Statistics and Other Taboos

James Taranto, Wall Street Journal, December 12, 2013

When politicians and media people call for “a conversation about race,” one suspects that what they have in mind is an exchange so one-sided that it would be more lecture than conversation. A detailed confirmation of that suspicion comes from Jen Eyer, who is not from Charlotte but from Michigan. She is “statewide community engagement director for MLive Media Group,” which publishes a website for a consortium of midsize Wolverine State newspapers.

Eyer has a post–one of a series on what are termed HOT BUTTON ISSUES–titled “How to Discuss Racial Issues on MLive Without Violating the Community Rules.” It should be titled “How Not to Discuss Racial Issues . . .,” because it consists of a list of seven things to avoid:

1. Overt racism. . . . 2. Accusations of racism. . . . 3. Generalizations. . . . 4. Thread-jacking. . . . 5. False equivalence. . . . 6. Racial descriptions. . . . 7. Crime statistics.

We should preface our critique of Eyer’s rules by noting that this is not an issue of free speech. Every form of speech that MLive bans or discourages is protected by the First Amendment, but so is a private corporation’s right to exercise editorial control over its own website–and, of course, our right to criticize the manner in which it does so.

Some of the restrictions are reasonable. It’s hard to quarrel with the injunction against “overt racism,” which turns out to mean the use of racial slurs, “a one-strike violation” that results in immediate banning, according to Eyer. On the whole, however, the rules are designed to skew the conversation so as to favor what these days is called the “liberal” view of race.

An exception is No. 2, the discouragement of “accusations of racism.” Eyer sensibly adheres to what we’ve called the “hard” definition of racism as meaning (our paraphrase) a theory of racial supremacy or inferiority. Accusations of racism are seldom either accurate or constructive. “A better choice would be to say a comment is discriminatory,” Eyer says, though it seems to us the word she’s looking for is “prejudiced.”

But things begin to go wrong with the third item, “generalizations.” She gives two examples: “You can take the kid out of Detroit but you can’t take the Detroit out of the kid” and “It is NO coincidence that the vast majority of those incarcerated, are of African American descent. Their culture promotes this kind of ‘thuggish’ behavior.”

Eyer has a colorable argument that harsh generalizations about “black culture” are at best oversimplifications and “do not promote constructive dialogue.” But she doesn’t object to all generalizations. She says it’s fine to talk about “problems in society” that “contribute to crime–like poverty, lack of education, violent video games, or music.” The first in particular seems an invidious generalization about poor people, most of whom are law-abiding and many of whom are victimized by crime.

In addition, note that her only examples are of generalizations that are (explicitly or implicitly) at the expense of blacks. Academic and mainstream-media racial discourse is rife with invidious generalizations about whites (often formulated as “white males,” even when sex is irrelevant). {snip}


“False equivalence” is another one-sided objection. Eyer particularly dislikes the rhetorical question “Why is there no White History Month?” Fine, it’s a silly question, though it hardly seems an intolerable one. She continues: “More examples of false equivalence include ‘If this had been a white man attacking a black man . . .’ or ‘If a black woman had done this instead of a white woman . . .’ ” Such comments, she writes, ” tend to set off a stream of hypothetical replies that have nothing to do with the story at hand.”

It seems to us that hypotheticals of this sort are meant as an appeal to fairness, a challenge to consider how one’s own racial prejudices may be influencing one’s view–or, if directed to someone at a news organization, one’s coverage–of crimes and the like. And again, it goes both ways. Eyer’s examples are vague enough that one can’t quite tell, but from the overall tone of her post we doubt she’d object to a question like, “What if George Zimmerman had been black and Trayvon Martin had been white?” One need not agree with the assumptions embedded in that question to consider that it is worth thinking about.


Perhaps the worst of her no-nos is No. 6, “racial descriptions.” She explains that “commenters sometimes ask why racial descriptions of suspects are sometimes not given, even when they’re available from police.” After a brief discussion of the complexities of editorial judgment that go into the decision to include or withhold such descriptions, she concludes: “If a racial description is not included, commenters can assume that in the editor’s view, the information was not warranted in that case.”

That simply begs the question. Of course it’s an editorial judgment, and by definition it’s the editor’s to make. But if readers are not permitted to question the editors’ judgments, what’s the point of having a comments section at all?

Finally we come to “crime statistics.” We tweeted the post last night with the comment: “News website bans discussion of crime statistics in comments,” which prompted Eyer to respond: “That’s a gross mischaracterization.” We’ll concede it was a slight exaggeration, but Eyer made a concession of her own by posting a comment to her own post this morning acknowledging: “I have edited the portion above on crime statistics to clarify exactly what I’m talking about.” We didn’t save the original; the following quotes are from the edited version.

“We’ve seen an uptick in commenters posting FBI crime statistics in an attempt to paint the problem as one of race,” she writes. “Usually these crime statistics are not helpful to the discussion because they lack other details, such as socioeconomic status, that give context.” So we’re back to “poverty” as the cause of crime.

The overall thrust of Eyer’s rules is to ensure that discussions of race at MLive conform to the media stereotype of black victimization at the hands of white oppression. As is often true of stereotypes this one reflects a considerable degree of truth. Certainly it is the prevalent theme in the history of American race relations between colonial times and the mid-1960s.

But it comes nowhere near capturing the complexities of today’s society. For nearly half a century blacks have had recourse to a robust regime of protections against discrimination, not to mention remedial racial privileges under the banner of “affirmative action” and a vast network of antipoverty programs that seem only to have aggravated the problems of dependency and family breakdown. These days elite culture, including the news media, routinely vilify whites, especially “white males.”


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  • FWSauerteig

    What if truth were racist? That they try to ban factual racial descriptions and crime statistics indicates that indeed truth is racist. Liberals like Ms. Eyer respond by attempts to silence the truth.

    • So CAL Snowman

      The truth IS racist, that’s why it needs to be stifled at all costs.

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        I tell non-Whites and lefties this all the time; thinking you are better than someone else isn’t racism.

        • Olivia Bailey

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          ▉ ▉ ► ▉ ▉ ► ▉ ▉ ► ►❩ ► ▉ ▉ ►▉ ► ▉ ▉ ► ▉ ▉I notice in reading the MLive website, by the way, that Eyer is having a little trouble keeping things in hand there. It’s kind of funny.

        • Svigor

          This eyer and her ilk – they project weakness.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            They exalt weakness. They attempt to control language – they attempt thought control.

      • T_Losan

        Besides truth, other bigoted racists include life, standardized tests, pathogens, medicines, athletic events, and success.

      • muhdik

        It’s also anti-semitic

    • Oil Can Harry

      Ms Eyer’s rules (or at least this week’s version):

      You may not mention crime stats but you may theorize on what causes crime.

      You can’t blame crime on blacks having a thug culture but you may blame violent video games.

      You can report on local crimes but don’t mention the suspect’s race.

      • Anon

        The truth is three million times a year a gun is used to stop a violent crime in the US. That is the state of race relations and it bears zero resemblance to how it is portrayed ANYWHERE….both in what blacks are doing to whites and how whites are responding.

      • Homo_Occidentalis

        It’s funny how whenever a white (or “white enough”) suspect performs a school shooting the media immediately blames it on the shooter’s race, “dominant culture”, male gender, or whatever such nonsense.

        • John R

          I got bad news for the Cultural Marxists: Demographically, the half White, half Hispanic George Zimmermann probably represents the future true majority in America, not Trayvon Martin, not the Jews, and not the liberal WASPs.

          • Sick of it

            That’s good news for them. Dictators have been able to consistently control those people, as they don’t really care about freedom.

          • John R

            Neither do White people, anymore. Especially northern WASP types. They have lost their racial instincts. Go to any large gathering, and mention racial issues, and it is always the WASPs that attack you the most. Other Whites, like your ethnic types, Southerners, Italians, and “white” Hispanics, are more likely to support you. That was my point. Sometimes WASPs are even worse than Jews. At least Jews have enough of a Semitic tribal instinct left.

          • Katherine McChesney

            “Other Whites, like your ethnic types, Southerners, Italians, and “white” Hispanics, are more likely to support you.”

            Don’t kid yourself. I live in Nashville and the White Southerners are brainwashed. There are very few people I know who acknowledge the violence and failure of the black culture. A couple of White males in my apartment complex will admit they are a problem. The White stepfather of a friend of mind is from Memphis and he was delighted to know the true description – Race Realist – for his view of black criminals. His daughter acknowledges crime in Memphis black communities but calls her parents racists for speaking up about black racism. Of course she is a Vanderbilt student, therefore, she is brainwashed by the liberal professors.

