The War on Truth

David Gelernter, Weekly Standard, February 24, 2014

News from academia! “President Salovey and I,” writes Yale’s provost, “have invited a distinguished group of academic leaders to a diversity summit at Yale on February 11-12, 2014. Their visit will include a series of discussions with faculty and administrators about the challenges of diversifying our faculty.” Praise the Lord—at last!

How can we explain intelligent, articulate, intellectually vigorous people stuck in time, repeating themselves endlessly like robots? Even if the diversity crusade hadn’t become an embarrassment and a sham, the sheer mindless obsession of it suggests a seriously neurotic institution. Yale doesn’t lack diversity, just rationality. Of course it lacks intellectual diversity, but that problem has been solved by shipping “diversity” off to redefinition camp. {snip}


The good thing about the “diversity” problem is that you can obsess over it forever with no risk of solving it, because it is insoluble—based as it is on a wholly implausible lie. The diversity kingpins aim for group representation in all academic fields based on a group’s numbers in the student population, and in America (eventually the world) at large. But why would anyone suspect that both sexes and all races and nationalities have approximately the same skills at everything? And the same interests in everything? And the same physical qualifications for everything? Doesn’t diversity imply (for lack of a better term) diversity?

No!—and that’s the best thing about the diversity crusade. It is actually an anti-diversity crusade, waged by people who detest diversity. Its goal is to suppress diversity of every sort. Yale women must behave just like Yale men: must major in the same things at the same rates, go out for sports in the same numbers, get the same jobs, make the same money, care to the same extent in the same way about children, family, money, power, sex, and everything else. So why are there “Women’s Studies” departments? Because (dammit!) women and men are totally different! So why is there a diversity campaign? Because women and men are exactly the same!

The United States accomplished the amazing feat of virtually extinguishing race prejudice in a single generation, between the late 1950s and the early ‘80s. It was a superb accomplishment, on the order of the Moon landings. But young Americans get no chance to take pride in it: We don’t just suppress the facts, we lie about them. We teach our children from kindergarten up that America still struggles with prejudice against approved minorities and women, when they can see with their own eyes that prejudice in favor of approved minorities and women is everywhere—in education, industry, and government. How are they supposed to learn that it is important to tell the truth? How will they learn what the truth means?


War on Truth is the Obama administration’s middle name, and sometimes seems to be its actual goal. Releasing the toxic phrase “War on Women” into the political atmosphere was a risky move for the left—they have got away with it only because Republicans are so timid and lazy. That Republicans are antiwoman is an absurd lie, and what does it say about Republican women? Are they dupes or traitors? Or just dumb broads? (You know how women are about politics. Hopeless.) There was a time when honest Americans of every political type would have exploded at the sheer, filthy dishonesty of the phrase. No more. American culture is changing.


Do Republicans care about the cultural mainstream’s real prejudice against white boys? Not in the least. Will Republicans challenge the diversity racket, the “affirmative action” con game that still dominates so many important institutional decisions? Americans dislike affirmative action and always have, but Republicans are too scared to speak up. Elections are approaching. Let us at least hear about this war on truth, from every last Republican candidate, for every office, at every level, every day. American culture, society, civilization are at stake. Please.

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  • Puggg

    The United States accomplished the amazing feat of virtually
    extinguishing race prejudice in a single generation, between the late
    1950s and the early ‘80s.

    You can’t cheer something then complain about its consequences.

    • Pelagian

      Yes. I was going to start reading the Weekly Standard again until I saw that line.

    • silviosilver

      It didn’t even happen the way he claims. White racial attitudes softened, both because whites came to value their racial belonging less (some would say were conned into it) and because they came to regard various racial attitudes as unfair or impractical. But the same time as white racial attitudes softened, anti-white prejudices hardened, and continue to harden.

      Also, mass multiracial society is an idiocy in itself, regardless of what kooked out lefty academic diversity babblers have to say about it. So even though one certainly should not pretend mass diversity is a boon or something to champion, neither should one pretend it’s merely harmless. It’s not harmless; it’s a serious, serious problem. And just because it cannot be easily or quickly righted does not mean it doesn’t merit the most serious sort of attention.

    • slash345

      That’s what I don’t like about the Republicans.

      They say “We hate Diversity.”

      And then turn around and celebrate MLK day.


      These morons aren’t fooling anyone.

