Black Mob Violence Blamed on Collective ‘Mental Illness’

Colin Flaherty, WND, December 16, 2013

Wilmington, Del., has a big problem: Large groups of black people are going crazy.

And this collective “mental illness” is causing record levels of crime and gun violence in this mostly black town of 70,000.

That is the official diagnosis of the city council, which, by unanimous agreement earlier this month, asked the Centers for Disease Control to investigate a wave of psychological mayhem that has turned this historic and once-charming city into an unrecognizable husk of its former self.

Chief diagnostician of this crisis in public health is city council member Hanifa G.N. Shabazz:

“There is a well known fact that the African-American community here in the United States of America is still suffering from the traumatic syndrome of slavery,” Shabazz said. “That is compounded with the many effects that are happening in today’s society with our young people and the things they are seeing, and there is definitely a shift of mental capacity of their ability to make good decisions. That results in gun violence.”

Shabazz went on to talk about the “mental illness that our young people are suffering in order for our young people to be able to take life so aimlessly.”

She pointed to the recent movie “12 Years a Slave” to illustrate her diagnosis. In one scene, a slave is hung from a tree with a rope around his neck and must stand on his tip-toes for a long period of time to survive. Many people saw the slave in distress but did not help him.

Shabazz says that is the situation with black people today.

“That mentality is still going on,” she told her council colleagues. And it is “not a natural phenomena. It is not in the nature of the African-American to act in self-destruction.”


Shabazz did not explain who is playing the role of slave master. Or what they are doing to endanger so many black people in Wilmington. Or if the black men and women who serve as mayor, city council president and city council members are also afflicted by this disease.


The city has seen a record 150 shootings this year, with 22 fatalities. Most of the shooters are black, as are the victims.

Other council members lined up to support the Shabazz diagnosis and co-sponsor her resolution. Some offered their own visions in council chambers–or on Facebook.

City Councilwoman Maria Cabrera posted an article on her Facebook page with a complementary point of view that is also very popular in Wilmington political circles: Sometimes known as the “Freeway Did It” analysis: The article points to the destruction of several hundred homes in Wilmington 50 years ago to make way for Interstate 95 as the tipping point that led to the epic levels of crime and violence in the city.

City councilman Trippi Congo, one of two funeral directors on the council, blamed police. Congo says they are not friendly enough. Congo also blasted the local newspaper and the WDEL radio station for not reporting enough good stories about the city–that several national news organizations have reported it as one of the most dangerous in the country.

Congo said the stories about violence somehow encourage and create more violence. He claimed other council members agree with him that local media should report fewer crime stories.

“I wish the newspaper headlines would read: A majority of the kids in this town are good people not trying to break the law,” said council member Loretta Walsh, the same council member who says people who do not support Barack Obama are racist.

Earlier in December, a suburban diner was robbed and attacked while visiting one of the city’s older Italian restaurants, Mrs. Robino’s. Several commenters to the story at the News Journal web site were upset. The paper wrote a story about it:

“I do not find an article about the incident in the News Journal is warranted,” said Jackie Chrimbes. “She gets to [go] back to [a] lovely home in Hockessin, when, the people who live in Wilmington put up with this everyday.”

Others were unhappy that the local newspaper appears to be complicit in covering up this vast wave of mentally ill induced racial criminality. Said John Engleman: “The News Journal thinks it is contributing to racial harmony by not reporting the truth that the vast majority of violent crimes committed in our violent city are committed by young black men. It is not fooling anyone. I woke up from Martin Luther King’s dream when two black teenagers robbed me at gunpoint. Since then I would like to wake up from the nightmare of black crime. Unfortunately, it is not a dream. It is a reality.”

When Mrs. Robino’s doors opened in 1940, the demographics of the city were different: The city’s population had just peaked at 112,000: 89 percent white. 11 percent black.

Today, the city has 40 percent fewer residents: 27 percent of them are white, 60 percent black. {snip}


{snip} The message of racist oppression is also heard from the pulpits of the city’s black churches.

The pastor of one of the largest black congregations in the state said: “This violence in our community–you don’t think it has something to do with the last 400 years?” Rev. Lawrence M. Livingston told the News Journal, “We didn’t create this stuff–all this mess.”

The comments came just a few days after a crowd of black people beat a white clergyman near Livingston’s church in Wilmington.

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  • dd121

    But, but, but…slavery ended 150 years ago. Gotta blame negro mis-behavin’ on something.

    • Anna Tree

      And blacks were not the only enslaved people on earth too, millions of whites have been enslaved! Someone should explain the Occam’s Razor principle to Hanifa…

      • dd121

        And I’ve pointed out that most Europeans were living as serfs for hundreds of yeas in near slavery. We seem to have overcome those conditions quite nicely. Look, it’s not about slavery. Their pet race is incapable of being educated or becoming civilized and they need these lame excuses to justify the dysfunction.

        • Anna Tree

          Indeed! The French and the Russians were serfs, and many others. But strangely the European slaves did good after they were emancipated but slaves from other races, not as good… mmmm so race is the factor, not slavery…

          Dates of emancipation from serfdom in various countries, as per wikipedia:

          Scotland: neyfs (serfs) disappeared by late 14th century,[19] but heritable jurisdictions survived until 1747.[20]
          England & Wales: obsolete by 15th-16th century,[21]
          Wallachia: officially ended in 1746 (land reforms in 1864)
          Moldavia: officially ended in 1749 (land reforms in 1864)
          Savoy: 19 December 1771
          Austria: 1 November 1781 (first step; second step: 1848)
          Bohemia: 1 November 1781 (first step; second step: 1848)
          Baden: 23 July 1783
          Denmark: 20 June 1788
          Helvetic Republic: 4 May 1798
          Batavian Republic (Netherlands): constitution of 12 June 1798 (in theory; in practice with the introduction of the French Code Napoléon in 1811)
          Serbia: 1804 (de facto, de jure in 1830)
          Schleswig-Holstein: 19 December 1804
          Swedish Pomerania: 4 July 1806
          Duchy of Warsaw (Poland): 22 July 1807
          Prussia: 9 October 1807 (effectively 1811-1823)
          Mecklenburg: October 1807 (effectively 1820)
          Bavaria: 31 August 1808
          Nassau: 1 September 1812
          Argentina: 1813
          Governorate of Estonia: 23 March 1816
          Governorate of Courland: 25 August 1817
          Württemberg: 18 November 1817
          Governorate of Livonia: 26 March 1819
          Hanover: 1831
          Saxony: 17 March 1832
          Hungary: 11 April 1848
          Croatia: 8 May 1848
          Austrian Empire: 7 September 1848[22]
          Bulgaria: 1858 (de jure by Ottoman Empire; de facto in 1880)
          Russian Empire: 19 February 1861 (see Emancipation reform of 1861)
          Tonga: 1862
          Hawaii: 1835
          Congress Poland: 1864[23]
          Georgia: 1864-1871
          Kalmykia: 1892
          Iceland: 1894 (completely)
          Bosnia and Herzegovina: 1918
          Afghanistan: 1923
          Bhutan: officially abolished by 1959[8]
          Tibet, People’s Republic of China: March 29, 1959, but use of “serf” for Tibet is controversial[4][5][6][7]

    • blight14


      • Mergatroyd

        Good job on the abc thread. Last I checked, your comments hadn’t been taken down, you were about the only one of us left. I was zapped almost instantly.

        • blight14

          I think we all know the lid is on tight and the stove is on high….all of this madness isn’t going to go away nor is it going to end peacefully…….

    • GOD

      It’s that continuous spiral of excuses that help keep them where they are on the social ladder: The bottom of the barrel. Well, that and their high testosterone, borderline-retarded IQs, and failure to evolve beyond sub-human status. Either way, it’s Whitey’s fault!!!!

  • MekongDelta69

    Dear Mzzzzz. Hanifa G.N. Shabazz (no doubt, your ‘authentically black‘ name – as opposed to your ‘slave name‘),

    Please write me back and list every slave in the world who is 160 years old.

    Thank you,

    MD 69

    • Anna Tree

      Her name seems Arabic to me, so it is not authentically black but really a slave name…

      By the way, I don’t get why whites are always accused of racism when they do a black-face make-up for a movie, halloween, a fashion show or whatever, but it is okay for blacks to put blue lenses, lighten their skins or dye blond their hair!

      • Xerxes22

        Now Trippi Congo has a much more authenically black name.

      • ben no

        “put blue lenses and lighten their skins. Or dye blond ”

        No. That’s what the East Asians do, and unashamedly so because of their audacity when imitating the Nordic features.

