Parents Outraged After Finding Easter Eggs Filled with Racist Notes

WRIC, April 20, 2014

Parents in the West End are outraged after waking up to find Easter eggs filled with racist notes.


The Smiths were having an egg hunt with their 3-year-old son Sunday afternoon. It’s an Easter tradition that was interrupted after an upsetting discovery.

“My husband noticed the last Easter egg and I knew it wasn’t one that we put out. We opened it and it’s got the white supremacist stuff in it,” said Jackie Smith.

Inside the egg was the message “diversity = white genocide.” It said, “Mass immigration and forced assimilation of non-whites into our lands is genocide.”

“I think it’s absurd,” said Brandon Smith. He went around their college hill neighborhood looking for more of the eggs and alerting parents so other children wouldn’t find them.

“We don’t want other kids around here who can read being like, ‘Hey mommy what’s the million man white march or what’s the genocide project?’ Most of us don’t want to explain genocide to our 6-year-olds,” said Jackie.


They found several more in people’s yards, leaving residents in disbelief.

“Everybody’s shocked. We are genuinely floored. Why would somebody do this? Why here?”


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  • MekongDelta69

    One word – HOAX

    • Greg Thomas

      I certainly hope not….

      • MekongDelta69

        I don’t mean the message isn’t true.
        I mean, it was put there to try to make us look bad to dopey leftists.

        • Those Websites written on the notes are (or so I believe) genuine.

          • Katherine McChesney

            They are. I googled them and they are legitimate.

          • That doesn’t mean that the messages were not a smear-hoax. Children young enough to be Easter egg-hunting aren’t normally considered political recruit material by anyone except the cultural Marxists.

            This was obviously really just an attempt to get these kids’ parents riled at us race-realists, along with plenty of negative press for us with the media’s talking heads.

        • jane johnson

          I usually agree with you 100%, but I think this is real, and that it makes White people look awake. Especially since Easter is also known as Resurrection Day. I love this.

          • MekongDelta69

            Yes – that’s why I corrected myself in my original msg. right above. I never mind saying when I’m wrong (or think I’m wrong).

          • jane johnson

            I don’t blame you a bit. We’ve gotten so used to being set up that we see lefties behind every bush (or in every egg!).

          • So CAL Snowman

            Yes I love the symbolism of doing this on Easter.

    • So CAL Snowman

      This appears to be legit. I think it’s a pretty damned good idea myself. I plan on doing this next year and it has given me a lot of ideas on how to spread the word.

      • Whitetrashgang

        At this point it should be tattooed to our heads.

    • D.B. Cooper

      I doubt it’s a hoax. If it were a hoax, it would say something like, “Go back to Africa, Knee Grow”.

      You have hit the message where it hurt’s white people. For example, right outside the Student Loan Office of Fill In The Blank University, put up a big poster of a smiling diversity with a big smile on his face. The ad is for a racially based scholarship where qualified applicants can go to school for four years, free of charge. Let a bunch of white people under 25 get a look at that poster as they accumulate what will soon be a debt of $100,000.

      • MekongDelta69

        Yes – that’s why I corrected myself in the msg. right above. I never mind saying when I’m wrong.

    • guest

      It probably is a hoax. The message about diversity being anti-white is true, but almost every story like this has been shown to be a hoax perpetrated by some non-white person looking to make trouble for whites.

      • Greg Thomas

        Diversity is too stupid to create such an elaborate hoax. They generally stick to hanging a rope from a tree, or scrawling some juvenile message on a wall or door and then acting hysterical when they “discover” it.

        • DonReynolds

          Twanna Brawley

      • me

        Not a hoax. Not a ‘dangerous message’, except for the riff-raff in charge of this country right now….because it may open some people’s eyes as to what’s really going on in the push for immigration, diversity, egalitarianism, and affirmative action. Spread the message loud and clear–the truth always prevails, despite the lies and screams of the false anti-Whites.
        The comments on the original news story are pathetic. What a bunch of weak-minded, suicidal, brainwashed, self-loathing, and pathetic Whites commenting on the incident….

      • Or a white libtard.

    • evilsandmich

      It did seem overplayed to me as well. The marketing for our side could be better….

      • DonReynolds

        You are correct. Had it been done by our side, the marketing would have been better.

