Sweden Election: Social Democrats Rule Out Far-Right Pact

BBC News, September 15, 2014

The leader of Sweden’s Social Democrats says he will try to form a government after their election win, but will not work with the far right.

Results show Stefan Lofven’s opposition party is set to return to power, but with no clear parliamentary majority.

They give the centre-left bloc 43.7%, ahead of 39.3% for Fredrik Reinfeldt’s centre-right ruling coalition. The far-right Sweden Democrats were at 13%.

Mr Reinfeldt admitted defeat and said he would step down as PM on Monday.

He also confirmed that he would step down as leader of the conservative Moderate Party.

Early this morning Stefan Lofven spoke briefly to Swedish media as he left his home in central Stockholm.

“Now the work starts,” he said. “We must have cooperation across bloc boundaries. Now begins the process of forging alliances between parties and not just within bloc boundaries. This is what we should do.”

Mr Lofven added that he hoped to form a stable parliament, preferably with Alliance parties.

He has previously said that the Social Democrats regard the Green Party as “natural partners”, but during his speech on Sunday night he said that “his hand was extended” to other democratic parties as well.


Analysis: Lars Bevanger, BBC News, Stockholm

The Social Democrats, Greens and Left Party have fallen short of a parliamentary majority. The far-right, anti-immigration Sweden Democrats have become the country’s third largest party with close to 13% of the vote but Social Democrat leader Stefan Lofven has insisted he will not look to them to help form a government.

Sweden receives more asylum applications per capita than any other European country, and recently offered permanent residency to all Syrians fleeing the war there. The Swedish Democrats are the only party which opposes the country’s immigration policy.

Yet all the mainstream parties still consider them to be too radical to work with.

That means the new prime minister might have to cross the floor and try to secure the votes of parties on the right of centre–the outgoing government–on a case-by-case basis.

Since coming to power in 2006, Mr Reinfeldt’s coalition government has cut income and corporate taxes, abolished a tax on wealth and trimmed welfare benefits.

It has also privatised several state-owned companies, including the maker of Absolut vodka.

The results signal a return to normality in Swedish politics. The Social Democrats have not been in opposition for so long since first taking power in 1920.

With more than 99% of votes counted, the Social Democrats, Greens and Left parties looked set to win around 159 seats in the 349-seat parliament, short of a majority.

Mr Lofven told supporters in Stockholm that he would now explore the possibilities of forming a government, but would not cooperate with the Sweden Democrats.

Far-right kingmaker?

The far-right anti-immigration party are set to become the country’s third largest party.

Correspondents say they could hold the balance of power.

“We’re the absolute kingmaker in parliament now,” Jimmie Aakesson, leader of the far-right party, told reporters.

“You have to be able to govern this country for four years,” Mr Aakesson told broadcaster SVT, “and it’s going to be hard if they are not prepared to talk to us or listen to us.”

But Mr Lofven insisted he would not turn to the far-right party. “We will make sure they don’t get that kingmaker role,” he told supporters.

The Sweden Democrats, who entered parliament for the first time in 2010, are alone in opposing the country’s liberal immigration policy.

Sweden this year expects up to 80,000 asylum-seekers from Syria, Eritrea, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries–the highest number since 1992.

Meanwhile, results confirm that a small feminist party that had hoped to enter parliament failed to reach the 4% threshold.

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  • jackryanvb

    Great news! Well done Swedes. I will stop making “dumb blonde” Swede jokes. 🙂

    It appears that virtually all European countries have strong immigration restrictionist, populist parties with the very noticeable exception of England. My take is that a very large reason for England falling down is very bad karma from World War II.

    • DaveMed

      Side note: when someone makes a “dumb blonde” joke, I like to point out that, statistically, blondes are likely to more intelligent (on average) than non-blondes – at least, outside of east-Asian countries.

      Of course, I happen to be biased.

      • jackryanvb

        My daughter is blue eyed, blonde. She was an excellent student, but does so many stereotypical dumb blonde things and gets away with pretty much everything! She’s a reckless driver, but never gets a ticket because the cops will let a pretty, sexy blonde with a cute British accent get away with pretty much everything.

        • DaveMed

          Unfortunately, pretty White girls have learned that they can get away with less responsible/mature behavior, and often adjust expectations of themselves accordingly.

          Our people need more pride.

