GOP 2014 Strategy: Attract Minority Votes, Reinforce Red State Strongholds

Katie McHugh, Daily Caller, December 13, 2013

Republicans plan to target Hispanics and other minorities for votes while building stronger state parties to turn swing states red, The Daily Caller has learned.

GOP operatives and political staffers gathered in Washington, D.C. from Monday to Wednesday for the Republican National Committee’s political staff training conference, “The New GOP Model For Campaigns,” to hash out a winning strategy for the upcoming elections. The GOP plans to entrench grassroots organizers in Democratic-leaning communities to cultivate support from blacks and Hispanics and buttress red state strongholds, which are key to not only maintaining a majority in the House, but retaking the Senate and presidency as well.

RNC Political Director Chris McNulty touted New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s recent re-election victory as a path forward for other Republicans: Christie held onto the governorship in a blue state thanks in part to inclusive campaign messaging, a strong “ground game” and bilingual phone banking.

Future Republican victories hinge on capturing the growing minority vote, McNulty said, according to a Daily Caller source at the conference.

“Minority engagement is the front line in the [fight for the] House of Representatives,” McNulty said. “We will know we’ve made it when we can elect Susana Martinez and a white Anglo guy anywhere.”

“We can have a transformative candidate,” he continued, but Democrats will hold the upper hand if the GOP does not “conduct outreach to minorities.”

McNulty’s predecessor and senior adviser to Christie Mike DuHaime also praised the power of bilingual messaging.


The GOP must invest in minority communities for long-term electoral success, according to DuHaime, noting that in 1900, Republicans handed out flyers in Chicago, Ill. in over 100 languages to reach out to new immigrants.

“We need to be at the forefront of this again,” he said, encouraging activists to “engage with people we normally wouldn’t think we would associate with” and go where “you’re not comfortable.”

An audience member said that every future GOP campaign should “always have a minority on the ticket,” according to TheDC’s source. DuHaime agreed, later pointing to New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez as an example of a model leader.

RNC Chief of Staff Mike Shields emphasized the need for strong, consistent feedback from GOP field representatives shaping Republican messaging to blacks and Hispanics.

The party, Shields said, “needs to have a realistic outlook on the coming demographic changes” and must learn to “listen” to growing Democratic-leaning constituencies.

Former Speaker of the House and 2012 presidential contender New Gingrich gave a more blunt assessment: The GOP “has no idea what [it’s] doing.”

The GOP is ”trying to build a coalition that can be a growing force for a long time” and must learn to “manage diversity,” Gingrich explained.


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  • D.B. Cooper

    You need to send McNulty to the unemployment line, ASAP! If you keep voting for these sell out liberals, then you are just as stupid as the liberal democrats you all keep making fun of.

    • Oil Can Harry

      If you want to register a protest vote you can pull the lever for a conservative third party like the Constitution Party.

      But please don’t support the Demon-crats; every time they win it convinces the GOP to turn even more p.c.

      • Jackryanvb

        Avoid these old loser “Constitutionalists” like you would the plague. The US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are race denying fantasy land documents composed by Free Masons, it’s just a small sane step up from French Revolution anarchy.

        HIV+ Haitians, Islamic extremist terrorists from Yemen – listen to these Ron and Rand Paul Constitutionalist loons and they will have us nodding our heads that these destroyers have full Constitutional American rights, free to choose including 2nd Amendment gun rights.

      • AutomaticSlim

        100% agree.
        Vote libertarian, America First, Constitution.
        Anything but the democrats.

        D.B. Cooper, did you vote for Obama?

        • D.B. Cooper

          No, I did not vote for Obama. I let myself get fooled YET AGAIN by another sissy republican. I didn’t learn my lesson when I voted for McCain, and I didn’t learn it when I voted for Romney either.

          You know that saying, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice, and I am the fool.”

      • Jackryanvb

        Constitutionalist Party, Libertarian Arty, Constitutionalist fundamentalists, Libertarian Fundamentalists true believers, these are race denying cults.

        We’re in brutal race wars that we’re losing. Our enemies fight for their side, fight to destroy our people.

