The Endless Fringe: White Nationalist Think Tanks and the “Dissident Right”

Justin Mitchell, Voice of Russia, December 17, 2013

In our series the Endless Fringe, VOR has shown you the modern face of the Ku Klux Klan, the National Socialists, and the Christian Identity movement. Today, we bring you the world of white nationalist think tanks. Dedicated to something called “race realism,” these organizations claim to advocate for white America, while their critics say it’s the same old hate in a new package.

Today, the New Century Foundation is one of a handful of think tanks, magazines, and organizations that seek to provide a more rational-sounding, credible way to express the issues of what they see as a time of crisis for the white race. Critics say that while they may on the surface seem more urbane than the traditional, militant hate groups, the hate is the same.


New Century is one of several “white nationalist think tanks.” They are a relatively recent phenomenon in America’s far right. They are hard to pin down ideologically. There is none of the violent, insurrectionary rhetoric of the Ku Klux Klan or the National Socialists. They exist nominally above-ground. They claim not to want to harm anyone. Their spokespeople are often well-dressed and articulate. But they just might be the public face of a new, sublimated brand of white racism.

VOR called up Jared Taylor and asked him what the New Century Foundation is.

“It’s really an advocacy group for the interests of whites,” Taylor told us in an even, clipped tone. “Whites have legitimate interests, just like every other racial group in the United States. And blacks, Hispanics, Asians—they all have organizations that are trying to advance their legitimate interests, and the New Century Foundation is a similar organization for whites.”

Some, such as Devin Burghart, Vice President of the Institute For Research and Education on Human Rights, see New Century and its American Renaissance website as much more dangerous.

“American Renaissance was started in essence to give a more intellectual patina to white supremacist ideas and to try to move white supremacist ideology from the margin to the mainstream . . . to try to appeal to a wider audience,” Burghart told VOR. “As well as trying to get rid of what one of the American Renaissance writers called the ‘paramilitary infantilism’—you know, stop running around in the woods with guns and instead put on a suit and tie and try to take a more respectable approach.”

New Century was founded in the mid-90s, soon after the violence that marked the white nationalist movement in the 1980s.

Armed with neutral-sounding names such as the National Policy Institute and the Charles Martel Society, these organizations publish magazines, hold conferences and release reports intended to counteract what they see as the dangers of multiculturalism.

For instance, the New Century has a report called “The Color of Crime,” which showcases federal statistics showing higher crime rates among minorities. Another, more recent report from American Renaissance, “Hispanics: A Statistical Portrait,” highlights the high poverty and crime rates among that community, as well as low levels of education.

Taylor also expressed admiration for researchers such as Jean-Phillippe Rushton, whose most famous conclusion drew an inverse correlation between intelligence, brain size, and penis size.

For Burghart, the reason for these organizations’ existence is simple.

“They are designed to re-package white supremacist ideas for a new generation, and help spread the ideas to new followers,” he said.

Jared Taylor, naturally, takes issue with this characterization. Notably, he rejects the terms “white supremacist” and “racist,” saying they amount to “name-calling.”

“The way I view race is the way practically everyone in the United States viewed race until about the 1950s,” Taylor told VOR. “And for that reason, there is no particularly good word for it.”

Taylor is more comfortable with that past vision of America.

“The assumption throughout American history was that the United States was an outpost of Europe, and that its character was largely defined by its European heritage,” he said. “They accepted the idea that people generally are more comfortable with people like themselves. Also, they accepted racial differences.”

John Derbyshire used to be a prominent member of the mainstream conservative community as a writer for the National Review. In early 2012, during the aftermath of Trayvon Martin’s death, he lost his job after penning a controversial column at another publication highlighting his fears of inter-ethnic violence.

He says American Renaissance and other such organizations are part of a phenomenon called the “dissident right.”

“I would describe it as people, mostly refugees from the late 20th century American conservative movement, which increasingly became just an instrument of the American Republican Party,” Derbyshire said. “The refugees have formed scattered little groups of their own, like American Renaissance, to try and keep alive what in the middle of the 20th century were considered perfectly ordinary conservative ideas, but which are now widely regarded as outrageous.”

The central tenants of the dissident right can be easily boiled down.

“One of the things that the dissident right objects to is this idea that diversity is a good thing, let’s celebrate diversity, which is completely counterfactual,” Derbyshire told VOR. “Anywhere you look in the world, [where] you have diverse populations living together, there is conflict and there is rancor. So a multi-ethnic nation is probably not viable and the United States, in the direction it’s headed in, is probably going to cease to be viable at some point because of inter-ethnic conflict.”

Taylor, Derbyshire, and their ilk see the white race as in grave danger of demographic extinction. Unlike more violent militants, they insist that they have no desire to harm or rule over other races, but simply wish to be left alone.

