White Students No Longer in the Majority

Kimberly Hefling and Jesse J. Holland, Boston Globe, August 9, 2014


For the first time ever, US public schools are projected to have more minority students than non-Hispanic whites, a shift largely fueled by growth in the number of Hispanic children.

Non-Hispanic white students are still expected to be the largest racial group in the public schools this year at 49.8 percent. But according to the National Center for Education Statistics, minority students, when added together, will now make up the majority.

About one-quarter of the minority students are Hispanic, 15 percent are black, and 5 percent are Asian and Pacific Islanders. Biracial students and Native Americans make up a smaller share of the minority student population.

The shift brings new academic realities, such as the need for more English language instruction, and cultural ones, such as changing school lunch menus to reflect students’ tastes.

But it also brings up some complex societal questions that often fall to school systems to address, including issues of immigration, poverty, diversity, and inequity.

The result, at times, is racial tension.

In Louisiana in July, Jefferson Parish public school administrators reached an agreement with the federal government to end an investigation into discrimination against English language learners. In May, police had to be called to help break up a fight between Hispanic and black students at a school in Streamwood, Ill., a Chicago suburb, after a racially-based lunchroom brawl got out of control.

Issues of race and ethnicity in schools also can be more subtle.

In Pennsylvania’s Kennett Consolidated School District, superintendent Barry Tomasetti described parents who opt to send their kids to private schools in Delaware after touring diverse classrooms. Other families, he said, seek out the district’s diverse schools ‘‘because they realize it’s not a homogenous world out there.’’


The new minority-majority status of America’s schools mirrors a change that is coming for the nation as a whole. The Census Bureau estimates that the country’s population also will have more minorities than whites for the first time in 2043, a result of higher birth rates among Hispanics and a stagnating or declining birth rate among blacks, whites, and Asians.

Even as the population becomes more diverse, schools are becoming more racially divided, reflecting US housing patterns.

The disparities are evident even in the youngest of black, Hispanic, and Native American children, who on average enter kindergarten academically behind their white and Asian peers. They are more likely to attend failing schools and face harsher school discipline.

Later, they have lower standardized test scores, on average, fewer opportunities to take advanced classes, and lower graduation rates.


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  • One slight misconception is that this only counts public schools. There are lots of whites in private schools and being homeschooled.

    • JackKrak

      Good point. The term “public schools” has come to mean the same thing as “public housing” and “public transport” – another term for “black”.

    • Augustus3709

      And “public” means tax-funded, where most tax payers are still White, hence White people are paying for the anti-White indoctrination of the country. Ridiculous.

      • Ella

        What is worse is Whites allow it. We should have stopped the lunacy years back.

        • Augustus3709

          Part of me thinks that Whites don’t allow it by choice, but rather most are living in utter terror of being socially ostracized and blacklisted.

          The word “racist” is the kiss of death. This must be dealt with.

          The Ethnic Cleansing of Whites is happening in slow motion, and too many Whites have too much “comfort”. Other Whites would agree with the pro-White mindset, but don’t have the ability to articulate their feelings. This is getting better and better though.

          But it is a small slice of intelligently concerned people who acknowledge the magnitude of this problem.

          • Ella

            The first step is to turn off the television and/or cable since it carries much negative messages and constantly promotes an agenda against Whites. I think the most difficult part to address will be anti-white legislation. Whites have not organized enough politically in US and will suffer much consequences being uninvolved or powerless to reverse the damage.

          • Augustus3709

            No Taxation without Representation.

            A worthy phrase which is as relevant today as ever.

    • kjh64

      Also, how many of the students in public schools are American citizens? A lot of them aren’t. The school closest to me has 57% of its’ students who do not have English as a first language. They’re foreigners in our country leaching off of our education system while we pay for it.

    • Ella

      Most of the middle and upper middle class Whites that I know do not home school. Some send their children to private schools and others have descent enough public schools due to higher property taxes. It is like 75% White and Asian with the rest Latinos. Both Whites and Asians are highly degreed here with tech and engineering jobs.

  • MekongDelta69

    Public school for Whites = Death

    • SentryattheGate

      Yes, especially with anti-racist education K-12 that preaches whites are the cause of non-white problems and failures (from lower grades at school to jobs and income etc). White students will be preyed upon even more! Like in prisons across the US; the whites get preyed on by both blacks and Hispanics!

  • anony

    Pity the Whites in those hells on earth. They need to be home-schooled and/or private schools.