  • Greg Thomas

    There you have it. Speaking out against our displacement by third world diversity is deemed “racist.”

    “We don’t want other kids around here who can read being like, ‘Hey mommy what’s the million man white march or what’s the genocide project?’

    I bet mommy had no problems with the million man black march, lead by racists such as Louis Farrakhan and other noted “leaders” within the black community.

    • TXCriollo

      nah just get one liberal to find these and a firestorm will start, i feel that the media attention will send curious ppl to the website

    • So CAL Snowman

      I’m sure these West End parents were just fine with the movie “Django Unchained.” I bet more than a couple of those White households feature “Django Unchained” in their DVD collections.

      • foundingstockcracker

        What about the Nate Turner one? I never hear it mentioned. There was a clip from it with ol’ Nate murdering the white baby.

    • Intrep1d

      I don’t even think the message was the issue. It’s how they went about spreading it (in this case via Easter eggs for kids) that’s eliciting less than ideal sympathy.

  • It was all my fault. I got Mr. E.B. hilariously drunk last night and he did it. He also dumps trash in black neighborhoods.

  • ncpride

    Why are police involved here? What crime has been committed? No doubt if there was a ‘pro black/Muslim message’ this would not be an issue. Those White people complaining are beyond brain dead, naïve FOOLS, and do us more harm than all others combined.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Unfortunately I imagine their reaction would be pretty much the standard for the vast majority of Whites in the Former United States.

    • Mason Gull

      Yeah, I’m sure that mom would have been perfectly okay with a message describing about how white people are devils or how Islam will conquer America.

    • BillMillerTime

      What crime, you ask? Suspicion of intent to conspire; possession and distribution of ‘hate speech’; tampering with an Easter Egg in interstate commerce; intentional infliction of distress; domestic terrorism…

    • Greg Thomas

      Anytime Whites show the first inclining of speaking out against our demise, that sentiment must be quashed with full force. They are terrified that Whites will
      awaken before the coup is complete. There would be Whites hanging from trees by
      now if the diversity zealots had their way.

  • Most of us don’t want to explain genocide to our 6-year-olds,” said Jackie.

    Well, why not? Condom distribution and Holocaust education begin in Kindergarten.

    • me

      Indeed! Don’t forget about our ‘evil’ Founding Fathers, the poor ‘noble savages’ the Native Americans, and the Bantu ‘slavery’. Funny there’s never a mention about White slavery, Holdomor, South Africa, or Sherman’s march…..

  • Who Me?

    They asked, “Why here?”
    I have to agree. Putting information out in an area like this is worse than useless. These people want to keep their children totally clueless and therefore more likely to be victims of anti-White genocide. These are the type of idiots who are directly advocating for both personal and racial suicide, via their own children.

    • BonV.Vant

      because THEY put it there. This is a hoax.

  • Medizin

    Would it have been slightly accepted if jelly beans were placed in the eggs along with the notes? Attention: ‘White Man March’ and ‘White Genocide Project!’ Suggestion for next year.

    Bad press? Were any Whites interviewed who weren’t offended? Of course, not.

  • I posted this story on my website three days ago, titling it, “Standing Against Genocide is HATE, but Only If You’re Against WHITE GENOCIDE.” I think it was Mindweapons in Ragnarok who blogged a piece on the very bright young white male behind the WhiteManMarch and the eggs. We have a young Jared Taylor, more hipster and cutting edge than JT, who’s going to invigorate the organization end of this movement. I can’t recall his name, but Mindweapons posted a lot of his thoughts. SUPER BRIGHT KID.

    • Medizin

      Kyle Hunt

      • Thank you. That’s the name. Mindweapons has that nice piece on him.

  • NoMosqueHere

    I’m not sure easter eggs are the best way to disseminate political messages.

    • jane johnson

      Would you prefer fortune cookies?

      • Nonhumans

        I would!

        • jane johnson

          Fair enough. How do we get the messages into the cookies? None of the Chinese joints around here hire Whites.

          • me

            Bah! Chinese fortune cookies? Nope! Insert fliers into Sunday paper–yes!

          • Nonhumans

            Most chinese restaurants dont make their own fortune cookies…the ones that do,
            Omg theyre good.

            A practical approach would be to solicit the ideas to american companies that make them, or to open your own bakery that does.

