Hundreds Prepare Protest Against Islam Chapter in Volusia Co. School Textbook

WFTV (Volusia County), November 4, 2013

Hundreds of people in Volusia County are preparing a protest against a textbook that’s in public schools across Florida.

They believe a world history book dedicates too much material to Islam and doesn’t focus equally on Christianity and other religions.

Some protest organizers want students to go home and tear the section on Islam out of their textbooks.

The controversy started unraveling after a 15-year-old Deltona high school student showed her mom her 10th-grade history book, which has an entire chapter dedicated to Islam but none of the other world religions.

A conservative activist flocked to Facebook, calling for a curriculum overhaul, and nearly 200 activists are planning a protest at tomorrow’s Volusia County School Board meeting.


Proponents say people need more time dedicated to the religion because is tied to a great deal of the United States’ foreign affairs, yet few know much about it.


The district said it has no plans to change anything about the book.

Statement from the protest organizer:

An entire chapter is dedicated to Islam while that of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and other religions are not focused equally. I did acknowledge that other religions are included throughout the textbook but in snippets with no dedication of a chapter for easy reference as is the case with Islam in Chapter 10.

Also, my statement about the tearing up of Isalm sections in the textbook was simply a suggestion to counter any possible claims from officials of budgetary concerns regarding the issuance of new textbooks, supplements to the curriculum and so on. I then suggested that a simple remedy to correct the issue for the current school year would be for the school to ask for student volunteers who would be willing to take the textbook home and tear out the pages to the chapter so as to quell the controversy, all at a whopping tax payer cost of $0.

I agree that many of the comments from others may appear to be intolerant, but I as the organizer of the event have made it CRYSTAL CLEAR on the events page that such comments need to cease but cannot control the mindset of such individuals as I am NOT intolerant of minority religions here in the U.S.

–Rick Sarmiento

Statement from the Council on American-Islamic Relations:

“The name of the FB page and intolerant comments is troubling. This group is holding a protest and rally to oppose the teaching of the historical and basic Pillars of Islam to students in Volusia County. This group is displaying an alarming level of intolerance and brazen disregard of minority religions here in the US. We find their  actions Un-American and against every core principal that makes this country so great,” the Muslim civil liberties group said.

Statement from the Volusia County School District:

Volusia County Schools is one of many school districts in Florida that have chosen Prentice Hall’s World History textbook as a primary resource for teachers to use as they ensure quality instruction on Florida’s Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for World History.

World History was chosen in accordance with the State of Florida’s standard procedure for textbook adoption. First, the State of Florida approves a list of textbooks from which Florida school districts may choose potential textbooks to adopt. As the State is considering which textbooks will make its list, the public is offered the opportunity to participate. World History was one of three state-approved textbooks that met the state’s criteria for the adoption process. A committee of Volusia County Schools Social Studies teachers selected the Prentice Hall World History textbook after reviewing all three potential texts. Volusia County Schools procedures for textbook adoption provide for public participation and viewing of the textbooks chosen by the committee before a final decision is made.

One key factor in selecting a textbook is its ability to accurately convey information aligned to  Florida’s Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS). These mandated standards are established by the Florida Department of Education. Teachers may use the adopted textbook, as well as supplemental materials, to teach the mandated standards.

Prentice Hall’s World History textbook presents coverage of the standards for World History, which require students to learn information about world religions and their relationship to the development of civilizations. The textbook covers information related to Muslim Civilization in one chapter and information about Christianity and Judaism in seven chapters.

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  • NeanderthalDNA

    This could be a tempest in a teapot. I’d have to read the text, but…

    The Muslim Caliphate was a secular empire based on Islamic teachings. A theocracy. It would be very difficult to study that time and region without some basis in knowledge of the religion.

    Long before PC and culture wars world historians separated and focused on Islam in reference to the Islamic empire.

    Although all world religions have influenced empires and policies, it’s hard to think of any that did so in such an overtly worldly and political/military manner. One can study the Roman Empire without a specific explanation of Christianity much better than one can understand the Islamic Caliphate without some knowledge of Islam.

    I just don’t think “equal time for all religions” quite applies to this situation.