    • TheAntidote

      …Extinguished race prejudice in a single generation…” I don’t believe this is true. It’s plain the vast majority of whites vote with their feet by avoiding [email protected] as much possible. The few who are completely brainwashed by ideology and advertisement wind up bruised and bloody during polar bear hunts.
      Typical White viewpoints are like those of Hannity and Beck. They talk up equality and MLK but live in all white conclaves and send their kids to private all White schools.
      If race prejudice was gone Naomi Campbell, Imam, and Orca wouldn’t be singing the blues about dey hur. If we were all equal there would be no need for affirmative action.
      Write all the laws you like, and film hundreds of flattering films about Negroes, but you will not close the gap. Because racial differences exist and these differences have consequences for the individual and society.

  • WR_the_realist

    My 100% guaranteed prediction: Republicans will remain too scared to speak out against affirmative action and the whole diversity con. They will stick to “safe” topics, like tax cuts and promising to “be strong on defense”, by which they mean more war and full funding of the DHS.

    • Frank_DeScushin

      Republicans have already decided that it’s more important to court diversity than to stand up for the truth or their white base. The Republican Party will never strongly rebuke affirmative action or immigration or any other diversity matter that works to the detriment of whites.

      • DNA Explains It All

        Agreed, they’re worthless.

      • Nathanwartooth

        In a discussion forum for Libertarians I once tried to convince them that their party and the Republican party was doomed because of diversity.

        They were not having it.

        They believed wholeheartedly that the reason non whites don’t vote for conservative parties is because they haven’t reached out to them enough or because of “the legacy of slavery” or some such nonsense.

        But you can’t blame them. When you believe that all races are exactly the same and never fight for their races interests like whites don’t, then I can see where the premise leads to the conclusion.

      • M&S

        Which is why not voting Republican has to be seen as more than an isolated, individual, desultory, rebellion.
        But rather something done as an organized indictment of unacceptable behavior for which the obvious punishment is repudiation of loyalty by that self-same white base.

        Put up an internet petition under the heading:

        “To All GOP registered voters in State District X/Y/Z.” (providing a chance to repetitively snowball the idea into real vicious trend of disdainfully proven intent).

        “Because your Senator doesn’t vote in line with your stated opinion pole interests in everything from bailouts to border security, dispossessing you, the Conservative Vote, with adherence to Democratic Liberal Ideas, we wish to offer you a chance to disempower the Republican Party in turn.

        The best way to achieve this is to radically alter the vote in the coming elections _by not participating_.

        Not at a level which makes the election unwinnable.

        Not even at a level which makes a loss embarrassing.

        But rather by not Casting A Single Republican Vote.

        At all.

        We believe that such an effort, properly targeted at Republican Senators and Representatives across the board, would cost no more than one Six Year Term of office in which Democrats could do no more damage than disloyal Republicans already have shown themselves willing to do.

        What the Democrats do in their ONE term of absolute dominance in the Senate and House can be overturned by counter legislation the nex election cycle based on a good faith promise to return to Americans First voting habits.
        But only if we make it clear that Republicans are in office by sufferance of our will, solely to represent our interests.

        Non compliance with our interests should and will lead to further non-election as punishment meted out to the Entire Party whose doctrine forces block voting in favor of non-conservative and thus non-Republican ideals.

        If you share this view and are _serious_ about a commitment to not vote for fraudulent Republicans in your district whose ideals are facetiously promised and invidiously unfulfilled, then please join the undersigned millions. You are not alone in your disgust over this Party’s abuse of your trust.”
        Imagine what the effect would be if even fifty percent of those Republicans up for office in any given year were shot down, year after year, simply because a Conservative public made a group statement that no one was worth voting for who did not vote along conservative lines determined by public opinion.
        The GOP would bleep bricks as they finally realized how little they had in common with their electorate.
        As the size of the petition in State after State, District after District, just kept growing.

        • Grantland

          Great idea.

      • Grantland

        One should put about, in derisive tones, their new name, “the RINO party”

    • Erasmus

      They will stick to “safe” topics, like tax cuts and promising to “be strong on defense”, by which they mean more war and full funding of the DHS.
      Thereby insuring their demise.

      Embracing genuinely conservative issues may not guarantee the GOP’s survival (it may be too late for that), but trying to coopt the lefties only insures their demise.

  • Truth Teller

    The Republican party has never been pro White. I can’t imagine why this writer thinks the Republican party will ever consider being pro White. The only party that has ever been pro White was the south eastern Democrats until 1970 when they totally surrendered to black racism.