          • John R

            Yes, sad to say, the disease of liberal multiculturalism is beginning to infect even the once proud White South.

      • GOD

        Feel free to send Jen Eyer your comments: [email protected]

    • sbuffalonative

      Hey Jen, why is my equivalency false while your equivalency is true?

      • Svigor

        This goes right to the heart of why I say liberalism/leftism is not an ideology, but a Narrative. If you examine liberalism from a race-realist perspective and search for contradictions (generally speaking, a search for reciprocity or lack thereof; ask yourself if they apply their values in a principled way, without regard for questions of “who-whom?”, or identity politics) you quickly realize that liberalism is made up of contradictions. That liberalism, insofar as it intersects with the question of identity, is not at all an ideology, but a playbook. In short, liberalism is identity politics.

        That is why liberalism must be a playbook, a Narrative, and not a set of principles, an ideology. That’s why a true primer of leftism can’t be succinct; it must be an encyclopedia-sized set explaining all the plays. It can’t just say “racism is wrong,” and leave it at that. It has to twist all of history to its purposes to explain away black/Jewish/whatever bigotry, and highlight white bigotry, et cetera.

        Searching for genuine principles within liberalism will not yield them. It’s all about the particulars, the “who-whom?”, the identity politics. Beyond identity politics, there are no genuine liberal principles.

        • John R

          Liberalism is more like a cult. Challenging a liberal is like telling a kid that Santa doesn’t exist. Of course it hurts them; we are striking down their entire worldview, upon which they have based their whole lives. No wonder they don’t want a real debate.

          • monster

            I read somewhere that cognitive dissonance is the national sport for liberals and that seems to be spot on.

        • SFLBIB

          “…liberalism is made up of contradictions.”

          I’ll go you one better. The Emperor’s New Clothes is the perfect metaphor for political correctness, which is the denial of truth that conflicts with ideology. That is why you get contradictions; and it was liberals who invented political correctness.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          It is a clever but inherently flawed sophist excuse scaffolding. Its self filtering mandarins in higher education Humanities and Social “Sciences” departments expend all of their less-than-impressive cognitive energy taping and stapling together the monstrous structure of lies and equivocations that is their ideology.

          But it’s build on shifting sands which make it far less sturdy than the façade leads one to believe. Kick out a few load bearing bricks at the base and the whole structure could collapse.

          The hard core liblefty race baiter with half a brain gets this. It’s what makes him especially vicious (and detestable).

    • GOD

      “These liberals…they’re actually sick people without a cure…”

      – Me

    • John R

      I love the part about not using crime statistics in the discussion on race. Let me get this: It is offensive to blacks, if you use an argument that is supported by actual facts? What? (Damn you! Not only do you have the NERVE to disagree with me, but you are actually SUPPORTING your argument objectively! ARGHHHH!!)

    • Anna Tree

      I think this Jen Eyer is shooting herself in the foot: most of her 7 things to avoid are revealing what she tries to hide, that is that race is a huge factor in the issues our society is confronting.

  • [Guest]

    Variations on this sort of policy are in place at a lot of news websites that include commentary sections where they welcome “the free exchange of ideas” … but then delete “racist” facts that reflect badly on the favored races.

    I notice in reading the MLive website, by the way, that Eyer is having a little trouble keeping things in hand there. It’s kind of funny.

    • Xerxes22

      Another little trick these news websites pull is when you click on the comments tab. It just doesn’t load, so you can’t make a comment. They try to pretend that it’s a technical problem. However this problem only seems to arise when the news story portrays any of their pets in an unfavorable light.

      • [Guest]

        I’ll have to keep an eye out for that one.

        Here’s another strategy: They upload a story. When several comments they don’t like appear quickly, they figure that the story has been linked on some website (such as American Renaissance) whose views they wish to suppress. So they remove the article and upload it again at a different URL, thus breaking the link.

        • Svigor

          Eventually web bots and other distributed IT will make that sort of low-rent tactic ineffective; software will hunt down the new page for users automatically.

        • Xerxes22

          Check Drudge. He has a story about an 18 year ok mullatto yoof who assaulted and raped a 70 year old nun. The link takes you to the CBS Pittsburgh page. When you hit the comments tab , it just doesn’t load.

    • Svigor

      I think the only thing worth discussing at tightly-controlled sites is their censorship policies; attack them for their authoritarian bent, their un-American opposition to free speech, their hatred for the open exchange of ideas.

  • Andy

    Huffington Post has recently made it harder for the non-PC to comment by requiring everyone link to a Facebook account and display the name from that account. If anyone has the time and initiative, it would be helpful to set up new Facebook accounts and keep the disliked comments coming. Huffington Post has been seeing its readership heading in a direction it doesn’t like. We should not simply allow it to silence us.

    • Anon

      Why bother? The discussions going on in the comments sections are faked. You can respond to them if you want but no one will see them after a few minutes as a bot erases them. Doesn’t matter what the actual content of your comment is. You could go on and on about how great Obama is. Or talk about how great a slave he might be picking cotton in your back yard. Both types of comments will never be read by anyone.

      • Andy

        I used to get responses quite frequently. However, recently even my comment on a sports article was delayed because of the “potentially sensitive nature of this topic”. I did keep getting some responses until the other day with the Facebook change.

  • Typical Snotty Liberal

    As a member of the SPLC, I am instructed to:

    A: Call all of you racists.
    B: Report you to the diversity police (that’s me!)
    C: Slap you with a lawsuit for not complying with my diversity.

    However, since Amren doesn’t talk about the Eskimo (oops, I mean Jewish, all of you are antisemites) issue, I will let you off with a warning this time. WATCH YOUR BACKS RACISTS!!!!

    • Marc Zuckurburg

      We need comprehensive immigration reform.

      Comprehensive immigration reform will raise wages and salaries, strengthen national security, prevent terrorism, enhance our domestic crime-fighting ability, ensure that we continue to encourage the best and brightest to partake of the American dream, enhance our competitiveness and our ability to innovate, and make America more prosperous.

      Make my immigration reform comprehensive, please!

    • Manaphy

      Yes. That is exaclty what you liberals believe. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

      • Homo_Occidentalis

        You can take some solace in the fact that liberals don’t pass their genes on as quickly as conservatives. Any ideology that is so anti-family isn’t long for this earth.

        • DudeWheresMyCountry?

          Yes and they tend to rent… I mean adopt African and Chinese babies as trophies so that will keep their gene replication even lower. I knew there was an upside to African and Chinese rentals, um adoptions.

        • sbuffalonative

          While white liberals are breeding themselves out of existence via abortion and feminism, their non-white replacements reproduce at far higher rates.

    • Ragehol .

      All I want for Christmas is for half my comments to not disappear. Hmm, maybe I should appeal to Hannukah with all the G-derators around here.

    • DonReynolds

      Yeah, that was me that gave you the first thumb down, on the off-chance that you may not be as cute as your picture (and live too far away) AND you may not be joking. Oh, and tell the clowns at the SPLC…..I am still here.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        I think it’s Spartacus or a similar minded type posting as a sock puppet, lol…
        A real snotty lib would be nastier.

    • Cold_Gravy

      Go and take up residence in the so-called Rainbow Nation. Let’s see how long you last there.

      And less of the abusive labels and negative stereotyping.

    • Paleoconn

      It is spelled $PLC

  • “If a racial description is not included, commenters can assume that in the editor’s view, the information was not warranted in that case.”

    If a racial description is not included, commenters can assume that the perp is black.

    • Cold_Gravy

      Same here in Britain. I have just , a few minutes ago, heard on Ingsock sorry the news regarding the murder of an ethnic girl that “…the police are looking for a White man….” Seems skin colour really does matter to the liberals otherwise they wouldn’t use negative stereotypes of Whites.

  • Ragehol .


    Put up or shut up. Let us talk about jews. Or don’t you have
    the balls to practice what you preach?

  • smedley

    Do you really need to mention race when discussing crime? D’Brickashaw was doin’ buzness down in da hood when some brothers capped him and an innocent victim, Mortimer Alistair Conners III.

  • David Ashton

    Same in England. The verbal and policy parallels do begin to suggest international co-ordination.

    • Katherine McChesney

      The New World Odor. The Elite….who would NEVER dare to live among blacks.

