Exhibit B ‘Human Zoo’ Show Cancelled by the Barbican following Campaigner Protest

Daisy Wyatt, Independent, September 24, 2014

The Barbican has cancelled its controversial art show Exhibit B following a disturbance during a protest outside the arts centre last night.

Directed by white South African director Brett Bailey, the installation, which features black actors in chains recreating “human zoos”, has been called racist by protestors who have marched in opposition to the show.

The Barbican issued a statement to say the exhibition’s five-day run had been called off following an incident during a protest last night.

The Metropolitan Police was called to the scene after reports of a fight during the demonstration but no arrests were made.

The Barbican said it was “the extreme nature of the protest” outside the venue on Tuesday that led to the cancellation of the exhibition.

It said: “We find it profoundly troubling that such methods have been used to silence artists and performers and that audiences have been denied the opportunity to see this important work.”

The venue has been under pressure to withdraw the show after an online petition attracted more than 20,000 signatures urging the Barbican to cancel the exhibition’s run.

The petition called the show “an outrageous act of complicit racism”.

“We are deeply offended yet not surprised that the colonialism this piece purports to expose does nothing more than reinforce how effective it was and remains as a caging instrument of white supremacists,” the petition said.

“We charge the Barbican with exhibiting institutional racism for agreeing to stage this poison.”

In response, the Barbican said it is “categorically not neutral on the subject of racism” and that the show was aimed as a critique of human zoos.

“We state categorically that the Barbican is not neutral on the subject of racism; we are totally opposed to it and could not present a work that supported it,” it said in a statement.

“Instead, Exhibit B raises, in a serious and responsible manner, issues about racism. It aims to conform to objectification of human beings and the abhorrent historical attitudes to race during the colonial era, and to question how far society has moved on.”

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  • Life’s getting hard out there for a white anti-racist. Can’t even be against racism without getting accused of racism.

    • It’s really difficult to feel sorry for some people, and “anti-racists” are near the top of my list, along with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, who is apparently suffering from massive constipation as a result of a major cheese-eating binge.

      • Rurik

        Uh oh Un. This does not bode well for the little pot-bellied porker. Back around 1801, the Russian Tsar Paul I died, officially of “Hemorrhoidal Colic”, meaning the a$$hole was strangled with a scarf by the palace guards. As for The Un Kim … we can only hope for change.

        • I don’t necessarily with Kim Jong-un ill, as the death of that psychotic potato dwarf (or is that Psychotic Potato Dwarf Leader?) would represent a terrible loss for Western comedians.

          • Rurik

            True, but I believe the yet surviving members of his immediate family would breathe easier, and maybe go on to their own comic careers.

      • IBWHITE

        Maybe Dennis Rodman will fly over and help him out.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Even the self loathing White man who volunteers to be a cheerleading kapo in the comfy concentration camps known as “our countries”…


      Whites – the new Jews! Witches. Whatever…

    • 1stworlder

      Blacks savagery is too self evident.

  • LHathaway

    Regardless of what this ‘human zoo’ was trying to accomplish 200 years ago, and what the racial grievance industry has enshrined at universities today: How about an exhibit of the bodies of whites killed by blacks, not just ‘since the civil rights movement began’, but an exhibit of the bodies (if only a photo exhibit) of whites killed by blacks in the last 200 years, and their personal stories? Or would that suddenly be considered, not enlightenment or consciousness raising, but stereotyping and ‘inciting racial hatred’?

    • Ron Cheaters

      Great Idea.. if only it could be done. Maybe after World War Three.

      • LHathaway

        Telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

  • DaveMed

    Stupid idea.

  • Who Me?

    The liberal snake has grown so long and chased around the same rock for so many years, it’s starting to bite it’s own tail.

  • MekongDelta69

    It’s a macro… uhh… micro… uhh… nano… uhh… pico… uhh… femto… uhh… atto… uhh… zepto… uhh… yocto-aggressions.

    Hey – I’m just getting a jump on the leftist idiocy that’s sure to follow…

    • bilderbuster

      Are you trying to come up with a new “Swedism” for the absurdity of it?

  • dd121

    These radical leftists are headed toward a reductio ad absurdum in regard to their notions of racism. Soon, EVERYTHING will be considered racist.

    • And when everything is racist, nothing is. That is when we strike.

  • Ron Cheaters

    If it were a black artist doing the same thing, it would be called “Groundbreaking” or “Revolutionary”
    Reminds me of that goofy black whose idea of art was draping naked white girls around his neck while smoking cigars.

  • Leon NJ

    These anti-racists would be all for art showing Jesus dumped in human fecal matter.

    • Who Me?

      Didn’t they already do that? I know they did the “Jesus in urine” thing already….That was something, but I don’t call it “ART”. (What I do call it wouldn’t make it past the sleepiest mod, here or just about anywhere.)

    • They’re also all for having taxpayers fund the grants that pay them to produce this “art”. That’s what really fries my hide; I don’t care what they produce on their own nickel.

  • MBlanc46

    “[I]t was “the extreme nature of the protest” outside the venue on Tuesday that led to the cancellation of the exhibition.”

    If the thugs act thuggishly enough, they get what they want. Lesson learned.

  • Reverend Bacon

    This is the limousine liberal version of all the more plebeian leftists being killed by black savages while working to “help” them. Frankly, it’s too metaphorical for me; I prefer the real thing.

  • IKUredux

    WOW. Just WOW. Come on White people! Don’t you get it? We can’t win for losing. FIGHT BACK!!!! FIGHT BACK!!! FIGHT BACK!!!! Fight back in ways that don’t incriminate you. Graffiti is the way to go. Subtle, but effective. Think about it: If everyone of us were to write a graffiti message a day, the impact we could have.

  • Lagerstrom

    Ah well…with a bit of luck some nitwit got hurt.

  • Paleoconn

    The left eating its own. Pass the popcorn.

  • John Smith

    Delicious irony.