Habitat for Humanity Workers in Oakland Robbed

Henry K. Lee, San Francisco Chronicle, October 2, 2013

A group of people working at a Habitat for Humanity construction site in East Oakland that former President Jimmy Carter will visit next week were robbed at gunpoint, police said.

{snip} Habitat for Humanity staff members and AmeriCorps workers were accosted by four men who robbed them of cell phones, wallets and tools, police said.

One of the robbers fired a shot into the air and pistol-whipped a man, who declined medical attention, authorities said.

The assailants fled in two cars. No arrests have been made.

Former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, are scheduled to visit the site beginning Monday to help with the construction. {snip}

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  • Puggg

    Why does Habitat for Humanity build habitats for some of the most inhumane humans on Earth?

    • joesolargenius

      Donations must be pretty good and they get free labor and tax dollars , I wonder how much the leaders are taking for themselves.

    • Jefferson

      I am not surprised this happened in Oakland. Oakland is seen by many Bay Area locals as the Detroit of the Bay Area.

    • MekongDelta69

      Because they are guilt-ridden, self-loathing, Bierkenstock-wearing, spinless white leftists.

      That’s why…

      • JohnEngelman

        White liberals should not feel guilty about blacks. They should feel angry at them. The five years of black ghetto riots that happened from 1964 to 1968 destroyed the Democratic New Deal coalition, and turned the United States into a Republican country. Race wrecked liberalism.

        • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

          That’s a great way to put it. It was some amorphous concept like race that wrecked liberalism. Not the deliberate choices of leftists with delusions of moral grandeur, but that evil race. Not the willful disregard of everything that was common knowledge about the Negro for at least 300 years, it was race. It was circumstances way beyond the control of the commissars, that evil, evil race.
          Or perhaps it was blacks? “We trusted you to behave, and look what you did!” Well, if you let a tiger loose in the neighborhood and he eats the mailman, who is to blame? The tiger?

          • JohnEngelman

            During and before the civil rights movement it was fairly widely known that blacks tended to perform less well in school, and that they had higher rates of crime and illegitimacy than whites.

            Nevertheless, blacks were discriminated against, even when they were intelligent and morally responsible. Back then it was more plausible than it is now that blacks were the way the were because of the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow legislation.

        • You seem to be about as disappointed with the Democrat party as I am with the Republicans.

          Do we run together on an Independent ticket? You go for President.

    • 1stworlder

      Hopefully they will be like the volunteers who went down to help the savages with Katrina, only to come back talking about the Turner diaries.

    • sbuffalonative

      I have never known them to build or refurbish a house for a white family. Maybe they have but I have never seen it.

      • fuzzypook

        On the website for Lexington Fayette County habitat for humanity, they show pictures of the recipients of the houses. Almost all bantus, a couple of squat monsters and one lone white woman but she has a bantu child.

  • joesolargenius

    There is an old saying that a Liberal is actually a conservative whom hasn’t been mugged yet , well welcome to the GOP guys.

  • Spartacus

    “Habitat for Humanity staff members and AmeriCorps workers were accosted
    by four men who robbed them of cell phones, wallets and tools,
    police said.”


  • Whitetrashgang

    They should just build them mud huts instead .With the money saved they could buy some 22 inch rims, forties, handguns, and blunts and just give them out to the folk.

  • Truthseeker

    Will we eventually reach a point where we (and by “we,” I mean those of us who have a first-world mindset) decide to stop helping people who consistently prove that they aren’t capable of appreciating or making good use of the things we give them? If people are going to donate time and resources to build stuff for people who can’t build it themselves, only to be thanked this way, at some point we’re going to have to say “forget it, you’re on your own.”

    • 1proactive2

      You make far too much sense, thus, it will never happen. And blacks are devoid of basic virtues to include simple gratitude.

  • Luca

    The only tragedy here is that the dysfunctional, senile, effeminate, sissified, peanut farmer wasn’t there to be robbed as well.

    • cablegirls

      Dumb post.

      • The peanut farmer was truly altruistic but ineffective as a US President. About 6 years ago I skimmed a book he wrote recollecting his experiences. You would think that in a hard cover book, he’d explain the hard choices as that audience would be more intellectual. My recollection was that the whole book was more or less about proving how “he was a more sincere Christian” than categorized by many while he was President.

        Recently Robert Gates, the retired CIA directory under like 5 Presidents wrote a book:
        “Ultimate Insider’s Story of Five Presidents and How They Won the Cold War…”.

