When We Trust Someone, We Imagine They Look like Us, Says New Study

Katy Winter, Daily Mail (London), November 8, 2013

They say that in life you can only truly rely on yourself.

And, if new research is to be believed, you’re also more likely to trust someone who you think looks like you.

Published in Psychological Science, the research by psychologists at Royal Holloway University shows that if we deem a person trustworthy, we perceive their face to be similar to ours.

So if we trust someone, we not only feel more socially close to them, but imagine they resemble us.

The team from Royal Holloway’s Department of Psychiatry used a computer program to blend each volunteer’s face with two other faces.

They asked participants to decide how much of their face had been used to create the two ‘people’ before they played a game with them both.

In the game one computerised person would betray the participant’s trust, while the other reciprocated it.

Once the game was completed the participants were again asked to rate how much of their own face was contained in each of the two computerised faces.

Regardless of how physically similar the faces actually were, participants reported the ‘person’ who was more trustworthy during the game as looking most like them.

Researcher Harry Farmer says: ‘Recent studies show that when a person looks similar to ourselves, we automatically believe they are trustworthy.

‘Here we show for the first time that the reverse is also true. When a person is shown to be more trustworthy, it can lead us to perceive that person as looking more similar to ourselves.’

These result show that our experienced reality is in fact heavily shaped by our social interactions and may not be as objectively ‘real’ as we think.

Lead author Professor Manos Tsakiris said: ‘Our results show how our perceptions of similarity between us and others extend beyond objective physical characteristics, into the specific nature of social interactions that we have.’


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  • Trusting people that “don’t look like you” will get you robbed, raped, or dead very quick in a lot of American cities.

    • dogbone

      Trusting someone just because they have white skin may also get you killed.

      • Not nearly as likely.

      • John R

        You exaggerate. Not “just because they have White skin.” But, you are MORE LIKELY to trust a White person than a black. You are just trying to use the old liberal trick of caricaturing the opposing viewpoint.

      • Ella

        Blacks have much higher murder rate than Whites have in the US. Though, Whites are still murdered more often by Whites because of crime of passion killings, but it happens significantly less than the Black-on-black homocides. I don’t trust Black males, and I don’t trust all White men. There are some unstable people of all racial groups; you just have to be careful today.

        • Garrett Brown

          You can trust me Ella!

  • Puggg

    I trust a lot of people. Thankfully for them, they look almost nothing like me. Thankfully for the rest of the world, hardly anyone looks much like me.

  • JDInSanD

    Bull. I’ll bet there are many people who trust whites more than their own kind in many situations. Doctors or airplane pilots are a great example. Who you meet while walking down a dark empty, street is another.

  • chrisx2k6 .

    Of course, this doesn’t mean that everyone on this forum is more intelligent than I am as an individual….. But… it’s clear that, on average, whites have superior intellect resulting in vastly superior cultures.

    • Marc Zuckurburg

      We need comprehensive immigration reform.

      Comprehensive immigration reform will raise wages and salaries, strengthen national security, prevent terrorism, enhance our domestic crime-fighting ability, ensure that we continue to encourage the best and brightest to partake of the American dream, enhance our competitiveness and our ability to innovate, and make America more prosperous.

      Make my immigration reform comprehensive, please!

    • Alexandra1973

      I tell you what, you are in a true minority. The number of blacks like you that I personally know of, I can count on one hand.

      If you have the intelligence, by all means, put it to good use!

      • Beetlejuice

        Be careful and don’t let your guard down. We have no way of proving whether this guy is black or a computer engineer just because he says he is, I’ve seen this tactic used by trolls i.e., “Hey, I’m not white but I’m just like you! I love Jared Taylor, American Renaissance and white culture. I wish my own people would wake up and see how great you whites really are.”

        I’ve seen this nefarious strategy used to gain the trust of other posters, who then fully support the troll and come to his defense claiming that even though he’s non white, he’s one of us. The troll then moves in to completely disorient and screw up threads and then entire forums. I assume they are ADL infiltrators.
        Tread cautiously, friend with anyone who claims to be non-white but completely supports white culture and white causes over his own.
        Does this sound like real life to you?

        • Mergatroyd

          I too am suspicious of anyone who claims to be non-White yet who loudly proclaims he supports Whites over his own people. They always portray themselves as doctors, high-end lawyers, computer software engineers, or other seemingly white professions and tell us their parents are doctors or college professors, etc. Often they’ll tell us their married to whites and/or their children are 1/2 white. This is to gain our confidence.