        • Anna Tree

          Check hanifashabazz(dot)com(slash)about(space)20us(dot)htm
          for the blond hair.
          While a few mixed race blacks have blue eyes, many blacks do wear colored lenses. There are websites talking about that.
          As about the whitening of the skin, there are many articles on this, including on Amren, check them on Tanzania, Uganda etc

    • Max Krakah

      blacks are witnessing their failure at being human beings, and as usual, their narcissism pre net s them from seeing their faults.

      • blight14

        I submit that if you polled all blacks on earth(including the educated versions) and asked them to explain Detroit/Haiti/Zimbabwe, you’d get the same, tired/lame answer……..After 55 revolutions around the sun, I do not believe any of them are capable of honestly assessing the ‘why’ regarding their collective failure to establish/maintain any modicum of a decent city/state/nation.

  • Luca

    “That is the official diagnosis of the city council, which, by unanimous agreement earlier this month, asked the Centers for Disease Control to investigate a wave of psychological mayhem”…

    If the CDC ever stops laughing long enough to investigate I think they will find all the afflicted psycho’s have a common DNA marker from sub-Saharan Africa.

    • Non Humans

      Nonhumanism as a disease… Interesting angle…
      Symptoms: Rampant Stoopidity and Feral Aggressiveness (Rabies?), Dark skin and features, Stank, Hypersexuality, Poor taste in well….everything. I could go on.
      Maybe this approach will offer the libtards a chance to agree with us…nah! Libtardism is a disease too. It would just give them an opportunity to identify with them.

      • gemjunior

        Nonhumanism as a disease… Interesting angle…
        Symptoms: Rampant Stoopidity and Feral Aggressiveness (Rabies?), Dark skin and features, Stank, Hypersexuality, Poor taste in well….
        This is such a great description that I’m jealous I didn’t write it.

  • sbuffalonative

    And this collective “mental illness” is causing record levels of crime and gun violence in this mostly black town of 70,000.

    This reminds me of Taylor’s Paved with Good Intentions; The Beast chapter.

    When it comes to blacks, there’s always an excuse. At least this excuse is closer to the truth.

    • JDInSanD

      Maybe we should have a pool to predict the next excuse. Will it be pesticides, food coloring, solar flares, cell phones? The possibilities are endless.

      • Their excuse will always be slavery.

  • “We didn’t create this stuff – all this mess.”

    I certainly did not. I’m in Colorado, 2000 miles away from your mess.

  • danallison

    Profoundly weary of black “preachers” apologizing for criminality.

    • Erasmus

      I’ll wager that there’s a lot of demographic and psychological overlap between black preachers civil rights leaders and pimps.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Have you read about black preachers?

        Most of them are caught with their hands in the till, or using drugs, or living in adultery, or frequenting prostitutes. It’s their usual behavior.

        • Alexandra1973

          Kinda like the sainted “Dr.” King, huh?

          A friend of mine refers to him as Martin Lucifer King.

          • Who Me?

            I like “Marchin’ Lucifer Koon” myself…

          • RisingReich

            Its Marchin Lootin’ Killin’

          • Alexandra1973

            That too.

        • Non Humans

          Business as usual, nothing to see here folks. Move along.

        • Or on the down low like the choir director Obama was down low with and had killed.

          • Dr. Möbias

            There were three young, gay black males in Obama’s church who supposedly had relations with him and then conveniently died within 1 1/2 months of each other, Donald Young, Nate Spencer and Larry Bland

            Bland was murdered execution-style on November 17, 2007;
            Young was murdered execution-style on December 24, 2007;
            Spencer reportedly died of septicemia, pneumonia, and HIV on December 26, 2007.

            But the press will tell you it’s just a coincidence, not a conspiracy

          • Alexandra1973

            Any wonder Michelle looks more masculine than he?

    • Mergatroyd

      Politicians and media too, they have a lot more power and influence and are much harder to dismiss.

  • Wilmington, Del., has a big problem: Large groups of black people are going crazy.

    They were already crazy, which I now think is just a more polite way of saying “black.”

    And this collective “mental illness” is causing record levels of crime and gun violence in this mostly black town of 70,000.

    Does this mean we can institutionalize the “crazy” blacks that are violence prone before they actually commit some violent crime?

    She pointed to the recent movie “12 Years a Slave” to illustrate her diagnosis.

    Which was fiction. See Sailer’s review in Taki.

    City Councilwoman Maria Cabrera posted an article on her Facebook page with a complementary point of view that is also very popular in Wilmington political circles: Sometimes known as the “Freeway Did It” analysis: The article points to the destruction of several hundred homesin Wilmington 50 years ago to make way for Interstate 95 as the tippingpoint that led to the epic levels of crime and violence in the city.

    The new Twinkie Defense.

    In the area not far from where I grew up, several hundred homes were destroyed 40+ years ago in between the Soulard and Benton Park neighborhoods of St. Louis to make room for Interstate 55. When the houses were wrecked, both neighborhoods were considered hoosiery. Now both are gentrification heavens, the latter first and the former later on.

    City councilman Trippi Congo, one of two funeral directors on the council, blamed police. Congo says they are not friendly enough.

    I wouldn’t have a friendly disposition either if I was a cop who had to spend all my time on the job stuck in the cross hairs of the tribal warfare of the Bellcurvii of Wilmington, Delaware.

    Congo also blasted the local newspaper and the WDEL radio station for not reporting enough good stories about the city–that several national news organizations have reported it as one of the most dangerous in the country.

    So? If it bleeds it leads, if it burns it earns. That’s always been the way it is with news. People slow down to look at bad wrecks, they don’t slow down when they pass by the hospital where ground breaking medical research is taking place.

    And also…what good news ever really comes out of Wilmington, Delaware? Engelman, help me out here.

    Congo said the stories about violence somehow encourage and create more violence.

    If that was the case, I’d probably be the most violent man on Earth.

    “I wish the newspaper headlines would read: A majority of the kids in this town are good people not trying to break the law,” said council member Loretta Walsh

    Then nobody would buy papers. Stock publications goose subscriptions by predicting disaster, not by predicting calm, stability and good times.

    The message of racist oppression is also heard from the pulpits of the city’s black churches. The pastor of one of the largest black congregations in the state said: “This violence in our community–you don’t think it has something to do with the last 400 years?” Rev. Lawrence M. Livingston told the News Journal, “We didn’t create this stuff–all this mess.”

    Ole Revvund Livingston will tone down his incendiary rhetoric if someone just gives his close relatives some nice cushy sinecures or jobs. Black preachers are truly the Big Chiefs in Bell Curve City. They almost have the power to dial up or dial down anger to provoke or squelch riots. Keep the relatives of revvunds happy, and you keep the revvunds happy, and when you keep the revvunds happy, they have a way of keeping the young men in their flock relatively calm. Pay close attention to how many relatives of prominent black reverends show up all of a sudden with important sounding jobs that are really do-nothing jobs.

    • Do you believe Loretta Walsh subscibes to a newspaper?
      Well, maybe she does. – To cut out pictures of herself.

    • robinbishop34

      I read that a few weeks ago. I particularly liked this part…

      “12 Years a Slave is hailed by critics as a long-awaited breakthrough
      that finally dares to mention the subject of slavery after decades of
      the entertainment industry being controlled by the South.”

      • Mergatroyd

        What else are the anti-white critics going to say? They praise any and all movies that show whites as victims of blacks and Jews i.e., the wholly false “inglorious basterds,” “12 years a slave,” “the butler,” there are dozens of such movies a year. Critics praise these movies because they agree with the anti-white message.

        Boycott any movie where whites are victims of non-whites or where race roles are reversed, i.e. blacks as victims of murderous, heinous whites.

        • robinbishop34

          The part I quoted above is dripping with sarcasm. Steve Sailer isn’t anti-white 🙂

    • A Freespeechzone

      Just think, these were Joe Biden’s constituents for decades….

  • Erasmus

    As they say in the hood, “Sh-e-e-e-ett!

    Instead of taking responsibility for themselves African-Americans continue to blame their failures on the fact that their great-great-great-great-grandparents were slaves. Know who else routinely blames everyone and everything else for their lack of achievement and constant screw-ups? Children.

    If the black community is ever going to be something more than a race of thugs and welfare queens, they need to stop listening to their “leaders,” who tell them what they know they want to hear and keep them infantilized, begin listening to people who tell them hard truths, dump their pathologic culture and join the 21st century.

  • JohnEngelman

    If slavery and racial discrimination are responsible for black social pathology, why has black social pathology gotten so much worse since the civil rights legislation was signed?

