“Anti-Racist” Terrorism Caught on Video

AR Staff, American Renaissance, July 31, 2014

Our account of the political attack in Tinley Park, IL.

On May 19, 2012, 18 members of something called the Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement stormed the Ashford House Restaurant in Tinley Park, IL, armed with hammers and clubs. They attacked a small gathering of a group called the Illinois European Heritage Association.

The “anti-racist” political violence was caught on surveillance footage that was never made public — until now. There is also footage of the attackers at a nearby restaurant before the assault. The faces of many are clearly identifiable, but only six of the 18 attackers have been arrested. The video that follows is our report on the crime and its aftermath.

Here is a video clip that contains only the attack footage.

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  • Evette Coutier

    One person with CCW would have put an end to this attack promptly and effectively.

    • David

      No. Then (a) there’d be a dead young white person and (b) the shooter would very possibly be on trial for manslaughter/murder.

      Much better: Learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Then, take the attacker to the ground, and either break his arm, torque his knee into oblivion, or choke him unconscious. All this takes mere seconds by any skilled grappler.

      YouTube: “Gracie Combatives Intro Class”

      • DNA Explains It All

        I totally disagree, since the perp won’t be a Trayvon there will be no trouble. Someone with a hammer or a club coming at you is totally cool to blast.

        • David

          If one must use a gun, then use a gun. But if a gun is unavailable or a physical exchange is already implemented, or if there is a choice, then one should always opt for non-lethal self-defense.

          Would you want to put your future in the hands of the USA legal system? I sure as hell wouldn’t. Even if you “win” in court like George Zimmerman….you still lose years of your life to crushing anxiety and financial burdens.

          And hey….jiu-jitsu is just cooler: who wouldn’t want to hip-toss one of these weaklings to the ground and then kimura their bicep into dust while they scream in agony?

          • Evette Coutier

            Why risk having your brains turned to mush by an attacker with a bat to be cool? That tough guy stuff is all fine and well if you are a young, healthy, male. What about women in their late 50’s who are not strong nor in peak physical condition? Are you suggestion we physically fight a gang of young men carrying weapons? Really?

          • Thank you for clarifying that, and you’re absolutely right about the elderly people who were in no physical condition to take on these much younger and stronger males.

          • Jack Burton

            He’s watched too many Seagal movies.

          • Evette Coutier


          • Jon

            I agree that the people there should CCW and defends themselves if it comes to that because regardless of race if u attack someone like that then u have a right to defend your self.

          • Yes, of course, if a gun is unavailable, then one is forced to go ‘hands-on.’ But when it comes to fighting a group of males with hammers, I’ll always choose my 40 Cal.

            “Jiu-Jitsu is just cooler” – Good grief, what a childish statement to make! When a large group of males barge breaking stuff with hammers and attacking people, there’s every justifiable reason to employ a handgun, especially when the likelihood of death or great bodily injury is present.

            I don’t give a rat’s rear-end about any damn “kimura” when the greater and better choice of a handgun under such circumstances presents itself.

          • Garrett Brown

            Best post in the thread.

          • Chip Carver

            It doesn’t matter how tough you are. One attacker behind you, one in front of you. Game over.

            A guy has a hammer, you pick up whatever is at hand if you can’t get away. If you have a gun, fire it, center of mass.

          • Garrett Brown

            No, roughness certainly does not matter against 15 attackers.

            “Yah, keephitting me in the head with that baton, I can take it!”

            Hmm, that doesn’t seem very effective, is rather shoot them lol.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            If you are a good enough shot under pressure, fire it into the head. That is the only sure way to stop an attacker, because even mortally wounded people can still kill you. Moreover, if you do hit an attacker in the center of mass, and he does not fall or otherwise react to being shot, he’s either wearing body armor under his clothes or he’s on drugs, and that again requires a head shot to end the attack.

          • David

            A gun isn’t effective against multiple attackers, either, unless it’s a machine gun.

            I think that all striking forms of martial arts are a waste of time unless the practitioner is first very skilled in grappling.

          • Garrett Brown

            If you know what you’re doing yes, a pistol is very effective against multiple attackers. Watch some Haley strategic or Spartan tactical videos on YouTube. If you’re interested, I would invest in the lessons they sell.

          • David

            Hey, if you love the USA legal system so much (and don’t mind shooting white college fools), then go ahead.

            It’s funny to me how much love and trust there is for the American “justice system” and how they’ll approve of all the shooting everybody here boasts they’re eager to do.

          • Garrett Brown

            I hate our legal system, I detest it. But I will not allow anyone to harm me or my family. I would die for the ones I love.

          • David

            That’s fine, but very, very few circumstances call for the gunfire everybody here is so eagerly declaring they want to do.

            So it’s stupid from a legal standpoint (the defense bills and anxiety will absolutely ruin you) and it’s usually unnecessary from a moral standpoint.

            Anyway, to each his own.

          • Garrett Brown

            If 15 people want to hurt you and your children, it calls for it. You must be very young.

          • David

            These buffoons weren’t seriously hurting anybody. They needed a severe emasculating – such as having their bones broken or face busted up – but behaving like a schizophrenic loon at a diner doesn’t warrant the death sentence. (Also, I’d guess that most of them were young fools temporarily brainwashed from college.)

            Again, if one has a gun and can pull it out at safe range to point it at them and achieve compliance….that makes sense to me. But actually firing (or pulling the gun at close range where firing would be necessary) does not make sense.

            I’m all for affirmative self-defense and gun rights. But virtually all of these commenters are saying the same thing (and yet they all apparently think they’re original and cool) and it’s bogus: A white man shooting somebody and throwing themselves at the mercy of the justice system which hates them is just retarded. Do so only when unequivocally necessary.

          • Garrett Brown

            “These buffoons weren’t seriously hurting anybody.”

            You mentally okay there Davey?

            People were bleeding all over the floor, ten of them went to the hospital.

          • David

            Okay, tough guy.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            I wonder what would have happened had a couple CCW owners dropped a few of them? Seems like it would have been seen as a reasonable response to 15 goons with bats, regardless of intentions.

          • David

            Then they would be martyrs.

            All the “lack of media coverage” that white nationalists/advocates complain about? Shoot a few antifas and you’ll get PLENTY of media coverage…..as your murder trial progresses and the US Congress is passing new laws making “White Activism” a federal crime.

            Can you imagine the field day CNN and MSNBC would’ve had if these punks had been shot and killed? They’d be canonized, on the spot. Every single American would know their names, and they’d have schools named after them.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Nahhh–that response would have transcended race. That was a no-brainer. Wish I had been there. I probably could have gotten off 30 rounds–popped 8 or 10 melons. What a shame. They should come to New Hampshire.

          • David

            What is your frame of reference for saying this shooting “would have transcended race”?

            Bernard Goetz was being robbed on a subway and even HE was financially ruined by defending himself with a gun. Nobody was even being robbed here, it was just some ugly, tatted hooligans.

            The media response to a shooting would have been candlelight vigils, beatification of the hoodlums, new anti-white and anti-gun legislation, and more.

          • IKUredux

            Umm, David, it would have transcended race in the sense that the attackers and the victims were White. Ergo, no moral values would have been drawn. Goetz was a White racist who shot innocent? blacks. This was nothing more than White holier than thous(but still racist, by virtue of being White) beating other Whites who were perceived as what? More racist? Kinda like the question of how pregnant are you?

          • BillMillerTime

            That’s why I don’t live in New York.

          • Kalashnikov

            There was an incident recently in Detroit where three white guys had to kill a couple of black guys advancing on them with knives in broad daylight. No charges, ruled self defense. It isn’t always a Zimmerman situation.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            According to Mr. Wolff in the video above, 3 people went to the hospital.

          • Garrett Brown

            I heard/read somewhere that ten people went to the hospital.

