More Illegal Immigrants Ask for Asylum

Joel Millman, Wall Street Journal, October 17, 2013

Floating across the Rio Grande on an inflatable raft, Francisco Antunez Gutierrez entered America illegally from Mexico in broad daylight this March. The U.S. Border Patrol spotted him a few minutes later, he says, and brought him here for detention.

But the U.S. hasn’t deported Mr. Antunez, because he played a card that illegal border crossers are using in record numbers: He asked for asylum.

The 21-year-old says going home to Honduras would be a mortal risk because he witnessed a double homicide and fears the killers will target him. That argument persuaded a federal asylum officer that Mr. Antunez had a “credible fear” case, which allowed him to stay for asylum proceedings that may take many more months.

Mr. Antunez was among 27,546 migrants who made credible-fear claims after entering the U.S. illegally in the fiscal year ended Sept. 30, according to Department of Homeland Security data. That is up from 10,730 such cases in fiscal 2012 and 3,273 in 2008.

A few of these people entered from Canada or as stowaways. But the majority entered via Mexico—some from as far away as Africa or Asia—border officials say. Claiming they face harm if returned home, they are flooding immigration courts and detention facilities along America’s southern border, especially in South Texas.

Immigration judges eventually reject most of these asylum petitions. But some asylum seekers, who often go free on bail, use the lengthy process to disappear into America’s underground economy.

Illegal crossers like Mr. Antunez are a subset of asylum seekers. The U.S. received 83,400 asylum applications of all types in 2012, many from people living in America on valid visas or applying from overseas, Homeland Security data show. Asylum seekers are a minority of the hundreds of thousands of people whom the U.S. catches sneaking in each year.

But the sharp rise in people who declare they have a credible fear of harm back home suggests that illegal crossers have found the process to be an effective tactic to remain in America, now that stronger border policing has made it harder to melt in north of the border.

“It’s like the magic word,” says Jodi Goodwin, a longtime immigration lawyer in Harlingen. “Say it and the government has to give you a credible-fear hearing.”


Mr. Antunez says that, when caught, he told Border Patrol officers that “I need asylum” and declined to sign a waiver for voluntary departure that officials generally hand illegal crossers.

Mr. Antunez learned to do this from Facebook. Before he left San Pedro Sula, Honduras, he says, he corresponded with others on the social-networking site, where Honduran asylum seekers offer advice. He also consulted the U.S. government’s immigration website.

The next step: an appearance before a federal asylum officer for a so-called Credible Fear Interview, in which the officer decides whether the case has merit.

An immigrant can seek asylum under five categories, based on fear of persecution over race, religion, nationality, political opinions or “membership in a particular social group.”

Mr. Antunez’s fear claim, like many from illegal crossers, fell loosely into the “social group” category. He says he told the officer he had seen a group of men shoot two drug dealers dead and that the gunmen later told him he was next if he didn’t leave Honduras.

The asylum officer granted Mr. Antunez a credible-fear-interview “pass.” In fiscal 2013, 85% of credible-fear claimants were granted a pass, Homeland Security data show.

That put him on track for an asylum hearing before an immigration judge. He was freed without bail on a conditional release to live with relatives in Texas, he says.

His next check-in with immigration officers is later this fall, he says, more than half a year after he was caught.


The U.S. granted asylum to 23% of Guatemalans and 14% of El Salvadorans in the total pool of asylum seekers—including people here legally—from 2002 through 2011, according to federal data released to The Wall Street Journal under the Freedom of Information Act. There aren’t data on the success rates among illegal crossers alone, but immigration lawyers say rates are roughly the same for all categories.

For Hondurans, like Mr. Antunez, the rate was 10%. He says he will face those odds.

Others choose not to. After granting credible-fear passes, many courts release claimants on bail or on their own recognizance until the next hearing date—due in part to insufficient detention facilities, immigration officials say.

That is the last authorities see of some. There aren’t official data on how many asylum seekers go on the lam. In fiscal 2012, over 8,000 migrants that U.S. authorities detained and released failed to appear for their subsequent court dates, Justice Department data show; that likely includes many who were released from detention after expressing a credible fear of harm, immigration officials say.


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  • David Ashton

    Most of the world’s population could ask for asylum in the west on some pretext or another, and so long as the liberal lunatics have taken over the asylum they are unfortunately likely to get it.

    • mgs166

      The libs seem to think that they will be “spared” when their pets finally become a majority and are in control of things. Self-delusion at it’s finest.

      • NordicHeritage

        They are just brainwashed nothing more nothing less.

      • David Ashton

        Their possible fate is our sole prospective consolation.

      • Brian

        Didn’t they learn anything from Siegfried & Roy?

