Jihadist Khaled Sharrouf’s Tweets Photo of His Young Australian Son Posing with Soldier’s Severed Head

Rod McGuirk, National Post, August 11, 2014

An Australian newspaper on Monday published a photograph of a child it said was the son of an Australian convicted terrorist holding aloft the severed head of a Syrian soldier.


Prime Minister Tony Abbott told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio that the photograph was further evidence of “just how barbaric” the Islamic State group is.

The Australian newspaper reported that the photograph of terrorist Khaled Sharrouf’s son, who was raised in Sydney, was posted on Twitter by his proud father.

Khaled Sharrouf

Khaled Sharrouf

“That’s my boy!” Sharrouf apparently posted beneath the image that was taken in the northern Syrian city of Raqqa, the capital of what has been declared that an Islamic Caliphate by the Islamic State, the newspaper reported.

The child, who is not named, appears to be younger than 10 years old.

Sharrouf used his brother’s passport to leave Australia last year with his wife and three sons to fight in Syria and Iraq. The Australian government had banned him from leaving the country because of the terrorism threat he posed.

He was among nine Muslim men accused in 2007 of stockpiling bomb-making materials and plotting terrorist attacks in Australia’s largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne.

He pleaded guilty to terrorism offences and was sentenced in 2009 to four years in prison.

Australian police announced last month that they had arrest warrants for Sharrouf and his companion Mohamed Elomar, another former Sydney resident, for “terrorism-related activity.”

They will be arrested if they return to Australia.

The warrants followed photographs being posted on Sharrouf’s Twitter account showing Elomar smiling and holding the severed heads of two Syrian soldiers.

In June, The Australian newspaper published a photograph of Sharrouf posing among the bodies of massacred Iraqis.


[Editor’s Note: This article notes Mr. Sharrouf’s Lebanese origins.]

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  • No way. You’re telling me that giving third world people citizenship in first world countries won’t magically turn them into first world people?

  • MekongDelta69

    Ahh yes – even more Mooz-lim ‘family values.’

  • David Ashton

    Who has funded IS? Saudi Arabia? What do you make of Thierry Maysan, Voltaire Network, 23 June 2014, on the competition for oil in the area?

    • propagandaoftruth

      The Australian government had banned him from leaving the country because of the terrorism threat he posed.

      Here’s the crux of the problem…

  • DaveMed

    Can’t tell about Mr. Sharrouf, but the fact that the boy is (at least part-) White makes this story all the more maddening to me.

    • Spikeygrrl

      I was scratching my head too because the kid looked all-White to me.

    • I’d have to guess he met himself a nice “progressive” “diversity loving” and of course, weak and gullible white woman in Australia whom he promptly brain washed to Islam, and then made some nice mutant Arab/white children with, who he then also infected with Islam.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        Yes, that’s exactly what happened. The boy’s mother is named Tara and she’s a white Australian woman. She fell in love with a member of the diversity and had her first kid with him at 17. They now have five children, three boys and two girls.

        All three boys are being taught to participate in jihad by their father, as you can see here.

        • It’s so sickening that the narrative is so easy to guess, because it’s so common. So often exactly the same thing. With blacks, with browns, with Muslims… and yet the (white) world refuses to just acknowledge it and deal with reality… this world is truly ridiculous.

        • Augustus3709

          The funny thing is if by some chance Islam took over White countries, eventually White people would take over Islam itself.

          But, better that it be sent back to the desert.

        • propagandaoftruth

          Wow. Look at the eyes of the father. Insane.
          Islam is the beast.

          If Australia had sense it would ENCOURAGE all Australian Muslims to go…and never let them back.

          I wonder if this ISIL thing is WAY bigger than we suspect. The West could benefit actually. If the new World Caliphate needs soldiers and colonists, Europe has a ton of unwanted Muslims. Encourage them to leave.

          Let the war begin. The big, broader, military struggle that has been coming for so long. It’s time to redraw borders and build high fences.

          The sooner the Caliphate is up and running, the sooner the West will awaken and the sooner Muslim minorities in the West will make their presence intolerable.

          What? Did anybody other than a libtard think permanent world peace was possible?

          As Nelson would say…

      • Periapsis

        Am I the only one who thinks whites will have to eliminate these mutant Arab/white children from our lands either by killing them all off in a massive war on our soil or deporting them? I deem their presence even more intolerable than the Arab Muslims that spawned them. I would have no qualms at all about shooting a demonic kid like that between the eyes if I knew he or she has been beheading my people. To me, it would be akin to shooting a rattlesnake found by your back door. White women who whelp kids with these invaders are raising vipers that make a rattlesnake look like a pet for the whole family.

  • Periapsis

    Because of our treacherous psychopathic elites, expect to see these ghastly photos with white Americans as the victims. They are not going to stop with the Middle East, they have every intention of doing this to us when they get the chance. That is why they must be removed from our lands, by force, our borders must be enforced and jihadists must be rooted out and killed. Jihadists who murder children should be shot in the knee then left for the hogs to feast on.

    • TruthBeTold

      There are plenty of videos out there.

      Some show truck loads of bound men who are then beheaded or shot.

      They’re disturbing to watch knowing these men are helpless and they know they’re going to executed by grizzly and barbaric means.

      • Nancy

        I saw photos of a young girl, decapitated. She couldn’t have been more than 6 or 7.

        The Day of Judgment is coming soon…

        • Periapsis

          Indeed, and quite possibly a thermonuclear judgment at that. The fireball of a 15-megaton nuclear explosion ought to be frigid compared to the place in Hell for those who murder children in this way, damn them! I think the photo below should be the fate of two cities from which this evil flows, and that is Mecca and Medina.