  • sbuffalonative

    The good thing about the “diversity” problem is that you can obsess over
    it forever with no risk of solving it, because it is insoluble—based as
    it is on a wholly implausible lie.

    Just what IS the perfect mix of diversity? Do Africa or China need to be more whites? Let’s ask them and see how they answer.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    It’s refreshing to see mainstream authors becoming more assertive with diversity-related truth.

  • MekongDelta69

    ‘Republican’ talking points = Shamnity’s talking points:
    Dirty air, dirty water, throwing granny off the cliff, kids with autism and downs syndrome, debt ceiling, tax breaks for the rich, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

    Repeat 1,000x until you throw your radio right through the window…

    ‘Republicans’ are petrified to even hint at race.

    • Nathanwartooth

      Yeah, I’m done with talk radio.

      I just listen to Radio Derb and some other podcasts when I drive.

      Hell, a lot of what Alex Jones says is complete bull but at least he is against mass immigration.

      • Grantland

        I don’t think any of it is bull.

        • Nathanwartooth

          I’ve been listening to Alex Jones for a while now and honestly I can’t get a read on the guy. He is obviously a very talented talk show host, but I have to wonder if he believes everything he says.

          Sometimes when he gets all worked up and angry it just feels really fake.

          When I first started listening to him I thought his show was on the fringes of talk radio. That was until I started listening to his guest interviews.

          Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, the lead singer of Korn and many other high profile people have convinced me that the show is more mainstream. If it wasn’t none of these guys would dare throw their credibility out the window to appear on his show.

          Even though Alex Jones is big into the “Africa would be a great place if it wasn’t for those evil bankers” and “all races should hold hands and sing kumbaya” I think he does a great service for calling out mass immigration for what it is, a massive power grab in America. He even calls out the fact that the immigrants all vote Democrat.

          He even talks about how the media tries to make people hate whites. I can’t think of any other talk show host who has ever used the term “anti white” besides Alex Jones.

          Even though I’m not really big into conspiracy theories, I still find him enjoyable to listen to. That is basically why I said a lot of what he said is complete bull. Like GMOs causing rat tumors, 9/11 being all controlled demolitions, chem trails and things like that I’m not really into. Floride is one I agree with. Not because I think it lowers IQ, but because there is absolutely no reason to have it in the drinking water.

          • Grantland

            Fluoride lowers IQ according to a recent Harvard study – g**gle it. G**gle also “building 7” and “geo-engineering. I don’t think its bull at all. The truth is more horrifying than most can accept. Then again, your mileage may vary.

          • Nathanwartooth

            I did actually and the study is apparently only looking at incidents in India and China where there was toxic levels of fluoride. It caused neurological damage and lowered IQ.

            Like I said, I want it out of the water. But not because I think it’s lowering IQs by 15 points like Alex claims.

            I’m no stranger to conspiracies, I’m on AmRen. The lies about race is one of the biggest conspiracies of all time. The covering up of black crime and black on white attacks being another huge conspiracy.

            I’ve watched 9/11 conspiracy movies, as far back as they have been made. My biggest problem with 9/11 and most big conspiracies is that they focus on the small details instead of the big picture.

            You can debate the melting point of steel all day long but I’m not

  • Romulus

    The united states has not conquered prejudiced or racism. Racism is a by product of race itself. In group/out group thinking, frequency in alelles, etc.
    The difference today , is that “whites” are now the targets of racism worldwide.
    The repubs simply will not come to whites defense, for as TRUTH TELLER has so eloquently stated, they have never been the party of whites. Only the Southern Democrats were.
    Of course, those that read between the lines when they view the conservative news channels, knows who runs both the right and wall street.
    *Hint* It isn’t the wasps.

    The repubs still believe that by minority azz kissing, they will gain votes and moral authority in the public eye. That’s why you’ll see them running out the blacks, hispanics,women and gays in their broadcasts.

  • JohnEngelman

    We get all the diversity we need with the principle of all careers open to talent.

  • Extropico

    Well, this is actually a decent piece from a neocon stalwart magazine. Make no mistake that some of these neocons are starting to realize that open borders plus diversity mandates will result in an absolute war against the preponderance of their kind in institutions, banks and government.

    I doubt they have remorse for recommending Whites be minoritized and Kalifornia be handed over to invaders…. they are just starting to get it…they will not be insulated and will be hoisted on their own diversity petard.