    • D.B. Cooper

      I don’t feel sorry for them. They run away, and passively keep electing politicians who keep selling them out. I know because I used to be one of those blind followers of the GOP. Now I’m a straight ticket democrat until you republicans decide you want my vote.

      • anony

        Two things:

        Most of the students I had in mind cannot vote because they’re too young. I feel pity for them because they cannot escape those schools.

        You jump to a conclusion that I’m a republican? Why? You’re wrong.

        • Because D.B. Cooper is the holder of the one true truth, that the GOP is the devil, and we’re all too stupid to see the truth he bears.


          He feels the need to say the same mindless, repetitive drivel in every single story on amren, regardless of the relevance (or lack thereof)

          He’s fighting the good fight! Down with the GOP! huzzah!

          • D.B. Cooper

            Yeah. I have to keep reminding people because too many have short memories. The media know this, which is why they quickly bury any story that contradicts diversity. Bush in charge, and what did we get? More illegal aliens, more Affirmative Action, and more quotas appointed! They’ll keep doing it to you because you never hold them responsible.

          • anony

            Dems. and republicans are two sides of a coin; the two-party system is used, and very effectively, by the elites to move our society in the direction “they” want. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

            I affiliate myself with neither.

          • Ringo Lennon

            Yeah, i remember when Bush had both houses of congress. What did they do? They wanted a guest worker scheme that enticed millions of illegal aliens to enter country. The great Karl Rove had a hand in this.

      • WR_the_realist

        So now you vote for the explicitly anti-white party rather than the party that couldn’t give a damn. I have to hand it to the Democrats, they stick it to the issues that really matter — more immigration and illegal immigration amnesty, health care for the diversity, and more non-whites everywhere. The Republicans worry about flag burning and get outraged that the Russian speaking people of Crimea voted to join Russia. So I can understand that you would prefer the more serious party, just so long as you agree that they don’t offer an improvement in policy.

      • John R

        Don’t blame the kids. They are picking up the tab that we of the Baby Boomer Generation created. We wanted to feel good and liberal, so we destroyed the country that the pioneers built.

      • claudale

        Obama will have your interests in mind when he implements executive amnesty. He already overrode congress to prevent the deportation of “dreamers” – the very people overwhelming public schools and fueling the current white flight

      • Sloppo

        The small group of globalists which owns both the the R and D parties doesn’t care which one you vote for.

    • Pro_Whitey

      I look back to my own education and am so grateful that my parents happened to settle just a few hundred yards outside a forced busing blast zone. My old neighborhood probably had more than its share of dysfunction, but it was white dysfunction, and a mere fraction of what I would have had to endure being bused into the inner city.

  • D.B. Cooper

    I will be holding the Republican Party responsible in every election from now on. I’m not worrying about it all falling apart. Earth Abides…

    • SentryattheGate

      I’m no apologist for the Republican Party, but at least they voted against the bail-outs, are resisting amnesty for illegals, voted against the NDAA, and support school vouchers.

      • Pro_Whitey

        Don’t get too excited about school vouchers. That means giving blacks the financial wherewithal to invade private white schools. And once public money is involved via the school voucher, who knows what control the government would have over the private schools.

        • HE2

          In complete agreement about vouchers.
          Blacks and browns would be given waivers to enroll their sprogs in our still decent suburban schools and demand the district provide transport.

        • Mary

          Absolutely agree. I have three children in private school, and this is definitely a concern.

          • Nancy

            I used to work at a private Christian school in the ATL suburbs. The owner was hurting for funds around ’07 (weren’t we all?) and decided to use a little “trick” known as the LRE mandate to make the county pay for kids’ tuition.

            The hitch? Schools will pay all or part of a student’s tuition if the child already has an IEP in his public school and “isn’t being sufficiently helped” there. (These are kids who’ve been flagged for special ed for learning and/or behavior issues in public school.) So the owner of my private school began accepting these kids, even though no other private school would accept them. And she showed the parents how to get the county to pay for it.

            As you can imagine, within a handful of years, she had a huge enrollment of “problem kids” (many who were black), and she was thrilled with the guaranteed county dollars every month.

            Until all the good, white, paying families got mad and pulled their kids out.

            So now the school has 85 percent special ed kids, and a reputation as a special needs” school. (The other 15 percent are invariably children of the staff who attend for free.) And she can’t seem to hang on to teachers for more than a year, maybe two, tops.

          • Mary

            Good grief. I don’t live too far from Atlanta, and I’m familiar with its unfortunate demographics. What a foolish and shortsighted woman!
            Did she honestly believe the White parents would put up with that nonsense? Serves her right.

