Liberia’s Largest Newspaper: US Dept. of Defense ‘Manufactured’ Ebola, AIDS

Frances Martel, Breitbart, September 10, 2014


The wildly accusatory article, by Dr. Cyril Broderick, a former professor of Plant Pathology at the University of Liberia’s College of Agriculture and Forestry, claims the Ebola virus–and HIV–are products of the Cold War. Titled “Ebola, AIDS Manufactured By Western Pharmaceuticals, US DoD?” Broderick’s article claims–using evidence such as the science fiction novel The Hot Zone–that the Department of Defense unwittingly used Africans to test experimental bioweapons by pretending they were vaccinating them against disease. “Reports,” he argues, without actually citing any reports, “narrate stories of the US Department of Defense (DoD) funding Ebola trials on humans, trials which started just weeks before the Ebola outbreak in Guinea and Sierra Leone.”

He cites the 1996 Leonard Horowitz work Emerging Viruses: AIDS And Ebola: Nature, Accident or Intentional? to claim that a facility in Maryland had “a lot of problems with strange illnesses” during the Cold War, a clear sign that many of these diseases were the product of U.S. experimentation to Broderick. He also claims the book definitively proves “the existence of an American Military-Medical-Industry that conducts biological weapons tests under the guise of administering vaccinations to control diseases and improve the health of ‘black Africans overseas.’ ”

Broderick also accuses the World Health Organization (WHO) and Doctors Without Borders of bringing Ebola to Africa through vaccination programs. He asserts, too, that “many reports also conclude that the US government has a viral fever bioterrorism research laboratory in Kenema, a town at the epicentre of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.”

Perhaps most outrageously, Broderick attempts to cite a real source, The Guardian, alleging that a report in the paper said, “The US government funding of Ebola trials on healthy humans comes amid warnings by top scientists in Harvard and Yale that such virus experiments risk triggering a worldwide pandemic.” A routine Internet search finds no evidence that such a sentence was ever written in the pages of The Guardian.

Broderick concludes, somehow, by calling for a class action lawsuit against Tulane University to combat the Ebola virus. “Africa must not relegate the Continent to become the locality for disposal and the deposition of hazardous chemicals, dangerous drugs, and chemical or biological agents of emerging diseases,” he rails.


That the Liberian Daily Observer is currently featuring it on its front page is of particular concern. The Observer is Liberia’s largest newspaper, with a circulation of 30,000, mostly in the capital, Monrovia. Given the backdrop of panic into which this “report” is being disseminated, the consequences could be devastating for Liberia. {snip}


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  • Even if some white people did invent Ebola and AIDS in a lab, all you need to do is to have first world health and hygiene standards to make Ebola very hard to spread, and refuse to engage in certain promiscuous behaviors to keep your risk of coming down with AIDS as low as possible.

    “They’re running in crack into black communities.” Fine, then don’t use it and don’t deal it.

    “They’re running in guns into black communities.” It’s pretty easy not to use a firearm.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Stop defending white racists.
      The White Man caused AIDS to spread throughout the black community by tricking lots of bruthas into adopting the “down-low” lifestyle.

      • This Afritard has Ebola and AIDS wrapped into one. Two very different diseases, unless one is an Afritard.

      • Conrad

        That’s ONLY because the Cocaine plan didn’t work out so well.

    • Chris Granzow XI

      Perhaps if they stopped eating raw monkey meat they wouldn’t have problems. It’s the equivalent of us dragging dead road kill off of the road and putting it in our mouths without cooking or cleaning it.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        Raw meat actually has a lot of health benefits but you run the risk of disease. It’s best to take a middle ground and just eat an occasional rare steak. Myself I like my food cooked but it is healthy to consume raw foods meat and vegetable minus the virus risk. But seems like Europeans have better instincts than most of the world because in Africa, South America, Asia etc. they eat monkey brains, sometimes eat their own dead, basically eat anything that moves including cats and dogs etc. this leads to a lot of disease risks. At the same time most of them are lactose intolerant and can’t eat a normal european diet that consists of milk, cheese etc.

