Colorado Man Could Sue Divers Who Saved Him from Submerged Car

Alyssa Newcomb, ABC News, March 10, 2014

A Colorado man, despite acknowledging that he’s lucky to be alive after being trapped in a submerged car, has filed an intent to sue his rescuers for half a million dollars.

Roy Ortiz filed his intent to sue the county of Boulder and his rescuers for a tentative $500,000 as a “preservative” measure, his attorney, Ed Ferszt, told

Ferszt said the county should have closed the road during floods in September. He said the first responders were also included because they did not realize Ortiz was trapped in the car until they prepared to lift it out of the water.


The incident began Sept. 12 when Ortiz was driving to work. His vehicle hit part of a washed-out road and then plunged into a creek.


Ortiz was able to find a small air bubble in the back of his car where Ferszt said his client spent two hours waiting to be rescued.

Since the accident, Ortiz has racked up $40,000 in medical bills and still has shoulder issues and trouble sleeping, including a recurring dream of shivering to death, Ferszt said.

Whether a future lawsuit is filed will depend “on Roy’s medical treatment and how that pans out,” Ferszt said.


[Editor’s Note: has determined that Roy Ortiz is an illegal immigrant.]

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  • Pro_Whitey

    Filing the frivolous lawsuits that Americans can’t be bothered to do.

    • refocus

      Filing the frivolous lawsuits that Americans can’t be bothered to do.

      Please note that it is system put into place by defective whites that allow such a suit to proceed.

      1) John Jay Marshall, appointed to the USSC by George Washington himself, wrote the majority opinion in the most significant decision in the history of the USA way way back in 1820 and it goes like this: “A wrongfully sued defendant has no recourse against a frivolous plaintiff because to allow such would tend to deny a poor man his day in court.”

      This decision has never been overturned because it is the source for the destruction of the productive segment of the population. Do you remember the $60 million pair of pants the Korean Laundry misplaced? After eight years of litigation and $300,000 in legal bills the Korean’s white lawyer smilingly stated to the TV cameras ” See, the system worked.” In reference to their finally winning the case.

      Those of you with a few assets who have not been sued have no idea what the score really is.

      And by the way… the judge is white, the lawyers are white, the court reporter is white, the appeals court is white – some are republicans too, the jury is white – and slightly retarded and on mind altering drugs and you have the gall to blame the Mexican for filing suit?

      Wake up. Its far worse than you imagine.

      The lawsuit business IS the biggest business in the WORLD, and it has destroyed our country.

  • sbuffalonative

    Opportunistic feeders.

  • D.B. Cooper

    The illegal alien will probably either win, or get a nice out of court settlement.
    Either way, he will be staying here, won’t he?

    • Anon

      He will do neither. Colorado is well known for its laws forbidding such lawsuits. It was the originator of both the “make my day” and “good Samaritan” laws. The first forbids lawsuits by criminals against their victims. The latter forbids lawsuits like this one….against someone who intervenes to rescue a person. Roughly a third of the states, have since originated their own “make my day” laws. Almost all have “good Samaritan” laws.
      Obviously, neither this wetback nor the writer of this story knows this. He may plan to file a suit but it will be summarily dismissed.

  • MekongDelta69

    We want a do-over.

    Put this garbage back in the car, along with his ambulance-chasing lawyer, and submerge it again.

    Don’t leave an air buble this time…

  • JSS

    To bad he survived.

  • Sloppo

    The illegal immigrant should be forced to work in a labor camp until he earns enough money to compensate his rescuers and then he should be deported. His attorney should be given an opportunity to show us how well he can see into a submerged vehicle while swimming in fast-moving mud.

    • tlk244182

      Excellent idea.

  • The Final Solution

    How can an illegal immigrant file a lawsuit?? He shouldn’t have been here in the first place, therefore whatever happens to him is his own fault. And how does he have $40,000 in medical bills? He’s an illegal he shouldn’t have to pay right? Someone needs to pay this guy a visit Heisenberg style.

    • Nancy Thomas

      It’s rich….his lawyer says the man’s illegal status “doesn’t matter.”
      Good, then he should be executed right away.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    What’s the point of having an immigration policy if it does not maximize the general well-being of white Americans? 3rd world immigrants are parasites that cannot be digested by the body politic. They steal jobs and displace white Americans. Get rid of them.