Richard Spencer, the head of the National Policy Institute and a former editor at the American Conservative magazine, has advocated for the creation of a whites-only homeland in the Pacific Northwest, a dream shared by many right wing radicals in the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

But Taylor insists he merely wants to maintain a white majority, and that his organization and his work are unfairly maligned and marginalized.

Devin Burghart is unimpressed.

“No one’s denying them the right to think these ideas,” Burghart told VOR. “However, it should be noted that mainstream Americans, people in the mainstream everywhere, find their ideas abhorrent and repugnant. And that’s why they keep getting pushed further and further to the fringes.”

Being pushed to the fringes does not seem to phase Taylor, Spencer, or Derbyshire.

“Honestly, I think we [probably] all end up in labor camps,” Derbyshire said. “I think the leviathan will strike back at some point.”

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  • dd121

    I’m not a part of any fringe, nor are AmRen articles and posters “abhorrent and repugnant”. I think the pot-smoking lefties are the ones to be worried about.

    • Hmmm. They might consider me the arch-villain, or maybe I have a free pass for being partly injun and married to a Japanese lady. I regard my own politics as quite normal.

    • Puggg

      I’ll gladly embrace the repugnant part.

      • dd121

        You’re “renant”, we’ll leave the Pug out.

    • Max Krakah

      WE are the FUTURE. In their hearts, they know this. They can no longer pretend we do not exist as our numbers and influence are growing. This is just a dialectic attempt to minimize us. This is actually encouraging news. IF they think they need to take actions against us, it means they see us as a threat.

    • Svigor

      The central tenants [sic] of the dissident right can be easily boiled down.

      This fellow writes for a living (does “Mitchell” sound like an appropriate surname for “The Voice of Russia”?) and doesn’t know how to spell “tenets.” “Journalists” are now more akin to political commissars than to anything positive; their “skills” are political correctness, not acumen, honesty, or truth-seeking.

      • Fr. John+

        This was my gut reaction, Svigor! It looks NOTHING like the renascent “Narodnost, Tsar, and God” movement Russia is currently embracing. Rather, it sounds like some rehashed 1980’s neo-conned canned propaganda, written and disseminated to make it ‘appear’ that Truth [Pravda?] is the same all over. Well, I for one don’t believe this cr*p for one second. I know too many Russian Orthodox who are more in tune with the CI, WN, and Conservative P.O.V.’s expressed on this and other ‘reactionary’ fora, than this idiot’s lone pontifications..

    • Brian

      From what I’ve been able to gather reading many comments on here over a period of six months, Amrenners can match or exceed any other group I know of in intelligence, good sense, and even sense of humor. I’d be quite satisfied if the Amrenners were the colonization force for Mars. We could make a good reboot there while Terra stews in its juices.

      • dd121

        Send us off to Mars? Guess that could be taken different ways. Sounds fun, though.

        • Brian

          I’ve been re-reading Kim Stanley Robinson’s Red/Green/Blue Mars trilogy about Martian colonization/terraforming, and thinking we could already be there if not for the trillions spent in the last half-century propping up the knee grow.

          • dd121

            I think there are a lot of good posters on AmRen too. I too enjoy the insights that this cross section of people offer every day. I’m not that active a poster but contribute a little. Hope you cut loose with your opinions and join in the fun!

  • D.B. Cooper

    So, “think tank” has to be listed four times? Well, sometimes bad publicity can work in your favor. I wonder how many people were looking for a website like Amren, and it took an article like this to make people realize Amren exists?

    HA! I knew I would find one somewhere!

    • Puggg

      If you would have asked me before I started becoming intensely political, say as late as five years ago, what I thought a “think tank” was, I would have said that it was a big room or a building or an underground bunker where really smart people sat around thinking about really big and complex problems.

      Now I think that a lot of think tanks are were people who already have a lot of money and power hire people to find ways to con everyone into giving them even more money and power.

    • Max Krakah

      Most of the white people who and who were not aware of Amren’s existence when they read this most likely welcomed the news of Amren’s existence, and most most likely agree with what Jarred said. Articles like this are a benefit. They make people aware that there are others that share their secret views and it gives them courage to start thinking about being vocal about their views. Things like this will grow our numbers, no matter how the authors try to cast us.

  • JohnEngelman

    Some, such as Devin Burghart, Vice President of the Institute For Research and Education on Human Rights, see New Century and its American Renaissance website as much more dangerous.

    – Justin Mitchell, Voice of Russia, December 17, 2013

    In his essay “The Inequality Taboo” Charles Murray wrote, “specific policies based on premises that conflict with scientific truths about human beings tend not to work. Often they do harm.”

    What is dangerous is the suppression of scientific truths that can only be propagated on a website like American Renaissance.

    Marry Morrison’s articles about how public schools waste tax payer money year after year in futile efforts to bridge the race gap deserve a national audience. The same can be said for The Color of Crime, and writings by J. Philippe Rushton.

