Why Are White Men So Angry?

James E. Causey, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Travis L. Gasa, who is an assistant professor of Africana studies at Cornell University, wrote a piece titled “Why Are White Men Like Michael Dunn So Angry?” last month for theroot.com. Gasa cited the Dunn case, in which Dunn opened fire on a group of black teens in an SUV on Nov. 23, 2012, after he got into an argument with the youths over loud rap music coming from their vehicle. Dunn, who is white, fired nine rounds into the SUV, killing Jordan Davis, 17, because he believed he saw the barrel of a gun. No weapon was found.

Dunn was found guilty last month of three counts of attempted second-degree murder for shooting at the teens but was not convicted in the killing of Davis. That left many people scratching their heads.


Gasa went on to say that for white men like Dunn, gangsta rap music and hoodies symbolize a larger culture “war in which putatively wholesome American culture is under siege by blackness.”

I see where Gasa is going. If a white teen plays his music loud, it’s considered a nuisance. If a black teen does it, it’s considered thuggish. Almost the same way a hoodie is viewed along with baggy clothing. {snip}


While Dunn was in jail, he wrote letters to his family and friends, saying he didn’t like being behind bars because it was full of blacks and they “all act like thugs.”

All week, I received emails from people I suspect are white males who believe black teens shot during altercations deserve it:

  • “You want to talk about trailing people, just come out to Wal-Mart in Mukwonago. If a black person walks through that door they will be watching him . . . The rest of us didn’t care if Trayvon Martin got killed anyway, because he was probably going to commit a crime sooner or later.”
  • “Many of my family members have concealed carry permits. I know if they were being beaten by some drugged up (racial epithet) they would shoot to kill, I would empty the clip into him.”
  • “The problem, not ‘stand your ground.’ Black men and women act like thugs and hoodlums and feral animals.”
  • “It is Trayvon’s fault for casing the ‘joint’ (Zimmerman’s home) and ambushing an innocent, short, fat, desk bound, Spanish guy who was worried about his home being invaded and his wife being raped and robbed by a 6 foot tall, battle hardened football player hiding in a hoodie just like all innocent store robbers and shooters do.”

These are just a sample of the types of emails and letters I get daily. Some are too offensive to be published. Aside from how people feel regarding “stand your ground” laws, what needs to be discussed and remedied is the misappropriation of the law based on color or class.

Until we can meet in the space of human rights on issues such as racial profiling and stereotyping, laws like “stand your ground” will always be controversial because they allow people who fear for their safety to use deadly force against a perceived aggressor and they override any legal obligation the people have to retreat.

Ask yourself this: Would Zimmerman have pursued Martin if he didn’t have a gun? And would Davis be alive if Dunn didn’t have a weapon?

Fulton is right; “stand your ground” laws need to change, but the racial divide needs to be narrowed as well.

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  • dd121

    We dislike the way blacks behave. And we also dislike being lied to continually by the leftist media.

    • Laura Dilworth

      but we’re privileged

      • NM156

        You, as a woman, are allowed a privilege deduction, however…

  • thomas edward

    In the near future, if things keep going down hill economically in Wisconsin, White men won’t be in that dumb state any longer.

  • MekongDelta69

    Travis L. Gasa, who is an assistant professor of Africana studies at Cornell University

    I have NO idea Mr. Gasbag. Maybe – just maybe – it’s all your fault.


    • The Verdict of History

      Africana studies?

      Reminds me of that long list of fraudulent “humanities” and social “sciences” courses: Marxist studies, Multicultural Studies, Inequality Studies, LGBT studies, Queer Studies, Transgender Studies and Latino Studies.

      Ivy Leagues are now essentially centers for anti-White, anti-Western and anti-Male indoctrination.

      We are in a war for civilization. We’re losing.

      • Michael Whalen

        You are hitting it dead on. The clue is in that word “studies”. You never hear of mathematics “studies”, physics “studies”, computer “studies”, civil engineering “studies”, electrical engineering “studies”…… Shall I keep going?

        • AndrewInterrupted

          Yup. They get the wallpaper without needing the ability.
          Then it’s a free pass to a lifetime of working welfare.

        • Fantaman

          If you’re an idiot liberal kid, perpetually stoned, would you rather study advanced maths or “racial inequalities”?

      • The Verdict of History

        DAMN IT!!!

        I forgot all about the worst of the worse!

        Feminist Studies….

      • Mike Lane

        We’re not losing. We WERE losing. Every day I meet more and more people scoffing at the ludicrous labels and phony terms made up by the Marxist Machine. I predict that in about ten years, after Americans have been exposed to enough of the wimpy self-loathing of the leftist infrastructure, the American people (embodied in the white, middle-class common folk), who previously just tolerated the nonsense because they figured “Why fight? I have a nice paycheck, nice home, and family. I don’t need this. It won’t effect me”, will finally shake off the dead weight.
        You see, man is a rather interesting being. The very product of his hard work (civilization) is the very thing that makes him lazy. But, like the horse, all it takes is a gadfly to whip him in shape. Soon (and I see it in front of me every day) college students (and there are a lot of them nowadays) are going to find that their professors can’t save them. I read about how many college students now can’t even afford basic needs such as food (granted, they never really could, but now it’s to the degree of borderline homeless). How long do you think this will last? If these students can’t even get Ramen you really think these people are going to find jobs. Eventually little Billy, with a Master’s in English and Cultural Studies is going to be sitting on a park bench on day rethinking his life. Then, like a spark of lightning it’ll hit him: “There is a world beyond my lump of a brain. My professor promised me a progressive new age. He told me Traysh’on over there was underprivileged, and that’s why he steals from me. I’m underprivileged and I don’t do that.” Now Billy can either try to rationalize his predicament and probably get shot in the middle of Harlem, or he can say “to hell with that” and move on from the empty morality. And you know what? Good. Let the dumb get shot, or let the dumb get smart. We can only keep waving our finger at someone as we yell “This is the 21st century” for so long(*cough* John Kerry *cough*). Just look at this Russia crisis. It’s eating the Left to bits. They’re done. Our time is coming.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          One barometer reading on that notion is the upset of the Demo-rat in Florida recently. That convinced Scott Brown to challenge Jeanne Shaheen, the Amnesty Queen in New Hampshire, reshaped the race in Colorado, etc.

          It does look like 2014/2016 will be a pivotal period. We just have to be relentless. I intend on making an effort to help Scott Brown.

          Yes, the middle-class whites have been complacent and cowardly up until now.

          • Mike Lane

            I’m glad to here it. I sometimes wonder: Is it better that people rise up now and just vote away some (and I stress “some”) of the Leftist policies, or would it be better to let things reach a [near] breaking point so that Leftist ideology could totally be wiped out through one big collective awakening? It keeps me up. While it is vital to restore the Republic, it is even more important to cure our country of the infection (removal (via exposure and protest) of ideologies taught in the universities, media, etc.)

          • AndrewInterrupted

            2014/2016 is the last chance for a peaceful reversal. But, the recent straw poll winners are squishy and dicey. I still hope Ann Coulter will step up and maybe put one of those squishy ones on the ticket.

            Like Coulter/Paul or Coulter/Cruz. Coulter/Cruz would squash any diversity related attacks from the Billary apparatus. Demo-rats’ life blood is pandering to women and minorities. Ann would be the first female president, Cruz the first Hispanic VP. There would be so many liberal heads exploding across the country you would have to wear ear plugs!

            Once the Chicago thugs import/enlist enough Demo-rats thru anti-white policies, AA/welfare hand-outs, anchor babies, amnesty, refugee puppy mills, it will be mob-rule forever FORWARD.

            That means going house-to-house disarming citizens. You know the drill.

        • M&S

          Demographics are destiny. We are now at 16% of the world and less than 63% of America’s population.

          By the time ‘Billy’ wakes up, it will be too late because the kinds of people who can -lead- Billy will be those who are too invested in The System to think about breakaway even if they aren’t brainwashed by the society that raised them to believe such nonsense. And they will be old.

          Which means ‘Billy’ will be one of millions of young foot soldiers afraid to put a face to the words: OURS NOT THEIRS. And unable to formulate a counterstrategy to wreck the sharing process even if they know who their enemy is. Without that generalship to order their ranks and maneuver them on the field of politics and war combined, the ‘Billy’s’ of this world can do nothing useful.

          Given we already live in a society which blatantly ignores public majority opinion polls on things like Healthcare and Borders, do you _really_ think that ‘Billy’ voting with his feet (walking to a different party) instead of his fists will do him or you any good?

          Remember, 2020 is the start of the Big Die Off with Whites from Baby Boomer through Gen-X set to draw their last breath as half or more of white society will be approaching 50 as the oldest population on the planet.

          When it’s over, sometime in 2060, we will be 35% of society. So every year between 2020 and 2040 more people will become too old to fight than become young warriors willing to die for something as uncertai as race.

          Putin’s Russia lies to itself, much the way White America lied about ‘Mexican migrant labor’ in 1950s-60s agro. His demographics crash is already happening so he accepts not-suggestions from the likes of WMF and WTO that higher fertility CIS populations be allowed to come in side Russia’s borders to do the most awful of jobs and save Russia from a social implosion worse than it already undergoing.