  • Pax Romana

    B.R.A. = Black Run America

    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” – Voltaire

    • Luca

      I’m going with J.R.A. and their astronomically disproportionate influence over banking, media, politics, academia, law and Hollywood.

    • Nathanwartooth

      Drop off the Voltaire and you are good to go. He didn’t say it, but it’s still a fun quote.

  • So CAL Snowman

    The more they censor and disallow comments the more they make it clear that they have an agenda and something to hide. TRUTH does not fear investigation.

    “The truth is like a lion, you do not have to defend it. Let is loose; it will defend itself.”
    -St. Augustine of Hippo

    • Triarius

      Agreed. Look at the difference in mainstream comment sections now and comapare them to even three or five years ago. When I first started coming to Amren the mainstream comment sections were all reading like Salon. Even the “great” Huffpo cannot stop the onslaught of facts on race. I honestly did not think I would see that, lol.

      • Svigor

        Yeah, I stopped really trying to fight the ban-delete monster years ago, but I’m still routinely surprised when I do go to these mainstream sites anymore. It might have to do with the increasing web-savvy and online involvement of the general public; maybe the sheer volume of commentary has made censorship that much less practical?

    • Cold_Gravy

      How very true So CAL Snowman. The truth does not fear investigation.

  • Garrett Brown

    Or just shut down the comment section completely (like CNN)

    • DonReynolds

      Hey…..and Fox News! WTF?

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I can never see any of Slate’s comment sections. It’s the only website I have that problem on. Not that I particularly want to comment there, but it’s a bit suspicious.

      I used to be able to see them, with this same computer, same browser, etc.

    • Svigor

      That’s a win, IMO; get the totalitarian-left portion of the media to shut down their comments sections and discard any pretense of concern with a conversation with the public, and leave those truly interested in the free exchange of ideas as the only game in town. This will draw eyeballs away from the MSM and toward the alternative media in droves.

    • Max Krakah

      Even FOX shut down it’s comment sections. I like to think I am responsible for that:)!

  • Ragehol .

    The taboo is pointing out that Jen Eyer isn’t White. Think about it.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    These White progressives will never understand that the very culture of giving Blacks a pass… not mentioning race, Blacks being perpetual victims, attacking any narrative that isn’t White man bad Black man oppressed… is the reason why much of this Black aggression and unaccountability exists. These fools avoid statistical truths and keep telling them they are being hurt by White people at every turn, and this is pouring gas on the trash bin of African tribal pathology. Is there a lefty anywhere that ever thinks about how their actions negatively affect everything?

  • sbuffalonative

    A comment from the original post:

    There is absolutely no reason to divulge a suspect’s race if it is one of a few useless identifiers. I mean, seriously? How does saying “it was a short white guy” narrow down the list of suspects? The same goes for *any* ethnicity.

    How’s that for liberal logic: ‘Race is a useless identifier and it doesn’t narrow down the list of suspects.’

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      Liberal pseudo-logic: ‘Race is a useless identifier if it negatively reflects on non-Whites. Race is a “Pearl Harbor Bombed” typeface headline if it negatively reflects on White males.

    • Triarius

      Here is an argument that will stop them dead in their tracks. Next time that comes up say that police should not describe the color of cars used in getaways because it could negatively affect all the other drivers of the same color that are law abiding citizens. It’s funny how dumb liberals are.

  • Rick Brooks

    Jen Eyer is white.
    Fit her with an ankle bracelet and force her to spend 6 month non-stop within the confines of the city of Detroit and then see if she’s still opposed to a frank discussion about the wildly disproportionate share of crimes committed by blacks.

    • Ragehol .

      Is that why she said her kid is jewish?

      • Max Krakah

        jews have been behind the whole set up in this country

        • Katherine McChesney

          Tavistock in London and the Rand Corporation….think tanks….making our lives miserable…one day at a time.

          • Max Krakah

            the cycle of their history will repeat itself. They were on top of things in Moorish Spain, and then…. They were the tax collectors in Tsarist Russia and the apratchiks in Eastern Europe and then….

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        Even if she’s Jewish, the suggestion is a sound one. If Jews had to spend time actually living around their beloved blacks, they might change their anti-white tune.

        • Cold_Gravy

          One way or another, I’m pretty damned sure they will be. The sooner the better.

        • Max Krakah

          uh, the one’s in Israel are quite vocal about their dislike of blacks.

          • GeneticsareDestiny

            Yes, they are sometimes. But I mean the ones in America defending black and Hispanic crime at the expense of whites.

      • GOD

        Why am I guessing her child/children don’t attend a majority black school?

      • Svigor

        Where does she say her kid is Jewish? I figured she’s Jewish (based on her surname, profession, and totalitarian leftist political leanings) but was unable to find anything with G**gle.

        • Ragehol .

          She has a blog on that Mlive thing called Neurotic Mom and she talks about her Japanese husband and “Jewish” kids.

      • Paleoconn

        Exactly, she’s a white Semite, unlike Rod Carew. Just like Zimmerman is a white hispanic.

    • Spartacus


    • Ragehol .

      One, that clearly has jewish features. 2, she’s a race mixer (japanese husband)
      and says she’s a jew on her blog.

      I’m sick of trying to the Name The Jew and having these Looks White To Me mopes.
      running interference and deleting useful comments.

      Wise up. This is another jew trying to shut White people up.

    • ms_anthro

      No, she isn’t.

    • Triarius

      Drop her off at Livernois and 6 Mile, she wouldn’t last 20 minutes. Not joking.

      • Svigor

        Cute bit of fluff like that wouldn’t last 20 minutes at any MLK boulevard in the country, lol.

    • c684570

      Jews aren’t White.

    • Guest

      Wow she is beautiful, very beautiful. However, her traitorous and suicidal liberal perspective on race allow her beauty to be vastly superseded by stupidity.

    • Talltrees

      Jen Eyer posts on MLive as Neurotic Mom. This is an excerpt from one of her posts regarding her daughter liking Cinderella.

      “I’m not thrilled to have my Japanese-Jewish child in thrall to those Aryan features.”

      This says everything we need to know about Jen Eyer.

  • Anon

    It’s gone waaaaaay beyond that. If you notice, on say, Yahoo news, if you leave a comment, of any type, and come back to the same article an hour later, it’s been deleted….no matter the content of either the article or the comments.

    What’s going on here is a manufactured discussion forum. When the article is released, it already has all the comments ghost written for it. People can and do add their own comments, including responding to others. And they will be there 15 minutes later. A half an hour later, a bot will erase them. The only comments that will be there will be the ones present when the article first appeared. In extreme examples, the same article might be reposted days, even months later. And the same, pre-written comments show up. New ones won’t “stick”.

    How about that.

    • sbuffalonative

      A few years back, The Buffalo News began deleting multiple threads. Comments were always well within the guidelines but facts got in the way.

      • shawnmer

        Jim Robinson at Free Republic was one of the worst, I thought. Until I discovered Red State. Those people are Komissars. Not just “racist’ sentiment but pretty much any dissent is bannable immediately.

    • Ronald


      Another trick US based social media and related sites are employing is to leave postings made by a writer visible to he only. To others, though, posts containing opinions that are not politically correct are not viewable. I recently made comments – that were apparently not approved by the regulators – on a US based media site. Something just didn’t seem right. I used a proxy server to view the site. Sure enough, my posts were invisible.

      As Edward Snowden recently made clear, US social media sites are able to stay in business because they act as eyes and ears for Government snoopers, much the same as any other business that is licensed by the Government to collect data from its own citizens.

  • sbuffalonative

    There is also the ‘ABUSE’ button on some websites. There is no appeal. Anyone three people (or one person using three accounts) can get anyone banned in a heartbeat.

    • Max Krakah

      wow, they must have real exciting boards. A lot of mealy mouthed people all agreeing to agree and relating the same thing over and over and over again.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    I throw the “liberals are the biggest racists because they assume every Black person is stupid and needs special treatment” argument out all the time. People like Jen Eyer want other people to deal with bad Black behavior while she lives in her ivory tower and pretends to be morally superior. Beyond the self loathing and self destructiveness of liberalism my biggest issue with these types is their absolute lack of intellectual integrity.

    • Svigor

      Yes, their utter lack of integrity is probably the worst part. One cannot be leftist, honest, curious, and intelligent at the same time. At most, one must pick three.

  • Daniel Schmuhl

    You know this isn’t just liberal sites. National Review Online banned me for listing hate facts a few years ago. Although one could reasonably argue that NRO is a liberal rag.