  • “Taylor, Derbyshire, and their ilk see the white race as in grave danger
    of demographic extinction. Unlike more violent militants [bolding mine], they insist
    that they have no desire to harm or rule over other races, but simply
    wish to be left alone.”

  • Luca

    The last thing the “Left” wants are think tanks involving realism. They don’t want people thinking for themselves, which is why they are encouraging Whites to breed down to lower intellectual levels. It’s so much easier to control the masses when they believe and obey everything you say and question none of it.

    • refocus

      This is why the media went into such a fit over Ross Perot’s 1992 proposal to create the Fourth Branch of Government – The Electronic Townhall. The Internet based program that would allow the concerned citizen to register his or her approval, ratify or annul, every law on the books. Only the Constitution and Bill of Right would be exempt.

      When a super majority of citizens annulled a law, Congress would be required to delete it. Thus perfecting the law.

  • David Ashton

    The real “hate” is for white-skinned people and their attempts to preserve their culture, institutions and the demographic that underpins them; a “racism” in reverse. The self-defenders only “hate” the prospect of their own demise, and rightly so. Words mean what Humpty-Dumpty says they mean, and he is now Big Brother of 1984 Newspeak.

    “Evil, be thou my good.”

    • JohnEngelman

      Hey, welcome back David.

      • David Ashton

        Thank you, but only for odd moments usually when England or my own viewpoint is specifically attacked. I truly have no time for AR “debates” especially with the Winterval of Lights shortly on its way. I missed RoshHashana & Hannukah, but good wishes to all Nordic Episcopalians for the Year of the Snake.

  • CJ Haze

    Know how I got here years ago? A link from a teacher’s blog concerning closing the racial gap in education. We are inundated with attaining equal outcomes along racial lines. It’s unstoppable bureaucracy meeting immovable forces of nature.

    I attended the conference this year. I met two bonafide racist people. One was an octogenarian UGA grad with deep-seeded animus and the other was at the after party. He was overtly-racist almost to the point of being scripted.

    The latter individual did not attend the conference but rather showed up alone at the afterparty at the cabin. He held a whiskey drink from which he never sipped. I mentioned this to Mathew Heimbach and he replied, “so what? They do it to us all the time” — this confirming my suspicions.

    Forgive my lack of brevity, but I must digress. Saying this is a ‘white-supremacist’ organization makes Mr. Burghart as aloof as those holding placards outside the hotel. But this seems to be the norm — or rather the double standard. Fringe right is dismissed as delusional by far left deemed rational.

    With the exception of a boy too young to work, everyone I encountered had careers and ambition. Being a violent neo-Nazi doesn’t gel with house payments, house calls, and houses of God. The stat troopers had no ill-will against us nor did the hotel staff. A man in line at the buffet next to me and I had a brief conversation.

    Man: Hey, is this a meeting or something.
    Me: Yes sir, it is.
    Man: Are you guys Nazis? I saw them signs out front.
    Me: Worse. We’re conservatives.

    He laughed. Of course I don’t speak for all in attendance, but it still attests to the fact that symbols can do more talking than one’s words. White Supremacist is a phrase that is all-inclusive of hate. Just saying it and you see lynchings, Emmett Till, gas chambers, etc.

    The phrase is a weapon. A weapon of our enemy. Mr. Derbyshire (the main reason I traveled to attend) said we want to be left alone. 1) It was conveniently left out who he married and fathered two children with… not very ‘supremacist’. 2) Nobody is ever left alone; history proves that.

  • So CAL Snowman

    “There is none of the violent, insurrectionary rhetoric of the Ku Klux Klan or the National Socialists.”

    ““Honestly, I think we [probably] all end up in labor camps,” Derbyshire
    said. “I think the leviathan will strike back at some point.””

    That’s what happens when you do not espouse violent retribution against your enemies, you just go quietly into that good night with all of the other sheep. This war will not be won with the pen good sirs and madams.

    • Ella

      We cannot vote away this mess.

    • Andy

      Our enemy uses the pen, and very effectively. They have no need for guns or labor camps as long as they can persuade the majority to marginalize anyone who veers from their prescribed way of thinking. I would be loathe to take up their methods, but it seems that repeated slogans and ridicule of opponents sway the masses better than reasoned argument.

      • JohnEngelman

        Reasoned arguments are only effective when emotions are not aroused.

    • JohnEngelman

      The initiation of violence in a democracy works against the initiators. Segregationist violence directed against civil rights demonstrators shocked most Americans and resulted in the passing of the civil rights legislation. Then, five years of black ghetto rioting inspired a white backlash that resulted in the Republican Party dominating the United States.