        So please tell me why is it so hard for you and your kind to fight for our side? Why is it hard for you to think and act for “us” for “our people” to think and act as “we”?

        Why do you insist on promoting these race denying internationalist cults like Libertarianism or some Constitution that doesn’t protect “us”?


        • Oil Can Harry

          Wow, what an emotional rant.

          You kinda missed my point. I didn’t “promote” the Libertarian or Constitution parties; I merely opined that if D. B. Cooper wants to register a protest vote he’d do better to pull the lever for a third party rather than for the unspeakably vile Democrats.

          • Jackryanvb

            We’ve had well over 60 years of political failure in White American politics. Europeans have organized effective, popular nationalist, populist parties that compete to win and win. America. whites have wasted this same period…

            Fighting the Russians (yep, Reagan loon Conservatives wasted the 80s fighting our kinsmen the Russians, arming Muslim mountain terrorist scum in Pakistan and Afghanistan, same ones we’re now fighting – how stupid was that)

            Or else our side wasted 30 years on endless Ron Paul/Rand Paul Libertarian Constitutionalist campaigns – pandering to the non Whites who would never go for this cult in 6 million years.

            Please do not hang out on Amren promoting same old, same old race denying Libertarian Constitutionalist 3rd Party Presidential campaigns.. It’s been done over and over, it always fails. It’s losing. Consider trying to win something, anything.

            Look at international boxing, Whites have dominated boxing for over ten years. Whites win. We don’t enter pathetic old Libertarian Constitutionalists like Ron Paul in these race war boxing matches. Why? Because old, same old, same old Libertarian Constitutionalists like Ron Paul will always lose in a high level boxing match. It’s the same with national politics. Don’t try to lose.

            Understand? Try to win something or be competitive. Don’t embrace losing.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Every time a vote is cast for a democrat, a demon gets their horns.

      • D.B. Cooper

        …And what are YOU going to do, elect that that (I am really, really, fighting the urge to chuck my fist through the TV screen just by looking at that McNulty. “We will know we’ve made it when we can elect Susana Martinez and a white Anglo guy anywhere.”

        Here’s your 2016 GOP Vice President candidate. I just thought you would like to know what the person you will vote for looks like.

        Straight from her Wiki site: In 1995, Martinez changed her membership from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party.

        THAT is what McNulty endorses?

        • Katherine McChesney

          I don’t trust her. Especially after she made the statement that “obama loves this country’ at Red Rocks when she was supposed to be speaking on behalf of Romney.

          • ms_anthro

            She looks absolutely crazy.

          • Greg Thomas

            Don’t trust any hispanic (especially a mexican) in politics. Eventually, their loyality to La Raza will get the best of them. It always does.

      • The Verdict of History

        “We need to be at the forefront of this again,” he said, encouraging activists to “engage with people we normally wouldn’t think we would associate with” and go where “you’re not comfortable.”
        Total loss of contact with reality.

        • Xerxes22

          Maybe he meant that they should go out and engage with working class Whites especially union members and senior citizens who are trying to scrape by on their pensions. Those are people whom the GOP is not comfortable with.

        • tlk244182

          Jared Taylor has painstakingly explained why that strategy wont work in his book White Identity.

      • Katherine McChesney


    • haroldcrews

      You may not be able to vote for every good candidate but you can support them through making a campaign contribution. If you do make sure you tell them why you’re making it.

  • The second part will happen, just because of ObamaDontCare.

    The first part. Well, it’ll be a big flop, and the Stupid Party will be at a loss for an explanation.

    • D.B. Cooper

      I can already hear their explanation, “We just didn’t reach out to minorities as hard as we could’ve.”

  • Ragehol .

    The GOP must be getting paid to take a dive. If they got 80 percent White turnout, which is 80 percent of the electorate, every non-White person could vote TWICE in a presidential election and it wouldn’t matter.

    The GOP sold us out for the C-A-S-H. The past 5 full decades have been an unmitigated
    disaster for White people and the GOP must shoulder blame.

    Abandon that loser party, for the sweet love of the White race.
    What sort of masochist would want to be associated with these Israel First, Bank Account Second, White Man Last losers?

