Towson University Students Win National Debate Championship

Carrie Wells, Baltimore Sun, March 27, 2014

Two Towson University students edged out 170 other teams to win a national debate championship held in Indiana this week, the second time in recent years a Towson team has netted national debate honors.

Ameena Ruffin and Korey Johnson, both from Baltimore, bested a team from the University of Oklahoma in the final round. Their argument likened police brutality, the prison-industrial complex and structural poverty issues to a warlike violence against African-Americans in the U.S. and identified solutions.

Ruffin and Johnson are the first black women to win a national debate championship tournament, according to the Cross Examination Debate Association. {snip}

Amber Kelsie, one of two coaches for Towson’s debate program, compared the Cross Examination Debate Association national championship to the “Super Bowl” of debate championships. {snip}


Johnson, an 18-year-old sophomore, called the win “surreal.” The team spent untold hours poring over books, articles and other publications to craft their arguments, then took more time to practice their delivery strategies, she said.

“The arguments we construct are like mini-dissertations,” Johnson said. “One of our strongest things is being adaptable, not just to our opponents, but when you get judges, you have to assume that they’re susceptible to certain types of arguments.”

Kelsie said both teams in the final round agreed that police brutality, the prison-industrial complex and structural poverty issues amounted to a “warlike violence” against black people in the U.S. But she said Ruffin and Johnson argued that the issue could be overcome not by focusing on the negative of the situation, as the opposing team did, but by imagining a better future.

Now Ruffin, 21, and Johnson are designated among the top 16 debate teams in the country. Ruffin placed second and Johnson placed fourth in the individual rankings.


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  • MekongDelta69

    “We beez oh-prest”

    You win

    • Oil Can Harry

      Was that a debate or a poetry slam competition?

      • Yancy Derringer

        “Uh!” Both kept separating their “sentences” with this utterance. I guess the judges were impressed. I’m at a loss. No, I’m not at a loss – I know exactly what’s going on here. These contestants have seen tape of other blacks doing something like this and winning. Cut and paste a mishmash of stuff from the internet and blurt it out fast. Make it your own unique style – “uh!” – to seal the win. But you have to be black; whites aren’t permitted to win, no matter what.

    • 1stworlder

      It turns out that the 2 pretty polish girls singing European cultural music won the public votes overwhelmingly for Eurovision but the judges put them last and the tranny first.

      • BulgAryan

        http://www mirror co uk/tv/tv-news/eurovision-2014-poland-video-sexy-3525798

      • Bob Dole

        Yes, 2 lovely young White women in traditional dress, performing traditional gender role activities made their heads explode.

        Liberals are seriously mentally ill people…

  • sbuffalonative

    I’ve never been on a debate team but I have long believed that there were strict rules and standards such as you have to stick to the topic. Is this not so?

    Is there no national board that’s ‘outraged’ or at least troubled by current trends?

    If anyone who follows or participates in debates can tell me what’s going on and how and why this is allowed to happen, please fill me in.

    I understand the PC aspect but what the heck happened to following the rules? Why are rules no longer being followed?

    • Giovanni704

      Rules by a White privilege establishment are meant to be ignored (sarcasm).

    • MekongDelta69

      I don’t mean to repeat myself, but rules do not apply to blacks


    • cherrie greenbaum123

      I took a public speaking class in college and part of the requirement was you had to serve on a debate team. The rules were very strict. There was something called decorum, which meant no making disparaging comments about your opponent, no matter how silly you thought their argument was (I’d lose that one if I had been with these two Affirmative Action mammas). You had to stick to the topic or your team would lose points (they usually gave you ONE warning before deducting points). You were timed, so if you didn’t present your argument within the specified time, a bell would go off and the other side would get the floor. You used phrases such as, “In summation”, and “At first glance, your argument seems to hold some truth, HOWEVER…” then you’d go in for the kill, giving about 3 or 4 reasons why their side of the argument was, in your opinion, complete horse manure.
      What really stretched my mind in that course (which, after all, is what college is supposed to do) is it forced me to see arguments from other’s point of view. For example, in one exercise, we were required to argue a point that was COUNTER to what we actually believed. When you’re forced to come up with evidence that contradicts what you actually believe to be true, it makes you second guess your assumptions and listen intently to the other team’s argument (while trying to shoot holes in it, of course.) I saw nothing of that in this “debate” . What a farce!

