Native French under Attack in Muslim Areas

CBN News, April 10, 2014

Violent crime can happen anywhere and to anyone and for many reasons, but in parts of France, it has become especially dangerous to be white.

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  • Truthseeker

    Wow, CBN News reported on this? This issue may slowly be becoming more mainstream.

    • That’s the most surprising thing, that this is coming from the channel Pat Robertson founded. Then again, he’s getting up in age, and maybe there are some right thinking moles on our side buried deep in the CBN and 700 Club bureaucracy.

      • RisingReich

        That would be good and honest, because I believe we are on the right side of religion. God would not want Whites to calmly accept our demise. God doesn’t want wickedness to rule the Earth.

        • saxonsun

          God never plays favorites, despite what religious nuts of all persuasions think. We really are all equal in God’s eyes. Would you really…I mean really, want to live in a world where God played favorites?

          • Brutus

            The Lord once made a distinction between Egypt and Israel.

    • Martel

      CBN often reports on these issues. They have quite a few videos on youtube.

  • How bad are things when the French are fighting back before anybody else?

    • BonV.Vant

      The French invaded England at one time. Don’t underestimate them.

      • Anglokraut

        That was the Normans. They descended from the “northmen” Vikings that took the north of France from one of Charlemagne’s inept descendents.

        Though even the Gauls were pretty tough.

        • BonV.Vant

          Sounds like the French are beginning to discover their inner viking and inner Gauls. WE wrongly believe that because the modern Europeans have been sheltered from troubles by the umbrella of US power that they have somehow had their fight “bred out” of them. That was an argument JE was fond of making. No, they are just soft and pampered, but they are now facing difficulties again, this will bring out a spirit that has been absent in Europeans and whites for a long time. Believe it or not, liberalism will die from it’s own successes.

          • Arbeideren

            You’re right. The notion of so called “eurowussies” and such from US conservatives after 9/11 certainly impaired their ability to appreciate the situation here. It also created a divide. In my opinion people like Charles Johnson and US neocons created and fuelled resentment towards Western Europeans.

            What many fail to understand is that the continent is much the same powder-keg it was 100 years ago, now augmented by mass immigration. Overpopulated, overtaxed and conflicts are escalating at an increasing pace as the video by CBN News points out.

            Liberalism and socialism is what led us here, I guess…

        • Lagerstrom

          It was. Harold the Saxon king defeated the ‘other’ Northmen (the Norse) before he had to take on William The Norman. I wonder how it would have turned out otherwise?
          Those Gauls were indeed tough. But just about everyone was back then. Constant fighting for survival.

      • shmo123

        The French fought bravely and hard in World War I. Battles like Verdun, Ypres, and countless others attest to that. They also lost more soldiers than any other allied army.

        • TeutonicKnight67

          and maybe they were on to something by getting out of the way in WWII

        • evilsandmich

          A lot of people attribute current French passivity to their horrible losses in WWI. Someone had said about the war, that no one suffered more than the French in protecting democracy in WWI.

          • shmo123

            Certainly, the recollection of what they went through in 1914-1918 had a profound effect on both French and English politicians during the 1930’s. The memory of the slaughter was never far from the surface, and undoubtedly contributed to the policy of appeasement towards Germany before 1939. Hitler of course, even though he fought in WWI and was wounded, had no such scruples.

        • Brian

          “Their business is war, and they do their business.”
          – R. Kipling, France at war (1915)

          I hope enough of them recover this esprit de guerre before it’s too late.

    • So CAL Snowman

      The French saved America’s hide in the Revolutionary War

    • italian guy

      I think it just shows that the French weren’t cowards during WWII, they simply were on the axis side all along, the population not the elite though…

      • The French were outnumbered 3-to-1 in the air, and in 1940 the Germans had better airplanes as well. The French are not cowards and never were.

        • italian guy

          Indeed, i didn’t mean to disrespect the French, i was referring to the stereotype about them being cowards during the war.

