Rand Paul to Open African American Engagement Office in Detroit

Joel Gehrke, Washington Examiner, November 22, 2013

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., will open an African American Engagement Office in Detroit, Mich., as part of a Republican effort to improve their efforts to reach out to the traditionally-Democratic voters.

The office is the first-of-its-kind for the Republicans. “Every community in the United States should be engaged by the Republican Party and Senator Paul believes that the values of limited government, and more freedom have broad appeal,” Doug Stafford, one of Paul’s senior advisers, stated. “He is pleased to help lead this effort.”

The opening takes place on Dec. 6. The office is run jointly by the Michigan Republican Party and the Republican National Committee.


Rand Paul previously gave a speech at the historically-black Howard University in Washington to talk about how Republican positions benefit the black community, but it was an imperfect debut.

“I thought my reception at Howard was much better than my reception from the left-wing media,” Paul said at a Christian Science Monitor Breakfast a week after the event. “It is harder for me, I’m not African American, to go to Howard and talk about it. It would be easier for an African American Republican maybe to talk about it because then it seems less like me trying to preach to people about history but it’s all of our history. There were whites involved too in abolition.”

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  • Emperor Naked

    Well, looks like some whites here will have to forget about Rand Paul as the expected Fearless Leader.

    • I totally mentally detached myself from Rand Paul after the second time he came out and said that we needed to “find a place here for” all our illegal alien Hispanics.

      BTW, I’m sure this new office of his in Detroit will be as busy as the Maytag repairman.

      Formerly known as formerly known as Whiteplight, would you do us all a favor? Say what you just said about Rand Paul, about how he’s not going to be our next fearless leader, but say it early and often at Stormfront and White News Now?

      • Emperor Naked

        I think some things just play out by themselves. Whites have got a lot of assumptions to deal with, that’s for sure.

      • Garrett Brown

        A few years ago I was with him, then he just kept “talking”….

        • Sick of it

          Some of the talk was great…and then he started caving on everything piece by piece.

          • Garrett Brown

            Yah, emphasis on “kept”. It’s almost like he convicted himself it’s wrong to be like his father. He’ll, even his father isn’t like himself anymore.

          • Garrett Brown


          • In this regard, father and son are a lot alike. Father was really hot
            and heavy into the race pandering, especially later in his political

            And of course they’re alike on those open borders.

          • Garrett Brown

            Yes, they both have truly lost their way… entirely.

          • NordicHeritage

            One can not lose what one never truly had. I wish people could just realize that politics is nothing more than choreographed theater.

          • Garrett Brown

            It seemed Ron Paul was a realist in his earlier life and stopped expressing those same views because of media/political pressure. That’s what I was alluding to.

            I ate some fish and vegetables tonight, and I will lose them tomorrow. I definitely had them in my belly and before hand in the fridge.

      • mobilebay

        Will someone please tell Mr. Paul that illegal aliens have already found a place for themselves…in our streets, our ERs, our schools, our neighborhoods, lined up at the welfare offices and in jobs that belong to Americans. He doesn’t get out much, does he?

    • sbuffalonative

      Considering his position on immigration reform and illegal aliens, I never saw him as someone I could support.

    • me

      Rand Paul, and his father, have failed the reality test time and time again. They both support amnesty and open borders, and that’s all you need to know about their political agenda. Globalists living in a ‘multicultural’ delusion. No thank you!

  • Triarius

    It is of no use Republicans! I have lived in Detroit, I have been around blacks, they will not vote for you. You can offer to double welfare and will still lose to some self-proclaimed “hip hop” mayor (again) in a landslide.

    Quit falling over each other trying to court a very small voting block (on a national level), and start courting the only ethnicity left that will vote for you, who just so happen to be the majority of the voters.

    Crazy concept, I know.

  • Oil Can Harry

    When Senator Paul opens his office for black conservatives in Detroit he should include a stable so the leprechauns and ogres can park their unicorns there.

    • Emperor Naked

      Just about that bad.

    • Nice Guy

      It’ll get jacked by the gimmedats. Yo, man, dis duh gubment? Where my free phone at?! *level-five chimp-out ensues*

  • Svigor

    He wants blacks to share “the values of limited government, and more freedom.”

    I see this kind of thing a lot from DWL “conservatives,” “libertarians,” “paleocons,” “neocons,” etc. I.e., the race-blind “right.” They’re deluding themselves, of course. Blacks have nothing to gain from limited gov’t and greater freedom. What could possibly be in these values for blacks, in the aggregate? Blacks prosper at the foot of YT, not on their own. Blacks do far better living on the largess of whites than they can on their own. Blacks do not do well under freedom; authoritarianism and totalitarianism have gotten blacks to behave much better than freedom ever has. If you go and ask blacks, they’ll tell you: they want more police, more gov’t intervention, more big-daddy gov’t, more tax dollars, more more more.

