Study: Whites Want Harsher Prison Terms When Informed Blacks Disproportionately in Prisons

Tony Lee, Breitbart, August 8, 2014

When whites in New York City and San Francisco were informed that blacks disproportionately make up the country’s prison population, they were actually more likely to support tougher sentencing laws.

Stanford University psychology researchers Rebecca Hetey and Jennifer Eberhardt “wanted to know whether making white people aware of racial disparities in incarceration would bolster or diminish their support for draconian policies.” They conducted their experiments in San Francisco and New York–two of the most liberal cities in the country. In Psychological Science they revealed that “when white people were told about these racial disparities, they reported being more afraid of crime and more likely to support the kinds of punitive policies that exacerbate the racial disparities.”

Their research determined that “informing the white public of this disproportionate incarceration rate may actually bolster support for the very policies that perpetuate the inequality.”

According to Stanford Report, “their first experiment unfolded at a train station near San Francisco:”

A white female researcher asked 62 white voters to watch a video containing mug shots of male inmates. Some of the participants saw a video in which 25 percent of the mug shots were of black men, while others saw a video in which the percentage of black men among the mug shots rose to 45 percent.

The participants then had an opportunity to sign a real petition aimed at easing the severity of California’s three-strikes law. ‘It seemed like a great opportunity–a real-life political issue–to test this question of whether blacker prison populations lead people to accept these more punitive policies,’ Eberhardt said.

The results were clear. Over half of the participants who’d seen the mug shots with fewer black men signed the petition, whereas only 27 percent of people who viewed the mug shots containing a higher percentage of black inmates agreed to sign. This was the case regardless of how harsh participants thought the law was.

In their next experiment, “Hetey and Eberhardt showed 164 white New Yorkers statistics about the prison population,” and “New York residents read about black inmates either in terms of the national incarceration rate (40 percent of prisoners are black) or the New York City rate (60 percent)” before being asked “about their support for the stop-and-frisk policy:”

About 33 percent of the participants who saw the lower national statistic were willing to sign a petition to end the policy. But only 12 percent of those who saw the higher city rate of black incarceration were willing to sign the petition. Participants who saw the higher rate of black incarceration were more likely to report concern over crime, which was associated with reluctance to sign the petition.


Acknowledging that “African-Americans constitute only 12 percent of America’s population” while representing nearly “40 percent of the nation’s prison inmates,” Sens. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Cory Booker (D-NJ) have teemed up on a bill to reform the nation’s sentencing laws.


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  • MekongDelta69

    What’s a week like without another useless study by guilt-ridden, self-loathing, White college idiots determined to find ‘racism’ NO MATTER WHAT.

    • exlib93

      Did my taxes pay for this? I hope not.


    Blacks truly are the gold medalists of criminal Olympics.

    • Oil Can Harry

      My reading of this study is that when white liberals saw the mugshots of black convicts and looked into their dead soulless eyes they came to their senses and opposed measures to give these goons an early release.

      • So many of them immediately re-offend anyway that letting them out early on parole is a waste of the parole officers’ time and case-load work. When I was locked up, I ran an informal GED study group open to anyone, and on my own time. I never asked for anything in return, though some of my regular students gave me cigarettes. I had a 100% success rate getting these guys passed on the tests.

        Not one black inmate was interested in attending my tutorial sessions, and judging from the level of abject illiteracy among some of them, there is no way anyone will convince me that these blacks all had high school diplomas already.

        • IBWHITE

          I worked at a maximum security correctional center for 10 years and 20 years as a parole officer. In the 1980’s the administration I worked under decided that every inmate in the system should be able to read at a 5th grade level. Most Whites sailed through with no problem. But the Blacks, well that was an entirely different story. I met numerous bantus that had received collegiate athletic scholarships but were illiterate. We constantly had to remove them from class for threatening the male teachers and showing their genitalia to the female teachers who were often over 60 years of age. It was an absolute zoo and cost the taxpayers millions of dollars with little to no effect. For the money we have spent on the Black population of this country we could have colonized another planet.

          • Reverend Bacon

            “For the money we have spent on the Black population of this country we could have colonized another planet”

            Yes, as opposed to having been willingly colonized (and colon-ized) by another planet.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            I have met 4 people in my life that were illiterate adults, all were black.
            Three of them had better jobs than I had at the time of our introduction in terms of status, responsibility, and pay. The employment status of the fourth was unknown to me.