    • haroldcrews

      You are correct. The GOP voted for the Civil Rights Act at significantly higher percentages than the Democrat Party did.

      • JohnEngelman

        The GOP also voted for the Immigration Reform Act of 1965 and NAFTA at higher percentages than the Democratic Party did. This is because the GOP wants to make it possible for employers to import cheap labor while exporting good jobs.

    • D.B. Cooper

      I keep telling you people. You can’t get down to business until you get rid of the cancer within the Republican party itself.

      • Ragehol .

        Ditch the whole thing. We need something like Golden Dawn. The next 20 years could be ours if we’d be “extremist.”

        Or, you know, you could continue to vote for bought and paid multimillionaires who haven’t cared about the White man in more than 50 years.

        • Jackryanvb

          Start doing some of the effective non violent actions of Golden Dawn – nationalist based food charities for elderly White Americans.

      • maxsnafu

        The Republican party *is* the cancer itself.

      • Sick of it

        The cancer cells have been identified, but folks don’t want to listen to the diagnosis.

  • Biff_Maliboo


    *dusts hands*

    that’s that problem solved. Onward to victory!

  • Dave4088

    In order to win blacks and latinos the Republicans will have to become minority worshipping Democrats which they seem very willing to do. I’m still waiting for the Grand Ol’ Stupid Party (GOSP) to start a white majority outreach campaign.

    Given rumblings of a looming Republican amnesty, I’ve resigned never to vote Republican again.

    • JohnEngelman

      The Republican Party exists in order to advance the economic interests of the richest ten percent of the country. Keep that in mind, and you will never be surprised by what Republican politicians do once they are elected. I hope you will be angered, but you will never be surprised.

      • Dave4088

        But the black & brown worshipping Democrats, who govern for welfare parasites and non-white race lobbies, are definitely not the answer.

        • WR_the_realist

          Yup, you’re both right.

    • Jackryanvb

      Don’t give in. Our enemy always says mass amnesty and open borders is inevitable, just around the corner. We have beaten back about 8 of these horrors. We have to put out the counter meme that violent revolution is right around the corner, traitors will swing from ropes.

  • Spartacus

    Both parties are the same deep down, it’s just that the rebloodican one fakes it a little. Get rid of them, and start your own secessionist movement.

  • bigone4u

    As the Republicans become the Republicrats, white America will either fish or cut bait. Either a populist nationalist party that puts white interests first arises or we watch outselves being slowly ground into dust. The choice is ours, to make history or become the lost people of history.

  • After carefully reading this “strategy”, I must conclude that the GOP intends to let the Democrats keep the Senate and are hoping they will lose the House into the bargain.

    • Today we have the left wing of the Statist Party (Democrats) and the right wing of the Statist Party (Republicans not counting Tea Party conservatives.) They disagree only about the rate of growth of government and the rate of increase of the national debt.

      I don’t believe that the USA as we know it can be saved. However, if it is to be saved then only a third party can do it.

  • Hal K

    White identity politics is the farthest thing from their minds. Never mind the fact that nonwhites already have it.

  • Rhialto

    Notice that Mcnulty does not deal in any issues, only winning elections. He does not want the Repub candidates to stand for more immigration or less immigration; more diversity programs or less, more FedGov economic controls or less. So his strategy is for Repub candidates to say what ever will gain votes with the Diverse-Americans, and hope enough desperate or foolish White men continue to vote for Republican to squeak by. Nothing new here; this has been the Repub strategy for many decades.

    Give the Democrat party credit; it stands for something: Liberallsm. That’s what the Dems say they’ll work for when elected, and when elected that’s what they work for.

  • DonReynolds

    If the GOP slugs want to go where they are not comfortable…..that would probably be anywhere their base lives. You know, neighborhoods with middle and working class white married people. Those are the people whose votes the GOP MUST HAVE and the ones that they fear the most. Why do you suppose that is true?

  • willbest

    The GOP could reclaim the entire midwest (save IL) if it would only be willing to go after white voters. But apparently its only racist if the racial group you are courting is whites.

  • John K

    They’ll never win with that strategy, minorities always vote Democrat. They’ll eventually lose the red states, with liberals flooding them with their numbers. And as we all know, blacks vote for the candidate that will get them plenty of handouts and a free ride for life.