  • Another stupid low IQ Messcan gets his butt in trouble doing something he knew he shouldn’t be doing, gets bailed out by whitey, and now wants whitey to pay for his imaginary suffering. Typical Messcan thinking. The sight of this amigo makes me want to puke.

  • Luca

    Even if there were “Road Closed” signs, he would still sue if they weren’t in Spanish.

    • In San Antonio during flash flooding, the Messicans drive around the road barriers. There are also “low water crossing” permanent signs at these locations, along with a measuring bar showing how high the water would be. None of it does any good. Messicans wanna go and don’t wanna turn back. Several every year pay with their lives.

      • Malgus

        This. ^

        What is it about those who live ‘south of the border’ and water? I saw the exact same behavior in central america. Monsoon hits, road floods (the roads flood because they don’t put in drainage) and there will be several Mensa members who attempt to drive the flooded road with predictable results… I have even seen vehicles fitted with snorkels, right from the dealer, to give them better odds!

        • The Final Solution

          Remember the automobile is white man’s invention. Common sense seems to be exclusive to our race. That kind of behavior reminds me of stupid animals that will get too close to predators even when they are in plain sight, all the while totally oblivious that they are about to be eaten.

      • When my sister was in Arizona, they did that there all the time as well. It must be genetic. I can swim really well, but fast moving water makes me feel a little funny just looking at it. It’s not just the water: it’s all the things you get smashed into or trapped against while you’re being swept along with it.

  • Spent two hours waiting to be rescued? Why not open a door, or kick out a window if there’s too much pressure, and self rescue?

    • 1stworlder

      That requires spatial orientation & problem solving skills

    • Who Me?

      Look at the video, he’s too fat to get out a car window.

    • Maybe this is what they mean by “great Hispanic tidal wave.”

  • NothingMan00

    This vile moron is the future of America. Actually he’s the present as well.

  • JohnEngelsman

    I have full confidence that this man’s team of attorneys will be comprised of those who are naturally more intelligent than whites, and he will be able to receive a settlement that will leave himself and his crack legal team satisfied. Working the system is another way that some non-gentiles are able to display their superior intelligence.

    • Nancy Thomas

      There are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more high IQ gentiles than high IQ tribe members because of the simple fact that whites have a much larger population. Go back and reread “The Bell Curve.”

    • The Final Solution

      Get lost Jew.

  • dd121

    Couldn’t he have looked fifteen feet over and seen that the water was rising? He then could have stopped or turned around. Why does some entity of government have to be responsible for every aspect of your life?

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      First responders will now think twice about rescuing anyone alive because they might get sued. Good Samaritan types will walk on by, I certainly will from now on. This guy set a great precedent.

      • 1stworlder

        only if black or brown. When I lived in San Antonio there was a wetback family that made its living causing accidents and settling with insurance companies. The insurance companies knew they where scammers but didn’t bother to fight.

        • QuinnTheEskimo9

          They’ve been doing that in Texas and California for years, especially Eastern Europeans and Asians. They would call their buddies after an accident to hurry over to join in on the fun and then claim they were also in the car and injured. Next thing you know, you are hauled into court and sued by 6 foreign men who are going after everything you’ve got. That’s why it’s imperative to call the cops immediately to get a police report and take as many photos as you can (this advice came from a judge, BTW, who’d dealt with these cases in his courtroom). No photos = he said, she said and who knows where the truth is and often cops won’t come out for minor accidents.

          An insurance agent told me these cases were usually paid out as nuisance filings if they were $2,500 or less but not any longer because there were so many of them, now they go after all of them and know that most are insurance scams.

          • The Final Solution

            That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in a dash cam. I heard they’re required in Russia.

          • 1stworlder

            I left there 10 years ago.

          • IstvanIN

            Blacks do that in bus accidents in Philadelphia

    • “Why does some entity of government have to be responsible for every aspect of your life?”

      Because a large element of the population does not want to be responsible for themselves. A classic example was lawn darts being taken off the market in the US after a fatal injury sustained at an outdoor party in which drunk adults were throwing lawn darts at children. There were once similar demands that the old “Water Wiggle” toy be taken off the market as unsafe after two kids drowned. They had unscrewed the Water Wiggle from the garden hose and inhaled water directly from the hose until they drowned, while their mother was busy inside.