    • Lord_Steven_Regal

      Exactly. And if being a descendant of slavery is the cause for black violence, then why are blacks in Africa who never descended from slaves as violent (if not more violent) than American blacks? They’ll say that it’s because African blacks suffered under colonialism, but, once again, their conditions and actions have deteriorated the further they get from colonialism. It’s all excuses, and they’ll never admit the truth.

      • dukem1

        1. “The traumatic syndrome of slavery”….Isn’t Delaware the Free State?

        2. “That results in gun violence.”…Violence is violence, Ms. Shabazz, and speaking only for myself, come the revolution I’d rather take a bullet to the head than get necklaced or hacked to death with a machete. (Don’t get me wrong here…I will go down swinging.)

        3. “Twelve Years a Slave”….Some Hollywood torture porn is the intellectual underpinning of your thesis?
        I know it’s rhetorical here, but is there no end to the aggressive, in-your-face imbecility of the modern-day black office holder?

        • Delaware was a slave state but had the lowest rate of household participation in the practice of all the states that allowed it.

    • Anna Tree

      John, I salute and thank you for speaking out and telling the truth in the article. You are a brave man. Take care, be careful.
      (If you want me to delete this, please tell me)

      • JohnEngelman

        Thank you very much. Please do not delete your comment.

      • Mergatroyd

        Why don’t you come on over to Alternative Right to read a few of many of the pro-Asian, anti-white comments that Engelman is making over there?

        He is an anti-white. Any upvotes anyone here makes supports an anti-white who advocates miscegenation for whites and for the race replacement of whites by “superior” Asians.

        http COLON //alternativeright DOT com/blog/category/nicely-defending-the-nasty-and-indefensible#disqus_thread

        Everyone, come on, join the discussion. I’ll even put up a sample:


        “The growing acceptance and practice of interracial dating and marriage is not happening because of a conspiracy by a powerful but small minority. It is happening because most people want it to happen.”


        Suck on this:

        “Ashkenazi Jews have the highest IQ of any ethnic group known. They average around 112-115, well above the European norm of 100…”

        Does this represent YOUR view or anyone else here?

        • Anna Tree

          Mergatroyd, I understand the point you are making and i disagree with JohnEngelman on various issues, but if he says something I agree, I will thumb him up and if he says something I disagree, I will thumb him down. I don’t thumb up or down the messenger but the message. I am not voting for him to represent me anywhere. He is not a politician who could harm me with a mix or good and dangerous views, and even with politicians, some white racialists still vote for them because there is always worse and more dangerous.

          I agree with his first quote you brought of him. The people around me are not jewish, but they are all as far as I know, anti-white. They don’t mind interracial dating and marriage, multiculturalism, multiracialism, mass immigration etc. Some even told me that they wouldn’t mind the end of the white race, that it wouldn’t matter.

          Regarding his Ashkenaz IQ quote, it seems more or less true as per the racialist texts I have read, included on Amren. So again, I would agree with his second quote too. I do think though that their IQ will be decreasing as they miscegenate, especially in Israel with Morrocan, Iranian and Ethiopian etc Jews.

          To agree with those two quotes doesn’t make me anti-white, this make me a (race) realist. BUT true that unlike JohnEngelman, I am against miscegenation, and I don’t want any race, more intelligent or not, I don’t care, to replace the whites. For me too, there is no truth that I fear or wish not known. In my opinion to be a white racialist is not to think we have the highest IQ or not, this being true or not, I don’t care our IQ, I care about my race to not be replaced, to not be genocided, to not be silenced and trashed and not having equal rights, if not more right in a white country.

          Even if some children are allegedly smarter or better behaved than my own children, I still prefer my own children. I am pro-white and disagree with the general position of JohnEngelman, but I agree with those two quotes as I think they are truthful.

          Maybe John Engelman married his wife before realizing the truth about races. Maybe he wouldn’t have married his wife and would have turn thinking differently like you. I told him (but he didn’t answer me) that I speculate that maybe in fact he loves/admires the white and the White countries so much that he wants his family to stay with whites in a white country despite being mixed race. He does sound anti-white and (North East) Asian supremacist when he states here and there that he wouldn’t mind if the whites stopped to be/were absorbed by the North East Asian bigger population, i.e. if we were replaced, as long as the Asian would continue the Western Civilization.either. So no, his views are not my views, although he may say correct statements like the ones he gave in the article. I still think he was brave and I thank him.

        • ben no

          Indeed, this JohnEngelman is anti-white. Even worse, he is so pro-Asian that he wishes for white numbers to die through race-mixing so that Asians can benefit from the white admixture that will sure to give that ugly flawed race some beautification.

          He either Asian or a Jew in disguise as one.

    • 48224

      Little did 30-year-old Dustin Friedland know yesterday it was slavery that caused those two black punks to blow his brains out during a shopping trip with his new wife.

    • NM156

      ‘Said John Engleman: “The News Journal thinks it is contributing to racial harmony by not reporting the truth that the vast majority of violent crimes committed in our violent city are committed by young black men. It is not fooling anyone. I woke up from Martin Luther King’s dream when two black teenagers robbed me at gunpoint. Since then I would like to wake up from the nightmare of black crime. Unfortunately, it is not a dream. It is a reality.”’ Is that you, John? How did you manage to get yourself quoted in this article, if I may ask?

    • Because when blacks are allowed to behave like blacks, they act black.

  • Ragehol .

    Everything goes to slavery even though we Whites had Dante and Galileo, Shakespeare and Newton, when they were still considering a urinating cow a mobile showering device.

    It isn’t about SLAVERY.

  • IstvanIN

    The pastor of one of the largest black congregations in the state said: “This violence in our community–you don’t think it has something to do with the last 400 years?” Rev. Lawrence M. Livingston told the News Journal, “We didn’t create this stuff–all this mess.”

    That paragraph pretty much sums up the whole article: everything from highways to slavery are the reason blacks are incapable of behaving in a half-way civilized manner.

    • Non Humans

      Dont forget White Santas and Jesus’, and ANYthing else that the nonhumans perceive to have slighted them.

  • “Shabazz did not explain who is playing the role of slave master.”

    She didn’t need to. We all know it is Quakers Asians Hispanics

  • Sue

    Hmmmmmmmmmm this has a distinct ring to it. Does anyone else find these excuses familiar? Can’t put my finger on it but I recognize from somewhere.

  • Irishgirl

    “… still suffering from the traumatic syndrome of slavery…”

    Right, and I’m still suffering from the trauma of the Irish Potato Famine (1845-1852). Come the f*** on.

    • Alexandra1973

      Hm. I wonder if my loyalist ancestors suffered during the American Revolution? They had to go to Canada. Surely that isn’t trauma…?

      (I had ancestors on both sides.)

    • Non Humans

      Dat Turrble Turrble Lebasee ub da Slabery!!
      Really? Is that the pathetic story they are going with? Is it any wonder why I call them nonhumans? Their pea-sized brains actually think that excuse will hold enough water to wet my hands?
      I think Ill start rolling up my pant legs so as to keep them out of the bs.

    • i2014

      A trumped up diagnosis for sure.

      The lingering effects of the potato famine are all too real however. ‘Would you like fries with that?’

    • Mergatroyd

      What’s the Irish Potato Famine? I never learned that in school, but I can tell you every detail about the Holocaust.

      • Whitetrashgang

        The Irish Potato Famine is when a Irish king kept all the potatoes from the jews and negroes. This was because of racism and Mcdonalds just starting their hamburger chain .Surprisingly Mcdonalds was started ba a kew(or by a jew)

  • So CAL Snowman

    ““There is a well known fact that the African-American community here in
    the United States of America is still suffering from the traumatic
    syndrome of slavery,” Shabazz said. “That is compounded with the many
    effects that are happening in today’s society with our young people and
    the things they are seeing, and there is definitely a shift of mental
    capacity of their ability to make good decisions. That results in gun

    I guess the african-american is just extremely weak minded and incredibly narcissistic. The “syndrome” of slavery? Wow just wow, these people really are as dumb as a box of rocks. NO ability whatsoever to look at their own behavior and actions. It’s as if their brains function in a different way than ours. White people flee, leaving blacks in complete political economic, and social control of the city and the devastating results are due to the “syndrome” of slavery. Segregation NOW – Segregation FOREVER

    • Non Humans

      Their brains barely meet the definition of function. And I would be careful about insulting boxes of rocks. Before you know it they will have their own little special interest group to defend them against unsightly comparisons to nonhumans.