          • Oil Can Harry

            The totally false stereotype about French cowardice has been pushed by neocons in the media and loudmouths like Howard Stern, all of whom would faint if they heard a gunshot, never mind being drafted.

          • evilsandmich

            They have a fierce mean streak. A different society would look back with some regret at the excesses of the French Revolution, but they look back at it fondly to this day. I’d hate to be in the immigrant group that pushes them too far.

        • BonV.Vant

          The French were too confidant.They invested everything in the Maginot Line defenses. Germany went around them, through Belgium.

          • The French expected les Allemagnes to do that, so their mobile forces were stationed opposite Belgium. The Germans took a riskier plan straight through Luxembourg and the Ardennes. The Luxembourg police actually tried arresting the German soldiers, which resulted in about 70 of them KIA, a complete shame.

      • Bill Moore


        I worked with the French Army for a short time while in the US Army during the early 1960s, and the ones I met had just come back from North Africa.

        They were the meanest, nastiest sons-a-bitches I ever met.

        Thank you,
        Bill Moore

        • You didn’t work with Croats.

        • italian guy

          I know what you mean, i worked in a base with the French foreign legion years ago (I’m not a soldier though, it was a maintenance job), they could have killed someone just by looking at them, there was a giant French guy that walked around in light clothes in January and was like an oven with steam coming from his body while working ahah

      • Arbeideren

        ..And the Italians were on the Allied side all the time, they just kept it a secret 😉

    • 1stworlder

      Génération Identitaire is almost as strong as Golden Dawn.

      • Arbeideren

        Maybe, but they are not friggin nazis.

    • rasher223

      Lol easy now.

  • The Final Solution

    Well at least there was good news in Kansas City yesterday. The score is now up to 6,000,003.

    • Come now. Two of the dead were Christians. The murders are not good for white nationalism or race realism. Both on Stormfront and on the Daily Stormer, the action by an unstable, alcoholic nut was roundly condemned. What the nut did was hurt all white persons and our movement.

  • BonV.Vant

    The first white country to really let it’s white people fight back, and be proud of being white, and be proud to want to restrict their country to whites, will most likely be faced with hundreds of thousands of whites wanting to move there. Whites with money to bring and invest. It will be a boon for the first country that takes this stand. I would predict that France , if it did take this stand, may someday, once again invade Britain.

    • Anna Tree

      If the French are doing it, the British will do it too. And the other Europeans, and the US eventually.
      I wouldn’t want the French to invade Britain, unless to free it and go back quickly.

      But I fear many of the French “elite” has also rolled over… The people are awaking and French will demonstrate more and more until the elites will listen or… sadly, history could repeat itself…

      For now, every white country seem to disapprove how the other white country behave with its minorities, when each will understand that the problem is not the reaction but the minorities, because the same happens everywhere independently of the reaction, then hopefully we will all take our white countries back. And hopefully in the journey, we will respect more what we have in common: “Tous pour un, un pour tous!” said D’Artagnan, we are from diverse white ethnicities, and we should preserve our differences in pride, BUT we are all white and united in preserving our kin.

    • me

      Hear, hear! Excellent point! There are fledgling movements like this already started. The White races will soon realize that WE deserve to live in peace amongst ourselves, in our own countries and cultures. WE deserve to benefit from our own labor, rather than having a ‘government’ steal our productivity for others ‘not of our kind’. WE have an inalienable RIGHT to exist, free from the burdens and impositions of other races and cultures. WE have an inalienable right to our lives, our cultures, and our freedoms, no matter what the globalists, socialists, and demonic NWO architects tell us.

      • gemjunior

        That lit up globe (in some places….) never fails to amaze me. Each time I see it, I feel such a jolt of pride to be white.

        • Brian

          I’m an electrical engineer, and I share this amazement: Maxwell, Volta, Ampere, Coulomb, Tesla, Edison, Ohm, Bardeen, Brattain, Shockley, DeForest, Faraday, Hertz, Kilby, Thomson, Millikan, Galvani, Oersted, Siemens, Westinghouse… the list goes on and on, and it’s just one of the glories of the white race.