  • Evette Coutier

    Home schooling and online schools is the only solution for white kids.

    • Augustus3709

      Someone needs to, if it hasn’t been done already, compile common school curriculum material which was used before the 1950s and then use that as a foundation for modern education, allowing also for developments in science, technology, history, etc.

      • Evette Coutier


    • phillyguy

      No white kids should grow together not being taught in kitchens without interacting with the other white kids

      • WR_the_realist

        Most home schooled kids have plenty of interaction with other white kids. They just do it outside of a government institution.

      • Evette Coutier

        It beats forcing them to go to school with black kids.

      • You really need to either stop the “No” or put a comma after it, it throws off the entire post.

        And no, white children should be safe above all else. What interaction do they have in school anyway? Aside from being bullied in the hallways, stabbed by diversity for their lunch money, or for the daughters, being groped and sexually abused by a black thug who’s 4 years older than her because he’s failed so many times, they have what, lunchtime and recess?

        Interaction takes place after school is out, homeschooling doesn’t eliminate their being able to interact outside the home. Although it will most certainly require a little effort on the part of the parents to get them out and about in places they can meet other white children.

        • Nancy

          I home-schooled my three kids until the oldest went to high school. I also taught many English, literature, writing, and geography classes to groups of home-schoolers for years. Around Atlanta, there are several home-school groups AND academies for kids to do field trips, or classes, or science fairs, etc. They can meet once, twice, or three times per week for classes (including Rhetoric and Latin classes), or they can just meet once or twice a month for special activities.

          The kids I taught were well-spoken, well-read, courteous, funny, and talented, and had a wide range of interests and abilities. I recall one child built a huge catapult; another built a hovercraft from a vacuum; a third girl raised a baby pig for 4-H. Most were offered scholarships to college.

          Were there “social geeks” in the groups? Sure. There’s always a few of those: the ones that only wear long skirts and denim jumpers. But there’s plenty of them in public school, too. Socially awkward parents tend to create socially awkward children. Home-schooled kids are just more accepting of them.

        • phillyguy

          wholly unconvinced, I have m.s. sometimes I can’t use my hand too tight I have to use the voice control, sometimes I wish I had the energy to put a comma in the sentence, but you are right they still have to get out and interact with other white children, they can not sit home all day and play video games , when I was a kid almost 50 years ago when the black dogs in school tried to act tough we straightend them right out, I hit one on the stairway in school he flew backwards down the steps and the pencils in his back pocket went through his ass and I was suspended,,when I came back 3 days later they walked on the other side of the street. that’s why the white kids today can’t sit at home all day they have to get out exercise and they have to be toughend up.

          • No worries, I come off as abrasive most of the time because I’m fairly straightforward, the way that first sentence was structured had me confused for a bit, so I thought I’d mention it for other readers who might have the same confusion.

            I agree kids need to be “toughened up” but the problem is, our society today doesn’t lead to that. My younger brother was picked on by minority scum in high school, until I lifted one of them off his feet by his throat, pinned him against the wall, and told him if him and his little simian buddies ever bothered him again, I’d kill him. They never bothered him again.

            But whites in general these days are… feminized, for lack of a better word, going to school won’t toughen them up, because they’re force fed from day 1 that fighting back, or standing up for yourself or others is wrong. The “turn the other cheek” BS is prevalent. I think the ONLY good thing about public, “diverse” schools, is the fact that a white, through beatings, verbal abuse, etc. At the hands of the minority filth will hopefully break some of the liberal brainwashing, and open their eyes to how pathetic, stupid, and dangerous blacks and brown’s are at a younger age.

            But is that worth the sorry excuse for an education? The common core brainwashing? And the literal danger they’re in on a daily basis vs homeschooling? A good private school would be a better alternative, but with those, there’s still a good dose of brainwashing, both multi-culti liberal, and in a lot of cases, religious as well.

            And I hope you find relief for the MS somehow, I have family who have shared how terrible it is, and thank you for dealing with it to contribute here.

    • Spikeygrrl

      Also private schools.

  • LHathaway

    What do we have, a reporter who scoured the nation looking for race based (non-white) grievances to air and a note that, “Other families (presumably white), he said, seek out the district’s diverse schools ‘‘because they realize it’s not a homogenous world out there.’”

    It’s not terribly bad. The reporter could even be accused of being conservative. Wonder if she’ll face pressure to address more ‘progressives’ concerns?