      In time the persistence of black social pathology and the race gap, as well as additional findings by geneticists will destroy the constraints of political correctness, and make it safe to acknowledge the scientific validity of race realism.

      • Luca

        “Then, five years of black ghetto rioting inspired a white backlash that resulted in the Republican Party dominating the United States.”

        I believe what you are referring to are the Nixon/Ford years (’69-’77), perhaps you are throwing in Reagan /Bush Sr. (’81-’93).

        Black Ghetto rioting is only part of the picture, the bigger part of the picture would be the numerous failed policies of LBJ including most notably at the top of the list, the War in Vietnam which cost us dearly in lives, dollars and reputation.

        • JohnEngelman

          The War in Vietnam was tragically futile. Blame for that war goes back to President Eisenhower who refused to sign and honor the Geneva Agreement of 1954.

          • Luca

            Eisenhower lit a match, JFK provided the kindling and LBJ provided 55-gl drums of gasoline.

            Who started it, bears little correlation to who turned into a national tragedy.

            Had Ike and JFK done nothing LBJ would have got the ball rolling and turned into a bonfire. He was desperate to go down in the history books, regardless of his incompetence and ill intentions.

          • JohnEngelman

            If President Eisenhower had signed and honored the Geneva Agreement of 1954 like he should have, Ho Chi Minh would have won a fair election by a nearly 80 percent blowout like President Eisenhower estimated in his memoirs, and the War in Vietnam would not have happened.

          • David Ashton

            With respect, your reply is one reason why I no longer engage in “debate” here. It is like a well-worn tape-recording. There are three assertions therein which are open to serious challenge, but there ya go! (And so do I….)

          • JohnEngelman

            The contemporary polarization of the American people began during the War in Vietnam. That is why it is important to understand why the war happened.


            Final declaration, dated July 21, 1954, of the Geneva Conference on the problem of restoring peace in Indochina, in which the representatives of Cambodia, the Democratic Republic of Viet-Nam, France, Laos, the People’s Republic of China, the State of Viet-Nam, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the United Kingdom and the United States of America took part…

            The Conference takes note of the clauses in the agreement on the cessation of hostilities in Viet-Nam prohibiting the introduction into Viet Nam of foreign troops and military personnel…

            no military base at the disposition of a foreign state may be established in the regrouping zones of the two parties…

            general elections shall be held in July 1956, under the supervision of an international commission composed of representatives of the member states of the International Supervisory Commission referred to in the agreement on the cessation of hostilities.

            I have never talked or corresponded with a person knowledgeable in Indochinese affairs who did not agree that had elections been held as of the time of the fighting, possibly 80 per cent of the population would have voted for the Communist Ho Chi Minh as their leader.

            – Source: Dwight D. Eisenhower, Mandate for Change, 1953-56 (Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Compnay, Inc., 1963), p. 372

          • David Ashton

            The “same old” on a far from simple issue, BUT:

            (A) “as of the time of the fighting….possibly”

            (B) “We shall continue to seek to achieve unity through free elections, supervised by the UN to ensure that they are conducted fairly” – US State Department (Martin Gilbert, “A History of the Twentieth Century, Vol.3” [London: Harper/Collins 1999], p.73).

            (C) You dislike reference to fresh or alterrnative sources, let alone reading them, but others may like to sample just these three, from right, left and center, respectively:
            (1) Hilaire du Berrier, “Background to Betrayal” (Belmont: Western Islands, 1965).
            (2) Stanley Karnow, “Vietnam: A History” (Penguin Books, 1997).
            (3) US Senate on the Judiciary, Internal Security Subcommittee, “The Human Cost of Communism in Vietnam” (Washington: USGPO, 1972).

            As I never supported the counter-productive “Ugly American” no-win military intervention in Vietnam against an enemy, supplied with Soviet aid funded from the USA itself, despite my admiration for American, Indo-Chinese and French anti-communist soldiers themselves, I do not intend to resume a “debate” on this again.

  • Daniel Schmuhl

    I don’t find this site to be particularly extreme at all (though some commenters are) and Derbyshire is really just a regular conservative with HBD leanings. It’s not really these individuals that are extreme but rather the swing in the zeitgeist.

  • MekongDelta69

    Well – if Devin Burghart, Vice President of the Institute For Research and Education on Human Rights is ‘unimpressed,’ I guess we should all go hide under our beds now.

    (Hmm – I wonder if Morris $leaze and Tim Wise-Guy are ‘unimpressed’ too?!)

    • libertarian1234

      Burghart nor the reporter on the story seem to be interested in checking into the immense amount of open, anti-white hostility throughout the entire black community and the racial violence they engage in constantly.

      Blacks are the most racist group on this planet, and if this guy doesn’t know that he’s worthless as a reporter of ANYTHING.