      • Bat meat. The reservoir for the filoviruses is fruit bats. One would have to be a completely sick individual already to eat a bat. I prefer saltwater fish raw. I’ve had live octopus in Japan. The tentacles move while one is chewing and swallowing them, and one can feel them grabbing inside. Pork and bear need to be cooked thoroughly due to the risk of trichinosis, good grades of beef can be eaten rare, birds and reptiles must be cooked because of salmonella, but a bat?!?

    • Exactly. The idiots who claim YT is running drugs and guns into black neighborhoods never attempt to explain why the locals can’t help but use those drugs and guns. It has been illegal for me to possess firearms since my felony conviction, so I quit-claimed my old collection to a retired Green Beret. That was easy.

      I smoked marijuana a few times with one of the neighbors a few years ago, and it was nice, but too much of a good thing. I still sometimes get drunk with him, but I don’t smoke. Where hard drugs are concerned it is very easy for me to see how someone could end up like a laboratory rat pushing a lever frantically for its next hit of dope, until he or she ended up like a dead laboratory rat. Nobody in their right mind even gets started on that stuff because the end result is pretty damned obvious.

      I voted for marijuana legalization in Colorado and am glad the measure passed, not because I wanted to smoke it – I had already decided that it wasn’t for me – but because legalization and regulation (like alcohol) would make it less likely that it would be adulterated with hard drugs.

  • Tarczan

    If only this were true….

    • 1stworlder

      Lots of US blacks believe it. That black hating white doctors traveled to Africa to be around blacks and create diseases for them.

      • APaige

        PLEASE lets encourage that ‘thinking’ in Africans. They should boycott all Western medicine. Not only that but Whites are trying to poison the donated food.

  • Whitetrashgang

    Well a nuclear missile could sort it out, call it foreign aid that could actually work this time.

  • anony

    There obviously are conspiracy theories, and then there are conspiracy theories.

    Some people will believe anything.

    • captainc

      sounds like religion

    • 1stworlder

      I would say a large part of the black “community” believes this and the one about the US govt importing drugs to hand out in black neighborhoods. C-130s dropping off crates of crack on MLK boulevard

  • phorning

    I have the feeling a degree from the University of Liberia may not be that valuable.

    • Chris Granzow XI

      …and I have a feeling this “professor of plant pathology” wouldn’t even have the know-how to plant tulips.

      • In this case, “plant pathology” probably means that the critter is an expert on killing plants. Dr. J. J. could probably get some consulting work down south with people who have problems with kudzu.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    I see only one solution to this fear…withdraw all aid to and interaction with Africa immediately and completely. Problem solved!

    • KyraNelson

      Let’s make the money saved available to any blacks who would like to be repatriated to the homeland permanently. A kind of farewell entitlement.

  • Nancy

    My favorite part of the Liberia documentary is when the reporter takes the camera to the giant human litterbox….er, I mean, to Liberia’s beaches.

    • KyraNelson

      Imagine what civilized people could do with those miles and miles of beachfront property.

      • Even if they didn’t want to build beach resorts, a moment’s thought would have them treating sewage.

        Untreated sewage in the coastal seas makes shellfish, ordinarily a cheap, easily-obtainable source of protein completely inedible. It does the same with many fish. Finally, it works as fertilizer, which causes algae blooms in the water. When the algae dies and sinks, it rots, and this decomposition uses up the oxygen in the water. Then the fish die off, again eliminating a useful source of human food.

        Finally, human waste contains a lot of phosphorus, which is commercially valuable as a fertilizer. This is normally supplied by mining phosphate minerals, but some experts are predicting “peak phosphorus” in about 30 years. Once phosphates get into the ocean, they not only create the harmful algae blooms I described, but the material is completely lost for agricultural purposes.

    • B.A_2014

      I converted my cousin to race realism by making him watch Vice guide to liberia. Indisputable facts didn’t convert him. He had to see it to believe it.

      • Everybody on three…

        One, two, three….

        The medium is the message.

