The Stigma of Racism

Robert VerBruggen, Real Clear Policy, December 17, 2013


Research conducted this year shows that this reticence [toward talk about race] isn’t rare at all. Scientists had a group of white adult volunteers play a game of Guess Who?–where players start with a lineup of faces and try to find the correct one by asking yes/no questions–with partners who were either white or black.

The lineup they were given was half-black and half-white, so asking about race was a great way to eliminate a lot of possibilities quickly. And yet 43 percent of the subjects failed to ask when the person answering the questions was white, and 79 percent didn’t ask when the person was black. Perhaps because their discomfort showed, the whites who didn’t ask about race were more likely to be seen as racist by outside observers (who for some reason were all white). Conducting the experiment with children revealed that this fear sets in around age 10.

There’s a bad side and a good side to this. The bad side is obvious: Many white people are so scared of being seen as racist that they’re not willing to talk about simple facts–and, ironically, they end up being seen as racist as a result. Many whites’ sensitivity to racism may have gone so far past the point of diminishing returns that it actively harms their relations with blacks. They place so much importance on demonstrating that black people don’t make them nervous that black people make them nervous.

The flipside, though, is an important fact this experiment reveals about America: The campaign to stigmatize anti-black racism–the most corrosive force in this country’s history–has been remarkably successful. In fact, while we love to talk about this or that as “the last acceptable prejudice,” it would be more accurate to say that racism and sexism are the only prejudices that are thoroughly unacceptable. As this chart from Gallup shows, many Americans are willing to say they wouldn’t support a Mormon, atheist, homosexual, or Muslim for president:



But still. Going from Jim Crow to white people who refuse to utter the words “Is the person black?”–often categorically, but frequently in deference to a nearby person of color–in 50 years is a remarkable accomplishment for the civil-rights movement, both as a social force and as a driver of government policy.


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  • dd121

    I’m not at all embarrassed about being a racist. It’s obvious that whites are much more intelligent and evolved than blacks. I’m just dumbfounded that everybody can’t see that.

    • D.B. Cooper

      The Chinese don’t care if you call them racists, so why should we?
      For starters, I vote against any republican whom I deem is too afraid of standing up to racist blacks. So, why not play this game with Hispanics and blacks? Asians and blacks? Arabs and blacks?
      Come on, what are YOU afraid of?

    • ms_anthro

      I’m openly racist, just not in a hateful way. It’s fun to be the one willing to say what everyone knows but no one is supposed to say out loud. As long as you genuinely don’t mind being occasionally screamed at by some gasping, irrational multicultist it’s actually kind of liberating. Once you cross that threshold it’s like a huge weight has come off your chest. You can start respecting yourself again.

      All of us who live in polite society know the truth, but we’ve been conditioned since birth to stay silent. Throw off that conditioning and see what happens. It’s not as bad as you might fear.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        I am not so nice about it, I avoid non-whites where possible, and interact with them as little as possible. Been called rayciss, but I throw that right back at them.

        • ms_anthro

          More flies with honey and all that. I find it useful to throw every stereotype about “racists” right out the window. I’m well-spoken, calm, polite, and I have a gentle sense of humor that cuts right through multicult lies without being crass or rude. But we need our aggressive not-so-nicers too, so please keep it up.

          To win the war, you attack from all angles, not just the front. We have to saturate our people’s consciousness with the concept that yes, it’s true: you can notice these obvious truths we’re not supposed to notice–and still be a good person. Working together toward the same goals but with no identifiable leadership in this culture war, we will win. Objective reality and truth are on our side.

          • pcmustgo

            I hit a “no more Mr. Nice Guy” phase with my relations with non-whites as well.

        • ben no

          Then you probably shouldn’t be speaking a white mans language or living in one of their countries and taking advantage of the things they provide for that matter. You see, this is what makes you non-whites absolutely ridiculous. You like move to white countries to avoid whites as much as possible, huh? What? Hey?

      • I feel the same way. Being a bit of an asperger person, saying awkward things comes naturally to me anyway.

      • Who Me?

        If someone starts calling me a racist, I will say, “Yes, I’m a racist and proud of it, but I am not a bigot. Do YOU understand the difference?” Since I can usually count on them NOT knowing, that will usually leave them flapping or yammering, while I walk off.

        • Svigor

          I don’t usually deign to answer accusations of racism directly. Instead, I hurl the accusation back: “you’re a racist.” It’s always true because the definition has become so broad that everyone qualifies. I can make the accusation stick 100% of the time. I just need time to cross-examine the suspect.