  • Americans dislike affirmative action and always have, but Republicans are too scared to speak up. Elections are approaching. Let us at least hear about this war on truth, from every last Republican candidate, for every office, at every level, every day. American culture, society, civilization are at stake. Please.

    *cue the crickets

  • Spartacus

    “Do Republicans care about the cultural mainstream’s real prejudice against white boys?”


    I say White boys stop caring about the Republicans (who are just the other side of the shekel, and not really different from the other critters) and start fighting back themselves .

    • dd121

      It hasn’t been discussed openly as a white issue but didn’t Republicans notice that three million whites stayed home in the last election? I wonder why? If Republicans don’t take that question seriously they’re finished. Seems to me they’re finished.

      • Ellis Kurtz

        They do take it seriously, but their response has been to “reach out” to Hispanics.

        • IstvanIN

          What is amazing is that Republicans seem to unaware that Mexico is basically a one-party state. And it ain’t the equivalent of the GOP.

  • Tarczan

    “The United States accomplished the amazing feat of virtually extinguishing race prejudice in a single generation, between the late 1950s and the early ‘80s. It was a superb accomplishment, on the order of the Moon landings.”

    He lost me with that bit of nonsense.

    • That’s just the usual ipso facto I’m not a racist blah blah blah. That way the rubes and other toe touchers know he’s the kind of guy that can be trusted to be around their kids and small pets. I think the technical word for entering that specific part of racial protocol is called the Manchurian Reach-Around.

    • silviosilver

      I’d dismiss it as “I’m not a racist” boilerplate but I bet a man of Gelernter’s generation probably did experience personal jubilation at the reduction in irritating prejudices directed at him, and if so his example would be far from unique.
      Unfortunately, lost amid the jubilation is that the diminishment of white racial prejudice had the consequence the white racial concerns could no longer claim any moral validity. White people ceased to be ends in themselves. Whites could only exist to cater to other races; to be used up and discarded, chewed up and spat out, in the service of other races’ needs and wants.

      • Ellis Kurtz

        Gelernter is a Jew. ISTM that inside every Jew, even conservatives and race realists, is a liberal trying to get out. It seems to be in their DNA. I say this with regret and no disparagement intended to Gelernter. As with many of his co-religionists in Israel, he is a victim of human craziness:

        “In 1993 he was sent a mail bomb in the post by Ted Kaczynski, known as the Unabomber, which almost killed him and left with some permanent disabilities: he lost the use of his right hand and his right eye was permanently damaged.” .. wiki

      • sbuffalonative

        Maybe he did experience jubilation but now he’s old enough to see that the dream hasn’t been realized and likely never will.

        Instead of dismissing these people, we need to encourage them. By doing so, they will go further. If we dismiss him for not going far enough, he might feel threatened and then retreat.

        Consider this ‘testing the waters’. We should tell him, ‘the water’s fine. Now what were you saying about race?’

        • silviosilver

          I agree wholeheartedly. It’s his boilerplate I was dismissing, not the man himself.

          Regarding jubilation, some instances of prejudice are so intensely stupid that witnessing them cannot help but offend some part of the soul. It’s completely understandable that someone may then regard the general diminishment in prejudice as a human accomplishment worthy of the highest acclaim. Fine. But that accomplishment cannot be allowed to obscure the deeper issues, which is what has happened and what must be most urgently corrected.

        • I take it you really don’t understand who this guy is or what he believes in? This isn’t some guy who has reached a point in his life where he is admitting any kind of truth about race and racial division. He’s just deflecting the blame of America not reaching her potential for the great Melting Pot of the universe. Just like Ann Coulter, he believes in a type of monocultural, multiracial utopia, where voting Republican and being “American” is the remedy for racial conflict and the social upheaval and strife that we see today.

          They essential amount to nothing more than jingoistic Leftists when it comes to race, because they refuse to believe the truth that race and nation can not be separated to any great degree. Unchecked and unrestrained multiracial nations can’t exist without the nation tearing itself apart along racial lines, or races inside of that nation being amalgamated to a point where the separate races cease to exist. This has always been the intended goal of the Leftists who talk about the world being a better place when we are all the same color. Yes, it’s true that these are the same people talking about the wonders of diversity. They are confused and conflicted people worshipping at the alter of two diametrically opposed visions. But really no different than this guy or Coulter believing that you can just throw a bunch of races inside of nation, and everything will work itself out just so long as they are doing everything “American” style. They just don’t get it… or maybe they do.

