DHS Saw No Option but to Free 169 Illegals Convicted of Murder

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, August 21, 2014

The Obama administration says it had no choice but to release almost all of the 169 immigrants with homicide convictions that were let back onto the streets last year, claiming court decisions gave officials no choice in the matter–but it’s promising a new system to better screen who gets let out.

Of the 169 immigrants with homicide-related convictions released in fiscal year 2013, all but 15 were required to be let go because of specific court orders or because the immigrants had been held for too long under the rules established by a sweeping 2001 Supreme Court case, the Homeland Security Department said in an Aug. 15 letter to Sen. Chuck Grassley, Iowa Republican.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement chief Thomas S. Winkowski said they’re changing the rules to make sure a senior supervisor screens the release of those kinds of immigrants in the future.

“Ensuring that our enforcement policies and procedures are best suited to protect[ing] national security and public safety is paramount,” Mr. Winkowski told Mr. Grassley. “To make certain that we are doing everything we can in this regard, I am instituting new procedures requiring that an appropriate senior-level supervisor must approve before ICE releases potentially dangerous individuals.”

The 116 murderers were a fraction of the 36,007 criminals ICE released in 2013. The criminals had convictions ranging from homicide and manslaughter to drunken driving and sex crimes.

ICE says many of those it released were subject to some form of monitoring while out on the streets, such as an ankle bracelet. Others were required to call in to verify their whereabouts.


The Obama administration says its hands are tied by the 2001 court decision, the Zadvydas case, which ruled that most immigration detention is not supposed to be punitive–meaning immigrants cannot be held indefinitely.

That means that when governments refuse to take back their citizens, the U.S. government is stuck in a bind and usually has to release them onto its streets. Mr. Winkowski said that decision and other court orders were responsible for 154 of the 169 releases.

Of the 169, Mr. Winkowski said one was granted voluntary departure and has left the country. He didn’t say what has happened to the others, and ICE officials declined to comment beyond what was in the letter.

Mr. Grassley has introduced legislation to clarify the law and let authorities continue to detain dangerous criminal immigrants.

And immigration experts said the Obama administration already has some tools it could use to force other countries to take their citizens back, including suspending diplomatic relations or curbing visas to come to the U.S. for government officials or citizens of recalcitrant countries.


ICE had initially said it was required to release 75 percent of murderers, then reduced that number to 72 percent. But the latest letter boosts that calculation to 91 percent.


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  • MekongDelta69

    The Obama administration says it had no choice but to release almost all of the 169 immigrants with homicide convictions that were let back onto the streets last year

    They are so FULL of it, that it’s leaking from every orifice in their bodies. They had PLENTY of ‘choices.’

    They chose to let them free, because it’s just another item in the never-ending agenda to destroy this country.

    • NoMosqueHere

      Hussein Soetoro took an oath to defend the nation against enemies, both foreign and domestic. He could have used his national security powers to detain foreign murderers and rapists. He chose not to because he is a third world [deleted].

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Yeah, we KNOW the US is totally incapable of putting pressure on these countries to get them to do what we want — just look at how “we” treated South Africa during the apartheid era.

    • Oil Can Harry

      The Turd World nations refusing to take these goons back receive billion$ in US foreign aid.

      Obamarx would only have to threaten to cut their annual welfare checks and they’d cave in.

      • bilderbuster

        The Third World governments would accept them in a second and have firing squads ready for their goons before they surrendered any free American money.

  • JackKrak

    So we can do nothing about 169 murders laughing as they walk out of jails onto the street but somehow the legal basis, the funding and the government’s commitment are all rock-solid when it comes to installing red-light cameras or setting up speed traps on back roads.

    Oh, ok.

    • DonReynolds

      We cannot do anything about 169 illegal aliens convicted of murder, but we can move heaven and earth to trump up a kangaroo court to railroad an honest cop in a justified shooting of a thug in Missouri.

  • Anglokraut

    Don’t tell me there is no secret hard labor camp where they could be sent instead. What about all those uninhabited Pacific atolls that we keep just to shoot new artillery at?

