Of all the slaves owned by Edwin Epps, a 23-year-old woman was by far the best at picking cotton.

Her hands moved so quickly they could hardly be seen as she worked from dawn until dusk, with only a 15-minute break for a meagre lunch of cold bacon.

Whereas most slaves could pick around 200lb of cotton per day, Patsey could pick 500lb.

Some said she was the most remarkable cotton-picker in the whole of the Bayou Boeuf region of Louisiana, if not the entire state. As well as being so productive, there was another reason why her owner valued Patsey. She was beautiful and athletic.

Epps, who was tall, fat and with a huge  Roman nose, constantly took advantage of his attractive young slave, especially when he  was drunk.

If rape did not make life unbearable enough, Patsey also had to suffer the jealousy of Epps’s wife. Mrs Epps—we do not know her first name, just as we do not know Patsey’s surname—would often order her to be whipped for supposed misdemeanours. As a result, her back was scarred with thousands of stripes.

One Sunday, while the slaves were washing their clothes in the river, Patsey went missing. For two hours, an enraged Epps roamed his estate, supposing that his prized possession had escaped.

However, Patsey returned, and told Epps she had visited the neighbouring estate to get some soap, as Mrs Epps never let her have any.

Such an excuse was not good enough for Epps. With a group of slaves huddled in fear nearby, he ordered Patsey to strip off all her clothes. Patsey knew she would be beaten, but she was not to know how badly. In the distance, she could see the satisfied, smiling face of  Mrs Epps.

Patsey was then forced to lie face down, her wrists and ankles tied to four stakes in the ground. Epps passed a heavy whip to a male slave in his early 40s called Platt. ‘You lash her!’ he ordered.

Platt knew he had no choice. If he did not, then he too would be lashed, and Patsey would still be lashed in turn.

Platt followed his dreadful order. Patsey prayed for mercy, but Epps, stamping his foot on the ground, insisted that Platt did not hold back. ‘Strike harder, or your turn comes next, you scoundrel,’ Epps screamed.

After 30 lashes, Platt stopped, hoping that would be the end of it. Instead, Epps ordered him to continue.

Patsey’s back was drenched in blood, which trickled onto the ground and coated the whip.

After 15 more lashes, Platt threw the whip down. In a complete rage, Epps picked it up and whipped Patsey ten times harder and longer.

With almost all the skin on her back removed, Patsey passed out.

‘She no longer writhed and shrank beneath the lash when it bit out small pieces of flesh,’ Platt would recall. ‘I thought she was dying.’

But Patsey did not die.

Instead, Platt took her back to his cabin, where he and another slave nursed her as best they could.

After that day, Platt noticed that Patsey changed for ever.

‘The bounding vigour—the sprightly, laughter-loving spirit of her youth, were gone,’ he later wrote.

Today, the sheer sadism witnessed on American plantations in the middle of the 19th century seems almost unbelievable.

However, it was all too real, and all too common. The scene described above took place in Louisiana in about 1850, and was recounted by none other than Platt himself, whose real name was Solomon Northup (he’d been given the name Platt by his owner).

Northup wrote about his terrible experiences in a book published in 1853 called 12 Years A Slave, which shocked the American public, and, according to some historians, helped to bring about the American Civil War, in which President Abraham Lincoln led the Yankee North to victory against the South, partly because he was determined to end slavery.

Northup’s story was rediscovered in the late Sixties thanks to a white academic and journalist called Susan Eakin, who had long campaigned for black rights in her native Louisiana.

Many years earlier, a Cross had been burned on her front lawn and a fire started at her back door because she had invited black students to sing at a local auditorium.

However, she was undeterred from her civil rights work, which included republishing an annotated version of Northup’s book, having spent almost her entire life unearthing the original court documents and bills of transfer—essentially ‘receipts’ for a slave—that supported his tale.

‘I did what I thought was right,’ she said. ‘I was not trying to win some popularity contest.’

