Race Equity Summit to Address Widening Wealth Gap Between Races

Niraj Warikoo, Detroit Free Press, March 28, 2014

With studies showing widening economic gaps between whites and African Americans, civil rights leaders in metro Detroit are concerned.

“We’re going in the wrong direction,” said Freda Sampson, a leader with the nonprofit group Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion. “We’re getting further and further divided.”

To help close that racial and class divide, her group is holding an all-day conference, called the Equity Action Summit, on Saturday at Cobo Center in Detroit.


Saturday’s conference, supported by the NAACP and Fair Housing Center of Metro Detroit, is to feature talks by President Barack Obama’s former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright of Chicago, as well as Detroit activists Ron Scott and Grace Lee Boggs. The conference is part of an ongoing effort by the Race2Equity Project, which is part of the Michigan Roundtable.

In recent months, the project has held three public hearings about the racial divide in transit, criminal justice and housing, featuring the stories of metro Detroiters who face discrimination. At the hearing on housing, held earlier this month at Marygrove College in Detroit, an African-American woman talked about the racism she faced while trying to rent an apartment in the suburbs, Sampson recalled.


Saturday’s forum comes after a report released two weeks ago by a separate civil rights group, New Detroit, that showed significant racial and economic gaps in metro Detroit, with Latinos and African Americans trailing whites and Asian Americans in income and education levels.

Started in 1941, the Michigan Roundtable is a nonprofit civil rights group that tries to overcome discrimination and racism in metro Detroit. The current project on race developed amid concern over the 2006 voter ban on affirmative action.


Steve Spreitzer, the interim CEO and president of the Roundtable, says there is “structural racism foisted upon residents of color in this region, manifesting itself in hyper segregation, opportunity deprivation.”

Sampson said closing the racial divide would help all in metro Detroit, not just minorities.

“We’re all impacted by inequality,” she said. “We all do better when we do better together.”

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  • Neanderthal Pride!

    Welfare is up, whites are getting richer blacks are getting poorer.

    Must be Bush’s fault.

    • Oil Can Harry

      A large part of the wealth gap is due to the Housing Bubble bursting (aka the free market correcting itself).

      Clinton and Bush pressured banks into giving totally undeserved mortgage loans to black and hispanic buffoons who had no ability to pay them back. When they lost their homes it caused an increase in the wealth gap between the races.

      • dcc2379

        Most couldn’t stay in their house six months because they bought $500,000 homes on $30,000 salaries and couldn’t make the decision between a 40 oz with a KFC bucket every night versus saving for the power bill.

        • When I bought my townhouse for $119,900 in July 1996, I was making $40,000 a year, excluding patent bonuses. I made a 20% down-payment on a fixed-rate, conventional mortgage. I paid off the mortgage in August 2004.

          Nearly none of those idiots thought “I should buy a house I can actually afford.” With them it is “I gots ta be haben dat”, every waking moment.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Of course that was the intent all along, while blaming us for it to foment genocide against us.

    • chuck_2012

      whites will always be richer, smart and further ahead than blacks because most of them did not grow up in a semi-retarded black environment trying to stand for “cultcha”.

      • Urbane Neanderthal

        Some, possibly most amren readers believe the reason in genetic.
        That is the intellectual success of whites and the failure of blacks to keep up is a reflection of genetic ability.
        The same being the reason why blacks in the NFL and NBA are 5 times their proportion of the population.

  • Tom Mixx

    Race Equity Summit to Address Widening Wealth Gap Between Races
    this’ll be funnier than a barrel full of monkeys…

  • Mergatroyd

    “At the hearing on housing, held earlier this month at Marygrove College in Detroit, an African-American woman talked about the racism she faced while trying to rent an apartment in the suburbs, Sampson recalled.”

    Well, hell, that’s FAR worse than getting the life beaten out of you by a black mob because your skin is white.

    • Oil Can Harry

      If this sista moves to a white suburb she’ll be taking her money out of “da community”.

      Far better that she stays in the city of Detoilet so she can support black-owned businesses there.

      • Mergatroyd

        Far better she and her criminal boyfriend and criminal sons stay where they belong, not in your safe neighborhood and are contained within a specific area. This was the whole idea for the Cabrini-Green apts. in Chicago, to keep blacks and their criminality contained. This made it easier for the PO-lice as well.

        Now the government is hell-bent on handing out Section 8 vouchers like candy so urban blacks can destroy YOUR neighborhood in the suburbs, exurbs or any other place where Whites dwell, one block at a time.

        According to the cultural marxists that run the government, black pride is FAR more valuable than your worthless White life.

      • Fathercoughlin

        What about that genius african we
        heard about the other day–the one accepted(asseptet?) at all 8 Ivies? Shouldnt he have stayed in Africa–perhaps HE could be the Einstein Stephen Hawking has set out to find in Africa??