        He really excoriated Carter as a bumbler and praised Regan as having severely damaged Soviet ambitions and basically leading them to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Get the book, it’s really good reading.

        FYI I love peanuts, am not allergic to them, and have a 5lb bag of peanuts in my larder.

        • Brian

          Carter was not a good president, but he’s a good man, and would be a good neighbor. He’s a bumbler but not wicked.

      • Lewis33

        Just wait until they build one in your neighborhood, then we’ll talk about those wonderful altruistic “christians.”

      • Luca

        Perhaps he should have been a philanthropist instead of a President.

        Carter mismanaged foreign affairs, most notably his handling of the Iranian revolution, which resulted in American hostages, global embarrassment and the second world-wide oil crisis. His limp wrist attempt to teach the Soviets a lesson only hurt American athletes by his failure of a boycott. He was ineffectual in dealing with Congress and totally lacked leadership qualities. He gave away the Panama Canal.

        I won’t even get into economics other than I remember 18% mortgage rates.

        He was long on good intentions and short on common sense and know how. On his best day he was mediocre and that’s being generous.

        • cablegirls

          Granted, but I’m talking about his personal qualities, what I’d like to see in the person who’s just moved in next door.

          I appreciate yours and Claudius’ political perspectives, though.

        • leftists are delusional

          There is no way not to mismanage foreign affairs when you view the world from a leftist perspective.

      • The Carters build groid magnets for the less privileged, while they themselves live in a groid-free lily-white, safe, clean area.

        They are liberal phonies through & through.

        • The Carters also receive Secret Service protection 24/7. These hypocrites can afford to be unconcerned about the vicious lunatics they help; we pay for their first-rate security.

    • Rhialto

      That’s a pleasant thought, but Carter is always protected by taxpayer supplied security. When your former president is in a dangerous location, this security is intensified.

  • bigone4u

    Justice is a taste of diversity for the libtards who volunteer for Habitat. I would never support any organization that the fool Jimmy Carter supports.

  • Habitat for Humanity workers = iPhones.

    • sail foams

      • Thanks for the laugh. Sail foams! It has been months since I heard that.

  • bigone4u

    The houses Habitat builds and gives to afros end up trashed very quickly. It’s in the afro nature to destroy, not build.

    • DLRisVH

      Unfortunately these habitat homes are popping up in mostly White neighborhoods.

      • fuzzypook

        I know a blind man who has been living in a small home for more than 20 years. A couple of years ago some whiteys built a habitat for humanity home right next door to him. Now when he walks down the street to the bus stop the sprogs that live in the house come out and tease and harass him. He has tried talking to the bantu “parents” about their sprogs behavior. All he gets is “my chilrun didn’ do nuffins!”

  • 1proactive2

    These do-gooders were not aware of two major factors about black neighborhoods:

    One is that most blacks do not have a conscience, they are devoid of a human sense of decency. The other thing is that blacks have legions of black race-hustling excuse makers and responsibility removers who will blame the victim, especially the white ones.

    These thug-hugging black criminal enablers are allowed, and even invited, to voice their opinions on national news outlets to include Fox, and their message is always because their beloved thugs weren’t given enough by the government.

    Another group of whites learns a painful lesson about blacks. There will be more, unfortunately.

    • negrolocaust

      they will not learn any lesson and leftists are fully aware of the pathology of blacks and their culture thats not why they are there. they go there to assuage their guilt over being wealthy whereas these blacks are not and do it under the guise of helping others. people like these volunteers will only say that the blacks were justified in robbing and assaulting them because of poverty, addiction to drugs, lead paint poisoning, poor schooling, and on and on ad infinitum. a leftist is the type of person that you could hit them in the jaw and instead of fighting back they will want to sit down and have a discussion with you on why you hit them. leftists are motivated by either guilt or shame or a combination thereof and this is why they are volunteering there. if also reinforces their feeling that they are superior to blacks and thus increases their self-esteem. blacks play along with them but are aware of their true feelings. blacks mostly use them for political gain. but there again leftists are also aware that blacks see through them its a case of both parties using each other as a means to an end. dont believe this rubbish about a liberal being turned into a conservative or whatever because the left are at their core mentally ill and this will not be cured or turned around it is who they are like a person with alzheimers it is a biological mental derangement.

      • We are ready to roll the day the FED presses die.

  • Harry Largo

    Being violated by Diversity is like a badge of honor for die hard liberals. It validates their efforts and inspires them to do more.
    Amy Biehl Syndrome

    • cablegirls

      For some, but I doubt all of those Oakland volunteers will be going back.