          • “These buffoons weren’t seriously hurting anybody.”

            What?? I’m sure that’s how you would have felt if they had come at you or your family.

          • David

            So you would have killed them.

            There are lots of dudes here hoping to be the next financially- and emotionally-ruined George Zimmerman or Bernard Goetz.

          • You are incoherent.

          • Tarczan

            Any blow to the head can be lethal, so it was a deadly attack.

          • “So you would have killed them.”


          • Beating someone with a hammer is “Assault With A Deadly Weapon”.

          • Tarczan

            A hammer can certainly be a deadly weapon.

          • Periapsis

            There’s very few things I would die defending, and my loved ones are at the top of the list.

          • Danimalius

            I don’t mind shooting anyone who is about to attack me with a lethal weapon, and neither should you. I don’t care how much education they have.

          • M&S

            God made man. Sam Colt made him (and women) even.

            Judged By Twelve, Carried By Six. You decide.

            The reality is that most people do not have the means or the time to get a legal firearm, let alone a CCW and furthermore, there are States where it is not a legal option, period.

            But whoever inspired these thugs to make this attack (and it was targeted) what you will notice is that they picked an environment where the combination of relaxed color code awareness as formal event status with lots of innocent bystanders and a celebratory atmosphere made it unlikely for ANY of the above ‘racists’ to have a weapon.

            Which means the largely white thugs get to look like ‘typical violent white people doing to each other what they did to the rest of the beautiful colored world’ rather than a particularly intolerant bunch of sadist bigots driven mad by an external agenda*.

            Again, you must understand that these were formally dressed people at an upper class restaurant so illegal carry would be highly visible and questioned by friends and family who would find it strange that a carrier felt it necessary to do so, around them.

            Do you bring a weapon to a bridal shower?

            If there is a justifiable reason for not using a gun under these circumstances, it is simple that overpenetration at these distances is almost certain and it’s impossible to judge the target background well enough to be sure on so many moving targets.

            Like a bunch of charging zebras.

            That doesn’t mean you don’t want to have it out and ready if you’ve got one.

            I would add one other thing here: This is why we are losing America. Our youth, young and dumb though it is, is looking for a direction and getting told bad things by wicked people which ‘suits them fine’ as a bunch of hormonally imbalanced thug wannabes looking for ‘action’ of -any kind-, damn the politics.

            We need to buy back our youth with specifically targeted and group implemented privilege programs so that the Anti-Ra/Fa groups have a particularly hard time getting hold of their minds because we care for our own better than they do.

            The day young white, stupid, America is set against aging white, wise America and nobody understands that this is the real _intent_ of this action, is the day which we ALL LOSE.

            *Indeed, if I were to look for someone responsible for the targeting, I would begin with the lady who is standing there making the 9-11 phone call, undisturbed, covering herself in distraught victimhood.
            If this European Heritage club met there regularly and said things which she heard, either directly or through waiter/waitresses, that she didn’t like, SHE would be the one to be in a position to note the time they arrived every Xth weekend of the month.
            And pass it along.

          • Jack Burton

            You’re obviously a stupid troll now. A gun isn’t effective, but you want to grapple with multiple attackers with weapons. You’re dumb, shut up.

          • Johnny

            Thank you.

          • TheCogitator

            I one, or more patrons, had started shooting and hit some of them, how many of the others are going to stick around? Damn right a gun is effective.

          • Sure a gun is effective against multiple attackers. At indoor range, double-taps into their centers of mass would work fine. A 1935 Browning holds 13 rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber. For someone who can keep cool, that means seven guys down.

            A helpful trick I taught myself was when shooting at the range back in the good old days, I used to run to the target boards to check my groups and post new targets, and then run back. I thus became used to shooting well when I was breathing hard and my heart rate was elevated. I am sure this later saved my life.

          • Johnny

            A gun isn’t effective against multiple attackers? Really? Where do get your info?

          • Martel

            Aikido is a hobby not a method of self defence. MMA, boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, Thai boxing and BJJ are the only serious martial arts.

          • Garrett Brown

            Aikido is a martial art, a very capable one at that. If you have never trained in it you will not understand it. When those people are flipping in demonstrations, it’s so their wrists don’t break. You go with the technique.

            “MMA” is not a martial art lol. MMA is a sport which utilizes martial arts.

          • Martel

            Its a shame you encourage people to waste time on aikido. Whether you take some sort of pride in defining MMA as a sport, or recognise it as a martial art which resembles only other practical arts such as pancrase or vale tudo, it is most effective to train and disregard spectator or hobbyist sports such as aikido or karate. You can practice aikido for over a decade and get completely pummeled by someone who only trains MMA for a short time.

            You should ask the best aikido practitioners you know to go to the local MMA gym and see how they handle themselves. Perhaps sign them up for an MMA fight, but whatever you do, get it on film.

            PS Don’t be a martial arts snob.

          • Garrett Brown

            Vale tudo is also a sport, not a martial art. You got one correct though, Pancrase.

            You are welcome to come to our dojo in virginia anytime if you are curious about aikijutau/aikido. Implying that an art used on the battle field by samurai who’s life depended on the effectiveness of it doesn’t work is very ignorant.

            By you continuing to type “train MMA” I suppose you mean the arts used most in the sport; wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, And BJJ. There are also many other effective arts used in MMA, they are just not as prevalent because they have not been in the octagon as long. Judo, karate, tae kwon do, etc. are all applicable in MMA. See Hector Lombard, Karo Parysian, Lyoto Machida, Ryan Jimmo, Anthony PETTIS, Benson Henderson, etc. for their effectiveness. Also, study K1/Glory kickboxing and look at how many fighter come from a karate background that dominate. Bass Ruten, Nicholas Pettis, Andy Hug just to name a few.

            I don’t know what a “martial arts snob” is, so I guess I don’t have to worry about being one.

          • Jack Burton

            First of all, I didn’t see men, I saw little punks. None of them looked like athletic specimens one would be intimidated by.

            You don’t have to fight 15 of them, you completely destroy one of them, show them who’s in charge, and the rest run in fear.

          • Garrett Brown

            Right, which is why I said no matter their size. They are fully grown men, even if they didnt grow much lol. They are most certainly a bunch of puny specimens, that is for sure.

            Yes, refer to my post about the psychological effect firearms have down below.

          • Jack Burton

            Legally speaking they are adult males, and you would be legally justified in taking their lives to protect yours in that situation.

          • Garrett Brown

            I would gladly do so. Do you post a lot on YouTube? I see the same avatar with a guy also named Jack on MMA videos a lot.

          • Tim_in_Indiana

            “Jiu-Jitsu is just cooler” – Good grief, what a childish statement to make!

            Oh, and bravado about pulling out a gun Charles Bronson-style and blasting these misguided fools into oblivion is NOT childish? Yeah, right.

          • KyraNelson

            I have gotten whacked on the head ( accidentally) by a hammer & I can tell you it f*cken hurts! and it wouldn’t take too many blows from any man to fatally injure someone. If someone is using a hammer against me I WILL shoot them.

          • Garrett Brown

            A Kimura attacks the shoulder joint. We got a keyboard warrior over here!

          • David

            False. The pain is in the shoulder and that’s when you get the tap. If you torque past their tap, the bicep snaps. Google: “Kimura am break”. (And, of course, this was famously shown in the UFC when Frank Mir broke Nogeuira’s arm.)

            What a keyboard warrior over there.

          • Garrett Brown

            No David, he popped his shoulder our of place. Nothing in his arm was injured. Any grappler with any kind of knowledge knew when he kept his arm at 90 degrees that the shoulder was going to dislocate. Ude garami attacks the shoulder joint unless you are sitting and his arm is pointing more at a 45 degree angle(you’re pulling his elbow towards your midsection), then it attacks the elbow. At no point in time does it put pressure on the bicep. If he had dislocated his elbow he would have still been able to pick his arm up without using his left hand.

