Police Investigating Anti-Immigration Flyers Distributed in Brampton

Cassie Aylward, Globe and Mail, April 24, 2014

Peel Regional Police are investigating anti-immigration flyers that have been distributed in Brampton to see whether their publication breaks any laws.

Police were told about the flyers by Mayor Susan Fennell, who called them disgusting.

The flyers gained attention on social media Thursday, with Twitter users expressing outrage.

They show a black and white photo of an all-white group of people with the caption “From this . . .” Underneath it is a photo of a group of Sikh people at what appears to be a protest with the caption “To this . . .” Underneath the photos is the caption “Is This Really What You Want?”

The flyers say that, according to the 2001 Census, 59.6 per cent of Brampton’s population was made up of “mainstream Canadians,” with that number dropping to 32.9 per cent by 2011.

“What will the Census findings be in 5, 10, or even 15 years from now,” they read.

The group behind the flyers, Immigration Watch Canada, is a group of activists trying to get the country to “dramatically reduce immigration levels,” according to its website.

Ms. Fennell said she has always said Brampton is a place for people to live, work, play and pray in peace.

“In Brampton, we take immense pride in the rich culture, heritage, and diversity of all our residents,” she said in an e-mail. “These disgraceful flyers do not reflect the true generosity of the people of Brampton.”

Twitter users called the flyers disgusting, loathsome and xenophobic after Demi Caruso of Toronto posted a photo of one. She tweeted that a friend got it in Brampton, but she is unaware of how he did.

This is not the first time that Brampton’s Sikh community has been the target of racism. In 2012, a Sikh elementary school was vandalized with references to the Ku Klux Klan and swastikas spray-painted on the side of the school building.

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  • MekongDelta69

    Yeah – I mean, c’mon. Do they really want those awful, terrible White people standing up for themselves?

    What nerve…

    [Do I really need to put /sarc here?]


      Exactly, how dare they oppose their rightful dispossession of everything they and their ancestors broke their backs everyday to build? What nerve indeed!

      We are witnessing in damn near every White nation on the entire planet. The biggest robbery in human history! And as far as the loopy liberal mentality that acts as the engine pushing this lunacy along is concerned, things are going just great.

      • Anna Tree

        And the “emancipated” politician white women hurry to wear the veil to please the god of diversity (willing also like Abraham to sacrifice their child to the altar of that same god too)


  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    Not wanting Canada to become a third-world backwater is now disgusting and loathsome. When leftists cry they are outraged and offended it is code for pretending to be morally insulted so cultural and genetic genocide can continue. Disgusting and loathsome is what these people are. Also, this article simply tells me that Sikhs, just like most other non-White groups will stage fake hate crimes so they can regurgitate it every time anyone is critical of their growing numbers.

    • Chip Carver

      White people are too concerned with non-whites “liking” them. The brainwashing is incredible. The non-whites don’t worry about whites disliking them. All they’re concerned about is cutting whites off and cutting them out of everything they can. The non-whites know the system is stacked against whites, they know the media and governments in the US, Canada, and elsewhere will back them to the hilt against whites.

      As a group whites need to stop worrying about having non-whites like them. Once a large enough segment of whites reaches that point, the tide will turn. When we have enough whites who uncomfortable economically, this will happen.

    • Paleoconn

      I think the Sikhs themselves aren’t saying this is hate, although they are offended/ It is mostly the liberal Whites who hold the [email protected] banner on their behalf, including the lesbian governor. What amuses me about this story is the person comes out and says that this misrepresents the native people of Brampton who were always generous, ie. an admission that generosity is demanded of White hosts to their guests.

  • Oil Can Harry

    What? In 2012 a Sikh school was vandalized and covered in Nazi and KKK graffiti?

    So did they ever catch the Sikh and white “antifa” activist perpetrators?

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    I actually know the guys who did this. I even know the guy who designed the pamphlet. These folks are on the frontlines of the anti-mass third world immigration, anti-multiculturalism movement in Canada. They’re planning on drawing as much media attention as possible to Canada’s anti-white policies and massive third world immigration problem. I expect these guys to attract more and more media attention as the problem of massive third world immigration gets worse and worse.