And now, 160 years after the book’s publication, Northup’s story has been filmed by the award-winning British director Steve McQueen.

Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Brad Pitt and Chiwetel Ejiofor in the lead role, 12 Years A Slave had an extraordinary reception when it premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last week, where it won the top prize — the people’s choice award.

The film is so powerful it caused some critics to walk out, and left others in tears. When it ended, the auditorium was deathly quiet before the audience erupted into a  standing ovation.

There is much talk already that the film and its actors will win every Oscar available.

Indeed, 12 Years A Slave looks set to do for slavery what seven-time Oscar-winner Schindler’s List did for the Holocaust — in this case, conveying the horror by telling the story of one’s man’s journey through it.

Furthermore, the film has already made many Americans uneasy about their past. Some are even suggesting it could threaten to reignite the racial tensions that are always simmering below the surface of American society.

If the film is faithful to the true story of Solomon Northup, then it will  be unmissable.

Although Northup’s father had been a slave, when Solomon was born in the state of New York in July 1808, he entered the world a free black man. For his father had been granted his freedom in the will of his late employer, and worked happily on  a farm.

As he grew up, Solomon joined  his father on the farm, but during  his spare time played the violin, which was the ‘ruling passion’ of  his youth.

In December 1829, Northup married Anne Hampton and, in 1832, the industrious couple set up a small farm in Kingsbury, 200 miles north of New York City.

Two years later, the couple moved to Saratoga Springs, in New York state, where Northup worked as a cart driver and made ends meet by playing his violin.

The couple had three healthy children and were comfortable, if not prosperous. That was to change dramatically in March 1841, when Northup met ‘two gentlemen of respectable appearance’, who asked if he would go to New York to play the violin in their circus.

Eager for the income, he agreed and, expecting to be away for no more than a few days, left without telling his wife. He would not see his family again for 12 years.

The men, who called themselves Hamilton and Brown, were charming, and Northup agreed to accompany them all the way to Washington.

One evening, Northup started to feel ill during a drinking session. His head ached, and he felt nauseous. He went to bed and, almost in delirium, felt desperately thirsty.

Eventually, Northup passed out, and when he awoke, he found himself handcuffed and chained to a large ring in the floor of what looked like a dungeon.

The door was unlocked, and in walked a man called James H. Burch, who announced that Northup was now his ‘property’, and that he was being taken to New Orleans to  be sold. Naturally, Northup protested vehemently, but he was stripped and shackled to a bench.

In turn, Burch summoned another man to bring a paddle and a cat o’nine tails, and Northup was beaten so hard that the paddle broke, and the skin on his back was completely lacerated.

‘A man with a particle of mercy in his soul would not have beaten even a dog so cruelly,’ Northup wrote.

Realising that arguing with  his captors would be counter- productive, Northup decided that it would be better to stay quiet and try to escape.

Along with dozens of other slaves, he was packed onto a ship and taken down to Louisiana.

The conditions were appalling, with one slave dying of smallpox, but salvation came in the form of a sailor, who promised to post a letter to Henry Northup, a lawyer from the same white family for whom Solomon’s father had worked, whose name the slave family had taken.

However, if help was to come, it would not come quickly, and Northup was sold for $1,000 at a slave market in New Orleans to a devout baptist called William Ford.

Although Northup would later be generous in his assessment of Ford, he would be less so when writing about a man called John Tibeats, to whom he was loaned.

Tibeats was described by Northup as a ‘small, crabbed, quick-tempered, spiteful man’. On one occasion, as Tibeats started to beat Northup, he snatched the whip away before it struck him, and proceeded to lash his overseer with ferocity.

Even as he was beating his master, Northup knew his punishment for the assault would be death. A few hours later, Northup was trussed up, ready to be hanged.

However, his life was saved by another man who told Tibeats that if he killed Northup, he would have to recompense William Ford for his value.

Tibeats may not have seen moral sense, but he saw financial sense, and instead left his slave tied up in the blazing sun all day.