  • none of your business

    “In Pennsylvania’s Kennett Consolidated School District” This county is one of the wealthiest in the country. The reason why there are so many hispanics in the schools is that it is a major center of mushroom growing and these kids are the children of the mushroom farm workers.
    Remember the affirmative action hispanic principal of Morgan Hill Ca high school that forbade White students to wear American flag shirts to school during the drunko de mayo celebrations Amren readers were furious about it and rightly so.
    Why is Morgan Hill Ca afflicted with affirmative action school teachers and administrators and why are there so many hispanics in Morgan Hill.
    Morgan Hill should be White. Median household income is $94,000. There are many homes in the 5 to 8 million dollar range. Granted for 8 million you get not only a large grandiose main house but 20 acres, a barn, a stable, a horse training set up and some tenant houses. It should be an enclave of the White upper class.
    But the White upper class brought those hispanics to Morgan Hill.
    The town started out as a place for Bay Area horse lovers who lived and worked in the cities. Then as Silicon Valley spread east, wealthy White and asian TECH people, including CEO’s of TECH companies moved in.

    And who did the upper class bring with them? Their hispanic cheap help which will soon destroy the schools.
    If you want all White schools in California, it is better to move to a middle class town than a rich town or your kids will be swamped by the hispanic spawn of the household help along with restaurant, supermarket, retail and construction workers hispanic kids.

    Does anyone know how many students are home schooled and in private schools?

    • phillyguy

      and in Kennett Square itself the diverse planners are protesting of the dedication of a statue of Herb Pennock

    • anony

      “Does anyone know how many students are home schooled and in private schools?”

      For that information, go to Home School Legal Defense Fund or see Michael Farris.

      • Nancy

        It’s around 3 percent of all school-age kids. But the interesting breakdown is that the vast majority are white. If I recall, blacks were less than 10 percent of home-schooled kids. I’ve taught dozens of home-school kids over the past 20 years, and very few were black.

  • dd121

    In that case I assume Affirmative Action will be offered to whites? Right?

    • SentryattheGate

      Yeah right???!! It’ll be payback time! Years ago, Los Angeles and Chicago city comissions (probably others too) voted to outlaw the term “minority” in city gov’t.,because it’s belittling and demeaning, they said. I told my (White) kids those minority “rich” cities did that to avoid future “minority rights” for Whites!

      • dd121

        “Minorities” don’t talk about “civil rights” now. They speak of revenge. And they call us the “haters”.

        • Periapsis

          They’ll find out what hate really is about when they give enough of us reason to utterly hate them, then act on it.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    There was a thread on this at a forum I visit. The very first response was from a Jewish guy who simply wrote, “Good.”

    • Ella

      I read somewhere that 80% of Jews send their Jewish children to private schools. They can do whatever bizarre or self-destructive cultural curriculum within lower education as they escape most of these negative consequences.

      • With orthodox Jews, I would be astounded if the number were less than 99% they ensure that their children aren’t exposed to anything non Jewish as they grow up.

        I with sometimes I could come up with a religion, like theirs, which allows us to get away with blatant discrimination, like they do. A straight up whites only religion, which would allow us to have our own schools, neighborhoods, etc, and if someone dared cry “racism!” We could just say “religious discrimination!” To shut them up.

        But of course, that would never be allowed.

        • dirtyEnglish

          Yes, there are Orthodox Jewish schools in London, where the pupils are not allowed to speak in English, they have to use Yiddish. That’s a lot of mind control !

        • phillyguy

          We do, thats about a half hour drive from me, it’s called the Amish,,they are good people I used to do produce business with them

          • If I’m not mistaken, the Amish allow anyone who wishes, and “converts” to become part of the community, regardless of race? They just happen to be 99% white because the lifestyle doesn’t appeal to the average minority thug.

            I also admire the Amish, I think they are very close to the ideal of what whites could be, with regards to family, community, and unity. Their eschewing of technological advancement is something I don’t exactly agree with completely though. It hinders them insofar as technological innovation goes. But at the same time, it IS a safeguard against the corruption which can come from Television/radio/internet.

            I think their society could be an ideal blueprint to build off of for our future world, if we have one.

    • David

      Excellent. You can make him even happier by giving him a way to have no white children in USA schools at all: Whites will get our own ethnostate, just like Israel for the Jews and China for the Chinese.

  • Sue

    These headlines really are telling. They want you to believe that whites are diminished far more then they are. If it were any other race they’d be saying no sweat, you’re in charge and will always be. Right from the communist handbook, divide and conquor. Don’t be fooled be strong.

