14 More Correctional Officers Indicted in Connection With BGF Case

CBS Baltimore, November 21, 2013

Federal investigators believe more than half of the corrections officers at the Baltimore City jail helped inmates smuggle in contraband. A new set of officers has just been indicted.


The total number currently stands at 44 Black Guerrilla Family gang members and their associates indicted on federal charges; 27 of those are correctional officers at the Baltimore City Detention Center.

The affidavit reads like a box office film: correctional officers smuggling drugs in their private parts, some of them prostituting themselves out to inmates and members of the Black Guerrilla Family charging non-BGF gang members rent to live in the jail and even watch TV.

The investigation into the Baltimore City Detention Center led to the indictment of 19 additional people, 14 of them correctional officers.

The jailhouse saga started back in April when 13 guards and several inmates were indicted on federal racketeering and conspiracy charges.

Tavon White, a former inmate and named leader of the BGF gang, pleaded guilty to using correctional guards to help run his lucrative drug operations while behind bars.

The affidavit shows the feds are now getting a clearer picture of the illegal happenings in jail with 14 anonymous cooperators, who witnessed the intimidation and criminal activity first-hand.


A former correctional officer says 50 percent or more of the officers smuggled contraband into BCDC, some concealing the drugs and cell phones in food in their clothing.


A corrupt officer now off the job told investigators he or she made $10,000-$15,0000 a week from pushing contraband.

According to another cooperator listed in the affidavit, 95 percent of all the working men are BGF gang members.


Of the latest correctional officers indicted Thursday, two of them are supervisors.

If convicted, the correctional officers face up to 20 years in federal prison.

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  • libertarian1234

    Everything and every place that has a large percentage of blacks involved turns into a third world failure.

    People that have lived a stone-age type of existence for 5000 years, locked into a hunter/gatherer mode, are not going to magically turn smarter, less violent and less hostile just because they change locations and wear different clothes.

    • JohnEngelman

      The stone age began about two millions years ago. Otherwise, I largely agree with you. Urban civilization increases the number of descendants intelligent people have, while reducing the number of descendants physically aggressive people have.

      The Bantu never developed indigenous civilizations. Large numbers of them only began living in cities during the last century. Urban areas where blacks live are not known for civilized behavior.

      • Funruffian

        What else can we expect from Bantus? Criminality is (SOP) for them, Standard Operating Procedure. The difference between their half-functioning brains and regular systematic procedures developed by other races is that they lack the prescience and complex machinations required to pull off their scheme. They always get caught by those willing to turn them in.

