Police: 2 People Shot Near National Zoo in D.C.

USA Today, April 21, 2014

Two people were shot and injured near an entrance to the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., police confirmed Monday.


Police confirmed that the incident happened outside the zoo. The National Zoo closed after the incident.

Each year on Easter Monday, families are welcomed to the National Zoo for family-focused activities and Easter entertainment, according to the National Zoo’s website.

There is a history of some violence at this family event at the zoo that the police say they are aware of.

“We were not expecting (a shooting) but we had a heavy police presence up here,” said Commander Michael Reese of the Metropolitan Police Department. {snip}

Three years ago on Easter Monday, a teen was stabbed multiple times.

Shots were fired about an hour after thousands were at the zoo to celebrate African American Family Day and Easter Monday.


Police, who are looking for two black males, said they do not know the motive for the shootings.

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  • MekongDelta69

    African-American Family Day” – Just one of the many ‘fun’ things to do to celebrate.

    Btw, someone let me know when there’s a “European-American Family Day.”
    (Don’t worry – I won’t hold my breath waiting.)

    • dd121

      You’d think that by the name of “family day” the event would draw a very small crowd. After all, most never marry and they reproduce like farm animals. I guess being a bastard is one of their family values.

    • B.E.L.

      Headline: “European-American Family Day at the DC Zoo, and everyone had a good time.”

    • evilsandmich

      By default that’s all the other days, just that no one can say it out loud.

  • Who Me?

    “Police, who are looking for two black males, said they do not know the motive for the shootings.”

    At least they didn’t blame it on Whites. Probably because there were NO Whites there to blame, it being “African American Day At The Zoo” and all. (The jokes about that could write themselves, but I’ll refrain!)
    As for a motive, don’t the authorities have a line for TNB?
    Oh, wait….

    • dukem1

      Silver-backs on parade!

  • “Police, who are are looking for two black males, said they do not know the motive for the shootings,”

    How about because they were black?

    • dukem1

      Motive? Maybe bush meat.

  • dcc2379

    The video above looks like someone unlocked the gate at the primate section.

  • james AZ

    look for two black humanrioid locusts

  • So CAL Snowman

    “There is a history of some violence at this family event at the zoo that the police say they are aware of.”

    That pretty much tells you all you need to know about 21st century America. What other race of “humans” has a history of violence at family events? I’m pretty sure that family events were non – violent affairs in the 1950s.

    • What other race of “humans” brings guns to the zoo?

      • Einsatzgrenadier

        What other race of “humans” belong inside a zoo? They should confine negroes to zoos and charge real humans an admission price so they can entertain themselves by watching feral monkeyshines.

        • Grantland

          The baboons and Chimpanzees in the neighbouring cages would protest.

    • Moe

      Right. Who brings a gun to a family outing at the zoo?

  • tlk244182

    “Shots…fired after thousands…celebrate African American Day…”
    Well, “Duh.”

    • BonV.Vant

      They had to have the day at the zoo, so they could visit their relatives.

      • BillMillerTime

        Still waiting for such headlines as:
        “Violence erupts after Oktoberfest celebration”
        “Police, Officials Insist Attacks on Drivers Not Related to St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations”
        “Renaissance Festival shuts down early after 2 killed, 12 injured”
        “Police say Columbus Day festival resulted in 54 arrests”

        “Leif Ericsson Day festivities marred by gun violence, rival gangs to blame say police”

        • Two of Colorado’s current death row occupants, Robert Ray and Sir Owens murdered another black guy at free July 4 concert in a Denver park in 2004. The really ironic aspect to that case is that Owens went to the park to get his friend out of the area because he was causing trouble. They didn’t get the death penalty for that; they got it for killing two witnesses 11 months later.

          A free concert at a park on Independence Day isn’t what most whites would consider a likely venue for a shooting, but in reality, any event that attracts blacks instantly becomes a likely place for murder.

          “Running gun battle in Shriner’s parade leaves 16 hospitalized, 5 in critical condition, with 7 miniature Cadillacs total write-offs.”

  • Lewis33

    “We were not expecting (a shooting) but we had a heavy police presence up here,” The Talk by The Derb strikes again!

    • Johnny Clay

      Not expecting a shooting? There’s one every year at the zoo on Easter Monday.

  • The silver lining in this cloud is that in DC random shots are more likely to take out a black than anyone else. At Afro Day at the Zoo, chances are 100 percent that unless a chimp or elephant, etc. get unlucky the animal killed or injured will be the human animal, the one with the black skin.