      • Ellis Kurtz

        It is not simply a failure to follow protocol; the point of debate, formal or informal, is to be persuasive. You want your adversary to stop believing what he believes and start believing what you believe. He wants the reverse. What on Earth do these four clowns want?

    • So CAL Snowman

      Rules have a disparate impact on bombastic black vibrancy.

      • Ike Eichenberg

        Rules and blacks are natural enemies.

    • ncpride

      People have complained, but a statement was released defending this nonsense, and for those who were criticizing are, wait for it….. RACISTS! No kidding.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      Rules be raciss!

      • kikz2

        an sheeeeit…

    • [Guest]

      What’s going on is fervent worship of blacks, no matter how vile, ignorant, or uncivilized they are. Race has become a religion, and blacks have become gods.

    • 1stworlder

      rules and standards are racist.

    • MooTieFighter

      I don’t really know what they call this but it is NOT a legitimate debate.

    • kikz2

      rules.. TBFDL

    • Reverend Bacon

      They are celebrating that blacks aren’t out beating up YT, so they give them some affirmative action judging. Even the timer is just a suggestion- look up “f*** the time” and debate.

      It reminds me of when I try to play chess with my 3-year old. He transforms it into a game where pieces move any way he wants them, and he gets several turns. He wins most of the time. Did I mention that he’s 3?

    • Yancy Derringer

      The most important thing – whites are not permitted to win. That’s why the debate orgs validated these styles after PC wrested control.

  • Giovanni704

    Wonderful. Many of the white debaters, after seeing this performance, are now race realists.

    • sbuffalonative

      I hope so. And I hope they make a big stink over this.

      Someone needs to be called out for this travesty.

    • Truthseeker

      Let’s hope so. This Marxist babble purporting to be rigorous use of logic and reason is so egregious that you’d have to be virtually braindead not to realize what a joke it is.

    • MooTieFighter

      I’m simply embarrassed this is from an American University. This is just so sad and pathetic, …………….I’m just at a loss of words.

    • DaveMed

      They remind me of Michael Eric Dyson.

      These people seem to think that the more words they use and the faster they speak, the more effectively their point is made. Which might work if they ever actually had coherent points.

      • 4321realist

        It’s not only Dyson, but every other black on t.v.
        I’ve noticed that they undoubtedly think that if they talk louder and faster than the other person, not giving him/her a chance to adequately respond, they won the debate.

  • Tom Thumb

    50-60 years ago, that dumb women would’ve had a net thrown over her.

  • DaveMed

    I’m confused. Is this like a Special Olympics type of debate society?

    • JSS

      The video under this ariticle could just as easily be posted under the Norwegian zoo article.

    • MooTieFighter

      That’s insulting. I’ve seen some amazing athletes in the special Olympics.

      • DaveMed

        I meant no disrespect to people with special needs.

        • MooTieFighter

          I was kidding. Simply stating many special education kids perform MUCH better than these kids (and they have a legit excuses to have difficulty).

          • Morris65

            That reminds me, isn’t it past time we created some kind of supreme international bowling award for the current occupant of the White House?

  • cherrie greenbaum123

    This country is over. I mean finished, as in, if this is what passes for debate today, we are doomed. Russia is now in control of our space program. We can’t even send up a satellite without their permission. Our Genius in Chief keeps threatening Putin and then runs to hide under the covers. We have promoted a sub par negro culture, elevating their status, handing them Diversity Degrees when they spout off non-sense like these sheboons. And what is perhaps the most galling, these chimps think somehow they deserved to win. They consider themselves to be “educated” by whining about how oppressed they all are. Wasn’t the topic of the debate supposed to be “Constitutional Powers of the President”? What the F_CK happened to the TOPIC??? Do they even know what a constitution is? This would be laughable if it weren’t so sad and infuriating. These two don’t deserve to be scrub women at Grand Central Station, let alone debate winners at a major university. Your tax dollars, hard at work, Mr. and Mrs. America!

  • The integrity of our country has tanked. Beware if one is schooled in America that PHD, Bachelors, ect. may not be worth the paper it is printed on any more. This is what we have become.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      They’re called “Diversity Diplomas” and they’re the latest rage among all the disenfranchised yoof.

      • Einsatzgrenadier

        Blacks and Hispanics have a cargo cult mentality when it comes to university degrees and college diplomas. It apparently gives them special powers and allows them to do whatever they want. These non-whites are just too stupid to realize that a doctor with an AA medical degree is just another AA recipient masquerading as a doctor.

