 to escape her abusive husband.

The husband beat her, raped her and burned her breasts by throwing corrosive paint thinner at her, according to court documents.

Ms Cifuentes tried calling the police but officers told her “they would not interfere in a marital relationship”. She also ran to her father’s home but her husband tracked her down and brought her back to the house.

American immigration law requires that asylum seekers prove they are part of a group that is suffering persecution, for example a religious minority being harried by a government.

Battered women, whose cases were all seen as separate and distinct incidents of violence, were not considered “a group”.

But in the Cifuentes case, the Obama administration agreed to acknowledge “married women in Guatemala who are unable to leave their relationship” as a specific group.

The court found there was “unrebutted evidence that Guatemala has a culture of ’machismo and family violence’” and that police often refused to intervene.

Ms Cifuentes, who has been living in the US for nine years, must still prove a number of other criteria before she can be granted asylum and her case has been sent back to a lower court.

The ruling applies only to women in Guatemala but it raises the possibility that women from any country rife with domestic violence could seek asylum in the US.

The US is currently seeking to deport many of the women who arrived at the border since the spring, fleeing violence and gangs in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Some of those women may now argue they qualify for asylum because they face abusive husbands at home.

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  • MekongDelta69

    Bottom line:
    Anybody and everybody can come here to destroy this formerly great country.

    • That’s what it’s coming to. Which makes the lack of a “comprehensive immigration reform” bill pretty much moot.

    • Publius Pompilius Quietus

      The USA looks less like a nation and more like a homeless shelter at this point.

      • bilderbuster

        A homeless shelter in a seedy neighborhood.

        • Alexandra1973

          A flophouse.

          • OS-Q

            That charges the staff

    • Oil Can Harry

      Say, you don’t think illegal aliens will now falsely claim to be domestic violence victims in order to avoid deportation?

      Nah, they have far too much integrity and Christian family values for that…

    • archer

      Unbelievable the way this country has a death wish.

  • Usually Much Calmer

    Well. . . we will let Cifuentes’ husband in anyway because ‘humanitarian blah blah blah’. So the dog chases its tail.

    • SentryattheGate

      Sadly, you’re probably right. With family reunification as a priority of
      “our” immigration system, the husband will soon follow! Most cultures in the world are machismo, with domestic violence! Billions would have the right to US asylum????

      • Usually Much Calmer

        Everyone with problems: Come have your problems here!

      • bilderbuster

        All they have to do is say they’ve reconciled.

  • Lewis33

    Somebody is going to have a Lucy from Peanuts style “Black eyes 5 cents” stand set up in Mexico by morning.

  • M.

    “A culture of machismo regarding family violence”… Great excuse! Now half the Middle East can move in.

    We need some of that culture of machismo when it comes to dealing with illegal aliens, I tell you!

    • B.A_2014

      Where do these people think culture comes from. Did the japanese stumble across their great culture? Did the Germans recieve their culture as a present in a box wrapped with a bow on top? All of us at Amren know culture is a biological/racial outgrowth not something that can be altered never mind changed completely. There is no way the cognitive elite of our race could be so ignorant, short sighted and indifferent to the future of their people.

      • M.

        Well, the whole “take care of your female, discipline it if necessary” instinct is basically there in all humans. Probably in all primates. It’s still predominant in some ultra-conservative pockets of the U.S., chiefly in Alabama and some surrounding states.

        The thing is, the people who are the least educated tend to be more instinctive, they rely more on mother nature for their decision-making. It may also be due to lower IQ. So it’s to be expected in some populations of the world (Africa, Central America, etc.) more than others, just like it can be expected in some individuals more than others.

      • OS-Q

        Jared Diamond’s “Guns, Germs, and Steel” is an excellent read, but the premise is that all Western Supremacy happened entirely by luck, no, accident. PC is all about making amends for that accident.

    • bilderbuster

      Like we really get a chance to even see “our” representatives these days.

  • Samuel_Morton

    It is laughable how obvious our courts are hoodwinking their own citizens by coming up with sob stories to let more and more immigrants into the country. What’s next, USA as a refuge for people who don’t like spicy food. Or those who wish to escape from Montezuma’s Revenge?

    By the way, it’s a bit ironic that this news is coming on the heels of the Ray Rice elevator video.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      Doesn’t it feel so wonderful being the great white heros that rescues the world from evildoers?


    • Ray’s woman learned a valuable lesson:
      Take the stairs!