          As a safety valve, he allows his rebel youth to find illegal immigrants and hold them for police arrival to deport and replace them. Russian’s who are more White Proud as slavics than Anglos are as Whites altogether _despise_ these Asiatic and Turkic because they have long racial memories of Tatars and Mongols riding rough over them and polluting their bloodlines until they are looked down upon by the West, despite being descended of Nordic blood.

          You see this quiet pride in the simplest of things like help for the Homeless to whom the ‘cold hearted’ Russians are surprisingly warm and giving. When they are Russian. But who have nothing for their Asiatic equivalents to our Mexicans and Blacks.

          In trade for unspoken acceptance of this reality, Putin walks a tightrope of population building after the mass exodus to the West by all the smart people who made up the privileged classes of a Russian system dedicated to the fighting of the Cold War. Which is to say he has a brain trust problem as much as a population decay one.

          And yet because they ARE Russian’s, his people accept his totaltitarian dicta as The Way Things Must Be in a social contract by which he uses outsiders to keep the ex Soviet state from total collapse and they believe he has a way out of Demographic Disaster. Maybe he does. Maybe that’s why we’re trying to pick a fight we don’t need to win or be in.

          It is the heart of a nation to have nothing and yet refuse to be driven from apart from their place as race.

          Americans should be so lucky.

          Instead, we siphon off our best and brightest to serve A System which still looks for a mirror image to fight with. A System which teaches impressionable young men and women soldiers contempt for the corruption and weakness they see in everyday life. And in turn gives them a sense of elevated position, an elitism, that only lasts so long as they serve that which destroys America.

          That loyalty will not serve our needs.

          Until they are out of service, having dedicated their lives to learning the skills of war but not it’s real purpose and they have no place in a society where their abilities are meaningless and so -they too- become willing victims of The System which gives them a way out through PTSD and other forms of permanent disability. Wrecking them twice. First by teaching them to abandon their critical faculties in placing their allegiance. And then by making them dependents.

          I have seen this, among the homeless.

          And again, our very System, because it is not, in fact, RACE BASED as the instinctive elevation of a people not merely the idea they may originate but do not own, becomes an artifact of it’s own destruction. Because the alternative to service in the consumer field or the military field or the social welfare field is not the pursuit of excellence for it’s own sake.

          It is the denial that excellence lies _in the blood_. That that is whom you are striving for. And that is who will reward you for helping them succeed.

          Every other nation on this planet has that awareness. Which is why every other nation, with a halfway sane immigration policy as a dedication to homogenous racial harmony, will survive after America falls flat on it’s abandonment of it’s own people’s genetic trust.

          Bluntly: we don’t have ten years.

        • Fantaman

          God bless you for your optimism

      • Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

        Jeezis, enough with the whining already. Civilization is doing just fine, as evidenced by this site and the people who comment on it.

        FYI, there is only one Ivy League. It is a football league, by the way, and Cornell is not considered to be a “real” member university to many who are faculty or alumni of the real ones (Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Penn).

        The real Ivy League universities have world class science, medicine, and engineering departments. Cornell probably does, but they are also the Cow College of the Ivy League, so who cares? People go to Cornell because they couldn’t get into Dartmouth or Brown or Columbia.

        The University of Pennsylvania is the home of one of the two founders of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, Prof. Allan Charles Kors. Look him up on YouTube. You’ll find western civ alive and very well at his university…albeit drowned out in the mainstream media because the Grievance Studies are much easier to parrot, never mind do, than, say, real history or real literature.

        • The Verdict of History

          Cornell was born in the midst of the radical egalitarian fervor which pervaded the 1860s in a few corners of the country.

        • M&S

          Societal will reflects the majority opinion. And shapes itself to match that opinion, whether it is true or not.
          Some single individual or department in one college will not save America and should not be seen as representative proof that ‘The American Way’ is still dominant.
          Populations dominate by numbers and when there are no more professors like Kors because there are no more students with an IQ to make one or employ one, the American devolution will be complete.
          Don’t believe me?
          Take a look at Mexico City. Third largest urban environment on the planet. Fifty Percent ‘Colonnia’.
          When whites who refuse to breed more than 1.83 kids per woman and have a ridiculously long generational interval of 30+ years finally bottom out their dead weight liberalist mothers and fathers of the 60s through 80s in 2060, they will wake up to a society _owned_ by Hispanics which LOOKS like the corrupt croneyist rule of Mexico.
          Because Race is not a Social Construct. Society is a Racial One.

    • baldowl

      Africana? Is that the study of black women? LOL Who’d pursue that course? Black women? How is that even a thing? Adding an A to the end of its name doesn’t make Africa and less dreary a place.
      Where do we stop with humoring these silly people?

    • sbuffalonative

      Oh, blacks discovered a new word like ‘disenfranchised’. Another highfalutin word like ‘Boulevard’.

      • Reverend Bacon

        …and Courvoisier.

  • connorhus

    Why are White Men angry? Let’s start with Affirmative Action and then continue with media bias, government bias, bias protectionism, the list goes on.

    • Yup, we are attacked by everyone including our own people.

      • Geo1metric

        But, don’t get angry about it. /sarc off/.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Hey at least the colored hordes are taking notice of our anger. That’s something at least.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        They won’t notice my ice cold rage, and many other white men’s too until if and when we strike. That will be when we retaliate against colored attackers threatening us or our loved ones, OR when things explode into all out civil war and like Yugoslavia whites heap death and destruction upon them. By then it will be like being in the path of a lahar or pyroclastic surge for them, in other words by the time they notice they are already doomed.

      • John R

        Yeah, but, unlike Whites, they will not interpret it the same way: White men are angry; mean old white guys angry that some of their “privileges” are being reduced. But if blacks are angry, we Whites are in the habit of saying “gee, we must have done something unfair to provoke their anger.”

        • Chris Granzow XI

          Exactly. I’ve come to the conclusion that they simply lack the depth and intelligence to put themselves in our shoes and truly understand us. And even for those who do, they find it not to be in their interests to do anything about it. You’ll never see a black complaining about black-on-white violence, but you’ll see white libtards protesting over the slightest perceived white-on-black misdeed.

          • John R

            Look up the traits of the psychopathic personality, including a lack of empathy, and never accepting responsibility. It is scary how those very same personality traits seem to describe most blacks so well.

    • M&S

      Let’s be honest and say we are angry because we expected to grow into a role of privileged elitism where merely being white and a man made us comrades in the running of a society that directly relied upon us to run and sustain it at a personal level so deep that we could look another man in the eyes and KNOW that _we did this_, on a day to day basis.
      And were empowered according to our need to continue doing so in a manner that bespoke efficiency and conservatism in refusing to commit to stupid ideas as causes.
      Let’s further suggest that our downfall from this position of master of our own house began with the two fold imposition of False Truths:
      1. That we were not good enough to respond in the moment but had to have standing Systems in place to do our fighting as our planning ahead of time. And thus to take control over /whether/ we would do so, right out of our hands.
      2. That to have some control over our own destiny as economic fortunes, we had to be willing to participate in whatever evil or foolish scam was on The Agenda to retain our sense of purpose and belonging to our own society.
      First with wars against and between other whites which were _none_ of our concern (that’s right, I’m including Hitler and the Jews) and then in self mutilation of our own interests in empowering those whose base nature is one of foolish focus on safety as an environment where they can participate at all rather than -equality- as an environment where they are a protected class of incompetents who benefit from the advances MAN makes on their behalf.
      Yes, I am talking about women and how we have put them on a pedestal without the slightest proof that they deserve to be there while patriarchal societies who have not, do no face social disintegration and population crash that we do and indeed will continue, centuries as MILLENNIA after we are gone.
      Finally, let’s talk about ideas. Ideas are great because they promote rationalism and rationalism not empathy is the path to power and the discarding of fear or idolization of weakness as a ‘felt’ reaction.
      Nietzsche` said it best: Slaves re-sentimentize what they cannot understand the power of because they do not create it, only mirror the satisfaction of those who do.
      Once you see this condition of envy and misappropriation as the truth behind ‘moral goodness’ in fighting for causes whose weakness that should not be reinforced, The Path of true morality: That which is, by definition, self sustaining and effective, becomes clear.
      White men have a right to be VERY ANGRY in this. But only with themselves. For we have always known that female reasoning is weak and so seeks to elevate and protect itself from the acts whose power overmasters them.
      Thinking like women, in a protective sense, is thus what destroyed our base of power because _we have a right_ to protect that which is strong.
      That which serves itself as it’s own continuity.
      And by this, provides shelter for the weak to be themselves, but not to take away from strength.
      The easiest way for white men to begin the long road back to dominance over our own culture is thus nothing less than this: Serve each other, only as white men who bring and multiply power for ourselves. And make our women choose to rejoin us or have none of our rising strength (and I mean _zero_, no sex, no money, no medical, no affection, no business, no politics, no contact) unless they do so as a function of submitting solely of their own accord and personal need.
      Utterly. To us.
      For those who make that choice, there should be complete acceptance, no matter how ugly, how old or how dependent. Because in their willingness to be our bond partners their own absence from the workforce and their own reproduction over non-participant whites, will be their elevation and our own.
      Back to living as whites alone, a people apart from those who seek our vesititure supporting in their own lives with our efforts.
      The other races will fall or succeed, on their own, secondarily, to this basic victory. Because we will only serve ourselves and white men will work SOLELY for other white men whom they find Socially Effective (beneficial to) their own lives.
      With the fall of white female independence will come the fall of white female causes and specifically the co-identification and empathy with non-whites as other Weak Groups.
      It will be very hard. We may have to make some extraordinary choices to accommodate each other. But it will be ours to choose as so little really is left in this society to do.