    • Jerrybear

      I work with a gay man, a gun toting atheist, and an apolitical guy at work. All white. They all admit to the realities of race realism that is discussed on this site. Interestingly, they all vote Democrat. I guess the bland GOP message of free markets and American exceptionalism falls short.

  • Dave4088

    Typical left wing, anti-racist hokum. They think they have a monopoly on righteousness. But if Amren and other groups mentioned were so “abhorrent and repugnant” and occupied the margins and fringes then why did VOR see fit to dedicate some time and space to them?

    I thought Jared Taylor and Amren considered themselves race realists, not white nationalists, but maybe the moderator or someone can clarify this.

    • Sick of it

      Jokers like Justin Mitchell cannot tell the difference between a white supremacist and a Southern nationalist.

  • libertarian1234

    This guy is kind of amusing thinking that the Klan and other radical groups are important enough to be reported on.

    Although he DID try to present both sides, he just isn’t savvy enough to know that the general public on their various internet forums hold racial views and criticize blacks and multiculturalism with more intensity and vehemence than what is written on Amren.

    And THAT makes his report on this site useless really, because he’s overlooking that the things we espouse about racial matters is expanded on with far greater animosity on almost every web site on the net every time a racial incident occurs.

    His ignorance is really inexcusable.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      It isn’t ignorance, its duplicity.

  • If you know any history, the Charles Martel Society would be anything but “neutral sounding”.

  • NM156

    Justin Mitchell-wasn’t he a character in a Tolstoy novel? (Sarcasm) In other words, The Voice of Russia is a propaganda outlet for American policy as carried out by the US State Dept. and overseas NGOs.

  • Puggg

    If it’s endless, is it really fringe?

  • Dave4088

    Maybe if little Justin used his brain he could see that the U.S. government had adopted a hostile and confrontational stance towards the white majority, or at least those of us who don’t wallow in self hatred or desire to become a hated minority. If this were truly our country and if we had a government adopted policies that favored the white majority then the work of the groups mentioned in the article wouldn’t be as necessary.

  • Extropico

    Opposing YT genocide by unilateral mass migration is a militant fringe position only per someone replete with anti-White hate.

    • libertarian1234

      Right along with blatant stupidity and ignorance.

  • David Brims

    Tolstoy quote, ”Eagles fly alone and sparrows fly in flocks.”

  • Pax Romana

    Burghart told VOR. “However, it should be noted that mainstream
    Americans, people in the mainstream everywhere, find their ideas
    abhorrent and repugnant. And that’s why they keep getting pushed further
    and further to the fringes.”

    I always find it fascinating how Liberals and the Left always trash our views which are history based and time tested realism, as defective and abnormal with their condescending air of popular moral social superiority, when it is THEIR ideology and views on race that requires a constant 24/7 cradle to grave stream of propaganda and brainwashing in the mass media and education system to maintain and propagate.

  • Bob

    I know it will happen. The day will happen when I log into my computer, confirm my internet connection is working fine and yet my daily Amren will be “404 site not found”. This is day that I know the “heavy” knock on (down) the door is not far to follow. The witch hunters will have arrived…history never learned, the drones care not.

  • Le Fox


    “We’re not denying them the right to do this…BUT THEY’RE WRONG! WAAAAAAAH!” – Jesus, are they kindergartners? Amren isn’t Stormfront. Taylor isn’t MacDonald.

    And the KKK killed as many whites as blacks. Apparently they killed those in favour of the Union. So yet another misrepresentation.

    And they’re making a stink out of Federal Statistics? And here they called us the conspiracy theorists!

    Yes, there are the crazies in the right-wing movement who don’t know the facts. And there are the average people, like me, who come here for a good read.

    If they want hate, maybe they should try ED.

    • IstvanIN

      What is ED?

      • Extropico

        Electile dysfunction.

    • unadorned

      Don’t slander MacDonald. He’s a good guy.

  • MekongDelta69

    P.S. Another ‘knockout’ loser.

    Go here and mention AmRen. I already have:

  • Alexandra1973

    I think they worry about us looking rational, so to speak, because people are more likely to listen to rational people than to someone that’s ranting and raving. They’d rather we rant and rave so we can just be blown off as a bunch of nuts.

    Make sense?

  • WR_the_realist

    “No one’s denying them the right to think these ideas,” Burghart told VOR.

    Liar. The antifa crowd not only tries to shut us down, they succeeded in getting Amren conferences cancelled by means of death threats. That is why Amren can no longer hold its conferences in private hotels. The mass media made no mention of these attacks, because it was in full agreement with antifa denying the first amendment to white race realists.

  • Sick of it

    “New Century was founded in the mid-90s, soon after the violence that marked the white nationalist movement in the 1980s.”

    No mention of agents provocateur or FBI involvement eh?

  • c684570

    Having eyes and a brain is “fringe”? Yeah ok.