          I agree that they can better support the white race, if that truly is their motive, by telling their fellow blacks exactly what they write here. They need to go over to anti-white black sites and write what they wrote here.

          The article is, after all, about trusting someone who looks like us and who would better listen to blacks than other blacks? With us whites we are instantly smeared as racists or anti-blacks.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Civic trust is inversely proportional to ethnic diversity — as Harvard sociologist Robert Putnam discovered:

    “A bleak picture of the corrosive effects of ethnic diversity has been revealed in research by Harvard University’s Robert Putnam, one of the world’s most influential political scientists. His research shows that the more diverse a community is, the less likely its inhabitants are to trust anyone – from their next-door neighbor to the mayor …” (Financial Times, Oct. 8, 2006)*

    Putnam: “…in the presence of diversity, we hunker down. We act like turtles. The effect of diversity is worse than had been imagined. And it’s not just that we don’t trust people who are not like us. In diverse communities, we don’t trust people who do look like us.”

    “Prof. Putnam found trust was lowest in Los Angeles, ‘the most diverse human habitation in human history’ . . . When the data were adjusted for class, income and other factors, they showed that the more people of different races lived in the same community, the greater the loss of trust.”

    • Ella

      I understand this well. There is a “silence” among Whites since we remain aware of the different European cultures. Overall, someone with a White face might be Russian, Greek. Polish, British or American. It does not mean that we speak the same language or have common interests.

  • Spartacus

    This doesn’t really make sense…

  • John R

    Well, let’s see: I am White. I am more likely to trust White people. Yeah, makes sense. But what about black people? They don’t even trust their own kind as much as they do White people. Oh, well. Another wrong study. Or one that is only true if it’s findings are restricted to Whites.

  • Funruffian

    I have very good intuition about people in general. All people. I consider myself a practitioner of Mental science, even though I am not a psychologist. I am very sensitive to people’s moods and the vibes they give off. When I form an opinion about someone who I just met, I am right about 90% of the time. Trust is hard to come by in this world.

  • John R

    OK. Sorry. Thanks for clarifying. I was referring to trusting in the street sense of the word-among strangers that you see on the street. Yes, I am more likely to trust the ones that look like me. But you are right about politicians. Yes, beware the race traitors.

  • John R

    IF you are indeed black, and you REALLY believe what you just wrote, then, I say, please don’t take offense at what I say on here about your fellow blacks. Any comments that I make were not intended to refer to blacks like you. Welcome to American Renaissance!

    • Beetlejuice

      Keep your guard up and don’t be gullible. Read my post below about infiltrators and subversives who aren’t us but pretend to be just like us to gain our trust.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      So now we have to censor ourselves because of a few posters here who claim to be black supporters of whites? Un, no thanks. Besides that, I agree that if they really support whites, they should be trying to convince other blacks to stop blaming whites for all of their failures. I’m also not convinced that they’re on the level and aren’t infiltrators here to screw up this forum.

  • Anon

    You don’t understand the extent of the problem with blacks. Which is understandable, considering the amount of brainwashing in the western world.

    Blacks don’t have, alot of crime, or alot of problems or problems with low IQ.

    The vast majority of blacks are 1) retarded to the point they can’t read or otherwise function, in any way, in a first world nation and 2) are blatant psychopaths that will rape, rob, murder, or assault you the very second they can get away with it. By almost all, I mean 90%. The other 10% are only mildly slow and criminally oriented in unpredictable ways. They will steal your wallet if you leave it unattended. The other 90% will cut your throat, and then rape your wife. When dragged off by the cops they will shout “I din’ do nuffin” and they really believe that.

    Trust? It’s not even a matter of trust. I highly recommend that you carry a gun. If you so much as see a black person, in any context, you keep your hand on your gun ready to instantly pull it and shoot the black dead and you leave it there the entire time the black person is present.

    THAT is the extent to which black people are untrustworthy.

    I had a situation just the other day. Not sure what set him off. I noticed he was a street person in McDonalds carrying a full military rig backpack (ie all his belongings on his back). I just glanced at him seemingly minding his own business eating an ice cream. I went in the bathroom, into a stall. After a few seconds, he followed me into the bathroom and literally knocks on the door of the stall (who does that….insane people). Pull up my pants, pull out my gun. What do you want. Supposedly, he wanted to know if I smoked and could bum him a light. Something in my demeanor made him leave quickly. Which just goes to show you they aren’t completely retarded. He never saw my gun. But it would have been the last thing he every saw.