      • Terra Magnum Imperium

        Hmmm, there is a homeless white guy down the street with the same Philosophy…

        • ms_anthro

          What do you mean by that?

      • pcmustgo

        Yes, addictive almost. This describes me to a T. My worst fear is having some white liberal throw urine on me or something.

        • ms_anthro

          That’s when the cell phone camera comes out and you get clear footage of their face, their screaming and antics, and every other scrap of evidence you can. Then you file the obligatory criminal complaint, and when it doesn’t go anywhere (it probably won’t in many jurisdictions) you go public. Post it on Youtube and several other video hosting sites, and spread the link far and wide. Make it viral.

          These vermin count on the cover of darkness and MSM complicity to help them get away with their crimes. So throw open the drapes and show the world what they really are. Video is powerful in the right hands, pun intended.

      • Murph

        Exactly – it’s liberating. and the look on their faces is worth it in itself!

      • ben no

        I think self-conscience racism even keeps me sane in the hell hole of country the states has become. I think the question as to whether someone is racist or not is silly as everyone is by default, and that is regardless of whether you express that racism or not. To say that you weren’t racist would be to claim your self incapable of racism, which I don’t think is possible.

    • Non Humans

      That and the fact that they just dont quite cross the threshold into classification as human, nor do they demonstrate humanity.

    • c684570

      Evolved is the incorrect word, but I know what you mean.

      • dd121

        I think it perfectly describes the difference between the two races.

    • Sick of it

      Many see the same thing, but cannot say anything about it for fear of losing their jobs. We live in a “free” country, you know.

      • dd121

        Yes, best not to bring this up at work. The lefties won’t hesitate to fire such an evil person, as they see it, as myself. Happily, I’m well retired and they can’t touch me.

    • saxonsun

      I think most people see it–we’re not supposed to acknowledge the truth.

    • Troy Swonger

      White people have to be unapologetically proud of being White.

      • ben no

        I’m white, Christian, nationalistic, full of European ancestry, proud and unashamedly so. No matter how much indoctrination I have been exposed since early childhood – even by members of my family – I never failed once to follow the natural tribal instinct to my race and cultural heritage. I just felt it and that feeling was insulted by the attempts of indoctrination, so I new it was wrong. Call me brighter and wiser than the norm, but I’ve always found any excuse to justify demographic replacement of whites as being – automatically – unspeakable, unreasonable, unacceptable, intolerable, and just plain out of the question.

  • This was a good article until he got to this point:

    The flipside, though, is an important fact this experiment reveals about America: The campaign to stigmatize anti-black racism — the most corrosive force in this country’s history — has been remarkably successful. In fact, while we love to talk about this or that as “the last acceptable prejudice,” it would be more accurate to say that racism and sexism are the only prejudices that are thoroughly unacceptable. (snip) To be clear here: The 4 percent of Americans who still say they wouldn’t vote for a black president constitute 1 in every 25 people, meaning that black people growing up today will still encounter proud racists. And further, to stigmatize racism is not to end it. People who would never, ever want to appear racist often nonetheless harbor subconscious biases or use race as a factor in employment decisions. But still. Going from Jim Crow to white people who refuse to utter the words “Is the person black?” — often categorically, but frequently in deference to a nearby person of color — in 50 years is a remarkable accomplishment for the civil-rights movement, both as a social force and as a driver of government policy.

    So, a knave who thinks that “anti-black racism” was “the most corrosive force in this country’s history,” who thinks that the “4 percent” (too bad it’s not much higher) of people “who still say they wouldn’t vote for a black president” are the “proud racists” that “black people growing up today will still encounter,” and praises as “a remarkable accomplishment for the civil rights movement” the fact that we have gone“from Jim Crow to white people refusing to utter the words” is all of asudden upset when white people self-censor and engage in informal affirmative action.

    What is the moral of this story? He’s uncomfortable with sleeping in the bed he made.

  • MekongDelta69

    AmRen (and similar sites – and the people on them), are always light years ahead of everybody else.

    That’s pretty pathetic when it comes to stating the inanely obvious.

    • jane johnson

      I was partial to Archie Bunker’s “da cullids”.

      • Dr. Möbias

        He was a ridiculous creation like a toothless Appalachian hillbilly to further mock whites.

        • tlk244182

          One of the most effective weapons in the Cultural Marxist’s arsenal.

    • Alexandra1973

      The term “intellectual surrender” comes to mind here.

      Can’t invade people’s comfort zones…anti-racists would rather live in la-la land.

      • Svigor

        Usually, when people say “I’m not a racist” I interrupt and tell them “I am.”