        • M&S

          Read the full story.
          Ask yourself: Where are these lowest-of-lowlifes getting 50 dollars to pay for a Percocet to leave the rat’s nest they live in for a few hours of buzz?
          Where are the next grade up on the slime scale getting 90 pills worth of smiley face with which to make 4,500 dollars in profit?
          HOW are these incarcerated no-lifes able to provide such an enormous cash flow that one individual says he was making 10-15,000 dollars _a week_?
          Now set up the scenario: Say a veteran CO with a family makes 40,000 a year and a junior CO makes about 25,000. Say that the 10-15,000 is gross from which supplier fees, bribes and general distribution of largesse has to be accounted and _individual_ officers are only making 10% of this or 1,500 dollars a week.
          Do the math: 52 X 1,500 = 78000 in supplementals. All tax free, all discretionary as cash.
          You have now gone from a low or mid income, blue collar, worker level of material wealth enablement to a low middle class white collar job equivalency.
          With such a profit motive, nobody will ever beat prison corruption and until and unless we acknowledge the need to _build lives_ through wealth allocation that gives people a sense of permanency as material success, they will ALWAYS look for ways to beat the system, even if it means crashing it.
          This as much as anything is why importing low intelligence wage slaves is ultimate going to destroy our nation. Because they will not abide as such and they will crash the system trying to become more than what their work product deserves to be paid.
          Read the lines about the DA ‘thanking the mayor and all the interservice agencies who helped with the investigation’. Sound like a politician giving check-in-the-mail alerts to rent seekers?
          Good, because that’s exactly what it is. The system is seeking out corruption it _creates_, as job insurance, by enabling low IQ morons into positions where it can subsequently police state them via ever greater levels of oversight and micromanagement.
          And guess what? We’re the losers because 13+19 = 32 lives. If half of those face 20 years sentences as RICO convicts, you are looking at 24,000 dollars a year for minimum and 40,000 for maximum security imprisonment _for them too_.
          Do the math: 20 X 16 X 24,000 = 7.68 million dollars, _not_ including the half a million or more needed to prosecute these bastards who WILL fight it because 20 years is such an extreme sentence they have nothing to lose from an extended jury trial as the possibility of procedural misconduct subject to an appeal..
          Compare this to the reality of what these OPs were doing if, as a racket they make 2.5 million dollars a year (32 X 78,000 = 2,496,000), over 20 years, they will have made 50 million.
          And that 50 million dollars will have gone straight into the economy as material purchases which keep prices low by keeping trade in flow. Whereas the government will pump it’s 8 million dollars right back into the corrupt prison environment as a separate society which has next to no functional, economic, interaction with the rest of us.
          AT ALL.
          This is why our society is breaking apart.
          This is why we _desperately_ need robots. Because robots don’t live in the miasma of broken hope and hateful resentment as bad behavior that encourages normal people to take advantage of the helpless (and ‘charging rent’ or ‘cable TV’ access rights is abhorrent when these people have no means to escape the cruelty of gang ‘protection racket’ scheming).
          Robots give one man the equivalent of five men’s daily work product. If you pay him 20,000 New Dollars a year (because the USD is a broken currency and ALL our jobs are massively overpaid compared to global norms) and give him Social Credits equivalent to Bit Coin for his robots, while taxing those robots, either directly or via directed labor taskings, ALL of us could live at 78,000 dollar a year level.
          And NONE of use would mind doing scut labor for which our contribution would be maintaining the bots, downloading the skillset program and driving them to the job site.
          If you want to kill corruption, acknowledge the reality that capitalism as we know it is non-functional in an environment where some people make millions for sitting on their asses, talking large, while others live in the certainty that their jobs _which no one else will do_ will never let them own the finer things in life which give them hope as dreams.
          I believe in Central Government. But I believe in it as a broker buying huge lots of material goods so that people can get wholesale prices on everything from houses to reproductive rights to college and retirement plans to refrigerators and automobiles, to luxury goods electronics and bling.
          I _do not_ believe in a Central Government which taxes us into social immobility while making sure we all know we are just a _rent_ check away from complete social disenfranchisement.
          That is the road to complete societal disillusionment which enables these ‘institutions’ of separate existence as rent-seeking corruption from the top as much as the bottom.
          Such is not sustainable. It represents ‘turnover’ at HUGE waste, in dwindling resources which could and should be passed down through generations. And the inability of people to do better, simply by agreeing to live well within the context of a moral society.
          I only wish, we could do it separately from the other races that we might give a hand up rather than a hand out, to those with whom we should have absolutely no intent to breed or share our resources.