Tibeats was determined to seek his revenge, and some months later, he attacked Northup with an axe for another supposed misdemeanour.

Northup fought back, and nearly strangled Tibeats before running away. The slave knew his chances of escape were slight, not least because Tibeats sent a pack of dogs after him, and the swamps were infested with alligators.

Northup managed to outwit his pursuers, although he knew his escape could not be permanent. Unaccompanied black people needed to have passes.

So he ran to the only place where he knew he would be safe — the home of his previous master, William Ford. But though he was taken in for a time, he was soon sold to Edwin Epps, who treated his slaves appallingly.

From first light to dusk — and even later on moonlit nights — the slaves picked cotton and cut sugar cane, driven on by whip-wielding overseers on horseback.

Like all slaves, Northup received many beatings. The nights offered little sanctuary, as the slaves’ cabins were crude and leaked constantly.

The plea-for-help letter he had smuggled to his namesake, the white lawyer Henry Northup, while being shipped to Louisiana, was still unanswered so Solomon  tried again.

It seems unbelievable, but slaves were not even allowed to use pens and paper, and he had to steal a single sheet of foolscap, and make a rough pen and ink.

Knowing that he could not use the post office, Solomon Northup sought help from a kindly white man he thought he could trust, but he betrayed him to Epps. Fortunately, Northup was able to burn the letter in time and thus destroy any evidence.

Others were less fortunate.

One young slave called Augustus decided to run away, but he was chased by 15 dogs. When they caught him, they tore into him, with ‘their teeth having penetrated to the bone in an hundred places’.

Augustus died in agony the following day.

However, in June 1852, 11 years after Northup had been abducted, help arrived in the form of a  Canadian carpenter, Samuel Bass, who was working on the estate. A passionate abolitionist, Bass  took pity on Northup and wrote to a sympathetic lawyer in New York state.

Christmas came and went without news. Finally, early one January morning, the white lawyer Henry Northup and the local sheriff arrived.

Much to the annoyance of Epps, after nearly 12 years, Northup was freed, his enslavement ruled illegal. Several efforts were made to bring the kidnappers to justice, but, as Northup was black, his own testimony could not be used in evidence.

When he returned home, he found his wife Anne and their children were still alive and well.

They told him that they had known he’d been abducted, and the letter he wrote from the ship had arrived, but it proved impossible to track him down.

What happened to Northup next is unclear. His book was published in 1853, and it seems very likely that he helped run an underground network that transported escaped slaves to freedom in Canada.

He died at some point in the late 1860s or early 1870s, after which his fame faded, and his book fell out of print.

Now, thanks to what promises to be a brilliant film, the world  will once more be moved by this extraordinary story of suffering  and hope.

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  • [Guest]

    When they make an honest documentary on the kidnapping, rape, torture, and slaughter of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom by savage blacks, then I’ll consider entering a movie theater again.

    Till then, nope.

    • Spartacus

      The media is entirely controled by tribesmen, so the best thing you could do is pirate anything you want to see of the internet, unless you know for a fact that it’s a good, pro-White company.

      • MekongDelta69

        …unless you know for a fact that it’s a good, pro-White company.

        When you find one, let me know.
        And THAT is why I haven’t stepped in a movie theater for decades.

        • Andy

          🙁 It seems like all entertainment hates us. I’m pretty close to leaving off movies and TV.

          • Sick of it

            You’re not missing much on t.v. I haven’t really watched t.v. in years and only catch a few things online.

        • Romulus

          But the brainwashed younger generations are!!! I couldn’t give a crap less about blacks past or present grievances. All this film will do is instill more white guilt and use emotionalism to position blacks as morally superior. Just as schindlers list has done for the Jews. The authors words, not mine.

    • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

      my thoughts exactly … or they could do one about the Carr brothers.

      Already has title : “The Wichita Massacre”


      • [Guest]

        Just in the last few years there have been hundreds of acts of black savagery against white people that Hollywood could turn into movies. How about the beating to death of 88-year-old WWII veteran Delbert Belton outside the Eagles Lodge in Spokane last month?