    • Rhialto

      I remember reading about a zoo in a major eastern city (Philadelphia?), where a major problem was local youfs attacking the animals. Their MO was to sneak in after the zoo closed, and shoot the animals with arrows or BB guns, or throw rocks at them. These actions caused pain and injury to the zoo’s exhibits.

      • Tormenting and injuring animals that can’t even get away sounds very black. Or Mexican.

      • Grantland

        A couple of yoofs threw tins at a tiger, which incensed it enough to leap the unleapable barrier and kill one, maul the other. It was shot, tragically. A few years back.

  • BonV.Vant

    what better place for “African American Family Day”? How truly fitting!

  • Luca

    An African American Family Day being held at the zoo? Oh come now, surely someone sees the irony/comedy in this.

    • Alexandra1973

      I don’t believe in evolution but I snicker at that.

    • dukem1

      1000 up-votes for overstating thee obvious.

  • gemjunior

    African American Fambly Day….

  • Cannot Tell

    It’s sad, but I really think that having become a daily reader of AR will eventually add years to my lifespan. AR has informed me of all the violence that occurs during events for blacks. Whether the venue is the zoo or Virginia Beach the violence will always occur if blacks are there.

    I remember being taken to a Black History month event by a friend of the family. Of course, two black guys got into a fight afterwards. Needless to say, I won’t be attending any more events that might draw large numbers of blacks.

    • evilsandmich

      Yeah if it’s “free/discount” day at some public venue, best to stay away.

  • LACountyRedneck

    I feel sorry for those animals. I mean the ones in the zoo.

  • Jacqonta Green

    wen its African American family day eben I aint be goin. jus sayin.

  • MBlanc46

    Wherever Negroes gather….

    • BonV.Vant

      ….they create a stink

  • Johnny Clay

    There’s always a shooting at the National Zoo on the Monday after Easter. I won’t hold my breath, but I would hope that the zoo would see what’s going on and close that day.

  • IstvanIN

    This doesn’t surprise me. Earlier this year my daughter suggested taking my grandson, who is four now, to the zoo when the weather gets just a little bit warmer (I don’t do too well in the mid-summer heat these days). I told her it has to be a weekday, non-holiday, full price admission day simply because of nonsense like this. She looks at me with a grin when I mention these things but I think I am slowly getting through to her.

    • Ditto. I prefer the Denver zoo to the Cheyenne Mountain zoo here in town because the one in Denver is flat, and thus not the arduous hike of the one here. We go in the middle of the week to avoid the impulse-control-challenged diversitoids.

  • You forgot “Stop the Violence” rallies. They shoot each other at those events as well.

    • archer

      stop it, your making me laugh.

      • It gets better than that. A year or two ago, we read here about one black shooting and killing his friend after they had quarreled over who makes the best Kool-Ade. I’ve quarreled quite bitterly with friends before. One of them forgave me, and my daughter and I are going out to eat with him at the Golden Corral in about 30 minutes. One of them still isn’t speaking to me – 15 years later – because to hear him tell it, I’m a “nazi”. I also told the second one I was sorry, but it only annoyed him some more. I just don’t see him anymore; nobody got shot.

        • BonV.Vant

          Hmmmm. cool aid. Let’s see, a packet of mix, a cup of sugar, and water. You mean that blacks think there is “technique” involved?

          • Perhaps to someone with an IQ of only 75, there is “technique” involved, because reading the directions on the package – let alone following them – be complicated, gnome sayin?


    If the Japanese youth ever hear about this
    their whole world will fall like a house of cards ..

  • r j p

    Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago is free. If it is a nice day it is busy. I just get off the bus and walk the 16 blocks hone rather than put up with the uncontrolled rugrats.

  • model1911

    “Police, who are looking for two black males, said they do not know the motive for the shootings.” Would you like a hint?

  • NoMosqueHere

    A number of these crimes involving blacks take place at a zoo.

  • scutum

    Question: How can you tell the inmates of the zoo from the spectators? Oh! I know! The spectators are the ones shooting one another.

  • Truth Teller

    Michael Scott

    i am sometimes accused of being a racist, facist, neo nazi and secret KKKer. I always reply, I am and am proud of it. Then I go into the facts and figures about black rape and proudly proclaim that the KKK was the most effective anti rape organization that ever existed.

    • I’m a racist, but not those other three. Since I am a WBtS Southern-sympathizer, this probably makes me a neo-Copperhead, but that’s about as far as the list goes in my case. I doubt there is much of a real Klan anymore; I suspect about 90% are undercover FBI agents and the remaining 10% are all over age 70.