    Concerning the pamphlets, the IWC is right on the money, as usual. Sikh colonization has practically destroyed Brampton, in the same way that it has destroyed other previously all-white areas of Canada. Within two short decades, Sikh invaders have transformed a nice white suburban community where everybody knew each other into “Bramladesh”, a third world slum filled with all the corruption, poverty, filth, nastiness and overcrowding of India. Their numbers keep growing for some bizarre reason, despite the fact that these worthless third world parasites are a drain on the Canadian taxpayer and have contributed virtually nothing to the country.

    Brampton has gone from being about 60% white to about 30% white in 10 years. If trends continue, Brampton will be less than 5% white within the span of a decade. I know a lot of whites who have been ethnically cleansed from their Brampton homes by the massive third world invasion of Toronto’s suburbs and they are all mad as hell. A lot of the whites have settled in Georgetown, Caledon and other surrounding areas. They have vowed to never let what happened to Brampton happen to their communities.

    • Bossman

      Canada makes it too easy for the countless hordes of East Asia and South Asia to enter their country. They (the Asians) may not be bad people but there are just too many of them and they all want to come to North America.

    • Sangraal

      Kudos to your friends. Let’s hope that prying eyes don’t see this comment and accuse the group of consorting with extremists who post on ‘hate-sites’ with murderous Nazi screen names like ‘Einsatzgrenadier’…;)

    • skara_brae

      Well said. I’ve seen the once neat, tidy houses now with eight cars parked on the lawns and forty inhabitants dossing inside. Brampton, as you point out, is gone.
      You’ve got an election coming up in October. Good luck.

    • Paleoconn

      60% was already pretty bad. I understand the Greater Toronto area is majority non-White now?

  • WR_the_realist

    It seems that in Great Britain telling the truth always carries the danger of being in violation of the law.

    • Pro_Whitey

      And in Canada, too! Boy, some Canadians still have a chip on their shoulder about how they drove back the Americans in our Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. They are suspicious of American domination. Would they could develop a similar shoulder chip and suspicion about being replaced by third worlders, and being forced to pay for the “privilege”.

      • Bossman

        I should remind you that in 1812, there was no such thing as a Canadian. What you had were Americans, Englishmen, Frenchmen and Indians (native people) all battling it out for control of North America.

        • DudeWheresMyCountry?

          Indian tribes were in no position to control North America during the War of 1812, they were merely pawns.

      • IstvanIN

        Canadians need to adopt the saying “one race, one realm, one ruler“.

  • IstvanIN

    From the Canadian National Post For refusing to serve a man carrying what it deemed to be improper I.D. — and then calling the police when he refused to leave — a Halifax bar is now awaiting punishment for what the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission deemed to be a discriminatory act of “imposing the police” on a customer “because of his colour.”

    The bar, the Halifax Alehouse, maintains that it had no racial malice in kicking out Sierra Leone immigrant Dino Gilpin; they were simply fulfilling the strict requirements of Nova Scotia’s Alcohol and Gaming Division. What was racist, though, was the bar’s act of “invoking the force of the state” by summoning police.

    The man was drunk and rowdy. The bar owners, however, were guilty of calling the police to remove the man. Would they have been guilty had the patron been White?

    • Ron Cheaters

      Very close to home here in Halifax. In the chronicle herald this past wednesday on the second page was an article about a Nigerian who immigrated to Canada and has become a successful business man. And he even enjoys fiddle music now too. They painted a picture of a model immigrant because Nova Scotia is having a “crisis” the birth rates are too low, the aging population is dying off, and all the smart kids are leaving for work. So the answer is to flood Nova Scotia with immigrants even though we are the least accepting of immigrants in all of Canada according to a report by the ivany comission (whoever they are).