    • Andy

      Yes, it would make sense. The chapter is entitled “Muslim Civilizations”. Wonder if I can get a look at a copy…

      • SFLBIB

        I didn’t try, but you might be able to download a copy from this site:

        pearsonschool . com/index.cfm?locator=PS1xP9

        Survey Edition Table of Contents:

        assets . pearsonschool . com/asset_mgr/current/201132/WH%202011%20survey%20TOC_35280 . pdf

        The Modern Era Table of Contents:

        assets . pearsonschool . com/asset_mgr/current/201132/MWH%202011%20TOC . pdf

    • Anna Tree

      I agree too with your explanation but only if the chapter about islam is not the usual proselytism, whitewashing, propaganda we get about it ad nauseum but reveals that islam is not only a religion but a political system that actually is fascist in essence, affirming the superiority of the muslims above the Non-muslims, allowing discrimination, slavery and pedophily, intolerant and demanding harsh inhumane punishment up to death for any dissidence and demanding itself to be forced upon the whole world etc etc Anything less than that will prove the detractors correct that indeed islam is single out. I don’t want any religions in public school books, unless if the text is critical and based upon reason not catechism and blind faith. I am quite sure islam is portrayed wrongly though, it is always in our politically correct and multicultural world…

      • NeanderthalDNA

        That is the problem. To neutrally and dispassionately state the full concepts of Islam is to slander it…in terms of libtardthink, LOL.

        And because libtardthink can tolerate no unflattering portrayal of any religion but Christianity…

        And because a critical number of “professional Muslims” and taxpaying Muslims now exist in our country…

        It is probably at least somewhat sanitized. How much? That’s the question.

      • SFLBIB

        “I agree too with your explanation but only if the chapter about islam is not the usual proselytism, whitewashing, propaganda we get about it ad nauseum…”

        You mean like PBS’s Empire of Faith ?

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      While I take your point and agree, because Islam was invented with the intention of creating “slave” states on earth, in comparison to the Christian a “kingdom of heaven,” you actually DO have to take Christianity into consideration when studying Rome, especially the decline and fall, as Gibbon did in his classic, six volume, historical tome, “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.” Although it is today supposed that religion and politics is mostly separate, this is only a recent development in Western History. Not only that, but Christianity’s “mission” of conversion by Biblical mandate, helped to politically support the justification for colonizing and exploited lands throughout the world, once they had been “discovered” by curious, ambitious individuals, from Columbus on. (Interesting and perhaps ironically, these two religions, based on at least a partial usurpation of Judaism, stand in contrast to Judaism, which never sought converts, but sought to merely preserve its original ethnic community). I don’t think any other religion in th world can compare to Catholicism, which has not only its own country (The Vatican) as well as owning vast parcels of land throughout the globe (at least until recently), but must be the wealthiest religion on earth as well (at least as an institution). Christianity, you could say, did it in comparatively assiduous manner (but my mind is filled with flags and shields with Christian crosses and priests blessing thousands of troops before they go to kill others (and most often other Christians) in battles.

      But this is just some added observations, not a gainsaying of your point, which I think is quite valid.

      • kjh64

        Christianity in today’s world gets plenty of criticism. School kids are taught all about the crusades, the inquisition, the witch trials, etc. Yes, atrocities have occurred in the past regarding Christianity and these are shouted from the rooftops. However, with Islam, it is a total whitewash.

        • Anna Tree

          Indeed Christianity is vilified while islam gets spared. They are taught a politically correct version whenever islam is involved, and that has been for decades already. Only lately did I understand that prior to the 1st Crusade that was launched in 1096, Muslims conquered by horrific violence Syria 635, Palestine 638, Persia 642, Eqypt 642, North Africa 642-698, Kabul 711, the Indus region/Samarkand/Spain 712, Toulouse 721, Kyrgyzstan 751, Armenia 1071. Muslim violent expansion into Europe was only stopped at Tours in 732 and the gates of Vienna 1683 but teachers in many schools in France cannot say this to not offend the muslims.

          Will the schools one day acknowledge that “prophet” mohamed was a pedophil, a murderer, mass-murder, rapist, enslaver and thief? Will the media? No, but Jesus is vilified every day even though he never killed, raped or enslaved.

          I am an atheist but I am not naive to think all religions are equals, some are better than others, and obviously a religion that skin and dismember living young boys like the aztec religion or a religion that orders genocide, slavery or rape of those who don’t believe in their god like islam are evil.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Yeah…I’m a Gnostic Christian basically, with Buddhist influences. I stare into the abyss and the abyss ignores me, so I get the atheist thing. But you’re there – all faiths are not equal and I say this because they are not. There are differences or they wouldn’t be different religions, and these differences are specific and “real”.

            I love the way Muslim apologists always obfuscate when backed into a corner. It’s a truly impressive intellectual/moral contortion, ketman, and they have it down well.

