Black Pastors: Impeach Holder

Penny Starr, CNS News, February 25, 2014

A coalition of black pastors announced on Tuesday at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. that they are launching a campaign to gather one million signatures on a petition calling for the impeachment of Attorney General Eric Holder for violating his oath of office by trying “to coerce states to fall in line with the same-sex ‘marriage’ agenda.”

“President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have turned their backs on the values the American people hold dear, values particularly cherished in the black community: values like marriage, which should be strengthened and promoted, rather than weakened and undermined,” says a statement by the Coalition of African American Pastors that has been posted online with their impeachment petition.

“Our nation calls for the building up of a healthier marriage culture; instead, our elected leaders are bent on destroying marriage, remaking it as a genderless institution and reorienting it to be all about the desires of adults rather than the needs of children,” says the coalition.

“In pursuing this intention, the president and his administration are trampling the rule of law. Attorney General Holder in particular has used the influence of his office and role as the chief law enforcement figure in our nation to try to coerce states to fall in line with the same-sex ‘marriage’ agenda,” says the coaltion. {snip}

“For abandoning the oath he swore in taking office and his duty to defend the common good, Attorney General Holder should be impeached by Congress,” says the coalition. “CAAP is calling on all men and women of good will to sign the following petition urging Congress to take action against the Attorney General’s lawlessness today!”


On Tuesday, Holder told a gathering of state attorneys-general that it’s okay if they don’t defend laws in their states that prohibit same-sex marriage:

“Now, any decisions at any level not to defend individual laws must be exceedingly rare. They must be reserved only for exceptional–truly exceptional–circumstances.  And they must never stem merely from policy or political disagreements, hinging instead only on firm constitutional grounds,” Holder said.

“But in general, I believe we must be suspicious of legal classifications based solely on sexual orientation. And we must endeavor in all of our efforts to uphold and advance the values that once led our forebears to declare unequivocally that all are created equal and entitled to equal opportunity.”


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  • Truth Teller

    Fox news plans to persuade the black preachers to tell their flocks to vote Republican because the Democrats push the gay agenda. Fox also thinks that the church going blacks will vote Republican because like blacks, Republican Whites tend to be church going. Then there is the Margaret Sanger feminazi “genocide” of black babies through abortion.
    Dream on idiots.

    • Extropico

      That naive agenda of the religutards will fail fabulously as they need to eat before they pray. Pretty much the only Blacks who vote GOP are the ones who get government military jobs.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “The Hill” article on the black pastors challenging Obama and Holder had better quotes.  It included these truisms:  

    “If Obama was a white man, he would be impeached,” said Rev. William Owens, the group’s founder and president. “Obama has been given a free pass to do what he pleases, but I don’t give him a pass. I’m very black, been black all my life. He doesn’t get a pass. I don’t give him a pass.”

    “He’s used his blackness to get away with some of the things he’s gotten away with,” Owens added.

    “He will go down in history as the worst attorney general,” Owens said.

    • So CAL Snowman

      “I’m very black, been black all my life.”

      I’m glad he cleared that up, there were definitely some rumors floating around.

      • Like a “Woodchuck’s undercarriage” would have sufficed.

  • David Ashton

    Let them get on with it.

  • Alexandra1973

    Waitaminnit–Somehow I don’t think marriage is valued very much by the black community.

    • Sick of it

      These guys represent the 8% or what have you.

  • There were lots of decent old time black Christians living in the Deep South when I grew up. Yes, there was segregation, but there was respect among southern whites for the conservative black churches and their flocks. Lots of these churches favored segregation and the separate development of the black race along Christian lines.

    With that history in mind, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I hope these black pastors get publicity and are listened to. They make sense to me, so I support their effort to reign in the sodomite agends.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      That was one of the good things about southern segregation. It actually forced blacks to gain acceptance from whites by conforming to normative standards of white behavior, while staying in their own communities at the same time.

      • jeffaral

        Blacks didn’t stay in their own communities: They were used as house servants and cheap labour. When the civil rights era and desegregation kicked in, most White Southerners meekly complied with the new regime.

    • The way I see it, the enemy of my enemy is usually also my enemy.

      • Jesse_from_Sweden

        “The enemy of my enemy is my enemy’s enemy. No more, no less”.

      • Bossman

        Very strange logic coming from you, but then again you’re a self-confessed mixed breed married to a Japanese woman. I don’t even understand why you’re pro-white?

        • I am pro-white because I favor Western civilization. European whites are the ones who created this. Elected governments, electricity, banks, books, what’s not to like?