  • Druid

    There’s no “mental illness” inolved. It’s just that black people understand they have no business in this society. Everything they see daily, everything they eat, everything they wear, a black man or woman had no part in producing. Same with all the gadgets they use. no black has ever invented anything to speak of. The bus they ride isn’t of their invention. The air conditioning they enjoy in the summer was invented by Whites. They know at some level they’re useless. While they’re not smart, they are consious enout to know at a very young age, they’re done. So what does it matter what they do, or don’t do?

    • kenfrombayside

      Very good point.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Anyone whose name is Shabazz is racist.

    • Alexandra1973


      (Virtual cookie if you can guess who said that!)

      • Mork?

        • Wow. I got it right and I hated that show.

          • robinbishop34

            LOL… I was very young when that was on and loved it.

  • 48224

    48% of black women have herpes….that’s whitey’s fault too.
    72% of black children are born out of wedlock….whitey’s fault.
    Everything wrong with black folks is the fault of whites… they say.
    As I have said before, whites and blacks have a parent child relationship. Blacks are the children of course. The pot smoking, school skipping, shoplifting, trouble-making teen-angers who blame their parents for all their mis-deeds.

  • Luca

    The African-American community is not suffering from the traumatic syndrome of slavery.

    The entire country is suffering from “black population syndrome”.

    Anytime and anywhere there is more than a 10% population of African Americans you get an increase in rape, murder, violent crime, property crime, single parents, teenage pregnancies, drop-out rates, drug use, etc.

    It is as reliable as the law of gravity. The greater the black population, the great the number of societal ills.

    So blame it on slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination, the building of a freeway or whatever, but at the end of the day, Wilmington has a black population of 60%. Case closed.


    Blacks are by far the most irresponsible group of people in history. They’re almost child like, in their inability to accept responsibility for their own personal and collective behavior. They tell us with every other breath they’ve got that they are the white mans equal. Only to say that the reason they are such criminal minded thugs is because they were damaged by slavery. Which just doesn’t make sense. Either you’re our equal or you’re damaged goods. Which is it black America?

    Also, I would like to know, given the fact that every other race on earth has at one point or another experienced enslavement. Why is it that it only seems to have the effect of turning supposedly good people into criminals 200 years after the fact on the black race, and the black race alone? And why is it that blacks in Africa, who were never enslaved. Match up so consistently with their American brothers, as far as their Intellectual ability, and their penchant for criminality are concerned? Why?????

    As far as I’m concerned the black race has been given every opportunity and then some, to conduct themselves as fellow citizens in the civilized world. Yet, they have consistently shown themselves to be incompatible with that world. So I say, Segregation Now, Segregation Tomorrow And Segregation FOREVER!

    • libertarian1234

      “So I say, Segregation Now, Segregation Tomorrow And Segregation FOREVER!”


      Integration has been a total failure. Nobody could successfully integrate blacks into their society without ungodly problems.

    • kenfrombayside

      “African-Americans” were never and will never be a fellow citizen. Their behavior, which I experienced in the New York City public schools and as a federal employee, preclude them as a fellow American. Every time one of the beastly Williams plays tennis against a European, I always root for the latter. If these people suddenly disappeared, I wouldn’t shed a tear.


        You wouldn’t shed a tear eh? If I woke up to the news that all blacks in America had suddenly disappeared. The tears would instantly begin to flow, they would of course be tears of joy, but tears none the less.

  • Extropico

    Black mob violence perpetrators should be transferred to a new venue in Africa so that they can have mental health recuperation in a proper monochromatic environment for them.

  • MekongDelta69

    Another ‘knockout’ loser: http://abclocal[dot]go[dot]com/wabc/story?section=news/local/long_island&id=9363677

    Leave AmRen’s URL, but leave it like this:
    http[colon]//www[dot]amren[dot]com – or any way that you can’t directly link by clicking on it.
    I got one comment in before I was banned, but most of the comments sound just like AmRen posters.

    • Kenner

      Most of the Yahoo and Daily Mail comments on black crime stories– especially black-on-white— are overwhelmingly race realist, as do many comments on local American news outlets. The fools who spent months trying to lynch Zimmerman made the scales fall from thousands of white eyes.

    • Mergatroyd

      Saw several other regular AR posters there too, I assume by now all of our posts have been taken down.

      It was fun while it lasted.

    • “Most of the comments sound like AmRen posters.”

      That’s very encouraging. It means our message is getting across and that people are getting sick of both black social pathology and the moronic excuses we are constantly offered for it.

  • MBlanc46

    Blacks have a mental problem, all right: poor future-time orientation and diminished impulse control. There’s nothing the CDC can do about that. It’s not whitey’s fault; blame it on evolution.

    • Alexandra1973

      Basically being black is in itself a handicap, especially when trying to live among whites.

      • MBlanc46

        We used to acknowledge that fact and attempt to accommodate their handicap. In the current social climate, we have to explicitly deny what most of us can plainly see, then either deny the phenomenon of black criminality or seek a scapegoat for it.

      • “Especially when trying to live among whites.”

        Or anyone else: Arabs, subcontinental Indians, Orientals and Latin-Americans can’t stand them either.

    • JohnEngelman

      Part of the mental problem is lower average intelligence.

      • Max Krakah

        That is just ONE manifestation of a completely different nature and mind. Low IQ whites do not rape, rob, kill, and they are capable of recognizing their own responsibility when they do do wrong. It is FALSE to attribute the nature of blacks solely to low intelligence and to say low intelligence causes all of their dysfunction.

      • MBlanc46

        And then there’s that, although perhaps low IQ is less correlated with violence than those other factors.

        • JohnEngelman

          In The Bell Curve Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein pointed out that criminals in maximum security prisons tend to have low IQ’s. I do not remember what the average is, but I think it is about 80. They reasoned that criminals are frequently people who cannot earn much legally, so they try to acquire money illegally.

          Blacks have higher testosterone rates than whites. That is a factor.

          Other genetic factors are important too, although they have not been isolated yet. There is plenty of evidence that crime is a genetic predisposition.

          I am confident that in the fairly near future genes will be identified that are nearly always found in those with felony convictions, rarely found in those without felony convictions, and which fairly accurately predict which babies grow up to become criminals, and which do not.

          If someone has a lot of crime genes it would not necessarily mean that the person would become a criminal. It would probably mean that crime would be a frequent temptation and an active fantasy. People with crime genes would probably enjoy watching movies that romanticize criminals, like “Bonny and Clyde,” and “The Godfather.”

          I am fairly certain that I have few or no crime genes. The thought of stealing several hundred thousand dollars and getting away with it leaves me cold. My fantasies are of legal achievements.

          • MBlanc46

            There are all sorts of crimes and whether they have much in common is debatable. For example, insider trading is only a crime because federal bureaucrats decided it should be. Martha Steward probably doesn’t have a genetic predisposition to crime. On the other hand, I’d be surprised that the chronically violent didn’t have a genetic predisposition to be so. Do you know of any research on genetic basis for non-violent crimes, such as fraud or confidence games?

          • JohnEngelman

            Not really. Much more research needs to be done on this. Unfortunately, investigating genetic predispositions to engage in crime is not the way to advance an academic career. Discovering a way to erase the race gap in academic performance is, even when the way does not work.

          • MBlanc46

            I do hope that as naturists make greater headway in the behavioral sciences, it will become increasingly acceptable to study genetic factors in behavior. If that happens, the racial variable will have to be addressed, as it is in medical research.

  • John R

    It does not surprise me that some liberals still say this. What surprises me is that they can still say it, and keep a straight face!

    • JohnEngelman

      I doubt if many liberals still believe that. They just say it because it makes them feel good.

      When blacks were discriminated against one could plausibly argue that black stupidity, crime, and illegitimacy were caused by the discrimination. That argument is no longer plausible.

      • John R

        I think you hit the proverbial nail on the head: In the days of Jim Crow, and European colonial empires, it was easier to argue that the “Negroes would behave better if only white people treated them equally.” But now, liberals are getting desperate. Their very philosophy of life was based on the unproven theory that “all races are equal.” Yes, it is getting harder and harder for a White person to maintain his liberal faith. Hence, the ridiculous arguments that we read.

        • JohnEngelman

          There is a lot more to liberalism than the belief that the races are intrinsically equal.

          Nevertheless, that one aspect is certainly false. Because race realism cannot be refuted using facts and logic liberals try to suppress it.

  • NotTooSwift

    Black leaders routinely blame the Caucasian for all of the dysfunction in the African-American community. Whether or not they are correct is beyond my pay grade. However, I wish these same enlightened folks would share some sensible solutions as to how to correct the situation.