  • silviosilver

    Until we can meet in the space of human rights on issues such as racial
    profiling and stereotyping, laws like “stand your ground” will always be
    controversial because they allow people who fear for their safety to
    use deadly force against a perceived aggressor and they override any
    legal obligation the people have to retreat.

    I guess this explains the epidemic of white-on-black violence.

  • ncpride

    All James has to do to figure out why White men are so angry is to read the comments to his own article….. when they are not being deleted that is. The black race card has been declined, fella.

  • Geo1metric

    Anyone who needs to ask why White men are angry, needs an infusion of live brain cells.

    If they already have live brain cells, then they need to crawl back under the rock they’ve been living under for their life-time.

    • Ron Cheaters

      Crawl back into their “crevices of diversity”

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        I see what ya did there. Ha!

  • I have a right to my righteous anger. I claim that right. I am proud of my anger. Jesus was rather upset too when he saw the moneychangers in the temple. There is thus precedent for my anger and the anger of other whites toward thuggish blacks. The author says I have no right to my anger. Screw him.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    I wish they were angrier.

  • Truthseeker

    Angry white men who are fed up with black behavior and black “culture” are no different than people like Spike Lee getting fed up with white people taking back the neighborhood he grew up in. People like their environment to reflect their values and the qualities of their people, and when someone feels their way of life is at risk of being lost, they’re going to get angry. Put and end to this “diversity” crap and you’ll have a lot fewer angry people, white or otherwise.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      So the blacks get angry when a couple happen to move into a former white neighborhood and plant flowers? Paint the house? Pick up the trash in the yard. Really?

    • LHathaway

      I disagree. We’re all thugs now. Lets just accept it.

  • Imagine that! With sky-rocketing black-on-white crime which the media chooses to constantly ignore, along with reverse discrimination at every turn within society, including the public ridicule of everything racially and culturally white, they have the nerve to ask why white men are so angry!?

  • silviosilver

    Why are blacks so… where do I start?

  • Extropico

    The initial query is so stupendously daft that no earnest response is required. Indeed, I take the article title as a rhetorical non-question of the obvious divide caused by crime rate differentials and IQ differences.

  • Roninf9

    Why shouldn’t we be angry?

  • So CAL Snowman

    It’s not black skin we dislike, it’s EVERYTHING that isn’t skin that we dislike.

    • baldowl

      So it actually does boil down to content of character then? Whoopsie!

      • Emblematical

        But where does ‘character’ come from? Doesn’t it come from environment AND GENES?

        • Natassia

          And free will. It is possible to overcome bad genes and a bad environment. It is difficult, but it is possible.

    • Emblematical

      Yes. They always go on about skin color. But skin color is the least of it.
      If evolution could change something as relatively superficial as skin color, imagine how much more it could change, over the same period of time, other more important organs. Like, for instance, umm, let’s just pick one; the brain.

      You know, anti-Whites really are a bunch of brain-washed dummies.

  • JackKrak

    Hey, Milwaukee Journal, will you publish the piece I wrote called “Why Are Black Men So Dumb, Violent, Lazy and Generally Useless”?


    • Ace

      Could be a long wait . . . .

      • PvtCharlieSlate

        And a long article, too.

  • Easyrhino1

    See whitegirlbleedalot for one answer

  • John R

    I am not surprised by these sentiments at all. I have been pretty much saying the same things both here and on YouTube. What I am surprised is that this has come out in the open, that anyone has actually written this. The black American culture is simply parasitic. I say that literally. Any culture in which three quarters of the children are born out of wedlock, and that depends on another culture for it’s very sustenance, is by definition, parasitic. Even the savages of New Guinea, I am sure, have some kind of marriage ceremony, and have a system of rearing their young. Blacks just depend on Whites for this.

  • JSS

    “Fulton is right; stand your ground laws need to change, but the racial divide needs to be narrowed”

    No thanks I don’t care about what’s good for blacks. The wild west with its lack of gun control was safer then Detroit or Chicago today. I don’t want to close any gaps with diversity. I want it out of my life.

    • Natassia

      What is good for black people is what is good for everyone: the ability to defend oneself from enemies who attempt to do harm, the ability to work and keep the fruits of ones labors, the ability to own private property, the ability to freely practice humane religion (as opposed to child-sacrificial voodoo sh!t), etc.

      Affirmative action has not been “good” for black people. A large government that encourages dependency has not been good for black people. State-funded abortions have not been good for black people.

      A short-term economic “positive” (ie through the Pigford reparations) does nothing to improve the social fabric of the black community of America, and in fact one could argue that it encourages certain vices like envy and sloth.

      • AndrewInterrupted

        One oversight on your Affirmative Action point would be the white people who are excluded by it. Yours truly would be one of those regular recipients of exclusion from inclusion. Inclusion creates Exclusion. The insult to that injury tends to be: the excluded white guy was far more qualified. Or worse: the black guy was unqualified.

        Yeah, Pigford was a horror show. And so under-reported. Typical example of the corrupt, selective MSM.


  • Zaporizhian Sich

    Stand your ground must be expanded, because blacks are literally hunting us, our women in particular. White men have every reason to be angry. They are angry because they are under siege by black and brownness. They are angry because they are not even second class citizens any more. They are angry that their women and girls are sexual play things, door prizes and worse yet, whelping black and brown children. They are angry at being mocked, ridiculed and marginalized. They are angry their own government has openly turned against them in favor of blacks and browns. They are angry that blacks and drowns can rape, rob and even kill whites with virtual impunity or mere slaps on the wrist.They are angry because they are forced to subsidize black and brown thuggery, irresponsibility and parasitism at the expense of their own families, let alone prospects of forming one. They are angry at the double standards that is being used against them. They are angry that they cannot go anywhere without blackness being shoved in their faces. I am a captive audience to the jungle crap rap screech and boom fest called rap. I can understand why Mr. Dunn was violently irritated by the punks, who I am certain were pointing a gun at him before they ditched it so Mr. Dunn would be locked up instead of them. This nit-wit black studies professor, who is not worthy of the title professor like my father is, really doesn’t seem to notice the volcano that is stirring beneath his feet. A volcano that when it erupts, a great deal of blackness and brownness will be swept away like Pompeii and Herculaneum by Vesuvius’ pyroclastic surges that flash incinerated people where they stood. He’s going to live long enough to see our fangs come out, and tear them apart limb from limb.

    • Laura Dilworth

      the white male is our greatest asset. the black underclass is our greatest liability

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Of course, but white men are not treated that way in general, it’s so blatant a blind man can see it without a cane.

        • Laura Dilworth


    • kikz

      there’s that sniglety little phrase again.. “their own government”… it’s not our own government anymore, and it hasn’t been for a very long time.. this you must understand.

  • Jon Doe

    Why are Blacks so violent #counter argument

    • JohnEngelman

      They are closer to an environment in which the best hunters and warriors had more than one wife. Consequently, the best killers had the most sons who inherited their lethal inclinations and aptitudes.

      • In frozen Eurasia, the reliable men who were intelligent, good at teamwork and still brave got to marry their best friend’s sister. This appears to have made some difference.

        • JohnEngelman

          A cold climate, and civilization select for superior intelligence.

  • 1gravity

    Here’s a bedtime story for Mr. Causey. Once upon a time, just this past week, in fact, there was this stupid white guy [me] eating a hamburger in a fast food style restaurant. There were three twenty to thirtyish black males in the area of the stupid white guy’s table. The stupid white guy went to the condiments table to get some salt, and when he came back, his hamburger was on the floor. Nothing about the behavior of the black guys indicated they had anything to do with the now inedible hamburger, and the stupid white guy had seen nothing. The three black guys cheerily left the restaurant, and lived happily ever after.

    • Ron Cheaters

      Never relax in the presence of blacks

    • silviosilver

      You really need to check your white privilege there, mister.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Yeah, I would have to have been really-really-really hungry to have put myself in that scenario–with the safety off.

  • Luca

    Because we are fed up!

  • HJ11

    Speaking for myself. We are in a gene war (in fact gene wars never end) and our survival as a distinct people–a White people–depends on us not mixing with Blacks. Personally, I want nothing to do with them. I don’t profit in any way by having Blacks around. I won’t waste a single second of my time or burn a single calorie trying to figure out the content of the character of a Black–I don’t care! It is not the content of their character that is important but the color of their skin (meaning their genes). They are not my kind and I’m indifferent to them so long as they leave me and mine alone.

    • Romulus


  • HJ11

    Blacks are not my kind. I want nothing to do with them. Period.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    As bad as blacks are, we must realize that black social behavior is more strongly influenced by genes and hormones than the social behavior of whites. These simians cannot help what they do because they are evolutionary dead ends. In all honesty, we should direct most of our anger at the elites, the ones responsible for desegregating the south and passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964. They deserve to suffer horribly for inflicting this tremendous injustice on the white race.

    • sbuffalonative

      I agree.

      The problem is not how black behave it’s that we’re forced to tolerate their behavior because we’re forced to live together.