    • jeffaral

      The sodomite agenda is the least of our problems.

      • Bossman

        Really? How so? Homosexuality may have destroyed the Roman Empire. One cornerstone of the Christian religion was the total rejection of that aspect of Greco-Roman culture.

  • Spartacus

    This doesn’t make them our friends. Stop caring about this crap, and start seceeding .

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      You’re right that it doesn’t make them our friends. It just goes to show the hypocrisy of the patronizing white leftists. If these were white pastors speaking ill of the homosexual agenda, we would be reading about this from an indignant mainstream media, not scrappy little CNS.
      The leftists hide these stories because they undermine the tenuous unity of the Rainbow Coalition. That’s how they can get two groups as diametrically opposed as radical Islamists and LGBTs to vote for the same leftist political parties.

      • Frank_DeScushin

        The most ardently anti-gay people that I know are Democrats. They’re black Christians who vote Democrat because that’s what blacks do.

        When gay marriage was up for referendum vote in California in 2008 it was voted down, in large part, because there was uncharacteristically high black voter turnout to elect Obama. The overwhelming majority of blacks who voted for Obama voted against gay marriage. When gay marriage lost at the polls, white Liberals made the overwhelmingly white Mormon Church the scapegoat and public enemy number one. Nary a word was said about the black anti-gay marriage vote.

        This is a perfect example of why I can’t take white Liberals seriously. They endlessly preach that we’re all the same, and then they refuse to place the same standards and criticisms on blacks.

    • AutomaticSlim

      “Stop caring about this crap, and start seceeding”

      It will happen.
      Maybe not in my lifetime, but it will happen.
      I figure I have maybe 40 years left, at most.
      And maybe 20 -25 good ones, at that.
      Things here will only get worse for people my age & older.

  • Dave4088

    For a minute I thought the black pastors were revolting over his anti-white activism, but these colored men of the cloth naturally and obviously support him on that point.

  • I didn’t see or read or hear these black preachers calling for Holder’s impeachment when Holder was doing any one of the million things before now he did that was impeachment worthy.

  • Tarczan

    This restates that it doesn’t need to be as bad as it is. A return to a moral state by the blacks, along with an end to welfare and let the blacks be left to their own devices. Not perfect, not a utopian dreamland, but a better outcome than the massive welfare state. With no AA or welfare, I just couldn’t hate a black for success, I would admire them. As Mr. Taylor says, if they are constantly told white racists are holding them back, what will they think?

  • Truth Teller

    Who paid the black preachers and how much.?

  • IstvanIN

    Limbaugh was blathering on about this this afternoon. As if blacks have any business poking their noses in any moral issue outside of their own illegitimatacy filled, STD filled, crime filled, illiteracy filled, violent filled, undisciplined, decayed “society”. I love when “conservatives” kiss up to blacks on one issue. They need to clean up their own backyards. A bunch of hypocrites.

    “Wees bees Christians an sheet”. Yeah, and I am the man in the moon.

    How about Republicans, and White Democrats, impeaching him way back when he said Whites were not entitled to Civil Rights? Or any number of other pronouncements this very dangerous clown as made over the last 5 years?

    • Lewis33

      Totally agree about “conservatives” kissing ass, it is funny to see a wreck at the intersection of blacks and liberals however.

  • Kenner

    East Asians: a culture of conformity.

    • Japanese-American Larry Shinoda designed the beautiful styling for the 1962 Corvette “Stingray”.

  • WR_the_realist

    There are a whole slew of reasons why Eric Holder should be impeached. But I have to count it as a positive if he’s finally done something that even gets black people mad. After all, the opinions of white people don’t count in the current administration.

  • r j p

    Africans and Muslims are most likely to participate in homosexual behavior.
    blacks are down low.
    muzzies have man love thursday.

  • jackryanvb

    It’s as all step, but OK. Whites on our side who are firm, but fair on issues of morality, law and order, drugs, immigration will win the grudging respect of decent Blacks, might not translate in to many, any votes, but it does win our side respect.

    David Duke won ~ 8% of the Black vot when he ran for governor of Louisiana. Rudy Guliani won the respect of Rev Butts for restoring civilization in New York City.


    “Hostility toward homosexuality appears increase as IQ wanes.”

    Conversely, the promotion of it increases as IQ increases. Its success is due to SS”M” being the cause celebre of academia.

  • Cid Campeador

    BUt the “Reverends” are perfectly content with his tacit approval of the rape, beating and murder of White people.