  • Alexandra1973

    I think that’d include a good part of Africa.

    • bilderbuster

      What “good” part?

  • DaveMed

    When are we going to just tear up the Declaration of Independence and replace it with a generic application for sanctuary, welfare, and all the goodies Western civilization can provide?

    This country’s raison d’etre is clearly to be nothing more than a babysitter and homeless shelter at this point.

  • libertarian1234

    “US Court Rules Foreign Victims of Domestic Violence Can Seek Asylum, ”

    But only if they have a contagious disease, are non-white, and promise to join a gang when they get here.

  • JackKrak

    Ok, we’ve reached the point where it is just easier to make of list of people who can’t get into this country no matter what.

    1. White people anywhere no matter how severe and legitimate their problems.

    There, done.

  • LHathaway

    We’re supposedly all intractably racist. All the smartest people never miss a chance to remind us of that; these same immigration advocates, actually. Isn’t exposure to racism worse than exposure to domestic violence (yes I know they are very similar)?

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    “An American court has found for the first time that foreign women who
    suffer domestic violence in their home countries can have grounds to
    seek asylum in the US.”

    Haven’t we been here before?

    The abused woman comes to this country and gets on welfare. She then sends for the very person that abused her, and he gets on welfare. Then he sends for his relatives, and they all come and get on welfare.


    • Bossman

      Has that been documented? The USA has been giving women who were trafficked for the purpose of prostitution, asylum for several years now.

      • bilderbuster

        And plenty of asylum and welfare to prostitutes who continue their trade and don’t pay taxes on their illicit income.

  • OS-Q

    Can we please give asylum to 1,400 English girls?

    • No, they’re white. Not allowed.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      Or entire South African families?

    • Ian Thomas

      I can’t give this comment enough upvotes, holy moly.

  • So who is going to protect the U.S people I do wonder. I suppose we are left to our own,. I do really do prefer it this way. Just keep Washington out of our business, and It would be all good.

  • Extropico

    You mean the gringos estupides will pay for my children’s education in their own language and for their health care and for some EBT cards and subsidized housing and racial work preferences…

    The wife can fabricate a story about being battered and concomitantly I’ll file a discrimination claim for being denied the human right of access to my family. Then mi familia can be back together and we’ll drink a toast to the gullibility of Amerika and the dispensability of the rule of law in favor of the demi-legality of mass immigration kritarchy.

  • Bill

    What a load of bxll.

  • Globalists who have decided to destroy the former USA and turn it in the USSA or Amurkistan are using a flawed Constitution to do their dirty work. The law is what a corrupt judge says it is, and there is no recourse available to preserve previous social conditions.

    With every one of these corrupt collectivists doing his dirty work while hiding behind black robes, the more convinced I become that American Revolution 2 must begin sooner rather than later. But whites are lulled to sleep by iphone 6 hoopla, NFL spectacles, and other bread and circuses.

    Thus, it’s doubtful there’ll be a revolution, just a long, slow slide into nonexistence, a morphing process that leads to an atheistic, collectivist culture that almost everyone accepts as the kids are brainwashed in school into believing it to be the highest morality.

    Morality? Yes, what’s wrong with you? Do you hate women? These women are getting beaten up. We MUST show them compassion. YOU must be sent to reeducation camp if you don’t accept OUR high morality.

    Get it? The collectivists use both morality and law against us to further their selfish, immoral ends, which are centered on enriching themselves monetarily.

    Nothing trumps a beat up woman with a black eye or a hungry child. The imagery is too strong. How to defeat the globalists is something we need to think about, within the contexts I’v described.

    • LHathaway

      How about a poor woman who is part of a smaller and smaller racial group whose numbers are dwindling lower and lower in a great multicultural nation where she was once part of a vast majority? A woman who is raising her kids in a hostile environment surrounded by angry to ambivalent racial bullies?

      separation/reservation is certainly an answer.

  • Stiv44

    I’m half serious when I say that they can live in the country only if they are sent to southern Florida solely, or better yet Puerto Rico. Both places are either Latin American already or so close to it that it may as well be.

    • david dorian

      Nope, same problem, They want to be where white people are.

      So once Florida is gone, its on to the next place, and on and on.

    • bilderbuster

      No because were going to have Latina’s from there trying to claim some special privilege over Whites by claiming the Latino men beat them in FL and PR.