    • sbuffalonative

      After my fifth banning from FreeRepublic I stopped re-registering.

      • Max Krakah

        Never heard of either of those things

      • rebellisMMXII

        The FreeRepublic really went down the toilet when the purges started happening. I was purged and weaned myself off even reading anything there. Better person for it too. 🙂

    • ms_anthro

      Neocon Review Online and Neocon Republic aren’t exactly bastions of intellectual honesty or critical thinking. Deviate from the narrative and you’re gone.

  • bigone4u

    Victory! If WNs haven’t won the war, we and our racially aware, race realist cousins have won a huge battle. Changes in commenting policies at CNN and elsewhere aren’t a coincidence. We took over, woke up the average Joe and Jane, and they’re running scared. Let’s keep em on the run.

    • sbuffalonative

      One thing we can do is create shadow sites. Let’s say CNN is known to ban comments. You can start a site called ‘CNN Uncensored’ which links to CNN news stories and post excerpts; like AmRen but taylored to individual sites. Such sites would drive them mad with rage.

      • Lt_Greyman_NVA

        That is one hell of a good idea!

      • Svigor

        Yep, that’s another thing I’ve wanted to see for a long time.

        Or browsers which do something similar. Their comments sections would rapidly become more popular than the “real” thing.

    • Max Krakah

      I create so many accounts I must be taking up a lost os space somewhere on the web. If one goes a week without getting banned then I wonder what I am doing wrong. I have been surprised lately that some sites seem to be tiring of their efforts to enforce “niceness”. I used the “n” word for about three months on youtube a while back before that identity was banned. The only thing I can think is that people are becoming desensitized to it. Where they used to huff and get indignant and flag it, they now don’t care to bother.

      • baldowl

        Call us Legion, for we are many.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        Also, on websites as large as Youtube, it’s probably impossible to keep up with all the accounts publishing un-PC comments. They don’t only have we Amren-types to deal with; they’re also dealing with 12 year olds who think it’s edgy to use the n-word and regular adults who are just sick and tired of being told what they can and cannot say (not to mention blacks themselves, who love using the n-word).

        There’s too many groups posting un-PC thought nowadays to keep a lid on it all.

    • M&S

      The more the exception becomes the norm, the more the norm becomes what everyone wants to be no different from as a bully clique.
      If severe ‘moderation’ of sites becomes common enough, it will start to crop up in domain laws or blogger etiquette ‘rules of the road’ become all inclusive defamatory requirements lists of self policing as a function of contract with the ISP.
      Sites like AmRen will eventually have to pay huge premiums to say the truth and even more dangerous: find their material drying up as it becomes harder and harder to source stories and facts, online, which could cause The Agenda to look less than successful.
      What some of you folks are mistaking is that the Liberal gene pool will fail before our country ceases to be worth living in. It doesn’t matter who dies first our rights or their stupidity, if the place is a ruin, it’s over.
      They couldn’t achieve this in Congress but they can via commercial practices. And just like the MPAA/CARA system was ‘voluntary’ but eventually came down to who could show what kind of films or not have enough theaters to make a profit, the same exclusionary doctrine will be applied here.
      And when it has enough ‘success’, /then/ it will be shoved through into law as a condition of mass delusion having already Podded the People who participate in it.

      • tlk244182

        You make some very good points, but your grammar is terrible. It makes your comments hard to understand and annoying to read. I kept at it because I saw that you had something important to say, but not everyone is that patient. Learn to put a grammatically correct sentence together and you will be much more effective. Your insights are useless to us if you cant present them clearly.

      • Sick of it

        When people no longer have an outlet to vent their grievances, they will become more radical over time. People cannot mention race in the workplace. They cannot mention it at school. They don’t often know with whom they can carry such private conversations. They cannot mention it in many many comments sections (including letters to the editor in newspapers). These control freaks are becoming their own worst enemies.

        It’s becoming the same way re: homosexuality, Islam, immigration, etc.

        • M&S


          When people no longer have an outlet to vent their grievances, they will become more radical over time.

          Actually, no. If matters follow historical tradition as victimized group psychology, the tighter you pull the noose, the more people will try to conform. People will get sick of it when they have nothing left to lose but short of this, the more you crimp their style, the more they try to be good little victims and behave in a sufficiently abject fashion to hold onto whatever they have left.

          Racists like myself have a low threshold tolerance for stupidity as “Nope, that’s wrong!” false truisms and so we ‘notice’ things more readily and have the guts or the lack of station as good taste to call a crime rate and a drop out rate and a baby-mamma rate and a HUD/Welfare dependency rate for what they are:
          Feeding Failure.

          But most people live in a happy lala mental landscape condition where they worry about petty matters, if at all, and so only correlate things like lost SSI/pensions, higher taxes, forced medical care, and much tougher employment conditions when bad people such as myself point out that there is a correlate between having a criminal welfare society and not having a high tech, high employment, self supporting one.

          The reason why the liberals and the eskimos want us to shut thee heck up is because those of us who are smart enough to push pins in the egalitarian doll with a concentrated focus on things like Crime differentials, loving your own more is not the same as hating others and Limited Resource Allocation issues can wake the sleeping princesses up to the reality of WHO IS TAKING AWAY THEIR MONEY as much as the quality of the groups they are giving it to.

          And that’s a risk to these social minder’s power base (the herd wallet) they aren’t willing to allow as a function of outside rustles startling them into a stampede.

          Strip the ability to use logical arguments and you strip the power to incite worry from the fuzzy headed who then revert to simple “Prejudice is such a bad thing and I have so much, how can I be thinking such /evil thoughts/?!?!” of a less mentally taxing semi-cognitive empathy condition.

          The idea of someone actually living in such a guilt-for-a-banana enforced mindstate enrages me but it is something a lot of people can apparently abide with, just fine.

          Both the minders and the donators are ultimately deluded of course because economics will pull this nation down as a function of the brainless social agendas and rapine capitalism, regardless. But by then it will be animals fighting for the last boiled rat in the ruins of society. There will be violent rage aplenty but what will be left that is worth fighting over?
          Not. Much.

          “Western Civilization Is Dead, In Other News, The Sky Is Blue!”

  • Strike_Team

    Ms. Eyers with her almost childish grasp of reality is only following the orders of some of the higher ups running the show. She probably has no idea of the real hatred behind it, the hatred against whites, and is likely so brainwashed that there is no way it could register with her. Yet. But for now, ignorance is bliss. For her. The enemy always packages their hatred of whites as something moral, a point of view that’s intellectually superior, because of course only a stone age cretin would believe blacks have a genetically based tendency toward violent behavior and other silly ideas along those lines, dont ya’ know.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Her publisher gives her subject matter about what she is to write. It probably all leads to the CFR or to the Bilderbergers.

  • Oldcorporal

    An excellent article. I have fallen afoul of the politically correcters at the Salt Lake Tribune by using the word “Negro” in one post. I was warned that any more “racial terms” and I would be banned. But other posters on that website — a nest of bleeding-heart liberals in the most conservative state in the union — routinely refer to me as a “racist” because of some of my posts on here, and on my own website. The Trib tolerates such attacks as that, and some of the vilest slanders against the Mormon church, but got its panties in a wad over my posting of one word, that is not a racial slur. They practice a blatant double standard.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      I bet “redneck” and “hick” and “hillbilly” are perfectly ok.

    • Reverend Bacon

      Perhaps if you called them “people of colored.” They tend to have a problem with smart people who use proper grammar and proofread their posts. So if you wrote that, they might give you a pass and figure you made a typo. And, as I recall, the term “colored” was replaced by “negro” and then by “black” and then by “people of color.”
      They want to keep us on our toes, but they don’t worry too much about our spelling. Let me know how it works out.

      • Katherine McChesney

        I adopted someone else’s espression – ‘melanin-enhanced’ for my comments. They seem to stick.
        However, I am seeing an abundance of anti-black crime comments on sites and it appears that millions are waking up to the fact that blacks are criminal parasites. And the comments aren’t deleted.

        • Reverend Bacon

          I think so too- the trends, I mean. Are people waking up, or are those already awake simply shouting louder? I can’t tell, but it does seem that the liberals I know are much less glib then they used to be.

          By the way, I often refer to them as the “anointed demographic.” My comments get deleted quite a bit, but hopefully not before some people like us are amused.

  • Spartacus

    “Usually these crime statistics are not helpful to the discussion
    because they lack other details, such as socioeconomic status, that give


    How’s this for a context ?

