Mexican Doctor ‘Drugged and Tortured’ by Relatives of Woman Whose Stillborn Baby She Delivered

Jennifer Newton, Daily Mail (London), August 13, 2014

The relatives of a woman who gave birth to a stillborn baby are believed to have mutilated the Mexican gynaecologist who delivered the child in a revenge attack.

The doctor, known as Dr M, was drugged, taken to her own home where two of her fingers were cut off before she was butchered by her attackers in an attempt to hack out her ovaries and womb.

The shocking incident began when the medic was snatched as she left the hospital where she worked in the city of Zamora, in the Mexican state of Michaocan de Ocampo.

The 30-year-old had just finished a night shift on a maternity ward and police believe the attack is linked to the death of a baby boy who died during birth complications three weeks earlier.

However, the mother of the baby and members of her family are currently missing.

Police spokesman Ulpio Fonseca said: ‘She was forced to take muscle relaxant drugs which made it impossible for her to fight back.

‘Then she was tortured and mutilated in her own home for several hours by people we believe are related to a former patient.

‘She had severe injuries and nearly bled to death.

Officers say she was forced to write on a wall a warning to her colleagues in her own blood before her attackers chained her up and fled.

She was rescued when she came round from the muscle relaxant drugs and screamed, which alerted neighbours.

The medic had also found a note at her home saying: ‘The doctor who murdered my son will be next.’

A colleague had told police: ‘The woman’s family had turned up at the hospital accusing her of killing the child.

‘People often threaten doctors when things go wrong, but this family we now know clearly meant it.’

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  • MekongDelta69

    Ahh yes – still more brown Messican ‘family values.’

    • Oil Can Harry

      Where’s Fred Reed?

      He wrote a piece in TakiMag in March claiming that “race realists” who believe whites are more intelligent and civilized than hispanics “suffer from a recto-cranial inversion” i.e their heads are stuck up their rears.

      I don’t think we’ll hear him comment on this story. Or the one from Friday about the Mexican villiagers killing the owl.

  • Anglokraut

    Must be that Mexican eugenics program where they let the fully-native Mexicans spay and neuter the Mexicans with European genes. I’m sure that will work out just fine for Mexico.

  • Stan D Mute

    It’s only been a few hundred years since Cortes found Moctezuma cutting the hearts from living humans as “sacrifice” to their gods. Should we be surprised they’d cut the ovaries from somebody with whom they were angry? Look at the mutilations done by the narcotraficantes. It’s as much a part of the Central American Indian as cannibalism is a part of the African.

    • PvtCharlieSlate

      We should be surprised that they know there are such body parts as ovaries and know where they are located.

      • Anglokraut

        Or how babies are made; that’s the follow-up question to “why do I have so many babies?”

  • dd121

    Is this what a third world medical malpractice suit looks like?

  • NoMosqueHere

    Well, meet your new neighbors, whitey. I think they crossed the border; who would know any different?

  • Kit Ingoldby

    Coming soon to your neighbourhood…..

  • 2eRep

    Come bossman , explain this to us.

    • LHathaway

      There but for the grace of God go I? Except, someone as knowledgeable and educated as him doesn’t believe in God.

      • Brownman is about as knowledgeable and educated as a tortilla.

        • LHathaway

          lol, I assume bossman is trying to be funny. He usually is.

  • Jack Burton

    Latin males created that mess, they chose to breed with native subhumans instead of bring their own country’s white women, now they have to live with it.

  • With this as a possible result, why would anyone treat Mexican patients?

    • Anglokraut

      Because they’re the ones breeding, and Whites are not?

  • As we are importing all this vibrancy into the U.S., no doubt people like Rand Paul and Victor Davis Hanson believe that these things are caused by liberal social programs and too many environmental regulations.

  • “However, the mother of the baby and members of her family are currently missing.” Nah, they’re not missing, they just decided that now was the perfect time to add their diversity to the putrid dish of American soup.

    Really want to find them? Check Cali, Arizona, and Texas.

    Brownman, let me take a guess, they were just displaying “wholesome family values” by working together as a family to kidnap, torture, and mutilate this poor lady, right?

  • Anglokraut

    Mexican justice IS swift, and you’d better hope you’re on the right side of it unless you can pay the bribe–a basic tenant of Napoleonic Law is “guilty until proven innocent”.

  • Michigan Patriot

    The guilty family members can’t be found; they are all here on the ” dole ” voting democratic already !

  • Rhialto

    This heinous crime received little/no mention in the US news media according to my google search.