Posted on November 8, 2013

Hearing: Violence Epidemic Linked to Bad Diet

Mark Davis, News 8 (Hartford), November 7, 2013

There’s been much research on the need for a healthy diet to avoid obesity and heart problems, but a Congressional field hearing in Hartford today heard that bad diet is also causing the epidemic of violence and shootings.

The latest research concludes that too many french fries and other heavily processed foods are contributing to the nation’s epidemic of violence.

“Junk foods make junkie minds,” said Capt. Joseph Hibbeln, National Institute of Health.

The field hearing heard that too much fast food, coupled with low consumption of fish or fish oil, is contributing to the epidemic of violence.

“When we look at fish consumption across countries, those countries that have the highest fish consumption have 30 fold lower homicide rates,” said Hibbeln.

Plus, the research also concludes that if this is not reversed, that 1,800 of the approximately 60,000 kids in first grade in Connecticut today will commit some kind of act of violence before they turn 21, all because of poor brain nutrition.


The violent trend can be traced over the past couple of decades to the increasing consumption of bad oil versus fish or fish oil.

[Editor’s Note: Hartford, Connecticut, is 43.4 percent Hispanic, 38.7 percent black, and 15.8 percent white according to the 2010 Census.]