    At least Oprah had a solution…just wait for older white racists to die.

    See, wasn’t that simple?


      “Whether or not they are correct is beyond my pay grade” – All one needs in order to see whether they are correct or not is a pair of eyes. So I sure hope that was just a joke Mr. / Mrs. Swift? Otherwise you just might want to get your eyes checked friend.

      • NotTooSwift

        They call me MR. SWIFT.

        It was sarcasm. You must understand I am not too swift.

        • Mergatroyd

          Don’t sell yourself short. Your posts show that you are indeed swift.

    • Mergatroyd

      World leaders routinely blame the Caucasian for ALL of the dysfunction in Africa.

      Legacy of colonialism and all that. Blacks are in for a whole new level of pain and misery when their white benefactors are gone.

      • JohnEngelman

        The historical and biological function of empires is to civilize barbarians by killing the most barbarous of them. European colonialism in Africa ended many centuries too soon.

        • European colonialism in Africa was doomed from the beginning. In Australia and the Americas it was successful due to the wide-scale replacement of the native population with Europeans after introduced old-world diseases took their toll. Africa was a different story. The hideous tropical diseases kept whites out of the equatorial belt, and we are currently watching the sad end to the experiment with white settlement in temperate South Africa: young educated whites are leaving and the older ones who won’t leave or can’t afford to do so are being murdered.

          • JohnEngelman

            Africa is rich in natural resources. The Chinese are buying up those resources, and investing in infrastructure. With economic power comes political power. My hope is that the Chinese will be more successful than the Europeans were in imposing civilization on the Negroes.

          • dd121

            Blacks can’t be educated and they can’t be civilized. The Chinese may get rich exploiting Africa’s resources but they can’t wring the negroness out of the negroes.

    • JohnEngelman

      As long as blacks have high rates of crime and illegitimacy they will reinforce white racism generation after generation.

    • RisingReich

      Just as I did with Mandela – I’ll be celebrating her death. Good riddance.

  • c684570

    Then stop moving here.

  • OhWow

    Their mental illness is an average IQ of 85.

    • Non Humans

      Thats a generous number…

      • Alexandra1973

        I think white DNA is what makes it that high…look at the average IQ of “pure” blacks.

    • I believe 80-85 is the average black IQ in the USA, but that is due to several centuries of miscegnation with whites and American Indians. In much of sub-Saharan Africa, it runs about 70.

  • ViktorNN

    Has anyone ever tried using teaching techniques for the mentally disabled on black kids? Retarded people can be taught basic moral principles and behaviors, yes?

    • IstvanIN

      Retarded people are retarded in their fundamental ability to learn, not their fundamental humanity. How do you instill a soul in someone?

      • RisingReich

        You can’t. These soulless animals need to be shipped back to Africa.

    • blacks can’t be classified as SPEDs, dat be rayciss.

    • Max Krakah

      White retarded people can be. I have seen examples of this. White retarded people are not dangerous as a group. Blacks, regardless of IQ, are dangerous as a group. It is NOT just IQ.

  • Strike_Team

    Yes. The problem goes back to slavery. They should all have been repatriated back to Africa once they were cut loose from their employment obligations in the fields by Mr. Lincoln.

    • Alexandra1973

      I think that was the reason for the Emancipation Proclamation in the first place–to send ’em back.

  • Who Me?

    What the heck is a “Hanifa G.N. Shabazz” and why is it a city counsel member in Wilmington, DE? Now, another city counsel member’s name, “Trippi Congo”, is entirely self-explanatory (though no less absurd.)

    • JukeJointJimmee

      She has been on CC a long time. She is a forever pissed off, fat, ostentatious black woman. Every now and then she lets loose some extreme inanity ala Shiela Jackson Lee.

      • Mergatroyd

        Has anyone notified Loren Michaels from SNL? Sound like she’d be a great addition to the cast, especially since he’s put out a call for a pissed off, fat, ostentatious black woman. Is there any other kind?

  • Evette Coutier

    He has it correct. Collectively there is a lot of black mental illness. They are crazy if they believe slavery has anything to do with the knockout game. They have issues with their perception of reality and their sense of self importance. They sadistically enjoy causing pain on innocent people.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Turbull, turbull legacy of the slabery…

  • Spartacus

    “The pastor of one of the largest black congregations in the state said:
    “This violence in our community–you don’t think it has something to do
    with the last 400 years?” Rev. Lawrence M. Livingston told the News
    Journal, “We didn’t create this stuff–all this mess.”


    At it’s peak, there were 2 million black slaves in the US . That’s about the same number of Romanians killed between 1941 and 1958, in WWII and the subsequent Soviet invasion. Going further than that, the last 400 years or so have been ones of nearly endless warfare and occupation, being attacked by the Germans and the austro-hungarian monstrosity from the west, the Russian empire from the north and the east, and the Ottoman Empire from the south. Somehow, we manage to have one of the lowest violent crime rates in Europe. You don’t think it has something to do with race, do you ?

    • Mergatroyd

      At its peak…

      Your English is near-flawless and for this I applaud you. I only point out your tiny grammatical errors because I think your posts are great; our enemies pounce on any tiny errors to use against us: “See they’re nothing but a bunch of uneducate, unwashed, racist hicks.”

      There’s speculation that infiltrators are sent into tea party rallies with signs containing gross misspellings and grammatical errors. Guess which signs are then shown in the newspapers and on TV as evidence of ignorance and stupidity.

      Keep up the great work, you are a true and loyal supporter of white issue.

      • Spartacus

        Noted and corrected .

      • For someone who’s native language is Romanian and not English, his writing is amazingly good.

        • Yancy Derringer

          “Whose.” 🙂

          • What? Please forgive me; my wife and daughter went up to Boulder a few days early and I have been drinking all day long. Vodka in iced tea.

      • Yancy Derringer

        Speaking of… It should be: “I point out your tiny grammatical errors only because I think…”

        • Mergatroyd

          Nope. Grammar is perfectly correct.

  • blight14

    I submit that it would be a nice gesture to invite the above author, Colin Flaherty, to the Amren Conference in April……([email protected])……I know he’s expressed an interest in attending the event. BL

  • EggHead

    You half wit American CrackHeads are Funny

    • M.

      So the facts don’t really matter. It doesn’t really matter if the IQ of immigrants IS substantially lower than that of white Americans or not. What matters is how you FEEL about it. To you, what makes people feel uncomfortable isn’t worth saying.

      Facts aren’t racist. They’re just facts, regardless of how you feel about them. Yelling “racist” when you hear something that makes you uncomfortable won’t change anything about it. You’re just resorting to name-calling, which is, as Jared Taylor put it, the most graceless way of admitting you’ve lost the argument.

  • Kit Ingoldby

    This goes to new levels of narcissism.

    You’d think that American blacks were the only people on the planet with anything bad in their history.

    Perhaps they should ask the Poles or the Ukrainians or the Cambodians or the Chinese or the Russians about suffering. It might put their whiny sense of infantile entitlement into some sort of perspective.

  • Max Krakah

    The afreekin amerkian community here in the United States is manifesting it’s natural behavior which is no longer kept in check by fear of authority. The obamma administration has given them free range to live by the dictates of their DNA. They are behaving the same way they do back in afreeka, the same way they do in haiti, the same way they do in London. Every recent development of “black” culture is a reversion to their state in africa before they were forced to acknowledge the superiority of the white man and his culture. The music is reverting to a simplistic jungle beat to which they shake their bodies as if they are in a voodoo ceremony. Things like “stomp” and “rap” are simply a reversion to a primitive state where they live every moment in an effort to intimidate and violate others. Their inner nature dictates that they only feel alive when they violate others by robbing, raping, insulting (rap), intimidation through braggadocio (rap, intimidation through foot stomping and chest beating (rap). Creatures that are always at war with the world destroy their world, and every black community outside of afreeka is a place that they inherited from whites and are in the process of destroying while every black community in afreeka is nothing but the simplest and most primitive mud hut existence. They can only enjoy anything when it is gained through the violation or destruction of another, that is the negroes nature, and that is what we are seeing.

  • John R

    At the risk of offending some people here, I ironically, find it easier to explain black violence, than to explain why so many Whites want to explain it, and excuse it. Now, a study on the mental illness of liberalism-THAT would be interesting!

    • Luca

      It would be very interesting if it led to a cure. I believe it would require a very harsh medicine.