    • saxonsun

      Be extremely careful what you wish for. And stop associating weakness with women. In all my years, I have never known one man who was truly stronger than a woman. And I most certainly am not talking about physical strength.

      • Padrig

        Not to diminish women, but each gender has it strengths and weaknesses in the mean. I have worked with women in bad situations, sometimes with blood shed and bullets flying, I haven’t seen one yet that I would prefer over a half competent man in a similar situation. They tend to get a little vapor locked when things get “existential.” I have observed the same among the women in my own private life. It isn’t bad, it simply is. At least that is my experience.

        • Bill Moore


          I have been with women when the bullets start flying, and they become unable to speak or act. Their mouth moves, but no words come out. Their eyes go wild, and its best to just let them alone. I assume that is what you mean by “vapor locked”.

          I have been with men in similar situations, they pee their pants, and sometimes vomit from fear, but continue to be able to speak and act rationally. Some men such as these are the ones I would prefer to be with me in a situation.

          I’m speaking generally, of course.

          Thank you,
          Bill Moore

          • I pissed and shat my pants in battle, every time. It was humiliating only until I realized everyone else did it as well.

      • Women are better at tolerating pain than most men. My mother always refused local anesthetic for dental work.

  • The Final Solution

    Here’s an outrageous story that I’m surprised Amren didn’t pick up, and I wish there was a place on here to post our own stories because there’s so many that are missed. Like the person who posted the employment ad in Denmark stating “whites only”. But this one is too good: Muslim Operation Trojan Horse in Birmingham: “Birmingham probes Muslim takeover of schools ‘plot'”. It only took over 200 complaints before anyone decided to take notice of the jihad.

    “We have an obligation to our children to fulfil our roles and ensure these schools are run on Islamic principles,” the letter says.

    “We… are on our way to getting rid of more headteachers and taking over their schools.”

    The letter continued: “You must remember this is a ‘jihad’ and as such all means possible to win the war is acceptable.”

    This has affected 430 schools. They’re pretty much on their way to conquering England.

    • rightrightright

      The local council in Birmingham knew about this for more than a decade. That council is left wing (Labour). It chose to stifle people’s concerns and do nothing, just as councils and police did when the vast mass of Pakistani paedo rapists were exposed. The young girls themselves were as nothing to the authorities. Expendable.

      The three main parties play a waiting game, a talking game. They pacify and sooth with words but there are no deeds to back up those words. They wait, while alien numbers in England build up and up, while the aliens, most particularly moslems, burrow ever deeper into the system. When the numbers are “right”, the scum in Westminster will throw up their hands, maybe even look a little sad, then proclaim it is to late now.

    • Anna Tree

      You should submit it to Amren! Click on “Contact us” in the menu and then “send us news story”. I do this often. I would think somebody did and the story will appear tomorrow.

      • The Final Solution

        Thanks for the tip – I didn’t know we could do that.

      • evilsandmich

        I wonder if there’s a way to hook the crime blotter from Cleveland right up to it….

  • Muzzies are an evil, violent race determined to exterminate Christianity. We either give in to them or we exterminate them. There is no middle ground. It’s a war. And the muzzies will fight to the last man, woman, and child, or until they have murdered the last infidel.

    • M&S


      Evil is relative to what benefits it brings in a war of conquest. Get into that relativism and your quickly mired in the whole ‘racist’ (nativism, xenophobia etc.) quicksand debate.

      Which is dangerous because race is not ‘evil’ either.

      Race is a about genetic algorithms as ways of doing things that succeed a given percentage of the time, create survivors amongst those who do the correct thing in the right moment and moves on to their descendants.

      It is a process of select-filter-reselect to hone the edge of the GA which works the best to face an equally evolving set of challenges and move on again.

      And each time they face a test, are stressed to the maximum and succeed, the racial genetic algorithm becomes better at what it does until the action becomes quantum entangled within the genes that created the ability and so _the underlying behavior_ is one of subliminal environmental response which we call ‘instinct’.