    America will be one of many white countries that will inevitably fall because gullible whites welcomed minorities, specifically blacks, and their cultures to be part of their communities. The whites of early 20th century America weren’t racist, they simply knew how to deal with the black heathens to preserve their communities.

  • M&S

    We bring this on ourselves.
    Your typical Conservative knows that to be labeled Racist is to essentially be radicalized and lose all contacts with which he does business and retains standing in the community until he ‘repents’ and is forced to becomes overtly liberal so that ‘white family’ says nothing lest they end up worse than before.
    And Republicans, seeing that this is the case, do not extend a hand and say: “Do you want us to stop immigration?” Or even “What do you want us to do, oh White Majority?”
    They say: “We are all about giving a path to legalization for immigrants and righting the wrongs done to blacks!” And dare any white to say otherwise.
    See how sweet it is? The Democrats have Whites fearing to be labeled Racist refusing to join together as a unified whole to save our race.
    What we -all- fail to recognize is that whites who are not willing to stand together in their homelands have no place else to go. African and Hispanic countries are no less politically or environmentally hostile. And so we have to face up to the reality of being genetically blended out as our white daughters see no difference in the poverty they live in with us and the poverty they would share with blacks or Hispanics ‘but without the reality of being a racist’. As social status.
    At present TFRs we _will_ be blended out and/or annihilated in less than a century. It just doesn’t take that long before minority status confers instant and permanent demonization: see the Jews.
    Of course it’s about race.
    The Tea Party /failed/ because they failed to reach out to whites and say: “Don’t be ashamed of asking a fellow Tea Partier for help because we know you love your race! Here you have friends, here you can say the truth, here we are in the business of _helping whites to keep hold of their country_.”
    Until someone can dare to do this in a Big Way that bypasses the censorship conditions (i.e. get money behind them that wants to live in a white society and can get printing done on a massive scale to support it) to create a splash presence across the nation with at least 50 million registered members, we will never get anywhere because the whole deal is not about dominance of one race over another, it’s about riding the nation into the ground until there is no national racial power base at all left.
    Don’t you see? Between WWI and WWII we ditched the European Colonial powers. With the Cold War it was Russia’s turn to fail. Now it is the U.S. which is on the block. And then it will be OWG.
    We can stop this, but one way or another, we have to stand as a people with an exclusively controlled homeland of our own. It is the inability to get past national controls over WMD and popular belief in people as genelines _who have a right to compete to exculsion_ for that evolutionary genetic algorithm that keeps a Corporate Communist World Order from becoming the rule of the day.
    A Land and The People who dominate it’s inhabitancy, together. Or not at all.

  • Jackryanvb

    Stress law and order. Nobody likes wilding groups of rapists, nobody likes Islamic terrorists let in to the country on student visas, here’s a winning issue for GOP conservatives:

    Extremely wealthy Liberal Leftists who exploit American workers ie induce college grads to accept voluntary servitude – slavery in the form of unpaid internships.

    &$&@ this libertarian worship “the market” – have a white Teamsters Union officials organize interns working for Mark Zuckerberg, Bill GATES, Oprah, the New Republic, Salon, or just Congressional Libs.

  • WR_the_realist

    I wish Republicans could find some way to appeal to Hispanics other than by offering them a big illegal alien amnesty. As it is, any time Republicans try to broaden their base they do so by acting like Democrats. When they do that, people figure they may as well vote for the real thing.

    • I could stay home and get drunk instead of voting at all. I used to be a single-issue voter and that was gun rights. While my gun rights are in the toilet, perhaps forever, I still vote that way, because your rights in this respect matter to me. From the GOP, I don’t want to hear about JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEzus. I vote for the man or woman and not the party.

      • Rhialto

        I lived next door to a gun hater, who claimed her large dogs were all the protection she needed. I pointed out that two #4 gauge shotgun blasts would turn her canines into micro-shreds.

        More important, the fact that the rural area that we lived in was a haven for “gun nuts”, was a great dissuader against random push ins or break ins when the owner was at home. The odds of thugs encountering cowering Feminists with Stockholm syndrome were much less than encountering armed women with itchy trigger fingers.