      • World_War_Me

        This leads me to believe that such reactions are instinctual and perfectly natural, much to the chagrin of the leftists.

        I’d be interested in hearing how these liberal participants reacted to this glitch in their programming.

  • LHathaway

    Could it be voters are angry at black men, and have good reason to be? What could make them angry at black men?

    • JohnEngelman

      That’s a tough one. Let me get back to you latter on it.

  • JohnEngelman

    I am glad to learn this. The high cost of incarceration can be reduced by the frequent use of capital and corporeal punishment, the thorough exploitation of prison labor, and an end to educational and recreational opportunities.

    Criminals are not victims of economic and social injustice. They have debts to pay society.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      What do you mean by corporeal punishment?

      • M.

        I think he meant “corporal”. Historically, corporal punishment has included things like execution, flogging, beating, and unpaid labor.

        • JohnEngelman

          Yes. Thank you for correcting me.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            I accepted corporeal as an alternate spelling of corporal.

            My question was if you were suggesting flogging, caning, etc.
            That seems barbaric. Humane capital punishment has different dynamics.

          • JohnEngelman

            I am in favor of the frequent exploitation of prison labor. Corporal punishment makes it easier to enforce that.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            OK, so you make a chain gang pick up trash on the side of the high way and lashings ensure that they do a good job?

          • Who Me?

            Sounds like a good way to start. Once or twice through the system doing that may make them more likely to stay out of further trouble in the future.

          • M.

            Corporal punishment would be unnecessary if you have armed guards.

            But yes, something like a 6-hour day labor in exchange for one less day of imprisonment sounds to me like a fair deal. Meaning a full-time day of work would count as two days of prison.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            No. No no no no.

            Humans are corruptible. When the apparatus that employs prison labor can’t make quota, word goes down the judiciary to supply more workers.

            Prisoners should do their own laundry and cooking, ect. (workloads that scale with the prison population) and sundry work that is opportunistic. When you plan a project of a fixed an massive scale relying on prison labor, then you NEED prison labor and a good bureaucracy of self-serving bureaucrats will supply it at all costs. This is a terrifying prospect.

            So, respectfully I disagree in the strongest terms, M.

          • M.

            But that already exists to a certain extent with sentences of communisty service. All I propose is to expand it.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            Well, if your statement “Railroads could be built with such armies of workforce.” was meant only to refer to the productive capacity of prison labor and not to suggest a use to which it is put, OK. But that wasn’t clear.

            I will stress again that when you set something up that relies on prison labor. . . it will get that labor no matter what and that perverts justice for all of us.

          • M.

            I meant by that that the number of inmate volunteers would increase by manifolds if such programs were to be expanded. After that, they could be used in whatever public project, depending on their numbers. Railroads was just an example.

            If such big projects were to be chosen, then there should be a ceiling number for workers that would be way under the existing volunteers. That way, it would never occur to the project managers to pressure the justice system for more inmates. So making a quota for convicts not to be exceeded is one way to circumvent potential corruption.

            And again, I’m merely suggesting an expansion of the already-existing community services. The exact tasks which would ascribed to the prisoners aren’t as important.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification, M.

          • PvtCharlieSlate

            One source of opposition to using prisoner labor for public projects is likely to be the public employee unions. The Brotherhood of State, County and Municipal Sign-Holders and Shovel-Leaners won’t like having their ranks reduced.

          • You’d have a logical case if this was, say, Germany, and 98% white. I imagine the prisons there are relatively empty.

            But this is America, a country of thuggish blacks and rapist browns, our prisons are chock full of filth, and the secret overlords don’t have any need to whisk you away on false charges so they can build their railroad quicker.

            Again, you’d have a point if this country wasn’t filled with criminal filth already. But it is, so, at the moment at least, you’re just being silly.

          • Prison labor would unfairly compete with the work of free people. Are you sure that is a good idea?