    • WR_the_realist

      The headlines are accurate. In the early grades white children are now the minority. That trend will move up the grades, one year at a time.

      • Ella

        We can home school, but our children still have to go out in public areas for other activities. Whites cannot hideout forever. Minorities are just everywhere in the Southwest and Northeastern US. Life quality is declining.

        • WR_the_realist

          The purpose of home schooling your kids is to educate them properly, give them a moderate pride in the history of their people, and a sense of self worth, rather than subject them to the indoctrination of our public schools where they will be taught to hate themselves. Yes, inevitably white children have to interact with children of other races. They will learn that some people of other races are fine folks, and others not so much, but in any case they will be dealing with reality, not the fantasy promoted by the schools and mass media.

        • Nancy

          Don’t forget the South! There’s a reason why Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, and the Carolinas consistently rank at the bottom of the state school rankings.

          • Mary

            Yes! Though according to various clueless or disingenuous liberals, it’s primarily due to the “barefoot, inbred, gun-worshipping White rednecks.” Ditto for welfare usage, crime stats, and any area where the South has a poor showing.

      • Sue

        In public schools, yes? Do you not agree there would be a different picture portrayed if it were another race? My wording might not have been succinct enough but their message is still painfully clear. Have no hope, less painful if you lie down and die now.

      • Mary

        This trend is rapidly accelerating. I just dropped off my son a few days ago for his first day of preschool and was surprised at the makeup of his classmates. Fully half of his classmates are non-White. This is a private school in a mostly White, relatively conservative suburb. This would have been unthinkable in the not too distant past.

        • Ella

          The trend of majority non-white is also accelerating here whereas public schools had 80% white students 10 years ago in many suburban districts. Private schools use other people’s tuition-monies to fund sliding-scale fees for poorer minorities.

  • ncpride

    I see they still tout the same old nonsense, such as ‘failing schools’ and ‘lack of opportunity’ to take advanced classes. What causes these failing schools? Why, the students of course who don’t give a fig about education, and no one is stopping these black and brown people from taking any class they wish if they are smart enough. Oh, wait…..strike that. A Chicago district actually did away with honors classes because there were not enough black and brown people, so their answer is to punish the smart White kids. Meh, face it…..this country will be full of low IQ idiots, and we will continue this decline unless we take drastic measures, and I just don’t see it right now.

    • Augustus3709

      When the realities of race are forbidden, every other type of excuse must be invented to compensate. Oppression, discrimination, privilege, lack of “investment”, etc

    • SentryattheGate

      My state’s developmental/research school required an IQ >135 for advanced classes, but was was continually lowered until there was enough “die-versity”. The minority parents had been complaining of racism! Then the really smart kids were bored in advanced classes too!

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The cheerful sign outside Jane Cornell’s summer school classroom in Pennsylvania’s wealthiest county reads ‘Welcome’ and ‘Bienvenidos’ in polished handwriting.

    According to the Cultural Marxists, black and brown students can’t succeed unless White kids are sitting next to them, so expect black and brown students to drop even further down the achievement ladder

    — all the while blaming Whitey.

    American schools have been ethnically cleansed of Whites. First in California and now all the way up into Pennsylvania.

    • Augustus3709

      The ethnic cleansing of Whites is all about selfishness and short-sightedness of non-Whites. They think they can gobble up White infrastructure and live happy prosperous lives. But under their watch our creations simply rust and crumble, leaving them angry and looking for another White area to pounce on. Racial laws are the only solution.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        What they don’t understand – will never understand – is that White civilization comes and goes with Whites.

        IOW, they want a prosperous White world without Whites in it.

        Imagine, if you will, a world without Whites…

        • Augustus3709

          The story of South Africa needs to be simplified and codified and taught to all White people.

          White people did not steal it from black Africans. White people built it from nothing, at which point blacks IMMIGRATED into it, and multiplied, becoming indoctrinated with anti-White propaganda and eventually toppling the White government, ruining decades of hard work and progress.

          The current narrative that “Whites are racist”, and “Apartheid is evil”, and “toppling Whites is good” etc is completely upside down.

          South Africa is a case study and a microcosm of what is happening to White Civilization.

          “The Story of South Africa” from a pro-White perspective would make the perfect documentary.

          • John R

            Agreed. But do you think any high school history teacher, or college professor is going to tell that story?

          • Augustus3709

            Japanese Proverb: “The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.”

            True, but a tidal wave of truth will wash away a mountain of lies.

            People need to be brave and stick together. They can’t take us all down, and we can’t shy away from controversy.