  • Erasmus

    And after we give them asylum here, they’ll bring in their dysfunctional culture and make the US as big a dung heap as the countries they’ve left. No thank you. They’re not our responsibility.

    If Mr. Antunez concern was fleeing from a credible threat in Honduras, he would have stayed in México, instead of fleeing to the US. I have no sympathy for him. Send him home.

  • Erasmus

    And after we give them asylum here, they’ll bring in their dysfunctional culture and make the US as big a dung heap as the countries they’ve left. No thank you. They’re not our responsibility.

    If Mr. Antunez concern was fleeing from a credible threat in Honduras, he would have stayed in México, instead of fleeing to the US. I have no sympathy for him. Send him home.

    • A Freespeechzone

      Look at parts of Los Angeles–they look and smell like third world countries…


  • “Asylum” ….. the magic word.

  • Whirlwinder

    The “credible fear” defense. It has been said before, but we first need to get rid of all the lawyers. Then we can get rid of the illegal aliens.

  • So CAL Snowman

    So the Honduran “immigrant” couldn’t get asylum in Costa Rica or Mexico?

  • Bobbala

    What if you have a “credible fear” that your children will be abducted by the state for indoctrination if you return and you are white?

  • kjh64

    Asylum means one is fleeing persecution by the government or some pogrom, not individual criminal activity. Also, according to asylum rules, the asylum seeker must go to first safe country they come to. Last time I checked, Honduras isn’t next to the USA so the first safe country that Honduran would come to would be Guatamala. Of course, Guatamala would tell him to get lost, only evil racist Whites in the USA would listen to him.

  • bigone4u

    The kindness of whites knows no bounds, but someetimes kindness crosses the line into foolishness. I have no quarrel with asylum since Snowden used the asylum law in Russia to escape his murder at the hands of the US government, but Mexicans wanting a piece of the pie that whites baked is NOT grounds for asylum.

  • Alexandra1973

    What if they were afraid to come to America…?
    I’d think that snipers in towers along the border might instill some fear.

  • borogirl54

    Illegal immigrants are using this to “legally” enter the US. I doubt if this guy will leave the US once his asylum claim is denied.

  • Spartacus

    Just chuck them in the ocean ! Jesus, they’re not citizens, you have no obligation towards them !

  • leftists are delusional

    I have a “credible fear” of letting every Juan, Diego, e Hector into this country.

    • Spartacus

      Yes but you’re White . Your fear derives from racism and has no facts behind it…

      Google “Dru Sjodin” :

      • Brian

        Another beautiful girl lost to a monster. His attorney’s claiming he’s mentally disabled– well he was already a convicted sex pervert, and if he’s retarded as well, why wasn’t he locked up in the nuthatch already?

      • Erasmus

        I remember when she was murdered. Because the murdered was committed in a state that didn’t have the death penalty, this piece of 3rd world scum is going to enjoy three hots and a cot for the rest of his life. I hope someone does the taxpayers a favor by shivving him. Then chop up his body and throw it, piece by piece, back over the border into México.

  • Ella

    Seeking a pay raise in the USA is not political cause for asylum.

  • odious liberal

    I have a credible fear illegal criminal invaders will increase crime, taxes, disease and lead to the destruction of America.

  • IKantunderstand

    Let’s get together and invade Central America. We could take over all the countries. They are lovely, if, you are not concerned about viewing the four seasons. Once we take over, all the indigent populace will be swapped out for we Whites. The former Central American denizens will of course become fabulous, smart Americans. Why? Well, because, as everyone knows: Whites are only successful because they happen to occupy magical lands. Science tells us, that if sub-Saharan Africans had gotten to Europe way earlier, well, all that European culture would have been “discovered” by them! So, let us swap lands with these people. Our magical lands will insure their success. We Whites, will move to their pestilence ridden lands. I am confident, that all the Black and Brown hordes will instantly achieve technological hegemony. We Whites, having been relegated to the “non-magical” lands, will instantly fall into cannibalism and violence. We are all the same. It all depends on where you were born. Once we Whites inhabit the Congo, well, that country will have nothing change, because, as we all know, the Congo has no “magic”. Nope, because the Congo (or any part of Africa) has no “magic” any inhabitant is doomed to failure Once the Congolese move to Europe and North America, well, the magic that exists in the soil, or is it the water supply? Will automatically turn them into scientists, mathematicians, technicians. Yup, I am absolutely confident, you are were you were born. If you had been born in another country, you would have absolutely been smarter and more successful. Seriously?? Really?? This world would have starved to death already if it hadn’t been for White people. The Africans would have died of disease and starvation, if it hadn’t been for Whites. If in fact, all people are equal, then let the Africans fend for themselves, they can figure out how to survive, they are as smart as we are. So are the Asians, so is EVERYBODY! In fact, according to the Leftists, the fact that other races have not accomplished squat, is because we Whites don’t recognize their (bogus) contributions. We Whites have to realize that we owe NOTHING to anyone. We Whites only need to understand that the only allegiance that exists anymore, is the one that we owe one another. We created “civilization”, in fact, we created the idea of “civilization”. Nobody else is the equal of us. Nobody.