        • Augustus3709

          Predators always prey on the weak. That is nature. So White people can not be weak.

          • Nancy

            Periapsis, I saw your post before it was deleted…and I’ll be sitting on the balcony watching the proceedings. I’ll save you a seat! 🙂

        • Periapsis

          Indeed it will, and it will be a cool breeze compared to the hot reception these evil doers will get in the hereafter.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Should not let them return at all. I encourage all Muslims living where they should NOT – among us – to take their families, including treacherous in-laws, to go make Jihad in the Middle East. I hope they create the core of a World Caliphate there and that all the libtards of the West take a long, horrified look at how they do it.

      They should never be allowed to return if they go and if caught trying to return they should be sent back.

      Get them all in one place, packed in tight. Then strangle them – diplomatically, economically, militarily.

  • NoMosqueHere

    He was among nine Muslim men accused in 2007 of stockpiling bomb-making materials and plotting terrorist attacks in Australia’s largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne.

    He pleaded guilty to terrorism offences and was sentenced in 2009 to four years in prison.

    He should have been executed.

  • dd121

    Look on the bright side. If they don’t have soccer balls maybe it can be repurposed.

    • Robert Haschberg

      I have always said that two heads are better than one.

  • EiSkogsNisse

    The one thing I find most telling with all of this is that the man Khaled Sharrouf is Australian-born to Lebanese parents. I’ll assume that he also grew up in Australia and adopted certain aspects of Western culture, superficially of course. In spite of this phony Australian identity this Mohammedan heeded the call of the desert, where he properly belongs. His genes trumped his environment. That will always be the case. You cannot foster these Mohammedans into becoming civilised people, for in the end they will always return to the desert. When you take away the phony pillars of modern society all you are left with is your blood, and blood always tells.

    The Australians should be happy that they have one less Mohammedan to worry about, I just wish there was a general policy to ban any of those savages who attempt to return from their desert jihad to European lands.

    • TruthBeTold

      I agree. It’s in their genes. They have used these methods to kill weaker men leaving men with the most barbaric sensibilities to breed. The environment changed. Their genes didn’t.

    • Periapsis

      Nay, they should be arrested, then executed. Or better yet, turned over to the country’s government whom they’ve been waging jihad against. They won’t be squeamish about shooting or hanging them. I have a far better idea of what to do with these mindless beasts, one that would use their death cult against them before and after they meet Allah, in Hell.

  • TruthBeTold

    Whites are condemned for their alleged history of lynchings. It’s amazing to me that the crimes of history are worse than contemporary crimes which could be prevented.

    • Augustus3709

      Whites are the only race to seem to show restraint.

      • TruthBeTold

        Very true.

        The evolution of our legal system proves that.

        Even when caught red handed, we still call the perpetrator the ‘alleged perpetrator’ and offer him the right to defend himself in court.

        • Augustus3709

          That’s why our statues show that Lady Justice is “blind”.

          …that is unless Eric Holder has her take a peak out from under the blindfold in order to consider race when sentencing.

  • Jack Burton

    It’s illegal to even “offend” minorities now in Australia, what a PoS country that is.

  • Diversity Fatigue

    These throat-cutters must be kept from colonizing the west at all costs. Even if that means overthrowing our governments. That’s my $.002 , keep the change.

    • Periapsis

      I agree, and more to the point, it has gone so far that now there is no way to do that without LOTS of merciless warfare and killing.

      • Rhialto

        You are probably right. That’s my 2¢s.

  • Even blacks can get jumping jacks right, usually.

    I remember this video, it was back in the days when we thought we could genuinely train a “legitimate” Iraqi army. No wonder ISIS is cutting through Iraq like a hot knife through warm butter.

  • “We did not give enough support to the Syrian rebels”

    Whoever trots out that crock excuse must think we’re all Piltdown Man dumb. I can’t remember which, but it’s either ISIS grew out of the Syrian rebellion or vice-versa.

  • Jacobite2

    What would the charges be, exactly? Conspiracy theories get no respect, but the US, Canada, and Australia all adopted poorly-restricted non-white immigration in the 60s and 70s against the overwhelming opinion of the “voters” who are supposed to be electing representatives to uphold their (the voters) interests, Evidently, the pols are more interested in promoting someone else’s agenda than serving those who elected them. This being said, why do I hear people saying that the solution is to elect different politicians?

  • “The Australian government had banned him from leaving the country because of the terrorism threat he posed.” In a sane world, they would have kicked a convicted terrorist OUT of the country. In the real world, they ordered him to STAY… I guess they didn’t want any other countries getting such a high value gem of diversity…

    • Periapsis

      In a sane world, men wearing black masks and armed with silenced machine guns would kick in the door and kill Islamic terrorists and anyone else with them, then disappear before the echoes die.

  • scutum

    This is the result of policies forced on us by our elites. See the following: Council on Foreign Relations; Trilateral Commission; Bilderberg Group. All started by or supported by David Rockefeller and the International Bankers he colludes with. These are the people pulling the strings of Western Governments behind the scenes. No less an authority than Dick Durbin let it unintentionally slip when he stated that “the Congress is “owned” by the bankers who spawned the financial crisis and continue to dictate the government’s actions. The bankers see a profit in the Middle East, either from oil, or in the conflicts them selves.

  • LACountyRedneck

    This has got to be part of some old Monty Python flick or SNL. It’s probably not. But it should be.