      • Pro_Whitey

        And did I misread the stories that you can get houses in some parts of Detroit for a few hundred bucks? Why is she even trying to rent when she can own?

        • Oil Can Harry

          Because she doesn’t want to live in a black hood any more than we do!

    • Whitetrashgang

      Could that apartment be owned by Rev Wright?

    • dcc2379

      What? They wouldn’t accept Section 8 vouchers? Her thirteen chillin by eight fadders too much fo the one bedroom?

    • I’m guessing the “racism” she faced was a credit check and the standard attendant fee to run it.

  • MekongDelta69

    “Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion

    The lunatics say those two words so much, you’d think it was their religion.

    Oh wait…

    • Luca

      Liberalism is a cult, complete with chants and rituals but completely devoid of common sense, reasoning or logic.

      • It does have the trappings of a religion, especially in that the basic assumptions are never subject to debate. Arguing with a libtard about the basics makes one instantly guilty of a modern equivalent of “heresy” or “witchcraft”. It’s dogma. They openly admit that they DO NOT CARE that virtually all of the high-profile “racism” incidents turn out to be hoaxes; these still “raise awareness” and are “teachable moments”.

        • John R

          “I believe in the equality of all people. I can’t argue down those of you who do not believe, but I believe in this. And even though it has never happened in history, I believe that one day black people will reach full equality with everyone else in the world. I believe that all the world’s problems are caused by the West, and that Islam is a peaceful religion. I believe that diversity is America’s strength and that people from failed societies will come to America and make it as great as it’s original people did…I believe, I believe…” And people have trouble believing in God anymore, because of all the supposed evidence to the contrary? Huh, so why do they still believe in liberalism, with far more evidence to the contrary?

        • Zaporizhian Sich

          It’s a religion alright, one that worships death and destruction as it’s Messiah.

  • As a professor, the U. asked me to participate in these types of things on a number of occasions. They were all worthless bee ess. Every one of them. A complete waste of my time and everyone elses. But academic types usually love this kind of thing. It’s a mystery to me why.
    PS, since these things were such a waste, I mostly just sat and daydreamed the whole time.

  • God Damn Jeremiah Wright’s 1.6 million home located in a lily White oppressor neighborhood.

    • Whitetrashgang

      I wonder if he has sex parties with white woman? Well what I meant to say is does he wear condoms?

      • The horror!

      • Fathercoughlin

        I think his sex party days are well over.

  • Luca

    I wonder if it ever occurred to blacks and liberals that perhaps we could close the economic gap between Whites and blacks a little bit, if blacks would go out and get a job?

    I’m just sayin’.

    • Whitetrashgang

      Jobs are Racist, how is a homeboy going to go to his shift at Mcdonalds when he is slinging dope , higher than a kite and cant read or write.AND AND his disability cheque just came in because he cant read or write?

      • Who Me?

        Whites have been pretty much supporting blacks ever since they’ve been here. Even during slavery, Whites fed, clothed and housed blacks. The only thing is, back then, blacks did do some work. Wonder how they got them to do that?

      • Fathercoughlin

        Mayne ah wants a goot job ah ain no slave!

    • CourtneyfromAlabama

      Liberals just want to constantly blame the “greedy banks”. Granted, I am not fully on board with the Republican argument but I never can relate to the liberal soap box of “it is greedy banks and nothing more”.

      • Luca

        “Income inequality” is the new Liberal mantra, pretty much borrowed from Karl Marx.

        Liberals demonize and punish success then reward failures because it allows then to control the ignorant masses and useful idiots.

      • Of course the banks are “greedy”. A bank is not a charity, but instead is a corporation that wants to turn a profit so they can pay interest to their depositors and dividends to their stock shareholders. Someone who isn’t out to make money has no business whatever being in commerce.

    • SFLBIB

      “…trailing whites and Asian Americans in income and education levels.”

      Someone once told me the harder he worked, the luckier he got. And education is an individual effort. There are no “Whites and Asians Only” signs over the library doors.

      • LHathaway

        I disagree. The harder one works, the less one gets paid. Or perhaps the less one works the more one gets paid. This is true quite often. They’re really raising benefits, and lowering wages to the point where it becomes, those who do no work get paid more than those who work.

        • SFLBIB

          I guess what Sowell said is true: in a population of 300+ million, the rare becomes commonplace.

        • Fathercoughlin

          The oligrachs love to extol the virtues of “hard work”. But they dont have a lot to say about “high pay”.

      • Pro_Whitey

        Damn that Asian privilege!