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      Context (from the liberal playbook) is code for “excuses”.

      • Svigor

        More or less. When libs say “context,” they mean, “sit down and let me explain history to you, so you can purge any actual principles from your thinking.”

  • A Freespeechzone

    Typical liberal apologist who refuses to allow the truth to be published when it doesn’t fit their agenda of promoting a pro-black mindset.

    Perhaps one day people like Ms. Eyer will experience the ‘truth’ she strives to silence–but, then again, I doubt it would change her position.

    • Max Krakah

      They are trying to hold back the tide with their hands. IT will prove to be a futile effort and it will reveal them to be the intolerant tyrants that they are.

      • Reverend Bacon

        It’s true what you say, but the USSR did it successfully for many years. Thank God for the Internet, or I am afraid that all we’d get to read are the US versions of Tass, Pravda, and Izvestia.

        • Mergatroyd

          “all we’d get to read are the US versions of Tass, Pravda, and Izvestia.”

          You mean the New York Times, Washington Post and USA today? No difference between those and the old commie rags.

  • NorthernWind

    I hate it when leftist types say that crime is the result of poverty. Poverty might encourage you to steal or perhaps sell drugs but poverty does not excuse mass rape and murder. When South Korea was suffering from abject poverty after the Korean War, they didn’t have these problems. When Britain was industrializing they didn’t have these problems. Golly, I wonder why? It’s a complete mystery! And yet you have middle-class American Black children and teenagers who live like Kings compared to poor people of the past and yet they are crime-prone and fail academically.

    The problem is clearly that Blacks are predisposed to crime and violence due to their well documented and not scientifically controversial lower time preference, poor impulse control (relative to other races), and higher testosterone.

    • Max Krakah

      Look at black professional football players. they are all millionaires and yet they are arrested at ten times the rate as white NFL players.

      • Katherine McChesney

        They’re broke before they retire. Blacks don’t know how to handle wealth. They probably don’t budget. It would be nearly impossible to be their business managers.

        • Max Krakah

          “Bling” “CracK” and “Whores” really drain a bank account. Let’s call it the BCW lifestyle

    • Reverend Bacon

      Actually, not only do leftist types SAY that crime is the result of poverty; this woman, for example, postulates it and refuses to discuss it lest you be banned from her comments. It would be fine to have that hypothesis if NOT having that hypothesis didn’t label you a racist or a pariah. No one has ever proved her hypothesis, and there’s strong evidence against it. So constraining the set of debaters to “only people who accept that hypothesis” is not a liberal, open-minded policy, is it?

      • Non Humans

        Yep, libtards sure do like orwelian control for all of those things that they are supposedly so open-minded to.

    • tlk244182

      Today “poverty” means TV, AC, automobile, cell phone, laptop, Air Jordan’s, bling, free medical care, and affirmative action employment.

    • Svigor

      The black rape rate is six times the white rate. That’s the first weapon I deploy against the poverty excuse.

      Then I point out that poverty is the condition of the black race, everywhere it is found. So it’s a distinction without a difference, really.

  • Yale2001

    In other words, only listen/believe what I say. Don’t you dare contradict me or prove me wrong.

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    Forget the topics on IQ. Liberals can’t even lighten up over more mainstream and tangible topics that compare races.

    I was reading an article the other day that was comparing the amount of scientific research articles produced per country. Apparently, (and obviously), Western countries dominated.

    This immediately lead to a discussion in the comments section where a bunch of liberals were trying to over explain and justify why more nonwhite countries weren’t represented.

    One commenter even suggested that “it would be a little more fair if this article went all the way back to the very first inventions, because then Africa would get recognition for inventing people as well as fire”.

    One of these days liberals will have to learn to just let the facts be as they are.

    • ms_anthro

      One of these days the rest of us will just stop caring what liberals think or say about anything. We don’t need those parasites and eventually we’re going to collectively figure it out.

  • Lord_Steven_Regal

    Impressive article for a very mainstream source like the Wall Street Journal. The worm is turning.

    • Rhialto

      I don’t think so. The WSJ is not part of the Liberal propaganda machine, although the WSJ is an intense supporter of massive non-Western immigration.

    • The worm is indeed turning. However, this was a WSJ editorial, and its editorial pages always have been conservative. Their news pages have a decidedly liberal slant though they’re not nearly as bad as NYT. Anyway, I no longer read either paper but was fascinated by this editorial.

  • shawnmer

    This is a sign they are losing control if the narrative. You do NOT ban objective facts from government agencies as if it were profanity unless you’re simply are without reply and are tired of hearing it.

    They can gibber about “context” all they want, people are catching on.

    • Svigor

      Yep, that was my first reaction to this story, as well. I smell weakness. Blood in the water.

  • Steven

    Comments deleted? Censorship and the abandonment of lively and frank discussions by those afraid of the shining light of open ideas? Seems it’s not only liberals – I regularly get my comments deleted right here on Amren and even have been banned from posting. I guess all sides are ready at the delete button when questions become uncomfortable.

  • Ella

    You know that the media must feel a threat if they want to restrict conversation about race to a “minimal” discussion to avoid criminal stats and failing government programs. Did I just wake up in China with my cup of tea?

  • Evette Coutier

    Liberal conversation on race = whites are evil.

    • But what forces created this conversation?

      • muhdik

        The Frankfurt School

      • Sick of it

        Forces which are not Eskimos.

  • [Guest]

    I suspect that the comment sections on most news sites are much like town-hall meetings. They give regular people the impression that their opinions matter and are being heard. People feel as if they’ve accomplished something by speaking up, but business goes on exactly as before.

    • Svigor

      If people are communicating about these issues, then something very important is being accomplished.

      It took the better part of a century for TPTB to inculcate racial psychosis in western populations. It’s going to take a long time to deprogram them.

  • Chris Granzow XI

    It’s like they’ve been subconsciously trained over the years to defend blacks despite whether the defense is deserved or not. Even when given statistics that paint a clear picture, their brain still automatically reverts back to defending blacks.

    • yes, it is fear for their jobs and programming as youth that produces this war of free thought.

      Now what FORCES caused those years of programming and those pressures from the top?

      Money, maybe?

      How so?

    • Svigor

      I was raised a Christian. I can still remember the conversations I had where I successfully defended the faith, even though I no longer believed it. I’ve always liked to argue. My point is, these things aren’t as straightforward as you’re suggesting.

  • MekongDelta69

    Most sites -> “Blacks are…” = “That’s enough. You’re banned“.

    • Spartacus

      Unless you say “Blacks are opressed”, of course…

    • “Most sites -> “Blacks are…” = “That’s enough. You’re banned”.”

      I was banned from a flight simulation site for what I’ve written on my site. Not only that, I was recently cold-shouldered by the Colorado Railroad Museum, an organization to which I’ve contributed both time and money, most likely for the same reason. There cannot be another reason since our most recent contact involved the first part of a two-part contribution, which they accepted with thanks, after which they have maintained radio silence.

      That’s fine. As long as people like Jared Taylor have the courage to run sites like this one I don’t have to toe the political correctness line.

  • Carney3

    Yeah, it’s great when there’s a Democratic president too because then the stats can’t be dismissed by the Left as coming from a “racist” Administration.

  • c684570

    Math is racist.

    And NO, it’s not poverty. That has been addressed too many times to count. There are 10 million Blacks in poverty in the USA and 30 million poor Whites and Asians. Poor Blacks commit more violence than the 3X larger figure of poor Whites and Asians COMBINED. Further, while poverty may explain stealing bread in the Great Depression, how does it explain madness like The Knockout Game? Please. Make up a better excuse. And if poverty IS the reason, and if Blacks remain in poverty endlessly because of “White Racism”, then all the more reason to stop importing them here! Deal with our current problems with Africans in Western societies before compounding the problem.

  • JohnEngelman

    Notes on Commenting – What Will and Will Not be Allowed on this Site

    • “One cannot discuss the problems blacks cause by their presence without
      discussing genes. One cannot discuss the problems Muslims cause by their
      presence without discussing honor killing, religious intolerance, and
      quoting from the Koran.”


      This is part of why I believe that the USA is finished. To get better, a mentally ill patient has to want to get better — and on the whole the USA shows little sign of this.

      • JohnEngelman

        I am not quite so pessimistic. The crime rate has declined since 1980. The stagnant economy puts people in a bad mood. Nevertheless, I do not think that the U.S. economy has changed structurally since the good years of the Clinton administration.