      • Fredrik Nero Negerfeldt

        If average IQ of white americans is 100, ethnic swedes average 103-104. An average swede is not intelligent enough to do well in the brave new dog eat dog world we have.

    • UKIP. Whom on a line by line basis is pretty much the same as SD.

  • D.B. Cooper

    I’m afraid you Swedes will have to sacrifice a few thousand more Elin Krantz’s before you wake up. How many of your women were raped in Stockholm today? What percent of them were attacked by foreigners?

    • ATBOTL

      Way, way less than the number of white women raped by blacks in the US every year for the last 50 years.

      • And? If one adjusts for population, it is probably just as dangerous for white women in various Swedish cities full of black Muslim immigrants as it is to be an American white woman in a typical American bell curve city.

  • italian guy

    Things are starting to move the right way if Swedes are getting sick of immigrants… seriously, they are the most self-hating people on the planet, thank God they are starting to wake up.

    • NoMosqueHere

      They are the descendants of Vikings; how did they become so PC?

      • Franklin_Ryckaert

        Decades of : prosperity + loss of religion + socialism.

  • DaveMed

    By the way, I’d like a Swedish-speaking member to give me a synopsis of what this pre-election interview/debate was about. It seems that the “moderator” was particularly biased against the representative of SDU.


    • svartekaptenen

      Well the girl is from the so called liberal party and she complains that it is much harder to get an employment intervue if you have an arabic name. Now the “reporter” who does not like our party since most journalists in this country have their sympathies either with the communists or the greens which are basically Another brand of communists she makes a strawman argument and demand that Kasselstrand should respond to this, naturally he is not cooperating. They also refer to some kind of report whom he has not read and they are ganging up on him as you notice. They also claim that employers choose to discard people just because they have Arabic names which he questions and then they refer to some vague reports from abroad to justify this claim. then they start to talk about the knowledge of our language or the lack thereof, the liberalwoman say that to become a Citizen you do not even have to know the language which he of course object to and say that she wants our country to become an asylum magnet which she admits claiming that she is proud of the fact that we are a humanitarian superpower Then they are talking about the lack of housing and he say that we have to send signals to the rest of the World that this is enough we cannot accept anymore immigrants, the females does not agree and make some vague promises to build more housing. Now the females are using feelingarguments (correct Word?) which lacks any sense whatsover. Finally they talk about the fact that Rheinfeldt stated that there would be no reforms during the next rulingperiod all the Money shall go to foreigners and the females have no problem with that.

      • DaveMed

        Thank you very much for that, svartekaptenen.

        By the way, the term you’re referring to is “appeals to emotion.” Same idea as feelingarguments 🙂

        • svartekaptenen

          Thank you, the problem is this: We have 8 parties in our parliament but only one opposition party, ours, all the rest have basically the same opinions in Everything.

          • Extropico

            Why exactly do you refer to yourself as a black captain?

          • svartekaptenen

            It is an inside joke, there is a string of novels about a secret agent Carl Hamilton whom happens to belong to our navy, anyhow in the last novel he is an admiral and chief for our securitypolice and in the novel he runs amok killing some people and they call him the blackadmiral, now I am a captain in the local defenceforces and we discussed this novel and the choices he make so the named me the blackcaptain. My real name is Krister Andersson and I am as White as they come. My father had red hair and my mother was whiteblond so the sun and I does not get along that well. I have wsritten here earlier under my real name.

          • Extropico

            Thanks for the information. I was previously unapprised of Jan Guillou’s writings.

          • Sick of it

            At least you have an opposition party…

          • Fredrik Nero Negerfeldt

            Bollocks. The only difference between the Sweden Democrats and the other seven parties is that the Sweden Democrats wants reduced immigration. The Sweden Democrats wants to keep all foreigners that have settled in Sweden and expand their numbers, but not as fast as the other seven. Whats worse, the Sweden Democrats also wants american-style forced integration.

        • corvinus

          I like “feeling-arguments” better.

          • DaveMed

            They both work!

          • Franklin_Ryckaert

            Works always with women! One reason not to give voting rights to women. Democracy should be an androcracy.

      • complains that it is much harder to get an employment intervue if you have an arabic name…They also claim that employers choose to discard people just because they have Arabic names

        I wish for Sweden’s sake that was true. Sweden is for Swedes. Arabic speakers have lots of Arabic speaking countries to choose from. If they don’t like the fact that Swedes prefer Swedes for jobs in Sweden, they shouldn’t immigrate to Sweden. Then again, even barring any of that, there’s no good reason for Sweden to allow these people in as immigrants to begin with.