    I don’t live in a bad area, by the way. There are no street people where I live. Nothing that would make me think, gee, I better carry a gun with me. But I do (because of experiences like this, lol).

    Think about this incident. Think about incidents you might have had yourself.

    Does what I recommend sound over the top. It’s not. It’s a wise reaction to the reality of what black people are. May you never be in a situation where you wish you had a gun on you, but don’t.

    • I’m glad I haven’t had people knocking on my stall to ostensibly ask for cigarettes. This mama packs.

  • Anna Tree

    Thank you Chrisx2k6 for your honesty and your “work” in explaining our cause.

    Have you read the Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail? If not, here is one point treated in the book: there is this non-white immigrant to France in the book, who joins a bunch of proud French nationalists when France is overtaken by millions of refugees. He is very verbal about his love/respect for the West and the white race and about his complete disagreement/dislike, with all the multiculturalists and multiracialists (I call them multists) and fight against them to death despite knowing the nationalists won’t be able to stop the destruction of France. He told the nationalists they shouldn’t be surprised of somebody like him, that why can’t there be a “black” loving/respecting the white race and civilization and fighting for it when sadly so many whites are traitors to those two. Verbatim: “Every
    White supremacist cause
    —no matter where or when—
    has had blacks on its side. And they didn’t mind fighting for the enemy, either.
    Today, with so many Whites turning black, why can’t a few `darkies’ decide to be
    White? Like me.”

    I have white friends who tell me they wouldn’t mind if the white race disappear, I am glad for anybody who disagree with this, moreover who wordy fight it.

    • Mergatroyd

      Every White Supremacist cause has had FBI or other anti-white infiltrators posing as white supremacists, separatists or nationalists — no matter where or when. The Tea Party is fighting this too and that’s most likely why it’s imploding from within. Anti-Whites know that they’re much more effective working within an organization than outside it engaging in protests.

      Read up on Hal Turner if you want to know about pay offs, infiltrators and double crossings. Same with Skokie Nazi march leader, Frank Collins, who was discovered to be a Jewish pedophile named Franz Joseph Cohen. Later, he just happened to come across a huge cache of gold in Wisconsin, which was most likely a pay off for his role as agent provacateur.

      I could be all wrong about this, but I don’t think I am. As stated above, never let your guard down. Wise advice, indeed.

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        Excellent post. Subversives, infiltrators and agents provocateurs are infamous and legendary in pro-white movements, Frank Collins being just one of many examples. They are patient, and flatter whites while denouncing white enemies to gain entry into the sanctum sanctorum, all the while working for white enemies. They are also masters of deception, lies and spreading rumors.

        Unfortunately, these infiltrators have created a huge amount of distrust amongst pro-white whites because now everyone comes under suspicion as being a possible anti-white infiltrator and anyone can be accused of working for the other side, which is exactly the infiltrators purpose, causing the organization to implode from within. Unlike Asians, our enemies are also able to blend in well with us which gives them a back door into our organizations.

        And there lies the rub: who to trust?

  • blight14

    My goodness, I’m ‘shocked’ at such a discovery! Who could have EVER predicted such a thing?

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      Yes, social sciences, unless they are of the idiotic Marxist kind, “discover” things we all already know or could have imagined ourselves. Most of the time their “researches” are a waste of effort and money.

      • blight14

        I mean really, who could have EVER predicted such a thing……what’s next, the ‘sun rises in the east’?

        • Franklin_Ryckaert

          They’re still doing research on that. Wait for the results.

  • sbuffalonative

    At my last job, I worked with a diverse group of people. Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, and a couple Asians thrown in.

    There was a black woman, Renee, who had it out for me. I caught her red handed with evidence that she tried to set me up. I reported it, with the evidence, to my White boss but she ignored my claims. Renee had been there before me and they were friends.

    There was also a black man who went by the nickname of Willy. Willy and I were good friends. As racially aware as I am, I would trust Willy without question. He went out of his way to help me and I did the same.

    At work, I make it a point never to discuss race even when others are talking about an incident. I’m not going to step into that mine field and give anyone reason to claim that I treated them unfairly based on race because of something I might have said in the past.

    Willy and I never discussed race. But one day on his way home from work, he was jumped, beaten (they broke his nose), and robbed on his walk home. As he was being attacked, he was yelling and pounding on a window for help but no one in his neighborhood came to his aid. Willy never said to me that the attackers were black but I did hear him talking to another black man that the men who attacked him were a couple of ‘n*gg*rs’.