      Is instinct evil? Of course not.

      Instinct is nothing less than knowing what to do something because the environment presents itself to you in a given way such that the momentary interaction itself instructs you, by super positional match with other moments what the solution is.

      There is no ‘hardwiring’ inherent to the instinctive mind that can rationalize the multiple levels of interaction between cause and effect in today’s complicated world, there is only do and do not as a kind of animacy between event and person which even the youngest child of a given group can comprehend and respond to the way their race has normed itself to do, even though their brains are utterly unimprinted with the experiences of life.

      That is quantum entanglement genetic capture of the racial survival mode so deep and so old that it cannot be talked to, negotiated with or merged between our groups.

      That is the reality of ‘instinct’. This is not evil. It is not good. It _just is_.

      In this, we must acknowledge that all races have Genetic Algorithms and all nations except, perhaps, whites are stuck with the Savannah Principle of ‘survive in a hellish world until your solution to it’s problems become genetically endemic’.

      Whites grew up in a hellish arctic tundra which then changed to a green fertile wonderland and so we have grown to trust (too much) in the plenty of our environmental condition to provide us another deer’s meat and another rain’s taste of water and another tree to build a house from.
      And those whose environments were not nearly as kind as ours envy us. Not our achievements or innate grace. Not our reason or fairplay as open mindedness to new ideas.
      But simply the environment that has grown from that confidence. Because that is what their instincts see.

      And that is also why racism has persisted for so long as a Selected For behavior to protect one group’s resources from a strange other’s, with whom they will not breed. Because that Genetic Algorithm survival mode is native only to the one group. And screwing with the genes on which it is imprinted is not a good idea.
      What GA instinct is in fact, ‘good for’ is as means for communicating commonality -within- the group, sharing the environmental stimulus-response curve between individuals to encourage them to co-sponsor the struggle by which a given outcome will or will not occur in favor of their group.

      The people who have set us up to be genocidally annihilated have done their worst damage by saying that race doesn’t matter, that people can be made to see see reason and that racial loyalty is about hate alone.

      Well, in a way, that’s correct. Since you need a Great Fierceness to stand for what is yours as the right to dominate all the resources in an environment that is under contest. And if you don’t have that fierceness, you are all but useless to your fellow racial group members.

      Racism is also about loving and caring enough about your own people that you would do -anything- to see their folkway, their Genetic Algorithm, advance.
      Because it is yours too.

      And so love, struggle and even hateful ferocity is not It is still _not evil_. It is simply throwing competitors into a stew and seeing who swims to the edge before the pot boils.

      At most (as here) it is a contest between the primitive and the successful.

      And as such, it is a good thing. Because we cannot afford to fall back, we would never crawl back out of the pit if we did. And racial conflict shows that some of us are better equipped to advanced up the ladder of evolution than others.

      Racial awareness thus reminds people of the natural hierarchy of things. That not all are equal. But those whom you identify with at least carry /something within/ themselves that rings a chord in you too.
      Racial dischord is also useful because it highlights weakness, making those whom we naturally fear amongst our own people as expressions of authority seem distant and impotent in helping us.

      If French cops get beaten, French citizens see that _French Authority_ is not what it seems to be: all powerful and all knowing.

      And thus they can begin to question whether they want to suffer the company of these outsiders whom French Government have foisted upon them without asking their permission.

      That pain that is betrayal of nationalism as stability is the beginning of something better, as loyalty becomes blood bound by the man whom you will choose to stand with, bleed with, and kill with.

      To secure the future of yourself and your people.

      Such is the ONLY kind of loyalty that ultimately matters. All other ‘ideals’ are false or secondary because they are ones which seek to divorce you from an internal feeling of being loyal to a shared identity, as a willingness to invest in each other’s betterment, because ‘if not you’ then at least the same Genetic Algorithm face, as one of your own race.

      In this, it may help for people to understand that we are NOT a common family as genus Homo.

      But rather a viciously competitive, divisive and dominance seeking sub species.