            Google “UFC 140 Photo: X-Ray of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira’s Broken Arm From Bout Against Frank Mir”

            I’m going to post the link but I doubt it will be approved my mods.

          • David

            I’m sorry, but you don’t know what you’re talking about. Simply Google “Kimura Broken Arm” and you see what happens when people don’t tap: either the bicep or the elbow snaps.

            What do you think happens when you’re arm is being spun backwards?

          • Garrett Brown

            If you just Googled what I told you to and you’re still saying I’m wrong, you either can’t read or just want to argue. At no point in time does an ude garami attack the bicep(no key locks attack the bicep for that matter). I guarantee you read “arm lock” and came back to type your uneducated post about jiujitsu and you thought sice it stated “arm lock” it attacked the bicep/tricep. Anyone here can simply read Wikipedia and they will know what it does.

            I would suggest you actually go out and train and stop watching YouTube. You need to learn hands on.

          • David

            Sure. I suggest you go out and train, and stop watching YouTube.

          • Garrett Brown

            I train 4 days a week lol. You obviously do not.

          • David


          • Jack Burton

            You’re confused, you don’t bring a knife to a gunfight, and you don’t use grappling against multiple attackers with weapons, doesn’t work.

            When a mob rush you with weapons drawn chanting how they’re going to f you up, you don’t neurotically worry about the legal system, you defend your life and those around you that you care about.

            The only line you don’t cross, is once the threat is gone, you are no longer legally able to harm them. So for instance you could shoot them when they stormed the restaurant, but you couldn’t chase them down outside and gun them down, that would be murder. It’s about context and intent.

          • drattastic

            “And hey….jiu-jitsu is just cooler” .Are you like 12 yrs old ,been watching too any movies or playing too many video games ?

          • David

            ok. go shoot people. bye.

          • drattastic

            Are you afraid of guns Davy ?

          • David


          • drattastic

            I like honesty .Naturally the business end but I meant the operator end.

          • David


          • TheCogitator

            Again, street fighting is different than sport fighting. On the ground in a sport fighting situation you can do a lot to your opponent, but in the street, and in this situation in particular, on the ground, you would be swarmed and take a bad beating, and maybe even be killed.

        • Jack Burton

          Agreed, this David guy is some sheltered Asperger nerd who thinks all white people are his friends.

          Hey David, moron, who the hell do you think groomed Obama, and was the deciding factor in him becoming president, about 42% of whites. A significant percentage of the white population are the reason we’re in this mess to begin with.

          That’s right, true justice would be blasting them one by one until they surrendered and dropped their weapons. This is on par with a home invasion. This is small-scale warfare, pure and simple, the same rules apply here.

      • “Then, take the attacker to the ground, and…” get beat to death by his friends while you’re pulling guard?

        BJJ isn’t good against multiple attackers.

        • David

          Neither is a gun against innumerate close range attackers.

          (And you don’t “pull guard” against an untrained weakling. You trip them, follow them down into Mount, and break their arm. Takes ten seconds.)

          It’s strange to me how eager so many white people are to throw themselves at the mercy of the USA legal system, which demonstrably hates us.

          • I see your point about the legal headaches of shooting somebody, but won’t maiming them create similar problems? Either way, there’s going to be a hearing.

          • David

            Yeah, I guess there are different tiers of hatred that the USA has for us straight white men.

            They hate all of us. But they especially hate men who stand up for themselves. But they most of all hate men with guns.

            Also, consider that some of these were likely brainwashed college students who will unlearn this masochistic idiocy as they move away from their college. It would be tragic for a young white to be killed because of temporary college mistakes. (Although, granted, most of those gross, tattooed freaks looked to be around 30.)

          • Stan D Mute

            Tragic? No. It would be heroic to kill one of those evil punk thugs who was violently attacking his own people.

          • The legal system doesn’t generally mind when whites kill whites – especially under these circumstances. They just hate it when whites kill the darlings of ‘diversity,’ even when it’s justified.

          • Evette Coutier

            The law allows you to shoot to stop an attacker if you fear for your life. I fear for my life when I see a gang of ten attacking me with weapons.

          • katzkiner

            Come at me with a hammer and I am going to hammer you with a .45, no matter what color you happen to be. I do not go where my .45 can’t go, I stopped believing in “civilization” long ago. When I see men with tattoos on their face or neck I immediately develope a plan to kill them if necessary. Dead give away.

          • Evette Coutier

            Unfortunately, your understanding is the accurate view of reality. We must deal with the world as it is and not how we’d like it to be. Good for you.

          • Garrett Brown

            Smart man.

          • Stan D Mute

            Many states claim you have a duty to retreat. Illinois is such a state. Leave it and move someplace that recognizes your right to stand your ground.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            The law also 1. Allowed Zimmerman to shoot Martin 2. Messed up his life in the process.

          • Evette Coutier

            Zimmerman is still alive.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            Yes, he is. As are all of the people who were in Ashford House on the afternoon of May 19, 2012.

          • Evette Coutier

            Your point?

          • Usually Much Calmer

            I apologize, I thought it would have been clear.

            My point is that a default strategy of shooting at threats might be overkill and entail more risks than are necessary. Which is simply a restatement of David’s original point.

            Zimmerman suffered head injuries as did the Ashford House patrons and staff. The difference is that he shot and killed someone and suffered the consequences of that in addition.

          • Evette Coutier

            A gun is the most effective weapon against multiple attackers at close range.

          • Actually, a good sword is probably better.

          • Stan D Mute

            What mercy? Masked thugs with weapons storm a restaurant filled with witnesses and video cameras. Not even Angela Corie would try to prosecute. If your state doesn’t recognize your God given right to defend yourself, move to a state that does. It’s pretty simple.

          • Nonsense! The first person shot usually ends the conflict immediately because everyone scatters, and if any follow-up shots are needed, so be it.

            True, the U.S. legal system is not generally in favor of whites, but in this case, the attackers were almost all white (except one black male, I believe). The attackers also had hammers and violently used them. Several people were injured as a result. Under such circumstances, if deadly force was used, it would have been deemed justifiable.

          • Garrett Brown

            This!!! This this this, cannot emphasize enough. It is not the potential physical damage your firearm can do, it the mental effect it has on multiple attackers. Most CCW holders that survived ambushes only had to fire one, maybe two shots. Once you see a man go down cold, you don’t want to be the next unless you are under the influence of some serious drugs. But that is what the 45 caliber or 10MM is for.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            That scenario was a CCW owner’s wet dream.
            I would have emptied every mag I had.

          • Garrett Brown

            All that money spent on the range and training and I finally get to try it out on some anti white punks? Count me in.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Hell ya! That could have even gotten the secession movement moving. What a golden missed opportunity.

          • Jack Burton

            Here’s a good example.

            http://www.youtube .com/watch?v=dwrgvqlc8DA

            That’s exactly how you handle a situation like that, although hopefully with more accuracy.

            Look at all of the sheeple, “I give up, I’m a willing victim, do whatever you want.” That old man has more balls than all of those men put together.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            That is a good example. And how many weepy-eyed candlelight vigils were there for the punks? None. Too bad the old-timer only had a pea-shooter.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            I would have kept shooting to kill until they were ALL dead, or until the surviving thugs got the message and ran. It would be preferable to kill all of them, so they cannot testify against you later.

          • LHathaway

            No one died. If there were guns, some could have died, maybe a large number of people as those with bats and hammers might have escalated their attack. Perhaps guns are necessary to prevent this kind of thing happening in the first place. Gun use could ‘send out a message’. The media would not cooperate in sending out such a message?

          • Who Me?