    As I said, I’m racially aware but I try to interact with people I’m forced to be around at work as one-to-one and I judge them by their character and actions toward me.

    The big problem for me is racial perceptions. While most White people I interact with tend to be very open and liberal about race (far from the masses of ‘White racists’ blacks and the media tell us permeate every corner of society), it’s easier for me to ‘trust’ White people because I have lived their ”White experience”. It’s much more difficult (and emotionally draining) to interact with non-whites because not having lived their experience, I have no idea how they perceive or will react to any number of situations or passing comments.

  • sbuffalonative

    If blacks believed anything they say about white people being ‘evil white supremacists’, they would demand we stay away from them.

    But the opposite is true. Regardless of what blacks say, they demand to be around us.
    What’s the first thing a black family does when it has the means to leave their black community? They move to a ‘better’ (White) neighborhood (and then bitch about how their new neighborhood isn’t like their old neighborhood which I have witnessed. Once on a bus on my way from from work. Once at a bus stop on my way to work. Once at a community meeting on neighborhood crime in which a black woman stood up and shouted a screed about white folks attitude toward her. As much as she derided white folks ‘attitude’ toward her (SHE was the one with the ‘attitude’) she wanted live in a white neighborhood.

  • Cannot Tell

    I’m black African and I distrust people of our race as well. I found another black race realist on HalfSigma’s blog. Now I know that there are at least three blacks, including myself, who read AR.

    How did you become a race realist? I became one after reading Michael Levin’s Why Race Matters.

  • You don’t ever need to apologize for who or what you are. You sound more than decent and reasonable.

  • White guilt and black angry are both encouraged from the entertainment world and academia etc.
    I guess because the alternative would be white pride and black self pity, both of which would be considered socially counterproductive by our masters.
    Who seem to prefer us Whites being a constant state of wanting to apologize for our privileges, while blacks can enjoy a feeling of righteousness as you morally lord over us.
    You sound like you’re not taking advantage of this dynamic or are playing the game, so respect to you.

  • The saddest part is that there is a big contingent and percentage of white people who are not quite us here in WN/EN/RR/HBD City but are close, that are far more willing to listen to a “white people rid thyself of white guilt” message from a black or other non-white person than from a white person. IOW, the “almost there but not quite there” whites still have the notion that they need permission and validation from non-whites. We have work to do.

    • Beetlejuice

      Disagree. Don’t be so gullible. WE have work to do on our own people. Blacks who support whites should work on their fellow blacks, not whites.

  • The problem with that approach is that it can be a little lonely.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      I stick with my family only and a few trusted, life-long friends. I’ve never been lonely and I feel safe knowing these people feel the exact same way I do. There are so many PC, black supporting whites now it could be suicide to trust them.

  • emiledurk16

    I’m unfamiliar with the psychology of trust.
    Sometimes, unfortunately, even a family member fails this expectation; although I’m fortunate enough not to have experienced such.
    Concerning our cause, it is quite apparent to me that, excepting a minimum of deviations, a trust and normal compassion of one’s own race is right and natural.
    Absent any enmity for others, I feel more comfortable and trusting with my own kind.
    Grounds for scorn (outside this forum); but so be it.

  • PesachPatriot

    I live in florida too, a little further south than you and I have noticed that jamaicans tend to look down on both american and haitian blacks in this state…they dislike the american ones for welfare mooching/scamming/crime and they dislike the haitians for not speaking english in a country they voluntarily immigrated too…

  • Nice Guy

    I trust my wife implicitly.

    • ograf

      Sorry Nice Guy, believe it or not sometimes wives actually betray us. You have a gem of a wife. You are lucky, I wasn’t 🙁

      • Nice Guy

        That sucks. I feel for you. 🙁

      • Katherine McChesney

        What was YOUR part in the betrayal? In a relationship there are two sides of every story. Furthermore, ONE person is never the sole failure in a relationship. You may have to admit that YOU made a mistake in marrying someone against your better judgement.

        • ograf

          My part of the betrayal was that I was faithful to my marriage vows, and when I got married there was no indication that my spouse would do any different. As for your job as a psychic I suggest you keep your day job.

        • ograf

          My part was honoring my wedding vows and trusting her to do the same. I posted before as a reply, but I can’t find it. In case it got deleted I suggested to you that as a psychic you suck.

    • Sick of it

      Trusting your wife is one thing. Trusting a guy you really don’t know much about is another. It’s the same re: trusting one’s family…the further out you go, the more likely they are to betray you.