    This is what race-blindness gets you: delusional thinking.

    • The welfare state for blacks is basically a modern re-creation of their African jungle climate of easily accessible always available low hanging and earthen fruit.

  • meanwhile…they lose more and more of their voting base…good riddance.

  • Jesse James

    Blacks are the primary beneficiaries of Big Redistributive Government, they will never embrace smaller government libertarianism.

    • So CAL Snowman

      They only know one thing; the United States “government” is magic and can produce anything and everything at will.

  • Truthseeker

    Ah, Rand Paul. I admire his spirit, but until he faces the realities of race, he’s just going to be caught up in a continual cycle of frustration. I hope he can do this and see for himself how blacks respond to limited-government principles. Anything that contributes to a more widespread race realism is ultimately a good thing.

  • MarcB1969

    His supplication will be met with resentment and disinterest.

  • JohnEngelman

    This reminds me of Dick Gregory in 1964 talking about attending a meeting of the national Negroes for Goldwater Coalition. “Let me tell you,” he began, “They are two really fine cats.”

  • So CAL Snowman

    “He wants blacks to share “the values of limited government, and more freedom.””

    I’m not sure he understands his target audience here. I could be wrong.

    • Dave4088

      I think you’re right.

  • JohnEngelman

    The Republican Party cannot appeal to blacks and Hispanics using the same kind of appeals that work for Democrats. The blacks and Hispanics who might vote Republican are religious people who are concerned with crime, who make fairly good incomes in the private sector of the economy, and who do not owe their positions in the private sector to affirmative action.

  • Luca

    “Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., will open an African American Engagement Office in Detroit, Mich., as part of a Republican effort to improve their efforts to reach out to the traditionally-Democratic voters.”

    Excuse me, but blacks were traditionally Republican voters until FDR and especially LBJ started giving away the store.

  • A Freespeechzone


    Is this a joke? It must be…..Detroit negroes and the idea of self-sufficiency is an oxymoron.

    • Sick of it

      It is funny that his test office is in the worst possible area and that he is reaching out to the worst part of the American black population. I predict a spectacular failure with this outreach program.

  • Garrett Brown

    Problem is Rand (the magnificent son who lost his way?), they want MORE government, no matter the cost. How will they get all the free stuff Oboonga promised them if they embrace self liberty? If the very few individual blacks who have the IQ even learn to embrace/learn it.

  • kjh64

    Rand Paul might as well try to convince adults that the tooth fairy is real too. Most Blacks don’t want limited government. Blacks are much better off with an expanded welfare state where they can live off of YT. They know that. They view the US government as an endless supply of money and think that Whites owe them whatever they want. Thus any attempt at limited government is seen by many as an attempt by “evil White, greedy, rich raciss republicans” to hoard all of the money for themselves and deprive Blacks of what they are owed.

    • hanfeedback

      Basically summed it up, I would just add that if you are unable to compete in a society that’s based on merit and know it of course you would advocate for an unfair advantage. I mean we don’t see them wanting handouts to get drafted to the NBA do we?

    • Does the tooth fairy visit black homes?
      And if he does does he give cash or food stamps?

  • Dave4088

    It’s not going to work Rand man. Limited self government and individualism aren’t in black African DNA, nor will it turn them into dittoheads or darker hued versions of Ron Paul or Lew Rockwell.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Free stuff = plunder. It is merely something they did not work for but instead stolen from someone else. That “free stuff” is really money, wealth and freedoms plundered from working and middle class whites. Never upper class whites, nor members of the Tribe who masquerade as whites but are in fact hostile aliens intent on exterminating us as a race globally.

  • DiversityIsDeath

    Haha, good luck with that idea.

  • Alex Dihes

    If God wants to punish, He takes the mind away.

  • Dave4088

    At first I thought this article might be from “The Onion” but I’m shocked to see it’s for real. I think Rand man should be treated for acute psychosis.

    • CoweringCoward

      This one had onion all over it didn’t it?

  • Sick of it

    Nope, more abolitionists could be considered 48er Marxists than White Nationalists. Those who were more like us didn’t get the memo that the guys they were supporting had a different agenda until years after the war. After radical reconstruction.

    • Pro_Whitey

      Some realized it earlier than others. They were known as Copperheads, and they tried to undermine the 48ers at every opportunity, but they ultimately failed. Copperheads were some of the most admirable warriors in the Union Army, but too many were killed and maimed. The primary tragedy, if it can be classified as a tragedy, of the American Civil War, or War of Northern Aggression, is that many Northerners and Southerners, including Jefferson Davis himself, shared the goal of wanting ultimately to get rid of slavery, but not without colonization, that is, getting the blacks the hell out of the U.S.A. after they were freed.