      Flip to page 5 in the same paper and you find the story you mentioned, a story about 2 blacks who kidnapped a 15 year old girl and held her as a sex slave for 2 days. Another story about a black who held up a gas station at knife point. And another story about a white guy who was killed in prison by a mohogany mob.

      The irony wasn’t lost on me either and I wrote a letter to the editor about the juxtiposition which will really be something if the paper is bold enough to print what I noticed.

      • IstvanIN

        If they print your letter won’t the Human Relations Commission have you imprisoned?

    • Canadian Born

      The Human Rights Commission is not made to help white Canadians it was only put there to protect newcomers!!!!

  • MBlanc46

    Instead of “mainstream Canadians”, they just should have said what they almost certainly meant, “white Canadians”. To the extent that my 1/8th Canadian ancestry give me a say, I say, “white Canadians”‘

  • cecilhenry

    Comments closed on the website— they want to tell people what to think.

    NOT listen to the population. That;s Genocide.

  • guest

    “In Brampton, we take immense pride in the rich culture, heritage, and diversity of all our residents,” she said in an e-mail. “These disgraceful flyers do not reflect the true generosity of the people of Brampton.”

    That’s why Canada’s becoming a real mess with all of those immigrants being allowed to come in and freeload and make demand after demand as they see fit. They don’t care about Canada and the people, they just want to enforce their culture on Canada and the Canadians who made those “disgraceful flyers” obviously don’t want that. Brampton’s “generosity” can only go so far.

    “Police were told about the flyers by Mayor Susan Fennell, who called them disgusting.”

    Either Fennell has no clue what it’s like to deal with this sort of problem that is being imposed on the citizens of her country, or like every other power-that-be, she’s completely selling out her fellow Canadians. I’m guessing it’s more likely the latter.

  • RyanP

    I live about an hour away from Brampton. I found myself there a few years back and it was quite stunning. I had never felt more like a minority(in Canada) in my life. I have to wonder if there is any level of white minority status where it would be become PC to say something. The article says that whites dropped from 60% to 30% in 10 years. If it hits 5% will it then be ok to discuss it. If the multi-culturalists are intellectually consistent then there must be a point where there are not enough whites.

  • Acrylic_X

    There is another nation wide paper which has picked up the story AND allows comments on it!


  • HamletsGhost

    I knew a guy from Newfoundland who told me how, in his youth, he would go to British Colombia in the summer to work in the fish plants to make money to travel with. The work was smelly and unpleasant but it paid well, and it was common for young people to go there to work up some cash to travel or go to school in the fall. The hiring system was a first-come first-served policy, where you had to wait for someone to give up his job before you could take it over.
    Then, the Indians (dot, not feather) came in. They didn’t give up their jobs in the fall but stuck around during the winter to pick up their old jobs in the summer. Since they never gave up their spots once they got them, there were never any openings for young whites who were looking for short-term work. And thus, a (white) tradition died.

  • skara_brae

    Canada was lost in 1990 the minute they tossed a hundred and fifty years of RCMP tradition out the window and allowed a Sikh turban to be worn instead of the mounties traditional Stetson.

    • Canadian Born

      Couldn’t agree more. There was a petition with I think about 200,000 signatures was nobody listening? Now if a Canadian was in their country and wanted to wear the stetson hat in their police force would it be allowed?

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    And yet all that create in their homelands is poverty, overpopulation and squalor. Are they really in a position of success where they should be colonizing first-world countries?

  • kikz2

    hubby has family in Brampton and Etobicoke, and i’ve never heard the inlaws say anything negative about the group, in 25yrs. Somali’s/Pakis… quite a different story.

    the few Sikh i have known in TX, i admire, but they are not amassed in any great number in my locality. would much rather share space w/them than most if not all ismaili pakis. at least Sikh don’t believe tsunami are God’s retribution for evil….. eyeroll…..

  • Greg Thomas

    “In Brampton, we take immense pride in the rich culture, heritage, and diversity of all our residents,” she said in an e-mail. “These disgraceful flyers do not reflect the true generosity of the people of Brampton.”

    Enough with the diversity platitudes!

