Foreign-Born Swedes Join Anti-Immigration Party

The Local, December 13, 2013

Men with roots outside of Sweden are increasingly attracted to the tough migration stance of the minority Sweden Democrat party, with one new Persian-Swedish member telling The Local why he decided to join.

Nima Gholam Ali Pour is at a meeting with his new party colleagues in Malmö but steps outside to speak with The Local. He joined in November, after spending months in self-imposed political party isolation.

He left the main opposition party, the Social Democrats, in protest after the election of Islamic Association chair Omar Mustafa to a top-tier position. Mustafa was later forced to resign, but Gholam Ali Pour, a frequent blogger and commenter whose work has appeared on The Local, was about to set his sights on the Sweden Democrats.

“Nobody else wants to talk about immigration and culture clashes,” he tells the Local. “I basically joined a party that does talk about it.”

Sveriges Radio journalist Zinat Hashemi on Thursday revealed that Gholam Ali Pour is far from alone. Among men with roots outside Europe, 7.4 percent said they sympathized with the Sweden Democrats. The data came from Statistics Sweden (SCB), the country’s official statistics agency, and while far from a fool-proof way to analyze how Swedes will actually vote next year, the support among foreign-born men for the party had gone up almost three-fold in two years.

This new group of supporters also outnumber, proportionally to the population segment’s size, Swedes with no roots abroad. Among the latter, 6.8 percent said they sympathized with the Sweden Democrats – 0.6 percentage points lower than the support among foreign-born men.

Gholam Ali Pour’s family came to Sweden as quota refugees in 1987. His mother had been fired from her job for helping shelter left-wing activists. He says the transition to Sweden had not been easy.

“When you run an entire library in Iran, you’re not very happy about working as a carer at a pre-school . . . no I don’t think my parents are particularly satisfied,” he says.

While his own family arrived as refugees and would potentially be barred entry if the restrictive immigration policies he now supports were then in force, Gholam Ali Pour says he wants labour-market matching to be the guiding light in Sweden’s migration policy. He says that high unemployment in migrant-dense areas risks setting off more incidents such as the unrest in the Stockholm neighbourhood of Husby in May.

“People feel they are treated unfairly when actually they are the ones who don’t have education or social capital,” he says.

Reactions from the Persian-Swedish community to news that he had joined the Sweden Democrats were “mixed”.

“There haven’t been any threats, people have called me stupid and told me to brush up on my reading, but my parents support me,” says Gholam Ali Pour, who is open to the idea of one day running for office for the party.

Was he worried, however, that members such as he would not truly be welcome in a party that was just purged of several representatives that left hateful racist comments online?

“I am not worried that those kinds of forces will get power in this party,” he says. “They made anonymous comments because they knew that the party distances itself from those kind of comments.”

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  • Manaphy

    “Gholam Ali Pour says ‘Nobody else wants to talk about immigration and culture clashes.’ ”

    Sorry to break it to you, Prince Ali, but Swedish culture will never be your culture.

    • Truth Teller

      Swedish culture will not be his culture but Islamist culture isn’t necessarily his culture either.

  • Romulus


    • IstvanIN

      This is a Swede:

      • Magician

        I am just wondering why the princess of Sweden married a British man. I am sure he is a fantastic guy though. Would not the Royal people at least marry someone from their own country?

        • Jesse_from_Sweden

          Younger princess.
          The older, the one set to inherit the throne and the one on the picture, married a swede.

          But originally, royalty did not marry their countrymen, they instead married royalty from other countries.
          Royal marriages were more politics than anything else, which considering the number of noble houses in Europe created a problem with inbreeding…..
          (Look up the Habsburg-dynasty for some rather extreme examples of side-effects caused by inbreeding).

          For example, the german kaiser Wilhelm II during WWI was cousins with the british king George V.
          Big political meetings back in the day when royalty still ruled was almost the same thing as family reunions.

          And for that matter, the swedish royal family are descendants of Bernadotte, originally a french general under Napoleon who was adopted into the royal family in order to get Sweden back on track after the disastrous reign of Gustav IV Adolf.