          • This is one of the few (only) points where I agree with engelman, and as a safeguard for Usually Much Calmer’s fear of people being stolen from their beds in the night on false charges, you could narrow the available pool of workers by limiting it to only heinous crimes, murder, rape, paedophiles, etc. And then set them to work for ONLY fields which have been historically under or unmanned, but would be useful for the common good, things like roadwork, especially in rural areas with dirt roads, manual labor could be used exclusively to remove potholes, even road surfaces, replace broken guardrails, and maybe best of all, pick up trash. Some places do the beautification already as part of community service, but it’s not really enforced, if you have a sullen minority roadcrew, no trash is actually picked up.

            With enforced labor, especially under the threat of physical punishment if necessary, the work would actually be done.

            I’d say any low level manual labor position could be filled by prison workers, especially since a lot of those jobs are done by illegals, with the unscrupulous white businessman collecting the lucrative construction contracts.

            Personally, I have no problem with Pedro, Jose, and their race traitor white filth boss not getting paid.

            (Small edit) I agree it’s a potentially slippery slope, but not one that’s insurmountable, or even difficult to manage.

          • Veni Vidi Vici

            Hmmm, For murderers, Rapists and other violent repeat offenders, I would do it the Roman way, Gladiatorial Combat with most of the proceeds going to the victims families…

          • World_War_Me

            I love this idea. I would even watch this on pay-per-view.

          • That’s actually a fantastic idea, as the flaw in my idea above is that I have no problem with the death penalty, especially for murderers and rapists. So I’d rather they were dead instead of working in a “chain gang”.

            The gladiator idea takes care of their not being dead, AND provides wholesome entertainment, as well as a deterrent for would be murderers. I’m sure watching someone get cleaved in half by a battles would inspire some restraint when considering a life of violent crime.

          • Perhaps making things for the military forces would be a good use, but it would still compete with free labor. When I was locked up, I worked in the machine shop, the kitchen and then as a groundskeeper.

          • Well, the point is it would compete, but only in select areas, and you could control the percent of competition easily. Maybe send them in to combat unarmed as the “initial wave”? Or only armed with melee weapons? With the understanding that if they tried to run or defect to the opposing side, they would meet with a guided missile from a UAV overhead. I don’t know, lots of different possibilities other than free room and board for years.

          • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

            Have blacks as a group ever shown any evidence that they understand or respond to anything other than barbarism?

          • Usually Much Calmer

            I think you may have misunderstood my position.

            90 seconds after the injection, there’s not much to understand.

    • Even though there’s no such thing as the school to prison pipeline, it’s an ACLU concoction, repeat your world famous phrase about that pipeline, for those needing.

      • JohnEngelman

        We need to flush more juvenile delinquents into the school to prison pipeline.

        By the time a juvenile delinquent is kicked out of school for the last time his backside should be covered with scars and scabs.

        • LHathaway

          lol, your tough-anti crime stances almost go to the point of being amusing. I’m glad you have a place to say them. The Soviets, and the leftists too, did manage to force people to work and to behave (two diametrically opposed outcomes). The problem is, in the West, the pragmatic leftists just do not have enough of a free hand to deal with these fundamental problems?

        • Nancy

          Hi John, I completely agree with you. The thing is, when I taught in the inner-city schools (in ATL), TPTB tried to intervene by doing the “Scared Straight” program in the elementary school where I worked. One of my first-graders went to the program (we were only allowed one student per class, or the whole d*** school would’ve been participating).

          I saw the little delinquents be marched past my classroom door, on their way to the auditorium for a little “tough love”. The kid that came from my class was handcuffed in a chain-gang and marched down the hall.

          Far from being intimidated, the little moron thought it was a hoot! (Of course, now he’s been arrested 15 times, and is currently doing 25-to-life for a double homicide.)

          • Reverend Bacon

            That’s a good anecdote. I think there’s something to it, also- some of these sociopaths just want to be famous. “Look at muh!”

          • JohnEngelman

            I believe that there is a genetic inclination to crime, and that he has it. When the crime genes are discovered we will know who to keep in prison, and who might be rehabilitated.

          • LHathaway

            If you’re connecting your ‘crime genes’ theory to race, what about when blacks had relatively low crime rates. Lower crime rates than whites have today?

            It could be true that, even in a complete ‘communist utopia’ those who are less intelligent (regardless or race and regardless of which races are more intelligent) will be more likely to commit crime. Even that those who have some kind of a ‘bravery’ gene will be more likely to commit crime. So if that all turns out to be true, and to your mind it may already be true, then those who are less intelligent should be locked up (once a need for labor is eliminated), and locked up so things would be better for you. . . But then, only a capitalist, nurtured on the bile entrails of Darwinism, would only be concerned with himself.