  • Adolf Verloc

    I have no tolerance for abusive men, here or abroad. But if we are going to grant a (hopefully small) number of refugee asylum petitions, they had better be from categories that can be objectively determined: people persecuted because of their race, religion, economic class, sexual preference or whatever. Once we start admitting people on the basis of their perceived fear of crime, there is no end to it.

    • IstvanIN

      I don’t want any of them. Let them fight for rights in their won countries. How do you think people here did it?

  • B.A_2014

    It has become so blatant now. They (your wonderful humanitarian elite) are willing to destroy your country just so they can be the white knight for the day. So what if a woman in Salvador gets slapped about, maybe she deserved it. Why does that mean the US taxpayer has to pay for a lifelong vacation.

  • Who Me?

    At least 50% of women married to abusers eventually reunite with the abuser several times before finally leaving him for good, IF they ever do. So Mrs. Cifuentes with her 3 kids will come here, then remember how much she “loves” Mr. C. and will invite HIM up here. The whole domestic abuse scenario will recur, at least 3 or 4 more times, this time on the US taxpayer’s dime. Meanwhile the Cifuentes kids will get free education, food, housing, after school daycare, etc. and the Mrs. will live high on the hog (compared to what she’s used to) on welfare.
    Doesn’t Mrs. Cifuentes have a good, cast iron skillet? Maybe a rolling pin?

    • IstvanIN

      I doubt she is a Mrs. first off.

      • Spikeygrrl

        Which part of “husband” didn’t you understand?

        • IstvanIN

          Common law at best.

          • Spikeygrrl

            And you know this how?

    • Pat Kittle

      Don’t forget the additional kids she’ll likely breed once she’s here.

  • relanorma

    Lady Liberty is also a victim of domestic violence, with the amoral political elite grooming her for third world squatters. Where can she seek asylum?

    • IstvanIN

      She has become the b#tch of the world.

  • Whitetrashgang

    Hell, you are a victim of domestic violence, if you let these people into the USA.

  • Yancy Derringer

    Oh, good heavens, they’ve got to be kidding. Go home to mama.

  • IKUredux

    Talk about “boots on the ground”? When the hell are we going to have boots on the ground? Let’s march for our rights. Let’s march for free speech. Let’s march against the totalitarianism of the democrat agenda. That’s correct: the democrats are now totalitarians. The democrats are the exact same kind of people we used to fight! The democrats are the North Vietnamese. The Democrats are the North Koreans. The democrats are the Castro Cubans. Finally, the democrats are the Soviet Union, the USSR, wrapped in a tacky, tawdry, American flag. In their maws, the shredded U.S. Constitution. The democrats are the enemy.

  • Jack Burton

    “Domestic violence” in some states like California don’t even require any evidence at all, they just take the woman’s word for it even without a mark on her and lock the man up. So that just gives these immigrant females carte blanche to exploit the feminist American system.

  • Dave West

    At the rate this is going pretty soon the only requirements to be granted asylum into a Western country will be a short, easy questionnaire.

    Do you live in a third world country?
    Are you poor?
    Is your skin brown of black?
    Do you dislike white people?

    If you answered yes to all these questions you will be shipped off immediately to a majority white country of your choice and will be eligible to receive benefits courtesy of native-white taxpayers asap.

    • Browns and blacks don’t dislike whites until they are encourage to do so by the liberal left. This promotes racial hatred, so whites can suffer the consequence.

      Anti-racism is a code word for anti-white.

  • JohnEngelman

    During the War in Vietnam liberals said that the United States should not act as the world’s policeman. I agree, and believe that the United States should not act as the world’s social worker either.

  • Ghost

    Oh great! Just freaking great!

    • Even better; there is absolutely no way to prove whether these applicants are lying, which is doubtless entirely the point.

  • Demo P. Seal; PouponMarks

    How many is that, about 2 billion people?

  • ‘I object because I want my culture to remain as it is.’

    Libtard: You racist, bigoted extreeeeeeemist!

  • Pat Kittle

    So 3rd world men are prone to domestic violence.

    Celebrate diversity!.

  • Randall Ward

    Actually this case is far worse than the article reveals. If interested go to Yale Law Review Journal, Vol123 number 7, Domestic Violence Asylum after Matter of L-R-, and read the legal mumbo jumbo that leads to decisions like this one. Some lefty lawyer comes up with a theory and it is played in the legal-sphere until it takes on some sort of legitimacy and then it suddenly is used by some lefty judge; bam- it becomes law. There are thousands of lefty idiots out there pushing this crud, under the radar, never heard of until a case like this.