    • bilderbuster

      Don’t we have an island called Puerto Rico that we don’t have any use for.
      It’s actually a great island except that it’s filled with Puerto Ricans.

      • DonReynolds

        Are there any left? Gee…..I thought they all moved to the USA, so they could pay Social Security taxes.

  • Just another nail in this nation’s coffin. How anyone can deny that the U.S. – including the entire West – is imploding and committing suicide is beyond me!

    • Periapsis

      It’s not committing suicide, it’s being murdered one white man, woman or child at a time.

  • LACountyRedneck

    Every time I see one of these it reminds me to go check my action board at NumbersUSA for faxes.

  • TheCogitator

    If a country will not take back one of its criminal citizens, put them in a plane, strap a parachute on them and fly over the country and kick them out. If they manage to land okay, if not it’s still okay. They are no longer our problem.

    • Oil Can Harry

      And if the country in question has a coast let the US Navy give these goons life preservers, toss them overboard and let them swim to shore.

  • Luca

    Name those countries and cut-off their aid, then send the murders and rapists to Gitmo awaiting any country that will take them after they serve their time. Better yet just give them an injection and feed them to the sharks.

  • Truthseeker

    Are there any U.S. territories that could serve as penal colonies?

  • IstvanIN

    We could easily refuse their imports, not allow imports from the US cut off foreign aid (which we should do anyway), blockade their ports, throw out all their diplomats, put the criminals in desert tent prisons. Although why aren’t foreign murderers executed?

    • DonReynolds

      In Texas they do. Mexico pressured Bush Jr. to order a new trial for two of them. Even though Bush was former governor of Texas, he could not stop them from being executed.

  • willbest

    Option 1) drop them out of a plane into their home country with or without a parachute
    Option 2) summary execute them
    Option 3) Pay the some 3rd world hellhole $10k a year for the expected life and trust them to take care of it in a prudent manner

    Option 7812736728) release them

  • JSS

    If this government has “no choice” but to let murderous brown invaders roam amongst us then is it not time for us to consider the contract between us and the government void? The rights of brown invaders/murderers trump our safety according to our overlords. How much more obvious does it need to be made that this government is criminal and beyond saving?

    • Teresa Nichols

      If I could upvote you a million more times for this comment I would. I think what “we the people” have endured in the last decade or so in this country meets or exceeds the qualification of “long train of abuses and usurpations” that Thomas Jefferson wrote of in the Declaration of Independance.

    • DonReynolds

      I agree completely. One of the basic responsibilities we give government is the maintenance of civil order. We have laws and those who break the laws are dealt with according to that law, and that is why we frown on private vendettas. Take away the civil order and the law of the hills is what remains. When the government is unbearably weak or corrupt, justice soon becomes a private matter.

  • Extropico

    The government had plenty of choices. A government-sponsored illegal invasion of a sovereign nation is an act of war. No nation can really refuse the return of their sponsored invaders. A real Natural Born Citizen US President would make that clear.

    • John R

      A president that gave a rat’s behind about this country would make that clear. Obviously, Obama doesn’t qualify to that apparently high standard.

  • When a government becomes an enemy of the people, as this one is, you must ask yourself how it happened and what can be done about it.

    First, assassinating government officials is looking more and more attractive to me, but I can’t recommend it. Brievik accomplished nothing with his little shootfest–nothing I can see anyway.

    No, organized resistance to the tax system, which Ann Barnhardt talks a lot about (because she stopped paying her taxes), is a possible route to change. If a tax resister is put on trial and I’m on the jury, I’m going the jury nullification route: “Not guilty.”

    Also, where is the white man equivalent of the hacker “Anonymous” who disrupts specific websites from time to time. If I were a young white male, I would get into the business of disrupting government websites, stealing data, etc. I’d post any of Obama’s medical records I could hack all over the Internet. Ditto Pelosi and Reed.

    We’re not powerless. We’ve been cowed. Time to stand up and be men.

    • DonReynolds

      Agreed. As long as we are armed and alive, we have the ability to save this country from the government. My country is blood and soil, not gangsters who won the latest “Liars Contest”.