      • Sick of it

        Copperheads would not have been in our military if Lincoln had not cracked down on Copperhead politicians with his Pinkerton thugs like a good little dictator.

  • willbest

    I actually think it will be easier to win MI or PA than VA in 2016. But this is a waste of money.

  • Rhialto

    On the other hand, perhaps Rand Paul is only doing this to immunize himself from Racism charges. He knows that Detroit Blacks will not vote for him.

  • Spartacus

    So… He wants to cut welfare for parasites who lived off it for generations, and he starts in a city that would’ve gone bankrupt decades ago if not for government hand-outs? This guy’s a genius !

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    Exactly. When whites have a limited government nation, you get early America. When blacks have a limited (or no) government nation, you get Somalia.

  • Along with recruiting blacks to “engage”, he could peddle sunscreen, and maff books too.

    • Do maffbooks teach Al Jay Bra?

  • Brian

    Rand needs to do the math on this. There is no ROI and he just looks foolish.

    • He looks foolish to us hard core people who can see, and most white people just roll their eyes. But you’ll be amazed at the people out there who are just eating this up and think it’s brilliant smart strategy. The media love it of course because they know it’s how “we” lose, and I’m using “we” loosely.

  • smkuehl

    Like most libertarians, Paul agrees with Milton Friedman that pure open borders and the transformation of the U.S. into a nonwhite-majority country of 400 and then 500 and then 600 million people would be salutary rather than pernicious if all forms of welfare are abolished, including social security and medicare for senior citizens. And also, of course, the minimum wage and 8-hour day and 40-hour week and overtime pay and unions and all or virtually all regulation of business. And so, too, with Detroit.
    Race is irrelevant, and culture, which is derived to a large degree from intrinsic racial differentiation, is negligible. The market is God, a thaumaturgic force and elixir that will solve or meliorate all or most of our problems, racial and otherwise, if “free and unfettered.”

    • M.

      If all forms of welfare were to be really abolished, most of those who will survive and get wealthy will be Whites. Whites would rule the U.S. again.

      • smkuehl

        Please explain! Will the abolition of all forms of welfare and so forth induce nearly all blacks to return to Africa and nearly all Mestizos/Amerindians to return to Mexico and other nations of Central and South America and nearly all Muslims to return to North Africa and the Middle-East and so forth? Or will they all die of starvation? They won’t starve to death and they’re not leaving. The transformation of the U.S. into a nonwhite-majority country will be a disaster for European-Americans with or without a welfare system(s) and “big government,” city and state and federal. And with the exception of the rich and upper-middle class, the latter would be more hellish for most whites than the former.

        • M.

          They probably won’t starve to death, but without welfare, they won’t be able to produce as many children as they are now. They will remain poor, with little to now influence in the public life. They won’t be able to afford to live in upper middle-class cities, and therefore the “all white” towns will be back again, as well as natural segregation.
          To add insult to injury (or to make things better for us), libertarians are for the smallest government possible, which means less government jobs. A lot less. And therefore, a lot less AA for Tyrone and Shaneequa. That is, if some stupid AA of any sort will be kept under libertarian rule.
          They probably won’t starve to death – I’m sure many goodhearted white people won’t allow that -, but they will definitely crawl back to their natural positions, i.e. have little to no influence, especially since they won’t be able to afford having as many children. So they’ll probably shrink in numbers.

          On the other hands, White folks will get to keep all their money. How great would that be!

  • Diversity Fatigue

    I knew Ayn Rand’s boy, with that rediculous boufont hair-do, was fraud.

  • NordicHeritage

    These politicians are nothing more than actors. They play the parts given to them by their corporate paymasters, nothing more nothing less. Conviction and conscience are two words one should never associate with a politician.

  • NordicHeritage

    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

    Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

  • Nice Guy

    Abolition!? Pffft! Only 1.5% of whites owned slaves. And guess what? Wealthy southern blacks owned slaves, too!

    • Jackryanvb

      And slavery s back in Mali Africa now, or was before White French military forces drove out Muslim slavers. Little Black children in Mali waved French flags and seemed appreciative – doubt Rand Paul will ever have an appreciative Black crowd.

  • Juan Outtamany

    Why even bother talking to them. They’ll just knock you out when you’re not looking.

  • blight14

    I think we all know who/what got to Glenn Beck……he crossed the line-that-shall-not-be-crossed and got b—h slapped, fired and was made to bow at the proverbial alter. But, if you read his books, The Overton Window followed by the Eye of Moloch, I’m rather certain Mr Beck knows what ails our nation.

    • ThomasER916

      The problem with Beck, like with Jared Taylor and Amren, they have a suicidal devotion to the Cartel Cult that Shall Not Be Named..