  • JohnEngelman

    Going from Jim Crow to white people who refuse to utter the words “Is the person black?”–often categorically, but frequently in deference to a nearby person of color–in 50 years is a remarkable accomplishment for the civil-rights movement, both as a social force and as a driver of government policy.

    – Robert VerBruggen, Real Clear Policy, December 17, 2013

    The problem is that black social pathology and the durability of the race gap in all intellectual performance however it is measured have legitimate policy implications and ought to be “a driver of government policy.”

  • “Many white people are so scared of being seen as racist that they’re not willing to talk about simple facts.”

    I write under a pseudonym now to keep my wife from being fired (again) because of me. I’m frequently called a racist but it no longer bothers me, nor does it silence me. When I come across someone I think is ready to listen to the facts of race realism life, I calmly give them the news and tell them how they can verify it.

    • dd121

      The lefties and anti-whites won’t be deterred by the easily verifiable facts of racial differences. I once casually mentioned to a liberal friend that one out four blacks in this country has an IQ of 75 or below. That is a simple demographic fact that anybody with a spare two minutes on Google can find out for himself. You would have thought by his reaction that I personally condemned Christ to the cross. It’s surprisingly difficult to cut through this liberal ideological dogma on race. I know the propaganda is constant and completely infuses the culture, but seriously, how can they keep the truth a secret so long?

      • ms_anthro

        It’s not a secret. Most leftists know what their own lying eyes tell them is actually true. They know you’re telling the truth about race. But it’s so terribly déclassé to admit it that they never, ever will. They don’t want to be lumped in with the lumpenproles of MSM lore, the sister-marrying rubes of Appalachia, the only Americans who could still believe in racial differences in the year 2013.

        So much of leftist posturing is just status signaling. They’re the most class-insecure people on the planet.

        • Dr. Möbias

          Lefties believe race mixing, diverse neighborhoods, integrated schools and multiculturalism are good for whites, but not them. They wish to destroy our DNA lines while demanding that their own be preserved in a homeland dedicated to only them.

        • dd121

          I think it’s a psychological need they have to feel like they are the enlightened ones who have risen above the the prejudices of the lower masses to embrace DIEversity. I guess I’m just not that insecure.

        • pcmustgo

          I was a liberal and a good deal of it was based on future progressivism and racial healing, this sense that we are moving towards a future rainbow nation where all are respected and treated equal, etc. I genuinally believed part of being a “Good” person was being as non-racist as possible. To be racist was to be a “bad person”. Now I know it’s to be an honest and experienced person. I also had such limited experience with the other groups without even knowing it.

  • Luca

    Three things people will never agree on are race, politics and religion.

    Look at the chart, which I believe reinforces one of my theories (the Mormon theory) of why Romney (among other reasons) was not elected.

    • dukem1

      eh…I’m not being critical or anything, really…
      But I’d say 99.44% of AmRen regulars agree on the race thing.

      • Luca

        In general, approx. 1/3 of the population may agree on any one of the subjects I mentioned. Of course in clubs or groups of like-minded people based on similar interests like Amren, most of us agree on most of these subjects.

        Did I really have to explain that?

        • dukem1

          Stop picking on me. You are a bully.

          • tlk244182

            And a racist

    • Funruffian

      Mormonism may have been a deterrent for Mittens, but there was foul play involved in getting Barry re-elected.

  • Erasmus

    Many white people are so scared of being seen as racist that they’re not willing to talk about simple facts–and, ironically, they end up being seen as racist as a result.

    Then there are those of us who no longer give a fig, because we realize that it’s diversity destroying the country, not racism, and we understand there’s a moral imperative for speaking the truth and a social one toward protecting the people we love.

    • Non Humans

      Right On!

    • Alexandra1973

      In other words, you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t.

      That’s where you stop worrying about what others think, they’re going to be offended no matter what.

  • Hunter Morrow

    White people: I’d rather lose everything than be called a “racist” and if I
    get called a “racist” I just might lose everything.

    What a chicken race, thoroughly brainwashed and bamboozled and not by
    “liberals,” either. All the comments will be complaining about “liberals.”

    I don’t know what else to say. You either get it or you don’t.

  • IstvanIN

    My goodness, that Gallup Poll can not possibly be right. We would vote for just about anyone for President? Argh.

    • Nathanwartooth

      I would like to see different ways to pose the question to different races.

      I’m pretty confident blacks would vote for a black based on just their race. While a white would vote for a black Christian over a white atheist.

      • M.

        Yeah, that evangelization to non-whites really harmed whites.

