At Least Three Young Minnesota Women Have Traveled to Syria to Aid ISIS Jihadis

Martin Gould, Daily Mail (London), September 11, 2014

At least three young Minnesota women are now believed to have traveled to Syria to give aid to the ISIS terror group responsible for the brutal beheadings of American journalists, MailOnline has learned.

The trio left some three weeks ago, Omar Jamal, a leader of the Somali community in the state capital, St. Paul, tells MailOnline. They said they intended to become nurses tending to fighters injured in ISIS’ violent surge in Syria and Iraq.

The news comes as 19-year-old suburban Denver woman Shannon Conley who federal authorities say intended to wage jihad has pleaded guilty to trying to help the Islamic State militant group in Syria.

Abroad, police fear two young girls who fled Austria are inspiring other teenagers to join Islamic State ranks after they successfully fled the country saying they were going to Syria.

Samra Kesinovic was aged just 16 and her friend Sabina Selimovic 15 when the two vanished this year from their homes in the Austrian capital Vienna.

The case of one of the Minnesota girls, a 19-year-old, has already been widely reported, after the girl’s family called the FBI, but Jamal said he believes at least two more girls have gone to the Middle East hotspot.


The shocking new revelation comes as MailOnline can reveal that the FBI has subpoenaed the 19-year-old girl’s family to appear before a Grand Jury later this month, as authorities attempt to discover who bought her ticket, gave her money and provided her with a false passport.


‘They are looking for evidence on exactly what the family knows,’ said the source. Included in the subpoena is a demand for cell phone records as the girl called her brother from Turkey and later, after she crossed the border, from Syria.

However, Jamal said the girl’s family is worried about what may happen at the Grand Jury hearing and feels ‘betrayed’ by the FBI’s action as it believed it had done the right thing by contacting authorities in the first place while the families of the two unidentified girls do not have to appear.


The teen, who turns 20 next month, was about to start nursing classes at St. Paul College but decided to leave to give aid to wounded fighters. Jamal said he is sure she will not be placed into front line battle but it is possible she would be married off to one of the ISIS fighters.

She is the middle of five children brought up by a single Somali mother, living off St. Paul’s Selby Avenue.

She had recently started taking classes at al-Farook Youth and Family Center in the Minneapolis suburb of Bloomington, said Bob Fletcher, a former sheriff in St. Paul, who has dedicated himself to helping the Twin Cities’ large Somali community since being defeated in an election in 2010.

Al-Farook has been at the center of claims that Amir Meshal, an alleged recruiter for ISIS, had been talking to youngsters on its site. The mosque kicked the New Jersey-born man off campus, but now the Minneapolis-St. Paul Fox TV station has raised questions of whether Meshal is actually an FBI mole rather than an ISIS recruiter.

‘What we don’t know is whether al-Farook is part of the problem or part of the solution right now,’ said Jamal. ‘And who is Amir Meschal? Where did he come from? Did he recruit these girls?’

Meshal sued the FBI in federal court in 2009 claiming he was tortured and held for four months in three different countries after being apprehended crossing the Somali border into Kenya.

The young woman who is known to have gone to Syria traveled on a ‘borrowed’ passport. However the passport holder did not report it was missing until the girl had already entered Syria, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported.


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  • JohnEngelman

    A black Muslim cannot figure out whether to rob a store, or blow it up in the name of Islam.

    • 1stworlder

      Lucklly these are girls so there isn’t the option to be raping.

    • And probably not intelligent enough to figure out how to rob it first and then blow it up afterward.

    • ghettovalley

      It is ridiculous to me that so many blacks become Muslim, when the muslims slaughtered and enslaved their people for generations. They reserve their hatred for the whites, who not only treated their slaves much better during captivity but also after they were freed. I have read that the muslims generally castrated their male slaves. If only they had the same foresight here in America…

  • anony

    They’re not Minnesotans. They are Somalis.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      How ’bout this for a twist? the Somalis are in fact, Minnesotan. You and I, are in fact, Somali. that is, if we lived in that dump of a country. What a laugh the Somalis would have calling ourselves, Somalis.

  • james AZ

    SHOW that CLEAR that BLACKS have LOW IQ will be wonderful muslims………………

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    As to the Austrian 15-year-old and 16-year-old, shades of Rotherham. Did adults know they were being groomed by a sacred minority but were too terrified of Austrian PC police to say anything? This is the more interesting case.

  • Somalia in the middle of America. Every aspect of this story is as disgusting as these filthy ungrateful traitors.