            You Tube or Google Video “Undercover Mosque” by Dispatches. Very good and self explanatory.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          I don’t want anyone to imagine that I support Islam in any way, I don’t. My point is that both ought to be reviewed for what they are and have done. We can’t teach about what we think or imagine they want to do, not even what they threaten to do; as here on Amren postings illustrate, talk is cheap. As for the historical record, Christianity has killed more white Europeans that Islam, at least so far. I do cringe to think of what will occur once they have complete control in Europe. (I have a friend whose cousin was beat to death by Muslims in Germany a couple months ago). I guess it boils down to the problem of teaching history completely. If we are to do that, then all the religions of the world are called out to be reviewed.

          • Katherine McChesney

            You should be more specific. False Christian Roman Catholic church is the most murderous cult in history, surpassing Islam. But, Islamic violence will escalate because it is a protected ideology framing itself as a religion.

          • Anna Tree

            The Catholic church was maybe the most murderous of whites, but in world wide numbers and in theological support, I do think it is islam. See my post to Guest if you are interested.

          • Anna Tree

            I believe you that you don’t support islam in any way, but you are misleading a bit:

            The difference between Christianity, you meant Catholicism I suppose, and islam is that when the Catholic Church did those killings, it wasn’t following nor the teachings neither the behavior of Jesus. Jesus never killed, masskilled, enslaved, raped, tortured, terrorized, stole or hads ex with a child. It is why Christians can and are denouncing ped0phil priests or the Inquisition. Although I do think it is hard for Christians (and many other religion) to be racialist, Christians can and some are against any more wars between whites.

            On the contrary, when muslims kill Non-muslims, they are exactly following the teachings and behavior of “prophet” mohamed who killed and mass-killed (read about the Banu Qurayza, Asma Bint Marwan, Abu Afiq etc), raped non-muslim women taken as booty of jihad (Zuwayriah, Raihannah, Mariah the Copt, Safiya etc), was a p ed 0phil (he had sess with his 3rd wife, 9 year old Aisha), enslaved and stole (Banu Mustalip, Banu Nadir, Khaibar etc… it’s how he attracted followers to his islam, he first preach quite peacefully for 10 years in Mecca but got only a few followers) etc… Muslim “extremists” are sadly not giving a bad image of islam, they are good muslims, they are islam.

            Everything “prophet” mohamed did is halal (allowed), therefor islamic, and cannot be criticized or outlaw. It is why the sharia allows child brides, jihad and slavery. It is why the muslim countries didn’t sign the Declaration of Human Rights. it is why there are so many “terrorists”/”extremists” in islam: they are just good muslims; and it is why it is not only forbidden but not possible to moderate/modernize/reform islam because islamic “morals” are frozen in the “moral compass” provided by the behavior of a 7th century Bedouin warlord. To denounce or moderate, modernize, reform this moral compass is to destroy islam, that no muslims will do and they will kill those who do that (and they do kill, even in our non-muslim free countries).

            So they may have killed less white Europeans but only because the Catholic Church promised those who fought the muslims to have their sins, if any, pardoned and go to paradise, and muslim expansion into Europe was stopped at Tours in 732 and the gates of Vienna 1683. And it’s not about only “what we think or imagine they want to do, not even what they threaten to do”, look at what happened in the Balkan, in Africa or in India, they really murdered hundreds of millions, and that with only swords: it’s not a phobia, it’s a rational fear because of what they have done wherever they could. Don’t think that what they did in Beslan, in Kashmir, Bombay or Israel won’t be done daily in Europe if we don’t stop them before they can do and redo London and Madrid and more. For the moment our elites just gave them all kind of things to make them stop, but this is the naivety of the appeasers. Like Churchill said “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last…”

            If Europe won’t stop promoting its own suicide through mass non-white/muslim immigration, political correctness and miscegenation, and does let a new jihad happens, I fear that the number of white Europeans to be killed will be unprecedented. But then view how weak we are becoming, maybe most will just convert. Then instead of mass killings and a chance of victory, there will be just slavery and mass killings of our descendants, see the history of the Chaldeans, Copts and other dhimmis, or the killings between the different sects of islam.

            Again Churchill said “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Yeah, I basically agree with your agreement but first let me address your last paragraph’s observation.