            I know you’re only concerned with what is best for society, but I’m just sayin stuff. . .

          • JohnEngelman

            When did blacks have a lower crime rate than whites? Can you document that?

          • LHathaway

            Where would we be without you documenting things? That’s your job. Below I wrote what I know about it in response to someone else. . .

          • “what about when blacks had relatively low crime rates. Lower crime rates than whites have today?”

            This time never existed in this reality, unless you’re referring to the lack of “crime” in Africa, because the blacks were too stupid to have created rules of law to break?

          • LHathaway

            No rules? You’ve never watched a video of African on YouTube. Even the ones propagated for the purpose of promoting Western supremacy (or appealing to the open minded and curious). There is a rule on where they put there feet every moment during one of their dances.

            Blacks in 1940 did not have lower crime rates than white do today? There are over a million white men in prison right now. Wasn’t it reported on AmRen that in 1940 blacks had a higher rate or employment than whites did in 1940?

            It may be true, all things being equal, blacks on average will commit more crimes than whites, as whites will than Asians. It may not be true. If true, that’s a far cry from ‘blacks are too stupid to have rules’. It’s also true that most things are rarely equal. To make sure they are, we should do more to allow all men to live up to their potential. Unless you are scared of that..

          • You need to pay attention to detail, I said “rule of law” not “rules” black, TODAY, have no problem raping an infant to “cure” their AIDS, they are stupid. There is no argument to be had. If you have ever witnessed blacks in their “natural habitat” known as the ghetto, you would know this.

            I don’t doubt at all that such low intelligence creatures would have a complicated and rigorous set of rules defining a tribal dance, just like I’m sure they have rules about who gets to rape the virgin they just captured from the village next door first, these do not equate to rules of law.

            “Blacks in 1940 did not have lower crime rates than white do today?” Frankly, I don’t have a clue, but if you’re talking expressly about violent crimes, probably not. But it’s a flawed question, you’re comparing crime rates from one racial group, which were segregated from other groups, to crime rates of a different racial group in a society with forced integration 70 years later? And you don’t see the flaw in your reasoning?

            If you said blacks in the 40’s had less crime than BLACKS today? Sure, I’ll give you that, because their shenanigans weren’t tolerated back then like they are now. Excuses weren’t made for them, they were punished, severely, and they knew not to misbehave, at least not with whites around.

            As far as being “scared” of all men being allowed to live up to their potential, that’s a silly attack. The only thing I’m scared of is a feral black breaking into my home and harming my family when I’m not there to send his worthless hide straight to hell with a few hollowpoint shaped holes in it’s body.

            Black potential? Who’s holding them back in Africa? They have no potential beyond superstition, murder, rape, mud huts, and showering in an elephants urine. (Google that last, it’s real). They’re proven that, by supposedly being the oldest “race” and NEVER moving beyond that level of civilization without someone else lifting them up and sustaining them, at dear cost to themselves.

            There are, of course, a few exceptional blacks, that’s what the bell curve is all about, but we have no responsibility to be the sieve used to collect the 98% that are scum, sacrificing our prosperity and lives in the process, while we feverishly worship the 2% that aren’t useless.

          • nBmnp

            I certainly don’t want to agree with the anti-white “LHathaway”, but there certainly is an influence of environment on a society – for example if you look at Korea (North vs. South) you have pretty much the same genes, but a hugely different outcome.

            The crime rate did indeed explode during the “sexual revolution” when all people were told that everything goes. IIRC crime approximately tripled for all groups during that time. Blacks are about 9 to 10 times more criminal than whites, that is much larger than the effect from the sexual revolution.

            Anyway, another thing about blacks that I’ve read in some very old encyclopedias is that they were supposed to be very, very loyal. This is something that certainly has changed as I cannot see this – at all – today among blacks.

            Also, don’t forget that the 2% have relatives – brothers, sisters, children, nephews, etc. among the 98%. Even if you hire a non-criminal black, the crime rate will go up because that black has a lot of criminal black friends and family.

        • Oh, I thought it was something like, “The STPP needs a wider diameter and a more rapid flow.”