    • It is if you want to stir up trouble via a hoax.

    • bilderbuster

      But it’s quite alright to disseminate a Jewish racial message with Passover?

  • Olorin

    First reaction here: SPLC hoax, designed to capitalize on the “synagogue shootings.”

    But here’s my question–these people found plastic eggs in their yards and let their kids open them? How much earlier had they placed the eggs that someone could have jammed the contents or added to them in passing? I can’t imagine teaching my children to pick up pretty colored things outside with the expectation of a treat inside. They should be grateful that all they contained was a pro-white message. Or is the implication here that that is the worst thing their children could possibly have been exposed to, worse even than, say, poisoned candy?

  • dd121

    You get an idea just how deeply the leftist propaganda has penetrated when people are “shocked and floored” at the thought of defending their own race/civilization.

    • rebellisMMXII

      Press coverage? Check
      Over the top reaction? Check
      Police investigation? Check
      “Pro-White” message? Check
      And most importantly : Am-Ren conference about to start? Check

      I think our opponents are trying new tactics.

  • Lewis33

    Just think what that 6 year old will be thinking in 80 years…My god those people were right!

    • Anglokraut

      You’re assuming much in that that child is allowed to reach adulthood.

  • Mason Gull

    I agree with the mother that people shouldn’t try to turn a children’s game into a political event. There’s nothing wrong with distributing pamphlets, but trying to sneak them into a children’s game is stupid and rude.

    • BonV.Vant

      it is a hoax

      • Mason Gull

        No it isn’t. Please read the thread.

        • BonV.Vant

          it is a hoax

        • These are all hoaxes unless and until proven otherwise.

          • Mason Gull

            You can think what you want, but given the circumstances I can reasonable to assume that this is genuine. The message isn’t excessively violent, it wasn’t “found” by a black or other minority person, and if you don’t think a person who holds these views would do something so idiotic, you should read some of the comments in the thread. I know that these hate crimes hoaxes happen all the time, but I don’t see anything that points to that in this case.

          • The left has produced so many of these hoaxes that the burden of proof is on them.

          • Greg Thomas

            Why would it be considered a “hate crime” for simply speaking the truth?

          • connorhus

            Not one thing about this is a hate crime, hoax or not.

          • Greg Thomas

            I agree.

          • Not one thing about this is a crime at all, hate or not.

    • Like in “skoo”, when it is permitted to masquerade as “education”?

    • connorhus

      Why is it not a good idea exactly? It hurts no one, it outrages the DWL’s but violates no real laws and just might leave an impression that will give the children they are raising to be slaughtered a small chance at survival.

      If it isn’t a hoax it is a damned good idea…

      • Mason Gull

        It’s not a good idea because it’s wrong to interfere with children’s games and family holidays. In addition to that, it’s a minor nuisance for the people who have to clear the trash off their lawn, and you won’t win any friends that way. I wouldn’t have called the police if I had found it, but the idea is astonishingly dumb.

        • Relax; it was a hoax.

          • Mason Gull

            I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

        • LHathaway

          “I wouldn’t have called the police”. . You can never be too careful.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      There was a story about a year ago of someone putting flyers with a similar message on car windshields in Portland, OR, and one moonbat White woman took it upon herself to remove them because “those views aren’t welcome in our neighborhood”. Flyers, overpass signs, billboards…and now this.
      I have to disagree that this is stupid or rude – any way to get the message out, even with negative coverage they have to report what is said. If the message is factual and non-violent, then those receptive to it will see that we will not be silent any longer, and the hysterical response in the MSM will be icing on the cake.

  • BonV.Vant

    IT doesn’t ale much to make libtards lose their ****. If I found an egg with a libtard message in it on my property, I would just shrug and toss it in the trash. These feeble people are unbelievable, always on the verge of hysterics.

    • They like to claim their infantile hypersensitivity as a “virtue”. It’s part of their toxic moral smugness.

  • BonV.Vant

    They would do this to make those websites seem to be aggressive. They want to shut those sites down.

    • There’s no way that can legally be done in the US, The First Amendment is nearly absolute.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        They got skadi forum shut down. It took a long time but it was done. It wasn’t the police though it was the various companies, servers etc.

  • connorhus

    What a good idea… 🙂

  • connorhus

    She doesn’t want to explain genocide to a six year old?