  • Anna Tree

    Many Sikh living in Western countries have forgotten the reason of Sikhism. Sometimes they even ally with muslims against us!

    For centuries muslims have been killing Hindus and Buddhists etc (up to 80 millions were killed in some 500 years of islamic conquests and dozens of millions raped and enslaved, later converted – they are the ancestors of the Afghans, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and muslim Indians.)
    So Hindus rulers decided that every families should give their first son to make an army and fight the barbaric muslims. Sikhism was born. Sikhs were trained in fighting and created their own martial art (it’s like a dance with knives and swords, check it on youtube). They fought the muslims and received a special status in the Hindu society. Soon they were a community/religion apart from Hinduism (Hinduism is originally a multitude of religions, so one more is no matter).

    But later, the Sikh gurus heard that many of the young Sikhs were avoiding fighting the muslims (as Sikhs clothing and swords looked muslim, some were pretending to be muslims not to fight), so they commanded all Sikhs to never cut their hair and therefore be recognizable. From then, muslims attacked them like they attacked the other non-muslims.

    It seems that some Sikhs are getting less religious/more secular in our Western countries and therefor cut hair and forget their history. Many don’t know or don’t want to know that they are supposed to protect non-muslims and fight muslims, some/many Sikhs (likesome/many Jews, Christians etc) are joining muslims when they are demonstrating against us in so-called anti-racism or pro-multiculturalism rallies etc

    • Singh1699

      No, your ‘history’ is wrong. It is Indian gov. propoganda 80% or more of Sikhs come from the Jatt tribes who are land owning barons.

      They converted by clan, and the first son thing was in the hundreds at most and only around ww1 mostly.

      The Jatt tribes have a scythian origin but have taken on wives from all over, so we’re not white. Canada’s first prime minister wrote to Britain to request Sikhs; for defense of America, that’s all I have to say.

      If you’re a hindu, you’re an inbred idol worshipping faggot.

      • Anna Tree

        No, I am not a hindu.

        I became aware of the history I wrote in my previous post, while visiting FaithFreedom(dot)org for many years (it’s a islamocritic site, founded by ex-muslims). I didn’t read it from hindu though, but by ex-muslims, I presume Pakistanis or Ex-pakistanis and maybe by coincidence, I never read this being contradicted by Sikhis (and there are many Sikhis visiting that site of course). Or I would have look into the matter further or the least, would have acquired more insights about this.

        The thing is, I don’t see in your response to me anything pointing what was wrong in my post. Now I took a hour or so to read posts of yours on Disqus, yes lol, beside the technology ones, and I can’t say you are not honest. But blaming propaganda while calling Hindus inbred etc seem fallacious as arguments to me (I know of very strong arguments between Hindus and Sikhs in the site I cited, but it never especially interested me: I was there as an islamocritic and I pursued unity among infidels – actually the same way that I am a white racialist here and I pursue unity among whites, this is the only way to defeat enemies)

        Anyway, this is some support to my claims (although it has become politically incorrect for Sikhs in the West, go figure…):

        The concept of the Saint Soldier and the foundation of the Khalsa Panth was by Guru Gobind Singh to fight against the tyranny of the Muslim rulers, who tortured and mass-killed innocent Hindus and Sikhs for not accepting Islam (you know the usual: beheadings, tortured, burried/skinned/burnt alive, saw in two, etc). Many gurus and children of gurus were martyrised (his father Guru Tegh Bahadur, his young sons, Banda Bahadur singh, Bhai Dayala, Bhai Mati Das and Bhai Sati Das, Guru Arjan Dev etc) and since then Sikhs are expected to wear 5 Ks (hairs, turban, long underwear, iron bracelet and comb) as a sort of army uniform to fight muslims as long as the tyranny of Islam continues. We all know it is still on…

        Even those who dare post the truth, will put it midly:
        From “Don’t Mistake Me for a Muslim, a blog about the Sikh people for North Americans by Group Captain Tejwant Singh”:

