The “Trafficking” Law at the Border–the Real Loophole Is Obama

Ann Coulter, VDARE, July 30, 2014

It’s been reported everywhere–The New York TimesThe Washington Post, Fox News–that the William Wilberforce Sex Trafficking Act requires that any non-Mexican children who show up on our border be admitted and given a hearing. (New York Times, July 7, 2014: “Immigrant Surge Rooted in Law to Curb Child Trafficking.”)

The problem, we’ve been told, is that a loophole in the sex trafficking law mandates these hearings–or “removal proceedings.”

But there is no such loophole.

The fact that people on both sides of the aisle are telling the same lie about this law is worrisome. Are Republicans being tricked into thinking we need an emergency bill, so that, two weeks later, we’ll see them emerging from a conference, saying:


The Wilberforce law states, in relevant part:

Any unaccompanied alien child sought to be removed by the Department of Homeland Security, except for an unaccompanied alien child from a contiguous country (i.e. Mexico–or Canada, so as not to sound discriminatory) . . . shall be–placed in removal proceedings . . . eligible for relief … at no cost to the child and provided access to counsel.

Obviously, that’s the whole ball of wax. Once a kid is in, given La Raza attorneys and a hearing date, he’s never going home. {snip}

But the law’s definition of “unaccompanied alien child” limits the hearings to kids who have no relatives in the United States. If your relatives live here, the law assumes you’re not being sex-trafficked–you’re trying to join them.

Here’s the definition–note subsection (C):

(g) Definitions

(2) the term ‘unaccompanied alien child’ means a child who–

(A) has no lawful immigration status in the United States;

(B) has not attained 18 years of age; and

(C) with respect to whom–

(i) there is no parent or legal guardian in the United States; or (ii) no parent or legal guardian in the United States is available to provide care and physical custody. [Emphasis added]

The law is not–as George Will suggested on “Fox News Sunday“–a general humanitarian mandate allowing all 2 billion poor children of the world to show up at our border and be told, “Welcome to America!” It’s a law to combat sex trafficking.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Vice President Joe Biden wrote the law–and Feinstein isn’t stupid. She’s well aware of illegal immigration. That’s why the law specifically excludes two huge categories of illegal aliens from getting hearings: (1) Mexicans; and (2) children who have relatives in the U.S.

Those cases look more like illegal immigration than sex trafficking. (Didn’t anyone wonder why Mexican kids are excluded?)

Mexicans make up the lion’s share of illegal immigrants in the U.S., and children with relatives already living in the U.S. are probably just trying to rejoin family–not trying to escape a fiendish kidnapper about to sell them into sex slavery.

According to last Friday’s New York Times, almost 90 percent of the 53,000 illegal alien kids given refugee status since October have already been transferred to parents or relatives living in the U.S. By the law’s clear terms, those 47,000 kids should have been summarily turned away at the border–just as Mexican children are.


No law needs to be fixed. The only thing that needs to be fixed is the president.

Obama has gone mad and is defying the law in order to “fundamentally transform America”–as he pledged to do during the 2008 campaign–into Latin America. {snip}

Any Republicans pushing for an immigration bill to seal an imaginary loophole aren’t fighting Obama; they’re helping him.


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  • In an otherwise good column, Ann Coulter strikes out at the end:

    The only way for Americans to fight back is to put large Republican majorities in the House and Senate this November.

    Republicans for the sake of Republicans? More John Boehner and John McCain? No thank you.

    Cast your vote carefully.

    • Pro_Whitey

      I like to think of GOP majorities in Congress as a prelude to a Jeff Sessions administration in which we will get immigration enforcement for the first time in the 30 years since the 1986 act. I have to hope in something.

      • Ella

        I agree with you. Look at his NAFTA Hwy. proposal in Texas and his so-called mistake toward his constituents. He is a big crook for Big Business.

    • Paleoconn

      It makes me sick that conservatism inc. will win elections just because they pretend to be nativist. The despicable Rick Perry is one example.

  • MekongDelta69

    Nothing, but nothing will stop this dictator and his regime from his agenda of the browning of America.


    • Einsatzgrenadier

      There is one thing that can stop the browning of America: it’s called white nationalist revolution.

  • LHathaway

    I want to do Ann Coulter?

    • Usually Much Calmer

      You’re not sure?

  • No Ann, Obama has not “gone mad.” He knows exactly what he’s doing. He does exactly what he’s told to do by the power elites, from Gates to Zuckerberg to Soros. Killing off the white middle class and replacing those pesky whites with compliant browns who only know one-party rule is the goal.

    Ann’s problem is that she still thinks this is a nation of laws. It used to be. No more. Ann, start writing about how whites deal with an anti-white tyranny and I’ll pay attention to you. Take the red pill. It’ll make you feel better.

    • Ringo Lennon

      Your right, b4. Obama is merely a pawn taking marching orders from the Soros types.

  • IstvanIN

    I am against sex-trafficking and firmly believe all unaccompanied children should be returned to their parents in their own countries without delay. Period. I do not want to be the foster parent to the world. I want OUR children protected. They need to protect theirs.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Since when did Obama abide by the law?

    That SOB does anything he wants—with little beyond talk and certainly NO action. Make NO mistake that family, friends and acquaintances will be welcomed by this SOB Obama and nothing will be done to stop him.

    Only when Americans gather by the MILLIONS and practice Civil Disobedience again and again will their voices be heard….until or unless then, it’s over….with hardly a whimper.

    Remember that when you White grandchild looks into your eyes….

  • dd121

    Since when did the law matter to these people?

  • Ringo Lennon

    This invasion has been an unexpected boon to the NWO. How else would they have been able to transform this country as fast?

    • Ella

      Ringo, I don’t feel much fear but now I do with the rapid replacement. I lived in the effects for 15 years as people in other States still have their denials.

      • Ringo Lennon

        Ella, that’s because a lot of states don’t have a large Hispanic population. Just remember 75% of Hispanics live in only 8 states. Unfortunately, my state, Illinois, is one them.

        • Nancy

          Which 8 states, Ringo?

          • Ringo Lennon

            Nancy, according to Pew Hispanic they are: California, Texas, Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, New York, New Jersey and Illinois.

          • Nancy

            Thanks. I was curious because it seems like there’s a preponderance of them here in GA. In our suburban county, Gwinnett, we’re already majority-minority if you lump Hispanics with Negroes. (Paul Kersey did an excellent article on Gwinnett called, “Success Used To Live Here”.)

            Most states you listed would be logical choices for them, except New Jersey. I spent my childhood living “down the shore”, which I’m guessing they can’t afford. I can’t figure out what Hispanics find so alluring about it, if you don’t count the oceanside communities like where I grew up. (Of course, I lived there in the 70’s, so I realize things are MUCH different now.)

          • Ringo Lennon

            I think in N.Y, N.J. and Florida there not the Mexican type Hispanics. I think their Dominicans in N.Y and New Jersey and Cubans in Florida. The rest are Mexicans.

  • Ella

    Amazingly, foreign people abuse our laws since Reagan administration with all this free amnesty and gift-giving! Repubs and the Prez will do thing as usual and we pay salaries for nothing!

  • Spikeygrrl

    Doesn’t “no parent or LEGAL guardian” exclude miscellaneous uncles, cousins, grandparents…? “Parent” (by blood or LEGAL adoption) is clearly self-explanatory, and for a non-parent to obtain LEGAL guardianship requires jumping through quite a few administrative hoops even when all parties amicably agree to that arrangement.

    So where’s the “loophole”? Either the relative(s) in the USA is (a) parent(s)/LEGAL guardian(s) or he/she/they is/are not. Case closed.