        • Ellis Kurtz

          Blacks and Hispanics have a cargo cult mentality when it comes to university degrees and college diplomas. It apparently gives them special powers and allows them to do whatever they want.

          That’s exactly right; they think the externalities – the degree certificate, the letters after your name, the sophisticated-sounding jargon – are all there is to being educated. Being a scholar is nothing more than a particular type of performance. The internals – intellectual competence, factual knowledge, grasp of the subject matter – don’t enter into it. The result is the endless parade of empty suit black academics we see on TV.

          • cherrie greenbaum123

            Not to mention our “Teleprompter Reader In Chief”.

          • cherrie greenbaum123

            Whose academic records are sealed. Do you wonder why? I don’t.

          • Neuday

            The Cargo Cult mentality also caused the mortgage crisis of a few years ago; the government pressured lenders to into approving mortgage applications of the browns and blacks based on the theory that if NAMs were given mortgages their work ethic and time preferences would suddenly change. The externals didn’t change the internals, and white civilization isn’t as easy as we make it look.

      • kikz2

        and the largest suck on federal student loans that default.

  • r j p

    April Fools Day?
    Two teams of negroes up for the championship in the final debate yelling at each other.
    This is a joke.
    Is n***a proper debate language?

    • r j p

      …. Cross Examination Debate Association national championship to the “Super Bowl”….
      More like the Chimpout Debate Association.
      Look up the winners of previous years, it seems it became an Affirmative Action debate contest circa 2008.

  • Tarczan

    Their debate performance is so freaky, so unreal that it really helps our cause. This is one time when they “jumped the shark”. It’s totally ridiculous and is obvious to all who look.

  • AutomaticSlim

    I wonder if the Blonde reporter had an escape route planned prior to the interview.

    Things could have gotten real messy if those two heavyweights decided to “CO”.

  • So CAL Snowman

    And now you know why africans solve their political and ideological differences with extreme violence. When your idea of a “debate” is to scream, ook, and eek at the other side, there is only one possible outcome.

  • Ahnenerbe ᛟ

    Ah, the sheboons will probably die of type 2 diabetes within a couple of decades.

    • Zimriel

      If this is what’s on offer then one can certainly understand, without condoning, why black men prefer non-black women.

      • Ike Eichenberg

        I don’t blame anyone for trying to get the most attractive and best genetic partner they can.

        I do have a low opinion of those who deliberately choose an inferior, though it’s no loss to the gene pool when someone isn’t mentally sufficient enough to recognize race reality.

  • Pelagian

    “The arguments we construct are like mini-dissertations,” Johnson said. “One of our strongest things is being adaptable, not just to our opponents, but when you get judges, you have to assume that they’re susceptible to certain types of arguments.”

    Say-what? Even her press quote is a mess … I can imagine what her debate was like.

    • evilsandmich

      you have to assume that [the judges are] susceptible to certain types of arguments

      i.e., “vote fo me o you be rassist!”

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Towson? Isn’t that the one where Matthew Heimbach garnered controversy by founding the White Student Union and where Jared Taylor came to speak and showed just how poor the reasoning and debating skills of the students were?

    • Black Swan

      Matt Heimbach has been emasculated. He was just excommunicated from his anti-White church after they found out he is a so-called white supremacist. He is busy trying to figure out how to get his anti-White church to take him back in. We don’t need types like him in our movement.

      Another one bites the dust. Details here, http //www dailystormer com/the-crucifixion-of-matthew-heimbach/

      • Tim_in_Indiana

        Damned if I can figure out why he would want to get back into a church.

        I can’t be too hard on him though. He stuck his neck out far more than most white nationalists, who confine their activities to posting on message boards.

        It’s hard to overstate the psychological pressure the anti-white establishment can put on you if you dare to speak out. Even the son of the founder of a major white nationalist site caved in recently.

        • “The son of the founder of a major WN site caved in recently”

          There’s more to that than meets the eye. This is hardly the right place to gossip about WN personalities. Go to Countenance Blog and hit “Contact Me” if you want me to get back to you with the whole story.

      • blight14

        Thank you…..his incarnation at Amren last month was bizarre to say the least.

        • blight14

          I saw that too……..juuuuuust a bit out there to say the least…………

  • David Ashton

    I thought you were all bein’ prejoodiss – until I watched the video.

  • Zimriel

    Towson ain’t no Wiley.