  • svartekaptenen

    Sverigedemokraterna are not a far right party, right granted but that is it. I know this because I am a part time politician for said party.

    • curri

      You have to tell it to the BBC.

      • svartekaptenen

        You mean the Bolshevik Biased Cooperation?

    • Mary

      According to much of the media, any party that is not explicitly left is considered far right. A way to marginalize any and all who are even remotely right-of-center on any issue whatsoever. Fairness and objectivity are not their strong points, to say the least.

    • Jesse_from_Sweden

      Actually, SD is really a leftist party in almost all questions except immigration.
      It’s kinda weird how your opinion on immigration is what decides if you are left or right.

      • svartekaptenen

        Faktum är att vi är socialkonservativa. Slå upp det.

    • LHathaway

      There’s no reason a party against immigration has to be on the right. Leftists sometimes have their own reasons for being against immigration, but if the vast majority vote single issue against immigration, eventually every party would support a policy of 0 immigration. Would people vote for them? No. Who would trust those who previously were for immigration? Those in favor of immigration would be locked out tighter than the most extreme of us here. Eventually, with every party being for 0 immigration people would return their votes to normal with their votes going toward other issues. Democracy, voting, the people’s will, whatever it may be called, may be a greater tyranny than the most ruthless of dictators. That’s it. Vote like you are a dictator. And if you’re white, and you don’t want to eventually be pushed out, or go extinct, vote against immigration into your country.

    • Fredrik Nero Negerfeldt

      They call themselves “social conservatives”, they are just a rehash of the pre-Reinfeldt moderat party. They are certainly not nationalists in any sense of the word.

      • svartekaptenen

        No and yes, I should know I belong to them.-

        • Fredrik Nero Negerfeldt

          The Sweden Democrats are not nationalists because they want to replace the indigenous swedish population with a new mulatto population consisting of the offspring of assimilated foreigners and indigenous swedes. With almost two million third worlders and southern darkies that will leave quite a mark.

  • Ian Thomas

    Awesome news. It’s about time Swedes stand up for themselves.

  • MekongDelta69

    The Scandinavian countries have been going socialist for so long now, they might be past the point of no-return.

    Hopefully not, but I’m a cynic at heart.

    My motto has always been:
    “Nothing counts until it’s in your pocket.”

    • DaveMed

      Frankly, there are so many foreigners in just about every European country that, by the time a significant amount of people have woken up, they will be outvoted by the foreigners.

      I think that such movements serve to spur the development of a long-term racial (or cultural) consciousness, but as far as saving the actual countries… I think it’s too late.

      • Democracy is a sham everywhere. Whites must seize power and exercise it according. Hitler had 250 followers when he took control of Berlin, as I recall.

        • jackryanvb

          Sorry, you seem to have no clue about history. Hitler’s German National Socialist Worker’s Party was the largest #1 party in Germany when he took control of Berlin. That’s a bit more than 250 followers.

          • In 1926 Hitler sent Goebbels to take control of Berlin, Against 250,000 Communists, Goebbels had 200 men. That’s the tidbit of history I was trying to get across in my poorly worded way. It wasn’t until 1933 that Hitler actually did have control of the city, with many more followers, of course.

            My source is a youtube video called “Babylon Before Hitler.” It’s about the sexual debauchery of the city. It ends with Hitler shutting down the gay and transvestite bars and clubs in 33.

          • saxonsun

            So the gays were the bad guys, not Hitler? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • As to who would be more destructive, I’d say the gays. Hitler was forced into a war he did not want in order to save the West from the Bolsheviks. Since the victors get to write history, Hitler has been demonized. I’ll bet you have 6,000,000 reasons to hate Hitler.

          • jackryanvb

            I agree that Berlin was “Red Berlin” during Weimar Republic. It wasn’t 200 Nationalists against 250,000 Communists though. Berlin had Conservatives, Nationalists – the was I believe a pro monarchy Putsch, Coup in the 1920s that was initially successful, then broken by socialist and COmmunist worker strikes.

