David Cameron’s Migrant Benefits Crackdown to Be Investigated by European Commission

Bruno Waterfield and Georgia Graham, Telegraph (London), July 29, 2014

The European Commission is preparing to investigate David Cameron’s immigration crackdown to determine whether it is legal under EU law.

In a challenge to the UK Government the Commission said the Prime Minister’s plan to halve the amount of time foreigners can claim benefits will be assessed to check if it amounts to an “abuse” of the current EU immigration laws.

The coalition will introduce laws to ensure European Union migrants can only claim for work benefits for three months instead of six.

Writing in The Telegraph, the Prime Minister pledged that he would also stop more than 500,000 British jobs being advertised across the UK and announced tough new curbs on colleges offering visas to bogus students.

Mr Cameron said the changes will change the immigration system so it puts “Britain first” and ensure the UK is a “country that is not a soft touch”.

“We changed the rules so that no one can come to this country and expect to get out-of-work benefits immediately; they must wait at least three months.”

However European Commission officials have warned that they intend to assess whether they new policy complies with EU rules.

European Commission official told The Telegraph: “As and when Britain has finalised we will assess compliance with EU rules. There are strong safeguards in EU law against abuse. The vast majority of EU migrants going to other EU member states are going there to work and are net contributors.

They added: “There’s no legal obligation for Britain to advertise the jobs. The first people that will be harmed will be British businesses, they’ll be handicapped”

An official spokesman for the commission added it was “difficult to comprehend the announcement.”

“As and when these proposals are finalised properly, we will scrutinise them carefully to see if they are fully compliant with EU law.”

In February the Commission started a furious row with Westminster after claiming that Cameron’s plan to ban foreign migrants from receiving benefits unless they earn a minimum of £149 a week are illegal.

The Commission threatened to take the British Government to court after claiming it was illegal to define a “worker” according to the amount he or she earns is not compatible with EU law.

A source close to Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary hit back: “We’re absolutely confident the changes are legal as well as right.”

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  • Einsatzgrenadier

    The EU is a totalitarian government that does not respect the right of Europeans to self-determination. The primary aim of the EU bureaucracy is white genocide through internationalization of European cultural and economic life. EU migration = third world invasion. We must preserve Europe’s high standard of living for future generations of indigenous Europeans and refuse to surrender it to incompetent, low IQ and super-fertile third world invaders. Stop the nonwhite invasion of Europe now!

    • David Ashton

      Europeans Unite against the “European” Union!

      • Oil Can Harry

        Agreed. Death to the EUSSR.

    • Augustus3709

      Is it fair to say that the EU was created with noble intentions, but was then infiltrated by enemy subverters? After all, there has been no major war in Europe since WW2, and that’s a good thing.

      It’s just like the University System. Who invented it? We did. It was highly successful, and imbued into the minds of the enlightened the very image of Western Civilization. But, this system has been infiltrated and subverted. It is not the system that is bad, it is the people currently in the system who have mutated and perverted it.

  • MekongDelta69

    One question:

    Is NoBama a member of the EU?

    [Also a rhetorical, sarcastic question]

  • journey

    “The Commission threatened to take the British Government to court after claiming it was illegal to define a “worker” according to the amount he or she earns is not compatible with EU law.” = a step by step process toward the New World Order. Power is centralized as in Communism.

    Monetary control is centralized by IMF, World Bank, Central Banks, International Settlement Bank (ISB).

  • WR_the_realist

    Leave the E.U. Problem solved.

    • TruthBeTold

      I know. The solution is easy and obvious and yet they don’t make a serious effort to leave.

      What does any country actually gain by being in the EU? How is it beneficial?

      • journey

        The EU was originally created for economic reasons. To be somewhat patterned after this country with one currency and crossing of borders. But it has steadily morphed into something else. Typical human behavior.

        • David Ashton

          It began with the ECSC to keep control of Germany. The Rome Treaty did envisage a political unity, not a free market. British politicians however missed the chance to shape it to our liking when nationalist France, western Germany and a follow-the-others Italy were the main components; Canada-Quebec, White Australasia, and southern Africa could have been linked in, a third force against Sino-Soviet communism, Wall Street finance and emergent Afro-Asian mass-migration. It didn’t happen, but the whole past and future of the heartland of white civilization will need to be reconsidered, sooner or later, by patriots among our related peoples.

          • journey

            But David, the EU especially in the 90’s was suppose to be for the benefits of white Europeans. The whole ideal was to create economic benefits. I was in France before the EU and the prices were great! We were in Italy after the start of the EU, a completely different story.

            If you don’t mind, educate me on the reasoning why Britain (and the rest of Europe) have let in so many Muslins and blacks. France originally imported them for cheap labor as well as Germany.

            Going from the airport toward Paris, the “ghettos” could be a city. It went for miles and miles. An uprising would make the French Revolution a picnic.

          • M.

            Britain was mostly the product of leftists wanting to tick off conservatives. France was more like a lax enforcement of immigration laws, and mass amnesties for the overstayers, especially under leftist rule.

            There was also pressure from the EU to let in more legal immigrants in general.

            Those are at least part of the reasons.

          • David Ashton

            The original “reason” was an alleged post-war labor shortage. The Royal Commission on Population warned against the importation of immigrants of foreign “race or religion”, but this was ignored on the pretext that the UK was the Mother Country of the multiracial Commonwealth, and more recently ignored because of Brussels regulations on freedom of movement (including non-whites originally from outside) and its semi-criminalisation of “racism”, “xenophobia” and “eugenics”. There have been periodic electorate-demanded attempts at immigration control, even a few deportations, but all pretty ineffective, because of chain-migrants, illegals, asylum claimants, etc. Blair’s regime imported some two million deliberately. The hard-left welcomed “Muslims and blacks” to help promote revolution (“Here to stay, here to fight!”) and their “equality and diversity” ideology has been imposed downwards on the native population by the soft-left Lab-Lib-Con political class.