        No? Why not?

        If Hollywood were to produce such a script, they’d paint Mr. Belton black, and the savages would become neo-Nazi/KKK/skinheads who attend church and Tea Party rallies and oppose gay marriage.

    • Diversity Fatigue

      Movies like this are used as a hammer against whites. Blacks take full advantage of it too.

      • Mergatroyd

        Movies like this are made precisely to demonize whites and stir up blacks to attack us. It won’t be “For Trayvon” for much longer, it will be “For Solomon.”
        That’s why we always need to be en garde and ready around blacks “For Zimmerman.”

    • dukem1

      Yeah…I’ve been scanning some articles about this movie, and from what I gather, it’s pretty much like one of those “Saw” or “Hostel” flix…Torture porn.
      That it will probably wind up as required viewing in some middle-school Civics classes 5 years from now is some whole other kettle of fish.
      I am so weary of being in “We are Doomed”mode.
      Hope I die before I get old, I guess…but I’m already collecting Social Security!!!!

      • [Guest]

        Good point about the schools. This piece of trash will probably be required watching just like “To Kill a Mockingbird” and other similar propaganda pieces.

        I wonder how many young blacks will gobble up this particular piece of propaganda and then go out and commit a “random” attack on unwary white people.

      • David Ashton

        Torture porn, the nadir of movie-marketing.

        Give me Cary Grant, Bette Davis and Gary Cooper any day.

    • Mergatroyd

      I refuse to watch any movie about slavery or the Holocaust, both of which seem to get worse by the year.

      • [Guest]

        I’ve also had more than my fill.

        We ought to be hearing infinitely more about the savagery of blacks than about the slavery of blacks.

      • Junis

        The scale of the Ashkenazi holocaust is a myth and not that of the African holocaust.

    • Spartacus
  • dd121

    Everything the left does with blacks goad them into resenting and blaming whites for all their problems and failures. I think maybe they should take some responsibility for their situation.

    • Sick of it

      You mean like dumping the newly freed slaves into the worst possible economic circumstances without doing a single thing to help them? Destroying the economy in the South which ensured they had no prospects at the time? Creating the welfare state which has kept them from any decent sort of life? Reducing the value of our education rather than providing a better education for blacks? Oh yeah, one might say the liberals have a lot to answer for…especially regarding the crime situation.

      • stewball

        Actually Abraham Lincoln is to blame in one way. He did the absolute right thing to abolish slavery but he didn’t make a plan for them after. Nowhere to go. Nowhere to live. No means of finding work. Not being able to read or write. Had he have thought of all this America would probably be in a much different situation.

        • Sick of it

          He was a part of a group of men called the Radical Republicans. They were undeniably leftist radicals. Unlike the others, though, he did not plan to punish the South after the war (Radical Reconstruction) and had mentioned the idea of repatriation to Africa. He was conveniently assassinated to get get rid of both of those ideas.

        • David Ashton

          He wanted them to return to Africa.

    • Junis

      They should. However, even if black Americans do this, it will NEVER absolve ‘white’ Americans of the phenomenal crimes they have carried out against them.

  • IstvanIN

    They want even more black-on-white murders.

    • Spartacus

      The correct term is “groid-on-human” murders.

    • Oil Can Harry

      You’re not exaggerrating. There are documented cases of blacks attempting to kill whites after watching films like Mississippi Burning.

    • Diversity Fatigue

      Correct. This will produce many more Trayvon-style revenge attacks.
      Don’t ask me what should be done with the producers of this blood lust film.

  • Sharps Rifle

    One I’ll ignore. The 13th Amendment was one of the biggest mistakes in this country’s history, as subsequent events have shown.

    • CoweringCoward

      Holders of titles of nobility running for office?

      14th is the one I was thinking.

      Edit: My bad 13 as currently written… and the 14th too.