          • Korean guy

            Many South Korean kings in the past, (roughly 1000 hundred years ago) did frequently marry Princesses of China. The princesses of China did respect the Korean culture and always wore Korean costumes once she came over to Korea and spoke in Korean. It was mostly for political reasons – if the king of Korea and king of China become in-laws, it can be helpful to the relationship between the two countries.

            Both Princess Victoria and Princess Madeleine appear to be very strong and beautiful and certainly worthy of carrying a country on her back.

        • Ella

          I think most of the British nobility are really half German or Austrian marrying over the centuries. They marry for strengthening their empires and diversifying the “blood.” Again, who really settled Britannia?? Answers are Germans, Danes and yes, Viking invaders.

          • obot

            The Angles and Saxons etc migrated there and it’s likely that most of the English people have German DNA

      • Romulus

        Idiot leftists believe that humans are somehow like butterflies. Humans cannot metamorphous into another race. I once posted that at the SWEDISH MUSEUM IN PHILADELPHIA, you can look at the wall of their famous people and literally see the transition from true germanic people to the Mediterranean TRIBEsmen. Eastern mutations do not originate in Sweden. Im a Southern alps white and even I know that im not germanic
        Migration does not change point of origin. Anderson silva is not Brazilian. He’s an African appropriating someone elses culture.
        The tribe is responsible for this line of thinking, where they impart that miscegenation is the path to assimilation. If that were true, there would be no tribe diaspora outside Israel. The best way to assimilate other races is to make sure their males do not breed. Just like what is happening to us. We are being browned out. Even after 2000 years, I can still tell the difference between a germanic and the tribe. White genes are almost always recessive with darker peoples, including meditteraneans.

        • Ella

          I agree above with what you mentioned, but Germanic people as far North as Norway can have medium to light brown hair and light brown eyes. Not all genes mutated to recessives in cold climates. We do carry recessives and can skip a generation. Red and blond hair runs in my family but we also have med. brown. There are blond belts in Germanic and Slavic countries but recessives can decrease to 50% outside these blond belts. We prize the light features and happy to see it resurface again in our children or grandchildren being our ethno-traits.

          • Romulus

            True. Mediterranean caucasoid are closer on the evolutionary timescale and have a much longer history of mixing.
            In the annals of history, I contemplate the scored of dead barbarians it took to achieve integration. The composition of Europe is undergoing massive change that will nearly alter it beyond recovery. If the hippies and marxists we’re right, there wouldn’t need to be massive enforcement for their plan to be implemented.

          • Ella

            I wish some of our Barbarian/warrior blood would resurface again as we need it to survive like any other group. We have gotten too comfortable in our ways enjoying our high calorie foods and Ipods.

      • Garrett Brown

        Dat booty

        • Jesse_from_Sweden

          Dat chin.

          Look it up, she got a chin to rival Jay Leno….

  • D.B. Cooper

    Nope. It doesn’t look like a Swede to me.

    • Ella

      It is not just the genes; it is also the immigrant’s attitude. They do not want to assimilate and claim their own “space” within Sweden. Immigrants today have no desire to become acculturated citizens as many hold contempt and disdain to the Western world. How many actually change on group level including changes in food, clothing, religion and language??????

  • bigone4u

    A dog will not bite the hand that feeds it. Third world invaders into Europe and America have no restraint on biting us. Our politicians encourage their unhappiness and use it for political gain. These rabid dogs need to be muzzled and then put away, along with the politicians.

  • Spartacus

    Someone stop the planet, I want to get off….

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    He’s more rational than most non-whites about immigration. But he will never be Swedish and his family should never have been let in.

    ““When you run an entire library in Iran, you’re not very happy about working as a carer at a pre-school . . . no I don’t think my parents are particularly satisfied,” he says.”

    If they’re so unhappy about the jobs they could get in Sweden, they should go back to Iran. But they won’t, because they know their life in Sweden is far better than it could ever be in Iran.

    • Zimriel

      I tend to agree (to repeat, I’m at the left-end of AmRen).

      I could accept Gholam Ali Pour as an American if he’d come here and supported American interests. There’s even an argument that GAP could be *French*, if he had moved to France; look at Sarkozy (a Magyar, ultimately from the Urals). But France is a crossroads by European geography.

      Sweden isn’t America and it isn’t even France. It is an Urheimat of the Germanic people. It belongs to Swedes.