            At the sound of the first shot the attack would have ended. Most attackers know their bats and batons are no match for firearms. These thugs were the lowest end of the spectrum and dumb as rocks, but they were still smart enough to know that.

          • Who Me?

            FINALLY! This is the exact point of CCW. At the sound of the first shot everyone in the place would have instantly frozen for a split second, then the actions would have reversed. Attackers would have been retreating at warp speed, running for their lives. THAT is how guns save lives many times without killing anyone.
            David is an idiot, or more likely a very young person who has never had a reason to doubt his strength or to glimpse his mortality. In effect he’s still “10 feet tall and bulletproof”. He will learn in time if he doesn’t get killed trying to take on 15 guys with his bare hands.

          • Garrett Brown

            While you’re mounting him, his buddies are kicking you in the head. You have no idea what you’re typing about.

          • Aussie_Thinker

            Of you go to the ground against a group, you will get your head bashed in. Its best to stay on your feet.

            1v1, ground would be best.

            Also, krav maga would be a handy thing.

            Or a shotgun.

            Hell, just walk around with a Lightsaber.

        • IBWHITE

          Good point, I always looked at it this way though – I have a much better chance against multiple attackers being proficient at BJJ than not.

      • Evette Coutier

        One person against a mob. Gracie Jiu Bitsy is useless. They were carrying and attacking with deadly weapons. The law provides for you to use a gun in self defense when confronted with a deadly weapon. Last, if there is a dead white kid so be it. Race has nothing to do with protecting your life from violent assault. It’s just too bad for them if they die while assaulting you with a baseball bat.

        • Stan D Mute

          And let’s not forget those were not “white kids”. They voluntarily renounced their whiteness and actively went to war against white people. They are not our kin.

        • Who Me?

          We have to be aware and on alert against the threat of physical violence from non-whites who hate us and want to do us harm because of the color of our skins. They are legion, and they are likely to be anywhere. But in the process of doing so, we must not drop all common sense rules of personal safety from idiots and criminals of all colors, including our own. Even if we lived in a majority White country there would be some percentage of violence just because of human nature.

          • Evette Coutier


      • Sick of it

        Or…don’t call the police. It’s much easier to deal with problems if they aren’t involved.

      • Evette Coutier

        Let’s address the martial arts myth. Each of those young men are 4 to 5 times stronger than the average middle aged woman. Let’s say you can bench press 200 lbs. Them attacking an older woman would be the same as 10 to 12 men who can bench press 1,000 lbs each attacking you with weapons. Do you really think your Jui Jitsu would save you? If you do I have a bridge to sell you in Manhattan.

        • WR_the_realist

          Martial arts against multiple attackers always works much better in the movies than in real life.

          • Jack Burton

            It’s called choreography, predetermined outcomes, like professional wrestling entertainment. Those huge, hulking, roided guys look like monsters, but put them in the cage with a real MMA fighter who is smaller than them, they’d get wrecked.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            Until one pulls a gun and shoots you in the back of the head.

        • Jack Burton

          It’s not a myth, technique trumps strength, that’s how a smaller man can beat a larger man. It’s not about who can bench press more, that’s nonsense.

          However in a situation of multiple attackers who have weapons and could potentially kill you, that is not a time to have a wrestling or BJJ match.

          Martial arts is part of the equation, but it is not the end-all solution. That type of terrorism is warfare and requires armed defense.

          • Evette Coutier

            Did you know the Brooklyn bridge is for sale? I can get you a bargain price.

        • Tarczan

          Two or three trained guys would have wiped these guys out, no doubt in my mind. The guy with the beard was doing pretty well, two more like him and the goons would have lost.

          What I wonder about is what kind of brainwashing were these kids subjected to to end up like this?

          • Evette Coutier

            One trained middle aged woman with a 10mm glock would have wiped them out just as easily.

            It’s not so much brainwashing. I know these punks. They are looking for an excuse to cause trouble and pick fights. But they don’t want a real fight because they are weak minded cowards, so they go attack old folks. It’s anti white people one week then occupy wall street then next. Mix low self esteem with no direction in life, and you have natural born suckers who follow any loud mouth that comes along.

          • Tarczan

            I agree with all of that. A CCW would have stopped them instantly. Just brandishing it would cause them to flee.

      • Stan D Mute

        In Illinois you’re no doubt correct. In Florida and other states with *real* self-defense laws, there would be dead assailants and a parade for the person who heroically saved everyone in the restaurant.

      • Garrett Brown

        This is absolutely horrible advice lol. There are 15 men coming at you with pipes and chairs. You need a firearm to defend yourself from that many people. japanese Jujutsu, or it’s Brazilian branch off, Jiujitsu, is for one on one altercations.

      • NeoNationalist

        You don’t want to roll around on the ground with someone while there are multiple attackers with bats. Not very good tactics.

      • jayvbellis

        Nah, never fight bare handed. Always have some weapon. Here the obvious choice was a chair.

        • David

          Yeah, I’m sure the proficiency of using a chair in self-defense has really been tested.

          Dude’s here are very eager to be the next bankrupted Bernard Goetz, and very timid about simply fighting with some effete punks.

          • That’s “dudes”, dude. “Dudes” is plural. “Dude’s” is singular possessive. “Dudes'” is plural possessive.

            Take an English class or three.

          • David

            lol creepy cyberstalker obsessing over typos

          • If you pick a written argument with genuine adults, it’s best if you can spell.

          • David

            typos send you into hysterical spasms. so funny

      • Usually Much Calmer

        I could not agree with you more, David.

      • M&S

        Then, take the attacker to the ground,
        No. You never go to the ground in a multi on multi fight. You end up with boots into your groin, head and spine, all debilitating, potentially crippling and possibly fatal wound regions against which there is only a fetal defense because everyone is attacking from too many angles to sweep legs or catch feet..

        Even against your intended opponent, you must realize you are not a bird and thus you are committed. You can’t flap your arms and rise back up or slow down your descent as the predeterminism that you are going to end up in a clinch while junior gets his free licks all the way down while you play body shield to him as his buddies nail you from above.
        Anyone who has studied combat psychology knows that the essence of fighting is challenge and weakness. If there are too many of you to fight and you don’t give ground, the attackers will look elsewhere. If you make a yourself a One Man Hero lone target, you become a challenge to put down for dominance hierarchy reasons. If you turn and run or put yourself in a submissive position, you lose all humanity and become a simply an inanimate, faceless, silhouette.

        This is why historical studies have long shown that 70% of all fatalities in battle come AFTER the rout phase when a nominally sane person would seek to minimize further risk by not giving chase into potentially reversed odds or delaying action ambush.
        Instinctively, we are lethal competitors who use any excuse to finish a fight.

        To operate against this deep R-Brain psychology, you must form a wall. Put the helpless behind you.
        If it looks like a fight is inevitable, flow to a wedge to minimize your presented area and guard your flanks and use the leading elements to hold the weapon hands while the second rank strikes over or between you with lethal force.
        There is no pride. There is no kill stealing. You are simply a team whose survival depends on occupying a threat long enough for _someone else_ to knock lose a few teeth. Or worse.

        Cutlery, glasses, china. Anything which has weight can be thrown as a projectile and that simple action of magnified biomechanical leverage is fight ending in terms of applied force on a narrow sectional density frontage.
        Further, the inability to reach the tosser creates a condition whereby the young buck, out to prove his manhood, not some ‘political agenda’, has to do a gut check that begins like this: “Am I good enough to take the guy I can see while sucking up hits from the one I can’t?”
        Most will vote no.

        At this point the inflated testes, adrenal and thyroid biology begins to flag and you go from a monster to a disoriented young person again who will run if you yell loud and Make Big on the Don’t Do This Scale.