    • M&S

      You got it 90% right.
      Having a majority minority Mestizo population (in another 30 years) will mean that populations will dictate borders and then the U.S. will be in the same position Hitler was in terms of needing to pay for social welfare expansion (as if that will survive a massive shift in white:hispanic pop counts) with added tax base.
      So, yes, the /whole idea/ is that they come to us and we go to them. For money.
      This is the Elites ‘Great Idea’ on the road to globalization as perfect sunshine of the mindless spot.
      The problem is that those big, bad, bold racist ideas that mean ol’ Hitler had have turned out to be right and now, to stop the collapse of ALL society, we need to do and say things which are uncomfortably non-liberal.
      And we do know how those liberals love their labels.
      The problem is that we’re not breeding. Largely due to unwanted ethnic stress put upon us by outsiders.
      And given Mexico City is perfect proof (3rd largest city on the planet, 50% Colonia/Ghetto) that society is a racial construct, if we die out, so will the society they claim to know better how to represent us in reengineering, ‘for our own good’.
      Not such a Great Idea after all, is it?
      FWIW, environment does dictate outcome. It just does so over millennia as dozens of generations. We who live entirely in our own lives have lost this sense of continuity as trust from our ancestors to our descendants.
      The First Rule of whites is both the base of our great kindness and our ultimate success: Never breed more than you can succeed in raising. You get a woman pregnant on a glacial plateau ‘somewhere in Eurasia’ 10,000 years ago without enough food to feed her well enough to keep your kid in milk and the likelihood is high that you will lose the kid, the wife and your own genetic hopes for a better future. Because no other man is gonna share with a wastrel like you.
      In trade for this Rule Of Cold, Europe is a wet paradise. Where there are as many as three growing seasons followed by enough snow to keep your neighbors from killing you with their diseases or their fists. So if you DO plan well, you can imprint your family with more than just your genes.
      And it is that double whammy of care in choosing when and care in raising how, that has made us who we are.
      When all the rest of the world treats their homelands like a Go board: to be filled to capacity and then squabbled over via incessant, internecine, tribal warfare and inbred control.
      We are kind because our genes remember what it was like to live so close to the edge when a hand up from another Clan meant life.
      We are strong because we lived through that trial as evolutionary moment, which can never be repeated for other peoples.
      We should not have to share who we are just because long-past environment dictated they didn’t get as much.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    It means they’re racist and need to undergo mandatory sensitivity training (aka brainwashing).

  • Brian

    We are being played for suckers. How many licks does it take to get to the middle of an Anchor Baby Drop?

  • mobilebay

    Is our government really that stupid? If so, they should not be in positions of power.Let’s get people in Washington who care more for their own citizens than they do for foreign lawbreakers!

  • mobilebay

    I have a “credible fear” of my own government!

  • Mike Conrad

    I have a ‘credible fear’ that my country has been overrun by third-world refuse…where can I get asylum?

    • tabsa

      Hi, this may not be completely relevant, but Google has recently had some kind of update and my blog is getting a quarter of the hits it used to, so I’ve got to start ‘marketing’ again.

      I’ve written more than 70 articles, but the only ones that still get read are about white genocide. There’s a lot more to the story of South Africa and its relevance to the fate of the white race as a whole.

      Please spread the word and continue to read my blog:

      • Stentorian_Commentator

        Good luck with that. The Boers are among the few people we ought to welcome as refugees, except that they appear to be too proud to leave. I hope we can save some.

        • tabsa

          The few of us who are “too proud to leave” are a minority and they somehow either think that we have a chance of defending ourselves against the black majority and the WORLD. Or they think that we can get our own homeland in SA. Either way they are delusional and mostly religious to the point where they believe that God will protect us.

          Ironically, the ones who have British or other passports are the rich, liberal types, who believe that South Africa is a ‘rainbow nation’ and that Mandela’s dream has come true. They’re also the ones with the most expensive intruder alarms, armed response, security guards, razor wire and electric fences.

          Most people I know including my parents and in-laws would jump at the chance to go to a Western, English-speaking country. But seeing as we were brought up with morals and values unlike the third-world immigrants that flow into your countries, we tend to be law abiding citizens who are not into scrounging off the government to survive.