        • Fathercoughlin

          I recently read of an enterprising gent in China who discovered oil in the countryside. He and his friends built a little oil company and began to extract the oil. Things looked good! Well sir,one day they get a call from the Communist Party,telling them they did a great job and now would they be so kind as to give the government their company,and all the money and quietly get lost? The guy fought it,wound up in jail and lost all. Many Chinese come here to protect their money from the avarice of the government,from the instability of the economy and God knows what else. They sure as HELL ARE f*cking privileged to be here!! Yes Asian privilege is real. The powerful are the privileged,as the YKW well know.

    • John R

      What? Are you saying that blacks ARE SOMEHOW RESPONSIBLE for their condition? Oh, the horror, I can’t believe my ears! That is just so racist and so hateful. Don’t you realize that the legacy of slavery and racism has made blacks completely incapable of making any decisions on their own, but despite that, they should be hired for any job and allowed into the best colleges. I mean, really, you should be so ashamed of yourself for even making such a hateful comment! (Have you going now, don’t I! LOL)

      • If they are incapable of making responsible decisions, does that mean we should prohibit them from driving and voting?

        • John R

          Yeah, only responsible people should be allowed to vote! Gee, now THAT is a novel concept!

    • chuck_2012

      and go to skoo and get edumicated?

    • Fathercoughlin

      I always wonder about this: Who is wealthier? The guy who works his ass off every day and is self supporting and tax paying and makes,lets say,$36,000…OR the guy who sits on his ass all day smoking blunts,talkin wiff da fellaz and da honeys and getting welfare equiv. to $18,000? The stinking lousy rotten libsh*ts would cry about “wealth”–the first guy pays a mortgage and car payment every month—and how the poor “second guy”,whose race doesnt matter heh heh heh–has so little wealth and he is a victim of unemployment…

      • Since the first guy in your example is paying a mortgage, he is building home equity. A fellow that responsible is probably also setting aside a little from each paycheck for a rainy day. Finally, he is certainly having FICA taxes deducted from his paycheck for Social Security and might have a 401(k) or IRA as well. He will thus have a reasonable retirement income.

        The second guy doubtless blows his whole welfare check each month without a second thought, because he always “gots ta be haben dat shiny bling thing, gnome sayin?” Since the county jail is likely his home-away-from-home, he probably also spends quite a bit on bail bondsmen, court costs and fines.

        The first one is the only one with “wealth” in this story.

  • Who Me?

    “We all do better when we do better together.”

    We all do BEST when we are apart.

    • John R

      Yeah, I’ll file that one right next to “diversity is our strength”, and “there is only one race, the human race.”

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    Massive 3rd world immigration increases poverty and wealth inequality, while pushing native-born workers out of the labor market. The US already had its own source of homegrown, low IQ labor, but had to go out of its way to import even more low IQ foreigners, depressing wages and living standards in the process. Now the US will always have a massive oversupply of labor. The American Dream is dead, killed by globalism, but the 3rd worldized new world order is here to stay for good.

    • Mergatroyd

      Make no mistake that this was done on purpose, destroying white culture and heritage was THE primary goal. Massive non-white, 3rd world flooding of the U.S. was done to dilute, divide and eventually genocide the entire white population and they’re well on their way to accomplishing their goal in England, the U.S.; Canada, Australia are in the process, South Africa is far gone with the whites in the process of being murdered off.

      The ultimate hypocrisy is that those who are doing this to us are in the process themselves of fleeing their own evil handiwork, and blaming whites for destroying their own countries.

    • John R

      And why do you think China is set to become the world’s largest economy soon? Not because of the intelligence of the Chinese, imo, but because of the stupidity of Western leaders importing people from inferior races to drag down their countries.

  • MBlanc46

    “Started in 1941, the Michigan Roundtable is a nonprofit civil rights
    group that tries to overcome discrimination and racism in metro Detroit.”

    They’ve done a really great job in seventy years, haven’t they?

    • CourtneyfromAlabama

      This made me laugh out loud. Good point!

  • We live well beneath our income level, and I am a relentless scrounger. Wealth is the difference between what you earn and what you spend. What one has left over is wealth.


      Michael . . .those are the EXACT words my Pop drilled into me as a young man . . .

      “Wealth is the difference between what you earn and what you spend. What one has left over is wealth”.

      I am a bit of a miser but with time . . .I spend a little more on nice things I need ..

      • I am a cheap Scot and an even cheaper Scott who has at times been very poor, and married to a Japanese lady who regards saving our money as her job. Our rule is that each time things get a little tougher, we can always take 20% off anything. When we wanted to replace the old VHS movie collection with DVDs, we turned the heat down to 55 F all winter and called the difference the movie budget.

        We save 50 percent of any money we make, and the wood and metal parts for my projects are from scrap I have scrounged.

