Mexico World Cup Fans Force Ramp Shutdowns on 5 Freeway in Pacoima

Robert J. Lopez, Los Angeles Times, June 24, 2014

Crowds of soccer fans celebrating Mexico’s World Cup win poured onto the streets in the Pacoima area, forcing authorities to shut down offramps and onramps on the 5 Freeway and declare a citywide police alert.

The crowds were facing off with officers near Laurel Canyon and Van Nuys boulevards. Late Monday, officers declared an unlawful assembly and ordered crowds to disperse.

Around the same time, the Los Angeles Police Department issued a tactical alert, which requires officers citywide to remain on duty.

Fans on the streets cleared the streets as officers on foot and in patrol cars moved in, according to television news footage. At least two people were taken into custody.

Shortly after 11:30 p.m. Monday, LAPD’s Foothill Division declared a “peaceful end to the unlawful assembly.”


Large groups of fans–some of them waving green-red-and-white Mexican flags–were roaming the area, according to television news footage. Some people surrounded a vehicle and began rocking it.


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  • Sue

    Look at the behavior of these fine civilized guests (which we pay for). Makes you wish you could have them all living in your neighborhood, doesn’t it?

  • Mexicans celebrating a Mexican “achievement” celebrate like Mexicans do while they’re in Mexico.

    What’s the problem?

    • APaige

      They should be celebrating in Mexico.

    • ElComadreja

      Pacoima has been a Mexican hellhole since the 1940’s.

  • Jesse James

    Sounds like a scene out of World War Z. Napalm would clear the ramps.

  • JackKrak

    I’m sure they’ll do the same if the U.S. gets a good result against Germany.

    (cue laugh track)

  • Dave West

    Hey Mexicans next time you pull this stunt at least make it useful. You could do this by invading a clothing boutique or coffee shop in a mostly white liberal urban enclave. Try not to injure anybody, but just act loud and stupid like you usually do; just give those “gringos” a taste of Mexico.

    • You mean those “family values” the RINO republicans are always talking about?

  • For those who may not know it, Pacoima (CA) is a dirty, run-down Mexican barrio located in the north/eastern section of the San Fernando Valley. Going there is literally like visiting one of those shanty towns in Mexico, completed with street vendors, iron bars on each home, and dirt replacing paved sidewalks. It also has a deadly and widespread gang problem.

    Pacoima is what the Mexican invaders will bring to every U.S. community once they gain the numbers and influence – and you know that’s just about to occur any day now!

    • Pacoima sounds like large areas of Texas now. There’s one thing you forgot to mention, though, which is the constant blaring of loud salsa music on car radios. It may sound trivial but it gets to you after a while.

      • Oh, you mean that clash of symbols that sounds a little like children’s carnival music that they call ‘mariachi music’?

        You’re right, I forgot to mention that one. You always know your neighborhood has went to excrement when you hear that blaring from the backyard area of one of your neighbors!

      • Den

        Cortés and his men, describing the Mexicans in A.D. 1520, stated that their culinary arts were highly developed, but their music was nothing but rude minstrelsy.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Please bear in mind that the Mexico vs. Croatia game was played at 9 a.m. PDT on a Monday. The Mexicans have nothing better to do on a Monday morning than sit around watching grown men kick a ball. White people work while mexicans watch TV, get drunk, and run around creating mayhem.

  • MekongDelta69

    Pacoima used to be almost ALL White in the Beach Boy days. But then again, so did most of California.

    The endless browning of Mex-America continues on its inexorable path.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      If you want to see the future of America, just look at all those shantytowns in Mexico. The elites just love to enrich our “boring” culture with Mexican poverty, drugs, gang violence, illiteracy and chaos. Instead of the old WASP monoculturalism, which at least provided a high level of western civilization, we can now have a more vibrant, third world monoculturalism from Mexico.

      • archer

        Your right, when is someone going to point out to the leftards that when over 50% of the state is mexican you can no longer call it diversity but an invasion.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      Pacoima has been significantly brown since the ’50s, Ritchie Valens grew up there. But in the earliest days of the Valley, Pacoima was an upscale neighborhood of mansions. Since at least the ’70s it’s been like a cancer, spreading brown dysfunction north into Sylmar, south into Sun Valley.

      • True, and as you probably already know, nearby Sun Valley, San Fernando, Sylmar, and Arleta are ALL Mexican dominated now.

        The point is, Mexicans don’t improve a community, they tear it down and spread their barrio gang culture to every other place. Your use of the word “cancer” is perfectly appropriate.

        • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

          I worked for LAPL until I retired, and worked in a Valley branch for a while; you might remember that voters approved a bond issue in 1998 that knocked down and rebuilt a bunch of libraries throughout the system, most of them perfectly good buildings, but libs always love to throw money around to feel virtuous. But I digress.
          The Sun Valley branch was rebuilt in the early 2000s, and on opening day the bathrooms were so trashed with graffiti and vandalism by our charming brown amigos that they were closed for months awaiting repairs, which then prompted much whining from other brown amigos. I was just becoming a race realist at that point, but hearing about that moved me forward a step or two. Providing services to people like that is like flushing money down the toilet. Actually flushing it would be better, because at least doing that wouldn’t encourage them to breed.

  • Eventually all the LA cops will BE Mexicans. Then we get :

    *Corrupt cops
    *murdering cops
    *drug gangs
    *incivility everywhere
    *spray painted “art” everywhere
    *filth and trash
    *public urination and defecation
    *the complete breakdown of anything we whites would call civilization.

    And Mexicans “celebrate” everything, which often results in shootings. Messcans are bad news, but too many Americans buy into the “family values” nonsense.

    • The racial makeup of LAPD is practically at that point now. Also, check out Youtube sometime concerning Americans who are stopped and questioned by border patrol agents. You’ll see that a good many of those agents are Mexican and some still have a heavy accent too! It’s pathetic!

      • IstvanIN

        The (Vincente) Fox guarding the hen house.

    • Greg Thomas

      The LAPD is already mostly mexican, consisting of anchor babies and “immigrants.”

  • james AZ


    • The Final Solution

      The Netherlands have shown that they are one hell of a team this time around. France and Germany are also top contenders. So far, none of the South American teams have faced any real opposition. Most of them have been in very easy groups and Mexico and Chile are the only ones that have even faced a tough team. Africa and Asia are non-competitors. I can’t wait to watch the Netherlands send those burrito boys back to the barrios.

  • IKUredux

    What exactly does “diversity” do for us? What? It certainly sows discord. TPTB tell us it’s a good thing, because it’s a sharing of “culture”. O.K. Let’s assume I am willing to buy into this crap. So, let’s take the Somalis. Yup. The Somalis. Ummm, I don’t remember EVER seeing ANYTHING that Somalis have ever done in this country, or, in Somalia that contributed to any kind of culture, at all. So, I’m a fair person. Where are the great Somali authors? Please don’t use Kirsi Ali whatever as an example. (Besides, that is just ONE person). How many books were published last year in Somalia? Oh, what’s that you say? Bad government? Then freaking overthrow the government. Whoa, you might say that picking on Somalians is not fair. Nope, I need to look at an Asian group, because as we have been constantly told, they are the “model” minority. Riiiight, let’s look at the Hmong. Now, I have been informed that the “H” is silent. So, why the hell is it there? I don’t know much about the Mong, but I do know that if they actually have a written language, they sure as hell don’t have a superfluous “H” sitting in front of their name. But, I digress. The main reason liberals tells us diversity is great, is because of the restaurants. Yeah, I don’t know about you, but I am not exactly fighting to gain entrance into a Mong eatery. As a matter of fact, I have never heard of a Mong restaurant. Frankly, I don’t think they have a cuisine. Come on, when your diet consists of whatever bugs you can catch, you don’t spend much time on recipes. (How many ways can you cook a fly?) Now, as far as the Mexicans are concerned,at least they have a culture. What the hell is the culture of Somalis and Mong? What? Other than clit cutting for the Somalis, and trespassing for the Mong, what the hell has either group ever done? Other than being a blight on our landscape, and a drain on our taxes. This is NOT a strength. This is a deliberately imposed weakness on our so called country.

    • The Final Solution

      It’s interesting to note that in Korea and Japan, foreign restaurants are usually staffed by Koreans and Japanese. They don’t even import immigrants to cook foreign food, so why should we?

  • WR_the_realist

    These are the guys who throw rotten tomatoes at the American soccer team.

    • ElComadreja

      Americans shouldn’t play or watch this turd world “sport”.

  • blight14

    I long for the purge…………..can civil war 2 be far off?

  • jeffaral

    I don’t understand why Mexifornia hasn’t its own national soccer team so that it can take part in the World Cup!

    • That would require Mexiforniastan declaring independence, which would allow us to thoroughly nuke it.

  • Why go to work?

  • Some Guy

    The LA kings just won the Stanley Cup and there was ZERO riots during their victory celebration…why you ask? because blacks and Mexicants don’t watch hockey!

  • Katherine McChesney

    When I lived in Santa Monica, Mexican, Brazilian and Argentinian restaurants in Culver City showed the World Cup on large screen tvs. After a win, the crowd went crazy, destroying everything in site. The police were out in numbers but couldn’t control them. Latinos are just as crazy as blacks.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Dave McGowan of the Center of Informed America has a website selling a book about Laurel Canyon and the music stars that inhabited it. He finds an interesting link between them all in that they came from military backgrounds. It’s a gossipy rag but interesting. I purchased two of them for the men in my family as they are interested in Frank Zappa who I worked for back in the 70’s.