          • Charlie

            There was no pro-monarchist putsch, for it was the Kapp Putsch of 1920, Wolfgang Kapp was a Nationalist…by the mid-1920’s, the monarchist element in the Reich, had lost virtually all credibility, no German political figure wanted the Kaiser back, not even Ludendorff and Hindenburg…

          • Charlie

            Realize this…the National Socialists weren’t even a blip on the German political radar screen, until the Stock Market Crash of 1929…in 1928, just five years before Hitler took power, of the 608 seats in the German Reichstag, the National Socialists occupied only 12 seats…there were at least 15 parties that had a higher vote total than the Hitler party, in fact, during that time, the Hitlerites had to form and join coalitions with other Nationalist and Rightist groups…only the Enabling Act of March 1933, allowed for Hitler to ban all other political parties, and thus, wrest control of Berlin from the Reds, and attain total power over the Reich…

  • Truthseeker

    I’m just happy to know there are Swedes with positions of power who oppose their own ethnic and cultural displacement.

  • B.A_2014

    Politicians are not even trying to hide the fact they want to eradicate white people and nations. Just look at what sarkozy and merkel have said in the past yet there is still plenty of middle class cowards willing to vote for them because heaven forbid they may have to make a sacrifice and thst may mean no skiing holidays for the foreseeable future. When debating with liberals I try to make it as much about them as possible. I ask mainly two questions.1) Would you rather live in a society amongst Germans or nigerians, Spaniards or pakistanis, Gaels, Scots and the Welsh or Guatemalans, Salvadorans and columbians ? 2) If Italians were transplanted to Ghana and vise versa (you can mix it up a bit) which society do you think would be the better off after 10 years? Ask them that and Watch their smug faces drop!

  • IstvanIN

    It is Far-Right to want to protect your people, your culture and your nation. How sad.

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      In an insane world reasonableness is called “extremism”.

  • james AZ

    SWEDEN’S LIST OF PLANS: #1 EXPELL all Muslims ,Africans and Asians out of Sweden NOW !!!!!!!

    • Including mixed race sprogs and their race traitor white mothers.

      • Ian Thomas

        Nah, I say they keep the white mothers with mixed race children around as an example of what happens when a society succumbs to moral decay. These white mothers with their mixed children will be like outcasts in society.

        • Charlie

          No, don’t keep them around, for people will always have pity for asocial and anti-social people…they can be shipped off to some remote island in the south Pacific, or even, to Africa, since the miscegenators want to mix and associate with non-Whites so much…race mixing whores are nothing more than a fifth column for International Jewry…

        • Fredrik Nero Negerfeldt

          New York is just 8 hours away by air. If thats too far, London is just 2.5 hours away.

  • Darb Janowsti

    This is sad news. The genocide of the Swedish people is just a few generations away from completion.
    I view the Nordic and Scandinavians as the epitome of human culture, behavior , and beauty.
    Why anyone would want to destroy a superior culture and replace it with more inferior , violent , and lower IQ’ed and bunch of backwards muslim savages is beyond me.

    • IstvanIN

      I could explain it to you but I want to stay in good standing.

  • LHathaway

    Desperate times require desperate actions. So do those desperate enough to consider the future. It’s really a small action, now, voting Sweden Democrat. Surely the sensitive Swedish people will be able to correct the other actions of the Swedish Democrats long into the future. Those Swedish Democrats who are ‘surely wrong about every other issue’ other than immigration’?

  • Puggg

    “Far right” should be our new drinking game.

  • dd121

    Wake up sleepy head!

  • Roger Noah

    Europe has been afflicted with a twisted sense of compensatory morality since WW2. In order to expiate for the horrors of the Third Reich and in order to expiate for colonizing the third world, Europeans have adopted a “We are the world” neurosis. Europeans must realize that that Christian/post-Christian charity does not require that Europe be colonized by newcomers from elsewhere.

    • “All wars are bankers wars.” That is the beginning of wisdom for the white people of Europe, who were manipulated by the banksters into WW I and WW II. The “compensatory morality” you speak of is unjustified by the facts. Euros killed each other by the millions to enrich the Rothschild’s and their ilk.

      • Roger Noah

        Another unfortunate outcome of the world wars is that ethnic nationalism (which is permitted to all non-European folk e.g. Kurds and Tibetans and Pashtuns) has become conflated with racism for Europeans and, consequently, has become anathema to decent Western folk. It is for us and for future generations to create clean, healthy European ethno-nationalisms that have been exorcised of the demon of racism. Hope we do that before it is too late and we are a footnote in history.