      • M&S

        Oh I dunno…
        Urban Civilization takes white agrarians and pastoralists away from the day to day reality of having to kill or harvest what you eat and therefore distances us from the awareness that every birth and every death lies on a hierarchial scale of dominance as predation.
        That has made us racially soft and stupidly trusting of those who are not like us because their genetic algorithm is not ours. NOT because they are ‘more primitive’ but rather because they are specifically optimized along a different evolutionary pathway from ours.
        UC makes nominally intelligent people into hyperspecialists, dependent on the good will of an external limiting government as an unspoken ‘thing’ whose authority evil men hide behind rather than a known hand across a meal table, shaking on a deal as your given word.
        UC makes it possible for the distant and arbitrary ideals of ‘policy’ governance to dictate social behaviors based on expectations of subjugation to the ideal rather than to living people, based on simple barter of goods and services in the moment.
        All because UC clumps people together as specialist class labor units like component machine parts rather than having to negotiate good faith contracts with individuals whose views are truly unique because _they_ are too geographically distant and independent to be subject to constant oversight as enforcement of governing policies.
        UC governance gives preferential treatment to blacks, females and other ‘under privileged’ types via the benefits of individual negotiation and class elevation because it is by threatening to give /even more/ to these groups that it maintains absolute boot-to-neck control over those whose best interests it is _supposed_ to represent.
        Corralling UCites into neat little cubby hole positions of economic identity means they cannot survive if it takes away the social position as reputation by which they do business. And so they dare not complain because they have ‘so much more to lose’ rather than too much freedom to be bothered by petty sniping from other individuals (see: why ‘racist’ hurts more than racism ever did).
        UC is an enslavement system which uses crowd herding techniques on a grand scale sir.
        But the surest sign that it is a failed human rather than naturally homeostatic system as ‘superior moral institution’ with manifest destiny to exclude the stupid and uplift the righteously intelligent is the manner by which _it does not breed_ smarts.
        Rather it narrows the niches into which these hyperspecialist ‘smart people’ can function while broadening the fat hips of mediocrity until the former are buried by the latter, just like Kruschyev said would happen.
        A large part of this is due to the fact that UC is female friendly which is to say ‘safe’ in a manner that allows them to think they can leave the house as biological role to venture into a big, bad, male world and take away jobs as salaries by hyperinflating the labor pool and dictating policies which are supportive of their ‘special needs’ (no male behaviors which shock or intimidate, massive child support packages, ultimate female accommodation rather than competitive methods of management unto destruction).
        Rather than useful to the species as simple reproduction has to be.
        Having said all this, I am still a centrist.
        I believe that small urban communities of no more than 20,000 total souls form stable environmental synergies in which every genetically compatible skillset can find an application. I believe in a central government which uses taxation to purchase in bulk consumer goods which it then sells at wholesale rates in trade for Social Credts (see: Bit Coin) rather providing ‘services’ whose withholding becomes a threat of denial.
        What I do not believe in is the notion that other peoples can or deserve to make this shift from major UC clusters to minor ones, with us.
        Because every black/Asian/Hispanic presence in a small white community is that much more of a TFR threat because they either want to breed into us, destroying our intelligence and competitive work ethic. Or be supported as separate communities, again taking away from the common weal that which is forever pie divided into other economic groups.
        For Corporatists and Socialists (aka control freak consumer who exploit crowd psychologies to take more than they return) this is the creation of ‘market force’ as demographic isolates of resource hogs whose care and feeding provides them niche` profit as power enablement. But such economic exclusivism only works so long as they take from a majority who are smart, highly productive and willing to lose a significant segment of their work product to the pay off of protection money to a hostile alien population.
        When either resources or white populations to exploit them run short, ‘smart people’ who have made their money selling out their fellow whites run away to far off lands as the dystopian miasma they have created collapses to entropy.
        The depths of their delusion then becomes obvious in that there they expect to live as ‘human beings’ (aka Diasporic Jews) within racially separate enclaves as they have here.
        And unlike here, they will find no government willing to shelter them when it can take their wealth and pogrom them just as the Jews were exploited and robbed and sent on their merry way.
        True ‘Smartness’ (aka common sense) is thus under attack from the top and from the bottom as UC teaches people to opportunistically exploit and destroy the very racial as genetic algorithm base which affinity group protects them, expecting only that they return the favor.
        Your entire view of life is warped sir.
        Ethnically homogenous countries like China and Israel will rule the world and white intelligence as conceptually created the modern UC will be slaughtered and cross or de-bred unto extinction.
        Is it that you are so anti-white that you cannot see a role for whites, in our own homogenous nations? Are we such a threat to your precious Asians and other people of high regard in your opinion?
        Or is it that you honestly don’t see that Asians represent the worst of the breed-unto-entropy resource depleters. While Jews represent the worst of the ‘who cares about them, they aren’t me’ elitist exploiters?
        Read my lips: ONLY WHITES have mastered the rule of cold.
        Which, ironically as a ‘Savannah Principle’ inheritance of tens of thousands of years ago, still instinctively instructs us never to take more from the environment than it can give again, next year. And never to breed more than we can feed the woman as the child whose successful pregnancy is the key to our own genetic survival.
        Every other racial group on the planet makes babies until they choke the environment they live in and then turns inwards to inbreeding and cronyism and corruption to try and ‘control’ by exclusion what is otherwise competitively unavailable through total population occupancy of all available land.
        This sensitivity to environmental shock as over-competed access to resources is part of what is driving down our own TFRs.
        Yet because we are both morally altruistic and environmentally as self-conservative, Whites do not need other races to survive. We have the empathy and the discipline, to live without them.
        The same cannot be said in reverse. Whites in forced companionship with other races have no future. Their bad habits will destroy all that is good in us.
        This is what your ‘civilized behavior’ is bringing to us. And you are no friend of intelligence if you truly endorse it.

    • dogbone

      “People that have lived a stone-age type of existence for 5000 years,
      locked into a hunter/gatherer mode, are not going to magically turn
      smarter, less violent and less hostile just because they change
      locations and wear different clothes.”

      They hunt white woman and gather money.

      They have been living in the stone-age for a lot longer than 5000 years.

  • No mug shots provided, none needed. Most of them look like older more haggy versions of Rachel Jeantel.

  • Svigor

    Blacks are notoriously corrupt. Well, among those willing to trust their own lying eyes, anyway.

  • Jesse James

    I wonder how far we are from well healed drug dealers just buying their way back out of black administrator controlled prisons. White institutions work best when run and staffed by whites.