          • Oil Can Harry

            “The school to prison pipeline needs Liquid-Plumr.”
            -Oil can Harry

          • JohnEngelman

            That too. The sooner they get into prison, the more harshly they are treated, and the longer they stay, the better it will be for decent people.

        • LHathaway

          Weed and seed. Believe it or not, there are signs up in some neighborhood still saying that ‘to this day’. ‘This is a weed and seed neighborhood’. I guess in white neighborhoods they put up a sign saying ‘neighborhood watch neighborhood’ or something.

          • kikz2

            those were about 150$ last time i chkd…

          • LHathaway

            The signs cost the city $150 dollars? Or when whites put them up they have to pay themselves?

          • kikz2

            no, i’m sure the signs don’t cost the city that amount.. revenue generation from their higher taxbase…….my block watch functions fine w/o one.

          • JohnEngelman

            There are decent, law abiding blacks living in dangerous black slum neighborhoods. Liberals do them no favor by making it difficult for the criminal justice system to give criminals long and harsh prison sentences.

    • IstvanIN

      I support corporeal punishment if it means turning them into ghosts.

      • Hahaha, I was scrolling through this thread to see if anyone beat me to it, I was so excited to make that play on words. (Not a joke, of course, because I’m deadly serious, as I imagine you are as well)

      • PvtCharlieSlate


    • Sometimes they are victims of injustice, but life is not fair. Grew up without a father? Too damned bad; cowboy-up and get over it. I wish to dear God I had grown up without a father instead of the one I had. Born mildly retarded? OK; find some useful work that one can actually do, and develop the habit of getting there on time. The disher at a Subway I managed in 2004 had Down’s Syndrome, but she was a damned hard worker, and we all appreciated her (especially me, as I was the one stuck with the pots and pans after she moved). See someone with something that you’d like to have? Start saving your money. I keep a notebook of things to get; when the VCR croaked last year, we decided to go over completely to DVDs, so we turned the heat down to 55F and called the difference our DVD budget, ordering them used from Amazon. Now we have a lot of movies again. If it is something that an individual can make by hand, build it yourself. I want a traditional-style bamboo fly rod with some special features. This would be a few thousand dollars and a several-year wait, so I’ll just make one at home. I’ve already sourced all the materials and parts I will need and have the authoritative book on the subject (rare and collectible, that was a steal at $50).

      Nobody’s life is perfect. I had what was either a mild stroke or a really severe TIA eight years ago, the result of a concussion, so I can’t run anymore. It could be worse: I could be getting spoon-fed Jell-O at a nursing home. Instead I got married and started a family. I got one of our cars into the shop today because I finally gave up looking for that electrical short. We have enough to have it fixed, and we’ll be back up to two running vehicles by Thursday or Friday. Things are pretty good.

      • Check the cabling running through the trunklid, if there is any, the wires have a tendency to wear through the insulation there, especially if it’s near the hinge, one of the last places people tend to think of.

        • kikz2

          if it’s a jeep or similar suv.. chk the wiring in the doors.. it was skimp’d to begin w/…..and WC’s summation is quite often right…

      • ncpride

        Michael, now you know all the common sense measures you talk about in your post are a ‘White thing’ that blacks aren’t interested in. Instant gratification is the name of the game for blacks.


      When I worked in the parole division we had non-violent offenders released early if they had gainful employment and agreed to pay 20% of their pay to offset the cost of their electronic monitoring device. It worked well for the most part but was discontinued when the contractor who supplied the monitoring equipment issued outdated ankle bracelets to the department resulting in several false readings of the inmates movement. It was later discovered the owner of the company was the brother of our states Governor and he had supplied us with antiquated equipment from a city’s probation department that they had discarded.

  • Luca

    Ask Black, Asian and Hispanic families who are survivors of violent crime, or had a loved one murdered and see what they say.

    Whatever they say, it can never be construed as racist.

    • nBmnp

      “Whatever they say, it can never be construed as racist.”

      Of course it can. Evil whitey has made them puppets of the patriarchy. (And yes, I have witnessed exactly that reasoning from an anti-white once.)

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      Then it will be construed as “sadly mistaken.”