    • tlk244182

      Stupid poll. I need to know who I’m voting against, as well as the importance of the election. 2012 was a critical election. As Michele Bachmann said, it was the last exit ramp. I voted for the Mormon.

  • The deck is stacked against us by design.
    If you criticize
    ….a Bantu then you’re a racist.
    ….a Jewish Person or the state of Israel, you’re a anti-Semite.
    …a homosexual, you’re homophobic.
    …a woman, you’re misogynist (I just learned misandrist if you’re anti male..never heard that one).

    But what do they call you if you criticize a White person?
    …an anti-racist?

    • MekongDelta69

      But what do they call you if you criticize a White person?

      A hero…

      • jane johnson

        Mr. President?

    • Sick of it

      It’s really amusing when you quote a Jewish newspaper re: the actions of Israel and someone calls you an anti-Semite. Brainless liberals.

      • Dr. Möbias

        It’s used to get you to STFU because it works. If you continue, your job will be threatened.

      • I notice Roger Waters of Pink Floyd is getting that treatment at the moment, for criticizing that particular government.

        It used to be to criticize a Western nation would have been akin to a racist attack, oh those must have been the days.

    • Dr. Möbias

      If you criticize…

      It’s gotten so bad that

      If you mention….a black, Jew, homosexual, you are a racist, Nazi, homophobic in need of re education-or elimination.

      A White who criticizes another White is seen as enlightened, someone to be praised rewarded, honored and lauded. Look at all the White fools falling all over themselves and beating their breasts last week to honor a virulent anti-White terrorist like Mandela.

      • It’s interesting that we don’t have a STFU defense against White racial slurs.
        I wonder why that is? It’s not like historically that we’ve never been on the receiving end of such taunts.
        But then even today, not a single anti White racial slur bothers me one iota (the hypocrisy bothers me more).
        I suppose you could try saying “you’re a racist” as a retort.
        I notice from reading comments on articles from around the Anglo-sphere, I can see that White folks are more so waking up to the “that’s racist” double standard and seeing that saying “I’m ok” when being White is being seen less as a racist act.
        Which is probably why the Internet will need to be locked down sooner or later.

        • Troy Swonger

          I believe, as White People, racial slurs don’t bother us because we Know that we are, in no way, shape, or form inferior to any race. Plus we are much more civilized.

          • That’s the problem in a nutshell really, that in the cult of victim hood, unapologetic strength is seen as adversarial and the only way we Whites can get ‘equality’ status is if we get down on our knees and beg for forgiveness.

            As the only strength that is accepted now, is born from sitting on the equivalent of Oprah’s couch and going “boo woo poor me” and saying “I’m not going to be a victim anymore”.
            Meaning you need some external bogyman antagonist to overcome, but then after this progressive baptism of being born again, you can be the biggest jerk in the world as you have the righteousness of being the empowered ex victim.

            I’m coming across this psychological ploy more and more in my everyday dealings, where someone tries to screw me but then plays the “poor me” card, I just don’t buy it.

          • Troy Swonger

            I completely agree.

          • dd121

            Too bad your comment came late and won’t be seen by many. I think you just nailed the psychology of liberals.

          • Thanks buddy, but yeah you’re right traffic moves quick around these parts.
            But don’t worry as I’m an avid recycler, just don’t give me a dirty look after I cut n paste this again in about a months time.
            I hate to say this, but two of the last three people who tried this “poor me” tactic on me were North American females along with my own progressive mother, who does it so naturally its like breathing to her.

          • dd121

            I guess it puts you on the defensive.

            I too repeat things to hammer home a point that I want the folks to get.

    • pcmustgo

      Whites are the ultimate target for bullies these days. They might as well walk around with a “kick me” sign on them. Did I tell you about the young East Indian fast food restaurant manager who told his black and latino staff “White people are gross” as I exited the store? Did I tell you about many other similar incidents with east indians and asians? Even Asian bullies are drawn to bullying whites because it’s the hip/socially acceptable thing to do and they have their own set of “issues” with us.

      • That’s ironic, an East Indian criticizing Whites for being gross, I’ve worked with East Indians, and man you do not want to be trapped in a van with a few of them pee eww.
        But it goes to show that we have no social defenses against such attacks.
        Our low IQ imported groups such as Pacific Islanders are starting to think that African American history is their history too, thinking that Whites kept them as slaves ‘also’.
        The propaganda is working a little too well me thinks.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Whites should walk around with a “kick me at your own risk” sign.