        • “I do not think that the U.S. economy has changed structurally since the good years of the Clinton administration.”

          There is much more regulatory sand in the gears of business today, and a much larger fraction of the people are either the unproductive recipients of transfer payments or the unproductive workers in government at all levels.

          From my viewpoint we have taken a long distance runner, given him a hundred pound backpack to carry, chained cannonballs to his feet, and are now wondering why the runner can only hobble for short distances.

          • JohnEngelman

            I think the problem is the lack of government regulation. Moreover, since the election of President Obama government employment has declined.

            Karl Marx recognized that the natural tendency of capitalism is to accumulate wealth at the top and to experience increasingly destructive economic downturns.

            During the New Deal the economic policies of John Maynard Keynes countered these tendencies. Economic growth was widely spread. Recessions were mild. America’s middle class thrived.

            Since the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 the policies of John Maynard Keynes have been reversed. Economic growth has only gone to the richest twenty percent of the country, and especially to the richest one percent. Economic downturns have become more severe and longer lasting.

          • “… the natural tendency of capitalism is to accumulate wealth at the top …”

            That should have been followed by “and then to invest the surplus in creation of new businesses and expansion of established ones”.

            Another source of capital formation is, or used to be, banks, who lent out the accumulated savings of working class people — people who used to save here in the USA at a very high rate. (The people of the industrialized areas of eastern China have a savings rate of 30% per year — 30%.)

            Because it creates nothing government cannot engage in capital formation. People have been taught to think that wealth is money but it isn’t. Wealth is factories, roads, schools, hospitals, supermarkets, farms, mines — the means of production, none of which is created by government other than in Marxist economies, and then very badly indeed, witness Cuba.

          • JohnEngelman

            “… the natural tendency of capitalism is to accumulate wealth at the top …”

            That should have been followed by “and then to invest the surplus in creation of new businesses and expansion of established ones”.

            – Lexonaut

            Without government intervention in the economy that works more in theory than in practice.

          • “Without government intervention in the economy that works more in theory than in practice.”

            The period of explosive economic growth in the USA — say from the 1820s up to WW1 — was largely free of government intervention. To the extent that government was involved it was with the commissioning of infrastructure — roads, canals, railroads.

            Economic growth didn’t really begin to slow till socialist/communist notions of “robber barons” and the need to eliminate them took hold. Ever since then the economy has been slowly losing its vitality.

            The world of 1960 looked little like the world of 1910, fifty years earlier, but the world of 2010 didn’t look much different from the world of 1960. Cell phones and personal computers are important developments to be sure, but in the end not much else has changed profoundly. I find it difficult to believe that this is because we’ve taken private industry as far as it can go.


            I’ll give you the last word.

          • I disagree. People with money want to make more money. That means enlarging their businesses and – OH NO! – employing more people.

          • JohnEngelman

            Once Henry Ford II took Walter Reuther, then head of the American Auto Workers Union on a tour through an automated Ford factory. Henry Ford II asked Walter Reuther, “How are you going to organize those robots?”

            Walter Reuther answered, “How are you going to sell them Fords?”

            Walter Reuther is considered to have had the best of the encounter. Nevertheless, Henry Ford II could have answered, “We intend to build fewer Fords and more Lincolns.”

            The people who own and run this country can adjust to the growing income divide by manufacturing fewer middle class goods and more luxury goods.

            The current status of Detroit is often blamed on blacks. What has really happened is that the big three auto makers have figured out how to build cars with fewer people, as Henry Ford II told Walter Reuther they were.

          • The mannerisms of an infiltrator run hot and cold, but they always center on a recurring theme. Pay attention to them and you can see between the lines. What you typically see is that recurring theme form a foundation and walls, and you can see it slowly try and gain momentum:

            History is moving against you. America is becoming more multi racial, more multi ethnic, and more meritocratic. There is nothing white nationalists can do about. One gets places in politics by getting in front of popular issues. One does not get places by fighting for lost causes.

            The American white nationalists want to restore is gone with the wind. Nothing can restore it.

            White nationalists are bitter, vengeful, and stupid white Gentiles who cannot compete with Jews and Orientals because they haven’t got the IQ power.

            * the following quotes were brought to you by Yellow John

          • TheLastAngel

            Yet strangely, there is no Detroit in Germany.

          • JohnEngelman

            Blacks are not responsible for what happened in Detroit. They have made it worse.

    • I would disagree with Tim Wise if he said my mother loves me.

  • I agree with all the points being made in this article and in the comments.

    But you are missing a huge and very important and very fundamental part of the picture.



    How does MONEY play into this issue?

    This is america, so you know that money has to play into this somehow.

    Why are those at the top of our societal institutions controlling the discussion on race and race spoils and affirmative action and mass immigration and how does MONEY play into this?

    Why is it that no one HERE wants to talk about how MONEY plays into this issue?

    OK, for the 100th time here, I will give my opinion on this: political correctness, affirmative action and other “race spoils” programs, racial integration, demonization of whites and idolization of nonwhites, mass immigration, etc all put MONEY into corporate coffers.


    I said it.

    Now HOW does these things make corporations more profitable? How does ignoring the problems and truths about blacks, nonwhites, racial integration and mass immigration increase corporate profits and revenues?

    Well, corporations have to pay for labor. The more they pay for labor, the lower their profits.

    Corporations like cheap labor.

    Nonwhites are cheaper than whites. Thus, corporations use their power to increase the availability of nonwhite labor. Political correctness is an EFFECT of the war that corporations have waged on majority white labor to force whites to accept nonwhites into the workforce.

    A higher supply of cheap labor == higher corporate profits.

    Whites do not want blacks and other nonwhites in their neighborhoods and schools and workplaces.

    Corporations WANT want blacks and other nonwhites in the neighborhoods and schools and workplaces. Nonwhites not only more cheap labor but also they provide a new supply of CONSUMERS.

    Guess who won?

    • MBlanc46

      There’s much to what you say, but where blacks are concerned, I’m not sure that money is the principal factor, Sure, before, say, 1960, the property owning classes profited in numerous ways from black labor. But they gave up, to a great extent, on blacks. Mexicans became the principal source of menial labor. Blacks got public housing, AFDC, and other Great Society programs. But corporate American signed on to the integrationist narrative in the 1960s and 1970s, and they’re still beating the drum for it. I am skeptical that there’s much profit in it for them. I suppose that there is some integrationist spillover with respect to Latin American immigration, but there’s no real cash value in that. Integrationism fits in with globalization, so the elites are willing to have working class taxpayers subsidize idle blacks at little cost to themselves.

      • Stan D Mute

        I do know that property developers have for years been behind efforts to integrate white neighborhoods. They know the whites will evacuate and this creates a market for developers to build new suburbs. When the suburbs become integrated, the developers build new exurbs. Rinse, wash, repeat. I would not be the least bit surprised to learn that the major Detoilet auto manufacturers have also learned this and also covertly or overtly worked to foster integration in the same manner. Is it coincidence that SE Michigan is the most segregated area in the country? That whites have moved further and further from the city ensuring their dependence on the automobile?

        I don’t know how much of this is causative versus opportunistic however.

        • MBlanc46

          Certainly, opportunistic capitalists have exploited integration whenever they could. My point is that the direct exploitation of black labor has declined significantly since the 1950s. I saw an article not long ago, perhaps in the Chicago Tribune, stating that in the 1950s, black labor force participation was higher than that of whites. Now it’s lower. To a great extent, employers have given up on blacks. They pretty clearly prefer Mexicans now.

    • sshadow

      No, the fundamental reason is ideology by Marxists. The Frankfurt school and their academic progeny still run the show. Their blood brothers run the MSM and control their minion talking heads with an iron hand. It so happens that labor intensive and consumer driven industries happen to coincide in their interests on this issue and are uneasy bedfellows, because they are at opposite ends of the spectrum otherwise. Communists are more at fault on these issues than capitalists by a substantial margin in my not so humble opinion.

  • The goofy part about MSNBC firing PJB over his book is that by the time MSNBC hired him, he had already written several books of that nature. They had to have known that when they hired him. I think MSNBC’s mentally unhinged viewers complained too much and they had to fish for an excuse to ditch him.

  • disqus_irCdmAu8It

    The truth hurts, but, it shall set us free.

  • tlk244182

    I think that’s an excellent idea. Yes, this is critical. Leftists lie, and their lies must be exposed.

  • Mergatroyd

    Jen Eyer is nothing more than an old Soviet Kommisar deigning to tell us what we can and cannot say or think.