      Now, that story would be very, very interesting if one of the workers had been packing (I know, I know — little chance of that) and Zimmerman’d the pistol-whipper. Better yet, to keep the MSM from taking the easy way out and making it a gun control story, that the thug were taken out with a framing hammer to the skull. The story WOULD get coverage.

      • negrolocaust

        leftists like this group are non-violent and would not retaliate or fight back against a physical or even verbal assault in general. the only time they become violent is when pursuing some political goal such as extreme leftists and communists like occupy wall street or the militant homosexual or environmental types. leftist enviornmental types always try to claim ted kaczynski, the unabomber, as one of their own but he was actually militantly anti-left and directed most of his rage against them. if anyone wants to read an interesting psychoanalysis of the left he outlines it in the first few pages of his manifesto very interesting reading. interesting to read the thoughts on leftism by a person with an iq of over 170 anyway. not endorsing his activity or behavior, found his writings on the left interesting.

        • negrolocaust

          ted kaczynski wrote a lot about black culture, this is a brief example of his writing related to this story that i found intriguing for anybody interested an html version can be found on a site called ed dot brocku dot ca

          21. Leftists may claim that their activism is motivated by compassion
          or by moral principle, and moral principle does play a role for the
          leftist of the oversocialized type. But compassion and moral principle
          cannot be the main motives for leftist activism. Hostility is too
          prominent a component of leftist behavior; so is the drive for power.
          Moreover, much leftist behavior is not rationally calculated to be of
          benefit to the people whom the leftists claim to be trying to help.
          For example, if one believes that affirmative action is good for black
          people, does it make sense to demand affirmative action in hostile or
          dogmatic terms? Obviously it would be more productive to take a
          diplomatic and conciliatory approach that would make at least verbal
          and symbolic concessions to white people who think that affirmative
          action discriminates against them. But leftist activists do not take
          such an approach because it would not satisfy their emotional needs.
          Helping black people is not their real goal. Instead, race problems
          serve as an excuse for them to express their own hostility and
          frustrated need for power. In doing so they actually harm black
          people, because the activists’ hostile attitude toward the white
          majority tends to intensify race hatred.

          29. Here is an illustration of the way in which the oversocialized
          leftist shows his real attachment to the conventional attitudes of our
          society while pretending to be in rebellion against it. Many leftists
          push for affirmative action, for moving black people into
          high-prestige jobs, for improved education in black schools and more
          money for such schools; the way of life of the black “underclass” they
          regard as a social disgrace. They want to integrate the black man into
          the system, make him a business executive, a lawyer, a scientist just
          like upper-middle-class white people. The leftists will reply that the
          last thing they want is to make the black man into a copy of the white
          man; instead, they want to preserve African American culture. But in
          what does this preservation of African American culture consist? It
          can hardly consist in anything more than eating black-style food,
          listening to black-style music, wearing black-style clothing and going
          to a black-style church or mosque. In other words, it can express
          itself only in superficial matters. In all ESSENTIAL respects more
          leftists of the oversocialized type want to make the black man conform
          to white, middle-class ideals. They want to make him study technical
          subjects, become an executive or a scientist, spend his life climbing
          the status ladder to prove that black people are as good as white.
          They want to make black fathers “responsible.” they want black gangs
          to become nonviolent, etc. But these are exactly the values of the
          industrial-technological system. The system couldn’t care less what
          kind of music a man listens to, what kind of clothes he wears or what
          religion he believes in as long as he studies in school, holds a
          respectable job, climbs the status ladder, is a “responsible” parent,
          is nonviolent and so forth. In effect, however much he may deny it,
          the oversocialized leftist wants to integrate the black man into the
          system and make him adopt its values.

      • 1stworlder

        LOL the 28 blacks gang raping an 11yo girl in Houston barely got any coverage what makes you think that fantasy would even make the local news.

        • cablegirls

          Ratings. It’s water cooler stuff.

      • The framing hammer to the skull crack made my day.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      “…one white high-school student who lives in New York City did reflect in The New York Times about a group of blacks who attacked him and broke his nose. He did not, however, complain about black racism. ‘Getting attacked because of my race made me look at myself and understand what I symbolize to others. It doesn’t matter that I have not a single racist bone in my body; too many white people before me did.’ This boy did not condemn the attack because it was racist; he excused it because it was racist. His solution? Vote for Jesse Jackson.” — Jared Taylor, Paved With Good Intentions, page 96-7.

