Man Convicted of Lying About Massacre in Seeking Citizenship

Ruben Vives, Los Angeles Times, October 1, 2013

A federal jury convicted a Moreno Valley man Tuesday of lying on his U.S. citizenship application about his military role in the 1982 massacre of a village during the Guatemalan civil war.

Jurors found Jorge Sosa, 55, guilty of making false statements and obtaining citizenship unlawfully, according to his attorney, Shashi Kewalramani.

Sosa, a martial arts instructor holding American and Canadian citizenship, faces a maximum of 15 years in prison and having his U.S. citizenship revoked when he is sentenced Dec. 19.


Prosecutors said Sosa was a commanding officer in the Guatemalan military’s special operations force known as the Kaibiles, and was involved in a 1982 massacre in the small village of Dos Eres.

Prosecutors said the commando unit slaughtered more than 160 people—including women, children and the elderly—during the attack.

Women were raped, they said, and villagers were gathered and thrown into a well. Prosecutors also said Sosa fired his rifle and threw a grenade into the well during the massacre.


Kewalramani argued that in previous documents Sosa filed as part of a failed attempt to gain political asylum, the defendant noted his time in the military and included a letter that contained a threat against his family because of his service.

Prosecutors argued that Sosa deliberately tried to hide his past.

“He tried to apply as a new and improved Jorge Sosa,” Brian Skaret, a Justice Department attorney, told the jury. “He wanted to appear as a different man. He wanted to run from his past.”

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  • Puggg

    The most disturbing part about this is that everything would have been A-OK if he wasn’t involved in the massacre. That letting a Guatemalan become a citizen is ordinarily okay otherwise.

  • “Kewalramani” is a subcontinental Indian name. What was this critter doing in Guatemala?

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      That’s the name of the attorney. The Guatemalan’s name is Jorge Sosa.

  • joesolargenius

    He evidently wasn’t working for the CIA at that time or else he would have been passed right through , should have said he was a Mexican.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      If he’d snuck in illegally and used a fake Mexican name, the government would have no idea and he’d be eligible for all the “path to citizenship” bills sitting in Congress.

      • dumbfuckdemocrats

        Sounds like a Mexican name to me. Jorge Sosa

  • Spartacus

    But the US government isn’t keeping tabs on this guy, they’re too busy stalking White Nationalists like Craig Cobb, who doesn’t have so much as a parking ticket…

  • Homo_Occidentalis

    Just goes to show the absolute riff raff getting green cards nowadays. Keep them ALL out, I say.

  • bigone4u

    This story is a breath of fresh air. I thought the US government only went after dying 92 year old German immigrants called out as being Nazis during WWII.

    • M&S

      Stripped of citizenship and deported to a Star Chamber trial in Israel, despite the fact that both facial ID matching (underlying bone structures) and the identities (ranks, places, dates) of the ID card signatures did not match as the sole driving evidence of his first denaturalization.
      Something that was known in _1985_ due to obvious evidence of a clumsy forgery by Division 14 of the KGB, evidence of which being withheld by U.S. OSI personnel.

      Saved from the hangman’s noose as _not being_ Ivan The Terrible, John Demjanjuk was allowed to return home only to be once more denaturalized and deported, to be tried solely for being at /another/ camp, despite the fact that the man he served with didn’t recognize him (as the man he had also shared an apartment with, after the war…).

      There were at least two John Demjanjuk’s in the Red Army, one of whom committed suicide when he heard the KGB ‘wanted a word’ over the matter of Sobibor in the 1970s.

      Our Demjanjuk is not Ivan the Terrible, whom an eyewitness (the same one who later went into hysterics in the Israeli court at the chance to slaughter another German) said was killed in the uprising at Treblinka.

      He may or may not have been a serving Hiwi volunteer at Flossenburg and perhaps Sobibor. But even if he was, he is no different than a thousand Jews who chose to strip, and shave and carry off the valuables as bodies of their co-ethnics.

      Because he too faced starvation as a lingering execution while a Soviet POW.

      If you believe in a God then John Demjanjuk, who died last year at the age of 92, will be Judged according to the sum of the life he led and no mercy or dignity given or withheld from him, by us, in the waning years of his life will change that.