        • Charlie

          In my honest estimation, the practice of liberal democracy is the main culprit…let me explain…even today, the overwhelming majority of the world’s people, live in locales in which, basic human rights that Westerners enjoy, are not valued, let alone truly practiced…in a liberal democracy, which all countries which practice democracy are classified as, there are always lobbyists who don’t always have the best interests of the majority populace at heart…for instance, the two leading countries that have immigration problems in Europe, Britain and France, were once colonial empires, in which hundreds of millions of non-Whites were under their political and economic, sway…lobbyists, feeling guilty that non-Whites were under the thumb of the British and French colonists, believed that non-Whites should at least have a share in the “national prosperity”, that only Brits and Frenchmen once enjoyed, and thus especially during the WW2, a propaganda campaign was raised in both countries, stressing the color blind inclusiveness of both the British and French empires, of a commonwealth in which, the Tricolor and the Union Jack would guarantee the rights of all, British/ French and non-Whites, alike…in an authoritarian society, the leaders are thus forced to acknowledge and give priority to the majority ethnicity, if only for reasons of being violently overthrown…ask yourself this question: why haven’t Europeans even attempted to rise up against their governments, post-1945, in fact the only organized anger against the various governments, have been by the Left, why?

  • The Sweden Democrats Party had an ad back in the 2010 election season:


    Truthfully, the SDs are politically on par with UKIP and the conservative half of the American Republican Party. Which means they’re not quite what is needed, but being as democratic republicanism is becoming a thing of the past, the reason to support SD is because it’s the best of what’s credibly available. Far right by Sweden’s impossible standards, but not by my standards. While SD’s immigration planks are the only ones emblematic of any sense of immigration restriction among Sweden’s credible parties, they’re still not ethnonationalist based, and one big bug-a-boo that I know that many people have about the SD is that they’re pro-Zionist and “stand with Israel.” Compared to the other parties in Sweden, which are somewhere between neutral to anti-Israel.

    • svartekaptenen

      You can imagine how much they hated this Commercial.

  • shawnmer

    Socialists and globo-capitalists hate the guts of nationalists more than they hate each other’s guts, apparently.

    I can hear the deal-making pleas from Sweden’s “center-right” now: “Here, we’ll raise taxes and let in more nonwhites to vote for you, and in return, you … you … well, just let in more nonwhites, that’s what’s important! ”

    I will NEVER understand it!

    • Puggg

      The one I’ll never get is all the people who run around and want higher wages and more immigration at the same time.

      • shawnmer

        Well, that one I can figure, from the left’s POV, at least. They want LEGISLATED higher wages! Not market-driven wages.

        They view higher immigration coupled with arbitrarily high wage rates as forcing mean, greedy, mainly white – owned businesses being forced to redistribute their wealth in a “social justice” type manner.

        They would likely view getting there through lower immigration as conceding defeat to the “white power structure! ” (Try not to laugh when you say that. )

      • shawnmer

        Why the political right sees this as a viable, long run strategy to keep flipping the bird to its own voters and diluting it’s natural share of the vote is what I’d like some well-connected insider to explain. Donors money only carries you so far, VOTES have to come into play sometime.

  • There’s a nonwhite Muslim blogger who boasts constantly on his website about how the Scandinavian girls express their egalitarianism in HIS BED.

    With women being half the voters in Sweden, is it any wonder that the politics are just an extension of the blonde whore mentality.

    • LHathaway

      Politics in Sweden are more likely a reflection of what white men in Sweden must do in order to qualify for a bedroom romp.

    • Leon NJ

      I would suggest stop going on that blog.

    • Chris Granzow XI

      Who is that? Links?

  • The media is falsely claiming that the centrist coalition suffered a backlash for cutting taxes and welfare. If you look at the results, this claim is total bullshit. The centrist coalition only lost votes to the Swedish Democrats. The left-wing vote stayed the same. The Swedish Democrats are not “far-right” they are a single issue anti-immigration protest party like the Danish Peoples Party. The centrist parties lost 6 points to the single-issue anti-immigration party for one reason. Immigration, DUH!!! The Swedish Democrats are now poised to be a king maker just like the Danish Peoples Party. Neither of the two block will be able to get legislation passed without without help from either the other block or the Swedish Democrats.

  • Long Live Dixie

    Muslims being against homosexual propaganda is nearly the weakest reason I can think of to throw them out of the West.

  • Magician

    “Meanwhile, results confirm that a small feminist party that had hoped to enter parliament failed to reach the 4% threshold.”