    News for ya honey, your six year old White boy better know what the score is or he will pay the price of your stupidity and racial suicide.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      OR he will be killing non-whites in the coming race war.

    • me


  • Luca

    And where were the usual poorly tied nooses, backwards Nazi symbols, misspelled racial epitaphs and videos of minority college students or professors planting the evidence?


      That’s exactly what I thought of from the very moment I read the link. You know, I can’t tell you how surprised I was to learn that the recent noose/Confederate flag incident at Ole Miss University. Was actually carried out by White students! I’m so used to, well, mostly black college students. Conducting their very own under cover hate crimes against themselves. I was certain that that one was a hoax as well. I mean it had all the cartoonishly fake white racist calling cards and everything. It had the mandatory noose, the confederate flag and it was all displayed on a statue of a “civil rights” so called icon, James Meredith.

      You know, one thing I absolutely hate is when all the fake hate crime cases are finally shown to be hoaxes. Which were actually committed by the so called victim themselves. Everyone in the media, the schools and even the very police who investigated the incident. All pretend, no matter what their own race is. That they have no clue as to what the possible motive might be. That’s right! They all act as if there is no perceivable reason in our day and age, where victimhood gives power, preference, status and more. That someone would ever want to fake a hate crime upon themselves.

      Worst of all however, is the fact that when these so called hate crimes are discovered to have been just another faked hoax. They’re treated as hey, no harm no foul. Just attend a counseling secession or two and that will be the end of it. No big deal! When in reality, these are still hate crimes. Only the target of the hatred shifts from the so called victim being harassed by evil White racist. To White people being denigrated and painted as evil racist by the faker. The hypocrisy out there is so blatant yet people pretend not to see it. It’s maddening!

      • The hoaxes and their perpetrators are always described with the same few words after they are exposed: “They were confused.” “It still raises awareness.” “This is still a teachable moment.”

  • LACountyRedneck

    A couple clowns were “outraged”. Haha…who cares. A few seeds have been planted.

    • me

      Indeed! There’s no such thing as ‘bad publicity’. The message got out over a wide area in Virginia, thanks to the overreaction of some Kwans…..

      • LACountyRedneck

        Exactly. I want to see millions of those notes (seeds) dropped all over the country.

  • Stan D Mute

    These two are classic examples of leftist self-hating vermin. I would LOVE for them to live in a 90% African neighborhood. I’d love to see Mr Smug Marxist liberal whine “but I think we are all the same!” while his head is curb stomped by a mob of 20 “teens.”

    Watch this clip a few times. Get to know this couple. THEY are our enemy just as much as the $PLC, NYT, or Marxist college professor. THEY need to get to know their beloved diversities up close and VERY personal.

    • LHathaway

      We can help them with that in the future.

  • gemjunior

    I cannot even look at these parents. Instead of doing further research on the mere possibility of there being a hint of reality in the message, they knee jerked it into the house to call the “authorities.” They did what any good little trained brainwashee would do, throw up their hands and shriek, worried that someone in the world might think they were racist. And they wanted the world to know they are Good White People, not Bad White People Like Us.
    They SHOULD worry, not about their kids having to learn about genocide at age 6, but to actually experience it in a couple of decades or have to live on the run from blacks who want to “even the score”. I forget who it was but it was a very wise man who said that “Condemnation prior to investigation will keep a person in everlasting ignorance.” Instead of 2 or more awake white people, we have 2 or more people whose kids when they grow up will probably help to race-mix us out of existence.

  • kjh64

    I do think it was not the place to slip these messages or any message into kid’s easter eggs. However, why were the police called and why did they come and investigate? No threats were made and no crime was committed. That is just downright silly. Also, where is the “racism” and “hate”? The messages simply stated that mass immigration into only White lands resulting in fewer and fewer Whites and ceding control to other races is genocide. That is true. Nobody is forcing mass immigration into Asia, Africa or Latin America, only Whites lands, so you have to say this is anti-White.

  • baldowl

    More and more, after reading these kinds of stories, I’m finding myself saying, “Stupid white people.” These people are the sorts of whites I’m simply giving up on.

  • Who Me?