      As I like to say, if blacks believed whites were as bad as they say, blacks would be the ones demanding segregation.

      • bilderbuster

        I like that one!

      • Geo1metric

        Think of how privileged blacks are; when they get really fed up with Whites, they have many black countries to move to.

    • Natassia

      This is dehumanizing. Black people are human beings, even when their behavior is inhumane. Their propensity towards impulsivity leads to chaos and violence as seen in Detroit. But white people have their own weaknesses. Just look at San Francisco and how the white people there openly worship s0d0my and other perversities (Google Images “gay pride parade” and “Folsom Street Fair”). Sure, the infrastructure is well-maintained. But there are tons of homeless, drug-addicted white people lying about on the streets while fat, old white s0d0mites sit on park benches in the nude. You couldn’t pay me to live in either Detroit or San Francisco.

      • Reverend Bacon

        I take your point. But in San Francisco, at about 8% black, and maybe 20% gay, your greatest risk of any physical harm comes from– you guessed it– the 8%. The gays all have jobs, improve property values, commit less crime than even the average white, and aren’t about to rape your wife.

        • Natassia

          S0d0my creates its own special kind of harm. It might not put a bullet through your brain, but it can kill your soul, and the souls of your children. There are worse things in this world than death.

          Black men enter my home to deliver goods and services. I have never been threatened. However, being a smart woman, they are always made aware of the fact that there are two grown men living in my house. What they generally don’t know is that I am armed. The threat of violence is easily dealt with by being smart (no walking in dark alleys alone at night) and being armed. Not sure how one deals with the sexual immorality that is literally EVERYWHERE–media, public schools, politics, grocery store magazine racks, you name it. Personally, I homeschool. But it is getting more difficult by the day to shield my family from the perversions of the world. A violent black thug is easily dealt with–a .38 caliber bullet. A white lesbian or s0d0mite insisting that he or she has a RIGHT to adopt and brainwash children and then using the State to brainwash my children is something far more difficult to handle.

          • Reverend Bacon

            Yeah, I always thought it was sort of frightening to let man-hating lesbians have kids. If it’s a girl, there’s the brainwashing peril. But if man-hating lesbians had a man-child, it’s hard to imagine the nightmares that ensue.

          • Natassia

            If IVF and artificial insemination were illegal, as they should be, lesbians COULDN’T have kids unless they were willing to have s.e.xual relations with a man. And they certainly shouldn’t be allowed to foster or adopt children, particularly if they are openly living the homosexual lifestyle.

            But our society is pretty much screwed. Black dysfunction is a SYMPTOM of our societal moral rot, not a cause of it. Some people want to blame black people because they don’t want to look in the mirror and see how they personally allowed their country to be controlled by pro-sodomy and pro-abortion oligarchs. Much easier to simply collect that pension check…

          • Dark Future

            “Nothing. Black people are not a problem to be dealt with.”

            What world do you live in? What is your agenda spewing this garbage? Homeless white people don’t carjack you. I’d rather live around homeless whites than ghetto blacks.

            I agree with your points about less government helping to solve the problem however blacks have historically high crime rates even before all the welfare statism. They contribute next to nothing when it comes to job creation.

          • Lesbians are unable to reproduce with each other.

          • “There are worse things in this world than death.”

            Humiliation is one of them.

            The way I see it, fear of death is silly, because death is certain. Why be afraid of a certainty? I pissed my pants in every firefight in Yugoslavia. First thing. I knew I was going to do it, so why not get it over with right away? I also pooped in them during some particularly bad rocketings. That was a physiological reaction to the likelihood of imminent wounds; I suspect it is the body’s urge to get rid of incompressible liquid in the bladder and material which might cause bacterial infection in wounds.

            My friends Howard Hill, Robert Schroeder and John Dubois have died of cancer. I would rather flop around in the mud for 30 minutes after being gut-shot than spend six months dying of cancer. Cancer can be humiliating. Mr. Schroeder had been a US navy Underwater Demolition Team diver during World War Two, and we loved each other’s jokes. He taught me more about vegetable gardening in the hard soil out here than most people will ever know, and loved my poetry. He spent his last months needing someone to bathe him: humiliating!

            Not for me: this orc knows what a rope is for.

          • Natassia

            There is humiliation…and then there is humility. Suffering and having to depend on others can teach humility which is a virtue, not a vice.

          • Tom_in_Miami

            We need more people like you on this board.

      • silviosilver

        What should be done about blacks, according to you?

        • Natassia

          Nothing. Black people are not a problem to be dealt with. The general immorality of society and particularly by white elites is why black people have been given free reign to demolish and destroy through criminality and government dependency. If we cut the immoral wealth redistribution, shrunk the size of the behemoth bloodsucking government system, and required that all people obtain charity through faith-based and non-profit organizations that expected at least a modicum of accountability from their recipients, then black people would learn to work within their means. Also, affirmative action would have to stop so that competent leaders (who would most likely be white) can take over the management of currently dysfunctional urban areas. Black people would have to get used to seeing even more white school principals and white politicians, but that is the only way their cities will avoid descending into mini-Congos.

          • silviosilver

            I regret the way I phrased the question, but despite what you claim, your response very much highlights both “problems” and “solutions.” Not bad, as far as it goes, even though I don’t believe it goes far enough.

          • Natassia

            Well, I think that some “solutions” that some people are calling for such as forced exportation of black people to Africa is not a solution at all. Most black Americans come from ancestors who have lived here in America just as long ago as my own. They would be completely out of their element in Africa, just as I would be. Black Americans are a part of America just as are Americans of European heritage. The desire to seek some sort of whites-only utopia is just as ridiculous and immoral as the desire to seek a socialist utopia of across-the-board income equality and “green living.” We have to deal with the way the world IS as well as to remember that just because it is hard it doesn’t mean we can put our morals on the shelf in order to find a “solution” to a nuisance. Because really, black dysfunction is a nuisance. White Americans have the know-how and the resources to protect themselves from it. They just don’t have the courage, as a group, to starting calling them out and saying no to their ridiculous demands. We don’t have a black problem. We have a white cowardice problem. Heck, how many white men are currently demanding a hike in the minimum wage? Come on. We can’t blame our greed and inability to do basic math on black people.

          • silviosilver

            Deportation isn’t going to fly, but any solution that doesn’t enable communities to keep blacks out (or anyone deemed incompatible) is not going to be – cannot be, simply in terms of its own logic – any long-term solution. One can go about exclusion harshly or one can go about it helpfully but ultimately some form of exclusion is what it all comes down to. That doesn’t mean it needs to be implemented tomorrow, but if it’s not implemented at some point then it’s all for naught. If that sounds “immoral” to you, let me assure you, it’s not a conclusion I draw joyously; it’s just a baseline fact of racial reality.

          • Natassia

            Does a solution that “goes far enough” require an immoral act? If so, it is not a solution.

            Really, black dysfunction is a nuisance and not a serious problem as far as America goes. We have the know-how and resources to defend ourselves from it. What IS a serious problem, however, is the apathy and cowardice of our white population. White men, as a group, have been unwilling to stand up to the feminists, the s0d0mites, and the racial grievance-mongers. And perhaps it is because they are too comfortable with their ESPN and cable teevee and their cush union pensions.

            AmRen has a serious issue with me calling out white men for supporting the minimum wage hike. Every time I mention it, my comment is removed. But the fact that according to the NY Times “it resonates well” with white men, tells me that we are doomed just based on a lack of basic math skills in this country.

          • Geo1metric

            “But the fact that according to the NY Times “it resonates well””

            I wouldn’t put too much stock in what the NYT says.

            “Really, black dysfunction is a nuisance and not a serious problem as far as America goes.”

            I’m not sure the living relatives of all the victims of black crime would agree with you.

            I understand your point about White Americans having the abiliity to handle the black nuisance, but on an individual level, they may not.

            I think the long term solution to the racial issue in America, and anywhere for that matter, is separation. The separation can be accomplished in a benign way, but separation it must be.

      • Tarczan

        The left frames the homosexual debate in terms of morality, as if it were merely a matter of choice, personal preferences. It seems to be forgotten that this morality is based upon the experiences of generations. When human beings only have sex with the same gender, no live births follow. For a group of people struggling to survive the reduction of live births by only a small amount leads to extinction. The current birth rate for whites is at or below replacement, why would a society celebrate its’ eventual extinction? The same came be said for abortion and birth control.

        They say no one is hurt by homosexuality. Society is.

        • Natassia

          “They say no one is hurt by homosexuality. Society is.”

          And HOMOSEXUALS themselves are hurt by homosexuality. It is a lose-lose for everyone.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Blacks engage in sodomy and homosexual acts at rates that are shocking, even compared to the ranks of gay whites. And they sodomize whites by force any chance they get.

        • Natassia

          Yes they do, and yet they aren’t the ones on the forefront of forcing pro-sodomy education upon children and giving open homosexuals the “right” to adopt children. That is completely a white thing.

      • RyanP

        I would have no problem living in a neighbourhood that has a large gay population. Gay people are not a threat to me. if you look at all the social and economic statistics that divide whites and blacks, I suspect that gays are higher up that scale. You might argue that gays are “super white” when it comes to economic status, crime, etc

      • Geo1metric

        Homosexuality is a small percentage of the population. SF is not representative.