    • Jenny Star


  • Lord_Steven_Regal

    Just when I think that white people can’t get any more ridiculous in denying facts, this past month happened. First, we were informed that the Knockout Game is all a myth, and now we were informed that the European created Santa Claus figure is not white. It’s madness, sheer madness. Most whites will say or do anything to not appear racist.

    • MekongDelta69

      I just learned Santa is THE CAUSE of the Knockout Game.

      No, really – some nice black lady professor just told me it was the ‘legacy of slavery’ – or something…

      • tlk244182

        legacy of the New Deal.

      • Luca

        The legacy of LBJ is more like it.

    • Non Humans

      Whats a few more libtarded delusions in a deluded libtarded world. Theyll pay for ignoring reality…eventually.

      • Lord_Steven_Regal

        The problem is that we’re paying for them ignoring reality now.

    • Jack Burton

      The media don’t have an agenda, they never lie, and they’re always objective, it’s true, they say so.

  • shawnmer

    Oh, I agree. The “campaign to stigmatize anti-black racism” IS “the most corrosive force in this country’s history!”

    • I was trying to figure out if that’s what they meant!

      • shawnmer

        The “anti-racists” used to accuse us (unconvincingly) of “ignorance.” Now, to be in their good graces, we have to actually BE “ignorant” by pretending all manner of readily accessible facts don’t exist.

        • Non Humans

          I forget who on this site said it, but “Racism is not bourne of ignorance, it is bourne of experience.” For those that are not terminally libtarded, that is.

          • Who Me?

            Several years ago there was a poster here who used the name “Wasn’t Racist Till They Made Me”. I thought it so appropriate to the experiences of many of us.

  • So CAL Snowman

    “But still. Going from Jim Crow to white people who refuse to utter the
    words “Is the person black?”–often categorically, but frequently in
    deference to a nearby person of color–in 50 years is a remarkable
    accomplishment for the civil-rights movement, both as a social force and
    as a driver of government policy.”

    It’s a remarkable accomplishment highlighting the powers of media mind control and the tragic flaw of White Altruism. It’s remarkable that an entire group of people can be cowed by a false religion based on elevating the lowest of the low.

    • Sick of it

      Sadly, I think the cult of liberalism has been more successful as a religion worldwide than my own Christian faith. But people do seem to prefer sweet lies to a harsher truth.

  • JustJeff

    A country founded on principles that included freedom of religion and White supremacy evolved into a giant Yugoslavia where people don’t vote for someone because of their religion. Oy vey!

  • Tarczan

    My response to being called a racist is “your words don’t scare me”, and then I follow up by asking them if they are a witch.

  • Strike_Team

    I get called “ray-ciss” and “racista” all the time at work.

    When you’re handcuffing Clerow to take him in for murdering the Korean liquor store clerk, you are “ray-ciss”. If you’re sitting on Joaquin’s back, handcuffing him after rolling around in the dirt for three minutes because he tried to dive at your gun – because you’re committing the crime of arresting him for viciously raping a 10 year old girl – you’re a “racista”.

    White people make the mistake of wanting to be liked. Blacks, browns, Asians, the rest, they don’t really care what we think of them. They really don’t. So stop worrying about them liking you. As far as the blacks and browns go, they don’t like us. Ok, they like to defile our women, but that’s not exactly taking a liking to white folk.

    Sure. The charge of being a racist can hurt you, destroy you at work. But that will eventually change along with many other things.

    • Chris Granzow XI

      “White people make the mistake of wanting to be liked. Blacks, browns, Asians, the rest, they don’t really care what we think of them. ”

      Exactly. That’s the one main problem with white people everywhere in the world. When thousands of africans sneak into saudi arabia and say “but we really want to stay,” the saudis just respond with “too bad” and deport them asap. When the same thing happens in england and france, they think about how they’ll be viewed by the “international community.” There is more of a concern for what others will think of them and their nation, then of what they’ll have to live with and deal with on a daily basis. And half the time, people around the world haven’t ever heard of their country, let alone kept up with the world news from there.

      • Strike_Team

        Once things collapse, and if whites take the initiative, we’ll hear people rattle off on the view of the “world community” once deportations begin. That will last about 2 days. Or less. The world community won’t care, don’t care. They’ll be too busy dealing with their own problems.

        • Jack Burton

          Wait, when society collapses, won’t we just form multiracial groups like in all of these liberal fantasy shows such as The Walking Dead, Lost, etc?

          • Strike_Team

            Diversity will be our strength! Diversity in caliber of rifle.

        • Chris Granzow XI

          Exactly. In regards to race and policy, japan is a good example of a country that never cared what other countries half-way around the globe thought, and just continued on as it pleased. The people encouraging mass immigration and ‘progression’ only matter if the country actually takes them seriously.