      • IstvanIN

        Sarkozy is not a “Magyar”, thank you very much. He is ethnically the same as George Soros.

    • Truth Teller

      He won’t because he’s probably not Islamist and doesn’t want to live in that sort of “Democracy”. However, if it were not Islamist, they would probably have a better life in Iran as the elite. We should encourage movements against Islamism in the Middle East.

    • Jesse_from_Sweden

      Lots of iranians are actually fairly good as immigrants go, both on behaviour in general and in assimilation.

      The fact that it was primarily educated middle-class secularised christians who fled from the islamic revolution also helped a great deal.

      And not being satisfied is not the same thing as starting riots and other problems.
      Most iranian immigrants instead acted like east-asian immigrants, in working hard and making sure their kids assimilated and got a good education.
      For some reason, iranians in Sweden are heavily into dentistry and make up a very large amount of dentists.
      They are also far more western in their opinion of women than other middle-easterners, and most* have no problems with their daugthers acting like “western whores”, meaning like other women in the west.

      *And then there are islamists who have come in the last decade or so, who did not flee the islamic revolution, but instead came looking for a better life due to social policies. These are the same kind of problematic people as other MENA.

      Overall, there are a lot of eastern europeans that are attracted to immigration-critical parties, mostly since they actually lived under communism and know what it was like and don’t approve of Sweden turning into that from which they once fled.
      Which is sort of the problem, many immigrants wants the same policies as in their home countries, failing to realize that the result will be a country the same as the one they once fled from.

      • Ella

        “But it will be different next time,” as they rally for heavy socialism.

  • IstvanIN

    if certain Swedes want to help the browntrodden of the world they should go and do missionary work in the brown nations and not inflict the world’s sewerage on the rest of the Swedish people.

  • Rosenmops

    Maybe it’s a case of, now that he and his family are in Sweden, he wants to pull up the ladder behind him before the country is ruined. I think he should be encouraged.

    • Pro_Whitey

      I don’t think I’ll be able to find the exact quote, but this reminds me of the remark of an American Union Army officer writing to his father about the draft riots of 1863. Something like, it’s a shame when the Irish have to teach us the meaning of the word “freedom”. The Irish immigrants were a big part of the draft riots, and wanted no part of risking their lives to free slaves down south so that they could come north and undercut the low wages of the Irish. I still don’t think this guy should be in Sweden, but if he manages to teach the Swedes some good common sense, good for him.

  • Truth Teller

    I don’t think Europe should have any immigration but it’s stupid to assume everyone from a given country is a “third worlder”. Some people come from upper class elite families that have higher IQs and higher income than those they surround.

  • wildfirexx

    Who ever had the right to determine that White People should be wiped off the face of the earth through mass immigration from non-white countries. Hitler would never had allowed this! Ali probably sees the writing on the wall, and would rather curb immigration and continue to live in a country of blonde and blue eyed democrats, rather than changing it to a strict Muslim state.

  • Magician

    O RLY!! That’s awesome!!

  • Bulan Sabriel

    Sweden Democrats are Civic Nationalists.

  • Korean guy

    I heard the Swedish Democrats are toning themselves down a little nowadays regarding their anti-immigration policy.

    • JoakimBrahe

      They have to!
      2042 ethnic swedes under 40 will be in a minority.
      So as poltical party whos main purpose is to get as many votes as possible, they have “tone” down themselves, because the future voter the next couple of years will Achmed in the suburb.

  • Magician

    If white Americans are the rejects of Europe then black Americans are rejects of Africa?

  • Ella

    Usually White America bailed out Europeans during wars and revolts for the last century. Now, who will bail us out or Europe from our invaders? We need to think it out carefully when we allow strangers into our lands or will end up like the Amerind, out-numbered and displaced. (There were only 350,000 US Natives at the time that Europeans started to arrive.)

  • Ella

    People infiltrate ethnic groups often to weaken and monitor its existence especially if it becomes too powerful or “threatening” to certain ascribed social groups.

  • obot

    They were trying to build alliances and prevent inbreeding. Neither strategy worked out too well.

  • Jesse_from_Sweden

    See my point about secularised, educated, middle-class christians….
    Not really a good representation of iranians overall.