    “Why is there no White History Month?” Fine, it’s a silly question.”

    No, it is NOT a “silly question.” When blacks were demanding a “black history month” and “black holidays, like MLK,” those that run the media were deadly serious about seeing that these demands were met and no one dared laugh.
    Our concerns are as valid as those of any other race and to say otherwise is hypocritical.

    • tlk244182

      Off topic, but I finished The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements.

      You were absolutely right, it should be required reading. Cant thank you enough.

      • Mergatroyd

        Pass it along, the link and the book. Keep it going so that more read it and can finally understand what is going on, what is happening to us, how we are losing our country, who is responsible and why. C of C explains it all clearly and concisely and there IS no refutation of the information the author lays out for all to see. Leftoids cannot refute it and have tried to destroy the author and his career.

        • Svigor

          I think I might object to the word “all,” there, but KMac’s work (Culture of Critique is only part of it) sure does explain a lot.

      • Mergatroyd

        Thanks for the post further downstream concerning poor grammar and writing skills. I like that poster very much but cannot tolerate his comments for more than a paragraph or two before I have to give up. His posts are also far too long, he needs to get his point across more concisely and brush up on basic writing skills. Too bad, because from what I’ve read, his comments are really great.

    • MBlanc46

      She’s a neo-Stalinist, all right.

  • Cold_Gravy

    Censoring comments section in newspaper articles or closing them altogether will work against the liberals.

    People like them and will go elsewhere, to sites such as this for example.

    Restricting freedom of expression is always counter-productive.

    • DailyKenn

      Yep. It’s the power of ‘free markets.’

  • Cold_Gravy

    Africa might just be the place to resettle the Jews.

  • [Guest]

    Dear Jen Eyer:

    Here are some more unmentionables for you.

    13-Year-Old Arrested After Oakland Carjacking, Chase

    —…The 13-year-old yelled and screamed profanities at police as he got out of the flipped car.

    1 Arrested After Nun Hospitalized Following Assault And Rape

    —She’s 70 and among her injuries is a broken jaw.

    By the way, Jen, how are things in your neighborhood?

    • [Guest]

      I just posted the following statistics at the news website that reports on the black male who raped and beat a nun as she was leaving a church.

      Statistics on interracial rape:

      In 2010 there were approximately 13,463 black-on-white rapes. Blacks guilty of rape chose white victims 50.2% of the time. In the National Crime Victimization Survey, whites were estimated to have accounted for 0.0% of rapes committed against black victims.

      We’ll see how long those statistics stand.

      • JukeJointJimmee

        They shut off the comment section.

        • [Guest]

          Yup. Closed it and hid all comments. Cowards!

    • Stan D Mute

      Of course nun-raping is caused by “poverty.” I know whenever I run low on funds the first thing that enters my mind is, “where’s the nearest nunnery – I think I’ll go rape me an elderly nun!”

      • [Guest]

        I’ll have to remember that as a comeback when I hear the old “poverty made him do it” canard.

  • saxonsun

    He’s betraying his own daughter.

  • NM156

    New IP addresses will fix that problem. They boot you n times, respond by signing up with a new IP address n+1 times.

    • Svigor

      Don’t forget to purge the cookies.

      I would really like to see a good open-source software project started, to provide tools to help people navigate past the censorship: create new IDs automatically, manage cookies and IP, manage boilerplate posts, notify of bans and deletions, etc.

  • Svigor

    It could be 100% the result of racism and people would still be justified in considering demographics in their daily goings.


  • MBlanc46

    This is news?

  • “Usually these crime statistics [by racial group] are not helpful to the discussion because they lack other details, such as socioeconomic status, that give context.” So
    we’re back to “poverty” as the cause of crime.”


    Of course poverty causes violent crime. Unfortunately, Sacred Blackness causes poverty.

    As a group these folks are destroyers, not builders — takers, not makers As far as I know, of all the places in the world only in parts of the Caribbean do we have black-run societies that can be said to be functional and civilized. (And yes, if it weren’t for tourism these places too would fail.)

    I believe that the USA is in organ shutdown, and people like this woman writer are part of the societal disease, which clearly has no cure in the conventional meaning of the word.

    • Stan D Mute

      That is utter NONSENSE. “Poverty” as we see it in the USA today means more than enough food to eat, a home, color tv, indoor plumbing, free unlimited educational opportunity, pocket spending money, a car, etc. And you think THIS “causes violent crime”? Really?

      If that’s the case, there must have been an EPIDEMIC of crime when my grandparents and parents lived through the depression on a dirt farm where they scrabbled for food to eat and had friend and neighbors living in trailers and barns on their farm. We’d better go check the place for the dozens of bodies they buried due to the REAL poverty of outdoor plumbing, hunger, no television, no access to a school, and scarce fuel for heat in winter.

      I’m fed up with the BS. We don’t have “poverty” and certainly neither real poverty nor the “poverty” we have today causes crime violent or otherwise. What DOES cause crime is a sense of entitlement coupled with a lack of morals and self restraint. As even the liberally inclined writer of the article above noted, blaming poverty as the root cause impugns hundreds of millions of lawful people who suffer(ed) real poverty without robbing, raping, stealing, or killing innocents.

      “Oh woe is me, I is black, I be deserving a new car and I’s gonna shoot that cracka and gets me one. I’s also deserving a woman so’s I’s gonna grab that white one over there and get me some.” Right. All due to “poverty”.

      • “If that’s the case, there must have been an EPIDEMIC of crime when my
        grandparents and parents lived through the depression on a dirt farm …”


        I was exaggerating to make a point but let me play with you for a minute and then give you the last word …

        Yes, there was poverty then yet the rate of violent crime was lower outside the ghettos, especially in rural America. Unfortunately for your reasoning, there were also black people then so, in spite of the federal crime victim report statistics, black people can’t be the cause of most of today’s violent crime.

        Regarding your words “A sense of entitlement coupled with a lack of morals and self restraint …” as the root of the problem describes large numbers of white people today just as well as it describes blacks.

        So … There’s something else afoot and, as I have come to realize thanks to this site, it’s population genetics. Black people are bad news wherever they are found in the world. They cannot even maintain first world type societies much less create them.

        Blacks had just as murderous inclinations during the depression as they have today. The difference isn’t that moral restraints have been lifted — they never had any to begin with (read “The Negro in Negroland, written in the 1850s). What’s different today is that the legal restraints have been lifted. Briefly, the hands of the police have been tied, and the courts are so lenient that you have to really work at it — have to be a really bad multiple offender — to do any serious jail time at all much less face swift capital punishment.

        Regarding poverty, it’s always a relative thing as long as people
        aren’t actually starving to death. King Herod had a lower material
        standard of living than I and my middle class neighbors do. The poverty
        issue causes crime in the sense that, if I’m the criminal type and you
        have something I want, I’m going to take it. (You never see rich people
        forcing their wealth onto poor people at the point of a gun, do you?)


        The only solution that can work is separation of the races. Check out the What If? / Nation of Alaska section of my website for one man’s view of what can be done about this.

        You have the last word.

        • Katherine McChesney

          My father’s father died when Dad was 12 years old. That was in the 1920’s. He left school and supported his mother and a deaf mute brother as a bell hop in a hotel. He didn’t resort to crime yet they lived in poverty for years. Later he went into the CCC’s to support his family. My grandmother then went to work as a seamstress at National Laundry to make ends meet. They worked their way up from poverty without the benefit of welfare, SNAP, food stamps or section 8 housing.

          BLACKS HAVE NO LEGITIMATE EXCUSES FOR WHY THEY HAVE FAILED AT LIFE. They have been coddled for far too long.

          • “BLACKS HAVE NO LEGITIMATE EXCUSES FOR WHY THEY HAVE FAILED AT LIFE. They have been coddled for far too long.”


            Agreed. As I see it the question for the readership of this site and others is what, if anything, can be done about the situation beyond complaining. My own advice is to simply walk away from the whole mess — secession, in other words. (Think of it as white flight writ large.)

            Separation of the races is imperative in any viable future state though I’m inclined to allow selected minorities (up to 10% max) to participate in Alyeska provided they understand that for several generations, if not permanently, they are going to be second class citizens. Minorities who find that notion abhorrent have only to stay away from Alyeska.