    But the actions of the clueless, “tolerant” White parents point out very clearly that THEY are part of the enemy within, the ones like Amy Biehl’s parents, who will forgive and show love and tolerance and DIE-versity to the very murderers of their children–and OURS.


    What dumb ass would put that in an Easter egg and hide it for children to find? The message? Is simply a fact! However, spreading awareness in such a bone headed way detracts from the message. This very well could be a Hoaxer looking to discredit the validity of the message itself. As we all know they have done these kind of things countless times. I mean hell, when talking about so called incidents of White racism on college campuses. The question’s not how many were actually hoaxes. The question is how many, if any were not hoaxes. But just as it is with those hoaxes. We will never hear about this again if it does turn out to be a hoax conducted by a black neighbor or some Antifa lunatic leftest out there.

  • rebellisMMXII

    Conference is about start…the other side is at work. Trying to show ‘evil’ white people targeting children.

  • Conrad

    You know that these Nazis’ are evil because the anti-whites would never preach an anti-white message to children. I mean, come on guys, they never preach that ‘white privilege’ stuff to young white children. Their morals are too high for that.

    • The left’s morals would never allow them to telephone death threats to the managers and staff of hotels that were scheduled to host American Renaissance conferences. Their morals also wouldn’t permit them to even dream about attacking a small group of white paleoconservatives at a restaurant in the midwest, beating both them and intervening restaurant staff with hammers and lengths of scrap rebar. They also never spray-paint racist graffiti on their own homes and motor vehicles.

      The cultural Marxists are “moral”, and for reasons that are not exactly clear, we aren’t.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Why is the volume on these videos always so low that I have to crank my volume all the way up just to hear them???

    Wanting to stop White dispossession is now “white supremacy,” I guess. This is language redefinition in the new Amerika.

    Also, if the father at the end of the video thinks everyone is “equal,” then why does he live in a white suburb rather than in, say, Detroit or Gary, Indiana?

  • OhWow

    How is it “supremacist” or “racist” to say your race is being replaced by 3rd worlders (a rock hard fact)?

    It’s to the point where they don’t even need to make sense. They just see anything fighting for whites as being “racist” or “white supremacist”.


      Many of our people have been so thoroughly brain washed to hate themselves. That one day they’ll eventually come to the point. Where they’ll truly believe that for them to simply continue breathing while White, is racist. Yes sir, suicide my friend. Both personal and national. That is where all this self hatred is leading. And it’s not some spontaneous or natural occurrence either, it’s a plan. And as far as the planners are concerned, things are going just great.

    • Equal Parenting -Fathers Initi

      that’s the Power of the Press. and it doesn’t stop with this issue, either. The media can change public opinion on a number of issues; not just this one. The media can brainwash European women into believing that it’s normal to wait until age 42 before planning a family. They an encourage racial mixing. or, glamorize school shootings. It never ends.

  • Jacqonta Green

    dis could be da work of some of my homies. Dey mite be tryin to stir up dat raciss chit.
    den agin, my homies don’t work so it muss b whitey. God bless

  • Greg Thomas

    I was being politically correct with the use of the term “displacement.” I should know better….

  • RHG

    “Diversity” is absolutely a euphemism for discrimination against white people.

    • DiversityIsDeath

      More accurately, “diversity” is race replacement/displacement of whites. That’s exactly what “diversity” means. I wish White people would actually put some thought into the meaning of this word “diversity”, and its results when the concept is actuated. If each white person closely examined this diabolical word and how it effects them, personally, surely they would not be “celebrating” it like imbeciles. We are all so used to hearing this word “diversity” bandied about as if it is something glorious to strive for that most white people do not really understand how detrimental it is to them.

  • MBlanc46

    Sounded like pretty spot-on eggs to me. You owe it to your children to explain it to them.

  • me

    Trespassing and littering–but no HATE CRIME! The cops are probably in agreement with the message, if not the method.

  • IstvanIN

    The message is accurate but taking advantage of a child’s play time was probably not appropriate. How do we get the message out en masse?

    • RileyDeWiley

      Right. We need to deal with adults, not children. And we need to do it on the up-and-up.

  • bubo

    No doubt some of these outraged parents probably consider themselves conservative. Quite a number has been done on whites when it comes to racial identity in this country.