          • journey

            Thanks David. WWII has created lingering negative long term consequences for all of Western civilization including this country. It provided a huge hole the “guests” were able to exploit due to the Hitler thing. Prior, at the very least, racial differences were allowed to be discussed openly at all levels. This allowed invasion of low IQ hordes will not abide well for Western civilization. It has crashed past advanced civilizations such as ancient Egypt, Greece, and the Aryans in India. For most in the Western societies, we feel like on this sinking ship but cannot get off. To me, the solution is to replace those so called leaders with others who will courageously turn the ship around. The greatest difficulty is that the institutions that were installed to ensure a democratic society are presently used to destroy it. Our “guests” have infiltrated all those institutions from academia (starting at elementary up). Global decision making power by the elites has been centralized for some time now (the UN is not part of it). The centralization of the monetary system is without question as the Rothschilds et al. have been steadily working at it since the 1700’s.

          • David Ashton

            Don’t know about the Rothschild family itself in recent years, but there are plenty “et al”. Otherwise, general agreement.

          • journey

            Yes, the Rothschilds are still very much involved. They would never give up their financial empire (true wealth unknown but rumored to be in the trillions). The only person who practically brought them to their knees was Hitler. There are quite a few of the younger generation around. The Rothschilds in comparison to before, like to keep a very low profile. The current head is Evelyn Rothschilds (a male). Whereas, on the Rockefeller side it’s David Rockefeller.

          • Kenelm Digby

            Strangely enough, with one or two exceptions – such as the London Transport Executive – there never was any officially sanctioned programme to import Commonwealth labour into Britain during the full employment years of the 1960s.
            In fact, after the Windrush immigrants first landed, the employment minister of the time, who was a Labour man, said in response to public disquiet that the Jamaicans would “never last out one English winter”, ironically.
            However there *was* a so-called guest worker scheme to bring in eastern and central Europeans displaced by war, largely to work in agriculture and heavy industry. This has been largely ignored by the revisionist historians of that period. Large numbers of Italians, if I recall, were also brought in as guest workers to work the huge Bletchley brick-works. Generally, in that time, industry did not seek to import ‘colored’ Commonwealth labor, except for such socialist enterprises as London Transport. Even industrialists did not want to be responsible for importing ‘coloreds’.

      • M.

        Well, the benefit is that businesses would have a larger market to compete with the non-European economies, and workers would also have more opportunities at finding jobs.

  • guest

    “The European Commission is preparing to investigate David Cameron’s immigration crackdown to determine whether it is legal under EU law.”

    How it affects the real British people should be the only thing that matters. Who cares if it’s “legal” or not? This immigration is bad for Britain just like the EU is bad for Europe. Immigration should stop and the EU should be disbanded.

  • Guest

    Somebody compared the EU to a straw cutter. Whether it is fed with straw or a hand, it chaffs the stuff, mindlessly, stupidly, robot-like.

    But in the current climate in GB, this attitude will backfire mighty time. This is water on the wheels of the UKIP.

    However, let us not forget , GB and the other western European nation-states are in the immigration mess because through their own fault, not because the EU. They made the wrong calls long before the EU became more than an economic alliance.

    The EU has become a major hindrance to roll back these errors, but it did not cause these problems. The weak European birth rates and the 68ers did.

  • Pro_Whitey

    I was wondering when Cameron would get his excuse to weasel out of his proposed policies. He will probably cite stern looks from the EU as the basis for his abandonment of his proposals.

    • TruthBeTold


      I commented before when he said he was going to get tough on foreign job seekers that it was all talk and no action.

      He now has his ‘out’. ‘I tried. They wouldn’t let me’.

      • Paleoconn

        Absolutely, he knew all along the EU would not allow this. Deceitful, traitorous scum. Conservatism Inc. across the pond version.

  • Erasmus

    C’mon, Brits. Step up and tell the EU to go bugger itself.

  • NorthernWind

    “However European Commission officials have warned that they intend to assess whether they new policy complies with EU rules.”

    Any politician with a backbone would respond by warning that any attempt by the EU to interfere would result in Britain leaving the EU immediately. Threaten the damn EU sociopaths.

    • David Ashton

      The threat to leave means little. The British politicians should simply act in the national interest, and disregard any EU sanctions while appealing to the sympathetic populations of western Europe. A Britain outside the EU under its present system would be an even greater island victim of non-European populations.


    How dare Cameron try to behave as if he’s some kind of leader of a free country, with a free people? Doesn’t he know that that form of governing, and that form of citizen, was already canned and given up the day they joined the EU? Which of course was a good thing. Because after all freedom is messy, and the EU offers direct precision and instant clarity. Who needs all that bickering and debating that freedom entails, when you can go to the EU and get an instant, precise answer.

    Say if the question was “hey, can we stop newly arrived immigrants from draining the hard earned British benefits system?”. Well, instead of waiting around for freedom to catch up and give you an answer. You just go and ask the Wise Men /and/ Women of the EU. Of course the answer will always be”NOOOOOO YOU STINKING BIGOTS!!!!”, but so what, is that really important at a time like this?

    • David Ashton

      Cameron was a PR man for Carlton TV. Apart from the capacity to speak without notes, he has very little competence for his role. To lighten the tone look up “Cameron-Blair ‘Changes'” on Youtube, and weep a few tears of laughter instead of sorrow for Britain.

  • IKUredux

    Based on everything that has happened, you would think that a lot of people in the EU would have been better off if Germany had won the war.