        • POLARBEAR

          I’ve been single all my life and have been happy living in my home that I have decorated to look like a cave . . . . . . . . . .Of course that didn’t help with female prospects ..
          oh well, can’t have everything ..

          • Perhaps you should find someone just like yourself. Love is eventually not very hard.

          • POLARBEAR

            Way too long in the tooth for anything past tea and crumpets . . .
            lol . . .

          • I turn 48 this week, and I’m slowing down to where three times a day is enough. If you’re really old, finding a live-in girlfriend would probably still be pleasant. You could play cribbage over tea and crumpets. Attached men live longer.

        • Toms18

          Married to a Japanese lady and yet you are on a pro-white website. You realise its people like you who are race-mixing whites into oblivion, right?

        • Alexandra1973

          Good for you and Sayaka (that’s her name, right?).

          And on the other hand we have blacks who buy shiny rims for their hoopties then whine and complain they don’t have the money to pay bills…and having to pay up is RACIST! Money burns a hole in their pocket.

          I’m a Scot too (plenty of Scottish ancestry). I’ll pick up something I think I’m going to buy, walk around the store…then put it back because, eh, I don’t REALLY need it.

          I’m in a situation where I have to make do with what I have. Can’t afford fancy stuff. I’m happy my 1997 Grand Caravan still runs. I’d love to get a new memory stick for my computer but I have other priorities.

        • Left Behind in Chicago

          Another way to save money is to stop paying for dates, dinners, drinks for over educated women who don’t put out, let alone bare healthy a White children.

          • Some of those still make great friends, but if one is going to “just be friends”, taking turns paying or going “Dutch” seems eminently fair.

    • Mergatroyd

      You are evil for hoarding your wealth to save for a rainy day or to use on your family and yourself. Who do you think you are? The government knows better than you how to make use of your hard-earned wealth, wealth that YOU didn’t earn. Two things must happen: inflation to eat away at your wealth or higher taxes on wealth to redistribute to those who are more worthy than you are, blacks, A-rabs and Hispanics.

      //sarc in case anyone doesn’t see the satire.

      No wonder more and more people are using the mattresses as banks or quietly buying gold.

      • PSAs tell us we’re not saving enough money. Some politicians want to confiscate savings. Some people can hold two contradictory ideas at the same time, but it drives most of us crazy.

        Jesse Jackson has been, I think as a trial balloon front for elected Democrat politicians that really want to do it, speculating about confiscating people’s 401-Ks for more than twenty years. I happen to think that he’s doing so on a string from Democrat leadership, to gauge the reaction each time he does it. The first time he’s not met with raspberries, that’s when the cobras will strike and actually do it.

        • There is no legal mechanism for confiscating 401(k) and other IRAs short of using eminent domain law. This would require the government to pay fair market value for the accounts, which would instantly defeat the whole purpose. Moreover, with investment securities thus subject to arbitrary seizure, a plan like this would permanently kill the US stock market, and thus the rest of the economy, once corporations discovered that nobody in their right mind would buy stocks.

          • There’s already been talk, esp. in certain California cities, of using ED to seize “underwater” mortgages.

            If ED is used for 401-K, the FMV compensation will be government IOUs. Don’t look for the Federal judiciary to save the day, because Federal judges’ paychecks come from money the Federal government collects.

          • LHathaway

            When you die, isn’t your inherited wealth taxed at about a 50% rate?

            So, in essence, isn’t an IRA really a savings program for government?

          • I’m not sure about inheritance taxes. One can always quit-claim property once one becomes sick. A legally valid quit-claim deed is quite easy to write up.

          • It’s expected that most people will have the principal balance on their 401-Ks depleted or mostly depleted so that they don’t get into the higher inheritance tax brackets by the time they die.

          • You are right, and there are actually tax penalties for not taking 401(k) distributions once one is 65. My mother is 71 and had to start taking distributions, even though she does not need the money. She simply reinvested it in a mutual fund.

      • We offshore a lot of our money. Let’s see Uncle Stupid even find it, let alone figure out how to get at it. So long as income taxes are paid on the original earnings and on any disbursements, the IRS can not legally become involved.

    • SFLBIB

      No. It is the difference between what you get to keep and what you spend. [You forgot taxes.]

  • willbest

    Way to generate wealth. Take 20% of what you make invest 15%, hide 5%. Do that for 30 years be wealthy.

    • Compounded interest on investments is a mathematecally wonderful thing, isn’t it?

      • Mergatroyd

        Those who do not understand how compound compound interest works will never be wealthy. It either works for you or against you and that is the difference.

        • Einstein was once rumored to say (but probably didn’t) that compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe.

          I will say pretty much what you just did, that the main line of demarcation between the universe of people that have something in life and the people that live hand to mouth at best is the ability to grok compound interest.