    And ends with one more sweet news


    They didn’t get the memo that third parties are useless and there is no hope.

    • They don’t have a system and a political culture which makes third parties a quixotic waste of time, either.

  • Ian Thomas

    Ah yes, I love that video. A good example of Muslim behavior.

  • WR_the_realist

    All you have to do is be against mass immigration to be called “far right”. You can be pro-labor, pro-environment, and pro- feminist, but if you don’t want the native people of your country to be made a minority you are far right. So saith the mass media — all of it.

    • Leon NJ

      Yeah, and many of the so called “far right” parties in Europe are still very liberal by American standards too. The media just takes their one conservative issue and then they’re automatically branded as far right.

      • DiversityIsDeath

        Yes, I have noticed that. When I read what these so-called “far right” parties positions are on certain issues I think they are little better than liberals. There are no authentic far right parties– that the media will recognize anyway. I guess the true far right(pro-white, race realist) parties are dismissed by MSM as insignificant nut cases with a too small following and not worth mentioning.

  • corvinus

    The new leftist government of self-hating anti-white psychos in Sweden
    will now accelerate the influx of not just non-western immigrants, but
    of the worst and least assimilable kind of people imaginable (“Syria,
    Eritrea, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq…”).

    It’s already about as bad as it can possibly be. Note that the leftists didn’t actually get any more seats than they did last time, and Reinfeldt, who was rabidly pro-immigration, got his butt kicked. I really don’t think the leftists will actually dare to make the situation worse than it already is.

  • Ian Thomas

    If all this third world immigration into Sweden continues, the Swedish people will cease to exist. You will have something like this. Sweden before and after.

    • Ian Thomas

      Dang my first picture didn’t come out, just click on the thumbnail part and you’ll see what I mean.

    • Mary

      Now that’s really a comedown! The second picture looks like a villain in a science fiction flick.

      • Ian Thomas

        National Geographic says this is what America will look like in 2050, all people will be a mixed hybrid, which I call complete bull. Why? because there’s rural towns and cities all over America that are 99% white, on top of the fact that most white Americans date/marry within their own racial group.

        • Mary

          This is the dream of all who promote dysgenic multiculturalism. There’s no way this will be the appearance of a typical American as soon as 2050, however. There will still be plenty of White people remaining, although there will certainly be a higher mixed race percentage than now. Lower class Whites will interbreed at a high rate, while higher class Whites will mostly breed with other Whites. But, since higher class Whites have an unfortunately low birthrate, there won’t be too many around it seems.

          • Ian Thomas

            Well said.

          • Charlie

            Part of what you say and predict, I agree with, while some others, I wholeheartedly disagree with…let me explain…just take the opinion of Obama, for example…at least half of White Americans, absolutely hate his guts for simple fact of his paint job, which is actually a good thing, if you ask me…some 50% of any Western European country hating Obama if he was their leader, is simply unfathomable at this point, because they have been so brainwashed to accept their inevitable and ultimate destruction…in my estimation, Western Europe is all but finished, dead, done with, in just a short span of some 60 years, “finis Europa occidentis”…all because of Zionists, Leftists, so-called Conservatives, Liberals, rebellious types like druggies, gays and lesbians, hatred for the Fascist past, the African and Muslim immigration flood, consumerist Capitalism, gun control, etc…such a thing would never happen in the U.S., and if it did, it would take a heck of a lot longer to materialize…

          • Charlie

            Realize this, there are “no-go areas” in such European capitals as Paris, Stockholm, London, Oslo, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Dublin, etc…Whites in America are too proud and armed and prepared to allow for that to happen…the population numbers of Scandinavia are abysmally low to begin, which is why the “social engineers”, better known as globalists, targeted those lands in the first place…with only 4 million ethnic Norwegians, 6 million ethnic Danes, and 8 million ethnic Swedes, it wasn’t that hard to embark on a policy of destroying Scandinavia, which they have, sadly, succeeded in doing…they wouldn’t pull that in Poland, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, or other eastern European countries, because those countries have a history of foreign oppression and rule, and are more violent in their resistance…

        • corvinus

          National Geographic says this is what America will look like in 2050,

          Not quite accurate. She should also weigh 300 pounds.

          • Ian Thomas


        • You fail to take into account what increasingly rabid Third World governments and “random” home invasion murders and confiscations will do to an increasingly smaller and weaker and hated White minority, as larger and larger majorities of non-Whites fight over dividing up the last of the White, First World honey pot.