  • Pro_Whitey

    You have a point there. I’m sure, like many readers here, my first response on seeing the headline was a big WTF?

  • newscomments70

    95%+ blacks will never vote Republican, for the obvious reasons mentioned by other posters. The very few blacks that vote Republican are probably disgusted with the black community. “Reaching out” to the black community (and similar) will only repel the few black voters that they have.

    • Jackryanvb

      David Duke won a higher percentage of Black voters in his campaigns for Gov and US Senator in Louisiana than all the Liberal, Libertarian panderers like Jack Kemp, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul.

  • Willowville

    Government intervention freed them from slavery. A rich white person will make a slave out of a white person just as fast.

  • I suppose I tend to support quite a bit of regular libertarian values…..but I only really think they are viable/possible in a racially and culturally homogeneous society.

    Libertarians in general do not seem to understand this, often whilst they publish tomes on this magical world they can build if only everybody had property rights and did not harm anybody else.

    Libertarianism without some degree of race-realism of how a society actually operates is a waste of time to me.

    Like in Britain, much of this libertarian stuff and many libertarian movements are static or shrinking in their following. They talk to themselves about open borders, the rights and wrongs of this position or that position, and ask themselves how they are going to achieve their aims.

    In the meantime, this country is filling up with 500,000 immigrants and such a year who are not going to be libertarian or that likely to ever subscribe to libertarianism – and in addition, be components of WHY it will never get off the ground to work (through competing interests or self identities that come before libertarian ideals).

    They would be hard pressed to find 500,000 hardcore members/followers in 40 years – and that is wiped away with the stamping of a passport within the space of 12 months, let alone the birthrates of those already here.

    They are essentially supporting the slitting of their own throat as an ideology (or societal position), whilst they lecture each other about free movements of people and trade and goods or whatever else.

    Get Britain 99.8% White again like it was in 1951, make people more self reliant and self responsible again over the space of 30 to 40 years, sweep away the dogmas of current society, properly enforce the laws and so on over that duration and maybe then, and only then, could you really have a largely libertarian organised society and people who seek to have a small government and less control over their lives.

    Given that in 30 years we are ‘done for’ – I do not fancy the chances of Libertarianism surviving in this country or America. One we are gone, so are the principles behind it.

    For Rand Paul to expect anything else is pretty absurd to me, in the same weird kind of way that the Conservative style parties over there (and here) think that in order to survive they need to “reach out” to ethnics.

    The party is what is important to them, not the nation or the people comprising it! They may well save the party, but they are saving / conserving nothing else.

    • It seems to me that libertarians in Britain and on the European continent are more honest about what libertarianism is, just another open borders ideology whose aim is that and exclusively that. If you want open borders in England, why vote for a libertarian when there are perfectly good LibLabCons on the ballot?

      In America, they really want the same thing, open borders, but they cloak themselves in other concerns and on top of that peddle the notion that our only choices are either them or a malevolent dictatorship. And in some cases, they pick and choose parts of their supposed agenda to cuckold themselves into the nests of other movements, to try to make people think they are something they really are not.

      • Some of them in Britain are not that bad, some even raise the matter of being against immigration, but they rarely go the whole hog on issues that matter to us. Their principles force them to take more commonly held beliefs about the world.

        I suppose I could be said to be guilty of taking a pick and mix approach to libertarianism, as I often have a conflict of interests.

        For example, I am dead against internet censorship, I am against authorities sticking their noses in where they should not do. I am not a fan of the council or state telling public houses that they cannot allow smoking in them (even though I am a non smoker).

        There was even an idea floated here a few months ago that parents should not be allowed to send their children to school with a packed lunch box, because it means that the schools cannot monitor what children are eating and implied that, essentially, the parents cannot be trusted to not put foods with high salt and fat content in the package.

        I do not think it came to anything, but all that kind of stuff really gets on my nerves, just like we have campaigns to try and force Amazon and other retailers to not sell “hate material” via their online shops, or all manners of such nannying.

        On all these kinds of things I am libertarian. However, when it comes to morals, I am much more conservative. That often conflicts with libertarians view of “freedom”.

        They support legalisation of hard drugs, they welcome strip clubs and gambling as part of a freedom that ‘does not harm anyone else’…..

        But personally, I do not want to live a country riddled with crack heads, cocaine addicts, or whatever, or wish to see red light districts, strip clubs and the likes of Myley Cyrus pushing obscene values onto the young. It is dragging our people and our civilisation down the toilet.

        I think these things are destructive to society and affect us all in the end. But by taking these kinds of positions, I am not “libertarian” apparently.

        Where to draw the line between banning lunch boxes to help stop the nation being “too fat” – and cracking down on other things which also effect the wider populace, like smoking and excessive drinking (binge drinking at the weekends in the UK is a particular blight) is sometimes hard to figure out.