          • The problem in our modern redistributionist (legalized theft) societies is that anything that can accumulate interest is in extreme danger of being seized by larcenous kleptocrats. A hidden something that has retained the same value for decades is still better than a now-nothing that grew into wealth over time.

          • Dale McNamee

            I think that it was Baron Rothschild who said it…

    • Mergatroyd

      You got the “hide” part right. I would use that to buy precious metals when I’d saved enough and then hide the hell out of it. Guns and ammo are also precious metals, BTW.

      • Alexandra1973

        Freedom’s precious metals: Gold, silver, and lead!

    • Unfortunately under Obama, taxes on investment income has soared. You can do some wealth preservation (if you don’t include inflation) but note that taxes on capital gains are now 40% irregardless of your income level.

      Of course if you lose money on investments, that loss is 100% yours.

      • willbest

        Nobody but the top 3% pay more than 15% on cap gains under Obama tax schemes, and the max you could possibly pay in some weird situations is 31.8%. The regular max rate is 23.8%. That is of course federal. Some states don’t give a toss about your income and will slap another upwards of 10% on top of that. But there are only a handful of states with income taxes that high.

        Also, your losses get carried forward indefinitely until you either use them to offset gains, or convert them to ordinary income losses (up to 3k annually). So you are strictly speaking on taxed on your net capital gains.

  • The city of Detroit is run by blacks that, at best, could only qualify for mid-level government jobs on military bases – cooks, mail handler, security guards. Don’t expect to see too many blacks creating wealth using skills or entrepreneurship, instead they’ll cry racism and the fed will pass another bill to create positions for “blacks only.”

    • Is Detroit the city with the black councilwoman who actually wears a tiara to city council meetings?

  • Mergatroyd

    I heard a “slum” landlord on talk radio give his side of the story, for once. The media always reports the “victims'” side, blacks or Hispanics, never what they actually do to the buildings where they live.

    This landlord said the “victims” he provides housing for flush anything and everything down the toilet that they possibly can instead of using trash receptacles which constantly overflows the sewage system. He said he carefully explains to every resident of his building not to flush trash down the toilet but they continue to do so, then call the health dept. or report him to Section 8, IOW, he is blamed for THEIR actions. He said they also punch out the walls and ceiling, and blame him, break the tiles in the kitchen, and blame him, break the doors and locks, and blame him, use the stairways as toilets, and blame him break the windows repeatedly and blame him. This is what the media never reports.

    • That’s what he gets for trying to profit off of anti-White policies, and with our tax dollars. No pity from me.

    • Whitetrashgang

      Yeah slum tenants, use to own property downtown and sold it for the same reason.Was empty the last two years because it wasn’t worth renting to the garbage tenants.

    • Alexandra1973

      I bet that slumlord’s getting an education.

      If it were me, I’d only put up with it for so long–I’d bail or sell the building to some foolish liberal. Not worth the headaches.

    • Some Section-8 lowlifes once lived across the lawn from my townhouse. It was difficult for me to tell who actually lived there, but it appeared to be an extremely trashy pair of overweight white women with one mulatto kid. They once asked if the brat could play with Ariadne – they wanted free babysitting – and detested us when we said “Of course not”.

      At one point, they had a rusted-out, inoperable, unlicensed black van parked in one of the public spaces as a sort of storage shed. I had that towed by the HOA. It never reappeared. I also called the city police on them at every excuse they provided. After a year, when their lease was up, they moved.

      What came next was the real eye-opener. Their landlord had to have the place completely rebuilt inside. Two entire “roll-off” dumpsters were filled with carpet, destroyed sheetrock, destroyed kitchen cabinetry, destroyed plumbing fixtures (including a smashed toilet), along with the refrigerator, the dishwasher, the kitchen range, the washing machine and the drier. Those Section-8ers trashed that townhouse from top to bottom. Now a nice, retired white couple lives there.

      My HOA passed a new regulation forbidding any individual or corporation from renting out more than two units in the complex. My own building – four units – is now 100% owner-occupied. The building across, which had the S-8ers, is six units: four owner-occupied, one rental and one empty (the couple got divorced and let the bank foreclose on it.)

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Holy smokes! I daresay what happened was they were dealing drugs, OR they were involved with drug dealers. This is a common occurrence when junkies as well as darkies move in. They will utterly trash a house, indeed they will trash any building they can. At work the darkies rip sinks and other fixtures out of the wall and smash toilets. I’m glad you got a retired white couple for new neighbors, your daughter does not need to be around trash.

        • They sat outside smoking whenever the weather was warm, talking loudly, just so everyone on the block could hear their “important” conversations. I walked out the front door and screamed “Shut the blanking blank up; it is three moderated o’clock in the deleted morning”.