    In France they have Generation Identetaire and the Nationalist Front, Sweden has the Swedish Democrats, BNP and EDL in the UK. Golden Dawn and many other pro white groups flourish in Europe.

    What’s different about America? Why is anything that even mentions white solidarity seen as abhorrent and scary to whites? Who made us this way? Who or what has that much influence?

  • Equal Parenting -Fathers Initi

    why doesn’t anyone ever think it’s inappropriate to flood the mainstream media with Black issues? How often do we turn on our television, only to be harassed with special interest? Also, how is this “White Supremacist”? I’ve got the answer to that one: The media brainwashes people into using the term “White Supremacist”. This term has been spread throughout the media. Oddly, its origins derive from White ‘skin head’ gangs. Even though virtually ALL gangs are non-white. It all shows how much the media controls public opinion.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    Inside the egg was the message “diversity = white genocide.” It said, “Mass immigration and forced assimilation of non-whites into our lands is genocide.”


    But massive third world immigration is white genocide, you stupid liberals.

    The truth is always racist.

  • LHathaway

    There you have it. American adults unable to explain ‘genocide’ to their children.

    Perhaps children don’t need to be reading this. Probably not. And probably not found on their ‘easter eggs’.

    Then again, genocide isn’t right, either

    What do children need to know when subjects like the holocaust come up? What do they need to know when any of these subjects come up? I bet there’s a lot they would be unable to explain to children?

    There you also have it. . . it’s ‘racist’ to be white and protesting racism. Not wanting to be a victim of racism, reacting against it in any kind of way, is considered, not fleeing injustice, but causing it. This must be because every good person knows, not a single white person in the history of this country has every been a victim of racism (and every person of color has been, every person of color somehow even associated with this nation is somehow a victim of racism to one degree or another). If there were some whites victims of racism, at any time or at any place in this nation, someone ‘not a racist’ would have mentioned it.

  • Whatever else is said about it in terms of rights or wrongs to have used this method, thanks to ABC news (I’m from England, so I don’t know how big that station is), the message has reached the ears of a lot of people who would never have heard it, along with the website address clearly being shown.

    It is not exactly a “bad” event that would refelct poorly on us, such as violence or other stunts to make ourselves noticed.

    Maybe after it is heard often enough, it will start to get implanted into debate.

    There is some old quote about “first being ridiculed” and then “faught” and then it “becomes accepted”……. the people in the video may not understand the point, some may understand it but not agree with it, and others may undertand it but just not want to discuss race with their children yet. But the more the concept comes up, perhaps the more people will consider it. Who knows. I suppose it is better than doing nothing.

  • Katherine McChesney

    BORING. Abuse of a great little cartoon.

    • I watched the whole thing, and loved watching Snoopy raping Lucy.

    • Terra Magnum Imperium

      Agreed, watched up to 1:31, the voices annoyed the hell out me…

    • Cobbett

      It’s very funny.

  • archer

    I’m surprised they didn’t call in a swat team. what a putz.

  • Людмил Иванов

    Some cultures sacrifice their children for religious purposes. The White liberals belong to that group.

  • Людмил Иванов

    “There’s people that don’t believe everybody’s equal.” It’s not really a matter of belief. BTW, a White couple, if they believe in the one race thing, then why didn’t they just move in a diverse area and enrich their gene pool?

  • bbshaw

    The Frankfurt School insists there be a “Hurt Feelings Police”.

  • dcc2379

    If my 6 year old or any 6 year old could read genocide and that sentence to me, I’d sign them up for gifted school. Now, in the ghetto, the joke would still be on the person who made the eggs because 17 year old Jamal and 15 year old Dontavious, after knocking down a kid a stealing the eggs, would do no better than those 6 year olds.

    Sadly, in the end, a black person probably made the eggs to get headlines.

    • My six year old is almost seven, but she knows what genocide. Ariadne does not know that it is a “portmanteau” term using both Greek and Latin, which makes it inelegant.

  • IA_Adam

    Not an appropriate Easter topic, but it is truthful. The ultimate goal of people who worship at the alter of diversity is to remove their favorite scapegoat class from the map, i.e. white people.

    And I’d wager that the actual source of these messages is a progtard. Hoax crimes are rampant now.

  • IA_Adam

    Gee… Thank you Captain Obvious… What would we do without you to tell us the system is rigged for the rich… and Harvard law school teachers who lie about their personal heritage to jump the line and use affirmative action to get a job they’re not qualified for.

