Posted on December 30, 2013

Mass Immigration Is Destroying Our Once Great Nation

Leo McKinstry, Express (London), December 30, 2013

The day of destiny has almost arrived. Another stage is about to be reached in the destruction of national identity and our existence as an independent country. From the beginning of January, all restrictions will be lifted on immigration to Britain of people from Bulgaria and Romania. Under European Union free movement laws, the 28 million citizens of these two countries will have the legal right to settle here.

The vast new influx of eastern European migrants will be the next step in the revolution that has engulfed our country in recent years. A relentless flood of arrivals, running at a rate of more than 500,000 a year, has already transformed the very fabric of our society. As a result of our open borders Britain is now the most overcrowded nation in Europe. By 2015 our population density will be twice that of Germany and more than four times that of France.

With five million foreigners arriving here since 2001 the pace and extent of the demographic change has been phenomenal.

At least a third of all babies born in Britain have at least one foreign parent, a figure rising to an astonishing 90 per cent in some London boroughs.

In several of our urban conurbations, such as Leicester, Slough and Luton, white British people are significantly in a minority. It is no wonder that many ordinary Britons now feel like aliens in their own land.

What is so sickening is that we never voted for this upheaval. Mass immigration and the creation of a multi-cultural society have all been imposed without a shred of democratic consent. Opinion polls show that the overwhelming majority of the public want tighter border controls.

Yet this natural instinct is treated with contempt by the bullying ideologues of the proimmigration brigade, who hurl accusations of racism and xenophobia against anyone who dares challenge their project.

Even the very limited lastminute moves by the Tory-led coalition to impose some checks on the right of migrants to claim certain welfare bene-fits has been hysterically portrayed by some as a form of vicious bigotry. It is unlikely that the Government’s hastily introduced measures will do anything to stem the surge of arrivals from Bulgaria and Romania.

Britain will be one of the favourite destinations for these migrants, partly because our economy is stronger than the failing Eurozone, partly because our welfare system is more generous.

The respected think tank Open Europe has estimated that 620,000 may come here, while a survey conducted in the two countries for the BBC in March 2013 put the potential figure much higher, with 9.3 per cent of Bulgarians and 4.6 per cent of Romanians saying that they would consider a move to Britain. That would ultimately mean 1.6 million migrants.

The pro-immigration ideologues tell us that our economy will be boosted and our culture enriched by this new influx. But that is just more hollow propaganda.

Their economic arguments are completely bogus. Mass immigration imposes a phenomenal burden on the civic infrastructure, as was admitted by an official internal report by the University of Reading for the Government that was leaked to the press over the weekend.

The Reading study, commissioned by 74 local authorities in the South-east, warned of overcrowded schools, overstretched hospitals and “increases in welfare payments”. Moreover, through the aggressive exploitation of cheap labour, uncontrolled immigration drives down wages, lowers living standards and pushes up unemployment.

But contrary to the incessant mantra of the immigration enthusiasts, not all new arrivals come here to work. Many are drawn by the honeypot of our lax benefits system. Already, one-third of Big Issue vendors are Romanian, because through selling the magazine they can claim self-employed status and thereby gain access to welfare cash and housing.

The problem of freeloading is particularly acute among the Roma people, of whom there currently at least 200,000 in Britain, a number that is bound to rise dramatically from January.

“The Roma will be the real danger for your social system next year. While other people come to work, the Roma will come for your benefits,” warns one Romanian lawyer.

AND that goes to the heart of the problem. Mass immigration smashes the social contract on which civilisation depends. A nation can only function successfully when its people have shared values, a mutual sense of belonging and a universal moral code. But multi-culturalism and open borders promote division, segregation, and hierarchies of victimhood based on ethnic identities.

The higher the rates of immigration, the harder integration becomes. We are now a land scarred by practices that would have been unthinkable 30 years ago, such as forced marriages, urban shanty towns, predatory grooming gangs, genital mutilation and tribal gangsterism. But such problems could just be the precursor of what is to come. “You Western Europeans have not quite registered the level of criminality you are about to face,” says a retired Bulgarian colonel.

The EU and the self-styled progressives do not care about any of this. Mass immigration and the abolition of nationhood are central to their goal of a new federal entity in Europe. But the rest of us can only feel despair at what we are losing.