        “But white people have their own weaknesses.”

        No one is implying that White people are without fault. We simply want to be with our own kind. And rid of the worst of humanity.

    • kikz

      … and those who control immigration policy. strike the root.

  • baldowl

    I’m angry mostly because I am now considered a potential terrorist in the very country my people created. Is that wrong? I should be please about it? Maybe feel guilty?

  • sbuffalonative

    I’m angry because I’m forced by federal laws and threats of prosecution to pretend blacks and whites are interchangeable.

  • I am still angry because I am a recovering orc. What I feel about the Knoxville Horror is only heartbreak: a drop in the misery bucket. I stay home in the evenings, I don’t hit my wife or daughter, and I am nice to the neighbors: nobody expected I would be able to pick up my end of an upright piano one-handed to help move it.

    I was once angry most of the time; you know why. That did me no good. I try to stay busy so I don’t break my chain and run off wild. I have a machine shop in the basement, so I make things there, and it is a useful distraction from emotional pain. I cook and this also helps. My wife and daughter cheer me up. The DVD movie “Time Bandits” arrived today, and silly humor also cheers me up, so we will watch that tonight.

    Why are white men angry? Because our countries are being destroyed by our own governments. I’ve been to war and survived. I regard my relatively happy life at home here as a sort of vacation, between my earlier life and -eventually – the last battle.

    I completely accept what will happen to me. I am angry about what might happen to my family if we lose.

    • Alexandra1973

      Nothing wrong with anger–it’s what you do with it.

    • Ace

      Yes. Our “own” government.

    • Irishgirl

      Enjoy “Time Bandits” – have some popcorn for me.

  • Why are black politicos and journalists so paranoid?

  • IKE

    You haven’t seen angry yet . . . .

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Indeed, we have not yet begun to fight.

      • BonV.Vant

        They don’t even have a hint of the amount of pent up rage.

        • Zaporizhian Sich

          Indeed, they cannot fathom what cold, calculating and utterly ruthless rage is. We are not going to be foaming at the mouth when the explosion comes, we are going to act with ruthless and murderous efficiency.

        • Romulus

          Aaaah, but they do! Ever since the blacks rights era began and near nuclear annihilation, the think tanks and government have been aware of the coming collision In Americas epic shift in demographics. It goes part and parcel with world peace brah! (a leftist axiom)
          All will be done in the name of “safety” and “peace”

  • OhWow

    It’s an example of being judged by the content of your character and not the color of your skin. Isn’t that what MLK wanted? Well, you got it. Whites by in large are simply a much more mature, educated, responsible, and high IQ group than blacks. So when blacks by in large are loud, obnoxious, commit tons and tons of crime, blast music that condones killing, stealing, shooting, raping, etc. and act like they have a chip on their shoulder, of course blacks and whites will be on a collision course.

    The biggest reason for white anger is due to the insane double-standards. Blacks and hispanics can do no wrong. Anything they want and you deny is labeled as “racist”. The term “racist” has also derailed many white careers, even when there was zero evidence of deserving that term.

    The media is against us, women are against us, liberals are against us, the government is against us, minorities are against us.

  • JohnEngelman

    One of the reasons white men are angry is because affirmative action policies discriminate against us. Another reason may have something to do with black crime.

    • Martel

      The author is right in a sense, whites are angry. Providing us insight into the fact that racial consciousness is on the rise from an all time low, which was only caused by a political force unseen in human history. Have you personally been a victim of AA?

      • JohnEngelman

        I have not directly or obviously been a victim of affirmative action.

        Once I was one of about ten computer programmers hired by a high tech firm to code a new software package. Nine of us were hired for a year, with the understanding that at the end of the year our jobs would end. One was given a permanent job. He was black. He was also the least capable, and the least motivated.

        After I had been there for several months I learned that he had never completed an assignment. For some reason that did not matter.

        When the year was over I had to look for another job. He kept his.

        • Martel

          There you go. Asians are now forming political movements which ensure they will not draw the shortest straw in such situations. Whites are still not allowed to do the same.

          • JohnEngelman

            How are whites not able to oppose affirmative action policies?

          • Martel

            Its difficult to discern whether you are serious or completely oblivious at times.I don’t know if you have noticed it, but people have been fired for writing what I write. White students are effectively barred from organising ethnic student associations, there are countless examples. Standing up for ‘white people’ is generally met with hostility, there are few cases, if any, proving otherwise. A people who are banned from taking pride in their ethnic identity will not be able to find the moral courage to protect this ethnic identity. This is why despite an epidemic of black on white violence, and massive discrimination, all we have is American renaissance, which I appreciate greatly, but it has little political clout. Organisations like La Raza receive millions from organisations like the Gates foundation. There is no billionaire who is interested in pairing up with the much more reasonable and sophisticated Jared Taylor.

          • JohnEngelman

            On many occasions on this website I have complained that the truths of race realism are often dangerous to express.

            Sometimes they are dangerous to express on this website. Whenever I point out how intelligent and creative Orientals and Jews are I get flamed.

          • Martel

            You consider it dangerous to point out the supposedly higher average intelligence of Jews and orientals because you are contradicted and ridiculed?

            That is dangerous?
            Have you ever been confronted by Muslims who take offense at your analysis of Islam, I wonder if you would recover from such an event if you consider posting on amren dangerous.

            This doesn’t take away from the fact that whites specifically are practically banned from voicing their ethnic interests.

          • JohnEngelman

            I am not contradicted. I am flamed by those who do not like to be reminded that they do not belong to the master race.

          • Martel

            There is no such thing as a master-race, we have evolved differently, which has shown to be especially advantageous for whites who have shaped the modern world in which a portion of Asians does reasonable well, especially using the resources Europeans developed. You are contradicted constantly, this has been our relationship as any sensible individual who follows our discussions would agree.The root cause is your inability to nuance the data you recall, and fitting new information into your analysis, which you attempt to reject or possibly forget.

          • The master race? It is a pity that not everyone can be a Scotsman, but that’s just the way it is. If I had my way, it would also be July all year long and beer would be free.

          • JohnEngelman

            Why not wine too?

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            Of course we are virtually banned from voicing our ethnic interests. Because we can’t voice them peacefully without hostile reactions from darkies and the state, sooner or later we will only have violence on the part of lone wolves and or groups of whites who are pushed past the tipping point. A tipping point is coming, sooner than later.

          • Katherine McChesney

            You get what you deserve.

          • Natassia

            Orientals, as you call them, are not creative. They are just good at stealing state secrets and violating patent laws.

          • You also get into lengthy quarrels (discussions?) that cause discussion threads to be closed for comment, such as the recent one about why Asians vote Democrat. It’s like me and personal anecdotes or Bon and pictures. Some things just can not be helped.

          • Anonymous

            You are 100% Wrong. Abigail Fisher was a White girl who sued the University of Texas for unfairly denying her admission when tons of Hispanic students were admitted with lower test scores and GPAs. She’s doing fine, even though she fought against anti-White discrimination. She still managed to go to university, and then grad school, and later on got a good job.

          • Martel

            Exceptions. But good luck winning one battle at a time.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            You just hit on the crux of the anti-white movement. The prejudice that white people will always ‘…land-on-their-feet…’. That’s how the quota system perpetuates. “Why people take care of themselves”.

            I took the high-road-out more times than I can count. It has a cumulative effect. As long as the anti-white movement can go on saying it’s a win/win situation they will never be stopped. Their favorite BS line is:

            “There’s no reverse discrimination, there is only discrimination”.

            That is complete BS. Propaganda.

          • Laura Dilworth

            our former governor blago did not take one penny and he’s doing time for several years. jesse jackson jr misused a ton of campaign money and is getting alot less time. a recent 3 year investigation against crooked politicians in pennsylvania was recently shut down. supposedly the politicians were targeted cuz they’re black-but they were caught on tape accepting bribes…

          • Martel

            The case of discrimation against whites is undeniable.

          • Laura Dilworth


          • Laura Dilworth

            I lost an eeo case a few years ago at work. I should have won easily.

      • bilderbuster

        I’ve been a victim of Black crime & of forced integration with Blacks.

        • Martel

          Sorry to hear that.

          • bilderbuster

            Not as sorry as I was LOL!
            I was living in Miami at the time & I came home to find out while I was gone one of our recent Haitian immigrants decided that looting my house would be a good way for him to escape poverty.
            The police did capture him later & he was given 3 years in prison.
            I had renter’s insurance so it wasn’t a total loss.
            I was already an angry White man & was even angrier that I wasn’t home when he paid his visit so I could have legally given him the proper welcoming his kind deserve.

          • Martel

            In the Netherlands he would have received about a year or two years.

          • bilderbuster

            He had prior arrests because the police caught him because he left fingerprints that they already had from heaven knows how many other crimes he had committed.
            I doubt that after he was released he was deported & if he was he probably came back on the next boat.

      • AndrewInterrupted

        “…One of the reasons white men are angry is because affirmative action policies discriminate against us…”

        Mr. Demo-rat, the chameleon, and ‘his people’ get AA concessions at federal agencies and contractors. And those aint ‘white’ people I’m talking about.

        If your name ends in ‘berg, ‘stein, ‘sky, or ‘man–you know you have a job for life at a defense contractor. I carried several sad sacks with such suffixes. Also those supposed ‘white’ people ending in ‘ian (Armenian).