  • White Mom in WDC

    Blacks are crapping in their own nest. They will burn all their bridges. Oh well

  • MekongDelta69

    Same mentality as the Vagina Monologue article.

    Maybe they’ll rob Jim-eee too…

  • Jefferson

    Oakland experienced the biggest Chimpout in the country after the Zimmerman not guilty verdict.

    Oakland produces some of the most violent Bantus in the country.

  • The Final Solution

    Hahaha too bad old man Carter himself wasn’t robbed! My dad said he was the do-nothing president. I’m surprised he’s still breathing.

  • More reminesces from an old fool.

    When I was single back before the Spanish-American War, I think it was in the early 90’s. I used to go to this Houston volutnteering organization. Mostly, like all the other guys it was to meet women. They were always involved in “Habitats for Humanity”. I never went to those as I always thought that housing was really cheap in Houston in the early 90’s work was really plentiful (you could stand on a street corner and get hired) and I couldn’t fanthom the good of building free houses for people: even tho there were lots of single women invloved in them. Thus I never participated.

    This was even before I read Murrey’s “The Bell Curve” or was corrupted by the articles on AmRen.

  • IKantunderstand

    Too bad they weren’t there at the time of the robbery. And resisted. And, suffered the consequences. Kinda like like what we Americans are going through right now. Frankly, I don’t know how much Habitat for Humanity is totally volunteer. I was forced into participating in Habitat for Humanity by my employer. I threatened to quit. I was paid. Not a fan of “humanity”. I am, however, a fan of the keepers of Western Civilization(AKA White people).

    • You should never be forced into participation. I want out. Why would I want to help people that want to rob where I live?

      • IKantunderstand

        I agree, people who are forced to “volunteer” are not technically volunteers at all. That was my point: if I was being pressured to volunteer, how many others are also forced? My point is that I think Habitat for Humanity is another gigantic con of American taxpayers. Oh, yeah, I volunteered. I was forced to, AND I got paid. So much for ” voluntary” labor. The two houses that I “voluntarily” worked on, were in the local ghetto. If they are able to drive to where I live and rob me, well, then I think they could manage to drive to a job.

  • The Final Solution

    These kinds of things often happen when you’re in a warzone on the western front.

  • negrolocaust

    leftists actually despise blacks and feel they are superior to them and blacks are fully aware of this. they feel blacks are incapable of taking care of their basic needs and blacks resent them. leftists are self-hating masochists so this type of incident will not teach them anything, they are probably disappointed that all of them were not beaten or worse. masochism and self hatred are the core of leftism. very strange suicidal people that seek out abuse from others. almost all leftists have some deficiency that they have great shame about, especially light-skinned blacks, so they project. many are grossly overweight, unattractive, homosexual etc. pretty interesting really. sad for them but interesting for me.

    • Brian

      One of the best ways to piss off the egalitarians is to call them out on their paternalism and white man’s burden. Tell them they don’t think of blacks as their equals but as pets or Jerry’s Kids. “Me, racist? Of course not. I just want the blacks to have the dignity of standing on their own feet, while you on the other hand want to keep them as your pets.” They hate this usurpation of the moral high ground.

      • robinbishop34

        I do this quite often (when I have time) on youTube and other sites where I know a ton of civilians will see the comments, but I do it in a subtle, perhaps even passive aggressive way that doesn’t come off overtly hostile in order to keep the dialogue going as long as possible.

        What I find is that most civilians are simply conditioned to respond specific ways to certain stimuli but have no real understanding of why. For instance if you suggest that diversity is the cause of the endless racial/ethnic/class conflict we hear about every day, nearly everyone will recoil in horror.

        If you have the stomach, you can use the Dale Carnegie method of finding something with their argument that you agree with, let them know that, then force them to back up their argument. This is a great time to bring up paternalism and ‘white man’s burden.’ The conversation usually ends there, and not because of some clever debating tactic, but because their argument is legitimately destroyed.

        • Brian

          It’s because of conversations like this, as well as direct experience with The Vibrancy, that I threw off the shackles of delusion and woke up. You cast many seeds, and some bear fruit.

          • robinbishop34

            I wish more regulars here would do the same. It would be like shooting fish in a barrel.

    • MBlanc46

      “they feel blacks are incapable of taking care of their basic needs”.

      If they actually believe this, they’re not to far from the truth.