      • Nice Guy

        Yeah, in that case, I trust no one besides the white people who live within the four walls of my house.

        • QuinnTheEskimo9

          That’s what it comes down to. Some survivalists suggest forming family compounds or moving together onto the same block. I’m seeing this quietly being done in my own area, family members moving in across the street from each other or next door, etc., more lately than I’ve ever seen before and I think it’s a great idea.

          • Nice Guy

            It’s about homesteading, the only real defense when the sh*t hits the fan.

    • Jack Burton

      You trust your wife… until you can’t trust her. Same goes for anyone.

      Being naive and a fool is when there is evidence you shouldn’t trust someone yet you still do.

      • Nice Guy

        Just remember what ol’ Jack Burton says at a time like this…


        Jack Burton! Me!

  • Andy

    How does black body language differ from white body language?

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      Because they aren’t us, that’s why. Their brains are smaller and are wired differently. Blacks have no impulse control, no future orientation, no governor to hold back violence. Always be wary around blacks no matter how many times the social scientists tell you that they’re exactly like us. They aren’t and you may pay with your life if you hesitate to stop and read their body language.

      • Andy

        Well, I actually asked how. I understand why it might but I’m curious as to the specific differences.

  • GOD

    I’m not a people person, so I don’t trust people in general. Even Whites, since there are so many liberals. Of course, blacks are at the top of my “Do Not Trust” list and yes, it absolutely includes the smiling “friendly” ones too.

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      Well, if you call yourself “GOD” I can imagine you are not exactly a “people person”!

    • Katherine McChesney

      Any human being who calls himself “God” is NOT to be trusted.

      • GOD

        Or Katherine. Wtf are you talking about anyway??

      • GOD

        Or Katherine.

  • Beetlejuice

    You are being disingenuous. That’s NOT what you said in your original post, “Trusting someone just because they (sic) have white skin may also get you killed.”

    “Someone” does not specifically mean politicians and religious figures. If that’s what you meant why didn’t you write that.

    Use of “someone” refers to any given white and if that’s what you meant then that makes you an anti-white.

    Get a clue: Words have meaning. I won’t even go into your poor use of English grammar, i.e., “someone” is singular.

  • Beetlejuice

    Why don’t you work on your fellow blacks then?
    Why don’t you tell THEM how much we whites have done for them and tell them at the same time to quit assaulting and attacking us. That is how you could better help the white race if your claim is valid and that’s what you really want to do. Why do you feel it’s your job to help whites assuage their guilt?

    Your time would be better spent doing that. Blacks will listen to other blacks more than they’ll listen to us.

  • JTK

    Don’t ever trust a practicing Muslim. Some of them look White, and classified as such by our government. They are obligated by their religion to lie and deceive unbelievers. There are two forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, taqiyya and kitman. These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause Islam – in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.

    • Sick of it

      Some seem genuinely nice…and then kill people out of nowhere. Very good advice.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      Jews too.

  • Jack Burton

    It’s not so much trust as it is playing a chess game. You should always be thinking at least 1 step ahead for your own protection. You should be prepared to mitigate damage.

  • Jack Burton

    There are nearly always red flags, people just aren’t paying attention.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      They’ve been taught not to pay attention. We are told constantly that blacks are exactly like us in every single way and that race is only a social construct. You may pay with your life if you believe that. We must keep spreading the word, especially to our young white daughters to stay far away from blacks.

  • Sick of it

    Asian folks might surprise you with their racism. And it used to be much worse, which is why so many of the people in Asia look the way they do today.

    • IstvanIN

      What do you mean “by the way they look today”? What would there “racism” have to do with their appearance, other than remaining “oriental” looking? I am just curious. Thanks.

      • Sick of it

        Remaining? The ancient Tocharians did not look like the modern Chinese.

  • Sick of it

    Do you know how old the prejudice against “acting white” is within the black community? I’m honestly curious because I know that American blacks once preferred to act more like white people than the opposite.

  • Erasmus

    When the number of things that can harm you in this world is orders of magnitude greater than the things that can help you, it’s obvious why fear and mistrust are emotions more basic than trust and love.

    Genes are selfish. Like favors like.

    The next time anyone tells you to “Celebrate Diversity!”, before you tell him to ram it up his cornchute, ask him, if when he meets a stranger at a party, do they first try to find what they share in common or how they differ. If they’re honest, even they’ll admit that its their similarities, and not their differences, that allow them to establish a rapport.

  • Jack Burton

    LOL, well that would count out the majority of Whites worldwide including Europeans.