        Maybe the word ‘infiltrate’ does apply better. I’ve been using the word chameleon.

        • Martel

          Ethnic nepotism amongst Jews is well documented, if Caucasians did the same we would be able to speak about it frankly, matter of fact, Caucasians are constantly accused of ethnic nepotism, even though there is no case to be found.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Well, it’s not other Jews, Armenians, etc. giving them that AA concession, it’s the Left. Which is why they pull the lever ‘D’ 80% of the time. Recently 90% of the time. They aren’t conservatives, they are chameleons/infiltrators.

  • slash345

    So you think desegregation and integration was going to go over smoothly?

    This is the result of integration and removing white people right to exercise freedom of association.

    I’ve said it many times to blacks: The closer you get to us, the more problems you’re going to face. So expect more Trayvon Martin like cases in the future. And they’ll continue until you back the f*** off and leave us the hell alone or until there are no more black thugs on the streets cus they’ve all been “Trayvoned.”

  • jane johnson

    Why are White men so pissed?
    How dare they object and resist?
    When they’ve been bled nearly dry
    Then told not to apply
    What the hell kind of question is this?

    • Alexandra1973

      Nice limerick!

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      Very nice. But might I respectfully suggest that “When they’re bled nearly dry” flows a bit better? And putting a “the” before “White men” improves the rhythm a bit.

      Not that I’m an aspiring rapper or anything . . .

      • Thanks, you two! I cut and pasted that to a file with Mr. McCoy’s changes.

      • jane johnson

        You’re correct. Actually, I was so pissed by this article that I wanted to get something up quickly to show my support for the beleaguered White male. Nice call.

    • Martel

      I like it Jane.

  • Alexandra1973

    It’s not just White men.

    We White women who are aware are pretty honked off too!

    (How sexist of this guy! Heh.)

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Hetero, white men have been the targets of AA for decades. I’ve been the victim (on&off) of reverse discrimination since the 1980s. I was excluded from getting “in-house” at Duke Power (when it was called Duke Power) because of AA restrictions.

      It’s just your turn. I saw several hetero, white women get displaced at a defense contractor by minority women and lesbians recently. It’s just the white woman’s turn, within the overall white genocide plan. When the white lesbians are no longer ‘useful’, it will be their turn–and so on.

  • BonV.Vant

    Blacks go through this world with a narcissism that most whites could never conceive of. Everything blacks do is out of this narcissistic orientation. They are always demanding attention and things for nothing, every single second of their existence. Whites operate differently and find this intrusive to say the least. Whites operate in a way that enables them to form productive and stable societies. There is no such thing in the black world. Every single black society is nothing but a collection of sociopaths that constantly try to outcompete with each other and prey on each other. It does not matter how TRIVIAL the object of the competition is, they have shown they will KILL each other over a bag of chips. They are a burden and an annoyance to white people. They would not exist here if it were not for the largess of white people. They would have died out long ago.

  • Natassia

    Why are white men angry? Two words: affirmative action.

    It makes white employers angry, and it makes white job-seekers angry, and it makes white college applicants angry.

    Oh, and the ****ing taxes that white men disproportionately have to pay to support the 70% of black children born out of wedlock whose mothers more often than not rely heavily on government programs and/or government jobs.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      I just started noticing your posts the last few days. Are you new here at AmRen?

  • Emblematical

    The ‘angry black man’ is so common it’s become a cliché.
    I’ve noticed something about anti-White nostrums. You just have to reverse them 180 degrees to get the real truth. Here’s a few. Please add more.
    False – Race is a social construct.
    True – Society is a racial construct.
    False – The things that unite us are more important than the things that divide us.
    True – The things that divide us are more important than the things that unite us.
    False – Diversity is our strength.
    True – Diversity is our weakness.
    False – Blacks suffer because of White Privilege.
    True – Blacks benefit because of White generosity.
    How many more can we get?

  • celtthedog

    Odd I see no reference whatsoever to the fact that blacks commit crimes, usually heinous ones, at a stratospherically disproportionate rate compared to everyone else.

    You don’t suppose, do you Professor Gasa or Mr. Causey, that that might have something to do with it as opposed to, say, crappy music and no sense of style?

    Heaven forbid.

  • Malgus

    In the 1960’s, the blacks declared war on whites. That most of us haven’t acknowledged this declaration of war does not mean it does not exist.

    They’ve murdered us wholesale. Robbed us. Assaulted us. Attacked and sexually violated our women to the exclusion of all others. The number of white victims of black violent crime between 1964 and 1994 has been pegged at a conservative 25 MILLION.

    Now all that isn’t good enough- now we have Polar Bear Hunting, The Knockout Game, etc, where they prey upon our solitary, weak and old. Killing us when they can. Then there’s flash mobbing/robbing, etc, where they use overwhelming numbers to strip a place of business as bare as if a swarm of locusts had just blown through…

    So, we pass laws like the Castle Doctrine, Stand Your Ground and CCW laws so that people can defend themselves and their loved ones against the plague. And when we do, is the behavior of “yoofs” or “teens” who play the role of the thug called into question?

    No. It’s the LAWS which are rayciss. GUNS which are rayciss. People start fighting back, and all of a sudden it’s a “human rights” issue.

    Stand Your Ground is just fine the way it is. I have no idea where this “duty to retreat” cowardly nonsense came from, but all it does is further empower those who would prey upon society. Like any bully, the “yoofs” and “teens” are thugs and cowards – you stand up to them, they will run away (if they are still ambulatory and breathing).

    When black yoofs and teens stop preying upon whites, dressing and acting the part of the brute thug and start acting responsibly, then maybe we can have this conversation.

    Until then, I’m going heeled. Every day.

    • IKE

      I don’t know about peace with the coloreds . . . it’s gone past live with or around them… They
      don’t think, act, live like white people . . .I can’t stand their loud vulgar mouths. And lets be honest
      here, they don’t like us either …
      Race war is inevitable . . .

      • Malgus

        I’ve mentioned before that I think the events of the next 5 years will reshape These United States. This once, I will be specific.

        Chances are, it will be economic. There is already sabre-rattling between the US and Russia. Russia and China hold trillions of dollars of US debt. If they really wanted to mess with us and not fire a shot, they would dump maybe %20 of that debt all at once.

        Our economy would crater. The dollar would likely implode. Zimbabwe-levels of inflation. Think Argentina, Russia, Zimbabwe, Greece, Brazil, etc.. and the Russians would sit back and laugh. The Chinese too. Why do you think they’ve been buying up gold by the hundreds of tons?

        EBT cards would be useless in the face of such levels of inflation. Vendors would stop taking them. Cash would quickly become toilet paper. Then the transporters, tired of being paid in worthless script, would stop deliveries. In three days, perhaps a week, it will devolve into chaos.

        In a free-for-all environment, this is when folks will go looking for payback. Revenge for every wrong done to them, real or imagined. Think NOLA a few days after Katrina hit. Shooting and looting…

        I do not live anywhere near a city. I advise those who do, to have contingency plans. They will have a 3 day window, maximum, to beat feet.

        • IKE

          Yep, that sounds about right . . . One thing in the coming downfall,
          I want to see the politicians who had a hand in destroying America .. DEAD

          • PvtCharlieSlate

            Nice picture but you forgot the rope.

          • Alexandra1973

            You’d probably get a knock at the door from the Secret Service, though….

          • PvtCharlieSlate

            Nah, no Columbian prostitutes here.

  • Magician

    An old friend of mine just shared this video clip on facebook


    replace[dot] with an actual dot

    The man is the young woman’s dad and she is 13. He decided to punish her when came back after she went missing for three days.

    1 – her outfit and figure makes her look like she is in late teens or early 20s
    2 – his outfit and general appearance makes him look like he is in mid to late 20s

    • Who Me?

      Dear God, he is her FATHER?!? And they say these people are just like us? This is messed up on too many levels to list them all. She went missing for 3 days? How many of us know White 13-year-olds who would DARE to even THINK about doing that? And how many of us White parents would resort to a beat-down like that black father is doing?

  • Evette Coutier

    Why are black women so angry? Too many male hormones. Why are blacks in general angry. They are frustrated by their own stupidity. Why are whites angry? Because we are tired of having to financially support irresponsible minorities who stay at home, breed a dozen children by 30, and sell drugs out of the apartment we pay for. Whites are tired of being told we are the problem when it was whites who built western civilization, maintain it, and act responsibly while others blame us for their failures.

    • Magician

      Whites are tired of minority men getting jobs, admissions to very prestigious schools even if they are clearly and greatly less qualified

    • Katherine McChesney

      I just read a black blog on Facebook regarding therapy for black women. It claimed that 60% of black women are sexually abused by black men before they reach 18 years of age. You’d think that given these statistics black women would refrain from having so many relationships with black men.


      • WR_the_realist

        Here is what professional feminists have to say about that 60% statistic:

        [crickets chirping]

        If it was 60% of white women being sexually abused by white men that would be front page news 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • bilderbuster

    He’s not fooling anybody.
    They all know the reasons why we’re angry.

  • Mike Lane

    I must admit, I find pleasure in the modern liberal’s attempt to control his petty little world and the worlds of those they deem misunderstood or misunderstanding. Soon they will realize the world is far too complicated to be controlled.