      To me, the neo-Nazis are a bit puzzling. The 1968 US gun control laws, written by Senator Thomas Dodd (D-Connecticut), that genuine conservatives hate so much were copied almost verbatim from Nazi-era German gun laws. Dodd even ordered translations from the Library of Congress of exactly those laws! Big government has shown itself to be almost universally the enemy of rational, hard-working people over the course of the 20th Century, and American fascists and neo-Nazis seem to be asking for more of exactly that, rather than less.

      “A government that is powerful enough to give you anything you want is also powerful enough to take away everything you have.”
      –Voltaire (?)

  • Truth Teller

    The only good thing about MLK day is that it occurs in January. The northern half of the country is buried in snow. The southern half is subject to freezing rain. Can you imagine the mayhem if MLK had been born in the summer?

    • BillMillerTime

      Just wait until we get “National Trayvon Martin Day.”

  • Truth Teller


    The Oakland Ca zoo has had problems with young OFEs sneaking after closing to kill and abuse animals for 50 years.

  • BonV.Vant

    They are used to visiting “family” members that are behind bars!

  • BonV.Vant

    The Chimps got to see what they evolved FROM

  • Luis

    On a related note, the Black Expo shows in Indianapolis always had shootings, followed by a large police presence. This made some Bantus nervous, because they resented the large police presence.

    Now the NRA is currently holding its annual meeting in Indianapolis, as i post this. You can make book that you won’t hear of any shootings at the NRA convention – and this is a place that will be awash with guns, no less. Why is that? What could the difference be?

    • That people who go to NRA conventions are first world people, and people who go to black expos are third world people.

      If an NRA convention is held in a major city that happens to have a large enough black population, there will almost always be black reverends and preachers holding protests. Two years ago, when NRA was here in St. Louis, I thought I figured out why: Because it’s an embarrassment for white people to come to black cities and be around acres of firearms and not feel the need to shoot each other, when just a few miles away from the convention hall, two ghetto blacks and a gun in the same room will ensure that one will murder the other within an hour. It would be as if you’re an amateur inventor, and a professional comes to your house and invents something world-changing with only the material he finds in your house. That would embarrass you.

      Then I realized I was overthinking it. Now I think the only reason the black preachers are protesting is because the NRA won’t play the usual grease palming game, that they won’t hire the daughters and nieces of black reverends for do-nothing sinecure jobs.

      • Black preachers whine and complain more about white people’s guns than they do about the guns possessed by their own “yoofs”, even though everyone knows exactly who is shooting the overwhelming majority of these same black “yoofs”. Whitey giving up his firearms will somehow make the “yoofs”, “teens”, “babies” – “infants”, really – stop shooting each other: magic!

  • Shooting 25 people over a neighborhood barbecue? That doesn’t exactly show a well-developed sense of proportion.

    “Let’s see: I’ve been turned away from a barbecue by gang members. I can (A) go home and order some pizza from Blackjack and spend a pleasant evening playing video games with friends or (B) come back with those friends and hose random neighbors at the barbecue get-together down with gunfire and risk a life sentence in prison. This be a tricky decision, gnome sayin?”

    In the meantime, the cultural Marxists are still insisting that there is “no such thing” as IQ.


      Be sure to choose the proper load . . . .

  • Good point. It is quite unfortunate that our “vibrant” elements have made carrying firearms necessary. Couldn’t they go back to “inbentin de heliocobopter” or whatever it was they used to do?

  • The brother of my mother’s neighbor was murdered by blacks there at Mardi Gras.

  • De’Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones

    I am reading a April 26 WA Post article on the zoo shootings, “Shootings outside Natl Zoo came amid rising tensions in SE Washington.” Article describes two community meetings to address the mayhem that ocuured all over DC that day as the youth traversed the city to and from zoo. At a meeting in black neighborhood Anacostia, some new solutions were proposed: “Studio time for budding rappers, musicians, models, and artists.

    A Dept of Parks representative said this studio time will be provided at one Anacostia rec center. The avoidance of rationally discussing facts at root of the black violence problem has now gone beyond simple absurdity and has now lifted off from contact with Earth’s surface. Of note, the author of article has likely picked up on ridicule of phrase, “aspiring rapper” so instead used “budding rappers.”
    It seems to me that rap and the thug culture the majority of rap glorifies , along with tendency to play it loud with powerful subwoofers that annoy everyone , especially at stoplights, is part of the problem with the black underclass culture.