  • Max Krakah

    The muscle structure of chimpanzees is remarkably similar to humans yet they can be up to four times stronger. There are a couple theories that have been developed to explain this. One of them is that Chimps lack a cerebral inhibition mechanism, that they are always running full throttle where humans only very rarely run full throttle. It is theorized that this down regulation takes place in the surface layers of the entire brain. I suggest that black brains, which are known to be different, smaller, and lack or have much diminished pre frontal lobe structures, also have other such organ wide differences. Collectively the differences in the black brain manifest as low IQ, low impulse control, etc. Correction one difference, such as hormone levels or brain size will not change them into humans.

  • John R

    What country are you from, because I agree with almost everything you said. I only have an issue with you saying “you Americans.” It is not all Americans that make excuses for blacks (note this website), but a politically powerful sub-set, we loosely call liberals. You are right, though, that American blacks have nothing to complain about: I challenge anybody to name me ONE SINGLE COUNTRY in the world where black people have it better than they do in the USA.

    • saxonsun


  • Part of their problem is that Europe and Japan eventually recovered from World War Two. China, South Korea and Taiwan also got into manufacturing for export in a big way. These manufacturing jobs once allowed a young guy without much education to earn a reasonable salary in the US, but they’ve gone to places with less expensive labor. Brazil and India are now also rising players, due to abundant inexpensive labor.

    If I was going to pick future industrial tigers, Turkey would be one of them. They have a relatively large, homogeneous population and with the “Ataturk” dam project lots of hydroelectricity. They’re also located close to European markets. Iran has a similar population and plentiful mineral resources. Ditto Vietnam.

    Uneducated US blacks are thus no longer competitive in a global labor market; their low productivity does not justify a developed-world standard of living. Their lack of intellect and discipline also means they are unlikely to acquire the skills that would improve their value to the labor force.

    • kenfrombayside

      One of thr reasons for the industrial decline of America is the black population. Because of EEOC laws, companies have to hire them. Moving overseas avoids these rules.

  • Luca

    These blacks don’t know or read history, they get their education from the Hollywood propaganda factories. It keeps them enraged and seeking revenge.

    I’ve yet to see a historically accurate piece come out of Hollywood when it comes to the chosen people or their useful idiots.

  • Luca

    Now that you mention it, Gone With The Wind, may be as close as we come to an accurate depiction of the antebellum South and slavery. At least the dialogue was correct and the slaves were not speaking with refined English accents.

    “Birth of A Nation” had some interesting messages but was completely over-acted due to it being a silent film.

  • STDs are not RTDs. A sexually-transmitted disease is caused by germs and not “racism”. The germ theory was developed in the mid-1800s by Ignaz Semmelweiss, a Hungarian doctor in Vienna. The fact that blacks are unable to restrain themselves does not in any way cause whites, Orientals, Amerinds, Arabs or subcontinental Indians to be responsible for their infection rates.

    If you have a sexually-transmitted-disease, you caught it by having sex with someone who already had the same infection, and not by how ugly I believe your dark skin and nappy hair to be.

  • Mergatroyd

    Tell that to Ken Livingston who blubbered in the presence of Jesse Jackson about London’s role in the slave trade.

    –Mayor of London Ken Livingstone is overcome with emotion as he delivers his speech during a ceremony calling for an annual memorial day to remember the horrors of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, in London Thursday Aug. 23, 2007. Standing with U.S. civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson, Livingstone wiped tears from his eyes and wagged an accusing finger at his city’s skyline, apologizing for the capital’s role in the slave trade. Livingstone said London and the corporations it hosted were tainted by the trade and its profits.

    What an embarrassment.

    Never mind the British put an end to slavery in the Western World and every black should be endlessly thanking them for it.

  • blight14

    Best comment on the thread! ‘Sail foams’….LOL

  • Anna Tree

    From wiki, sorry I didn’t sort between non africans and the rest: (a few dates: Haiti 1804, Sierra Leone created 1796, Liberia created 1822, Gabon created 1848. the Europeans abolish it between the late 1700s to the late 1800s, after that it is only actually muslim and blacks slaves owners, who where among the last to abolish it, kind of, some slavery continues by blacks and muslims till this day)

    Ancient times

    3rd century BC: Ashoka abolishes slave trade and encourages people to treat slaves well but does not abolish slavery itself in the Maurya Empire, covering the majority of India, which was under his rule.[1]
    221-206 B.C.E: The Qin Dynasty’s
    measures to eliminate the landowning aristocracy include the abolition
    of slavery and the establishment of a free peasantry who owed taxes and
    labor to the state. They also abolished primogeniture and discouraged serfdom.[2] The dynasty was overthrown in 206 B.C.E and many of its laws were overturned.
    17: Wang Mang
    usurped the Chinese throne and instituted a series of sweeping reforms,
    including the abolition of slavery and radical land reform. After his
    assassination in 23 C.E., slavery was reinstituted.[3][4]

    Early timeline
    Many of these changes were reversed in practice over the succeeding centuries.

    960: Doge of Venice Pietro IV Candiano reconvened the popular assembly and had it approve of a law prohibiting the slave trade
    1102: Trade in slaves and serfdom ruled illegal in London: Council of London (1102)
    1117: Slavery abolished in Iceland
    1200: Slavery virtually disappears in Japan; it was never widespread and mostly involved captives taken in civil wars.[5]
    1214: The Statute of the Town of Korčula (Croatia) abolishes slavery.[6]
    1215: Magna Carta signed. Clause 30, commonly known as Habeas Corpus, would form the basis of a law against slavery in English common law.
    ~1220: The Sachsenspiegel, the most influential German code of law from the Middle Ages condemns slavery as a violation of God’s likeness to man.[7]
    1256: The Liber Paradisus is promulgated. The Comune di Bologna abolishes slavery and serfdom and releases all the serfs in its territories.
    1274: Landslova (Land’s Law) in Norway mentions only former slaves, which indicates that slavery was abolished in Norway
    1315: Louis X,
    king of France, publishes a decree proclaiming that “France” signifies
    freedom and that any slave setting foot on the French ground should be
    1335: Sweden
    (including Finland at the time) makes slavery illegal, though this is
    not enacted. A true abolition of slavery does not occur until 1813.[9]
    1368: China’s Hongwu Emperor establishes the Ming dynasty and would abolish all forms of slavery.[3]
    However, slavery continued in the Ming dynasty. Later Ming rulers, as a
    way of limiting slavery in the absence of a prohibition, passed a
    decree that limited the number of slaves that could be held per
    household and extracted a severe tax from slave owners.[10]
    1416: Republic of Ragusa (modern day Dubrovnik, Croatia) abolished slavery and slave trading
    1435: Papal Encyclical – Sicut Dudum – of Pope Eugene IV banning enslavement on pain of excommunication.

    Modern timeline


    1537: Pope Paul III
    forbids slavery of the indigenous peoples of the Americas as well as of
    any other new population that would be discovered, indicating their
    right to freedom and property. However, only Catholic countries apply
    it, and state that they cannot possibly enforce what happens in the
    distant colonies (Sublimus Dei).
    1542: Spain enacted the first European law abolishing colonial slavery in 1542. Spain becomes the first country to abolish slavery.
    1569: An English court case involving Cartwright, who had brought a slave from Russia, ruled that English law could not recognise slavery.
    1588: The Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth abolishes slavery[11]
    1595: A law is passed in Portugal banning the selling and buying of Chinese slaves.[12]
    1590: Toyotomi Hideyoshi bans slavery in Japan.[13] But it continued as a punishment for criminals.
    19 February 1624: The King of Portugal forbids the enslavement of Chinese of either sex.[14][15]
    1652: Slavery abolished in Providence Plantations.