        Part of my “tempest in a teapot” hypothesis is based on a very procedural and practical professional observation…

        Although if I were in charge I don’t care how pathetically challenged and behind any class of non retards were, I’d make them all read the entire textbook and answer all the questions and write something at least resembling paragraphs or essays no matter how illegible and incomprehensible and if many failed I would not care. They would retake the class until they passed with a schleppy D- and if their self esteem suffered because of this I would not care. Get used to it Skippyshawn, if you schlep around like this your whole life you deserve to be imprisoned or die young.

        I wouldn’t give a flying F if the little fly lords had to spend hours locked away in their bedrooms trying to decipher the labyrinthine vocabulary and grammar of what 50 years ago would have been a 4th Fing grade reading level. I wouldn’t care if Skippyvon had to quit the sportsball team to pass his academic classes and I certainly wouldn’t give a flying F if they did not find it as fun as yakking on their sail fones, playing video games, and breeding.

        I’d give a rip for a few who get beat up or screamed t or buggered at “home” by they’re “parents” and stuff like that, of course, but I’d still make them read that whole Fing book.

        That’s the kind of teacher I wanted to be, I tried to be. I must have Aspergers or something, but that’s sooooo out of line with what it’s really all about these daze…

        But point was, good luck at “finishing the book” by the end of the year even under good conditions. Much has to get edited depending on LOTS of things, legit and not. It kind of sounds to me like an editorial choice more in line with fairly traditional structuring of World History.

        But certainly Christianity is an essential concept if one wants to understand…lots. Gibbon is great. If I were in charge I’d make bright classes read stuff like Will Durant’s Age of Faith. Written in the thirties, all Durant’s volumes are comprehensive and thematic yet very well written and remarkably modern sounding. I’d agree that a real understanding of Rome requires some grasp of Christianity, but not as much as understanding the ISLAMIC empire would require understanding of Islam, hee hee… Most of Rome’s history was of course PAGAN, so I guess we’d have to throw a chapter of that in there and then to be fair to the Zoroastrians…oh CRAP, it’s almost Thanksgiving break – how am I going to make it to WW2 by June with these lunkheads?

        See, good teaching is not unlike the engineer’s or movie maker’s headache – not what to add on, but what to cut out. Limits.

  • [Guest]

    Just as some races are more equal than others, some religions are more equal than others.

    • captainc

      great, 1984 :p

  • sbuffalonative

    They attack and kill us and our response is to cater to their whims. This is how the west response to threats.

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      “Throughout our history, Islam has contributed to the character of our
      country, and Muslim Americans, and their good works, have helped to
      build our nation — and we’ve seen the results. We’ve seen those results
      in generations of Muslim immigrants — farmers and factory workers,
      helping to lay the railroads and build our cities. Muslim innovators who
      helped build some of our highest skyscrapers and who helped to unlock
      the secrets of our universe.

      -Barack H. Obama

      • Pro_Whitey

        That’s up there with “If you like your plan, you can keep it.”

      • SFLBIB

        “Barack H. Obama”

        That should be “Barack H. Obama [PBUH]”.

        • Alexandra1973

          What does PBUH mean?

          “Peace Be Unto Him”? First thing that pops in my head.

          I got an email from someone…supposedly the wedding ring Obama wears has Arabic writing on it…which translated means “Allah is the only god” or something like that.

          Allah is not God.

          • SFLBIB

            “What does PBUH mean?”

            Peace Be Unto Him.

          • M.

            Yes, the Muslims write that next to their prophet’s name.

      • mobilebay

        Don’t forget, Mr. President, how they can also kill thousands of people by flying into those skyscrapers in OUR country! Islam is a political/cultural/religious way of life that promotes violence toward anyone who does not agree with it. It is not compatible with any other society.

        • NoMosqueHere

          Barry doesn’t name a single muslim who helped build this nation, because he cannot. But we can all name dozens of muslims who have tried to destroy America, including but not limited to the 9/11 hijackers, otherwise known in the muslim world as “the magnificent 19.”

        • Katherine McChesney

          George W. Bush was the first President to push the Muslims on us. He declared that Islam was a peaceful religion after they flew planes into to the towers on 911.

      • Garrett Brown

        What skyscraper did Muslims contribute to building again? All the photographs of the men bulding lady liberty and the Empire State Building were middle aged white men.

  • Puggg

    For schools that are supposed to be non-sectarian, they sure do a lot of pumping up of Islam.

  • JohnEngelman

    The chapter on Islam should emphasize honor killing, terrorism, religious intolerance, and the fact that Islamic countries have contributed nothing of value to world civilization since the Italian Renaissance.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      This may be more or less what is in the text. But since no one knows, not even the protestors, they might be protesting a criticism of Islam. If Christianity is included in that sort of historical expose’ my guess is that they’d protest that as well. Solution; “burn all the books.” (I’m being sarcastic, obviously).