      Some more ‘Sapiens’ compatible than others.
      Choose your in-race friends wisely. Let racial outsider awareness select your enemies, instinctively.
      That, plus fight hard, is the most that we can do. Leave evil and good, as motives, to the fey priests and coward politicians.

      • Superb comment, but I see the world in terms of good and evil, in terms of a good God and an evil Satan That’s part of my Euro genes speaking to me, as it has for my ancestors for thousands of years. I accept what you say is largely true, but I am unwilling to give up talking about good and evil.

        • Who Me?

          White instinct is to “Make”. Black instinct is to “Take”. Simple, easy to understand and act accordingly.

        • saxonsun

          No such thing as Satan. That male construct is just an excuse to avoid personal responsibility.

          • gemjunior

            So you say. Satan’s most effective trick is the one that makes people believe that there is no such person.

        • gemjunior

          Exactly what bigone4u said!

        • Grantland

          “The Selfish Gene” Richard Dawkins.

    • Hallie Eva

      As one of their battle cries states:
      “whatever it takes, no matter how long it takes.”
      Islam is accomplishing its intention to create a global caliphate by “immigration and our womens’ wombs.”
      On line, searching for an Islam free country, discovered that the Vatican is the only space on earth where Islam has not planted its vile seeds. That may be about to change; this current One World Pope is likely to open the door.
      It is shocking that Islam has invaded the most far flung spots on the globe.
      Iceland has been suckered into allowing Muslim immigration. Tiny Isle of Man has a Muslim community, as do remote islands off the coast of Scandanavia. It has made inroads everywhere.

      • Have you seen the picture of the Pope kissing the Koran in front of an muzzie holy man? Pope John Paul, I think it was. I saw it on Henry Makow’s website last week along with a pic of the pope greeting a bunch of black witch doctor holy men and honoring them too.
        I repeat my contention that any where there are a large enough group of them there will be a war in the future. Either whites will submit, kill the muzzies, or they will be killed.

        • Hallie Eva

          Indeed, Bigone, some weeks ago, and I posted a scurrilous AmRen comment about it.
          I was called to task about my horror by another AmRener who could see no difference between a Pope kissing the Koran and a Bible. We had quite an edgy exchange on the subject.
          What made it so bizarre, is that I am an atheist, by no means militant, nonetheless the idea of a Pope kissing that unholy missive that directs Muslims to kill us as infidels, rankled my derriere no end.

        • Grantland

          Muslims are a minor threat. We boot them out, stay out of their affairs, buy their oil. If they come after us, then we deal with them.
          You’ve drunk the kosher kool-aid.

    • me

      This has been going on since the 7th Century. Our ancestors were much wiser about these things than most of the brain dead idiots that run around, chanting whatever lies and garbage the mainstream media and the ‘governments’ propagandize. It’s not going to hit these idiots until their own daughters and sons are affected by the ‘religion of peace’.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    Muslims are disgusting, low-IQ savages. They cannot be civilized. Muslims are genetically predisposed to behave like animals wherever they go. They commit violent crimes against white women and children and shove their ignorant desert religion in everyone’s face. Send those foreigners home! There shouldn’t be any Muslims in Europe.

    • Who Me?

      I don’t advocate genocide of any people. However in the case of Muslims, I’d make a necessary exception. If they won’t leave European and traditionally European homelands such as Canada and the US on their own, they must be persuaded, paid or driven back to their own homelands, with the sword and the gun if it comes to that.

      • BonV.Vant

        I advocate genocide, pre emptive genocide. It is enough that they have stated their intentions to genocide us. What more do we need? Strike while one can, the opportunity may never present itself again.

        • captainc

          I think you have done just that ever since War on Terror in Afghanistan, Iraq (million babies are deformed) and aiding Israelis. And all these disgruntled Muslims are allowed to move to the West.

        • Grantland

          Drank. Purple yiddish koolaid drank.

    • Grantland

      “There shouldn’t be any Muslims in Europe.”

      Of course not. We shouldn’t be bombing and invading their countries either. And that’s all.