          • My dad’s paternal grandfather was a coal-miner in Kentucky until he was shot by Pinkerton agents and KY national guardsmen during a mine strike in 1923. My grandfather, William quit school at age 13 to work in the same coal mine to support his mother and sister. When he was 15, his mother died, so relatives doctored his birth certificate so he could join the army. He served from 1925 to 1931. When he got out, he fought as a heavyweight boxer and won eight fights and lost six. He had his nose broken in the last and quit, settling into a job at a steel mill and eventually married his foreman’s sister. His kids – my father and two aunts – all have PhDs.

        • Stan D Mute

          I don’t think anyone is claiming Afros are responsible for “most of the violent crime” only that they commit such crime at rates wildly disproportionate to white. A hundred years ago, Afros were legally segregated from whites and it was more difficult therefor to victimize whites. There was also much less accurate reporting of crime as so much was dealt with “unofficially”.

          Finally, if I understand you correctly, that you are referring to relative wealth when you say “poverty”, then perhaps a better word would be *jealousy* since poverty has largely been eliminated in the US today. An example might be, “I has me a house fo me and my nine keeds an we alls be eatin good. My girls and me alls have big booties. An we gots a nice gubmint house and obama phones an we gets free money from the gubmint an owr scriminashun settlement. But dat ol whitey he gots him a BMW. I sho do wants me a BMW. I be senden my boys LaDeleterius, MaLevolant, and DeMurderer to kill dat whitey and gets me my BMW fo free!” Right? American poverty circa 2013.

  • shawnmer

    After 4 years membership in good standing, a no-warning ban because I commented favorably on one of Jared’s appearances on MSNBC’s defunct Donahue show.

    The message along with the screen informing me I’m banned? “Buh-bye!” Refused any further explanation from a private email, no reply. What a tool.

  • Funruffian

    Liberalism is not a philosophy. It is a disease of the soul. It is not intellectual, but hedonistic, irresponsible and sinister in nature.

  • John R

    So true. When they run out of arguments-which is fairly soon-the Cultural Marxists resort to framing the debate, to suit their rules. Let me see: I want a discussion on race, but, there must be no mention of past history prior to 1965; no mention of income disparities, either; offensive phrases, such as “White privilege” would not be allowed; finally, any discussion of so-called “discrimination” must be supported by actual facts and statistics, not feelings. Any more suggestions, fellow Amren posters?

  • Bobbala

    Seven things to avoid???
    It should read ONE thing to avoid … truth.

  • Sick of it

    These days you’re a racist for disagreeing with any part of the Marxist narrative.

  • odious liberal

    Liberals live in terror of the truth. They aren’t angry you are a racist, they are angry because we are right.

  • judenjager

    More squid truth-twisting. This is why I moved to a remote, squidless White area with no TV and a town newspaper. I would much rather hear about Mrs. O’Neil’s horse than the adventures of Shitavious..

  • negrolocaust

    Ten BLACKS otherwise known as “teens, youth, or students” just beat up a lone white man in DC in knockout attack.

  • The Cultural Marxists do not want any “conversation about race”. Instead, they are demanding a one-sided narrative, at the end of which we are expected to apologize. The fact that “comments” sections after online faux news articles are either nonexistent or quickly closed is encouraging, because this means that the public our mainstream media would like to indoctrinate isn’t buying the lies. The MSM really did run a photo of Trayvon Martin, a well-built 17 year-old high school football player known for physical assaults and suspected of domestic burglary taken when he was approximately ten years old. The MSM never stood down from this while they were trying to railroad “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman. After G.Z. was acquitted, they upped their ante, trying to further inflame things with a public that by and large does not read and hasn’t the slightest clue as to what our laws are. An honest, hard-working neighborhood watch leader with a CCW permit saving his own life against a berserk negro (a self-described “no-limit n-word”) who was in the process of beating the man to death doesn’t fit in with the left’s lecture plan.

    The mainstream media really hates the internet, because it dilutes their ability to spread their toxic, negrotic filth into the minds of the voting public. We have a TV at home, but we use it only for watching movies – movies we pick – on DVD. No, we are not going to go out and by some “negro charges in and saves the day” films. One of my own favorites is “Breaker Morant”, about good man and excellent soldier who was court-martialed and shot for doing his duty. My daughter’s favorite is “Time Bandits”.

    For actual information, without the nonsense go online, and of course the left wants the internet regulated, because rational people might thus have access to “unapproved” information. The world is not hollow, but blacks really do commit most of the violent crime. The Marxist mainstream media are a people in a stationary train on a railroad siding somewhere, sitting with their eyes closed, rocking themselves back and forth, pretending that their train is actually moving. The shinkasen bullet train screaming past should be banned because it isn’t “fair”. Interactive media, such as online newsgroups like this one makes their one-sided narrative ineffective.

    • Ella

      Liberals go into a rage if you talk statistics and then, explain the negative effects on society. They will scream over any logic and jump to accusations. They personally attack your character and say words like “cold,’ “unfeeling” and apathetic if not eventually racist. I totally believe that the Left wants the Internet regulated so we cannot exchange ideas, but it’s also about making us feel “isolated” and lacking mainstream support such as “usual” or “irrational” people. I know their approaches.

  • negrolocaust

    WARNING! whites and asians: be on alert: groups of BLACK have been going around
    hitting white people trying to knock them down in what they call a
    KNOCKOUT GAME. it is only blacks doing this an attack just occurred
    friday in DC. if you see blacks avoid them, lock your door, do NOT talk to them and phone 911. thank you. (this has been a public service announcement)

  • Rhialto

    It’s easy to understand. Warren Sapp is Black. Therefore he has inherited the instinctive behaviors which maximized genetic survival in Africa. These include immediate gratification, spending as opposed to saving. Sapp probably has a 3-digit IQ, but he does not overcome his African instincts even when it would be in Sapp’s interest to do so.

  • cecilhenry

    So, its a problem when people’s arguments ‘lack other details such as SEC’.

    When people make THEIR arguments from what they see as relevant they present the facts and interpretations that they see fit.

    The fact that you don’t like them just means you aren’t currently getting your way or someone (heaven forbid) has a perspective different from yours that it just might be worth listening to.

    But no……its always free speech–UNLESS it makes me uncomfortable–which is no free speech at all.

  • Thank you so much for that link. After watching the thoughtful and articulate video I went to the main page and found this greeting …

    Hi, I’m Pat Condell. I don’t respect your beliefs and I don’t care if you’re offended.
    Cheers. Now that we’ve got the formalities out of the way, welcome to my website.

    I’m going to mine that site if only for the entertainment value. Thanks again.

  • Morgan

    I’ve commented frequently on the Kalamazoo, Gazette (Michigan) version of the MLive comment section on various articles over many years in the past. I was actually fired from a job and therefore lost my unemployment benefits due to my true identity being revealed and my anonymity being destroyed by another commentator in one of MLive’s public comment forums- said infraction which also happens to be “against the community rules” according to the strict codes of conduct set forth by MLive -and the revelatory post was not removed for several days due to a lack of response or sense of journalistic responsibility by MLive’s staff and employees even after I brought it to their immediate attention.

    That is ironic since I believe that I was recently banned from posting on MLive, assumedly for my own commentary. I received an email response from Ms. Eyer herself per my inquiry on whether or not I had been banned, with my query being, “How would I (or anyone) be know if I (or they) were banned?” if that were indeed the case. You see, it is impossible to know if or why one is banned, due to that one is not notified regarding which “violations” of these “community rules” one has broken. I am aware that if any individual’s posting is flagged enough, it is simply removed part and parcel and not moderated and no warnings are sent. I’ve observed entire threads simply disappear, with my comments included.

    What I find main issue with is the wholly subjective and biased control exerted in these supposedly “public forums” through the overt, targeted censorship in this medium by individuals such as Ms. Eyer, her staff and her parent company.

    • I am a convicted federal felon on the Terrorist Watch List, which makes me nearly unemployable, but it also means I can write or say anything I want.

      • Max Krakah

        In the USSR the only truly free people were the ones in the gulags. Freedom of the mind is a wonderful thing.

  • I only just now saw your post immediately above — no alerting email reached me. I’ve replied on my site.

  • realist

    racism is truth

  • Katherine McChesney

    I was shocked to see that Britain now has black Lords and Ladies and Muslim Lords also. Pretty soon, the royal family will intermarry with blacks.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Black actors and musicians waste their wealth. Many die in poverty. They often hire their relatives as agents and managers who steal money from their expense accounts.

  • I was even banned from here once, for my loathing of Islam.

  • TheLastAngel

    Stop calling them Liberals, they hat nothing more than liberty. Call them what they are: Totalitarians.