  • kjh64

    “This group is displaying an alarming level of intolerance and brazen disregard of minority religions here in the US.”

    “Tolerance” is the reason we are in the mess we are in today. Do Muslim countries “tolerate” other religions or teach them in their schools? Nope, didn’t think so. Yep, these American Muzzies sure learn the proper “buzzword” ie. “intolerance” “Islmaphobia” etc. Students do need to be taught that Islam has attacked the West for 1,500 years and that Islam’s attack on the West is still going on. They do need to be taught what Islam is really about , the truth NOT the PC version.

  • One nation, under God, not Allah.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      The U.S. was never intended to be a theocracy, regardless of what the McCarthyists got added to the “Pledge of Allegiance” in the early 50s. It was done in a wave of undemocratic fanaticism, just as the addition of “In God We Trust” was finally forced through by fanatics during the worst days of our Civil War. The majority of the FF’s were Deists, who didn’t go to church regularly or at all. George Washington stopped going altogether when the minister at the one he attended chided him for being late. Our FFs were rebels over more than just taxes. They wanted to be allowed Freedom of Conscience. So when people like you post slogans like this, I know that you are not even a Real American, but an imposter.

  • Spartacus

    Home-schooling is the way to go.

    • MBlanc46

      No, taking back our school systems, along with our country, is the way to go.

      • Spartacus

        I doubt it. Most real American institutions are lost, you need to build new ones.

        • MBlanc46

          I’m certainly not as assured of that as you seem to be.

    • Freedoooom

      Used to be Christian schools. Instead of seeking out the white practitioners of their church who cannot afford to pay for the private school, they go to the worst part of town and get some blacks and you no longer have the same peace of mind that your daughter isn’t going to be raped by negro.

      • gemjunior

        Even when you can pay for those private schools, they aren’t really very different. Same characters, same people, and the blacks are children of industrious working blacks who “act white” but the children DON’T. They actually go out of their way to act more ghetto to authenticate their blackness. There isn’t any way other than segregation for total safety. I know that making fun of the general American society in the 1950s and 1960s (for the most part) is common and that suggesting these ere good years will get you an avalanche of shocked questions like “you REALLY do think that it was BETTER then?” Uh, yes – respectable white people everywhere, safe streets, unlocked doors – who wouldn’t pick that? Maybe someone who has been specifically conditioned to believe that today’s dangerous society with psychotic angry sullen blacks forced into your presence all the time – who you are expected to always apologize and kowtow to beating your breast “mea culpa” “mea culpa” who would want that only someone who has been deliberately worked on. People need to wake up and kick out the elements who take this country down.

  • Wethepeople

    Did they mention this?
    Quran (5:33) – The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement.”

    How about this?
    Qur’an (66:1-5) – “O Prophet! Why ban thou that which Allah hath made lawful for thee, seeking to please thy wives?…Why didn’t you marry a young girl so that you could sport with her and she sport with you, or you could amuse with her and she could amuse with you”

    Surely this too?
    Bukhari (49:857) – “He who makes peace between the people by inventing good information or saying good things, is not a liar.”

    Anything of Aisha? They must tell of how the most holy prophet of Islam raped and married a seven year old?
    What of taqiyaa? They tell the children that it is okay for Muslims to lie to any non Muslim?

    • a multiracial individual

      I think that arguing theology and scripture is a mistake. This allows them to simply argue that those are perverse manifestations of Islam. It is much more practical to base our repulsion of Islam on what the most popular sentiments are. The PEW data from those nations is horrifying. Over 70% of Pakistanis and Egyptians think that fornicators, adulterers, and apostates should be put to death. These nations have MILLIONS of people.

    • captainc

      you need to refer the correct verses.

      Bukhari 49:857 doesn’t sound bad, it is like telling your wife she doesn’t look fat.

      There are many stories regarding Aisha because the stories come from Hadith which is a compilation of traditions, believed originated from Mohammed, 300 years after his death by a man in Central Asia.

  • MBlanc46

    The elites are absolutely determined to shove the Muslims down our throats.

    • Jesse James

      I don’t know about you but it is starting to choke me, there is hardly enough room for all the stuff they are trying to shove down our throats: gays, Muslims, Jews, bankers, Mexicans, Latinos other than Mexicans, blacks, mixed raced, Communists, old terrorist commies like Ayers, atheists, dike officials, militant socialist park rangers, government navigators, felons, black city managers, wacko socialist judges…this list could go on for pages.