    1706: In the case of Smith v. Browne & Cooper, Sir John Holt, Lord Chief Justice of England, rules that “as soon as a Negro comes into England, he becomes free. One may be a villein in England, but not a slave.”[16][17]
    1723: Russia abolishes outright slavery but retains serfdom.[18]
    1723–1730: China’s Yongzheng emancipation sought to free all slaves
    to strengthen the autocratic ruler through a kind of social leveling
    that created an undifferentiated class of free subjects under the
    throne. Although these new regulations freed the vast majority of
    slaves, wealthy families continued to use slave labor into the twentieth
    1761, 12 February: Portugal abolishes slavery[19] in mainland Portugal and in Portuguese possessions in India through a decree by the Marquis of Pombal.
    1772: Somersett’s case held that no slave could be forcibly removed from Britain. This case was generally taken at the time to have decided that the condition of slavery did not exist under English law in England and Wales, and emancipated the remaining ten to fourteen thousand slaves or possible slaves in England and Wales, who were mostly domestic servants.[20]
    1774 Laws of the Marquis of Pombal, prime minister of King José I.
    prohibiting the transport of black slaves to Portugal and the liberation
    of the children of slaves born in Portugal
    1775: Pennsylvania Abolition Society formed in Philadelphia, the first abolition society in North America.
    1777: Slavery abolished in Madeira, Portugal[21]
    1777: Constitution of the Vermont Republic bans slavery.[21]
    1780: Pennsylvania passes An Act for the Gradual Abolition of Slavery,
    freeing future children of slaves. Those born prior to the Act remain
    enslaved for life. The Act becomes a model for other Northern states.
    Last slaves freed 1847.[22]
    1783: Russia abolishes slavery in Crimean Khanate[23]
    1783: Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court rules slavery illegal based on 1780 state constitution. All slaves are immediately freed.[24]
    1783: Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor issued an order abolishing slavery in Bukovina on 19 June 1783 in Czernowitz[25]
    1783: New Hampshire begins a gradual abolition of slavery.
    1784: Connecticut begins a gradual aboliton of slavery, freeing future children of slaves, and later all slaves.[26]
    1784: Rhode Island begins a gradual abolition of slavery.
    1787: The United States in Congress Assembled passed the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 outlawing any new slavery in the Northwest Territories.
    1787: Sierra Leone founded by Britain as colony for emancipated slaves[27]
    1787: Society for the Abolition of the Slave Trade founded in Britain[21]
    1788: Sir William Dolben’s Act regulating the conditions on British slave ships enacted
    1792: Denmark-Norway declares transatlantic slave trade illegal after 1803 (though slavery continues in Danish colonies to 1848)[28]
    1793: Upper Canada (Ontario) abolishes import of slaves by Act Against Slavery
    1794: France abolishes slavery in all its possessions; slavery is restored by Napoleon in 1802.[29]
    1799: New York State passes gradual emancipation act freeing future children of slaves, and all slaves in 1827.[30]
    1799: The Colliers (Scotland) Act 1799 ends the legal slavery of Scottish coal miners that had been established in 1606.[31]


    1802: The First Consul Napoleon re-introduces slavery on French colonies growing sugarcane.[19]
    1802: Ohio writes a state constitution that abolishes slavery.
    1803: Denmark-Norway: abolition of transatlantic slave trade takes effect 1 January 1803.
    1804: New Jersey begins a gradual abolition of slavery, freeing future children of slaves.[26] Those born prior to the Act remain enslaved for life.
    1804: Haiti declares independence and abolishes slavery[21]
    1805: Great Britain: bill for Abolition passed in Commons, rejected in the House of Lords.
    1806: U.S. President Thomas Jefferson
    in a message to Congress calls for criminalizing the international
    slave trade, asking Congress to “withdraw the citizens of the United
    States from all further participation in those violations of human
    rights … which the morality, the reputation, and the best of our country
    have long been eager to proscribe.”
    1807, 2 March: Jefferson signs the Act Prohibiting Importation of Slaves into law in the U.S. which took effect 1 January 1808.
    1807, 25 March: Abolition of the Slave Trade Act abolishes slave trading in British Empire. Captains fined £120 per slave transported.
    1807: 22 July: The constitution of the Duchy of Warsaw abolishes serfdom
    1807: The British begin patrols of African coast to arrest slaving vessels. The West Africa Squadron (Royal Navy) is established to suppress slave trading; by 1865, nearly 150,000 people freed by anti-slavery operations[32]
    1807: Abolition of serfdom in Prussia through the Stein-Hardenberg Reforms.
    1807: In the U.S. Northwest Territory (present-day Michigan), Territorial Justice Augustus Woodward denies the return of two slaves owned by a man in Windsor, Upper Canada (present day Ontario). Woodward declares that any man “coming into this Territory is by law of the land a freeman.”[33]
    1808: In the United States, Act Prohibiting Importation of Slaves takes effect 1 Jan.[34]
    1810: In Mexico, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla declares slavery abolished. In the following years, during the Mexican War of Independence, gradually comprehensive steps will end slavery in the new country.
    1811: Slave trading made a felony in the British Empire punishable by transportation for British subjects and foreigners.
    1811: Spain abolishes slavery at home and in all colonies except Cuba,[19] Puerto Rico, and Santo Domingo
    1811: The First National Congress of Chile approves a proposal
    drafted by Manuel de Salas that declares the Freedom of wombs, which
    sets free the sons of slaves born on Chilean territory, no matter the
    conditions of the parents; it prohibited the slave trade and recognized
    as freedmen those who, passing in transit through Chilean territory,
    stayed there for six months.
    1813: Mexico abolishes slavery in the documents Sentimientos de la Nación, by insurgent leader José María Morelos y Pavón
    1813: In Argentina, the Law of Wombs
    was passed on 2 February, by the Assembly of Year XIII. The law stated
    that those born after 31 January 1813 would be granted freedom when
    contracting matrimony, or on their 16th birthday for women and 20th for
    men, and upon their manumission would be given land and tools to work
    it. In 1853, slavery was completely abolished.
    1814: Uruguay, before its independence, declares all those born of slaves in their territories are free from that day forward.
    1814: The Netherlands outlaws slave trade.
    1815: British pay Portugal £750,000 to cease their trade north of the Equator[35]
    1815: Congress of Vienna. Eight victorious powers declared their opposition to slavery
    1816: Serfdom abolished in Estonia.
    1817: Serfdom abolished in Courland.
    1817: Spain paid £400,000 by British to cease trade to Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Santo Domingo[35]
    1817: New York State sets a date of 4 July 1827 to free all its slaves.[36]
    1818: Treaty between Britain and Spain to abolish slave trade[37]
    1818: Treaty between Britain and Portugal to abolish slave trade.[37]
    1818: France abolishes slave trading.
    1818: Treaty between Britain and the Netherlands taking additional measures to enforce the 1814 ban on slave trading[37]
    1819: Serfdom abolished in Livonia.
    1819: Upper Canada: Attorney-General John Robinson declares all black residents of Canada free.
    1820: Mexico formally abolishes slavery with the Plan of Iguala, proposed by Agustín de Iturbide and ratified the following year by him and the Viceroy, Juan O’Donojú.
    1820: Compromise of 1820 in U.S. prohibits slavery north of a line (36°30′).
    1820: Indiana supreme court in Polly v. Lasselle orders almost all slaves in the state to be freed.
    1821: Gran Colombia (Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama) declares free the sons and daughters born to slave mothers, sets up program for compensated emancipation[38]
    1822: Liberia founded by American Colonization Society (USA) as a colony for emancipated slaves.
    1822: Greece abolishes slavery
    1823: Chile abolishes slavery[21]
    1824: Mexico’s new Constitution (1824 Constitution of Mexico) effectively frees existing slaves.
    1824: The Federal Republic of Central America abolishes slavery.
    1825: Uruguay declares independence from Brazil and prohibits the traffic of slaves from foreign countries.
    1827: Treaty between Britain and Sweden to abolish slave trade[37]
    1828: New York State abolishes slavery. Children born between 1799
    and 1827 are indentured until age 25 (females) or age 28 (males).[39]
    1829: Last slaves are freed in Mexico.[21]
    1830: Mexican president Anastasio Bustamante orders the abolition of slavery to be implemented also in Mexican Texas. To circumvent the law, many Anglo colonists convert their slaves into “indentured servants for life”.
    1830: The first Constitution of Uruguay declares the abolition of slavery.
    1831: Bolivia abolishes slavery[21]
    1834: The British Slavery Abolition Act comes into force, abolishing slavery throughout most of the British Empire.
    Legally frees 700,000 in West Indies, 20,000 in Mauritius, 40,000 in
    South Africa. The exceptions, territories controlled by the East India Company and Ceylon, were liberated in 1843 when they became part of the British Empire.[40]
    1835: Serbia abolishes slavery[41] Although formally outlawed in 1835, slavery never existed in Serbia. During its occupation by the Ottoman Empire, however, male Serbian children were regularly taken to be trained as janissaries.
    1835: Treaty between Britain and France to abolish slave trade[37]
    1835: Treaty between Britain and Denmark to abolish slave trade[37]
    1836: Portugal abolishes transatlantic slave trade
    1836: Republic of Texas is established. Slavery is made legal again.
    1836 (December) – Viscount Sa da Bandeira, prime minister, prohibits
    the import and export of slaves from the Portuguese colonies south of
    the Equator.
    1838, 1 August: Enslaved men, women and children in the British
    Empire finally became free after a period of forced apprenticeship
    following the passing of the Slavery Abolition Act in 1833
    1839: British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society founded, now called Anti-Slavery International
    1839: Indian indenture system made illegal (reversed in 1842)
    1840: Treaty between Britain and Venezuela to abolish slave trade;[37] the first World Anti-Slavery Convention meets in London.
    1841: Quintuple Treaty is signed; Britain, France, Russia, Prussia, and Austria agree to suppress slave trade[21]
    1842: Treaty between Britain and Portugal to extend the enforcement
    of the ban on slave trade to Portuguese ships sailing south of the
    1843: East India Company becomes increasingly controlled by Britain and abolishes slavery in India by the Indian Slavery Act V. of 1843.
    1843: Treaty between Britain and Uruguay to suppress slave trade[37]
    1843: Treaty between Britain and Mexico to suppress slave trade[37]
    1843: Treaty between Britain and Chile to suppress slave trade[37]
    1843: Treaty between Britain and Bolivia to abolish slave trade[37]
    1845: 36 British Royal Navy ships are assigned to the Anti-Slavery Squadron, making it one of the largest fleets in the world.
    1846: Persuaded by Britain the Bey of Tunisia outlawed the slave trade; the policy was reversed temporarily by his successor.[42]
    1847: Under British pressure the Ottoman Empire abolishes slave trade from Africa.[43]
    1847: Sweden abolishes slavery[44]
    1847: Slavery is abolished in Pennsylvania, thus freeing the last
    remaining slaves, those born before 1780 (fewer than 100 in 1840
    1848: Slavery abolished in all French and Danish colonies[21][44]
    1848: France founds Gabon for settlement of emancipated slaves.
    1848: Treaty between Britain and Muscat to suppress slave trade[37]
    1849: Treaty between Britain and Persian Gulf states to suppress slave trade[37]