  • Puggg

    I said this before here when this scandal first broke, and running the risk of being repetitive and sending ole Puggey here to the pound, I’ll say it again, as someone who is in this line of work.

    Nothing about this story has surprised me.

    In a normal world, where you have male inmates, you want the guards to be men. But in a black town like Baltimore that’s affirmative action happy, you add race to the mix and their ideal is that all the guards should be black men. But a lot of black men have rap sheets and this makes them prohibited to hire into law enforcement jobs.

    So you want men, but more than that you want black. What’s your only option left?

    Black women.

    And I bet a big percentage if not a majority of the guards in the male wing of this jail were black women.

    Even when you have white men inmates and white women as guards, naughty stuff is going to happen. When everyone is black, a whole lot of naughty stuff is inevitable.

    • Xerxes22

      The city of Baltimore should apply for some H-1B visas to bring over some prison guards from Nigeria or some other African country. They get a cushy job which pays more than ten times as much as they make back home. If they are caught smuggling or doing any thing illegal, they are fired and sent back home. Thus losing a good job and a chance of a green card.

      • Puggg

        Or dare I suggest Baltimore become part of America again?

        • MBlanc46

          It’s ours. We built it. We should take it back.

    • The black deputies at the Denver County Jail were some of the most needlessly nasty ones there in 2001. There was one who liked to wake up the whole damned unit from sound sleep – where were weren’t bothering him or anyone else – by blasting the morning traffic report on the radio at full volume. Certainly none of us needed to commute to work those mornings, and idiot-boy was already at work. He was doing it just because he could. I wrote a note to the captain about it, and he cut that stuff right out; ratting on a deputy doesn’t count.

      • Puggg

        At my particular salt mines, that kind of thing on the part of either me or one my colleagues would garner a suspension, at least a few days maybe a whole week.

  • Triarius

    When “keepin’ it real” goes wrong.

  • Spartacus

    Diversity is our greatest strength. 2+2=5

    • Andrew

      To be honest there isn’t much diversity in jail…

  • Maybe guards should be searched upon entering a “facility” just as inmates are.

  • Rusty Shackelford

    Color me shocked that this happened. Prostiuting themselves out and smuggling drugs in private parts, so the expected took place – black females are allowed to guard black men, and being inclined to fall for the alpha thug types, they help them out. I wonder how many of these guards got knocked up with future little Trayvons.

    • I wonder how many of them ended up as unintended walking “petri dish” repositories for various STDs.

      I had a week of orientation classes in prison quite early on, and the warden told us in very blunt terms that a female staff member who is having sex with one inmate is probably doing it with a whole bunch of them. “It’s dangerous; don’t do it,” he stress.

    • Katherine McChesney

      There’s a “Tavon” in the article. Another dumb black name.

  • Jim Henry

    The Inner Cities have a completely foreign culture than the rest of the country. There is a certain camaraderie among the residents. They all have the perception that they are victims of discrimination, many are interrelated, most have relatives who are, or were, incarcerated and the C.O.’s easily identify with the inmates. Imagine the pressure placed upon the Department of Correction employees by their neighbors to “look out for the brothers”.

    This is an un-winnable situation. My solution is to outsource our prisons to other countries. Imagine how many vacant Gulags are sitting idle in Russia. Not to mention the cost savings. In addition,…aw never mind, it will never happen.

    • IstvanIN

      A huge percentage of inner city residents are half-siblings and cousins because of indiscriminate sexual liaisons. They are devolving at an astounding rate.

  • Ograf

    Excuse me, I uhh, was just wondering if any of these criminals just happened to be african americans ??

  • Bob

    I was channel surfing the other night and on one of the “newthink” channels there was a show about female prison guards of Dallas or something and I could not help but notice that 90% of the corrections were clueless blacks.

  • IstvanIN

    From Baltimore to Zimbabwe we see what a black “managed” society is like.

  • I can only sit in stunned amazement at a guard pulling in $10K to $15K a *week* running contraband. That’s about $500,000 to $750,000 a year! What does a black jail guard from Baltimore do with that kind of money: send their kids to boarding school in Gstaad, Switzerland?

    • IstvanIN

      She spends it at “da club”, on weaves and nails. We would be millionaires in short order, not them.

  • negrolocaust

    6 PEOPLE. white people that is, have been attacked in knockout attacks in CT so much so that yale university is warning student staff and faculty about the attacks . they are not telling them blacks are doing the attacks though . either way google it because it wont let me provide the link or i would have.

  • newscomments70

    ” 44 Black Guerrilla Family gang members and their associates indicted on federal charges” Why are these subhumans even allowed to live on our soil? When can we apply the obvious solution?