          One of the overweight oxygen-wasters trundled halfway across, while I just smiled. She wasn’t a man, let alone an orc, so I smiled and nodded. She turned around and her parting shot was “I’m calling the police.”

          The cops came by the next day and told me that those folks were complete dirtbags – exactly that term – and to not worry about anything.

          Of course they were drug-users: probably methamphetamines. I also suspect Gollum had more teeth than the two of them combined, and a drunk sailor with Tourette Syndrome would have had more pleasant speech. They were just vile human debris, but putting that into nice neighborhoods is what Section-8 is all about.

  • Mergatroyd

    But…but…but…Obama sat in Rev. Wright’s false “church” of white hatred for 20 years and never heard one word preached against whites.

    And the media ate it right up without question, labeling those who even brought it up as haters, bigots and racists.

    Must be nice when the media support whatever you say and do 100% without question, but then they’re anti-whites who never heard words against whites that they wouldn’t put right on the front page to shove in old whitey’s face.

    • President Oogabooga not only regularly went to that creature’s vitriolic sermons with his wife, but they also took their young daughters to them.

      • Ella

        They indoctrinate at an early age. I allow my children to have a life as a child and not a political agenda. You teach them simple family values and traditions and build up from there.

        • Ariadne has a pretty much automatic admission to the Japanese Self-Defense Force Academy because of her great, great-grandfather’s record, so we don’t have to worry about college money. Sayaka is from one of their famous navy families. My own encouragement has been with her natural curiosity. I have a pair of 5X World War Two-vintage Royal Air Force binoculars, as well as my old college astronomy textbooks (selling textbooks back is a complete rip-off for a student), and Ariadne has turned into a fairly serious stargazer. I encourage her with that, and take her to planetarium shows when we’re in Boulder.

          We have looked at telescopes at the ARC thrift store. I’ll get her one next year. I want one to which we can attach my cameras. A long-exposure camera shot can sometimes find a Trans-Neptunian Object, and finding a previously unknown TNO would be a fun father & daughter project. A huge number of them do not appear to be in the plane of the ecliptic, either, so it shouldn’t be hard.

          The only “political” indoctrination I have given her is to avoid blacks and Mexicans, not because they are all thoroughly evil, but because they are unpredictable, but that’s just more of the whole “don’t talk to strangers” bit.

  • Dale McNamee

    The reason why whites are “richer” than blacks is that we don’t spend our HARD-EARNED money on “bling”, rims on cars ( aka DUB), NFL/NBA/MLB gear…Enriching already wealthy team owners, overpriced sports shoes ( “Air Jordans”,etc.), designer clothes ( FUBU, Sean John,Timberland,etc.), smartphones with expensive monthly plans…

    We try to save and maybe invest successfully (over many years and generations) to have some wealth…

    • The best deal I ever got on athletic shoes was a pair of $50 New Balance 747s I bought at Payless in 2005. They’re still holding up, and no missing-link “afawete” got to make $150 on the pair by endorsing them. My hiking boots are my old combat boots. Free, but I did pay $25 to have them resoled with Vibrams after I wore out the original soles. I had to shell out $300 for a good North Face parka, in 2009, but I had been wearing my old Holubar parka since 1982. If I get 27 years out of this one, by which time I will be 75, that works out to be $11 a year. It’s probably the last winter coat I will ever buy.

      My dress coat is an old navy bridge coat. It was $50 in 1990, plus a couple more dollars for replacement buttons. Given the quality of the wool that goes into those, it’ll last forever. If Sayaka and I have a son, he’ll get it someday and probably have it his whole life. Otherwise my nephew, Austin will.

      • Dale McNamee

        Dear Michael,
        Your reply illustrated my point perfectly, which is living within one’s means, or below it, if possible and saving the difference… That’s the lesson that’s lost on these ” income inequality-ists”…
        The 2nd. to the last paragraph about impulse buying is excellent ! A question that I always ask myself is: ” Do I NEED it ? ” If not, I don’t buy it…
        The Salvation Army stores & consignment stores are also good sources for stylish clothes and I’m surprised at the quality… The only thing missing is a fancy store and price…

        • I get good silk neckties at the ARC thrift store. They’re not even used, but are factory seconds: $2 each. I don’t have to dress for work, because I work out of the house, buy my wife and I like “Big Band” music and we go dancing when we can find a babysitter. I thus always look at the tie rack whenever I’m at ARC. I get heavyweight “Field & Stream” hunting shirts at Costco for $10.99 each.