  • Homo_Occidentalis

    Oh, he isn’t my president, thank goodness. I honestly think he believes his own lies. He certainly hasn’t done much to curb the flow of Islamists and other unassimilable Muslims into the United States. Just watch the youtube footage of him bowing to the Saudi king for proof of his love for the desert faith.

  • rightrightright

    Obama’s view on European immigrants is already known:

    “You didn’t build that”

  • Freedoooom

    California does it for 7th graders and has for a decade.

    I think it really hurts though when you have idiots making up stuff about it, claiming they have to pray to Allah and remember Qur’an Verses. When you make up bullshit, get called out on bullshit, you cause exactly this, its been around for a decade.

  • Ella

    In high school, we used to study ancient civilizations but never had chapters directly related to a specific religion. Text mentioned religions based on understanding the conflicts and cultures. This sounds more like theology and geography crammed into “sparse” history.

  • plaintruthforidiots

    Does the book tell the truth about Islam? The truth being that Mohammed was a mass murderer, multiple rapist and a paedophile? Thought not.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      If they did that, wouldn’t stand to include the voluminous history of nasty Christian history, The Crusades, The Albigensian Crusade, the Inquisition, the Thirty Years War, The Conquistadors, and on and on? And why stop there, an entire textbook on religions that cause atrocities world wide could be written. If you are going to open that Pandora’s Box, be ready for the inevitable ride. Any individual with over an IQ of 80 would have to conclude that religion is a terrible excuse for knowledge, both worldly and self.

      • plaintruthforidiots

        Nice try, but you conveniently missed out the fact that Jesus wasn’t a mass murderer, nor was Buddha…
        Any comments? I was talking about the FOUNDER of Islam. Why did you ignore that?

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          Jesus, as represented in the Bible, may have not been a mass murderer, but that character is on record in the NT as predicting it (for his sake). Do I need to quote verse? Do I need to refer to Revelations as an example of mass religious hysteria where the entire world is on fire with people dying in untold numbers (billions by today’s population count). One famous NT quote concerns the product of a belief; “The tree shall be known by its fruit.” Using that standard, the centuries of war, torture and murder in Jesus names sets him far apart from Buddha.

          Also, the best objective ID for Jesus by the best historians today is that he was a freedom fighter against Roman occupation, fighting oppression and as it still often is today, religion was part of it. The myths that identify him today to believers came much later after the fact of his Roman execution. His time is also separated from Christianity by a huge, cataclysmic event, The War of the Jewish Uprising.

      • Sloppo

        The Crusades were military responses to the invasion and colonization of Europe by Islamists. The Crusades started about 4 centuries after Islamic invaders began the conquest of Europe. If you sincerely wish those Crusades had not happened, perhaps you should live the rest of your life in an Islamic country so you could enjoy what Europe would have been with no Crusades.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          I don’t view history as in a wish list; I learn it for what it is and don’t seek to deny or twist it into myths to satisfy my bias. I know what the Crusades were about, and a latent, very latent response to Islamic invasion is just one of the causes. They weren’t a response to Moors occupying Spain because no crusade was ever sent against them. Real fighting in Spain against Moors did not start until after the Crusades ended when the Spanish contingent of the Knights Templar became The Knights of Christ and made their “raison d’etre” that after the suppression of the Templar’s (whose stated mission had become irrelevant after the final loss of “Outremer” (as it was called). The cause was an alleged denial of Christian pilgrim’s access to “The Holy Land” and alleged violence against them. One actual cause was the denial of access to trade routes. Another reason for the Crusades was that the expectation of the Second Coming at the end of the first millennium hadn’t transpired and it was then imagined that the absence of Christian control of Jerusalem and surrounding territories was the explanation.

          You need to re-visit the history of the Crusades, all of them. They attacked Christians and sacked Constantinople, brutally murdering Christians. They attacked Christian communities all over the Balkans in the same way. The final Crusade, The Albigensian Crusade did not even start off as a crusade against Islam, but a “heretical” Christian sect. The Albigensian Crusade was also the starting point for the Inquisition and the brutal Dominican Order (established by Dominic Guzman in France, not Spain).