  • Strike_Team

    Donut loving Devin Burghart is a tool used to put a white face on the enemies of whites. You can bet he’s told everything he says publicly, and everything he “writes” is written for him by the usual suspects. And they reward him well with donuts, fries, and potato pancakes.

    I don’t wish to make too light of the evil man and those he debases himself to just to have some greenbacks tossed his way. But this does show the media, even in Russia, is in the hands of the haters of the West. People also need to realize that not a few folks in Russia would like to see the US collapse so that the US would no longer be the top “white” country. Which it in fact hasn’t been for quite some time.

  • ViktorNN

    “that’s why they keep getting pushed further and further to the fringes.”

    Are we evil “white supremacists” really getting pushed further and further to the fringes? I’ve only been an AmRen reader for a few years, so others who’ve been around longer than me will probably know better.

    From what I can tell, the online pro-white “movement” (or whatever you want to call it) is stronger than ever. There are more sites with a wider range of perspectives, better thinkers and writers, more readers and commenters.

    While it’s true this hasn’t translated into a great deal of real world overtly pro-white activism, but that’s to be expected considering that being publicly pro-white comes with such potentially high risks and costs.

    It would be interesting to know how many millions of white Americans have been exposed to our ideas and how many are sympathetic. My gut says the line on the chart is trending up, not down.

    • Pro_Whitey

      I know people who are casually race-conscious and unflattering about other races, and also anti-semitic, more so than I could be accused of doing, and yet they vote straight Democrat. I wonder if I will ever see the day that they convert. They are not much into politics, and would rather talk of something else, so I have not had a chance to try to make them full race realists. However, I doubt they are an exception, but rather they are likely the rule. There’s a lot of raw material out there that has been blinded and misdirected. The leftists are of course the ones on the fringe, but you’d be surprised what you can say with a straight face when you think it is OK to lie through your teeth.

      • IstvanIN

        I know people who are casually race-conscious and unflattering about
        other races, and also anti-semitic, more so than I could be accused of
        doing, and yet they vote straight Democrat. I wonder if I will ever see
        the day that they convert.

        Except for the voting straight Democrat voting most of my family is like this. They know blacks are trouble makers and criminals, that we are being taken over by Hispanics and Asians, that we are, or will be soon, a minority, yet see me as a bit over the top radical pro-white. My parents laugh when I get wound up, my brother likes to get me would up (he is fairly liberal), my sister tries to sush me and my daughter always tries to warn me if we are going to be around “someone” I find unsavory so I don’t stick my foot in my mouth. But none of them ever express any fear for the future, except occasionally my mother and father for the grandkids.

        I have lost friends over my pro-white attitudes. I never back down on my opinions though I do try to temper my comments to stay civil. Why am I so concerned, upset and fearful and everyone else is either OK with what is happening or resigned to it?

  • I don’t know why Jared is even wasting time and energy with this AmRen stuff. Doesn’t he know that Yellow John has spoken about the futileness of archaic remnants of America’s past, like AmRen?

    — Miscegenation is the coming trend. There is not point in even trying to reverse it.

    — Get used to it. In the future inter racial marriage will be even more common.

    — History is moving against you. America is becoming more multi racial, more multi ethnic, and more meritocratic. There is nothing white nationalists can do about. One gets places in politics by getting in front of popular issues. One does not get places by fighting for lost causes.

    The future is a more multiracial, multicultural American swimming in a sea of miscegenation. Get with the program, Jared!

    • WR_the_realist

      If this country was more meritocratic it would have eliminated affirmative action long ago.

    • Andy

      “One gets places in politics by getting in front of popular issues. One does not get places by fighting for lost causes.”

      The premise being, it seems, that the places in politics are more important than the “lost” causes.

      • Exactly! That’s his message. Borne of the same kind of mentality that has had a many a violent rapist telling their victims that things will go more smoothly if they just go with it. No use in fighting a “lost cause.”

  • Ella

    When Whites take a stand against the mainstream criticisms and racialized politics, we will be labelled worse than “racists.” Politics have always been about power and control. Whites will just have to learn to take their verbal abuse at first but still form their own representation. If not, we lose.

  • Justin Mitchell is an unusual sounding Russian name. Seriously, an actual honest to God Russian reporter would likely provide us with something far more intelligent. This article is just like the boilerplate pieces coming out of the West’s Multicultural Marxist media every day of the week, although some of it is even less sophisticated. I mean, the use of the word ‘ilk.’ Come on, even a junior high school cub reporter would recognize that as being comically biased.

    “Burghart told VOR. ‘However, it should be noted that mainstream Americans, people in the mainstream everywhere, find their ideas abhorrent and repugnant.'”

    “Everywhere”? Meaning the approved official views everywhere in nations that are WHITE? Since of course the people of Mexico, China, Japan, Nigeria, etc, are not clamoring for ever more diversity–destined to be an ever smaller percentage of their own nation’s population. Only one race and their helpful Tribe buddies, assisted by the ‘news’ media at every turn, have managed that suicidally insane trick.