        To which I would add, as the video commentary suggests, DO NOT heft chairs in a lion tamer defense!
        To swing them pulls you off balance and takes your guard out of line and if they grab the feet, your opponents can either drag you out of your protective formation and/or use the furniture as a freebie handhold to push and shove you around.

        If you must fight, even if it means taking a hit, trap the weapon hand and use _teamwork_ to hit the opponent hard and often around the face, throat and particularly the eyes.

        Don’t let that weapon hand go until he yields it to you and don’t be afraid to ‘make and example’ of a split skull, crushed knee, instep or kicked face to both end the fight quickly (to allow you to turn to a new threat) and to use junior’s corpse as a “See this?” obstacle.
        One man can double up his hands on another’s arm and by this simple action and give his opponent virtually no chance to control that hand or whatever it might be wielding, no matter what punches may be thrown.
        Twisting HIM to his knees or overbackwards then invites a well swung boot to collapse HIS rib cage or crush HIS spinal column but it is YOU who owns the situation by immobilizing that weapon hand while staying on your feet.

        There is no real direction or benefit to be had from committing to this kind of free play melee. Your best play is to stay on it’s edge and avoid the mob rush by making your exit strategy happen (always note doors and routes as a means to getting out in a hurry when you walk into any strange room, including breaking a window if you have to…).
        If all escape options are too far away, get to a wall and use depth of force to limit the number of people who can come at you and double up the attack deltas that any one threat must deal with.

        Your family matters. Survival matters. Some kind of submission hold ‘victory’ over a single opponent does not.
        Kill preemptively to make the Loss Exchange Ratios prohibitively high as you escalate before they do but _do not chase a threat to the ground_ in a large numbers fight.

      • IBWHITE

        Problem with that is while you’re wrestling with one man other men will attack you from behind. A gun would have been the best defense in a situation like this. Back yourself against a wall and open fire on any assailant that comes at you.

        • David

          Hey, that’s what everybody here is saying. I could show a video of a black kid stealing a candy bar and get a million responses, “A CCW would put him in his place! lol!” Look at the replies here and on YouTube: they’re all the same: “CCW! SHOOT EVERYBODY!” (Can’t these dudes see that the past fifty people wrote the same damn thing?)

          It’s so rote: Show self-declared white advocates any sort of violence – like antifa hooligans messing up a restaurant and roughing up patrons in a non-life threatening way – and they all boast about how they want to and would shoot everybody.

          Like I said, there are tons of dudes here who (a) have zero ability to fight hand to hand (which means grappling, not boxing, in the real world) and (b) are just itching to be the next George Zimmerman or Bernard Goetz.

          Personally, I hate the US legal system, and do every single thing I can do to avoid it. Refraining from shooting young white people in a non-life threatening situation is one such thing I’d do to avoid the legal system.

          • IBWHITE

            David, I certainly didn’t mean to be overly critical of your statement – so please don’t take offense. I have trained Gracie Jiujitsu over ten years now and used to compete in BJJ tournaments. It’s a very effective line of defense and was developed so a small man could compete with a large man – but not so much multiple attackers. It’s also very popular among young White’s in this country and has seen vast improvements with the young wrestlers adding their conditioning and technique. Muay Thai and Judo also compliment BJJ when mixed together. Keep up the good work and train hard my friend.

          • David

            I appreciate it, and I recognize that no martial art is effective against a mob. But, again, neither is a pistol when you’re this close.

            I believe that a show of physical courage and tactical dominance goes a long way to demonstrating one’s character and promoting white values.

          • Kalashnikov

            Dear god man! They were cracking people in the head with hammers! That is life threatening no matter how you spin it. There are shooting incidents every day that get defined as self defense with no charges on the shooter. You strike me as the type with a huge edged weapons collection, because you can’t afford, or aren’t allowed to own firearms.

      • Garrett Brown

        I cannot believe this comment has 7 up votes now. Get a clue people.

      • propagandaoftruth

        At a gut level, blowing them all to kingdom come would be supremely satisfying. But I think you have a point.

        The antifa slimers had total control. They chose a method of attack (surprise) and the victims were psychologically unprepared.

        What needs to happen is the development of a smart, discreet autonomous right. These antifa people have their hangouts. They live places. They have names and things that resemble lives. They also have websites.

      • drattastic

        So lets see you want to take one attacker to the ground and put them in an arm bar or choke hold . Do you think the other members of the mob are going to back off in a circle and watch you do this ? No they’ll be beating you across the head with those hammers and clubs .

        You obviously know nothing about concealed carry laws and the right to self defense . A hammer or club is a deadly weapon in conjunction with a masked mob you have every right to use deadly force .

      • TheCogitator

        You never want to go to the ground in a street fight. That is when a bunch of them will jump on and kick the living crap out of you.

        • When they get you down, roll and grab.

          • Periapsis

            Yah, grab their genitals and squeeze or yank until they are yodeling permanently. There are other places you can grab someone and really have him by the short hair and at your mercy.

    • Chip Carver

      Brainwashed whites? Or something else behind this? Meaning who was the Pied Piper(s) for these savages? Members of a group that claims to be white when it suits them? Strange.

    • TheCogitator

      You’re right, and that is likely why they attacked in a state like Illinois that doesn’t have concealed carry. The victims can thank the state for disarming them and leaving them vulnerable to such an attack.

    • Carney3

      I disagree with this.

      Sam Harris, with whom I have a number of disagreements, gives three principles about self-defense.

      1. Avoid dangerous people and dangerous places.

      2. Do not defend your property.

      3. Respond immediately and escape.

      Here’s his core principle:

      Do whatever you can to avoid a physical confrontation, but the moment avoidance fails, attack explosively for the purposes of escape—not to mete out justice, or to teach a bully a lesson, or to apprehend a criminal. Your goal is to get away with minimum trauma (to you), while harming your attacker in any way that seems necessary to ensure your escape.⁠[6]

      For more detail see his article here:


      For more from him on violence see here:


      • Evette Coutier

        Point one is excellent advice that I live by.

        Point two depends on the circumstances. No property is worth your life. However, there are situations where if you don’t stand your ground, the situation will escalate precisely because you are viewed as an easy victim.

        Point three is excellent advice if escape is possible. Sometimes it is not.

    • Michael Robert Ryan

      Absolutely correct. And that’s exactly why these anti-racist “Hoosiers” are committing these acts across the state line in Illinois instead of Indiana. (It is far easier to get a CCW in Indiana than in Illinois and a lot more people have them.)

  • Michigan Patriot

    Anti-Euro-Christian politics ( unconstitutional hate crime ) caused by leftist , pro-ultra-non-European civil rights since 1964 has never be challenged by any corrupt political party in either the courts or congress.

  • danallison

    I’d file personal injury claims against every one of these punk thugs. They probably have wealthy parents. Keep ’em in court forever. Take every cent their families possess. That’s what CAN be done. Were it up to me, I’d hang every one of these disgusting pieces of trash.

    • I believe those punk thugs were all over 18, which means their parents’ money can’t be touched. Parents are only financially responsible for damages caused by their children while they are minors, i.e. age 17 and younger.

      • danallison

        Thank you. You are probably correct. You could still keep them from ever being able to buy a home or a decent car.

  • LACountyRedneck


    • Snakes on a Car

      I agree with you but Illinois isn’t a free state.

      • LACountyRedneck

        I know. At this point I think folks living in a similar situation shouldn’t be too concerned about a permit. I believe every woman in a diverse area that has to occasionally go out on their own, especially at night, should carry a firearm. I’m sure many already do, permit or no permit.

        • Evette Coutier

          They should move to another state that respects your right to defend yourself against violent thugs.

          • Stan D Mute

            A million times YES! Why would you live in a place that prohibits you from defending your family or yourself? Move someplace that will honor you for defending your wife and kids rather than staying in a place that would imprison you for it!