      • OS-Q

        Goa’uld! Jaffa Kree!

  • Leon NJ

    13% is excellent results for whats it’s worth. Hopefully in another four years they will receive 15-20%. They far left goons won’t be able to squirm out of that one!

  • Chris Granzow XI

    The Sweden Democrats aren’t as good as people think they are. All of their ads have an east-asian woman and an indian man in them. They also deny that ethnic Scandinavian Swedes even exist, and believe that it’s all just a social construct. The best party, which acknowledges the obvious existence of the ethnic scandinavian-swedish people, is the Party of Swedes (Svenskarnas parti). Hopefully the growing popularity of the Swedish Democrats will bring with it a swing to the right, and open the door for them to enter parliament so Sweden can finally have a real nationalist party.

    • corvinus

      Svenskarnas Parti is up from 325 votes in 2010 to 1,731 this time. They’re still microscopic, but they did quintuple their vote.

      • Chris Granzow XI

        I guess that’s kind of good news. I saw a lot of Swedish nationalists saying that they were all for Svenskarnas parti, but would vote for Sverigedemokraterna in order to not waste their vote. In the long term, as quasi-nationalist parties become more popular it’ll open the door for real nationalist parties.

      • Fredrik Nero Negerfeldt

        The count of hand written notes will not be completed until the end of this month. Svenskarnas parti will likely end up at over 5K votes which is a step forward but not enough.

  • Sick of it

    Lofven, Reinfeldt…I wonder why they don’t want to work with an anti-immigration party…

  • “Sweden this year expects up to 80,000 asylum-seekers from Syria, Eritrea, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries – the highest number since 1992.”

    Politely question the demographic erasing of European peoples? Why you ‘far-right’ unclean spawn of Satan!

  • Fredrik Nero Negerfeldt

    There are plenty of no-go areas in american cities as well despite all your guns. Guns that are not used are just harmless pieces of metal and plastic. You didnt even use them when your schools were forcibly integrated at bayonet point in the 60s.

  • Fredrik Nero Negerfeldt

    The Sweden Democrats wants to reduce asylant and relative immigration by 90%. This would still amount to about 7-8K people. Immigration of relatives will be very hard to reduce.
    However, there are other kinds of immigration such as labor immigration, which is another entry point for massive amounts of third worlders. If you enter on a work contract, you can apply for permanent residence after four years and have acess to the welfare system. This has led to a brisk trade in work permits where enterprising third worlders import their countrymen (who have to pay a hefty fee) and then abuse them as slave labor for four years. After four year the worker becomes a permanent resident and goes on welfare or gets another job and the cycle repeats.

    The Sweden Democrats also wants to keep all the third worlders and southern chaos darkies that have already settled in Sweden, and they are not few, there are almost two million of them. According to the Sweden democrats, there are very few if any ethnic swedes left, and swedishness is just a social construction anyway. This contrasts greatly with the image of the party among the clueless rubes, who firmly believe that the Sweden Democrats are some kind of crypto nazis who will expell all non-whites from Sweden. The greatest threat to the Sweden Democrats is actually being a part of the ruling coalition, because the darkies will not disappear from the streets and the rubes will feel betrayed. As long as the Sweden Democrats just can sit on the sidelines and criticize they will grow fast because people project their own ideas and ideals upon them.

    • svartekaptenen

      One step at a time.

  • KunTewk

    I reject the notion that the Swedish Democrats are “far-right”. This is a slanted left wing report. Again they attempt to own and define language and we must resist that. The Swedish Democrats are solidly centrist politically. The BBC is so far Left on the political spectrum, EVERYone else appears “right wing” to them.

  • svartekaptenen

    There have been some developments especially regarding the budget, we are in the position to support both sides budgetproposals, the question is should we? Both tend to be damaging for the country and if either budget fails the risk of Another election is substantial. I am certain that Åkesson will handle this with fingertoppskänsla (you do not have that word but it means thread lightly with care) German fingerspitzengefühl.

  • svartekaptenen

    Med den signaturen måste du vara Svensk, Jag är fullt medveten om att inbördeskrig kommer, jag bara hoppas att jag är tillräckligt amper för att delta, ja jag och min kompis 45b.

  • svartekaptenen

    Well now the fools have decided to recognize Palestine as a country, Naturally the Israelis are not happy with this, one can wonder whý now with the internal problems we face?