        That is why I suppose I use some aspects of Libertarianism that could suit us as nationalists, but tend to disregard some of the rest!

    • Luca

      All things in moderation, even moderation. I guess a democratic republic with some libertarian views and adherence to our Constitutional concepts would work a little better over here. I’d also like to see a stronger emphasis on deportation of various chronic law breakers. I believe citizenship, even by birth, is not an irrevocable right. Keeping the cancer seems to be a defeating tactic.

      Our founders were men of common sense and enlightenment, they were risk takers, spiritual and moral men. They knew our country had flaws and would face hard times in the future so they tried to provide us with strong building blocks.

      In my view, it is the uber elite who have imported, bred and molded the ignorant masses and lulled them into a false sense of security that is ruining many Eurocentric nations. Call them what you will: Liberals, Progressives, Neo-Cultural-Marxists, etc. They run Hollywood, the media, academia, labor unions, the legal system and politics.

      Today our “leaders” are corrupt, self-serving, political criminals worried more about party power than what is right for the People or good for the nation.

      It is high time for us to dissolve the political bands that bind us to these Liberal-traitors by any means necessary. Our fore fathers did not fight and die for social engineering, political correctness, illegal aliens, or a welfare state.

      • I tend to admire the founding fathers of America and the constitution they formulated.

        I believe the founded America as a land by whites, for whites – and, in addition, rather meticulously drafted a constitution that was based upon ensuring the ‘mistakes’ of other systems and other nations will not be repeated.

        Some of it is quite genius I think. I am not an expert on it by any stretch of the imagination, but little things like not having a standing army and providing citizens with the means to overthrow a tyrannical governance are very important and I think they knew a lot about the nature of humankind and how things could go without including such protections from abuse.

        I just do not think that they could ever have envisaged what would become of whites today, or have put into place concepts to deal with matters the constitution could not deal with – such as massive non-white (especially Islamic) immigration.

        It would never have occurred to them in a million years that whites would celebrate their own demise in America, or that clever manipulators who appear to be white could manipulate societal attitudes and come to change regulations and such so easily.

        To be fair to them again, those things like mass immigration of non-whites and the double whammy of a “competing” doctrine like Islam (which would alter the future way America would run via their religious adherence) may only be a problem now because their original intentions for nationhood, settlement and governance have been so widely deviated from.

    • emiledurk16

      good thoughts

  • Luca

    Rand Paul is doing the right thing whether it reaps results or not. When Republicans don’t “reach-out” they are publicly criticized.

    Obviously, blacks prefer welfare to jobs, but still, let it go on the record that they have been recruited and have heard the call. If they don’t answer, that will be further proof.

    • How much further proof do they need? Rand Paul certainly isn’t the first to do this, nor will he be the last. The absolute worst in my lifetime in this sense was Jack Kemp in his laughable 1988 Presidential campaign and again as his role as Bob Dole’s running mate in 1996. If that didn’t teach the Stupid Party something, then nothing can.

      • Jackryanvb

        Agreed. Kemp was pathetic, bragged that he showered with Black men.

        This Libertarian pandering to Blacks gets the anti White media to cut them some slack so Ron Paul and now Rand Paul get invited to the debates where they can present their race denying Libertarian TRUTH to save the entire world with FREE MARKETS.

  • That non-whites aren’t interested in libertarianism is obvious. Everyone in this thread saying it or something to that effect is spot on.

    But that doesn’t mean necessarily that libertarianism is good for white people(s). Because it’s not. The core of libertarianism, aracialism and race denial, is definitely a suicide pact for our people(s). The fundamentals built around the core, free trade, open borders and a global free market, aren’t good for us. You can go one level down and cherry pick some of the non-fundamental line items of libertarianism and say that this one and that one and that one and the other one are good for white people(s), but you can pick them off the libertarian tree without having to take the whole tree.

    I think we would be as a whole a lot more stable if we just accept the truth that white people(s), if left to their own propensities and unencumbered by ideology, will gravitate toward a system that, for the lack of a better phrase and in need of a more accurate one, national socialism. Or maybe a better way to put it is tribalism mated with mixed socio-capitalism.

  • IstvanIN

    Rand Paul wants anarchy. Civilization needs rules, in fact freedom requires rules for no man can be truly free if anarchy reigns.

  • emiledurk16

    Well said. My potential support for Rand Paul has eclipsed.
    Who to turn to now?
    Like minded individuals in the Amren and NPI circles.