  • I guess I’m in the minority on this one, but I think this was classless.

    • Людмил Иванов

      This was a 110% hoax. As you can see from sometimes backward swastikas, the typical hoaxers are not very bright.

      • Hoaxers tend to be drooling, mouth-breathing “rocket surgeons”, like the woman who spray-painted racist graffiti on her own home last autumn and then didn’t bother to get rid of the can of blue paint she had used. The high school football team was withdrawn from the rest of the playing season by the school principal, and this included her own mulatto son. Or the couple who burned down their own home – only after removing all their belongings to a self-store unit. That one was caught by the insurance company and not the police. How about Sharmeka Moffit, who doused herself with lighter fluid and then set herself on fire, apparently unaware that the combination of burning liquid hydrocarbons and burning synthetic clothing produces some quite amazing skin damage (the fabric melts onto the skin while it burns).

        There’s also Crystal Mangum, who had semen from several different guys in her when she was tested at the hospital, but the DNA matched absolutely none of the Duke University students she had accused of raping her (one of whom was all the way across town withdrawing money from an ATM at precisely the time she said he had been raping her). I guess she never anticipated DNA tests or things like ATM receipts and bank security cameras. Mangum addditionally changed her story multiple times.

        On a similar note, in another famous rape hoax Tawana Brawley accused white assistant district attorney Steven Pagones of having raped her 15 times (!) in one day. Not even Superman could manage it 15 times in 12 hours. I certainly couldn’t do that in my 20s, let alone now! Additionally, the racial epithets scrawled on her torso were written upside-down, which suggests she did it herself, while looking down at her stomach. One of her shoes was sliced open, but the foot inside it was completely unharmed. The feces smeared on her body was positively identified as having come from her neighbor’s dog. Rape kit test results showed no evidence of a sexual assault. One neighbor testified under oath that they had seen Brawley climb into the garbage bag. School classmates testified to the same grand jury that they had seen her at a local party during the time of the alleged abduction. Though she claimed to have been held captive in a woods for several days – in New York, in November – there were no medical indications of hypothermia, and the girl even seemed well-fed. Her clothing was charred in places, but there were no burns anywhere on her skin.

        These nit-wits aren’t bright enough to do things like get rid of evidence or make up consistent stories.

        • DNA Explains It All

          But still the anti-white system grabs at this garbage in search of the GREAT WHITE DEFENDANT. It’s 1963 FOREVER to these folks.

        • benvad

          I don’t believe it, anything from the left is just trying to destroy white males. Lies trying to get sympathy for Marxist movements.

  • HJ11

    Nice publicity for the cause even though the lefties have used the typical template in reporting this: First, they characterize something as “racist.” Then, they search until they find a couple of brain dead weak-seed Whites who will say the predictable things about being horrified. And, in these stories, there’s always one weak seed who says he or she went around the neighborhood picking up the messages or warning parents about them so they could pick them up. Yawn.

    Of course, the reality is that the messages in the eggs are true.

  • LACountyRedneck

    I don’t believe it was a hoax but if it was I’d like to see a lot more of these and similar ones, and I’d like to thank the hoaxsters. Plant more seeds.

  • John Ambrose

    How much you wanna bet that this Smith family’s white? And this is Virginia we’re talking about; not someplace in the North East or Pacific North West filled with SWPL types.

  • gemjunior

    You must be joking. You really haven’t noticed that all, not a few or a couple, of anti-black “racist” incidents at colleges, sprayed on garages, etc., have proven to have been hoaxed by the “victim” themselves who didn’t find enough REAL racism in the world to keep up with the victim narrative? There have even been some swastika incidents by Jews looking for sympathy and not finding enough Jew-haters out in the colleges populated with mostly evil gentile European diaspora hate-mongering little devils.
    Some such stories? There are a million to choose from but for starters how about the Duke lacrosse case where Crystal Magnum attempted to put 4 good boys away for most of their lives when they never touched a hair on her disgusting head? How about the scores of “black church burnings” all over the country that were ALL set by blacks looking for sympathy, anti-white hate, and insurance money? Google racist incidents at colleges perpetrated by the accuser themselves and there will be so many your head will spin. Out of 20, 19 or even 20 will be done by the victim. For every white on black racist incident, there are no fewer than ONE THOUSAND black on white racist incidents, usually rapes or gang rapes but sometimes knock out punches and tortures (the burning of a 12-year old to death with a blowtorch by a black woman who hated white children, or the incident in Knoxville where a couple were raped and tortured to death in 2007 and America still doesn’t know about it. Trust me, these incidents were a lot worse than the torture of being forced to sit in the back of a bus. And that is an extremely conservative estimate – it might be even 5,000 whites attacked for every one black. Wake the hell up.