    If you saw “The Great Debaters”, that movie depicts the Harvard / Wiley debate in the 1930s, which Wiley won. Say what you will about the movie, Wiley’s team maintained its calm; and if Harvard lost more than Wiley won, well, that’s Harvard’s fault.

    Towson’s crew here behaved like it was trying to rouse a mob, or else it just melted down.

    As for the judges: they’re a complete embarrassment. I hope this video goes viral.

  • Black Swan

    “They say the n*****s always already qu***, that’s exactly the point! It means the impact is that the that the is the impact term, uh, to the afraid, uh, the, that it is a case term to the affirmative because, we, uh, we’re saying that qu*** bodies are not able to survive the necessarily means of the body. Uh, uh, the n***** is not able to survive.

    Uh, man’s sole ‘jabringing’ object disfigure religion trauma and nubs, uh, the, inside the trauma of representation that turns into the black child devouring and identifying with the stories and into the white culture brought up, uh, de de de de de, dink, and add subjectively like a white man, the black man!”

    Translation from raw Ebonics: Whitey done me wrong and is gonna die but not before paying up.

    • Kay

      I’ve sat through some academic debates (mostly at the high-school level) where it’s apparently an accepted practice to channel a livestock auctioneer when making your case. But no matter how quickly the debaters spoke, I usually wouldn’t have too much trouble making out the words they said. I’ve lost count of how many times I replayed a 10-second snippet of the clip above, but I think I’ve managed to transcribe it pretty well. And incidentally, it’s a bit you didn’t already include, so here it is:

      Uh, says that the-the-the-the way that the status co-works is through, uh, whiteness allowing, uh, forcing other bodies to tell, uh, nearations (?) of whiteness, uh, the violences that whiteness does me, uh, say that that is the link that we will go for.

      Needless to say, I have no idea what she’s talking about.

      • Black Swan

        I edited the quoted part WAY down, the gibberish went on for pages and pages.

        The judges had to award them first place to get them to SHUT UP.

      • kikz2

        maybe the judges at this point were in fear for their own lives/safety? just a thought…..

      • SoulInvictus

        The gist I got was, white bad, panting good.

    • kikz2

      welldone… golfclap>><<

    • Fathercoughlin

      “the n****r is not able to survive.” Come again??

  • CJ Haze

    See now why Matt Heimbach wanted a White Student Union at Towson?

  • JSS

    What’s especially funny is that these are the smarter blacks here. How much does someone want to bet we are looking at future presidents and senators here?

    • dcc2379

      Liberals are so afraid of being seen as racist that they become patronizing to blacks — while the highest level of insult and very racist, blacks are usually too dumb to realize it. These two girls have promising futures getting government jobs.

      • 4321realist

        Or “Before” models on a fitness ad.

    • Neuday

      Presidents of what? Someone else’s Banana Republic? A senator of Groidistan? Who cares . . . all this goes away when the money runs out, and then the fun begins.

      • JSS

        Amurrikka is already groidistan. This country isn’t worth fighting for or living in for any self respecting White male. It isn’t someone else’s so much as it is everyone else’s except those who built it.

        • 4321realist

          You’ve got it right on.

          And more and more people feel that way.

          It’s no longer a country worth fighting for.

  • JohnEngelman

    Ameena Ruffin and Korey Johnson, both from Baltimore, bested a team from the University of Oklahoma in the final round. Their argument likened police brutality, the prison-industrial complex and structural poverty issues to a warlike violence against African-Americans in the U.S. and identified solutions.

    – Carrie Wells, Baltimore Sun, March 27, 2014

    A debate team is supposed to be able to debate either side of an issue. I wonder if Ameena Ruffin and Korey Johnson could argue that blacks are responsible for their problems.

    • CJ Haze

      A debate team is supposed to be able to debate either side of an issue. I wonder if Ameena Ruffin and Korey Johnson could argue that blacks are responsible for their problems.

      Inadvertently, they did.

  • 4321realist

    Just more black nonsense to be ignored. Up is down and down is up, ya see?
    Ya unnastan?

    That anybody would declare this absolute nonsense a winner at anything reveals just another marker that measures our descent into utter chaos.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    So in watching the video, I gather that in order to win the national debate championship, you have to have a bad case of Tourette’s Syndrome?

    This is Black Run America for you.

    • Ike Eichenberg

      Or just have black skin then jive and jabber like illiterate ghetto trash.