          I care enough about history (and being objective about it) that I spent a couple months in Southern France tracing the history of that crusade alone. I am proud that I am descended from a famous Norman line, but I also know that my ancestors were some of the more enthusiastic of the Church’s dupes. Promises of booty and eternal absolution for all participants went a long ways, too. Then there was the Children’s Crusade, where some (that didn’t die on their journey in Europe) ended up getting on ships (owned by Christians) in Italy, that sold them to Muslims.

          The crusades concluded with the Albigensian internal one. Europeans were finally disgusted with it all. After a couple centuries of having their manpower drain and spectacles like the Children’s Crusades and the Albigensian (Kill them all, God will know his own), Reformation resulted, a move that began centuries of religious wars in Europe and killed uncounted numbers of people and opened the door to the enhanced spread of the bubonic plague. The Thirty Years War and the English Civil War in the 17th century shaped the religious fanaticism that still affects many whites right here in America, preventing us from moving forward. Instead, we have a legacy of whites killing whites for centuries, and still nearly ready to go on doing it today.

      • emiledurk16

        Please don’t condescend with the “anyone with an IQ over 80” shtick.
        Science and reason has its place and value, but so does faith, my friend.
        Science pushes back the unanswerable questions, but as Newton would say. doesn’t answer them.

      • SFLBIB

        The problem with this idea is that whatever crimes were committed by Christians in the name of Christianity were done contrary to the teachings of Christ. Those committed by Muslims were/are done in accordance with the teachings of Mohammed. In short, jihad begot the Crusades.

        • Katherine McChesney

          Christianity should never be linked to Roman Catholism. The two are diametrically opposed what with the RC intrusion into politics. It is also a ghastly world power which has murdered millions who did not want to bow to a pagan such as the Pope.

          • SFLBIB

            I repeat, whatever crimes were committed by Christians in the name of Christianity were done contrary to the teachings of Christ.

  • Nice Guy

    How about y’all just take your kids out of public schools? If everyone of sense did this, all that’d be left in public schools would be the ne’er-do-wells and riff-raff not worth mentioning. They’re animals, so let them lose their souls! Homeschool your kids, you decent, hard-working, Christian Americans, and let the rest of the pagans and heathens rot. Have a lovely day!


    “Prentice Hall’s World History program brings history ot [sic] life, shows how history matters and motivates students to succeed. This highly acclaimed program offers a highly visual, engaging current events update providing a snapshot of significant events such as the 2012 national elections and events in the Middle East, that have the potential to shape the national and international landscapes.”

    pearsonschool . com/index.cfm?locator=PS1xP9

    This is all well and good and implies that students study history because it has had an influence on our lives. I was able to find the table of contents of two of Prentice Hall’s World History books:

    Survey Edition Table of Contents:

    assets . pearsonschool . com/asset_mgr/current/201132/WH%202011%20survey%20TOC_35280 . pdf

    The Modern Era Table of Contents:

    assets . pearsonschool . com/asset_mgr/current/201132/MWH%202011%20TOC . pdf

    They both had “Chapter 3 The Beginnings of Our Global Age:
    Europe and the Americas,” but the table didn’t list the page numbers. Knowing that Christopher Columbus is persona non grata these days, I was specifically looking for the book’s
    coverage, if any, of his voyages of discovery. If any events in history had an influence on our lives, these voyages certainly did and should be given extensive coverage. The tables didn’t provide any information regarding Columbus.

    Also, “covering information about Christianity and Judaism in seven chapters” can be misleading because the information could be spread so thin that the student would get the impression that they are unimportant.

  • WR_the_realist

    What I know about Islam is this: We had far less trouble with that religion back in the days when Muslims stayed out of our countries and we stayed out of theirs.

    • kjh64

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. We need to keep muzzies out of our country and not be in theirs. Things would be a lot more people.

  • obot

    Where’s the protest from the ACLU and other left-wing cretins?

    • Katherine McChesney

      I just received a flyer from the ACLJ, which is suing the U.N. for it’s involvement in making Christianity a crime. Fifty-seven Islamic Countries are pressing for a U.N. rulling against Christianity.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    Many posters here think that the U.S. is a theocracy or ought to be in practice. The problem is that they lost that argument when the religious territorial system of the American Colonies ended when the U.S. came into being. They’ve been fighting to reinstate it as best they can ever since. In the settling of the West, many religions were attempting to establish religious colonies, the Mormons are most famous, but they were far from the only ones trying. (I live within 70 miles of a famous Quaker attempt. Sam Hill was a Quaker that tried to set one up here in the Northwest. It gave birth to the phrase, “What in the Sam Hill?).” This is a major flaw in the White Realist movement or whatever you wish to call it. It guarantees a healthy dose of hypocrisy remains.