  • none of your business

    The more liberal the city the higher the crime rate, the more victims there are, the more people fear crime, the more expensive housing is in somewhat safe areas. So obviously the more black crime there is in an area the more Whites want them in jail. Nancy Peolosi’s 5 kids went to private schools and lived in an expensive White asian neighborhood but they took city buses to their private schools every day back 20 to 30 years ago when black crime and harassment of Whites was rampant in San Francisco.

  • none of your business

    “According to Stanford Report, “their first experiment unfolded at a train station near San Francisco:””
    Bad writing. Obviously the Whites were not San Franciscans but Whites who choose to live in suburbs safe from black crime.

  • none of your business

    Stop trying to make nice Engleman. You hate us subhuman 2 legged beast goys. I for one, do not want your phony attempts to find common ground with us, the White goys who you despise.

    • LHathaway

      Engelman makes a few charged, insane, self-hating comments, like “whites tend to be more bigoted”. And sure, as someone living in the West and following the mass media, whether he’s conscious of it or not, no doubt he, ‘despises rank and file white men’, to one degree or another. He’s not worse than anyone else.

    • M.

      He thinks Ashkenazi Jews and East Asians are more intelligent than white gentiles, but that doesn’t mean he hates Whites.

      • Come on now, more than once he’s proclaimed his desire for whites to be replaced by the Jews and Asians. He’s also MUCH more antagonistic to whites on the other white race realist sites he frequents.

        If you truly think he doesn’t hate whites, you must not have been here very long, or aren’t paying much attention.

        • M.

          He doesn’t mind Asian immigration, and that’s the only thing I disagree with him on. Most of us here are nationalist, meaning we want to keep our countries white, and he’s not.

  • TruthBeTold

    “wanted to know whether making white people aware of racial disparities in incarceration would bolster or diminish their support for draconian policies.”

    Can you think of a more biased starting point than to use the term ‘draconian policies’?

    “when white people were told about these racial disparities, they reported being more afraid of crime and more likely to support the kinds of punitive policies that exacerbate the racial disparities.”

    OR when Whites learned just how violent blacks really are, they supported punishments that would keep them safe from blacks.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    Punitive policies don’t exacerbate the racial disparities in incarceration, black sociopaths do.

  • The story here is that urban white liberals, many of them, want no part of soft pedaling black crime. Which proves, comma, Rand Paul, that pandering to black criminals to try to win the votes of urban white liberals will backfire. It’s also an opportunity for us.

    • Pro_Whitey

      Rand Paul is rapidly becoming worse than useless, eh?

      • Spikeygrrl

        Yes, and I had SUCH high hopes for him! 🙁

        • KevinPhillipsBong

          Let him empty the prisons…let the country find out what I’ve long known…the further you live away from the melanin enriched the better. Images of white hipsters running in terror as blacks burn down their urban renewal projects might do us all some good in the long run. I figure more white flight will only help the suburban property values where I live. 😉

  • JackKrak

    Wait, wait, wait, wait – there are people, even in NY and SF, that don’t know that blacks are a majority in just about every prison outside of Vermont???

  • dd121

    Last week I was interviewed for my third Colorado jury. I wasn’t selected but it was conducted in white Arapahoes county. All three of the accused were black gang bangers. Day’s didn’t do nuffin.

    • I expect a jury summons soon as well. I have recently re-registered a car, and that is one of the lists that is used.

  • Augustus3709

    I wonder what the results would be if one calculated the welfare benefits given to blacks, compared to the labor blacks do in the prison system.

    Which would have the higher financial value?

  • Note that the authors are WOMEN. I guarantee they are radical feminists who would like to empty the prisons just to get even with white males, even though the resulting crime victims would likely be white women. Feminist hatred of white men is so great, they don’t mind seeing white women raped by blacks, as black power replaces white male power throughout society.

    Emptying the prisons is the next big cause for liberals. Already, in England, child rapists who make an APOLOGY to their victims get off scott free. That’s what the libtards want here. Also note that the parents of the 9 year old white boy stabbed to death have “forgiven” the 12 year old negro boy who stabbed him. They should be calling for his lynching, but they forgive him. They’ll probably be character witnesses for him at some hearing where he’s sentenced to a mental facility.

    • Augustus3709

      I saw some comments on youtube recently from blacks who were joking about impregnating White girls and then leaving them high and dry. Some of them talk of it as “punishment” for the White man.