          • Evette Coutier

            And take your money, resources, and talents with you. See how long they last without White people.

          • LACountyRedneck

            That’s why eventually they follow Whites wherever hey go.

  • Truthseeker

    These perps are honorary Third Worlders, as far as I’m concerned. Let them live with their true people and keep away from us Whites.

  • Snakes on a Car

    What kind of person joins the ARA? Are they foolish white proles thinking that “anti-racism” will get them status and respect from the powers that be? Or are they the spoiled middle and upper middle class white kids with worthless Liberal Arts degrees and too much time on their hands?

    • LHathaway

      If they were really concerned about taking practical steps to end racism they would have been attending the meeting with the European Heritage Association.

    • jayvbellis

      A. Ixture of all these things. Plus they imitate Black and Latino street gangs, enjoy the rush of acting big and bad in the street .

    • ViktorNN

      What kind of person joins the ARA?

      Simple – status-seeking cowards.

      They’re cowards because there’s very little risk in injuring or killing so-called “white supremacists.” In fact, many quarters of society will praise them as heroes.

      They’re status-seeking in the sense that they think by using violence they’re proving how serious and committed they are politically. Pro-white dissidents are just subhuman punching bags to them – not real people. In their minds they are justified in using any form of violence against us. There really aren’t any other groups of people that come in for the same kind of unadulterated hate, except police who they hate possibly even more than us.

      It’s very unsafe to be a pro-white dissident in many parts of this country. In these areas, I think any attempt to be public and meet with other dissidents should be done with a real eye towards security, especially if children, women, or elderly folks are going to be present.

    • I doubt these punks have any college, or even know skilled trades. Most of them are probably unemployed and living in their mothers’ basements. I can see it all now:

      Scene: Two idiots playing X-Box games in an Illinois basement.

      Idiot Number One: “What do you want to do tomorrow?”

      Idiot Number Two: “I was thinking about dropping by the community college to sign up for classes. An auto mechanic can make a decent living.”

      Idiot Number One: “What? Are you effing kidding me?”

      Idiot Number Two: “OK, let’s tear up a restaurant and beat the patrons with hammers.”

  • “Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement”

    These anti-racists and antifas are a bunch of hoosiers.

    You have to be a St. Louisan to get it.

  • dave

    The white race traitors must be singled out and dealt with.

  • Martel

    In England, members of the English Defence League have been assaulted in their own homes, run over, shot, beaten to a pulp numerous times, and by the grace of God escaped an improvised explosive device being set off in a crowd. Let alone the dozens of members who serve lengthy sentences for not committing a single crime but attending a demonstration, members who’s employers have been threatened until they got fired, and not forgetting about the tricks pulled by the Home Office to tarnish the names of leadership and restrict their freedoms.This is an organization which naively believes “race does not matter” and is pro-democratic. Its clear that any form of resistance, now matter how carefully it treads around politically incorrect issues, no matter how peaceful or how democratic, will feel the full force of the state and their cronies when they grow to large. I’m surprised anyone got sentenced in this case at all, I’m not sure if that would be the case in Europe.

    • LHathaway

      It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep trying.

  • Pat Kittle

    Lesson from Saint Trayvon:

    jus coz u ware a hoody don mean u vilent.

  • This is why I keep telling y’all to have events in states like Texas. It never would have happened there because the savages know they would be slaughtered.

  • Giovanni704

    The good news: The hooligans who went to prison were likely raped.
    The bad news: Some day in the not so distant future, several of these hooligans will be professors at Ivy League schools (think Bill Ayers).

  • John R

    I think that we race realists need our own version of the Brown Shirts to protect our rallies. Communists have been doing this kind of stuff for years. Fight fire with fire.

    • Stan D Mute

      What they needed up there in Illinois is a reasonable self-defense law. Shooting each and every one of those thugs would have been a perfectly reasonable and justified response to their violent assault on innocent citizens enjoying a meal. In Florida and in some other states, such a response would have been applauded by the responding police.

  • journey

    Totally misguided minds.

  • I can’t stand POS anti-racists. The whole concept is such a joke. They’re so damn hypocritical. Don’t they understand the irony in protesting and attacking only, supposedly, white racists. If they had any balls at all they’d show up protesting the next New Black Panther Party rally. But they would never for 2 reasons; 1) Any anti-white racism is okay because only whites can be racists 2) I hate to say this but black people would stomp the holy hell out of those hippy punks. Unfortunately, white people have become the biggest bunch of p#ssies on planet Earth.

  • Stan D Mute

    Note you wouldn’t see this type of nonsense here in Florida. We have many (MANY!) faults here but tolerating a bunch of masked punks shoving geriatric women to the floor and breaking chairs over quietly seated law-abiding men is not one of our faults. YouTube is full of videos of Florida retirees calmly and quickly putting down this sort of violence.

    Note to any “anti-racists” lurking here, please (PLEASE!) come on down to the Sunshine State and invade one of restaurants as you did up in Illinois. We’ll show you some of our gold old down home Southern hospitality.

    • jayvbellis

      Floridians did poorly during the Trayvon Martin affair.

  • Stan D Mute

    They’re not “every bit as bad,” they’re much, much worse. Africans, Indios, and mestizos have at least a shred of reasonable justification for their anti-white attitude and behavior. Whites who believe and behave this way are traitors to their own people and deserve zero respect or sympathy. They are the sort who will steal from their mothers, assault their grandmothers, and cry that the world is against them whenever their behavior gets them in a jam. I have infinitely more respect for a militant white hating Black Panther than I do for any anti-white white person.

    • Chasmania

      You see that in many other things. Former smokers, drunks, religious converts… Not sure why it happens ( Someone with a psych degree could probably illuminate) but examples abound.

  • Stan D Mute

    The only silver in this dark cloud is that if things ever do devolve into a widespread racial conflict, these anti-whites will try to take up with the Africans and they will be butchered by them. And at that point they’ll do the only good they’ve ever done in serving our propaganda purposes (ie: “look what the Africans did to those poor whites!”).

  • Stan D Mute

    In some places, flashing that pistol could get you sent to prison while carefully shooting and killing each one of those assailants would get you a public service decoration. Florida is such a place. It’s a felony to brandish your pistol or fire a warning shot. Draw, shoot, eliminate the threat – legal, lawful, honorable.

    • Who Me?

      “It’s a felony to brandish your pistol or fire a warning shot.”

      Good God! I knew there was a reason I don’t live in Florida. (Well lots of them actually, but here’s another.) What kind of insanity is that?

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    Endless, massive third world invasion will ensure that violent attacks on whites are going to increase in frequency. They will soon become a daily reality. Eventually the quisling government in Washington is going to start arming nonwhites to exterminate whites. The globalists will pursue their policy of “hard” genocide when whites have been reduced to a tiny minority in America. The anti-white traitors in government will soon announce: “Let’s end racism by getting rid of whites today!” Before the end of the 21st century, the globalists will have almost half a billion nonwhites at their disposal vs. 200 million whites.

    Using endless, massive third world invasion, the elites are going to turn the United States into India, an extremely overcrowded third world hell filled with poverty, suffering, feces and disease. By turning the US into India, the globalists want to make sure the white man has no where to run or hide. The US will be covered in warm bodies. The white man will have to fight off a massive wall of nonwhite flesh in order to be free. Massive third world invasion to America has the potential to start another world war. But that’s what the globalists want: to pillage and sell off all of America’s natural resources, while creating a hell in America that will eventually lead to the annihilation of the white race.

    Wake up, white man.

  • FallenAngelofDoom

    Left-wing scum are disgusting. My only consolation is that someday their pets will devour them. The sooner it happens the better.