      • Jack Burton

        In the history of European peoples this is new behavior. I consider it conditioned behavior, we are under constant psychological warfare and ruled by a soft tyranny.

        Our default behavior is not as it is today, we used to be far more tribalistic and racialist. Miscegenation was against the law. Hard to imagine that these days.

        • Chris Granzow XI

          I think a lot of it, on a governmental level, comes from emulating america. The countries that try to be the closest to america (canada, australia, england, france, scandinavia, netherlands, germany etc.) adopted all these “progressive” policies and diversity. Whereas iron curtain countries like hungary, poland, ukraine, serbia, bulgaria etc. could care less for the most part.

          • Jack Burton

            Actually if you look at the history it started in France and England before America.

            Europe in general regards America as more racist and culturally backwards than their progressive, enlightened selves. You can’t have it both ways.

            As Tom Sunic has noted, one ironic benefit of communism is that it had a positive effect on racial preservation as it made Eastern European countries very unappealing to non-White immigrants.

          • Chris Granzow XI

            Yea, but it’s not so cut and dried. England is traditionally a very overly-polite society. But all of that politeness in regards to race was heavily-influenced by america. Their politicians will even say that america is the one who gave them political correctness. The liberal british politicians will only point out how supposedly ‘racist’ it is over here in order to appease their own restless non-whites.

  • Dr. Möbias

    “Many white people are so scared of being seen as racist that they’re not willing to talk about simple facts…”

    Because talking about “simple facts” like race could be career ending and every white knows it.

    It’s damned if we do, damned if we don’t. Talk about race, we’re racist, don’t talk about race, we’re racist. We’re racists because we’re white.

    End of study. Everyone happy now?

    Best thing to do is to keep yourself as far away as possible from studies like this, and especially as far away as possible from blacks.

  • Spartacus

    “Conducting the experiment with children revealed that this fear sets in around age 10.”


    Stop sending your children to school or letting them watch TV . We have to defeat the brainwashing, or else all is lost.

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      If such systematic brainwashing works, then that means that systematic deprogramming should aslso work and the success of deprogramming from destrucrtive sects proves that. We should devise an effective form of deprogramming from liberal indoctrination.

      • Sloppo

        I’m certainly not saying you’re wrong, but if you give the ldiot Box indoctrinators free access to your children for many years before you start teaching them the truth, it can be an uphill battle. I believe we must begin teaching the truth to our children when they’re very young or we risk missing the window of opportunity.

  • Lee_CPA

    About fifty years ago, the Communist Jews were in a “Cold War” with Western Capitalistic societies. The USA and Russia were in a stand-off with nuclear missles pointed at each other and neither was willing to pull the trigger and start the cascade of mutual destruction. As an alternative, the communists sought ways to destabilize western democracies (Lincoln destroyed the Republic) and destroy them from within.
    They found the perfect strategy to destroy with the so-called “civil rights movement”. They would find a willing stooge such as MLK and provide him with the training, financial and logistical backing.
    It worked beyond their wildest dreams. America went from putting a man on the moon to becoming a debtor nation who can no longer put a man in low orbit. Combine that with the Jewish influence in mass media, and the once great “Christian Nation” has devolved into decadence. We now have almost half the population on some form of government assistance.
    But as long as the lemmings can watch the game on their 50″ flat screen, they fail to notice as society collapses bit by bit around them. In the nuclear world, they call the point of no return “critical mass”. One day, our society will reach critical mass. I don’t think it is too far in the future. I fear for my grandchildren.

  • Almost Pure White

    I think it is important to note that by stating the truth & truths that rich people that control things don’t like, they will simply tell one of their mid or low level functionaries to ruin your life economically forever . Your future will be one of poverty. You will not know why you are not promoted in your job or career & why you are poor . The real reason is you were put on a list of trouble makers for the rich controllers . This kind of discrimination has been going on since before the internet. So, think before you post , consider, we live in a society based on how much money you make overall -(GREED). Rich people don’t follow laws , they make laws, they are exempt from accountability. We see this in the news all the time , they do what they want. If they want Almost pure whites to interbreed with other races to make us extinct to make them wealthier by getting more cheap labor they will spend billions in the media and make it happen even if we whites know its wrong & they know its wrong, they don’t care because in this society money trumps everything, even our own white preservation of our white race. If the rich controllers wanted to stop our white genocide they would have done so back in the early 80’s, that was when the majority of our whites were still young enough to have 3 kids . Any white knew by the mid 80’s we were not reproducing enough white kids . The rich whites have no excuse to have supported our white genocide after that point.

