Unable to Prove Citizenship, at Least 115,000 People Risk Losing Health Coverage

Fox News Latino, September 16, 2014

Thousands of consumers risk losing financial aid for health care premiums under President Barack Obama’s law unless they clear up lingering questions about their U.S. citizenship and their real incomes, administration officials said Monday.

Andy Slavitt, a senior official overseeing the HealthCare.gov website, said that at least 115,000 people who could not prove they were citizens or legal U.S. residents will lose coverage on Sept. 30.

The administration says it has made repeated attempts to reach those consumers, but immigrant advocacy groups say in some cases the government has lost documents sent in to prove eligibility. People living in the country illegally are not entitled to coverage under the law.

Florida and Texas top the list of citizenship- and immigration-related cancellations, with 35,100 and 19,600, respectively. But the administration did not report any information for immigration mega-states like California and New York, which are running their own insurance marketplaces. That omission means total cancellations could be significantly higher.

Slavitt said people whose immigration and citizenship documents were lost by the government can apply to have coverage reinstated.


Nearly 9 in 10 people–85 percent–of the 8 million who got coverage under Obama’s law have gotten financial aid, which is keyed to income, household size and other factors.

Without it, the coverage would be unaffordable for many. The government says the average consumer is paying $82 a month on a premium of $346. That works out to an average monthly subsidy of $264.


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  • MekongDelta69

    This will never happen.

    Only the “perpetually oppressed” are allowed to get everything for free…

  • Magician

    I would not be opposed to this –

    Let anyone come and receive the absolutely necessary healthcare treatments

    And if that person is not a legal citizen, then send the person home following the treatment

    • Alexandra1973

      Provided they pay for it out of their own pocket.

  • dd121

    The libs will find a way to kill this.

    • The White House will probably shop it to a Federal judge that Obama himself appointed.

  • Samuel_Morton

    115,000 ‘threatening letters’ sent to illegals…meanwhile, most of the remaining 10,885,000 illegals are enjoying free health care. And I’m sure the letters will be revoked after some immigrant advocacy group decides to invent excuses about spousal abuse or battered children.

    • OS-Q

      115,000 can’t forge or buy good enough documents to qualify.

    • nordmann

      I’m not a betting man, but I have money on that the 15,000 are the fake children they claim when they file their tax returns. A $1,500 tax credit for each skraeling is a lot of money to be sent home in remittances.

  • JackKrak

    No doubt they’re “living in the shadows” and “doing the jobs American won’t do” or “dreaming” while being “entrepreneurial” and “vibrant”, right? How did we ever get along without these people???

  • While we’re on the subject, let me prepare you all for something.

    If there is another Republican party President, he or she will do nothing to repeal ObamaDontCare. Sure, they will talk talk talk and throw a few crumbs, but do nothing of substance to get rid of it.

    Why not?

    Name the industry who benefits greatly from ObamaDontCare because it creates millions of captive new customers for its products and services (“individual mandate”).

    That’s right, insurance.

    Now, name an industry who dumps lots and lots of money into PACs and intermediaries that in turn dumps a bunch of money on lots of Republican political candidates.

    Yep, one and the same.

  • Adolf Verloc

    “Immigrant advocacy groups say in some cases the
    government has lost documents sent in to prove eligibility.” Riiiiiight!

  • Bossman

    Any one who lives in the USA should be able to buy health insurance regardless of citizenship status. I don’t understand the logic of not letting undocumented immigrants buy insurance.

    • Roger Noah

      True – the problem is with tax payer funded subsidies. Part of our taxes go into various forms of charity such as international aid. Most of it is wasted. Do you suggest that part of our tax money should count as charitable contribution towards illegal aliens’ health premiums?

      I have no issue rendering emergency assistance to people of all stripes when they are in distress, but then we should also gift them with one-way tickets they may not refuse (after enough time to close bank accounts, sell their belongings etc.). We need tough love here. For their own spiritual good, they should be “out” quickly if they break our immigration laws. This does not mean that they should me abused during the process of quick deportation.

    • LHathaway

      I’m not disagreeing with you, but this ‘health insurance’ they are buying is health insurance subsidized by the US government, that is to say, by the US taxpayers?

      Yer slipping up bossman. Your posts are usually funnier than this.

      • Bossman

        Immigrants who are not citizens have never been able to buy health insurance. Even before the new law. I don’t know why that is.

        • HE2

          Bossman, “immigrants” do not need insurance, and they know it. They learn fast how to play the “medically indigent” game.
          Just walk into any Emergency Dept. or Urgent Care in the USA and voila!
          Free care outpatient. Even inpatient admission, if needed.
          No questions asked, no money required. No bills sent. Been that way for a long time.

    • DelmarJackson

      “Undocumented immigrants’ for the most part, would not be ‘buying” insurance, they would be getting insurance that was heavily subsidized by the taxpayer, which creates an added incentive for more immigrants to come illegally. In addition, the subsides of illegals allows those hiring illegals to employ illegals at lower pay than they would pay native workers, these employers than pass off all the social, environmental and economic burdens to the community.
      Finally, I do not understand the logic of not enforcing our immigration laws which would fine employers for hiring ‘undocumented workers’ in the first place.

  • The feds are all talk and no action. And not even much talk at that. The system is broken beyond repair and they try to “negro rig” it with baling wire and chewing gum. What a laugher this story is.

  • relanorma

    Let them have their own form of health coverage — witch doctors, shamans, voodoo, and curses.

    • Leon NJ

      True. I hear snapping a chickens neck and letting the blood run down onto a dog in heat can cure most ills.

  • IKUredux

    I am so sick of immigrants, legal or illegal. Frankly, at this point what the hell is the difference? We don’t need ANY. This has become a lose lose proposition. If White Americans embrace ANYTHING of anothers culture, then we are accused of “cultural appropriation”. If we ignore it, or don’t acknowledge it, we are racist. But, and this is my favorite part: DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH! REALLY?!? SERIOUSLY?!? WE WHITES LOSE, NO MATTER WHAT WE DO!!!!!! This so called “diversity” is nothing but White genocide.

    • LHathaway

      Pretty good.

      And probably pretty much true. And you’ve likely understated your case.

  • HE2

    I do not believe a word of this bogus article. They are not lost. Nor are the files lost.
    Are we to think they gave up and went back to their self created hell holes?

  • De Doc

    Obama Inc. position: “All the more reason to vote for amnesty!”

  • TXCriollo

    Ya im not gonna lose sleep over this one