Posted on September 11, 2014

John Kerry: ISIL a “Hateful Ideology That Has Nothing to Do with Islam”

Real Clear Politics, September 10, 2014

John Kerry, Secretary of State: ISIL claims to be fighting on behalf of Islam but the fact is that its hateful ideology has nothing do with Islam. ISIL a manifestation of evil, a vicious terrorist organization and it is an organization that achieves its goals only through violence, repression and destruction. Fed by illicit funding and a stream of foreign fighters, it has seized territory and terrorized the people who live there regardless of their sect or ethnicity. There is literally no place for their barbarity in the modern world.

This is a fight that the Iraqi people must win but it is also a fight that the rest of the world needs to win with them. It is a fight that the United States and the rest of the world need to support every single step of the way.