        She responded that the real problems were Racism and economic Inequities.

        • Tell your former neighbor that the police carry guns for their protection, not hers. (But why do they need them at all?, she asks.)

          Remind her that when a feral black robber/rapist/murderer is climbing through her window, all she has to do is wait till he’s finished and then dial 911 — the police will be only a few minutes away.

          • I built my coilgun for the express purpose of wasting anyone who comes in, especially the police. They are expressly disallowed to be “neutral”.

        • I live in a very white neighborhood in white city in a CCW state. Honest people with guns -or coilguns and crossbows – in their homes make it less likely that the old gal next door will be home-invaded.

          Ariadne and I went out to lunch on Thursday with a retired Green Beret sergeant friend. He carries all the time except on base and in airports, post offices, etc, though he probably doesn’t need to; his biceps are as thick as my thighs, and at age 77, he still goes skydiving.

          He’s very annoyed at the “Invader-Lobby” – as he describes them – in the GOP.

          There is no crime at all in his neighborhood.

      • Sick of it

        The term Pharisee can be applied to that kind of person. I don’t do loud public prayers to get attention (or complain about how fasting affects me), as that is the complete opposite of what we were told to do.

        • I am agnostic. I utterly believe that everyone should have a right to their own love of God or just their own existence. I have no idea whether there is a Heaven, but I have seen the smoking door to Hell wide open. One of my former friends went in there, and Robert Rowe is still there. That guy did everything wrong.

          My own religion was once in my shooting, but is now in my work.

  • MBlanc46

    I think that this is largely window dressing, on the order of kissing babies. It might annoy more people than it attracts to the Party, but I doubt that anyone who matters is wasting much time on it.

  • Paleoconn

    The Repulsican party must be destroyed. They are slaves to Bloomberg, the Koch bros (to be pronounced Cotch like Ed Koch, not Cook), Zuckerberg, Adelson, Tyson foods.

    We must vote Dem until the Repugs are dead as a doornail. Meantime, we must found a new Party for Patriots.

  • Paleoconn

    JFK would be to the right of any of today’s Repulsicans. AuH2O was to the right of JFK.

  • Strike_Team

    The people “advising” Republicans do this, the people behind this “tactic” are the same people who wrote the Immigration Act of 1965 among other anti-white legislation. They know it’s a no-win for Republicans. Yet so many white people have been brainwashed into just having to show themselves as not being racist, brainwashed into wanting to be liked by non-whites, into caring whether or not non-whites like this, they fall all over themselves trying to gain non-white approval.

    Non-whites don’t give a rat’s tail what whites think about them. Whites as a group need to redevelop that attitude.

  • Only a third party — a true conservative party — stands a chance of success. If that party is headed up by a clear-thinking communicator like Sara Palin, who can explain to jobless blacks and Hispanics exactly why they are jobless and then give them and the Silent Majority some real hope, then it might — might — win.

    Absent a successful third party the USA is clearly doomed. Can’t happen here? Of course it can. It’s happening now but just maybe we’re not already past the tipping point. We’re certainly going to find out. Otherwise, I predict true naked dictatorship sometime during the 2020s.

    • Sara Palin is a nit-wit.

      • Perhaps you dislike her politics (and therefore mine), but she’s not a nitwit. She’s one of the few conservatives on the political scene who is capable of moving crowds with very few words, capable of explaining concepts in simple terms that anyone can understand. She’s also not a professional politician, which is a decided plus for me.

        • That’s great, but she should have tried out a job like city mayor, first. Her attempt to hijack the Tea Party movement made me distrust her. I don’t hate the gal, but she needs to stay in Alaska.

          • “… she should have tried out a job like city mayor, first.”

            She was mayor of Wasilla, after which she was the governor of the state. She took on the corruptocrats of both parties in AK.

            (There are twice as many people in Black Forest, CO as there are in Wasilla, AK but hey, it’s still the sixth largest city in the state.)

          • How many people are in Wasilla, and why was this Jesusoid accepted onto the GOP ticket?

            I don’t want to hear about JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEzus from anyone running for elected office, ever again.