  • kjh64

    First of all, this wouldn’t be a problem if we secured our borders and they couldn’t get in in the first place. Secondly, all that has to be done is to fly these people back to their countries of origin. If their countries of origin “refuse” to take them, well they can sit at the airport in their countries of origin or whatever. They won’t be here.

  • Periapsis

    There is something that can be done, but the anti-white government in control of the U.S. would rather allow these killers to murder whites without punishment.

    • Ella

      If you read about the rural farmers in South Africa, it’s horrifying on how far it can progress without the protection of laws and with corrupt local governments.

  • bilderbuster

    Does anyone really need anymore proof that DHS was intentionally set up to go after and spy on White Americans and not foreign terrorists?
    DHS is the agency that chartered the airplanes and buses months in advance to bring all the illegal “children” (mostly teenage males of gang banging and reproduction age) from the border to deep in country.

    • Ella

      I think the government fears a reactance eventually from Whites who will not tolerate constitutional abuses anymore. As a result, they spy and collect data on some individuals being the electronic age and making the process so much easier. We are to this point, and Whites are starting to figure it out.

  • kikz2

    i’m sure the number was higher….

  • Reverend Bacon

    Two words: “Soylent Verde.”

  • IKUredux

    Could someone please tell me why, when a White does something wrong he has the book thrown at him? Is it because TPTB assume Whites have the ability to pay the outrageous fines that are now levied? Come on! Have you looked to see the way Whites are treated for a DUI versus some illegal alien? Even if the illegal alien caused the death of someone, the punishment is not the same as for some poor White caught drinking and driving. Furthermore, the illegal alien doesn’t have insurance, a DL, or legitimate registration. Just another battle front in the War against Whites.

    • John R

      We, the White Middle Class are the equivalent of the Kulaks. “The Russian peasant must be defeated en masse.”
      Joseph Stalin

      • Ella

        We the Middle Class have too much wealth (according to powers-to-be) and must distribute our properties to others who do not have wealth accumulation. Stalin took away MC class farms being too “big” and gave it to his supporters. Our time will come soon as these new voters will soon extract what little we actually own minus our debts.

        • DonReynolds

          Everyone talks as though the only outcomes will be political, when we all know there is a more likely outcome, even if we do not like it.

    • kjh64

      Yes, if a White person is one drink above the legal limit and gets a DWI, he/she has the book thrown at them, huge fines, community service etc. Yet, they can release all these foreign murderers because they just “can’t do anything about it.”. Yeah, right.

    • tancred guiscard

      I’m living proof of that argument. When i was pulled over the breathalyzers were “down” so i got hospitalized blood testing and was promptly thrown into jail for 2 days. Months later, the results show i was .08, conveniently just over the legal limit. The fact that i never went on the highway, only went 2 miles at 35 mph tops, had insurance but didnt hit anyone/thing, and was pulled over for a bad tag light by an officer traveling in the opposite direction was never even mentioned to the judge.Stupid dumb ignorant incompitent me got an equally described public defender and 2 years later im still paying the price. The book thrown at me also had a career destruction device attatched to it lol…

  • Paleoconn

    Here’s a law that would make sense. You let them out because you have no choice, they get to live with you. Oh, you have other choices now suddenly? You can deport them? I thought so.

  • Andross

    If this story is as bad as it sounds (illegal aliens convicted of homicide were released by the federal government into our communities) you’d think any sane person anywhere on the political spectrum would realize there’s something DEEPLY wrong with this country.

    • jayvbellis

      Ron and Rand Paul Libertarians argue that there is something wrong:

      Too much government, too much militarization of our Southern border impeding the free movement of goods, services and people…..



  • John R

    So, the big bad US, that bullies every other nation in the world-save Russia-to better not accept Eric Snowden or else, and the big bad US that invades nuclear armed Pakistan to kill Osama Bin Laden, just can’t stand up to a few banana republics to accept their own citizens? Yeah, right. Total B.S.!