      Yep, it’s getting pretty bad out there.

    • That’s “Scot-free”. One letter “t” for the nationality and two for the family name. I hate that expression.

  • IstvanIN

    Sens. Rand Paul (R-KY) I despise this man more every week.

  • Reverend Bacon

    12 percent of the population and 40% of the inmates. Liberals cry racism, and they are actually correct. If blacks didn’t get “affirmative action for criminals” and what Colin Flaherty calls “Bronx Juries” (black jury nullification), it would be more like 60%.

    A white person accused of simple assault may or may not go to jail, but a black person never will. “Simple assault” is reserved, in the black domain, for a plea bargain down from aggravated assault. Tom Wolfe’s Great White Defendant is the holy grail of the criminal justice system, and if they find one, they never let go. Last, the Black code of Omerta has been allowed to exist, in my opinion due to racism. If a white person refused to rat out their friend, they’d be prosecuted with an obstruction charge. Regardless, this Black Omerta has kept many deserving blacks from achieving their rightful place in prison.

    It would be very useful to do a study on what the population of the prisons would be if blacks actually were given a “fair” shake (as opposed to biased in their favor).

    • LHathaway

      I believe you are correct. You’re missing one item. Criminals described as black by their victims are less likely to be caught in the first place. There’s another side to what you are saying. How many white criminals, even drunk drivers, are sentenced to prison/given long sentences in order to create the appearance of being ‘fair’?
      I’m waiting for a researcher to discuss this. All things being equal, you shouldn’t fail to consider the influence of research just like that above. Unless one is living in a cave, one cannot avoid being exposed to the effects of this kind of ‘research’. Indeed we have all been exposed. Exposure to this kind of ‘stereotype busting’ is somehow never considered a factor in social behavior. They are willing to discuss ‘institutional racism’ but somehow ‘anti-racist’ education is never considered a factor, and it is perhaps the major factor of influence.

    • paul marchand

      Exactly right, except even MORE of a gap than you suggest. The reason the gap is as small as it is ( per capita) is because of dimwit white drug users.

    • Cannot Tell

      Prior to becoming a race realist I thought it was really unfair that during the Jim Crow era blacks were not allowed to serve on juries even if the defendant was black. Now I understand that blacks generally do not have the intellectual capacity to assess the evidence and make an impartial decision. Blacks will almost always vote “not guilty” when another black is facing charges.

      • tetrapod

        Leftists and progressives naïvely believe blacks can magically put aside the desire for revenge that’s been seething within them for centuries. Given this background, blacks will always interpret any life setback or barrier as resulting from white racism. How could they not, given the stark evilness of slavery?

        But even though that was a long time ago, whites have never fully forgiven themselves. How else can you explain our susceptibility to feelings of guilt that crush our confidence as a people?

        It’s one thing to acknowledge one’s guilt, and another to wallow in it to the point of self-annihilation.

        Yes, slavery, like the holocaust, was a very bad thing, but I’m not going to let you wipe my kind off the face of the earth because of some role my they might have played in it.

  • WR_the_realist

    It appears there are more John Engelman liberals than one would have guessed.

  • Strichtplatte

    Put more multi billionaire jews in jail and crime will go way down.

  • MBlanc46

    Contrary to the belief of some posters here, most whites are neither stupid nor suicidal. They just don’t know what to do now that the beast has gotten out of the cage.

    • paul marchand

      Which is the point of information. Galvanization to reality and implications. The traitors have long sold out, fearing no ramifications. But the horde is approaching. It got past the now almost non-existent “white middle-class trash”.

    • tetrapod

      How true. The election of Hussein Obama, the incessent vilification of whites in Judeo-American media, and the relentless erosion of white demographics have emboldened blacks to vent their centuries-old resentment.

      This humpty-dumpty can never be put back together, at least peacefully.