            I want to hear about lower taxes and no gun control.

          • Wasilla is just under 8,000 people. Black Forest is around 13,000.

            Palin is for lower taxes, no gun control (Alaska has none), smaller government, fewer government regulations, greater personal liberty, free speech, blah blah blah, and yes — she’s outspokenly Christian but I’m not aware that she wants to impose it on anyone else.

            The GOP leadership realized its mistaken in choosing Palin as its 2008 VP candidate about thirty seconds after she began speaking for the first time on national TV. They cooperated in trying to find dirt on her but found none.

            Palin is the one candidate that the DemoPublicans on both sides of the aisle at all levels of government truly fear. If drafted she will run (or so she has said), and if she runs she just might bring it off. The statists know that if she does, their gravy train will be derailed.

            No candidate is perfect, not in their politics and not personally. But every other candidate I’m aware of is far, far worse and would be far less effective.

  • Sick of it

    Or simply America First.

  • I will attempt to give the GOP some advice here:

    Protect gun rights.

    Protect our right to work in our own country by deporting illegal aliens.

    Protect our finances; We shouldn’t have to worry about clothes for our own daughter while we are forced to feed and clothe N’DeShawntavious Washington and Marisol Herrera, so lower the taxes.

    If you can not or will not do these, we will.

    • They will not. Once you see this, what will you then do?

      • I haven’t worked a regular job to pay taxes for these (moderated) since March 2006. There’s no law that says I have to work, so I won’t. Ever.

  • tlk244182

    Plus their college transcripts and SAT scores.

  • tlk244182

    If we’re nice to the crocodile, maybe he’ll eat us last.

  • Greg Thomas

    They need to “die” and a new party emerge which will represent the interests of White Americans. If it’s ok for the democrats and now the GOP to openely represent the interests of minorities (which means hispanics), it should be good for Whites as well.
    Who is speaking for White Americans? Certainly not any of these traitors.

  • Greg Thomas

    That’s exactly what he is saying. It’s the usual threat we get from the left that the GOP must “evolve,” or face extinction. The open border La Razas love to repeat this ad nauseam.

  • newscomments70

    The GOP had an advantage with the epic failure of socialized medicine, and the impending threat of amnesty. They are foolishly squandering their advantage by alienating their supporters and pandering to groups that hate them. They will only lose more red states with their “brilliant” new plan.

  • realist

    how about capturing more white votes ? the republican party; dumb and dumber

  • Steve33

    All democrats have to do is target the red states of Ohio and Texas with minorities and they will win every presidential election

    • Jackryanvb

      We need to get back in Democrat politics and cause divisions, promote Mexicans over Blacks and extremist homosexuals -Conservatives have successfully done this in Southern California Blacks are no longer a factor, problem.

  • emiledurk16

    I wonder if Republicans will “reach out” to us when we’re the “minority”.

    They sicken me.

  • Jackryanvb

    Forget AR-15 gun fantasies. American patriots never use guns to hurt our enemies/traitors. Learn to use the effective weapons of the Left that have taken over college campuses, the tops of almost all tax exempt churches, think tanks.

    Identify, marginalize our enemies, traitors, promote our own, infiltrate, stay to the end of the meeting.

    Shout down these pandering fool, traitors. Don’t let these traitors live soft, easy, carefree life of golf and leisure, with happy immigrant slaves cutting their lawns and caring for their children. Maybe fund some Meztizo gangbangers to get to know pandering Libertarian Jack Kemp, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul outreach conservatives.

  • scutum

    I have a suggestion. The
    Republican establishment should do what their fellow collectivists in the
    Democratic Party do. Rent a large bus or a number of vans. Drive down to the
    local rescue mission with several cases of cigarettes and tell the locals that
    if they vote for Republican they will get a carton of cigarettes. Then load up
    the vans and take them to the local polling station. This was actually done by
    the Democrats in my city and by the time the authorities got wind of it, it was
    a fait-accompli and of course no one was ever prosecuted for this as both the city and county administrations are Democratic.
    I hope by now everyone on this site realizes that we have a one party system in this country and that BOTH parties are dominated by collectivists.