        Any idiot could have inferred what Ray Rice-a-Roni did to his g/f now wife in the elevator by seeing the initial video of him dragging her out of the elevator. But it wasn’t until people actually saw the video from inside the elevator and actually saw what they could have inferred did people get outraged.

        Because of our current society, the media, institutions, popular culture, ours is not the kind of cause you can talk people into adopting. Especially since our cause is not an abstract ideology. People have to come to us on their own either as a result of events and circumstances, getting mugged by reality, or seeing reality.

        • B.A_2014

          You could not comprehend how little I care about the whole Ray Rice situation. Why is the knockout of a sheboon by a reprehensible ghetto thug the basis for a world wide debate on gender issues.

  • I spent part of today cutting the vegetable garden and getting the chives and mint ready to dry. It is just food for my family. I haven’t been farther than the mailbox since Monday.

    • dd121

      My poor tomatoes. I picked the ripe ones and covered the vines but it’s going to snow tonight. Damn I hate this global warming.

      • Cover them with sheet plastic.

        • Chris

          Shoot I’d rather livelazy like that Al Gore or that big eared Gnome Price Charles. Everytime they travel I got to burn a few tires just to keep my carbon footprint somewhat close.

  • Nancy

    “…In other news, Dr. Jmumbe Jigaboo, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Liberia, has discovered evidence proving unequivocally that Socrates, Aristotle, and the Tooth Fairy were dark-skinned blacks, and that black Africans actually invented not only the wheel, but advanced medicine, arithmetic, and dental hygiene, before it was stolen by the white Europeans.

    “Other promising studies at the University include the search for Atlantis, which evidence suggest was also populated by our dark-skinned brothers before the whites figured out a way to sink it to the bottom of the sea. The Department of Oceanography has found preliminary evidence of it’s approximate location, but efforts to bring more artifacts to the surface for examination have been slowed by the unfortunate drowning of several Oceanography graduate students. It appears that the department is having trouble finding researchers who are able to hold their breath long enough to swim down there.”

    • OS-Q

      Atlantis capsized from overpopulation

    • Usually Much Calmer

      Contact Diversity Chronicle if you are interested in writing for him. Its a satire site.

      This was quite good.

      • Nancy

        Thanks, man. I’m familiar with the site…it’s funny.

    • none of your business

      ” Socrates, Aristotle, and the Tooth Fairy were dark-skinned blacks, ”
      A jew professor at Cornell university wrote a book stating the above. I believe it was called “Black Athena” I think his name was is Bernal.

  • Extropico

    Dr. Broderick enjoyed “The Hot Zone” so much that he decided to pursue science fiction as a career.

  • Dr. Broderick also teaches at the University of Delaware. If you live in that state you might think about protesting his employment there. Also, in fairness, a number of Africans who commented on the original article, condemned it and the paper for publishing it.

    “Dr. Broderick is a former professor of Plant Pathology at the University of Liberia’s College of Agriculture and Forestry. He is also the former Observer Farmer in the 1980s. It was from this column in our newspaper, the Daily Observer, that Firestone spotted him and offered him the position of Director of Research in the late 1980s. In addition, he is a scientist, who has taught for many years at the Agricultural College of the University of Delaware.”

    • journey

      Too few blacks of any intelligence to make a difference within the black race.

    • Kay

      The Liberian Daily Observer better step up its fact-checking. Dr. Broderick teaches at Delaware State University, not at the University of Delaware.

      From Wikipedia:

      Delaware State University (also referred to as DSU, DESU, or Del State), is an American historically black, public university located in Dover, Delaware.

    • When does a plant pathologist decide he is also a bio-weaponeer?

  • Diana Moon Glampers

    If this is true, it’s the best thing ever!
    If Africans all refuse the white mans medical care, the insane population explosion there might actually slow a bit.

    That’s right, Africans! All medical care is secret experiments! Washing is also bad for you, and everywhere outside of Africa is awful for Africans… stay there and refuse all white aid.

    • 1stworlder

      Given how US blacks are I don’t think you need to tell them about washing is bad for you.

  • HJ11

    Good! Let Ebola decrease the Black population.