    • 1stworlder

      Even worse your taxes paid for them to come to the US

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Several years ago, Somali immigrants overran a little town in Georgia called Clarkston. Then they found that Lewiston, ME offered wonderful, social-welfare benefits and most of them left.
      Good riddance.

    • kikz2

      Toronto knows.. they’re up to their eyes in Somali…..enrichment.

  • Anglokraut

    Not the Minneapolis City Hall, I’d hope. It has a beautiful atrium.

  • 1stworlder

    The Refugee resettlement program uses your taxes to import Somoli muslims,and put them on benefits. If they took somoli Christians they would have removed all of them years ago and there wouldn’t be a minority to be persecuted in SOmolia

  • journey

    How are these blacks of any benefit to this country, straight from a cesspool? We already have enough blacks with their problems here. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

  • dd121

    And yet we continue to relocate Muslims within our midst. Utter madness.

    • kikz2

      what’s this WE shite Kemosabe?

  • Conrad

    All Muslims should be deported. But we all know that won’t happen.

  • kjh64

    Once again, these are NOT ” American” or “Minnesota” women, they are racial aliens who, due to our foolish immigration policies, managed to come to this country.

    • Max

      Of course, Fatherland Security’s solution carefully avoids the obvious solution of halting immigration, instead issuing helpful tips like “Watch for people buying pressure-cookers”.

      The Religion of Peace must never be offended because without this endless internal supply of atavistic lunatics our police-state would soon be out of business.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Exactly. They are NOT American in any sense of the word in the same way that you and I are NOT African, even if we were to, Lord forbid, move there.

    • kikz2

      immigration policy is a planned assault on White America.. guess who runs it.. the first two guesses don’t count….

  • Rhialto

    This item shows the need to obtain legal council when dealing with police in serious matters (not minor traffic violations). This especially applies to federal and state law enforcement.

    Instead of contacting the FBI, Jamal should have contacted a lawyer about how to deal with his situation. Your lawyer is working for you; the police are working for a government.

  • scutum

    This is a perfect example of how lobbyists corrupt the political process and defy the desires and sentiments of the citizenry. Most of these people are NOT immigrants. They are classified as refugees and are brought into the country by Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. All three of these organizations are making large sums of money off this scam. They are paid by the gubmint to place these people in our communities after which the refugees are dumped on the community to take care of and educate. Minneapolis is a perfect example of this, you can take the Somalis out of Somalia, but you can’t take the Somalia out of the Somalis. Genetic reality will not be disappear, no matter how much the left wishes it.

  • kikz2

    gee you’d think it’d be a clue to stop importing somali…….

    • I’d been under the impression that Minnesota folks tended to be Swedes, Norwegians, Germans and Amerinds.

  • Leon NJ

    Spring has past, but it never too late for some spring cleaning that rats nest called St. Paul.

  • none of your business

    “it is possible she would be married off to one of the ISIS fighters.” It will be a life of beatings, being locked up and absolute horror, especially if he brings her home to his mother and sisters who will turn her into a household slave. If the husband and family are arabs it will be worse because she is black and thus subhuman.

    She will get what she deserves. She and her mom and 4 siblings lived off the American taxpayer and the Lutheran Church their entire lives.

  • MoMo

    Unfortunately, there is only one solution for ISIS (or as the President and his acolytes inexplicably call them ISOL) and that is for American combat troops are placed on the ground to take them on straight up. Air power alone will not do it! These guys have money, guns, recruits, a vision, and a mission. These guys have got to be taken out, quickly, brutally, and totally.

    The way that a much smaller Japanese Army was able to subjugate mainland China in the thirties was because the Japanese brutality made these guys look like impotent wimps. That was a different generation of Americans that stormed the beaches in the Pacific and at Normandy.

    Now we are trying to have political correctness in dealing with a group of religious fanatics. We are at war with these gentlemen and trust me we have just the people in this country who know how to deal with them. Within 48 hours the entire 82 Airborne could be on the ground in Iraq. Within three months these rodents would be eliminated but it would involve a group of Americans remaining in the area.

    What this totally inept President has done is to allow a cancer to metastasize. And mark my words they are coming here …… and soon!!!!


  • ghettovalley

    Why would any woman willingly subject herself to a people who are notorious for mistreating women? They are responsible for everything ranging from female infant genital mutilation, to human trafficking and forced sex slavery, to “honor” killings. Any woman who would willingly convert to the Muslim religion would almost certainly have to be mentally ill.