      • Sharps Rifle

        Thirteenth is abolition of slavery. Fourteenth is the amendment which granted those ex-slaves citizenship…also a mistake, as far as I’m concerned. That same 14th also makes citizens of the offspring of illegal aliens (anchor babies).

    • RebelliousTreecko

      The biggest mistake was buying the slaves from their African slave traders and bringing them here in the first place.

      The second mistake was not sending them to back to Africa (Liberia).

      • stewball

        I agree 100%

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      I have to emend your point. The 13th amendment without colonization (that is, getting the freed slaves the hell out of the U.S.) was the biggest mistake in this country’s history.

      • Sharps Rifle

        I just said “one of the” biggest, not “the biggest.” I’m with RT in that bringing them here in the first place was the biggest mistake. Allowing them to stay after being released was a fatal mistake…one we’re paying for now in spades.

    • Sick of it

      Our biggest mistake was allowing Marxists from Europe to infiltrate our country in the 1840s onward.

    • JohnEngelman

      The mistake was slavery itself. Southern whites should have grown their own cotton and tobacco.

      • Some of them did; those were called “sharecroppers”.

      • David Ashton

        You think “slavery” was “white” America’s “original” sin, despite the small numbers of whites who owned slaves. What about Jews who ran the early medieval slave trade and contributed to the later transatlantic traffic?
        Sinless, but just clever?

        • stewball

          We Did? didn’t know that. All the information you have at your fingertips! Don’t forget the Children of Israel were slaves for thousands of years in Egypt and Babylon.

          • David Ashton

            The Nizkor Project tends to play down the previous role of Jews, but the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia “Slave-Trade” entry was more candid. The Jews cannot be blamed today for the slavery in the past, any more than modern Americans, Greeks or Egyptians. We should not forget the Soviet and Maoist slave camps.

            Engelman’s “original sin” assertion is nonsense.

      • stewball

        I agree with that too or paid white labourers a living wage.

  • Jenkem Huffington

    If you want a BIG budget and promotion to make a movie “the poor oppressed negro” “magic negro”, or “6 million” are two sure fire plots that Hollywood just can’t seem to get enough of.

    • The Final Solution

      The Jews can’t profit enough from the holocaust. The ones that escaped to America congratulated each other on their good fortune and proceeded to gain control of the banks and media just like they did in Germany. Now their ‘victimhood’ is a limitless profit maker.

    • newscomments70

      It will probably only yield an average profit in the U.S.. Looney, liberal Europeans will love the movie. Germany, France and the UK will eat this up. Those countries are filled with self-hating, America-hating white liberals. In the US, white liberals are a hated minority. In Europe, it is the opposite. And their liberals are even more militant and vile than ours.

      • David Ashton

        Hence the attempt by the EU to criminalise “xenophobia”, etc.

        • stewball

          Do you hunt for everything nasty you can find about the Jews? What a boring little life you must have. That’s so sad.

          • David Ashton

            No, I don’t. And I have many other interests in life.

            On slavery, white Gentiles were accused by Mr Engleman of this as their “original sin”. Since he “loves Jews, Judaism and Israel” above all, and believes in the Bible, I have pointed out that he does not, and we should not, accuse the Jews of today of the slave-trade in which some of your presumed ancestors engaged.

            I don’t believe in “original sins”; I do believe in human genetics. Facts are facts, whether we like them or not.

          • stewball

            What does presumed ancestors mean?That I don’t have any? Let’s not forget the brits were very involved in the slave trade and the boers? And the Algerians?

          • David Ashton

            Of course, we all have ancestors, but not everyone regarded as Jewish has a direct and uninterrupted line back to the ancient Israelites. All sorts of people were engaged in slavery of one sort or another, notably (as I have said more than once) Muslims. Jews and “brits” were also involved in negro emancipation. My point was that people today cannot be personally blamed for the misdeeds of some “ancestors” – whether Christians or Jews, whites or blacks.