  • 1stworlder

    All we get is more Africans and more diseases white mans medicine can’t cure.

  • 1stworlder

    Yea and military C-130s are landing on MLK boulevard dropping off crack.

  • journey

    “Broderick, 56, who was born in the West African nation of Liberia, recently wrote a book about how he and his family left that country in 1990 after it descended into civil war.”

    Another black who sincerely shows his appreciation to this country who took him in. And another AA product occupying a seat at an university spewing out delusional nonsense. Truly, this country does not need blacks.

  • WR_the_realist

    Okay, don’t give Africans any more vaccines or any other medical aid.

    Problem solved.

  • none of your business

    ” University of Liberia’s College” The WHAT??????? I almost fell off the couch laughing.

  • dd121

    That’s quite true. AIDS and Ebola were created in a laboratory to destroy the inferior negro race. Pass it on, so to speak.

  • Chris

    I’d be interested in who owns this Liberian Newspaper.

    • Earl Turner

      Africans invented newspapers, you racist! And the printing press, and ink, and paper, and they invented news too.

      • Chris

        Forgot about Kunta Gutenberg, but I guess that just confirms my suspicions.

    • It is an independent paper and was founded by Kenneth Y. Best in 1981, who now resides in – you guessed it – the United States.

  • Conrad

    Liberian professor says the US infects Africans through vaccines.
    Oh poo, who’s the rat that let the cat out of the bag? I guess that we’ll have to find another way to wipe them out.
    Let me think… Skittles with rat poison!

    • Is this Liberitard claiming that the US that invented Ebola and HIV to wipe blacks out is the same United States that sent $ 247 million in aid money to Liberia in 2012 alone (Wikipedia), or some different US? I think this matter merits some clarification by these ingrates before they give us our money back.

      • Conrad

        You didn’t really expect gratitude did you?

  • 4321realist

    “Liberian professor says the US infects Africans through vaccines.”
    Yes, and don’t forget the government also introduced aids and drugs in black neighborhoods to kill off all the Africans here, plus they blew up the levees in N.O. to drown the ones there.
    Right now they have watch commanders sneaking through all US cities with a mission to kill off all the black males, because they also have a war against black men.
    So Liberia you’d better watch out or they’ll put something in your water supply that will make you all sterile and the beautiful black population of geniuses will come to an end.

  • LHathaway

    This article is typical liberalism, down to the class action lawsuit. People are poor, it’s the fault of the rich who exploit them. Western medicine eradicated smallpox? Western evil eradicated people of color with Smallpox. Perhaps Liberians feel icky, thinking the disease is somehow their fault. With the liberal ‘correction’ Liberians can come together and feel good about themselves again. Anything other explanation would be hate.

    I’m going to agree with the professor about one thing, Ebola might very well be a man-made virus. Certainly HIV, which has killed 400,000 white American men so far, is much more likely to be a man made product than one occurring in nature. I doubt a society, or an underworld, able to create HIV and Ebola would have created them out of ‘cold war’ fervor, or that they would need ‘vaccinations’, or a biomedical research town, in order to spread them.

    Didn’t Libya claim the same thing, that AID workers were spreading disease by way of ‘vaccinations’?

    • IstvanIN

      HIV and Ebola man made? Not likely.

      • LHathaway

        I would guess there’s an 80% likely hood that HIV is man made. That’s my guess.

        • It’s impossible. We were able to do useful DNA work only in the 1980s, and the disease has traced back to the 1950s. There’s too much open-source material on this for there to have been a cover-up.

          I completely understand why someone would want to wipe out blacks, but doing it with a retrovirus like HIV instead of a bacterium like tuberculosis is absurd.

        • anony

          For a different perspective on AIDS, read INVENTING THE AIDS VIRUS by Peter Duesberg. Duesberg was/is a world renowned virologist, Nobel Prize nominee, and has a complete surprising take on the entire AIDS story. Worth reading.

        • WR_the_realist

          I would guess there’s a 99.9% likelihood that HIV mutated from SIV on it’s own. Africans eat monkeys and use them in juju rituals, so there was ample opportunity for the virus to make the leap from monkeys to humans. Ebola has been indigenous to Africa for a long time.