          Most of us have businesses, jobs, families, mortgages, life insurance policies, medical aids, children who need to be educated properly, cell phone bills, tax to pay etc. It’s pretty hard to just pack up and go. You need a lot of extra cash to spare. And considering how the ANC and the unions are doing such a good job at getting us downgraded, our currency plummeting, food prices rising because our farmers are either murdered or forced off their farms, very few of us actually have cash to spare.

          If you want to get into the US legally, you need to be a rocket scientist at the very least. To get into the UK is now almost impossible. To get into Australia you need to be a plumber or get a sponsor. You overstay your visa there they will actually hunt you down and charge your sponsor for the costs involved.

          I’ve been running my own business for about 8 years, it’s almost impossible to get a job and I can’t prove half of the things that they want you to prove on paper. Even though I now have the savvy to build up a business in a new country from scratch with very little capital, nobody will just believe me if I tell them that.

          We’ve been trying to get my wife a job in Australia for almost 2 years, she’s got loads of experience and qualifications (including an Australian one). But we’ve had no luck.

          With the rise of Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters, I think we’ve got anything between 2 years and 10 years before things get to such a point that we’ll be forced to leave the country with only the clothes on our backs. But how high is the death toll going to have to be before we are granted asylum in the West?

          You see, the difference is that South Africa is still relatively stable compared to Somalia or Sudan. But those people had nothing anyway and they were ignorant to what was going on in their countries up to the point where the militias were actually pointing the guns in their faces.

          On the other hand, we are educated, we still have a relatively independent press, we’ve got access to the internet. So we can see the disaster coming. It may be in a year’s time, or it may be 10 years from now, but either way, the most precious gift I can give my 3 year old son is a life in another, white country. Because his generation is outnumbered 1:20. He’ll have no chance in this country.

          South Africa is doomed. No two ways about it. But what do we do? In the meantime I’ve got to build up a business with the nagging idea in the back of my head that it’s pointless to build up something that will just be taken away from me in a few years’ time. The only thing that I know for sure is that we’ve got to do our best to get as much money together and get it out of the country so that we’re ready when the proverbial hits the fan.

          What do I do with our possessions, do we sell them now, do we organize to put them into storage while we’re gone. Do I just leave them here. Can I convince my parents to sell the properties they have, the business they built up over the last 19 years. Their cars, my dad’s prized motorbikes. They’re over 60, they won’t get into Australia for a while, even once we have citizenship, which may take another 4-5 years after we actually get into the country legally.

          We’ll probably end up (if we’re not murdered by that time) crossing the border from Mexico in the end. Or arriving in Europe on a rubber duck. Or swimming across the Indian Ocean to Australia.

          If we can get into a Western country legally before that, we’ll jump at the chance.

          But all I can think of to do in the meantime is to let as many (white) people in the world know about our situation. It may get them to do something about it. It may get people to offer jobs to us (I wouldn’t even think twice about doing manual labour). It may convince people to sponsor us to go over on student visas. And, although VERY unlikely, it may get the governments in the West to grant us asylum.

          That is why I started my blog. And that is why I’m pestering you with an essay about our plight.

      • Andy

        I just checked your blog and it’s down. (Oct. 21 12:58 PM EST)

        • tabsa

          Hey, thanks for letting me know. Maybe if you google “the truth about south africa”.

          Otherwise the [email protected] have taken my blog down in the US.

  • Since the guy is from Honduras, his refugee status in the United States is invalid. He should have stopped in the first other nation he reached: Guatemala. Refugee law is not a travel agency.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    This is the reason that asylum seekers should be shuttled off to refugee camps in the middle of nowhere, essentially prisons with the barest necessities of life and the U.S. government providing nothing more than a reasonable safety from being molested by their would be oppressors. Oh, and a 50-60 hour a week hard labor requirement to try to offset the costs of their stay. No freedom of movement, no automatic welfare. Then we see how many really want refugee status.

    • Who would run the camps? Remember that FEMA can’t even get clean drinking water to hurricane survivors (Katrina and Sandy), even though everyone else outside FEMA knows that the water supply is always contaminated after a hurricane. Having these mental munchkins run a camp? You’ve got to be kidding!

  • kris

    Guatemalans are just about the most repulsive looking beasts on the planet: women with those fuzzy black sideburns, short legs, flat butt, and beer belly. Add that up with their ape faces and low foreheads. Ugh why can’t we be inundated with Swedes and Dutch?? Why these trolls?? Plus, they import nothing but poverty into this country- no scientists, no geniuses, just .. ugly, fugly TROLLS