          We have seen the near eradication of race prejudice in a mere two generations—an astounding achievement. We are a nation of equal citizens, not of races or privileged cliques….

          …There is plenty of room in this country for new immigrants of all races and religions who want to learn America’s culture and be part of this people

          Again, people that think like this just don’t get it. I guess we can find a way to ship 10 million Ethiopians into Israel and then call them Israeli. The only requirement is that they want to learn Israeli culture and be a part of their nation. The same model should work when shipping 100 million Nigerians into Japan. Culture is static, right? So I’m sure those new immigrants won’t find a way to dictate culture that would make it completely alien.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      The extinction of race prejudice in whites is merely preparation for their eventual physical extermination in the near future.

  • dd121

    Is David an Eskimo?

    • Katherine McChesney

      Why don’t you use some other term or word for Jew. “Juice” is used on other sites. Stop using the word Eskimo. It’s a hidden attack on innocent native Alaskans.

      • dd121

        AmRen deletes any reference to Jews that they consider derogatory. Okay, it’s their site they can do what they want. They also delete references to Eskimos that refer to Jews. In linguistics that is know as a “taboo deformation” of a word. In no way does it cast aspersions on Eskimos. 🙂

  • scutum

    “The United States accomplished the amazing feat of virtually extinguishing race prejudice in a single generation, between the late 1950s and the early ‘80s” What planet has this guy been living on. I don’t know of anyone who wants to associate with or be around blacks. The only reason anyone puts up with them at all is because of the threat of government sanctions. If it wasn’t for the threats and coercion of the occupation government in Washington DC no one would associate with, work with, or live near blacks.

  • Pelagian

    Re: Jones on Race. ” but he leans heavily in our direction.” You’ve got it about right. Jones is a big believer of “the Hitler rule”: i.e. you cant fight a war on two fronts. He believes we should concentrate on the non-Eskimo front. Relief from non-Eskimo pressure will make the body politic healthier all around and better able to deal with all the other problems facing us. But he certainly has not been afraid to go non-PC on race, especially in his Moynihan Report and “Slaughter of the Cities” eras (Mike has been a full-time writer since about 1978 … and he’s nothing if not prodigious).

  • LHathaway

    hidden in this gem is that it would seem most blacks actually believe this hokum. women, too, perhaps, maybe it depends a little on their age? Do black women really believe the mainstream idea that white women are the ultimate victims (along with black men of course). While that last point is debatable, I really suspect blacks in general Believe this stuff. It would almost seem that the worse they treat whites the More they have to believe it. . . It could actually be kind of dangerous.

  • silviosilver

    He’s referring to legal equality and the cultural acceptance of it, and the diminishment of behavior like hateful glares and verbal abuse. It’s hard to argue that “prejudices” like this haven’t at least been greatly reduced, even if they haven’t completely vanished. On the other hand, white racial feeling is certainly alive at some level; it’s just gone underground, shuts its mouth and votes with its feet.

  • silviosilver

    Neocons are our most deadly enemies.

    But you are also theirs. At no point have you ever made it possible for them not to oppose you, so what choice do they have but to defend themselves? Of course, they grossly overdo it, so what might have been “defense” has morphed into “offense,” but that they have placed obstacles in your way is wholly understandable.

  • silviosilver

    Ion. I am shaking my head. Do you seriously suppose Rockford Institute-style conservatives had any use for someone named Ion?

    It’s very easy to heap scorn on the neocons from your comfortable position in the America of 2014 but from the perspective of 1984 those hardnut paleos were a threat to everyone outside their narrow clan. After the European experience of mid-century (I’m talking about much more than ykws here) it was impossible not be wary of such types. Bill Buckley was not at all wrong to attempt to neutralize them. Unfortunately he went overboard. Well, it was always going to be a difficult juggling act.

    Now, here we are today and it’s a changed world compared to then, so there’s more leeway to deal forthrightly with race than there once was. You can be a paleo and spend the rest of your days crying over spilled milk or you can move on, learn from mistakes, and tackle reality as it now exists.

  • John K

    The only thing that happened starting in the fifties was black aggression, leading to the declaration of war on white America. Of course, race traitors like the Kennedys and LBJ were instrumental in its passage.

  • Grantland

    “Excised, not excused”