  • John R

    Figures don’t lie, but liars can figure. No, I don’t doubt the validity of this study. What I doubt is the CONCLUSIONS that will be drawn from it.
    What they want to show: Whites are bad people. They see “African American” inmates and they, being mean racists, just want to punish them harshly “just because of the color of their skin.”
    My conclusion: The vast majority of Whites are really too kind to blacks. And they are sick and tired of being preyed on by blacks and hearing of blacks’ constant whining. Also, they know-instinctively-that much black crime is really a war on White society and that these people feel no shame in being criminals. Therefore prison carries no shame to them. You must make the punishment more harsh for blacks. In addition, most Whites know that young White men have a much tougher time in prison than young black men. Even most liberal Whites know that. So, obviously there should be more sympathy for incarcerated Whites than incarcerated blacks.
    And, btw, how about a study on how much sympathy BLACKS have for White criminals as opposed to black ones? How about black sympathy for black criminals accused of committing a crime against a White person as opposed to a White criminal accused of committing a crime against a black person? Yeah, I am sure the blacks show NO bias, huh?

  • With Attorney General Holder at the tiller what does it matter what white people think ?

  • Garrett Brown

    Oh I want diversity for the entire country! Just not where I live…

  • Billy Clinter

    So the truth caused people to make better decisions?

    Sounds like you can say goodbye to what little truth is left in the news media…

    • paul marchand

      Exactly right. This disparity in prison population turned the light bulb on for the target of the question, like ” duh……….huh? there are more black killers than whites? Duh, that aint what I learned in school, and aint seen that on MSNBC !”

  • A fun thing about a “study” like this, and I’m almost curious enough to check and see if they mentioned this, is that they can maintain a relative amount of control over the numbers, somewhere like NYC, “stop (question) and frisk” is something people are pretty strongly opinionated about, whites (victims) for, and minorities (criminals) against. Showing them some statistics isn’t going to change anyone’s mind, period.

    So, I absolutely GUARANTEE they controlled the %’s by asking a set number of blacks/Hispanics/obvious liberal whites to sign the petition with the lower percentage of blacks, ie: they asked 100 people, and made sure 33 of those people were minorities, to guarantee a reasonably high percentage. The second group where they got 12 percent, they asked 12 blacks / Hispanics, and made sure the other 88 were white/Asian.

    I highly doubt they included the race of those asked to sign the petition, as there would likely be almost a 1:1 correlation between race and whether they signed the petition.

  • Spikeygrrl

    Ummmm….who in America, of any race, does not ALREADY KNOW about the funhouse-mirror prison population demographics?!

    • They don’t want to do anything useful with themselves, in a nation that has an alphabet soup of government programs to help them.

    • paul marchand

      Apparently clueless leftists.

  • “Sens. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Cory Booker (D-NJ) have teemed up on a bill to reform the nation’s sentencing laws.” Why don’t they “teem” up to reform the nations blacks? I’d say with numbers like they have making up the prison population, maybe the problem is their race, instead of “raycissm!”

  • superlloyd3 coon

    ”policies that perpetuate the inequality.” such as arresting the perpetrators of crime.

  • paul marchand

    I can just see some clueless leftwing girl upon hearing this question.
    And instead of her thinking “SO UNFAIR” she thinks,
    rather: “duh…huh? Blacks kill all these people? But I thought we were all equal ! We had better DO something about that ! JAIL EM !”

  • tetrapod

    One more study confirming the intractable racial problems in the US. Yet our elites are incapable of taking things at face value and continue to support bringing millions more racially disparate people into the country.

    This will not end well.

  • Sloppo

    According to USDOJ statistics and “The Color of Crime”, “blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.” Prison walls can be a useful boundary of separation between black criminals and white civilization, but personally I believe the Atlantic Ocean could possibly be a more cost effective division if used properly.

  • “Racial disparities” result from the humongously greater crime rates for blacks, and when comparing the same crime committed, the judge often sees that the black guy already has a rap sheet a mile long.

  • Mrfinoni

    This was a good study. When some Whites learn the truth they respond accordingly. These Whites were living in a bubble and given a chance to protect themselves and society they responded properly. The problem is not in the sentencing! The problem is the people being sentenced. We need longer and more sentences. Considering how many get off, make deals etc … etc… the incarceration should be much much higher. More studies like this might wake up more Whites.

  • Mentious

    It’s clear what’s going on here.

    1) The survey participants are not really buying the equality propaganda in the first place.

    2) When they see the disproportionate blacks in jail (because blacks are disproportionately criminals) the whole reality of black crime alarms them. So they naturally want to start locking them up!


    But are they as violent as Blacks? Crime is one thing but violent crime takes it to another level.