          Computer equipment is easy. I have scrounged so many CRT monitors that my wife says she’ll kill me if I bring another one home. This one (also scrounged) is on the fritz, but when it goes, I’ll just pull another one off a shelf in the basement. Two of the computers here were free. One I scrounged from neighborhood trash and fixed. It was full of adware and spyware, so I reformatted the hard drive and reinstalled Windows. Another was given to me by complete strangers. They were donating obsolete office computers to OEM Parts (a surplus electronics mega-store) and I helped them carry things in from the parking lot. They gave me a desktop machine; being a nice guy seems to pay! We’ll certainly never need to buy another monitor for the rest of our lives.

          Another great way to save money is on furniture. The largest retail markup on any product sold in the US is on new furniture. I usually build it from disassembled kits I buy at “Unfinished Furniture” near the dog track. I was originally intrigued by their Yellow Pages ad, which said “No Particle Board” (particle board is one of my pet hates). The brown leather sofa in the living room I did buy new. It is hotel lobby quality – basically indestructible. I got it half-off ($1800 instead of $3600) at a consignment store because a hotel in Denver had cancelled part of a furniture order, and even the folks at the consignment store were sick of looking at it. They delivered it to Colorado Springs for free!

          We have a completely different mindset from them. When I was in prison, I constantly heard black inmates – and black guards and black staff – bragging about how much money they had spent on something, but never about how much they had saved on a wanted purchase. To them, conspicuous consumption seems to be the whole point: “I be pimpin’!”, rather than getting a bargain.

      • Currently my best of 2 pairs of sneakers I found in the parking lot of my gym. They were clearly just abandoned there by somebody who wanted to upgrade.

        Inside the gym you see black guys with incredibly matched workout outfits. EVERYTHING matches, down to the designer stripes on their socks. They don’t work out, don’t have great bodies, but spend an hour putting on colognes, and stuff on their braids. Then as soon as a hot white girl begins working out, they pop out of the locker room and begin chatting her up. It’s uncanny, they must have some sort of radar to detect hot white women.

        • Someone here once remarked that I looked like his old D.I. from basic. I don’t work out; I work. It almost 48, I appear to still be growing around my shoulders and upper back. I had to lay off most physical work for a while this winter after assembling some shelving for my mother at Christmas. I had to force some parts together, and separated my top three right ribs from my sternum while doing it.

          Your story about blacks at the gym comes as no suprise. They’re all hat and no cattle.

      • benvad

        “gots ta be haben dat”. Sounds like your interrogating a German Spy.

  • Dale McNamee

    Sengal wouldn’t want them either…

  • Fathercoughlin

    Translation:”We wants mo of dem white peeples MONAY!!!”

  • Who is the “we” in this story?

  • dcc2379

    Structural racism. Institutional racism. Invisible racism. Pervasive racism. New racism. Old racism. Yet, there is no genetic racism. Like Fathercoughlin stated, this is another way to transfer whitey’s money. The easiest way is by “means tested.”

    • You forgot “white privilege” and “microaggressions”.

      • MBlanc46

        Didn’t see your post when I made mine above.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Let’s call it what it really is. It’s nothing less than state sanctioned theft, and extortion at that of our wealth, rights and freedom. When that is gone, our lives are next.

      • Correct, look at Haiti and Zimbabwe for the future of the white race in 2050 in the US, Australia, and Europe.

    • MBlanc46

      You left out microaggression.

  • John R

    Yep, those evil White racists! I just see why they would discriminate in renting apartments to African Americans near Detroit. I mean, just look at how they made the city of Detroit look after they all moved in!

  • chuck_2012

    and i suspect the gap in wealth, employment and education will continue to widen as african-americans continue making negative choices. Take education for instance, its free to go to school and the state spends a lot of money for it AA’s never seem to be able to learn and progress. So why are whites and asians able to take advantage? and the women refused an apartment in the suburbs…why would she not try to improve her own surroundings first?

  • chuck_2012

    just more “gibs me dat” when they suggest anything together. As one poster suggested, below par intelligence combined with a lack of education creates a class of people who cannot advance when left to themselves.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    Indeed they are pushing them into my neighborhood right now. I refuse to speak to them or associate with them. I do not acknowledge them. I do watch my street like a hawk and I do take note of every vehicle that does not belong there. I have run off darkie drug dealers and other troublemakers. It is why whites are getting increasingly well armed in my city and using those weapons too. It will not head off white secessionist movements, it will however make them much more violent and deadly than the otherwise would be all around. Before we can secede, we will have to dis-empower, destroy or drive out all hostile elements in our midst, just as the ruling elite regards us as a hostile element in their midst to be dis-empowered, destroyed or driven out.

    • captainc

      you should gather all whites and talk to them about self-defence instead of another flight into the bushes.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        There are many whites in my area that have NO intention of being forced out, they regard this are as their rightful homes.

  • chuck_2012

    raisin in the sun.