  • Ike Eichenberg

    As appalled as I am that leftist academics can be so delusional to think this is an example of championship level debate, I am encouraged that they so willingly display and accentuate the retardation of these Africans.

    • refocus

      Retarded is right. If anyone can watch this and consider for a moment that these two unfortunates belong in a white world then … they have qualified them selves for a brain transplant.

      • Nonhumans

        Thats a debate? Or even a speech? I can understand better what my lawnmower says when the carborator is needing a little attention.
        This small competition victory for these jaw smackers is a good display of nonhuman single-mindedness as well as their simple-mindedness. The speed at which they “Uhh “”Speak””” makes them even less understandable.

        That being said, most of anything that is worth being expressed, can Always be done with so many fewer of the correct words, when one has even a basic command of the language. This rapid-fire 300 wpm word-salad only expresses to me that they need less time on a “debate team” and more time in speech classes (assuming that wasting time and resources are a given).

  • LHathaway

    “both teams in the final round agreed that police brutality, the prison-industrial complex and structural poverty issues amounted to a “warlike violence” against black people in the U.S”

    From a certain distance, this debates seems to be arousing humor. From a certain distance.

  • dd121

    Two new skilled debaters in the war on whites. Just what we need.

  • Johnny

    After the 20th “uh” and nigga I had to stop. That was about 30 second in.

  • Nancy Thomas

    Those are some very dumb negroes with breathing problems.

  • shmo123

    WTF was that? It sounded like they were auctioning something off.

    • Irishgirl

      Or experiencing an epileptic seizure.

      • Fathercoughlin

        Or an orgasm

    • LHathaway

      That’s what I was thinking too. . . .

  • IstvanIN

    How did the blonde reporter keep a straight face listening the the huffing and puffing of the two queer [email protected] and the shucking and jiving Africans on the opposing team?

    • LHathaway

      It’s an art. It’s called ‘manners’?

      Whatever you say of them, they remain people? In fact, in our some-are-more-equal than others, society, it is You who isn’t a person.

      Only victims and those who have suffered achieve full personhood in modern america. They are the only ones written about in news articles and the only one’s who count. As we all know, some have suffered more than others, blacks have ‘suffered’ the most, and no white has ever suffered, each and every one is privileged, though women are victims, too. To suggest anything else is ‘hatred’ and everyone knows it (although I certainly do my best to suggest otherwise, myself, on occasion).

  • 2eRep

    Ebonic gibberish.

  • Kathy M

    Rarely have I seen such a display of afronian ignorance.

  • coco bongo

    Two jailhouse philosophers in the making.

  • Tarczan

    If Barry gets any more Supreme Court appointments this will be what an argument before the SCOTUS looks like.

    • Fathercoughlin

      As the lawyer is huffing and puffing her arguement, “And the uh huh huh uh huh n****r body is uh huh huh uh not able to survive…” ,Justice Sotomayer starts twitching and shaking and begins muttering,”Yeah uh huh huh huh the whiteness uh huh queer bodies cannot survive…” and she is joined by Kennedy,Beyer and the transgender justice:”Uh huh uh huh queer bodies cannot survive uh huh whiteness uh huh …” until they are interrupted by Justice Scalia who reminds them,”This case is about Samsung suing Apple for Chrissakes!” He is so overcome with anger that HE begins to twitch,”Uh huh uh huh the n****r cannot survive uh huh uh huh…” etc

  • OhWow

    For anyone who wants a great laugh, go to Ramzpaul’s youtube page and look for his parody video of this new ghetto form of “debating”.

    • blight14

      That was a 100% exact depiction of the black ‘debate’ team………the question arises, is that ‘out there’ or closer to the norm for those people? Also, what percentage of blacks in America would side with the rappin’ blacks, 90% or more? That figure may speak volumes.

  • BulgAryan

    What a disgrace!

  • Mrfinoni

    its not debating! rap is not debating its simply entertainment.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      Rap is NOT entertainment!

      • 4321realist


        The best that can be said about it is that it is some of the worst poetry in the history of mankind.

  • willbest

    The way to stop this nonsense is to list the names of the judges and their voting. I have to believe that 80% of the people out there would be embarrassed to call this superior if there name was attached to it.

  • humura

    Is this an all Black tournament? I don’t know enough Ebonics to understand the champions. Are they speaking English? Unbelievably bad. More decline of the universities.

  • LHathaway

    Very funny post. . and funny because there may sadly be some truth in what you say.