  • Bobbala

    … maybe this is why prison does not seem to deter anything?

    • Certainly not blacks and browns, anyway. It’s not like they’re missing time away from decent jobs or worried about how the missus is going to make the mortgage payments on her own!

      • IstvanIN

        Prison is their all inclusive resort.

      • itdoesnotmatter

        Agree, MCS, and with some states imposing limitations on background checks, the problem will only get worse.

      • Reverend Bacon

        “And in all that brown, the sun went down.” – The Color Kittens, Margaret Wise Brown
        Who knew that the author of “Goodnight Moon” was such a prophet?

  • itdoesnotmatter

    Check out these names:


    Jamar Anderson, aka Hammer and Hamma Head, 24, of Baltimore
    Derius Duncan, aka D or Lil D, 24, of Baltimore
    Joseph Young, aka Monster, 30, of Baltimore
    Current and former correctional officers:
    Antonia Allison, 27; of Baltimore
    Ebonee Braswell, 27; of Baltimore
    Chania Brooks, 28, of Baltimore
    Tiffany Linder, 27, of Baltimore

    Outside suppliers:

    James Yarborough, aka J.Y., 27, of Baltimore

    16 defendants charged in the original indictment have pleaded guilty to their participation in the racketeering conspiracy.

    Tavon White, 36, of Baltimore
    Steven Loney, 24, of Baltimore
    Kenneth Parham, 24, of Baltimore
    Jermaine McFadden, 25, of Baltimore

    Correctional officers:

    Kimberly Dennis, 26, of Baltimore
    Jasmin Jones, aka J.J., 25, of Baltimore
    Taryn Kirkland, 23, of Baltimore
    Katrina Laprade, aka Katrina Lyons, 31, of Baltimore
    Vivian Matthews, 26, of Essex
    Jennifer Owens, aka O and J.O., 31, of Randallstown
    Adrena Rice, 25, of Baltimore
    Katera Stevenson, aka KK, 25, of Baltimore
    Jasmine Thornton, aka J.T., 26, of Glen Burnie

    Outside suppliers:

    Tyesha Mayo, 30; of Baltimore
    Tyrone Thompson, 36, of Baltimore
    Teshawn Pinder, 24, of Baltimore

    • Puggg

      Probably every CO indicted here is a black woman. I would bet that somewhere between half and three-quarters of the COs at Baltimore City Jail are black women.

      • “Probably every CO indicted here is a black woman.”

        All the CO names ItDoesNotMatter listed above are women’s names.

        My hunch is that most of the staff at this jail are black women for the simple reason that most of the black men in Baltimore probably have prior felonies and would thus never pass the pre-hire background checks for law-enforcement work.

        • Katherine McChesney

          Black women with names that don’t fit them are “Tiffany” and “Jasmine”.

          • Some of those are indeed pretty goofy. “Adrena” probably might have been “Andrea”, except that her 13 year-old mother was an illiterate crack-head.

          • itdoesnotmatter

            I wonder if Adrena’s middle name is Lin?

        • Reverend Bacon

          “most of the black men in Baltimore probably have prior felonies ”
          And soon, a whole bunch more black women will have prior felonies.

      • itdoesnotmatter

        Puggg, you barked: “It’s not as if every background check can be as thorough as the one you get when you apply to be a Secret Service agent…….”

        This needs to change, but unfortunately, we are moving in the exact opposite direction.
        Background checks that reveal a serious felony conviction renders said felon virtually unhirable, though they have served their time and are released. A huge percentage of felons are blacks and browns, which results in that threadbare libtard consequence: minority “disparate impact. ”
        MexiMuzzieSikhHmongAsiofornia has outlawed background checks for this reason. The law no longer cares that some criminal convictions should bar a felon from employment in certain sensitive areas, such as COs, law enforcement, positions of political power, the military.
        We Amreners know that common sense, the rule of law, public safety, and logic are set aside to accommodate, uplift, and protect a certain feral, dangerous sub-species among us. They are not interested in public safety.
        Oy vey, I want to emigrate to Antarctica.

  • odious liberal

    Where there is an african there is africa!

  • Xerxes22

    The usual suspects would scream racism. Better for our states to cut a deal with some poor African country. Send our Black felons back to the motherland to do their time. The states would save a fortune. Every five years or so the state would send a corrupt Black inspector to check on the conditions of the prisoners.

  • Thor Bonham

    Let me guess .. More than half the prison guards were black, eh ?

  • emiledurk16

    Not surprising.
    Reminiscent of black female cops looting the stores in ravaged New Orleans.