          • SentryattheGate

            Especially not with anti-racist education, and now, even worse, Common Core! Diversity of thought is NOT ALLOWED!

        • SentryattheGate

          This is what my husband observed about Liberia, when he was in the Peace Corps there in the 70’s. He guessed that they were about 2 generations away from being back in the jungle again, living like their savage ancestors. He was right!

  • MadmanMarz

    Good the sooner your turn the U.S. into one giant self segregated prison yard the better for whites.

  • IstvanIN

    The end of the US as it is currently constituted not only will be ugly, at this point it has to be ugly.

  • Ian Thomas

    This is why I will homeschool my kids.

    • SentryattheGate

      See Freedom Project Education:

      Rooted firmly in Judeo-Christian values, FPE’s live, online school offers a complete classical education for students from Kindergarten through High School, free from public school spin and Common Core indoctrination.

    • Magician

      Do you think it will be made illegal some time in the future?

      All white kids must learn how sinful it is to ever be even slightly racist!!

      And black boys should get a chance to go out with beautiful white girls!!

  • John R

    Can we even use the term “minority” anymore? And how did this come about? Rhetorical question. I know EXACTLY how it came about: Government policies that amounted to a war on the (White) Middle Class over the last fifty years, sending jobs overseas and exposing many of our industries to unfair Third World competition. White families soon found it too expensive to raise many children. In addition, uncontrolled non-White immigration and a constant appeasement of the “black undertow” through welfare benefits and affirmative action jobs. We financed our own displacement.

    • SentryattheGate

      Just as the Communists promised “We won’t even have to fight you, we’ll rot you from the inside out” (destroy our industries by over taxation & over regulation, corrupting capitalism, divide and conquer by mass immigration, destroying the family unit by ultra feminism and moral decay, dumbing down and brainwashing our kids in gov’t schools, making war on Christianity, federalizing police, wasting taxpayer $$$$$ with useless wars and foreign aid=planks of the Communist Manifesto)!

  • kikz2

    can’t wait for the ‘minority’ bennies…….

  • Magician

    Irrelevant to this article but,

    In this video clip there is a brief scene where a young black male is on top of an Asian woman around the same age. And they both are naked and having fun doing what they are doing on the bed.

    And apparently that specific part caused a heated debate among young Asians who viewed the clip

    It appears that most Asian women who saw the clip feel and insist there is nothing wrong or unnatural about Africans and Asians having sex, and anyone who is opposed to it must have his or her head examined, and most young Asian men appear to not have any particular opinion about it. In other words, young Asian men are neutral about it. And they appear to be more interested in discussing their own sex organs and latest smartphones

    Many young Asian men and women also appear to say. “It’s just a video clip”


    Replace [dot] with a real dot

    Don’t worry there is nothing sexually explicit

  • willbest

    When do the special privileges kick in for being a minority?

    • DLRisVH

      I’m guessing…………..NEVER.

  • superlloyd3 coon

    ”The disparities are evident even in the youngest of black, Hispanic, and Native American children, who on average enter kindergarten academically behind their white and Asian peers. They are more likely to attend failing schools and face harsher school discipline.

    Later, they have lower standardized test scores, on average, fewer opportunities to take advanced classes, and lower graduation rates.’’

    In other words, Hispanics and especially congoids have much lower innate intelligence at the start of school, fail despite all the dumbing down of the curriculum and all the investment in coddling their dumbasses and commit more behavioural infractions and crime than whites and asians.

    Not surprisingly, these idiots have lower standardized test scores, on average, fewer opportunities to take advanced classes, and lower graduation rates.

  • Stagnating birthrates among blacks? I doubt it. If they now make up 15%, despite the large influx of Hispanics, then this means blacks are having lots of babies.

    • Periapsis

      Indeed, they are breeding like rabbits on white taxpayer money, often with white women, leaving little money and fewer white women for white men to father children with.

  • phillyguy

    But please tell me, why do we have to give up all the great cities that we built with our own European culture, in my city I walk the streets that Ben Franklin walked , George Washington walked , that Thomas Jefferson walked and need the draft for the Declaration of Independence, some of my family had been here since 1600, I’m not going to balk to anyone, they’re going to ,have to, and I mean try to kill me to get me out of my city

  • Ringo Lennon

    In May, police had to be called to help break up a fight between Hispanic and black students at a school in Streamwood, Ill., a Chicago suburb, after a racially-based lunchroom brawl got out of control.

    Hispanics don’t belong in this country.

  • Paleoconn

    Hollywood High is 75% hispanic.