    • Guest

      Which is why a lot of rich whites will be killed as enemies of the white race before this coming bloodshed is over. If whites do manage to seize control of their collective destiny back from the rich controllers. all of them will have to be eliminated because in the new order that will succeed the current one they could only be counter-revolutionaries and fifth columnists all too happy to assist those who cannot be named against us.

  • saxonsun

    Some on this board love the Nazis.

  • Eddie Lutz

    58% would elect a Muslim president? That’s disturbing.

  • Come one man, you know that when an African American criticizes another African American that they can not be shut down by being called a “racist”, an “uncle Tom” sure, but not a “racist”, which is used to shut us Whites down.

    In the same way two Jewish people criticizing each other can not be called “anti-Semites”, a “self hating” or “bad Jew” sure.
    Criticizing a Jewish person because of their religious beliefs would constitute antisemitism to me, not criticizing that particular Middle Eastern democracy.

    And what shut down slur is used to stop us talking about Syria, xenophobic maybe?
    I’m sure whatever blow back Mr Waters would receive if he criticized Syria would be a lot quieter and draw a lot less attention.
    Anyway just because he’s sympathetic to Palestinians doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s pro Muslim brotherhood/ Al Qaeda/ Syrain ‘free’ Army. Maybe it’s not a religion vs religion argument but a people vs a government one?

    Everything us gentile Whites do is put under the critical microscope, whether we like it or not, so what’s Israel got to hide exactly? And maybe if there wasn’t two sets of rules, antisemitism wouldn’t be so rife. For the record I happen to quite like Jewish people on the one to one level, it’s this identity politics, two face card (“we’re all White” we they do wrong, then the “victim group” when singled out) that only some of them use, which annoys me.

    As a regular Amrener surely you’d agree that there is power in being able to control what others are allowed to talk about or not.

  • pcmustgo

    Again, this is referring to the clueless suburban white people set of whites.

  • pcmustgo

    Putting money you don’t live in /socialize in a heavily east asian or indian environment. The more negative incidents you have with them, they more you will seek to avoid them as well. To have such negative incidents, you have to have a lot of experience with them across a wide spectrum of situations.

    • hkq999


  • pcmustgo

    wow, that’s beautiful.

  • pcmustgo

    Also on ignoring cultural differences and “we’re all the same” stuff.

  • Svigor

    “Many white people are so scared of being seen as racist that they’re not willing to talk about simple facts.”

    Swap in various words for “racist” (“sexist,” “misogynistic,” “ANTI-SEMITIC!!!”, “bigoted,” “homophobic,” etc.) as needed, and in that sentence you have the entire point of “political correctness.”

  • Svigor

    I think that the Nazis did more damage to race realism than anyone else

    A common sentiment that I find wanting in the logic department. The Soviets killed far more innocents in the name of egalitarianism, equality, anti-racism and anti-ANTI-SEMITISM!!! than the Nazis killed in the name of their ideals, but the latter get drastically more bad press despite departing this Earth long before the Soviets did. And there’s no guilt by association for the aforementioned Soviet values, just the Nazi ones.

    It’s the coverage, not the story, that matters in shaping the public mind.

  • Svigor

    Yep. The liberal 1%-ers, the ones I refer to as the “yeasty” or “active ingredient” libs, read “Many white people are so scared of being seen as racist that they’re not willing to talk about simple facts” and nod approvingly. To them, that’s a feature, not a bug.

  • You have to love uncomfortable opinions because the alternative is outright censorship, oppression, suppression and so on.
    Half the time I come here is because I get sick of my g-rated opinions not making it past some moderator.
    And you’re right that even my opinions are from a safe distance too and we do all have the right to defend ourselves, so pardon me there..
    My best friend in the world is Australian Jewish (this sounds like the “I’m not racist as my best friends are black” cop out defense) but this is the sort of friend who’d drop everything to come and help me out with no notice, I treasure his intelligence, the conservations we’ve had and we can not talk for years and still pick things up like brothers. But he’s a self admitted “bad Jew” who debates Zionism and enjoys the odd bacon sand which, much to the ire of his older ever watchful relatives.
    I’d much rather have one quality friend like this, than two dozen fair weather friends.
    So yeah I guess our environment does affect our mood, his affluence makes him more relaxed than me being closer to the “coal face”, and along with his liberalism and over reliable on “the techno state will solve everything” attitude that annoy me.
    I suspect that I’,m just a bit more of a primitive blood type O than him, what do you do? I guess we all have a purpose.