  • gemjunior

    The racist sanitation department refuses to pick up their garbage is the story I was told.

    • Sanitation departments – racist or otherwise – only pick up trash when it is (A) placed by the curb and (B) packaged in cans, boxes or bags. They don’t have the manpower to go down sidewalks and through yards picking up litter.

  • See my own post below.

  • Fortunately, the cops can – and will – dust those plastic eggs and the paper inside for fingerprints. If the real culprit has ever been arrested or was once in the armed forces, his or her prints will be in the NCIC database; they’ll know who did it almost right away.

    • DNA Explains It All

      Yep if you are going to do anything like this, gloves, watch hair, fiber and “particulate contamination”, if you sneeze START OVER with a fresh setup.

    • DNA Explains It All

      Cool to know that our GOVERNMENT would put more resources into finding this prankster than they did say JEFFRY FREAKING DAUHMER!

      • All over what will at most be very minor charges! Harassment and littering aren’t even real misdemeanors in most jurisdictions; they’re infractions, like not having one’s dog on a leash. I very much doubt normal police like dealing with this sort of nonsense; they have more important things to deal with, like drunk drivers, wife-beaters and grown men trolling for sex with minors over the internet. The problem the police have here is that if they treat this non-incident (and almost certain hoax) with the lack of seriousness it merits, they leave themselves open to the instant media brouhaha “The racist police are ignoring racism!”

        Remember the orchestrated hype and mass-panic over bits of knotted string that the Retardo-Americans decided were “nooses”? We’re going to see the same sort of thing all over again with this.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    The message is too complex to be effective. A person would need to read the background arguments to understand it fully. In context it just looks absurd- like some white that hates non-whites making a stink. A better message would be- affirmative action= anti-white discrimination. People understand what affirmative action is and its a fairly agreeable point. Or something like “Hispanic Neighborhood= Diversity, White Neighborhood= Racist. Diversity is a code word for anti-white” or “Israel- state made by Jews, for Jews= Diversity. Germany state made by Germans for Germans, racism?” You need something that a person totally unfamiliar with WN can easily understand without having to think too much.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    Or Israel, a State made by Jews, For Jews= our greatest ally. Germany a state made by Germans for Germans= evil racists?

  • bostonkid

    I worked on a farm for 28yrs and I’ve never had a case where one of our Hens laid an egg with a message inside. This could be the first of it’s kind. One other thing is that normally Hens don’t lay eggs far from chicken coop which tells me their could be one close by and if so they better check the city ordinance laws since there may be a code violation. All that work for Hen to spread racist epitaph is waste of time if she ever watch TV or Listen to Music backwards. My favorite Britney Spears song backwards Hit me baby one more time / sleep with me I’m not too young. We have many laughs on beet farm later fellow comrades until next Tuesday.

  • DonReynolds

    Why is this a police matter? Looks like someone exercising their First Amendment rights.

    • As I said, it might be littering or harassment – at worst – but those are just tickets.

      One friend received a harassment ticket after talking to his ex-wife on the telephone. Apparently, he said something she didn’t like. That was a $35 fine, and as he was making $ 84,000 a year, he paid it with a smile on his face.

      I’ve said it before: there are two sorts of problems a fellow can have, the variety that can be fixed with money and the kind that can’t. I’ve had both sorts, and I much prefer the former.

  • If a neighbor of mine “alerted” me about this sore of nonsense, I’d sign a harassment complaint against HIM.

    • Laura Dilworth

      well, we’ve got a new scandal now-nba guy telling his girlfriend not to bring blacks to games

  • Mrfinoni

    The Easter bunny is a racist. LOL

  • Terra Magnum Imperium

    Maybe “Blackface” would be more hilarious.