  • LHathaway

    I could only conclude it IS a kind of self-satire. What is going on at Townsend University? When Jared Taylor was there, in his question and answer session, his answers were so perfect and prepared, I will never believe he didn’t receive the questions in advance, so crazily good was his performance. Must everything in a multicultural society be a phony show? Apparently, it must be.

    So, they are inadvertently saying that following the rules and being coherent is a sign of whiteness? And they want to distance themselves from it for something like a recess period or after work party get together?

  • Bill E. BOBB

    what a shock, their topic was “YT be duh evil devil holdin duh blak man down”. can’t blaks engage in anything non-race related? If a blak college student were assigned to write a paper about the early days of the US space program, or the atomic bomb development their only focus would be the on lack of blaks and how whites were intimidated by scores of brilliant blak scientists so they forced them all to work in the cafeteria.

    • SoulInvictus

      “Can’t blacks engage in anything non-race related?”

      By and large, No.

      The ones that do, you never hear about and never get caught up in the race drama. Such as Dr. Gates, who has done some really interesting work in String Theory.

      • 4321realist

        I’m really skeptical of Gates.

        Generally, he comes across as a media hype, because his writings and a lot of what he says might be above what the average person knows about physics, but he appears to me to fall substantially short of what could be expected from a scholar.

        I’m willing to concede that there are black anomalies here and there, but I don’t think this guy is one of them.

        However, there is so much false promotion by the left of blacks I have to admit I’m skeptical of every one of them.

        • SoulInvictus

          I think the diversity push can elevate some to positions they’re not otherwise qualified for, especially in areas like government or academic bureaucracy. But a Phd from MIT and leading research on Super Symmetry? I think scientists are too eager to punch holes in each others work to fly far as a fraud in that field.
          I can understand the skepticism though.

          But if a guy like Gates were to be the gold standard for them, then I wouldn’t complain at all. And does show that they can accomplish more than the average hood rat aspires to.

          I found the self correcting, Matrix-like code stuff very interesting. Tried to post a video of a String Theory panel discussion but it seemed to be in perpetual moderation.

  • Bill E. BOBB

    the home depot storage bin-as-lectern adds a great deal of legitimacy to the event and shows you just how prestigious it really is

  • RileyDeWiley

    You can’t make this stuff up. I can’t even believe it. Where are the judges?

    • By the looks of it, out the back, snorting industrial levels of drugs.

  • blight14

    I’m speechless………that was utter depravity, on display.

    • kikz2

      probably Cosby, Sowell, & Williams to name three.

      • 4321realist

        That many?

  • Grantland

    It makes a great deal more sense if you watch the debate and play this YT soundtrack in the background:

    youtube com/watch?v=0fyl6C3Cq1k

  • MooTieFighter

    This is not a debate. There is no intellectual discussion here, it’s simply sad. The fact that these people were patronized and pandered to in such a way should be insulting to them, but I guess they are to ignorant to understand the whole scope of this “award”. It’s kind of like letting a grossly disfigured person win a beauty contest, there is a nice gesture there, but it is so sad, it’s hard to watch.

    • Ike Eichenberg

      I agree, it is sad that they were encouraged to look so foolish.

    • 4321realist

      If there is one universal truth I’ve concluded over the years about blacks it is that they are unequivocally the dumbest and most arrogant people on planet earth….besides being delusional all at the same time.

      And when they’re shown the least bit of adulation for appalling sub-standard work, they respond by grinning like idiots.

      And when they’re rightly criticized for being inept, they’re convinced it’s due to racism.

      Blacks and idiotic white weenies like this woman on the video are more dangerous to this country than all the terrorists combined.

  • I have seen some crazy things in my time, especially here in mad-house Britain. But somebody played me excerpts of the debate a few days ago and well, it seems America may yet take the championship in absurdities that are designed to promote the “Black first…” something or other, even though it is clearly the worst “debate” people could ever imagine.

    Just imagine what the future holds with these people in charge. Absolutely frightening.

    What is also frightening is that they do not begin to realise how stupid and dysfunctional they are. Stupid people do not tend to realise they are stupid, so they will proudly wave around this trophy as proof of them being good thinkers, speakers and debaters!

    Absolutely tragic. I can only hope that with this thing going viral, people will finally see it all for the bull that it is. I can live in hope.