  • Strider73

    According to Wikipedia, Monrovia has a population of ~970,000. The entire country’s population is just over 4 million. Yet the nation’s largest newspaper has a circulation of only 30,000. That sounds like a very good indicator of literacy (or the lack thereof).

    • Chris Granzow XI

      lol, I thought I was the only one who noticed that.

  • Jack Burton

    Ebola being created in a lab doesn’t explain its prevalence among animal species, fruit bats being the major host.

  • KenelmDigby

    In fact White people have created a virus far, far worse than Ebola, and it is in use right now, and in use against white people and White people only, thus contradicting Cyril Broderick’s nonsense.
    The virus is, of course, the political class.

  • Gay men were also rogering each other up their behinds. That equipment is not designed for heavy friction and two-way traffic, so tearing of delicate interior tissues are unavoidable, and then you have semen-to-blood contact.

    Do you know why restaurants are required to use plastic scoops for putting ice in clean drinking glasses? Sometimes a hot glass, fresh out of the dishwasher will crack when it is shoved into ice itself, and then a diner eventually swallows a bit of broken glass. I did once, at the faculty club at CU Boulder, 28 years ago, and when that came all the way out, it wasn’t any goddamned fun. It hurt to do #2 for quite a while after that. I ate a lot of fiber for weeks, just to be sure things would move smoothly and not tear me up inside any more. Once you’ve passed broken glass, unnatural sex with a woman seems quite unappealing, let alone with another guy.

  • Epiphany Strachan

    Now they will refuse immunizations…more disease and death….;)

  • Earl Turner

    Go Ebola! Go Ebola! Go Ebola!!!

  • KyraNelson

    Hmmm- didn’t know Liberians could read, and wasn’t aware that the Guardian was a “real source.” You learn something new every day.

  • KyraNelson

    Regarding that video- it is the most depressing thing I have EVER seen. Watching the afritards wading up to their knees in the shizz soup of open sewers. Are there no shovels in Liberia? Can no one dig a hole and make an outhouse? I’m pretty sure that the Neanderthals were smarter than these 5th graders.

    • I believe 5th grade white boy scouts know to dig latrines.

    • none of your business

      I remember there was some big liberal volunteer project somewhere in africa to build simple outhouses that could be towed away after the hole filled up to another hole.

      Abandoned after the White liberals left.

  • Dale McNamee

    This reminds me of the “slop” that “Screwy Louie” peddles about a “Dr.Yakub” ( a white man ) creating the AIDS virus to kill black men…

    I think that we should offer to end all of our medical help since the US is “creating Ebola”…

    Let their faith in juju and Dr.Cyril Broderick take care of them…

  • Raymond Kidwell

    I find this believable. Black people are easy targets and victims of the elite as are poor people in general. I do think that a lot of the killings involved in black communities are motivated through Jewish secret societies and possibly CIA involvement. If you look at a typical black gang they use the same symbols, secret hand shakes etc. as masons and other jew puppets. There’s usually a rich jew behind the curtain running both gangs, getting them to kill each other. Yeah a lot of the crime is just criminal tendencies but there also seems to be something else at play. It’s amazing how many people turn up mysteriously missing or dead in black communities as well.

    The U.S. government has been documented injecting soldiers with experimental drugs or other things that make them sick. They also did it to minorities before. I totally believe it’s a possibility. However, this still affects maybe 1% of the population or less. The other 99% of the crimes, diseases etc. are their own doing. Like mentioned below if you don’t want aids or ebola have basic sanitation and don’t be promiscuous.

    I’m not against culling the herd among the degenerates but it should be done in a more civilized manner that causes less suffering like simple sterilizations. But the public would never go for this so there is a lot of shady business going on. It is maybe the one time I’m happy I’m white and look the way I do. I’m far less likely to be picked up for some secret cults blood sacrifice.

  • none of your business

    So how come the millions who were given small pox vaccines over the centuries never got the disease?