  • Nice Guy


  • negrolocaust

    there was another knockout attack last night in philly a group of
    blacks hit a guy in the face who was riding a bike. drudge linked it
    also savage dedicated much of his show to the knockout attacks here is
    the show on youtube
    copy and paste the title
    Michael Savage – The Savage Nation – November 21, 2013if you dont carry a handgun now you better start. legal or not. otherwise…you just might get KNOCKED OUT…

  • I think that some white men whose careers revolve heavily around some parts of the military or professional sports can easily fall sucker to the myth of racial equality, because the blacks they were around were roughly equal to the whites they were around. Not realizing that they were only dealing with a self-selecting sample of blacks.

    For Jack Kemp, it was a simple as the fact that the whites and the blacks on the Buffalo Bills seemed equal, therefore, blacks and whites everywhere must be equal.

    • Jackryanvb

      Plus he also got all gushy rewards of being a Liberal – superior to racist Whites. Superior to poor, regular Whites in fly over states.

  • ThomasER916

    I used to be deeply involved in Libertarian movement reading their literature and watching their videos. What I came to realize is Libertarians make the same arguments as Marxists. The Libertarian sees the entire world and sum of its problems in economic terms. Libertarians start with a false assumption therefore they make the same wrong conclusions as Marxists. They assume that economic systems are a moral and sacred force, that they’re able to right wrongs and mete out justice. The problem is they’re wrong.

    I discovered this when I realized that Libertarians never take anything into account other than economics. They talk about inventions, books, even art in economic terms. Observing this I realized that Libertarians don’t understand that it’s the people, language, and culture that allows genius to flourish, not the economics. They worship Tesla, claiming he’s a champion of the Free Market and the world would have even more stuff if the government got out of the way. The problem is it ignores the fact that Tesla belonged to a race, a people, and a culture, each contributed to his qualities, in particular his altruism. Tesla was no different than Archimedes as a great inventor except one had a Free Market and the other did not. What they shared was race, European Culture, and European language.

    If the Free Market and Limited Government are always successful, then we could assume that an entire society could be governed by people with severe Downs Syndrome and still see a greater amount of success, invention, and vigor than a socialist society. Of course the question is a trap. I need to get them to admit the problem is a simple one – societies only flourish when the following conditions are met:
    #1 – The race is intelligent, creative, compassionate and energetic.
    #2 – The culture is uniform, defined, and cooperative.
    #3 – The language is well developed, expansive and descriptive.

    The Libertarian denies virtually all of these points, often to an absurd degree. What they all fail to realize is quite simply – to deny race is to deny heritage. Denying race says we gain nothing from our parents or our ancestors. The great contradiction of Libertarians is by denying heritage they’re actually denying property rights – inheritance. When you deny heritage this leads to the destruction of nations, peoples, cultures, and their unique identity through immigration. They can’t understand that immigration is often bad because that goes against their economic understanding of the world, i.e. everything is economics. This leads us to Rand Paul…

    Detroit will not succeed any faster than Zimbabwe Socialism or a city populated entirely by Down Syndrome Libertarians. Why? Because people matter.

    • Our people sometimes overthink economics.

      My take is that if we get race, ethnicity and culture right, then everything else, including economics, take care of themselves. No, it’s not that simple and it’s not automatic, but what I mean by that is that in secure stable ethnostates, white people therein will eventually develop the socio-cultural-political private and public systems and institutions and then eventually the right economic paradigm to serve their needs.

      • ThomasER916

        I know what you meant and I agree. Having an unapologetic, unicultural identity is necessary for long term stability, while maintaining a civil and martial kinship with other white nations and simultaneously accepting their autonomy. In the simplest terms, this means we respect and defend Greece as a uniquely Greek nation while rallying against any efforts against them. It also means we refuse to accept any Cartel Cultures that wish to live among us.

    • DaveMed

      I wish I could give your comment 10 likes. This is exactly my problem with libertarianism. It’s a purely materialistic approach; there’s no room for consideration of factors such as race, culture, etc.

    • Sick of it

      Tesla was crushed by the ethnic group who controlled the “free market” in his time (and ours). He retired while on the brink of truly amazing discoveries.

      • ThomasER916

        Tesla only fought with Edison because he had a solution to the problem of supplying power over distance and Edison refused to accept it. It was a clash of egos that became a clash of wallets. Tesla is like an Einstein (except he actually made things) in that it’s difficult to distinguish Tesla fact from Tesla fiction. For example, all of Tesla’s helicopter experiments were failures because he never countered rotation. Broadcast power was a failure because air serves as an insulator and grounding wasn’t well understood.

        Libertarians are dazzled by these fictions because they treat economics as a moral and sacred force. They see evil “the gubment” fighting good “the free hand.” The problem is they both fail to take into account the people – white, Christian men. Tesla’s mother was deeply religious and a bit superstitious – two things the Cultural Marxist Libertarians hate. She’s the one who turned him into a reader, problem solver, and lover of cats. People matter. Our people.

        The Libertarian argument is the opposite of this. The Libertarian argument suggests that two n3gros fighting over the menu prices at a Waffle House in the “Free Market” is a moral good that invariably leads to positive results.