    • kjh64

      I don’t think the US ought to be a theocracy and believe in separation of church and state. However, when it comes to religion, Christianity is and has always been the largest religion here and has shaped American AND Western culture for centuries and has played a huge role in our history and that of Europe’s, etc. Islam is a foreign, alien system that is part religion, part law, part culture, part politics, etc., and today it is whitewashed while Christianity is bashed.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Quakers are communist leaning.

  • emiledurk16

    A sign of the times (politically correct times) that Islam should be venerated whilst Christianity denigrated.
    For those of the politically correct bent (fortunately, none here) it counters their cherished god of Reason (the indisputable rightness of the “Enlightenment”) seeing that most terror and wantonness evokes from the peaceful religion of Mohammedism.
    I’ll take a white Christian as my friend and defend us with what I have left.

  • mrcan

    The textbook is a trial balloon. How to introduce Islam and ignore Christianity. Nothing at the elite level is accidental. Sadly many Westerners negative experience of church have convinced them to behave aggressively towards Christianity, without even knowing the long range consequences of their actions. As with Hollywood the medieval epics always show the Muslims as being superior. The uber rich want a totalitarian religion to control the masses, in the same vein as their attempts to breed out White Europeans who are more committed to individualism and democratic ideals.

  • Garrett Brown

    Why not tear out every page about religion entirely? Problem solved.

    • Sick of it

      You’d lose a good part of European and American history that way.

      • Garrett Brown

        It would actually be a very small percentage, especially in the US. And if those parts of “history” are religiously influenced that would only be for the better.

        • Sick of it

          Considering that ALL of the trash elements in our modern society come from the anti-religious end of things, I’d have to say you are completely mistaken. Otherwise you will have to instruct me as to how old school Christianity led to muslim invasions, the Mexican invasion, and race mixing generally…when compared to godless Communism.

          • Garrett Brown

            All? That’s an incredibly ignorant and incorrect statement. Religion, namely Christianity is one of the main reasons we are in this situation in the first place, especially America. The people that send millions of their dollars to foreign aid are Christian. The people that adopt African babies are Christian/Catholic or one of their by products. The reason the immigration acts and civil rights acts began in the first place is because white societies became too tame, too kind. White Christians now think they have an actual moral obligation to help everyone who doesn’t have the same benefits and living conditions they do. Kennedy himself said when he was trying to push this bull on the country that “that’s what god would want us to do”. Johnson supported and reiterated the same mantra when he passed them and finished what Kennedy started.

  • Whirlwinder

    Islam is an alien invasion of our Christian based nation. Send them back to their evil nations because if we do not, it will be the beginning of he end of our civilization.

    • emiledurk16

      Actions of recent times have Illustrated the intent and philosophy of Mohamadism, despite the predictable protestation of the white liberal (a cancer to our anatomy) that “most Islamics are not terrorists”.
      I think you and I can see through this duplicity, and will steel ourselves for what’s true. (Despite what Marxists like Obama and Hillory might exude in public.)
      Not everyone and not every culture is equal.
      As if we didn’t know that.

  • MartelC

    this reminds of how classes in england “teach” kids about islam by making them kneel face mecca and pray – and the girls – english white girls – cover their heads in hajibs.

    this is not coming from Islam – this is coming from the left – they hate us more than they fear islam. There is also a certain segment of the global elite who remember moorish spain as their ‘golden age’ and have a deep, fantical hatred of Christianity.

    • emiledurk16

      I agree Charles.
      There’s an intrinsic hatred of Christianity these days not only from our “anti-racist” adversaries (as if we’re “racist”) but from the descendants and adherents of the Age of the Enlightenment.
      The commitment to religion is a tangent concerning our cause, but something must be said for tradition.
      A tradition that cohered the volatile instability of Europe (post Empire) for 2,000 years.
      A tradition that is worth something to me.

      • MartelC

        Well said sir!

  • Fr. John+

    “Proponents say people need more time dedicated to the religion because is tied to a great deal of the United States’ foreign affairs, yet few know much about it.”
    It wouldn’t if we didn’t give it life. What you feed, grows. What you starve, dies.

    We should have started starving the Oil Beasts, five decades ago.

  • Paleoconn

    I think it’s fine for them to have a chapter on Islam only. As long as it discusses the destruction that this ideology has wrought since its founding days, and exposes the fraud of it being promoted as the religion of peace.