      If you have no religion, then it truly comes down to sustaining ourselves for ourselves in a brutal evolutionary survival scenario for which ultimate victory may well mean how well we conserve our own as a hardened face turned to the demands of the other populations of this planet.
      Because nobody else will save us.

      At this point, with all that is happening to us, there is no reality for our people but the sad assumption that Hitler Was RIght: It is a struggle between races. And if we persecute our own, no one will think the better of us for want of our performance masochism when -our time- of annihilation comes.

      No one.

  • IKantunderstand

    Because the powers that be have decided without our approval, that the world should be “border” free, expect more and more of these people. Hey! Whites! Don’t you get it? You are no longer required to promulgate Western Civilization. Anybody can do it! Seriously, no lie, if Mexican Mestizos had been allowed to immigrate to the U.S in the numbers they do now, well, for a fact, there would have been an Edisonista. also, an Alexo Graghamo Bello, also, well, EVERYTHING in America would obviously been invented by those amazing brain trusts: The MEXICANO! They are just like us. Just a little darker skinned. Just a little shorter. Just a little dumber. Seriously, I am absolutely certain that the Mexicans were right on the verge of discovering flight, sadly, the Mexican Wrighto Hermanos, were struck with an abdominal affliction.

  • Greg Thomas

    I have no doubt there are millions of Jorge Sosas out there. These third world parasites all lie on their applications. I’m actually suprised he was caught. No fear though, I would bet the house he’s not going anywhere.

  • Xerxes22

    This guy’s crime is who he worked for not who he killed. Jorge Sosa worked for the military government of Jorge Efrain Rios Montt. Montt was a born again Evangelical Pentacostal minister who was personal friends with Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. The Montt government also had very close ties with the Reagan administration. This is why the Obama administration came down on him for lying on his citizenship application, an offense which is usually ignored by our overlords.

    • M&S

      If he threw people down a well and then tossed a grenade after them, then no matter what poor choice in employer as politics as usual may be driving this issue, losing his citizenship will still be punishment for that crime as well.
      The problem is that people really don’t understand the truth inherent to the notion that as a murderer, so shall your children and grandchildren be cursed /means/.
      Epigenetically, we are discovering, more and more each year, that what you do in life does indeed ‘program’ you genes for the next generation. You are literally a caretaker for their advancement.
      Hence, if someone comes from a background where the gangs rule all and murder is a daily event (25 murders per week in the Capital alone, 34 per 100,000, roughly 5,100 in the country in 2012, compared to 8 per week, 6.4 per 100,000 for a total of roughly 414 homicides in New York) that is what you are ‘contributing’ to your own national labor pool, because the people -create- the primitive social conditions as a function of expressed genetics. That they are also the survivors of it shows that they are not innocent.
      If our geneticists would just get up off their knees, and stop fellating liberal policy as blanket egalitarianism, we would be able to -prove- that whites have something no other race has, bred into us through all those long hard millennia on the Eurasian steppe:
      We do not destroy that which we might someday need. Even as we do not risk our own lives for simple, criminal, gain.
      As is, until /someone/ starts to talk about racial behaviors from a genetics driven standpoint, we will continue to be overrun and butchered by whose aid strokes our ego as it fills our taxrolls.
      And our society will come to look more and more like theirs’.

      • Xerxes22

        I’m not condoning this man’s actions. It’s just that the Obama administration does not act out of altruism. Everything that the the Obama administration does is based on race, ideology or political opportunism.

      • I’ve actually been to someone else’s war, and what an individual does in battle – or just afterward – ought not to be examined very closely.

        It has been 22 years, and I still feel as if my soul has been circumcised.

        • M&S

          I am well aware of what mopping up is about and the lethal intensity that comes from the frustration and angst release of aftermath finishing what almost finished you and maybe took your squaddie instead.
          Same uniform or no however; if you ever shoved non-combatants down a well with a grenade chaser, I would drop the hammer on you myself.
          That is not what we are about and knowing this is part of what gives us the right to say: “This is our land, get off.”
          That it was a Latino/Indian who did this is what makes it clear that race matters. Because to them, this is ordinary, daily, business. And finishing this bastard when he gets home will also be more of the same, not a triumph of morality as trial and just punishment.
          Just another fish gutting.
          If there is something that we can agree on, it is that I would never ask you to fight a war that didn’t directly benefit our Kindred and win or lose, I would never require you to act in a way that made you ashamed to be a soldier.
          That’s the only politics that matters here.