  • Ace


  • Martel

    I don’t buy his ‘daily emails’ for a second. I dub him James ‘ the racism hoax’ Causey. A more appropriate nickname is welcome.

  • Laura Dilworth

    To NM156: not sure if the moderator deleted our comments. I may get a privilege deduction if and only if i sued a white male.

  • bilderbuster

    Zimmerman’s mistake was in calling the coppers.

  • I once saw one get out of a car stopped at a red traffic light on Academy to urinate in the street. I was stopped right next to them and said “Mine is bigger, but I can hold that stuff until I get home.”

  • PvtCharlieSlate

    There is absolutely nothing as incurably and ridiculosly stupid as a black that thinks it is smart and sophisticated.

    Zinjanthropus malus ignoramus.

    Let’s imagine what courses there might be in an Africana studies curriculum:

    101 uses for mud, feathers and elephant dung.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “Travis L. Gasa, who is an assistant professor of Africana studies at Cornell University, wrote a piece titled “Why Are White Men Like Michael Dunn So Angry?”
    I’m angry because the media and Africana studies professors take the very rare case like Michael Dunn and pretend it’s the norm. Meanwhile, the very same media and Africana studies professors completely ignore the torrent of black-on-white rape and murder. That pisses this angry white man off.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “While Dunn was in jail, he wrote letters to his family and friends, saying he didn’t like being behind bars because it was full of blacks and they “all act like thugs.”
    Geez, you can’t even call black prisoners “thugs” anymore? It’s not like Dunn is calling Congressional Black Caucus members thugs, he’s calling guys who were convicted of heinous crimes and likely do act like gang members in prison thugs. Leftists are trying their best to outlaw the word thug even when it’s used correctly.

    And what part of what Dunn said is incorrect? And what part of that experience should he enjoy?

    • I was locked up in federal prison with convicts of all races except Australian aborigines. The whites, Amerinds and Orientals generally looked out for each other as fellow civilized men. The Mexicans were clannish, but most were still basically OK. One of them who wanted to practice his English and talk with an intelligent guy told me his grandfather was a white sheriff’s deputy from Arizona.

      Some of the blacks were OK. I did laundry as a racket. We were expected to do our own, but some guys were just lazy. I charged four postage stamps a load, washed, dried and folded. I had black customers. One of the newer black kids in the unit remarked that I folded laundry just like his mother. He’d never been away from home before, so I folded it for him: one postage stamp a load.

      Most of the black inmates were not OK. They would deliberately screw things up to get the corrections officers annoyed at all of us; I’m sure Mr. Pugg has seen plenty of that at work. They would block doorways and give other inmates who needed to get past them weird, hate-filled looks. They’d mess up the count. They’d “slow-play”, taking little baby-steps when ordered by a C.O. to do something, and they didn’t work at their jobs hardly at all.

      I ran a free, unofficial tutorial class for guys working on their GEDs. None of the blacks bothered. Those classes made part of the unit into Europe in microcosm. I did it because I cared, and because civilized behavior promotes itself in people who are sensitive enough to appreciate it. I felt the same as what my students felt about being locked up, and hoped they wouldn’t screw up again. We had a reading group in which we shared the books we had been sent: swords & sorcery novels and science fiction, for the most part.

      The rest of it was Africa: “Oogabooga, gnome sayin’?”

      People create the level of civilization of which they are capable, wherever they are and whatever the circumstances, even though the cultural Marxists say that there is no such thing as race.

  • Who Me?

    Before an epic tidal wave/tsunami, the sea draws back, revealing swaths of never-before seen beach, the sky is usually sunny, and the air balmy. The sea itself is calm, unusually calm on the surface, but underneath that calm surface, a great tension is building.

    When the tension reaches the breaking point, the sea rushes in with devastating force, destroying the shoreline and everything on it, and far inland.

    This is where White people are now, just before the tension breaks, You can feel it building, building, building. The White people are calm on the surface right now, they have drawn back, apparently leaving the field clear for our enemies, who are indulging in a drunken orgy of crime in a premature celebration of their “victory”.

    It won’t take much now to snap the calm and bring on the unexpected and deadly force of the cleansing wave of righteous White anger that is building to an unstoppable force.

    It is coming and yes, White men (and women) ARE angry, rightly so, for we are being oppressed and dispossessed in our own homeland. But we will not be stopped and our day is coming–sooner that we can predict. We WILL cleanse our shores of the invaders and take back the lands our forefathers fought and died to preserve and pass on to us and our posterity.

  • Dark Future

    I am going to spell out clearly why white men are angry. I am a white man.
    1. We’ve spent thousands of years trying to bring order to a chaotic world and have spent millions of lives in the process of doing this. We built Greece, Rome, England, America. I like to think that the hominids who would be the ancestors of the white race stepped out of Africa to find better lives because they instinctively knew that that brutal jungle environment was simply intolerable. They sought peace.
    We have come full circle. We now find our hard won country filling up with black beings that are the direct ancestors of the animalistic hominids we tried to escape from. Black laziness and criminal tendencies are destroying America. It’s a result of their genes. The enablers of this are just as responsible.
    2. Blacks have genetics that cause them to be lazy. Instead of getting up and going to work, they simply guilt trip naïve whites for slavery and then abuse welfare and unemployment. They’ll say that they can’t succeed because of racism. The real reason; they’re lazy. If whites are so racist why do Asians have the highest average household income? Pew research
    3. Blacks do not outcast the detritus of their race. Whites? We have words like white trash, losers, wannabe thugs. We call out those in our race who are bad. Honestly, I would rather live with white trash over blacks anyday.
    4. The black reproductive strategy is “spray and pray.” This does not go well with a civilized society where a large number of the offspring survive. Result? We are getting overrun by blacks.
    I care about the world that I leave my kids with.

  • NoMosqueHere

    White liberal filmmakers (in there any other kind?) like to portray black prisoners as wise men with deep regrets about their bad choices in life — think Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption. Most, however, are criminal white hating sociopaths who regard prison as a home away from home where they can bond with their extended family and sharpen their crime and other gang-related skills.

  • MystiKasT

    For them to even mention that whites are getting angry, means we must be gaining some traction!

  • archer

    I posted before about this, the blacks took off, they had oppurtunity to get rid of a gun if they had one, I’m not saying they did, but it makes more sense than him just unloading on a car full of “teens”.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    If a white man goes to jail for missing child support on one child, and a black man roams the earth free for paying no support on his 10 children, would you not expect some animosity?

  • NorthernWind

    Let’s see, we’re angry because;

    1) We are forced through our taxes and labour to support many non-Whites,
    2) We are forced to endure antisocial and obnoxious behavior without the protected right to complain,
    3) We are forced to endure crimes such as the rape of White women and the senseless murder of Whites in general, again without the protected right to complain,
    3.1) or to fight back without being demonized,
    4) We are discriminated against unjustly by affirmative action programs,
    5) And then have to attend diversity/sensitivity training which tells us that we’re privileged,
    6) Our glorious ancestors are disparaged or outright demonized in media and academia,
    7) Our freedom of association and freedom of assembly is effectively denied,
    8) As men we must now endure radical feminist ideology which tells us that we are all rapists and horrible people,
    8.1) and who simultaneously deny us proper respect by claiming that we are obsolete as a sex (good luck accomplishing anything without us by the way),
    8.2) and who further insult us by privileging the woman in court,
    9) And finally we are forced to watch our great civilization falter and decay and we are penalized for noticing it.

    Surely I must have forgotten something. Anyone else want to add something?

  • r j p

    There was a degenerate negro that used wheelchair himself up and down the bar district a block away from me asking for people to assist him with using his urinal bottle. It was probably the same negro I saw masturbating under a blanket in his wheelchair on a CTA train years ago while fixating on a White teen girl.

    • Some of the black inmates in the Denver County Jail used to watch the better-looking white female deputies, with their hands in the pockets, masturbating like mad monkeys. They’re just disgusting creatures.

  • Cold_Gravy

    Wouldn’t occur to them to ask White men why they are so angry. They have to tell us White men why we are so angry.

  • Katherine McChesney

    I just read a black Facebook page for “Integrated Healing and Counseling” for black women. It claims that 60% of black women are sexually abused by black men before they are 18 years of age. They are exposing the crimes of their own race.

  • Olorin

    Africana Studies?

    What’s that? The study of citrus farming in the Congo?

  • Katherine McChesney

    It has nothing to do with being ‘children’. Children know right from wrong. Blacks are natural born savages. That’s the answer as to why they are so violent.

    • Natassia

      I am pretty sure that the book The Lord of the Flies was based on a very real understanding of emotional immaturity and the lack of complete cognitive development among children.

      Children often do not know how to control their emotions (hence the “temper tantrums”) and they often neglect to consider consequences (hence the lack of future-time orientation). Many urban black people (and the dysfunctional white and Hispanic people you see having multiple babies out-of-wedlock) are like children in that they lack emotional maturity and future-time sense.

      They aren’t animals. They are mental children with the bodies (and hormones) of adults.

      • Old people wrote LOTF for young people to make young people feel thankful that old people and not young people run the world. “See kiddies? This is what it would be like if you bring down us old folk.” Neutralizing youth rebellion in the bud.