      I also recall an epidemic in the 1980s of frivolous lawsuits against music recording artists by parents who’s teenage kids had committed suicide. Teenage angst can be pretty bad, and young people are emotionally a bit fragile, but while those parents must have been heartbroken at their loss, those kids killed themselves because they had lousy parents, not because of any songs they heard. As a parent, one is supposed to talk to one’s kids about things like school, their friends, bullying, breakups with girlfriends and boyfriends and the like, rather than ignoring them.

      The overgrown, spoiled children that seem to be everywhere today are always the first to shriek about their “rights”, but they don’t want any of the attendant responsibilities.

  • Nancy Thomas

    This man is the definition of filth, and he should be sent home in a coffin.

  • QuinnTheEskimo9

    If I were the judge, I’d order him put back in the water exactly as he was found.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    Mexicans are the cockroaches and America is the sticky floor of the theater.

  • 1stworlder

    Illegal aliens are a huge drain on our healthcare system, deporting them all would save us billions a year. He is probably claiming injuries he had before.

  • Conrad

    “He said the first responders were also included because they did not realize Ortiz was trapped in the car until they prepared to lift it out of the water.”
    No negligence, you lose.

  • dmxinc

    “Colorado Man”

    Here we go again.

    How do you think you would be described in Japan, India, or Korea if you had lived even legally for 30 years?

    • The Final Solution

      I lived in Korea and I can tell you they would describe you as a foreigner on the front page of the newspaper no matter what. Foreigner is a very common word used in the media and among pretty much every Korean. Whenever “foreigners” commit any crimes there like the tank killings in 2002 or a bunch of idiot loser US military guys stealing a taxi cab it is FRONT PAGE news and there is tremendous OUTRAGE. After the tank incident which killed two teenage girls there were protests demanding foreigners get out. Foreign teachers, military, everyone.

      • Malgus

        “After the tank incident which killed two teenage girls there were
        protests demanding foreigners get out. Foreign teachers, military,

        As they have every right to do… as do all homogenous people.

        I raged at someone the other day, demanding to know when the president of mexico was going to give blood money as compensation for the dead the illegal Mexicans are responsible for… they drive drunk constantly and wipe out entire white families. Which would not happen if they were not here.

  • WR_the_realist

    No good deed goes unpunished. Especially when the recipient of the good deed is an illegal immigrant.

  • William Allingham

    Should I sue mexican government? in mexico when it rains heavily most principal streets get inundated, It happened to me (I have told that story before) when passer by trucks refused to help and the bus driver who “rescued” me, did it in a bad manner (ordered me to abandon his bus after a mile) when i returned for my car mexicans had a surprise for me, I had to pay an expensive fine because of leaving my now useless car in their inundated streets, and ofcourse I dont mind repeating the chilling story of tows asking for money if you wanted to be “rescued”


    Ah yes, the Illegal Alien version of gratitude! Thanks Gringo, stick’em up!

  • Under state law here in Colorado, I believe a “good samaritan” or first-responder is automatically off the hook.

    • evilsandmich

      I was wondering about that. I know that they have that in Ohio and I’d be surprised if some state was backward enough to not have that. Seems like his “lawyer” should be wise to that though; the Mexican must have found the guy at the bottom of the Español yellow pages.

  • RisingReich

    Should have let this greaserito squatter sink to the bottom.

  • VioletLoganGirl

    They’ll make him a citizen and put him on disability to atone for saving his life.

  • mobilebay

    The nerve of illegals is only exceeded by the “wimpiness” of our government. We have shown in so many ways that we will knuckle under to those who break our immigration laws. I went to sleep some three or four decades ago and woke up in this upside down world, where people who apply correctly to come to this country, wait years. Others sneak in and are welcomed with open arms.

  • Who Me?

    Take a lesson from this–if you rescue a non-white, non-English speaking person, they are probably an illegal alien who will sue you for saving their life. Throw them back in and hold them down till the bubbles stop.

  • IstvanIN

    Hey, we stole the country from him right? Isn’t it only fair he get it back through our court system? Like the rancher who lost his ranch to illegals who sued him in Arizona?

  • kjh64

    No, the American taxpayers have racked up 40,000 dollars in medical bills.Seriously, when will this insanity end?

  • Boulder county needs to give this jerk a ticket for careless driving and a huge bill for the cost of rescuing his stupid self.