    • The white leftist says he believes in racial equality, but acts like he’s an aficionado of Madison Grant. Before the gentrification of St. Louis started, an activist from a local leftist organization whose mission was to encourage it was a guest on one of the local talk shows. He said that white flight out to stop and white people should return to the urban core. I called up, luckily, got on the air, and asked him if he believed in racial equality, and of course he said yes. The cow willingly walked into the pen, so then it was time for me to close the gate. I responded like this:

      “Then why does it matter to you or matter at all where white people live or don’t live, or where any color people live or don’t live?”


      That was probably the last time I’ve totally shut people up after making an argument.

  • WASP

    Where I live, I’ve never seen Habitat for Humanity build a house or anything for a White family. It’s always Blacks.

    • DLRisVH

      And it’s always White volunteers building them. The neighborhood I’m working in has two of them under reconstruction and today one of them had the black family there cleaning up and handing the workers tools or materials. I think it’s a requirement for the recipient to put in “so many hours” but I’m not sure.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Too bad Jimmy Carter wasn’t there. Maybe now these libtards realize that instead of building homes, they should be building “habitats” with bars.

    Media are also getting robbed regularly in Oakland:

    A KGO-TV news crew was robbed at gunpoint of camera equipment while accompanied by a security guard in West Oakland in broad daylight, the latest in a spate of holdups in the city targeting the media, authorities said.

    The news crew couldn’t provide a description of the robbers: “Three men at least one of whom had a gun!”

    The cameras are apparently being stolen to shoot porno.

    This is the world the biased media are pushing: We’re supposed to be shocked when the president said he had observed people locking their car doors when they saw him, and women on elevators clutching onto their purses tighter.

    I no longer care, nor am I outraged.

    New York Times: Oakland #5 in the world: “The 45 Places to Go in 2012” and #1 in the USA.

    http://travel // nytimes // com/2012/01/08/travel/45-places-to-go-in-2012 //html

    Yeah, Welcome to Oakland, Dawg!!

    • Looks to me like Oakland is sufficiently diverse. Should be the strongest town in the world. No achievement gap or anything like that.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        I keep hearing that Oakland is “being gentrified” and that there are “some areas that are safe” — but I see nothing but a decrepit, black, violent ghetto.
        The so-called gentrified areas still border on high-crime black areas.

        Pity, Oakland used to be home to Sea Captains who lived in stunning Victorian mansions on hillsides overlooking SF Bay.

        It’s All Ghetto Now, All the Time.

        • Some of those old homes are nice. I lived in a room in one of those old mansions near the pier in Santa Cruz. It had been a captain’s house. Gunfire every Friday and Saturday night in the surrounding area.

  • 1stworlder

    Some who went down to help with Katrina came back talking about the Turner diaries, that’s how I found out about them.

  • JohnEngelman

    What race were the robbers?

    Or aren’t I supposed to ask?

    • shmo123

      They were in Oakland, so no, you don’t need to ask.

  • John R

    One good thing about this story is that at least a few White bleeding hearts have received their racial education. Maybe we now have a few more posters for American Renaissance?

    • Juan Outtamany

      It is called their “Urban Encounter”

    • Most of them will continue to make excuses.

  • fuzzypook

    Yes, they are supposed to do “sweat equity”. They are supposed to work on their own home and after that they have to do volunteer work on later homes to be built. I’ve seen pictures of the building of the homes on their website. Lots and lots of pictures of lots and lots of white people doing all the work. Look for yourself. Google habitat for humanity Lexington KY.

  • Juan Outtamany

    Stop feeding and housing them if you want them to go away. FYI

  • Rusty Shackelford

    Obama voters robbed by Obama voters.

  • Earl Turner

    I’d say these well meaning but misguided volunteers need to re-read the story about the frog and the scorpion.

  • ArthurDodger

    Opiates for Dystopia is more like it. Oakland is the third most violent city in the US. I leave it to you to guess why.

  • capnmorgan5150

    No good deed goes unpunished.

  • I think the saying you are looking for is “He who bites the hand that feeds him will also lick the boot that kicks him”.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    Incidents like this are why whites need to become ruthless and hard hearted towards racial aliens. They are using our altruism and empathy against us. Kindness and concern for others to the blacks and browns more often than not is regarded as weakness, not strength. Yes, the blacks, the browns, and most especially those who shall not be named have no sense of honor whatsoever, except to rob, rape and kill our people at every opportunity. It’s time we leave these ingrates to build their own homes, far too many whites are homeless right now because of the discrimination and dispossession those who shall not be named are inflicting on us.