  • left Behind in Chicago

    We need to network with Whites in places like Brazil and Venezuela where racial demographics are even worse. How do they live? Build, keep their wealth?

    Brazilian slums make Chicago’s look like safe, Canadian cities.

    • “How do they live? [Temporarily] Build, keep their wealth?”

    • Venezuela’s economy is collapsing because of property confiscation, while the criminals running their government financially support an even more dysfunctional regime in Cuba.

    • In Venezuela they no longer build their wealth there: they export all their cash to Miami, Florida, and buy property there. I sold and bought a house in Miami area in the past 2 years. All the high end property is sought by Venezuelans who pay cash for everything.

      In Brazil I am as of yet unsure. In southern Brazil it appears to be 95% white and it’s very civilized. There is a small, extremely violent minority, and also the favelas, which may have different demographics. It also appears to be very hard anymore to build [honest] wealth in Brazil. You basically have to work for the Government which is very busy extolling the virtues of the poor, non-working, black class.

      • Brazil has very high taxes on imports, even imported parts for which no equivalents are made there.

    • benvad

      Don’t flatter yourselves, I’ve lived in Brazil and Bantus in America are 100 times more destructive. In Brazil they’re poor because they are really poor! Not aggrieved psychopaths with huge chips on their shoulders.

      There is a difference you have to speak Portuguese and understand the situation. But don’t worry, African American Black a Liberation Theologists are doing their damnedest to rectify that injustice.

  • And of course who else in the world better personifies colorblind egalitarianism than Reverend Jeremiah Wright?

    “Started in 1941, the Michigan Roundtable is a nonprofit civil rights group that tries to overcome discrimination and racism in metro Detroit.”

    And during that time Detroit has gone from being a hardworking shining booming first-world city to today’s dank crumbling corrupt violent dangerous third-world cesspool–Congratulations Roundtable on a job well done! Take a victory lap!

    Have a feeling there will be no fascinating workshops on exporting manufacturing jobs while importing the third-world uneducated unemployed, or how everyone wants to flee ‘inner cities’ because they are dangerous ugly bottomless angry anti-White pits of dysfunction and death.

    • Judging from the location of his new mansion, not even Reverend Wright wants to live around the people who destroyed Detroit.

      • Good point. Apparently inner cities are just a little too vibrant for him.

  • benvad

    Do White Americans have to build a secluded island in the Pacific to get away from these parasites?

    • Jack Whistler


      • Actually we might just need to use nuclear weapons on a few obnoxious cities here in the USA.. So sorry; that’s the way it might eventually be.

        The one thing Mr. Chittum never addressed in his book “Civil War Two” was the use of nuclear weapons. This needs to be rationally discussed, and if we really want another government, “by us for us”, we need to talk about the use of nuclear weapons during Civil War Two.

        Tom Chittum once nicknamed me “Dr. Strangelove.”

        Nobody has ever had a nuclear civil war.

        • Jack Whistler

          Can’t remember who it was, but someone once pointed out that the Bantu are more destructive than nukes.

          Today Hiroshima is a thriving metropolis.
          Detroit is not.

          • benvad

            I’ve seen both up close in person, and it isn’t an understatement in the least.

        • Zaporizhian Sich

          There’s a first time for everything, especially in warfare between peoples fighting for their very survival against hostile nations or religious groups.

      • benvad

        Can you just lie to me please? I’m carving out a nice piece of real estate in my delusional psyche, I have to since I can’t afford a cottage in Lake country.

        • Jack Whistler

          Okay, I’ll lie to you.

          The Bantu moving into your neighborhood will enrich you, and your family.

          The one (or pack) following your daughter just wants to be sure she gets home safely.

          The one eyeballing your house at night just wants to make sure your house doesn’t float away.

          The one hanging around your car is just there to change the tire
          if you get a flat.

          All you have to do is be nice to them, and they will abandon their inner nature, genetics, and long history in order to become the perfect neighbors. Further, they will never allow the neighborhood to fall into ruin (and especially will not ruin it themselves) resulting in their following you to the next neighborhood once you flee, like an unending plague of thieving/murdering/raping locust.

          Guess that wasn’t what you had in mind…

  • The Section-8s won’t last.

  • Paleoconn

    There are no Whites in Detroit. It is amazing how race hustling continues even in a place where there are none of the enemy left. But because a woman thinks she was being discriminated against when she tried to rent an apartment in the suburbs, it goes on. All the whites have been chased out of Detroit. Apparently, that is not enough, they need to chase them out of the suburbs too. And if Whites are so nasty, why do these people follow them everywhere? Stay away from whites, and there won’t be any racism.

  • benvad

    Sounds like a cargo cult environment. Going through the motions of mimicking a real assembly. Like a child playing dress up.