          • I am 47 and I would still fight for any reason or non-reason. I was drunk as often as I could.

            I pissed my pants every firefight. My coping mechanism afterward was alcohol. I didn’t like it very much. We stopped the Chetnik rapists in their tracks, but I was so scared. It was the real effing thing and nobody prepared me for that. My instincts told me “You Will Die Here Very Soon.” I ran my magazine out, reloaded, and repeated as necessary. I had a Czech-rework G-43, and the ammo was softnosed hunting stuff. It came in a green box with a deer in crosshairs. Journi and Egon always flinched when I fired.

            It was softnosed hunting ammunition, and it sure put the Chetniks down. Yes, I have used “dum-dum” rifle ammunition on other soldiers. I’m sorry about that. I wish I hadn’t done it. There’s always more alcohol.

          • M&S

            Picking your fights is one of the first things a young man learns to do that differentiates him from being a boy. Learning to pick your fights based on what your internal compass says rather than the immediate surrounding ‘popular opinion’ is about the last thing that a middle aged man learns to do well and indeed he will still likely struggle with for the rest of his life, tweaking his perceptions as wisdom on what is right to him vs. right for the situation.
            If you are still operating at the fight hard, feel bad, get drunk, reset conscience level, that’s okay, so long as you are aware that there is a progression involved here. When you’re sick of losing yourself, you will take the next step.
            I’ve always wondered what an 8mm full power round fired out of essentially a hopped up M1 Carbine stock would shoot like, particularly with that duck neck buttstock pushing all the recoil force into the top of your clavicle.
            It’s not like the FG-42 where the gun itself is heavy and a fairly decent pepperbox brake helps keep muzzle lift down, I would have to guess that it kicked like a Missouri Mule.
            And yet Walther made some 400,000 of them so the G43 can’t have been all bad.
            As for rounds…shrug.
            I have never really seen the logic in the Article 23 ‘unnecessary suffering’ rules.
            Is shooting a man with a 55 grain M193 that zips along at 3,300fps, hits a target and explodes at the cannelure in a way that makes his skin look like it was plowed by chainsaw without killing him outright (infection, days later) not cruel?
            Is shooting a man with a 2,900 fps M855 round that has a penetrator core that keeps the bullet together and doesn’t cavitate or couple KE above 2,700fps (i.e. about 50m) and so stitches neat little sewing machine holes so that it takes 30-120 minutes for him to bleed out not cruel?
            How is it -more- cruel to use a 30-06 which will put down a bull elk with one shot than a .223 equivalent varmint caliber which won’t even hold aimpoint much past 200m?
            And what about the new Mk.262/.318 special forces rounds which are BTHP/OTM ‘for aerodynamic reasons’ but which still have a mass differential which causes them to tumble and keyhole in soft tissue to create massive wound trauma? Are they humane because they tear so much tissue that shock and blood loss induces rapid loss of consciousness and death?
            Point being: if the combat was you or them, the type of bullet is secondary to the intent to kill, whether for outside reasons you believed in or for your life.
            The least of your worries being the size of the hole in your enemy’s chest or back because I would fully expect you to shoot them again if they are no longer a threat but you can’t help them.
            Because that’s _mercy_ when there isn’t a doctor for twenty miles in any direction.
            War sucks. Surviving it is it’s own punishment of memory. The important thing is that knowing you can kill doesn’t change anything. You still know what’s right and what’s wrong. Only your will to -do- what is correct vs. what is easy has to be rebuilt, slowly.
            And that’s typically a matter of regained belief.

  • sbuffalonative

    And will they be interviewing the other 11 million to determine if they lied to get into this country illegally? 1 out of 11 million. Keep up the great work.

  • leftists are delusional

    The government this man served, was fighting communists at the time of the incident.

  • MBlanc46

    We needed to import a martial arts instructor?

    • Aren’t they a dime-a-dozen? We get advertisements for free-trial memberships and low-cost memberships all the time. If the dojos have to advertise this way, the competition among them for students must be fairly intense.

      • MBlanc46

        That’s what I thought. Martial arts academies are everywhere. I can see that you might make a case that you absolutely must import some Japanese or Korean guy (I wouldn’t buy it, but it has at least a superficial plausibility), but a Guatemalan?