  • JSS

    I agree that Muslim savages shouldn’t be anywhere in the civilized/White world. But their presence in our homelands is tolerated and encouraged do to another group we can’t name here on amren. That alone is evidence of the self censorship they get us to engage in. The Muslims don’t write our immigration policies and hate crime laws. They don’t decide what is taught in our schools and what is on out t.vs. Unless we are willing to say no to the first group fretting over the Muslims is pointless.

    • RisingReich

      Tell that to people like “NoMosqueHere” – which I’m starting to think really means “Replace this mosque here with a synagogue”

  • Mrfinoni

    Now the Europeans are getting a taste of what White Americans face every day as they come into contact with Blacks. If the MSM even reported 10% of all of the violent assaults, rapes and murders by Blacks towards Whites across America there would be massive rioting across the country, Politicians would be forced to respond. Instead we see Blacks falsely represented as ethical political leaders, scientists, cops…etc…etc…etc.. Pure Propaganda!

    • DNA Explains It All

      Ya think?

    • Grantland

      That’s why I despair at the idiots who assail the muslims as the prime threat; or the negroes.

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    A grand experiment that will someday turn parts of France into riot zones. This is also possible in America, although not as likely. One big difference. Americans have guns to protect themselves.

    • Ella

      But, we are being invaded if Americans look outside their windows, especially in the Southwest. I think White children only account for 35-48% of youth population in most States.

    • Romulus

      Maybe not for very much longer if the amnesty/invasion bill is passed. Former justice Stevens’ book just arrived today “Six amendments: How and why we should change the constitution”.
      This dope thinks that the right to bear arms should be “when serving in the militia”.
      Which of course means ,only the military. That, would of course, reverse posse comitaus
      See the full article in monday april 14, 2014 USA TODAY pg. a3

  • Ella

    This is a sad day. Where is the French nationalism and pride??? To think “we” Prussians have been invaded by the French and even left occupied French regions by immigrating to America. This is uncanny.

  • Urbane Neanderthal

    Doesn’t tell the average amren reader anything the did not already know, but interesting that it is getting some coverage even if it is CBN.

  • RisingReich

    Some day (before it’s too late) the whole continent will realize it’s in the middle of the 4th Crusade.

  • NoMosqueHere

    Civil war indeed.

    Wars are sometimes necessary and just. The coming French Civil War to rid the land of islam will be such a war.

  • Bob Dole

    Once revolution begins in 1 White country it will quickly spread to the rest. When every White country suddenly realizes it’s fight the same war against the same enemy, a new and wonderful unity will be born.

    • evilsandmich

      Yes, once someone does it and gets away with it, that will be the beginning of the end for the third world free-be tide.

      • Ella

        Don’t you think NATO will send troops in to prevent mass riots in Europe and must “stabilize” the regions from these racist Right wingers? NATO has not vacated Europe yet due to their security exercises and overall power presence. The old saying goes, “Keep the Germans down {maybe White man now} and the Russians out.” It’s what the elite ordered.

  • Think about this : Muslims/blacks have no- go zones for whites in a white country. Time to clean up the neighborhood and evict the residence – back to third world they came from.

  • Cannot Tell

    Prior to watching this video I assumed that Muslim criminals in France were black Africans and that the French just didn’t want to identify them as such. I’m sad to see that some Arabs in France are behaving like blacks. I know their group’s average IQ is below that of whites, but I still wouldn’t expect to see such savagery from them.

  • gemjunior

    That’s the spirit. I am with you, and I honor your sentiments. More whites are needed with your spit and vinegar.

  • gemjunior

    Amazing. I would love to see one of these leaders in America with the ability to do this but unfortunately our white Americans would much rather die off quietly than dare to admit that white people have collective interests and need to unite in a group to pursue our interests. That would be white supremacy and racism, to advocate for our own interests, mainly not to be beaten and raped to death like our poor white brethren in SA.

  • Grantland

    I see no creaking tumbrils. I hear no ominous drums. No massed incandescence of passions, no soaring roar the Marseillaise. Not yet.