        “When Guru Gobind Singh, the Tenth Guru of the Sikhs, made the wearing of the Five Ks in March 1699 as their prominently visible identity and religious duty, he was creating hawks out of sparrows. Nay, he was creating lions out of sheep.
        Lions out of sheep? Yes, the situation was not very different from the India of today facing Islamic terrorism. The Muslim rulers of India had made a law that non-Muslims dare not wear a sword or ride a horse or an elephant or a palanquin or wear a turban other than those who submitted to Islam. Thus, the minority Muslims forced the Hindus and Sikhs, a majority, to convert to Islam. As a challenge to the Muslim rule, the Tenth Guru ordained his Sikhs to keep the Five Ks.”

        I am ready to change my mind with rational rebuttals or new information. Thank you.

        • Singh1699

          The other thing he doesn’t mentiom about the turban and everything is this:

          The vast majority of Sikhs come from the landed barons who were rebelling for autocracy.

          From 1650 onwards thry controlled the land from delhi almost to Afghanistan aka what would become the Sikh empire.

          They had no problem with anyone harassing them over dress or weaponry.

          it’s another case of victorian thought wanting ‘equality’ aka communism and writing about a minority’s perspective.

          Yes, the working and tribes lower in social status could not dress like kings. Without writing paragraphs, as I am on my phone I’ll say this:

          I wouldn’t trust the internet to tell you too much.

          It is mostly the libtards masquerading as men, or the trading castes who got kicked out of africa infesting the internet.


          If you add that pin I can explain in detail for a few minutes (bbm). I think that method would be best, as a Pin is hard to memorize and leaves no ties after deletion.

          It would show the most respect to the men here, as they rightfully do not want their women socializing with men of other tribes.

          ਖਾਲਿਸਤਾਨ ਜ਼ਿੰਦਾਬਾਦ | ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ | ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫਤਹਿ | |

          • Anna Tree

            Thank you for your posts.
            I still don’t see how they refute my post, they add to it or point me to other issues, but I like to learn new things, so all is good!
            I like the conversation format here, all in the open, so won’t do bbm, sorry.

            But I will enjoy reading more from you, see you around!

          • Singh1699

            much of your post such as the hindu rulers making people sikhs was refuted.

            Actual hindu society is largely around the deccan plateau.

            Hindu rulers were fighting Sikhs, not helping them.

            I like the format here too, merely don’t like typing much and that has voice chat/is easily deleted afterwards.

            To each their own, it’s obvious you will only care about the Sikhs when they are knocking the heads off tyrants in your own country. 😛

            All is well sister.

            ਖਾਲਿਸਤਾਨ ਜ਼ਿੰਦਾਬਾਦ | ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ | ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫਤਹਿ | |

          • Anna Tree

            To say something like “Your history is wrong” or like “No, the hindu rulers didn’t make the Sikhs people” is not a rebuttal, just an opinion. If you claim it is a rebuttal, then I will tell you that it is the fallacy of circular reasoning.

            I agree I didn’t bring any support to my statements either: I have brought just an opinion myself too, but I acknowledge this, while you still say again, incorrectly, that you refuted me!
            Bye for now 😉

          • Singh1699

            In a census the british themselves took 80% of the sikhs were Jatts. A tribe who have never been hindu and are scythian.

            Out of the remaining 20% 150k were bramims, rajputs amd khatris; and 150k lower castes.

            Bramins are the first sons, so under 10%, so yes what you say is wrong.

            I’m the idiot for arguing with women, when they can’t process logic or facts..

            ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ | ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫਤਹਿ | |

  • Ringo Lennon

    That’s what globalism is. Destroying white countries. The Bushes’ are globalists.

    • saxonsun

      George Bush just gave a speech talking about white privilege and how the blacks/browns are left out. You’re right.

  • Canadian Born

    What are we as Canadians some of us generations of being here doing about this? Apparently nothing!!! Immigration they say built this country and it is said immigration will destroy it!!! Immigration watch is trying to protect Canadians whoes ancestors fought and died for this country!!