  • freddy_hills

    Whites are discriminated in college acceptance & employment by law.
    Anti white hatred spewed by leftwing professors on ever campus in the country.
    Yet that yahoo would have us believe we’re the “fringe” for objecting to it.

    • LolKatzen

      They’re grossly hypocritical too. Russians are WAY more racist than Westerners,

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        For good reason, because whenever people darker than them showed up, untold numbers of Russians were slaughtered.

  • ChingatchCroute

    Maybe they should do an article on Russian Nationalism instead?
    Do a search on “putin on russian nationalism” for some eye opening.

  • Terra Magnum Imperium

    unfortunately it takes getting knocked out to wake some whites up…

  • Spartacus

    “However, it should be noted that mainstream Americans, people in the
    mainstream everywhere, find their ideas abhorrent and repugnant. And
    that’s why they keep getting pushed further and further to the fringes.”


    Is that why millions of Whites in the US moved when the numbers of blacks and mestizos grow too much ? Is that why most Whites, including this imbecile who wrote this article, avoid going to the darkies’ neighborhoods ? Is that why you need non-stop campaigns against “racism” on every MSM outlet ? Is that why you need to hound any person who even suggests that dark-skins are a problem up to the point he loses his job and gets attacked by marxist scum on the street ?

    You have it all wrong, maggot. You’re already on the fringe, and you’ve always been there. The fact that you don’t realize it will only make it easier to get rid of you when the time comes.

  • Stogumber

    It’s always nice to get an overview about the dissident right. But I regret that it is so difficult to find information about local intiatives for the mutual support of local whites. That’s the most hopeful, but rather neglected, development. Perhaps Amren could do such an overview?
    By the way, I think that media are often clumsy when choosing their foreign correspondents. Here in Germany, the most prominent rightwing paper is “Junge Freiheit” and I always shudder when I see their reports about the U.S.

    • Weisheit77

      As someone who has studied in Germany, speaks German, and regularly vacations there could you please elaborate on what it is about reports about the US that made you shudder? I’m curious as Junge Freiheit is one of things on my “to-do” list that haven’t been checked off yet. I’ve read an article here and there but that’s about it. I’d just like some more info.

      • Stogumber

        “Junge Freiheit” (JF) is the only German weekly paper which serves the Dissident Right. Its foreign correspondent in the U.S. is Prof. Elliot Neaman, San Francisco. Apparently because he is an expert about German poet Ernst Juenger and the JF makers are devout pupils of Juenger (which Neaman is definitely not).
        In consequence, the German Dissident Right never learns anything about the American Dissident Right – names like Steve Sailer, John Derbyshire or Jared Taylor are unheard of. In fact, Neaman has nothing to tell you wouldn’t read in the MSM. I admit that he went so far to write an essay about Charles Murray, “Coming apart” – telling us that (a) Murray’s genetical ideas are “questionable” and (b) his call for a return to the values and lifestyle of former times is “unrealistic”. You get the idea.
        I suppose that the JF makers stick to Neaman out of pure stupidity.

  • Bantu_Education

    Burghart told VOR. “However, it should be noted that mainstream Americans, people in the mainstream everywhere, find their ideas abhorrent and repugnant. And that’s why they keep getting pushed further and further to the fringes.”

    Who the hell are “mainstream Americans” anyway? Presumably those who dumbly accept the moronic mantra that “diversity is our greatest strength”? No, it is leftists like Burghart who maliciously misrepresent Amren’s views as “abhorrent and repugnant” with the implication that anyone who opposes diversity is a closet Nazi stormtrooper.

  • judenjager

    The SPLC, NAACP, and ADL are all run by squids. You will never hear anything negative, as the squids own the media, too.

  • JustSomeDude78

    I love articles like this. Despite the author’s best efforts to smear and denigrate race realists, people like Jared Taylor come across as entirely reasonable. As a result, many more people will be visiting AmRen if only out of curiosity. That’s how I found this site.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    That is just as bad as those who cannot be named controlling most of the media.

  • Just when did we Yanks start needing the criticism of Russians about what we may say in our own country?

  • MarcB1969

    “Dedicated to something called “race realism,” these organizations claim
    to advocate for white America, while their critics say it’s the same old
    hate in a new package”.

    What a lie. I doubt many of us would have been involved with the Klan, American Nazi Party, Aryan Nations or the Skinheads. The reason a White advocacy movement is growing is because the modern manifestations are much different than it was just a decade ago. I had enough personal dealings with skinheads and their movement back in the 1980’s to know I wanted nothing to do with them despite sympathizing with many of their opinions.