  • Troy Swonger

    In the comments section at alternet I left the comment, “I have read that 1.5% of white people owned slaves. Why is it that we are paying for the sins of a few rich white people hundreds of years later. My comment was promptly deleted, but one person responded, you have to read this to believe it…… ” What Africa is today was created largely by European colonialism, so of course Americans of African descent don’t want to be in Africa. Hell, for that matter, most Americans of Scandinavian descent don’t want to live in Scandinavia, despite the quality of life being so much better there.And while it may have been only 1.5% of whites who owned slaves, white Americans in general benefited from the slavery, and worse, white Americans in general participated in the hate fest called “racism.”

    Racism has always struck me as weird. We did to humans from Africa what we’ve done to dogs and horses — treat them like animals and put them to work. But we never hated dogs and horses in general, even when we mistreated some of them. Yet most of America went along with hating black people. Why?

    And I don’t see how we’re paying for the sins of long dead white people. Paying?We still haven’t granted black people an equal seat at the table. We still exploit them for profit. Look at the private prison industry. Look at all the worst jobs. They’re mostly done by racial minorities, black and Hispanic.

    You may not be a racist, but you sure need an education about race relations in the US.”

    • itdoesnotmatter

      Troy, did you have a chance to respond to this blind fool?

      • Jack Burton

        He said his comment was deleted.

        Even if your comments get through there’s a point of diminishing returns with the liberal mob.

        • itdoesnotmatter

          Yes, got the deletion bit. Was hoping he had time to squeeze a response through.

    • Svigor

      Racism has always struck me as weird. We did to humans from Africa what
      we’ve done to dogs and horses — treat them like animals and put them to
      work. But we never hated dogs and horses in general, even when we
      mistreated some of them. Yet most of America went along with hating
      black people. Why?

      I think they call this “asked and answered,” don’t they? In any case, it always amuses me when people ask stupid questions like this when the answer is staring them in the face, right there in their own question, lol; most of America didn’t go along with hating black people, dummy!

    • Jack Burton

      You’re dealing with a sea of idiots there, even if you wrote the most eloquent, educational comments it would either be deleted or drowned out by thousands of morons who think just because they outnumber you they’re right and you’re wrong.

  • indoctrination_FAIL

    Dream on, sucker! In what passes for “discourse” these days, you’re as “racist” as they come.

  • Jack Burton

    They’re not stronger and more aggressive, stop being such a Negrophile.

    Was Jeffrey Dahmer stronger and more aggressive than most men? No. It’s called being evil, being a psychopath.

  • Jack Burton

    Robert VerBruggen is an idiot, every state didn’t have Jim Crow laws.

    Those laws and segregation in general saved our nation.

    Morons like Robert VerBruggen have this twisted notion that miscegenation is good for a nation and we would be better off as another Brazil.

    • John Derbyshire covered this in his latest column on V-Dare. Incidentally, my own blog post about it was almost word for word my first comment in this thread about it, and as it turns out, the Derb is a regular reader of my space. So he took the opportunity to link back to my own blog.

      Derb’s theory about VerBruggen is that while he’s a “conservative,” you really can’t trust any “conservatives” under 30 because they’ve been so drowned in cultural Marxism that even when they break from liberalism, they really don’t.

      • Jack Burton

        You need someone to point out the obvious to you?

        Why would you trust a conservative? Conservatives are just liberal enablers, they want to keep the status quo.

  • Jack Burton

    It’s not necessarily an irrational fear though, because it can cost you your job and other real adverse effects.

    So we’re not just talking about stigma here, we’re talking about tyranny. We’re talking about psychopathic Negroes and liberals who think they have the right to harm you if you say something politically incorrect. If they don’t physically try to harm you they will do so by other means, trying to get you fired or ruin your reputation.

  • Jack Burton

    You seem to think the concept of racist/racism was invented with fairness and objectivity in mind, LOL.

    They don’t care what you consider yourself to be.

    • indoctrination_FAIL


  • indoctrination_FAIL

    Just having “those views” makes you the R-“word”, in today’s world. Your heart is in the right place, but you still do not really get it.

    Any white worried about being “racist” has already declared “I’m a loser!”

    Time to lose the brainwashing.

  • Well there’s always Russia, whose aiming to add another 500,000 Russian soldiers to it’s ranks by 2022.
    We Westerners can only look on in envy and think back.
    I must admit I look back differently at WW2 as time goes on, even though both of my grandfathers fought for England and NZ..

  • hkq999

    What about slavery and lynchings?