            On the other hand, people should value and proclaim the positive virtues and inherited achievements of their own race and nation; but in this case, it is the white people of the world who are being vilified or handicapped today as a racial collective and who have every right to defend themselves against the defamation that can precede or accompany dispossession. In this respect, white “Gentiles” can certainly learn from Jews – and Palestinians!

          • stewball

            I can only trace my dad’s family up to his grandfather.They left Russia before the uprising. Any family left obviously were dealt gently by Hitler. My mum’s also came from the same place probably the same time. All were very religious. That’s all I know about my ancestors.
            Yes we can all learn from other people.

  • Erasmus

    I DON’T care. I never owned a slave. None of my ancestors ever owned a slave.

    Only fans of Oprah Winfrey and other morons worry about something that ended a long time ago and about which nothing can be done. So, instead of whining about what can’t be undone, why not worry about da brotha’s mur’drin’ da brotha’s in Chicongo?

    Oh, I forgot. Black on black crime counts for almost as little as black on white crime to professional race hustlers like Jack$on, $harpton and Obama.

    • Diversity Fatigue

      I don’t care either but then I carry a large caliber handgun.

    • Junis

      You should care because it seems that the prosperity the West enjoys partly comes from the theft of non-white free labour and resources.

  • Why do I get the idea the book was 1850s anti-slavery propaganda?

    • Erasmus

      Why do I get the idea the book was 1850s anti-slavery propaganda?

      Because you have an IQ well north of room temperature, that’s why. Only a moron can’t see that this book was a lot of propaganda.

      • David Ashton

        How many people know that “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” was a favorite book of Adolf Hitler?

        • Tim_in_Indiana

          If they did know it, they would just see it as a case of him rooting for the slaveholders.

        • Bossman

          Apparently, Hitler liked many things American. His most treasured book in his library was called “The Passing of the Great Race” by the American white supremacist Madison Grant. Madison Grant was also a lawyer and the man chiefly responsible for the change in U.S immigration laws of the 1920s.

          • David Ashton

            He certainly valued that book, and others by US eugenicists. A careful reading of MK shows the influence of William McDougall’s “The Group Mind”. We have a direct but limited clue to his reading interests from the books that survived from his ransacked library, which carry some comments and underlinings in pencil, and also his personal recommendations for NS students. He read quite widely in earlier years, but later increasingly to confirm his own views rather than controvert them, and with a continual particular bias towards architecture and military history. The Uncle Tom bit remains a puzzle, but appears to be true. He was an imperfect speller, but appreciated literary style (e.g. Schopenhauer). He disliked Spengler and knew enough about Nietzsche’s views on the Jews and Wagner not to include him as a personal mentor (as mistakenly alleged). A thorough and objective biography about this man still remains to be written, and perhaps never will.

          • stewball

            He loved Wagner.

        • Andy


          • David Ashton

            I have no idea, but we can guess why he liked Karl May as a boy.

        • stewball

          Don’t forget that he was a madman.

          • David Ashton

            Well, one must be a little odd to have UTC as a favorite.

            According to John Carey, the “anti-racist” Merton Professor of English at Oxford, Hitler “admired the works of Cervantes, Defoe, Swift, Goethe and Carlyle. Among musicians his heroes were Mozart, Bruckner, Haydn and Bach” (“The Intellectuals and the Masses” [1992] p.198).

            I think it was Hemingway who said Mark Twain’s “Huckleberry Finn” was THE work of American fiction; it is now widely banned from school libraries or read only in racially expurgated editions. In Britain Howard Jacobson is rewriting Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice” with Shylock as the hero, and the Gentiles as the rogues. And on it goes….

      • Andy

        Clearly the point in publishing it was to turn people against slavery, but do you have some reason to think it’s made-up?

    • sbuffalonative

      Exactly. How much is true and how much was embellished? If all we have is basically one slave’s account, how much corroboration is there? Was this the primary source of all the other accounts of slavery?

    • Sick of it

      Nat Turner is one of their heroes. Read his confession to see how evil he was.