    • pcmustgo

      Yeah, whites are now incessantly badgered and pestered by PC…. pre-1965 these other racial groups may indeed have been “oppressed”. Now it’s the other god damn way around. Constant racial bullying here in NYC.

  • Funruffian

    Fringes? Here we go again with “Collective guilt”. None of these lefty creeps will talk about the NBP, Aztlan or any other militant ethnic group. But hey, if articulate and well groomed Whites want to express their anonymity and solidarity without violence, this is repugnant to them.
    Go away already. I’m tired of being hit on and propositioned by Black females. I am annoyed by being approached by Black males who want to shake my hand and be my friend. Can’t they take a hint. I don’t want or need your friendship.

  • Nixon got us out of there.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    That’s just as bad as most of the media being controlled by those who cannot be named or blamed.

  • Chris Granzow XI

    “…to try and keep alive what in the middle of the 20th century were considered perfectly ordinary conservative ideas, but which are now widely regarded as outrageous.”

    Outrageous in what way and to whom? The only group I’m concerned about is intelligent, well-informed, unbiased, well-meaning and truthful americans…..people like that tend to agree with race realism, whether they openly admit it or not. Plus, it’s not considered outrageous by our natural instincts. The left spent decades trying to get us to this point of extreme-pc.

  • David Ashton

    Thank you. See my brief temporary intervention on the “Open Democracy – Our Kingdom” website (The problem of patriotism). Communist China, a different issue. I am busy at present in the dreadful pre-Christmas pressure trying to finish a Memo to the Royal Society of St George trying to persuade this, our last citadel of Englishness from reconstructing (i.e. destroying) itself as a “multicultural” society, and I must give the New Year over to writing a couple of books on related themes. Look up Edwin Muir’s poem “The Castle” and Alice Duer Miller’s “White Cliffs” to get some feel of my sentiments in these matters.

  • LeGrandDerangement

    Nixon arranged with the South Vietnamese government to delay talking to the North until after the 1968 U. S. presidential election. Thousands of G. I.s and South Vietnamese were killed in the interim. Not to mention the hundreds of American POWs he left in his rush to declare Peace with Honor, with the war criminal Kissinger.

  • David Ashton

    Some are brainwashed by the misapplication of “fairness”, “compassion”, “justice” and “color discrimination”. These underlying sentiments can be turned to our advantage by proven facts, presented in a carefully persuasive manner – “yes, but”, “on the other hand”, “of course, you know that”… I

    In England some rural areas and richer suburbs haven’t a clue about the negative polyethnic realities of daily life in our “inner cities” (code word), although refugees are moving there to escape (“white flight”, recently noted without much disapproval) by our race-relations industry itself.
    Some people living near to “black violence” often know the truth, but fear it and fear to speak publicly, while some old folk are “trapped” inside and younger whites or half-breeds there have degenerated into wiggas and punks. The main problem in England is a doctored media, though some facts and glaring mugshots will sometimes seep through in papers like the “Sun”, “Express” and “Mail”. The motto of middle-aged Middle England remains not Dieu et Mon Droit but “mussent gwumble”, but the English sometimes surprise people when aroused at the end – hence the explicit fear of the ruling elite of “English” (unlike Scots or Welsh) nationalism as “dangerous” and why the patriotism between Offa’s Dyke and Hadrian’s Wall has been multi-racialised and multi-culturalised as fast and as much as possible. Still, straws in the wind – our future King attacking Muslims who persecute Christians…. There are still 40 million of us.

    I hope this is of interest to fellow Anglo-Saxons across the pond.

    • Geo1metric

      Well, let’s wish for the Saxon to awaken sooner rather than too late.

  • Bob

    I agree, and hope you are right. I am in Canada and I find the masses are mostly left wing nuts and multicults. I have seen the RCMP use the flood in High River, Alberta to unlawfully break down citizens doors and grab their legal firearms. I wonder what is next in this country. I envy you US citizens and your first and second amendments. I fear my government but have ceased caring about what I say about them. I know the commies are coming (in my time), who knows. I will not go down silently.

  • the main problem with the dissident right is that they are anti-labor and pro-corporation, pro-wealthy.

    Just listen to Derbyshire’s podcast today on taki that denigrates organized Labor. Labor was and is for and by the white working class.

    When you are against Labor, you are against whites.

    Another problem with the dissident right is that most of the major dissident right sites and organizations are in it for the money, and so instead of trying to uncover fundamental principles and truths that will help us fight back against the elite and their nonwhite footsoldiers, these dissident right organizations are just trying to get as many donors as possible, and that means buying into the rightwing ideas of being anti-Labor and pro-corporation, pro-wealthy.

    As long as the dissident right is just in it for the money, nothing will change.

    Why try to mix fighting back against multiculturalism and mass immigration with ideas about Labor vs Capital and the welfare state?

    Because these sites and organizations just want money.