        • Natassia

          Lord of the Flies was written by one man in response to a utopian novel written by another man promoting the idea of communitarian peace if a society were run by children. Complete nonsense.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    “…laws like ‘stand your ground’ will always be controversial because they
    allow people who fear for their safety to use deadly force against a
    perceived aggressor and they override any legal obligation the people
    have to retreat.”

    Perceived aggressor? How about the ones who are trying to kill you, or just knock you unconscious, if you’re lucky?

  • Tom_in_Miami

    They just want a degree, in anything to qualify for an executive position with the government or some other public organization.

    • Fantaman


      Picture yourself a clueless young idiot who drifts throught school. You’re at the university so what would you pick? Eight years of medical training? Six of law courses?

      Or two years studying “inequalities”? The courses are easy to pass, they don’t teach actually anything besides several months of indoctrination and now you have a nice little worthless paper on hand.

  • Natassia

    And yet no men, on a national level, are willing to stand up to the feminists. Where are the men calling for the end of no fault divorce laws? Where are the men calling out the unwed mother culture?

  • Natassia

    Homosexuals, and infertile heterosexual couples, are deliberately depriving children of one or both birth parents through these artificial means of reproduction. Do you really think that is conducive to breeding a smarter and healthier next generation? **** no.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    What I want to know is whether or not blacks actually prefer houses needing paint, windows replaced, screens knocked out, and everything covered in graffiti. Do they like uncut grass, trash in the yard, and two or three infants in dirty diapers crawling within inches of the highway. It’s not that hard to keep a house and yard up, but all you hear is excuses from them. And that awful rap music blaring from expensive stereos for all the neighbors to suffer from…

  • John R

    Why are white men so angry? Huh? Is that a serious question? Why WOULDN’T we be angry?

  • John R

    When is the last time you ever saw a black man taken to jail for unpaid child support? Give me a fricken break! Only White men endure that. One of many “White mens burdens.”

  • Magician

    By the way, what an astonishing contrast I have witnessed between the atmosphere of the StarBucks and that of the McDonald’s which is located right beside the StarBucks location

    StarBucks location –

    – Beautiful classy white girls in their late teens either working on school projects or talking very quietly with whoever they are enjoying their time with. They are not only very beautiful but also very well-dressed. It is obvious they were raised by wise and dedicated parents who always pay attention to their kids.
    – Young white men in their late 20s or 30s simply minding their own business on their MacBook pros.
    – A professional looking man of East Asian ancestry in his 40s simply minding his own business
    – I do not see anyone obese at this StarBucks location.

    McDonald’s location –

    – I keep on hearing very loud “BWAHAHAHAHA….” from young black girls around the age of 15 in the arms of their boyfriends
    – Endless profanity… it is almost as if I am watching a ganster rap performance live
    – Some white men and women in their 50s or older watching TV in the 2nd floor. I rarely see any white girl at this McDonald’s location. I do see Latina girls once in a while.
    – Dirty containers here and there on the floor
    – Those kids simply can’t stay at one spot. They constantly travel from table to table to hang out with different kids.
    – I do not see any laptops here. However, I do see a ton of smartphones.
    – Some of those girls have ridiculously large breasts and butts at such early stages of their lives.
    – I never ever see anyone working on his or her schoolwork at this McDonald’s

  • Nighthawk

    It seems that everyone is angry, but are at a lost as to what to do with that anger. If I may make a suggestion: how’s about voluntary segregation in which everyone just stays within their own natural boundaries and leaves each other alone.

    Little contact means a lot less anger. What do you guys think?

    • AndrewInterrupted

      That was a Berzerker entry in the Race Card Project:

      Tolerance is directly proportional to distance.


      • silviosilver

        It’s exponentially proportional.

        People who are pure hell on earth at ten feet are an absolute joy to behold at one thousand miles.

  • I do not expect to survive CW-2, and my wife and daughter – along with my mother – will be on the first flight to Japan. Being afraid of a certainty like death is silly. I just want to accomplish my duty to my family, my friends and my ethnicity. If I can achieve that, I will call it “good”, but I do not expect to live.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    “Ask yourself this: Would Zimmerman have pursued Martin if he didn’t have a gun?”

    This is actually a statement intended to deceive. Zimmerman didn’t “pursue” Martin. All the court testimony (including 911 call transcripts) say that Zimmerman was keeping the cat burglar in his sight, and reporting his appearance and location. Saying things like: “The guy is tall (the guy was 6′ 3″). He’s looking in windows.”

    It was Martin who bum-rushed Zimmerman to create a diversion after being ‘busted’ for casing the joint. Martin was found to be a cat burglar 2 years earlier (at 15) when they found stolen jewelry and a pry tool in his backpack at school.

    The Trayvon Martin lie never ends. It just gets bigger.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    When you aren’t a ‘…useful idiot…’ for the Cultural Marxists, you are a traitor to your race, my little New England princess. If your mission is successful, and the European Americans don’t succeed in taking back their country, you will not be rewarded for your zeal. You are engaged in a lose/lose suicide mission. The coup will dispense with you like all the rest. Read some history…!!!

  • M&S

    Our troubles are White. Not black.
    Whites will tell a military and paramilitary police force that they are ‘better than this’ with all kinds of high minded moral and legal principles as they arrest whites who are ‘fed up’ and because these fools are easily conscience-bought by the notion that they are a specially elected elite, they will turn on their own.
    The only way to beat white leftist liberalism which is empowered by Eskimo policy manipulation at the highest levels, is to make our politics ours to own _and exclude_ from all others.
    That can be an economic choice. It cannot be a military one.
    We. Will. Lose.
    Think I’m wrong? Look at the entire selection process for the military. Choosing candidates from the urban (black/Hispanic) and rural (white) poverty environment does not mean grabbing strong minds and making them better.
    It means taking a fragile will, looking for any way up and out and lacking the IQ to make it on their own. And saying “The first thing you MUST do to secure your position is submit to your DI in /everything/ he says to do.” Breaking that person and remaking the group respondent will.
    Which is where being a soldier who rushes courageously into a whirlwind of bullets to save another warrior becomes being a killer who doesn’t think too much about the whys and whatfors of his actions so much as the how and who and for how long.
    He keeps shooting at a designated target.
    It is a fool who thinks we can rely on a man or woman who is trapped in an institutional brainwashing condition which demands ultimate and immediate chain of command submission to authority and /takes pride/ in the fact that they have no power or influence over the civilian leadership which orders them to do stupid things.
    “Ours not to reason why…” Is thus warped to “Ours not to reason at all.”

  • Natassia

    We are not purely instinctual creatures, which is what you seem to be implying. Just because someone is mentally handicapped, it doesn’t mean they are incapable of knowing the difference between right and wrong. It doesn’t mean they lack a conscience. Or are you implying that objectively there is no such thing as a conscience?

  • Most of them are too busy being angry at white men.

  • leftists are delusional

    A better question would be if white men are so angry why is it that blacks are well over 10 times more likely to murder a white person than a white is to kill a black?

  • Natassia

    “Most white men are liberals” = most white men can’t do basic math. If they could, they would understand the ramifications.

  • Natassia

    The world’s wealth is being concentrated because stupid people have been rising to the top of pretty much every public leadership role thanks to the apathy of smart men. (Maybe they weren’t really that smart at all.) The Federal Reserve’s policies have pretty much guaranteed that savers and people on fixed incomes are going to be ****ed, while the finance guys on Wall Street make out like bandits. Automation only goes so far…eventually you run out of people able to even buy a burger from a robot.

  • Natassia

    You think I am making this up? It is very easy to find public opinion polls breaking this down on lines of race and gender. I found one by the Hart Research Institute, for example, showing that 3 out of every 4 men, and 3 out of every 4 white Americans supports raising the minimum wage to $10.10. Among whites with less than a college education, they support it by 80%.

    And the NY Times just wrote a piece on it–Dems are pushing the minimum wage hike to try to attract more white male voters. What do you think Senator Joe Manchin was pushing during his town hall meetings in West Virginia (one of the whitest states in America)? A hike in the minimum wage, and guess what those white men at the town hall meetings were also in support of? That’s right, hiking the minimum wage.

  • LHathaway

    ““stand your ground” laws need to change, but the racial divide needs to be narrowed as well”.

    Yes, we Should all be thugs, not just some ‘inner-city’ blacks. In fact, is there really a divide at all – the authors point? We are all thugs now, black, white, yellows, brown, we all know about getting-down. I really do believe we are all thugs now.

  • Mike Lane

    I here you.

  • What the REAL reason white men are so angy? Because they’re losing the numbers game, population-wise — and with their loss in numbers, they’re losing their grip on power.

    That loss is being keenly felt as the older generation of people in positions of power — almost exclusively white and male — is inexorably giving way to younger generations that are far more racially diverse and include vastly greater numbers of women.

    There’s nothing that the white male “old guard” can do to stop this inexorable generational change and they know it. That’s why they’re so angry — and why a growing number of them are becoming paranoid. For them, the party’s over and they simply can’t deal with it.

    Nothing symbolizes that more than the election in 2008 — and re-election in 2012 — of the naiton’s first black president and the strong likelihood that his successor, who will be elected in 2016, will be the nation’s first female president.

  • Fantaman

    I dislike the way blacks think, act and speak. I dislike their monstruously inflated ego, their lack of contribution to anything in society and the way they flaunt it like a badge of honor.