  • Paleoconn

    It would be sweet if these wastoids tried this smashing up business somewhere and ran into a few large black security guards. I’d pay good money to see the bruthas open a can of whoop ass on such a motley crew of loathsome, scrawny, cowardly self-hating Whites. Although Whites are underbreeding, I can only hope that the genes of White quislings such as these die with them. And I hope their death is a painful one.

    • Periapsis

      No, I would rather whites who care about their families, race and country beat all of them to death, or at least kick them into next week for threatening ailing and older people with death or severe injury.

  • Pat Hines

    It’s a shame that no one was carrying a concealed weapon that day and put a number of those thugs on a slab.

    I would have.

  • Marie

    I went online and listened to some of the ranting of this group of antifa fighters. They are out of touch with reality and suffer from delusions of grandeur. This group of beta males believes they are at the epicenter of a government conspiracy. Hehehe.

  • DelmarJackson

    I do not agree with AmRen on everything, but AmRen has been an ally to any American that wants less immigration. I am very happy to see AmRen make use of YouTube . making videos for YouTube is an excellent way for citizens to help our cause.

  • William Hinkle

    ‘Stormfronters’ attacking ‘racists’.

  • jayvbellis

    The Illinois European Heritage Association made some mistakes. They shouldn’t have posted the location of their meeting place on an Internet forum/blog that was clearly monitored and they didn’t have any security.

  • Evette Coutier

    I think you’re being political and a little bit soft. My first concern is the safety of innocent people. If that room was filled with law abiding minorities, I’d have still said shoot the thugs. In this case politics comes second and the health and welfare of the innocent supersedes any other concern.

  • Thomas Stuart

    The event was organized by Beckie Williams, (who can be glimpsed briefly during the video, originally for the purpose of meeting with friends she had made on public internet forum. Initially it was to be an Illinois-only event, aand an outyling suburb of Chicago was chosen because Chicago has excellent access to public transportation.

    Also–Peoria and Springfield were also discussed and rejected. Many of the forum people who expressed an interest early on felt Chicago would be easier to get to.

    And Chicago was also chosen because Beckie was seriously ill and dying of liver disease, and needed to be near major medical facilities which would accept her medical card. Beckie’s reason for organizing the event was that it would be one of her last opportunities to meet some of her many online friends.

    The event first grew in scope and then shrank to the ten who committed to coming–partly because the date we arbitrarily chose turned out to coincide with the NATO summit in Chicago proper. We considered cancelling or rescheduling the event–but Tinley Park was quite a ways from the NATO event and we expected few problems. We had pretty good security: only Beckie knew the actual location of the event. Attendees were to meet at a rendezvous.

    There was no “Illinois European American Heritage Association”. That was a PO box and bank account created to pool funds for the dinner and other activities planned. Whatever did not go towards those activities was to go to a pro-White charity with which Beckie was associated at the time.

    The event was really in Beckie’s honor but she did not want it to be a ‘living wake’ so we had one person planning to give a presentation on economic networking (because many of the attendees are construction contractors who could always use help finding new jobs). Another attendee was going to discuss the plight of Boers in South Africa, a personal concern of Beckie’s.

    The idea, however, was to hold an essentially apolitical dinner, followed by “ghosthunting” expedition to a nearby park with an adjacent Civil War cemetary. This was not a “Stormfront” event, nor a VNN or an e-Nationalist event, although announcements were made on each of those forums, as well as some others. Beckie was also interviewed on some internet podcasts to publicise the event.

    Security was broken after the dinner had already started, because one of those who was to make the rendezvous complained they were detoured and delayed. Beckie texted him the address and the latecomer literally counted-down the minutes via text till he would arrive ‘with his friend’. A few seconds after he texted,We’re here: be right in”, the assault happened.

    The police treated we, the targets and victims of the assault, rather shabbily. They kept us at the scene for hours, although other victims were allowed to leave soon after being interviewed. Some, including Beckie, were kept overnight, and Beckie was not allowed to have access to her medication.

    One of our number was accused of having an illegal firearm–it took him months to establish in court that the weapon was properly stored and locked up in his vehicle, no where near the place of the assault. Another was remanded to Texas to clear his name a SECOND TIME of allegations he had cleared up more than a year previously. Thus the perils of being ‘racist’ in modern America.

    Beckie Williams has since passed away of the illness which inspired her to attempt to hold this event to begin with.

    And, William Winkle: the “Stormfronters” were the victims, not the attackers. And, yeah, unrelated to the event and several months afterward, one of the Tinley Park attendees was invited and accepted a position as one of the Theology moderators at Stormfront.

  • withcaution

    These people are just the extreme of the white majority. Some here may laud the intelligence of some races including whites but the sad truth is most people aren’t bright. They think/believe whatever others tell them is the truth.

    Independent ideas typically go against the common thinking and those that think independently are shunned. Try telling people you are an atheist and watch how many “good Christians people” will hate on you. Try opening a dialoge about global warming and watch how many “open minded, hungry for the truth” government paid scientists ostriceze you. Try pointing out the obiousely facts about racial differences and you’ll be shunned by “polite whites” and hated by other races steeped in brainwashed thinking.

    Do a little soul searching and see if your own ideas are actually those of others youve been programmed to accept.

  • refocus

    How about chemical mace? Tear gas, Bear repellant ?

  • The loving Tolerance Police strikes again.

  • Augustus3709

    Happy August 1st everybody. I just signed up for disqus and this is my first comment ever. What better place than AmRen? I look forward to positive dialogue with intelligent, like-minded people in the future.

    As for this specific story, what do you expect? First they will attack you with words, and if that doesn’t work, they will attack you with violence. You must be ready for both.

  • Tarczan

    This incident is almost identical to what happened to me at Cleveland State University in 1970. I was getting a cup of coffee in the cafeteria and getting ready to walk downstairs to a lab, when about 20 darkies and one white guy, all dressed in black, ran into the cafeteria and started turning over tables and yelling “everbody out”! Anybody who resisted was jumped on by 3- or 4 and hit over the head with a chair. I stood in a corner and watched the whole thing unfold. Eventually I am the only person in the cafeteria other than the thugs. They were all looking at me and then my friend runs in and says”what the hell do you think you are doing”, I walked over behind him and this big black, about 6′-5 or so, really punches him. he goes down, gets up and runs out, and all these charming darkies are glaring at me. The big goon says- ‘what about you?” I say, “yeah, I’m leaving” and he gives me a punch. Not too hard, but there was no way to resist, so I leave.

    Word got around real quick and the student body went berserk almost immediately and cornerd the darkies in a building, I know because I also went berserk. They hid in a building until the cops rescued them.

    Naturally the school didn’t give the darkies much more than a slap on the wrist.This type of attack is a sneak attack and there isn’t much defense possible.

    Interesting thing is, the white guy with them was killed a few years later when he was tending bar and he got shot by a black guy who wouldn’t pay. I always remembered his name, Bill Haims.

  • gemjunior

    I was hoping they would meet some nice black men in prison, then call out in vain for some “racist” white men to provide strength in numbers and find none willing to help them. Then maybe they might learn something.
    I’m not surprised at the silence and coercion of the media, legal system, etc. Not at all.

  • Lord Sandwich

    In 2012, in just about any other state, the bad guys would have been shot by a licensed carrier or two. You couldn’t pay me to live near Chicago. When the means of self defense is taken away, this is what you get. That’s why the media won’t report it.

    • Peter Connor

      Yes, don’t try this stuff in the Southwest….

  • ViktorNN

    Thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear about your friend.

  • English Majority

    Hunt these FILTH down. They’re Antifa terrorist scum like we have in Europe; though they’re weak, ugly, coward pieces of sh*t here in England.

    There rancid pieces of FILTH deserve no mercy.

  • Who Me?

    In this case, just flashing it most likely wouldn’t have been enough, not enough of the attackers would have seen it, It’s not like the two opposing forces were lined up facing each other. An audible (fired) warning would have been far more noticeable. Even a shot fired into the ceiling would have probably worked.