  • Joseph

    How about an “African-American Engagement Office” in Liberia.

  • “Delusional” was the first term that came to my mind as well. A group of people who depend upon entitlement programs and on make-work jobs at bloated public-sector agencies will never go for any sort of limited government. That’s the absolute last thing any of them wants! Rand Paul is barking up the wrong tree, just as he earlier was with Hispanics.

  • odious liberal

    Stupid RINO wasting time and enregy. This won’t last long.

  • Thor Bonham

    What a mistake .. Blacks will NEVER get off the libtard plantation ..

  • BillMillerTime

    Sometimes Rand Paul has said things with which I deeply agree. Other times he engages in acts of random silliness attempting to appease….whom exactly? The Dems offer them an endless supply of freebies and handouts. What exactly does he have to offer them?

    It will be super hilarious when his Detroit office is vandalized.

  • MBlanc46

    Come on, guys, give Rand Paul a break. He’s running for president. He’s not about to rush around spouting the views that you find on AmRen. He’s going to deliver up the mainstream platitudes and nostrums, just as Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, and Hillary Clinton will. They’ll pick a few minor ideological points, and whatever personal dirt they can dig up, to hammer away at each other for months and months. This is what you get in national and most statewide electoral politics.

    • IstvanIN

      While I agree for the most part I would like to make one suggestion: run for office based on what is good for the nation as a whole, which is generally good for Whites. Without being racial someone could run on some very basic points: 1) ending immigration because it has a negative effect on wages, is a strain on the environment, costs us more than it adds to the economy (especially illegals); 2) increase tariffs so that manufacturing returns to the US, not to the point of causing a world wide depression, but enough to level the playing field; 3) bring home our troops from Bush’s wars and close down most of our overseas bases; 4)energy independence.

      I am sure there are others, and there are people who could make the above points better than I, but there are valid issues that transcend race that might actually get the votes of the 10% of blacks and 30% of Hispanics who don’t want to see the nation collapse, not to mention a bigger slice of the White vote.

      • John R

        Good point. My number one suggestion, repeating you: END ALL IMMIGRATION, legal and otherwise. You have no idea how many times I argue with people on this. I ask: Why do we even need ANY immigrants? And I can never get a straight answer, never. Just a lot of him hawing about, “well, umm, we are a nation of immigrants, you know…”

      • MBlanc46

        I agree with you on most of those points, but they’re not likely to carry and I don’t see any major party national candidate running on that sort of platform. The economic elites, just about all Dems, and a significant number of Repubs favor immigration just because it drives down wages. Both parties are strongly “free trade”. Wars, except possibly Iran in the near or mid-term future, seem to be out of fashion at the moment, but don’t count on either Dems or Repubs closing any overseas bases anytime soon. My point it, we’ll never accomplish these goals through electoral politics, because the corporate elites don’t favor them and the party pols do what those who pay for their campaigns want them to do.

        • IstvanIN

          Sad that I think you are correct, there aren’t many, if any patriots.

    • Jackryanvb

      I would like to give Rand Paul a break… Break his nose, kick his [email protected]@. This guy and his old, race denying Libertarian loon father can always be counted on to pander to non Whites, they never win any non White votes, they will never do say, or even think anything politically incorrect like ourWhite people, their people shouldn’t be raped, terrorized, murdered.

      • MBlanc46

        He certainly won’t say or do anything seriously politically incorrect as long as he thinks he’s got a chance of being president.

        • Jackryanvb

          Rand Paul has no chance of being President. American voters have strongly rejected Libertarianism, economic conservatism in Presidential politics for over 100 years! It simply doesn’t sell to poor and working class voters, not even poor and working class White voters, let alone poor Blacks in Detroit!

          This Libertarian economic conservative cult is a huge waste of time for our people. We have throw off this losing way of acting and thinking and compete for power survival against other racial groups that do work collectively to increase their power at our expense.

          How do you think we lost Detroit and Rhodesia? Was it because we didn’t pander enough Libertaran economic individualism to poor Blacks?

    • ThomasER916

      I agree with you completely, 100%

      We don’t need a purist. Right now we just need someone who will keep the government from killing us, taxing us, and hating us.

  • Jackryanvb

    Agreed. This SL skit should be done in drag. Watch Rand Paul start pandering to gays, Palestinians and AIPAC. This diverse pandering didn’t work too well for Bobby Kennedy.

  • Jackryanvb

    The point is to make all of North America like Detroit, or a Hollywood/New York morality show version of Detroit… Some Oprah spin.

  • Jackryanvb

    Well said.

    I recommend water balloons filled with vile liquids. Forget gun fantasies, Libertarian loon traitors just need to smell bad and have their fancy clothes ruined.