  • dcc2379

    I kept waiting for that mini-dissertation, but they didn’t include it or even one fact. I guess YouTube didn’t have space. I like how she has to read from her laptop. I’ve debated before 10,000 people and never read from notes. At least she was like Obama, saying a guttural uh frequently. Argumentation I guess also doesn’t have to include logic any more. They lack of facts, logic, and speaker fluency sure does catch my attention.

  • Vito Powers

    It’s one thing to just read and tell someone about this madness, but the video really makes the point. How much can standards be dumb-downed for self-esteem purposes? Why are these people allowed to think that they’re incredibly intelligent blah blah? Isn’t this a cruel joke on them? I can see future EEOC lawsuits when they don’t get jobs in Corporate America.

    • Fredrik_H

      Before I watched the video and read some of the replies here I thought “C’mon! How bad could it be!?!”. Well, pretty damn terrible, apparently…

    • Ellis Kurtz

      These four will probably end up working for the EEOC.

  • TXCriollo

    this is just sad

  • TXCriollo

    even salon comments could not make excuses for these girls

  • Reverend Bacon

    I have a three-year old, and when he does things, like string multiple phrases together in a grammatically correct sentence, we praise him endlessly. I have a 6-year old, and when she does it, no one cares. So I guess you can figure that when a black person is exalted for stuff like this, she’s assumed to be somewhere between 3 and 6.

  • Reverend Bacon

    “Resolved: The United States Federal Government should substantially increase statutory and/or judicial restrictions on the war powers authority of the President of the United States in one or more of the following areas: targeted killing; indefinite detention; offensive cyber operations; or introducing United States Armed Forces into hostilities.”

    That was the debate topic. I have no idea what these elite ninnies (elite type is smaller than pica) were screaming about.

  • Peter Connor

    Pathetic, the race to the bottom is accelerating.

    • SoulInvictus

      Dear. God.
      I actually watched the footage…
      A hyperventilating baboon wins national debate honors… what in the #$%^…
      Pathetic just doesn’t even begin to describe this country if this garbage is praiseworthy.

  • MBlanc46

    AA strikes again.

  • Ellis Kurtz

    Is this performance one of the many benefits of diversity we keep hearing about?

  • Rodney S

    What the hell was that?

  • A Freespeechzone

    What the hell was that on the video? A debate? Not even. . .

    Yelling, huffing and puffing between words only create new negative stereotypes that seem to be more true than not and discredit the participants.

    In a real debate, this group would be laughed off the stage.

    Another example of lowering the bar to make the inept feel good.

    • FlaVet

      You beat me to it…I said…W T F? Are you kidding…winning at what?

  • model1911

    This must be a hoax. Or have we really fallen this far?

  • Rosenmops

    W.T.F. ??

  • cherrie greenbaum123

    Read it and remain “unimpressed” to put it nicely. She comes across as whiney with more of the “Weez all ben sooo oppress- ED, dis be our style.” The only thing worse than her explanations was the commenters (presumably white libs) who said, “You won fair and square, girl, you rock!” So I say, whatever. Education is just one more realm in which the black “community” has destroyed something once so beautiful. ****sigh******

  • Fathercoughlin

    That white woman anchor interviewing these two creatures is so profoundly annoying;what an empty headed idiot.

  • fgbrunner3

    The object is to educate the student. It is not to reward them for childish behavior. The people in charge of this farce should all be dismissed.

  • rentslave

    White supremacy makes the world go around.

  • fgbrunner3

    This is crazy. Would hire any of the students as your defense attorney?

  • Herman

    A new level of condescension.
    If I was black I would be totally embarrassed by this.
    But they are proud.

  • tonymarini

    It just goes to show you how far American education has fallen into the depths when this “debate” argument can win on the national level. Any student worth his salt could have completely destroyed this premise with logic and facts. But our PC world will apparently have none of that. They want ridiculous conjecture and voices-raised “debate” to rule the day. The organizers, the students and their proponents should be ashamed of themselves. they are noting but agents provocateur in the Progressive war against history, truth and sanity. This “debate” results should be the clarion call that we the sane are losing this war with every passing day.

  • tonymarini

    It sounds more like a training session for auctioneers or the preparation of the folks that read the disclaimer after ED medications or for ambulance-chasing lawyers on television than a cogent debate. Debate is supposed to be about the clarity of thought and the substance of the argument…not the speed of delivery and the obfuscation of ideas.

  • [Guest]

    John Derbyshire has commented that the winners of this “debate” presented themselves as “barking savages.”

    If anything, Mr. Derbyshire, you are too kind.