  • Garrett Brown

    ??? I said in my second reply to you that if you turn his elbow towards your belt/gi it turns into an elbow torque. So now you’ve proven you weren’t even reading my posts.

    YOU were referencing what is used in Brazilian Jiujitsu(you even cited Gracie combatives), which in that style is strictly for the shoulder. If you are taking BJJ and you are attempting to break someone’s elbow with a Kimura, you have a horrible professor.

  • Garrett Brown

    You just read my entire post and replied in this way? You couldn’t have. You’re not that dumb.

  • The logic of ‘hate crimes’.

    If committing a ‘hate crime’ increases the punishment, does committing an ‘anti-hate crime’ decrease the punishment.

    So, if you get 5 yrs for assault…

    and if you get 8 yrs for ‘hateful’ assault…

    do you get only 2 yrs for ‘anti hate’ assault?

    Suppose you attack a bunch of white nationalists in the name of ‘anti-hate’. Since you did it ‘against hate’, are you given leniency?

    If we follow the logic of ‘hate crime’ legislation, it sure makes sense.

  • Race traitors get off easy.

    Jewish media ignore news. So do mainstream conservatives.

    Instead, poor Trayvon Martin, support Israel’s massacre of Gazans, and aid & abet the Jewish War on Russia.

  • IA_Adam

    The progtards are total psychopaths. They shouldn’t have meetings like this with out armed protection.

  • JohnEngelman

    This could happen to an American Renaissance conference. The members of the Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement need to be punished severely as a lesson to others of like mind.

    • BillMillerTime

      Except that we have police at every AmRen conference.

    • Probably lots of CCW at an AmRen conference.

  • Jon

    We have idiots in all groups and races but I hope they catch them and punish them good. If they hate Europe so bad then i deport them to Africa. Yup stupid and criminal white kids who gives us a bad name but I say the punishment for people like that if no one was killed should be deport them to African and anyone like them. No excuse for actions like that r let the store owners carry guns to protect themselves.

  • Montgomery Draxel

    People who attack you with hammers for having different beliefs deserve to be shot.

    • Periapsis

      Precisely, and any still moving deserve to be finished off if they are still a threat.

  • mike smith

    I wonder what weapons they swing at black pride events?

  • Garrett Brown

    Since your other comment is waiting for modersation I will respond to this one.

    Photoshopping? It’s from bloody elbow you dunce. I’m done with you, you’re completely clueless. You don’t even know the website bloody elbow. You’re just a stupid troll.

  • Strichtplatte

    This attack was unexpected but should be a warning to all White people about who the target is. One shot into the empty head of one of these anti-farts and these clowns would have been begging for their lives. Who ever pulls the trigger must be prepared for the arrest and everyone he protects must stand with him. That is the unity Whites lack. We must begin to fight back and fight back ruthlessly. The early NAZI groups in Germany got beat up pretty badly by communists and democrats at first. They did the Right thing and trained against just the sort of activity shown in this video. They developed effective tactics to bar room brawl as cohesive unified units. Soon they were leaving the commies and democrats all covered in their own marxists red blood. I am curious about the methods they used. Does anyone know any details? Thick beer bottles, table legs with iron pipes inside, Oak bats, bricks? Golden Dawn in Greece has been fighting back for some time I’ll wager they have a few tactics of their own. Liquidate the Frankfurt school!!

  • teaisstronger


    Thanks to a US SUPREME COURT people in Chicago can now carry firearms. Illinois passed a law that went into affect on January 1, 2014 allowing residents to own and carry firearms. Since 1/1/14 crime incidents in Chicago have crashed. Its is surprising how a 40 cent bullet can protect people.

  • Hamilton Barrett

    The ARA’s leadership was willing to sacrifice every fighter they had in order to try prevent White Nationalists from organizing a PLE. As such, any interested friend or party who would like to read the controversial proposal for themselves is invited to check out ‘The Pioneer Little Europe Prospectus.’ It’s a free 84 page document available on many sites.

  • Jacobite2

    Your problem is that you don’t understand that race and culture are the only things that matter to a social animal like Homo sapiens (sorry, NORMAL social animal). Protection and maintenance of normal society and ethnic homogeneity defines Rightism, just as the drive to destroy both diagnose Leftism. And they are polar opposites. Just so, Libertarianism, because it also tries to ignore human society, is a variant of Leftism.

  • Periapsis

    Our justice system is being turned against us, make no mistake. If the Jews and other hostile aliens get their way, white Americans would be dying in prison just for posting here on Amren.

    • Arbeideren

      Ok, I am not a big fan of conspiracies. I believe that several circumstances may conspire, I certainly do not blame jews or any other particular ethnic groups.

      • Periapsis

        Then you are missing the big picture. History is all about conspiracies, how else could we have ended up being under siege in our own lands? You have hostile aliens in control of your country, just as there are hostile aliens that hijacked my nation. That by definition is a conspiracy.

        • Arbeideren

          So let us conspire against the conspirators 🙂

  • I’m pretty sure you can investigate the incident and get access to the police report(s). From this you can get the names of those who have been arrested and probably their addresses at the time.

  • none of your business

    Evette Coutier David • a month ago
    Why risk having your brains turned to mush by an attacker with a bat to be cool? That tough guy stuff is all fine and well if you are a young, healthy, male. What about women in their late 50’s who are not strong nor in peak physical condition? Are you suggestion we physically fight a gang of young men carrying weapons? Really?

    Thank you. Saved me the trouble. When pistols were invented they were called the “little equalizer” meaning women and smaller or older or teen men were now equal to big brutes. Also equalizers because little training was needed.

    Judo stuff needs continual training and alertness. Not much help with 4 attackers front, back and both sides especially when you don’t see them coming. Better be alert for the typical black mugger’s boxing you in.

  • none of your business


    “Yah, grab their genitals and squeeze or yank until they are yodeling permanently.”

    You’re a man aren’t you? Take a look at yourself. The genitals are almost totally protected by your thighs and crotch especially the testicles; Is testicles acceptable to monitors or should I say the 2 things?

    I have to laugh every time I read a detective story or see a tv show by female idiots like Evanovich and even male authors wherein the bad guys are instantly dropped by girls kneeing them in the crotch. Think about it, one would have to get the guy to stand still with his legs spread wide so the girl could get her foot right under the crotch. Then there are zippers and the pants. If the trousers were tight the there would not be any slack to grab the genitals. If the trousers were loose there would be so much material plus the zipper one would be scrounging around for the genitals while the guy is beating you on the head.

    It would be harder if you are tall as you would have to bend at the knees throwing you off balance or bend at the waist putting your head down so the opponent could pound you on the head.

    Evette Coutier said tough guy stuff is fine for a healthy young male. I would add a very strong AND AGILE healthy young male who is trained and perhaps even experienced in fighting.

    I love your comments Periapsis, but on this subject, jeez. Actually most of the tough guy comments were not helpful. Glad y’all enjoyed yourselves discussing martial arts, it’s nice to get together and discuss common interests and give each other tips.

    Prison guards have man down alarms. It;s like an air raid siren and will scare most predators. Look into getting one. A warning shot fired into the ceiling would scare them . Even screaming loudly “Police are on the way” might help especially with *****whipped young White male liberals.

  • none of your business

    ” to Sara McKinley, the young Oklahoma widow with the infant son, who shotgunned a guy breaking into her trailer home in Oklahoma,”
    Shooting and killing a home invader is always defensible in America at least but not in the UK. Shooting in public, especially in Cook County Il is ok if you are black but a straight shot to prison if you are White.

  • WhiteVeinKratom

    The most terrible thing about this whole incident is that most, if not all of them, were white.
    Turns my stomach.