  • Jackryanvb

    Have some fun with this. Buy up condemned buildings in Detroit. Put up huge signs that it’s the HQ of Rand Paul and Paul Ryan Libertarian crusade to SAVE America,save Black America.

    The Blacks will burn the place to the ground, and you/we can collect on the insurance.

  • haroldcrews

    Lincoln custom tailored his message according to his audience. He was a race realist when speaking to native White audiences and an egalitarian when speaking to German immigrant audiences.

  • Jackryanvb

    No he is not well meaning. Rand Paul is a traitor to our people. He’s betrayed our people for 30 pieces of silver and some MSM air time.

    Selfish $&$&!

    Rand Paul will pander to any and all non Whites including Islamic extremists in Yemen.

    Rand Paul argues that Blacks are in US prisons in high numbers because of evil White racism.

    RP wants to give vouchers so the worst Black u dear class “students” can attend White private schools (so ehow I think his children will go to school with Obama’s and Education Secretary Arnie Duncan’s children, not Black gang bangers.

    RP is simply a traitor to our people, the Libertarian spin is just special con job. RP needs to be outdoor and political career destroyed, same as Jack Kemp.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    I have yet to see any evidence whatsoever that non-whites, and or non-Christians would ever support anything other than dictatorships. Especially if that aids and abets their genocidal intentions towards us. Trying to teach them the idea of limited government is akin to teaching calculus to a chimpanzee.

  • Randall Ward

    Rand Paul is all over the place in his comments and is a political lightweight. I have no doubt he is a good man and takes care of his family, but he is like a chicken in the lions den when it comes to fighting battles. We are in a war for our survival as a people, and so far I only see one Man that is ready to fight that war-Cruz.

    • ThomasER916

      Ted Cruz seems a bit more realistic. His family, as white Europeans, survived a mixed nation of Communists. That’s what we’re facing now.

  • Rachel May

    Thank you for pointing this out. This is why they had the Black Codes in the North, to keep blacks out, the Free Soil Party -western states, etc. Slavery depressed wages for working whites, the white birthrate (per woman)in the South was far less than that in the North where labor was needed. The plain fact is that abolitionists or not, Northern or Southern, America has always been geared toward white people and everyone knew it and other than a few Jewish agitators with their slick propaganda from both Northern and Southern newspapers and a few turncoat liberal preachers, the majority never supported political equality with blacks or any other race. They rioted in NY as the draft was announced. Yes, the white immigrants were upset about the wealthier being able to buy their way out, but they just represent the views of many who wanted the blacks, slaves or not, on a boat and headed anywhere rather than being here.

    And an interesting tidbit below, not that it necessarily pertains to this conversation:

    by Justin D. Fulton, a popular Boston minister. He wrote this in 1869.

    Think of Miss Anthony and Mrs. Stanton in the train of George Francis Train, perambulating the country in favor of the ballot in Kansas. These are the leaders; but let it not be forgotten that they sided against the ballot for the negro in hopes of getting it for themselves, and proved their utter worthlessness and untrustworthiness by trailing the banner committed to their keeping in the slime of a convention which went for the repudiation of the national debt, the defeat of the party of progress, and for the overthrow of republican liberty. Had woman
    possessed the ballot, and had the course pursued by the leaders of this movement exercised an influence over the majority, this wonderful victory over the rebellious spirits of the land had not been achieved; but, in its stead, the
    stars and bars would have resumed their sway, and the stars and stripes, which now kiss the breeze, and greet the rising hopes of uncounted millions, would have been furled in gloom and night.

    It is claimed that the ballot will secure for woman social respect. The claim
    is not well founded. Those who seek it lose social respect, because they step
    out of the path marked out for them by Providence and by Nature. Woman, in her
    sphere, is man’s good angel and helpmeet; out of it, she man’s bitterest foe and
    heaviest curse.

    Much is said against amalgamation, as though it were a crime. There is no
    crime in it or about it. There is much of prejudice, but no crime. Soul marries
    soul. If a white man loves the soul of a black woman, there is no law in God’s
    code forbidding the union. God made of one blood all nations of men to dwell on
    all the face of the earth. Complexions may differ, owing to climate, or
    temperament, but the blood is the same. The race has a common Father in God.

    In this intermingling of races, coming to this land from all climes, we perceive the seedling of a glorious hope. The future American is to be the product of this blending of the distinctive features of all the various nations of earth.

    Against this result there is an immense amount of prejudice, born of slavery;
    but in Europe it does not exist, nor is it in fact so universal in this land as
    many suppose. Many a white man has found his helpmeet in a black woman, and many more will find helpmeets from the same source.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    I have faith in politics, as in absolute certainty they will stab us in the back at every opportunity. It’s easy to tell when they are lying to us, that happens when their lips move.