    1850: In the United States, the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 requires return of escaped slaves
    1851: New Granada (Colombia) abolishes slavery[38]
    1852: The Hawaiian Kingdom abolishes kauwa system of serfdom.[46]
    1853: Argentina abolishes slavery when promulgating the 1853 Constitution
    1854: Peru abolishes slavery[21]
    1854: Venezuela abolishes slavery[21][38]
    1855: Moldavia partially abolishes slavery.[47]
    1856: Wallachia partially abolishes slavery.[47]
    1860: Indenture system abolished within British-occupied India.
    1861: Russia frees its serfs in the Emancipation reform of 1861.[48]
    1862: Treaty between United States and Britain for the suppression of the slave trade (African Slave Trade Treaty Act).[37]
    1862: Cuba abolishes slave trade[21]
    1863: Slavery abolished in Dutch colonies.[49]
    1863: In the United States, Abraham Lincoln signs the Emancipation Proclamation which declared slaves in Confederate-controlled areas to be freed. Most slaves in “border states” are freed by state action; separate law freed the slaves in Washington, D.C.
    1865: December: U.S. abolishes slavery with the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution; about 40,000 remaining slaves are affected.[50]
    1866: Slavery abolished in Indian Territory (now Oklahoma).[51]
    1869 (February, 27th) – Portugal: King Louis signs a decree of the
    government, chaired by the Marquis Sá da Bandeira, abolishing slavery in all Portuguese territories.
    1869: Portugal abolishes slavery in the African colonies
    1871: Brazil Rio Branco Law declares free the sons and daughters born to slave mothers after 28 September 1871.[52]
    1873: Slavery abolished in Puerto Rico
    1873: Treaty between Britain and Zanzibar and Madagascar to suppress slave trade[37]
    1874: Britain abolishes slavery in the Gold Coast (now Ghana), following its annexation in 1874.[53]
    1882: Ottoman firman abolishes all forms of slavery, white or black.[54]
    1885: Brazil passes Sexagenarian Law freeing all slaves over the age of 60.
    1886: Slavery abolished in Cuba[21]
    1888: May, 13th Brazil passes Golden Law, abolishing slavery without indemnities to slaveowners or aid to newly freed slaves.[55]
    1890: Brussels Conference Act
    – a collection of anti-slavery measures to put an end to the slave
    trade on land and sea especially in the Congo Basin, the Ottoman Empire
    and the East African coast
    1894: Korea officially abolishes slavery, but it survives in practice until 1930.[56]
    1896: France abolishes slavery in Madagascar
    1897: Zanzibar abolishes slavery[57] following its becoming a British protectorate
    1899: France abolishes slavery in Ndzuwani


    1902: Ethiopian Empire abolishes slavery (though it was not legally and officially abolished by Emperor Haile Selassie until 1942).
    1906: China formally abolishes slavery effective 31 January 1910,
    when all adult slaves were converted into hired labourers and the young
    were freed upon reaching age 25.[18]
    1912: Siam (Thailand), formally abolishes all slavery. The act of
    selling a person into slavery was abolished in 1897 but slavery itself
    was not outlawed at that time.[58]
    1921: Nepal abolishes slavery.[59][60]
    1922: Morocco abolishes slavery.[61]
    1923: Afghanistan abolishes slavery.[62]
    1924: Iraq abolishes slavery.
    1924: League of Nations Temporary Slavery Commission
    1926, 25 September: Convention to Suppress the Slave Trade and Slavery bound all signatories to end slavery.
    1928: Iran abolishes slavery.[63]
    1928: Domestic slavery practised by local African elites abolished in Sierra Leone.[64]
    Though established as a place for freed slaves, a study found practices
    of domestic slavery still widespread in rural areas in the 1970s.
    1935: Italian General Emilio De Bono proclaims slavery to be abolished in the Ethiopian Empire.[65]
    1936: Britain abolishes slavery in Northern Nigeria.[66]
    1945: In the aftermath of the defeat of Nazi Germany and Japan, workcamps for slave labor were closed by the liberators.
    1946: Fritz Sauckel, procurer of slave labor for Nazi Germany, is convicted at the Nuremberg trials and executed as a war criminal.
    1948: UN Article 4 of the Declaration of Human Rights bans slavery globally.[67]
    1952: Qatar abolishes slavery.
    1958: Bhutan abolishes slavery.
    1960: Niger abolishes slavery (though it was not made illegal until 2003).[68]
    1962: Saudi Arabia abolishes slavery.
    1962: Yemen abolishes slavery.
    1963: United Arab Emirates abolishes slavery.
    1970: Oman abolishes slavery.
    1981: Mauritania abolishes slavery.[69][70][71]
    2003 Niger makes slavery a crime.[72]
    2007: Mauritania makes slavery a crime.[73]
    While now officially illegal in all nations, slavery or practices akin to it continue today in many countries throughout the world.

  • Anna Tree

    Again from wiki:

    Slavery in Mali existed in many of the different ethnic groups of Pre-Imperial Mali before the Muslim conquest. Slavery increased in importance with the Arab slave trade across the Sahara during the Middle Ages. Following the collapse of the Mali Empire (c. 1600 AD), slave raiding increased and the slave trade became a key part of the economy in the Tuareg, Mandé, and Fula communities which would eventually be the major ethnic groups in the country of Mali.

    When the area came under French colonial control in 1890, as French Sudan, the French authorities formally abolished slavery in 1905.

    Despite this declaration, traditional patterns of servitude persisted. Although some slaves left their positions of servitude following the declaration of 1905, many remained and in much of the country, slavery continued more or less unimpeded. With the political opening of the creation of the French Fourth Republic in 1946, large number of slaves left their positions and the slavery issue became a key political issue for the Sudanese Union – African Democratic Rally (US-RDA) party.

    Compared to other countries in the region, Mali thus presents a case of relatively late emancipation for slave populations.[1] When the Republic of Mali achieved independence in 1960 under the government of the US-RDA, the government tried to further undermine the institution of slavery but efforts were largely stalled when the military dictatorship of Moussa Traoré took over the country from 1968 until 1991. Therefore, slavery still persists in Mali today with as many as 200,000 people held in direct
    servitude to a master. Since 2006, a movement called Temedt has
    been active in the country struggling against the persistence of slavery and the discrimination associated with ex-slaves.

    With the Tuareg Rebellion of 2012, the anti-slavery organization Temedt reported that the first people punished under the sharia
    system implemented were former slaves and some Tuareg families used the chaos to recapture slaves which had resisted in recent years.[25][32]

  • Brian

    There is a well known fact that the African-American community here in
    the United States of America is still suffering from the traumatic
    syndrome of slavery
    Sure, Shabazz. But…how do you explain the even greater violence and dysfunction of their cousins back in Africa, most of whose ancestors weren’t enslaved?

  • hionthemountain

    Everybody knows what’s going on, but
    nobody has solutions.