  • none of your business

    To find out how widespread the problem is; read this book
    The Deporter: One Agent’s Struggle Against the U.S. Government’s Refusal to Expel Criminal Aliens by Ames Holbrook (Oct 4, 2007)

    Over the years, hundreds of thousands of serious felons such as murderers and serial rapists have remained in America because their own countries refuse to take them back. Holbrook worked out of the New Orleans office. He attributes much of the crime in New Orleans metro area to the felons released directly into downtown from the federal court house.

    • Periapsis

      That is why all illegals who commit violent offenses or otherwise are involved in the trafficking of contraband should be driven out to a remote area. forced to dig their own graves, then killed and buried.

  • none of your business

    According to Ames Holbrook an ICE agent who wrote the book “The Deporter” China is one of the worst countries re: refusing to take their criminal nationals back. Read the book. Holbrook reveals a truly horrible situation, worse than you can imagine.

  • John R

    My solution to housing illegals? Pay some West African country, say, Sierra Leone or Liberia, around $10,000 for every US illegal they will accept in a temporary internment camp. That is a lot of money to those countries. Of course we will give “assurances” that the internees will be well fed and treated in the loving hands of the Liberians (Honest! Cross my heart!), but they will take responsibility for feeding and housing them until we can hear their cases. (Could take some time…). Now, if that were the fate of illegals coming in from Mexico and Central America, how long do you think it would be until the flood became a trickle?

  • Alexandra1973

    Take them on a nice, well, three-hour cruise and make them walk the plank.

  • Alexandra1973

    Watch their governments weep and howl over us executing them. Of course, we could say, take your criminal back or the execution goes through!

  • Sloppo

    Some countries won’t accept murder convicts when we deport them? That’s a very simple problem to solve. Murder convicts which are refused by their own countries can be buried here. If politicians in their home countries take exception to this solution, they can amend their return policy.

  • In all cases like this, the entire embassy of the offending foreign nation should be expelled from the US and a complete travel ban imposed. We do not need diplomatic relations with countries that do this.

  • jayvbellis

    We some territory in Africa or South America to serve as our dumping ground penal colony. Guantanamo works OK for Muslim terrorists.

  • “… were a fraction of the 36,007 criminals ICE released in 2013. The criminals had convictions ranging from homicide and manslaughter to drunken driving and sex crimes.”

    More news on our charming Occupation Government.

    Incidentally, fine report but confirms my decision awhile back to stop visiting the Washington Times website in the morning, since they are determined to hammer their readers about the head and shoulders with entirely unwanted audio.

  • DonReynolds

    We can magically fly tens of thousands of minors throughout the USA and get them all ready in time to start the school year, but when it comes to illegal aliens convicted of murder….Homeland Security has no ideas except to release them onto the streets of America to kill more Americans.
    Here Homeland Security…..why not fly them to ALASKA……it is still in the USA and there are places there where they cannot kill anyone else but themselves. And a big plus, it is at least 2,000 miles (across Canada) from the Lower 48 states and Canada actually enforces their immigration laws.
    OK…..Homeland Security…..is ALASKA too cold for Mexican murderers. Fine, fly them all to sunny, warm Johnson Island (Atoll). It is US territory, not included in any state, almost a thousand miles southwest of Hawaii. The perfect spot for Mexican murderers who cannot be deported to their own country.
    This is two possibilities…..two solutions……to illegal alien murderers convicted.
    (Or just send them to Texas…..where there is no problem with carrying out a death penalty for illegal aliens. They do it all the time. Yes, the Mexican government whines, Washington frets, and the Texans do it anyway.)

  • DonReynolds

    The Obama administration can order drone strikes in any country they see fit, they also have the ability to hold any American in jail indefinitely if they care to, and they have foreign CIA prisons in a number of foreign countries…..but they cannot do anything but SAVE convicted murderers from long term incarceration because they are illegal aliens.

  • DonReynolds

    I am still hoping the Chinese will protect their investments by offering to control the smuggling and infiltration from Mexico. They do not suffer from “political correctness” nor are they squeamish about dealing with criminals.

    • Ella

      Oddly, you might have Mexican, Chinese or Russian Mafia competing for security contracts.