    • TheAntidote

      RESEARCH at Ancestrydotcom, Wikipedia, and book reviews

      I took the trouble to research the Solomon Northup story and found that the basic outline is true and can be verified with documents. However, the accuracy of the narrative within the outline cannot be established, and I believe is exaggeration or fiction.
      The father of Solomon Northup was Mintus. Born in RI freed in Hoosick, NY. By the 1830s he owned a farm and was able to vote (!!!).
      The two men who abducted SN were identified (by a district judge). They were indicted; never went to trial.

      SN family enumerated in 1840 census at Saratoga, NY.
      Edwin Epps and family enumerated on 1850 and 1860 censuses, Avoyelles parish. A small farmer with a few slaves. Nearby is planter, Hugh Keary, of immense wealth ($2,346,145) with many, many slaves. Two Jewish merchants and a cooper born in NY.
      Tibeats, the Simon Lagree character of SN story could not be found. Tried many name variations. Also searched slave schedules. There was a planter of astounding wealth (from Massachusetts!) named Tebbets in West Carroll, which is far from Avoyelles—-but perhaps they used elements about this man to develop a fictional character.
      Could not find Carpenter, Samuel Bass, in American or Canadian censuses. Could not find Rev. William Ford.

      After reunion with family and notoriety of book, SN disappears from history. His wife lived into the 1870s, working as a cook in Glens Falls, NY hotels.

      Researcher and CR activist Eakins “spent almost her entire life” trying to find SN bill of sale? That doesn’t sound right. Either it was in the courthouse or it wasn’t. Where did she look for it, under every log by the side of the road?

      To me it defies logic and common sense that people would break the law at great expense to import a valuable piece of property, and then deliberately abuse, damage or destroy it.
      Do people routinely buy cars and then shoot out the tires, slash the interiors or pour sugar in the gas tank?
      All in all, doesn’t pass the smell test. It can’t be called autobiography.

      • ms_anthro

        Slaves were considered semi-sentient livestock back then. It was understood that they were crafty enough to escape or lead violent uprisings, or, like dull-witted children, could be led into a dutiful Christian life if their White folks shepherded them properly. Whites also understood that they could never sustain such good behavior without strict rules and constant guidance.

        The idea that a typical slave-owner would whip his slaves into bloody, skinless unconsciousness is ludicrous on its face. Economic considerations aside, the vast majority of Whites did not and do not behave this way towards animals, which are undoubtedly less sympathetic targets than actual human slaves would have been. Additionally, there’s no record beyond propagandist abolitionist texts like Uncle Tom’s Cabin that this was a widespread practice. In fact, people who abused their slaves were often investigated by local authorities after outraged neighbors reported them. The case of Delphine LaLaurie, who notoriously brutalized her slaves in a New Orleans mansion, comes to mind. LaLaurie was reprimanded and then reported to police by other slave-owning Whites who were horrified by the way she tormented her slaves.

        Finally, White countries were the first (and for a long time, only) countries to outlaw slavery. Slavery is still practiced with enthusiasm virtually everywhere in the world but White countries, in fact. Don’t expect our enemies to ever admit to that though.

        These anti-White narrative movies, whether about slavery or the Holocaust, are getting more and more desperate. Though they’re intended to make us cower in shame and self-loathing, I would guess that they’re having the exact opposite effect on many Whites. White people believe in fair play; it’s programmed into our genes to stand up for what’s right and root for the underdog. Well, we’re the underdogs now and what’s being done to us, said about us, and rewritten about us, isn’t right. We know when we’re being bullied.

        Our righteous outrage grows with every anti-White agitprop piece they churn out. We should take heart that our enemies are overreaching so wildly. It’s tactically disastrous for them but they just can’t seem to help themselves. Hubris will be their downfall and we should use it. Don’t let these crucial blunders go to waste. Openly mock this propagandist trash. Openly criticize and question their ridiculous rewriting of historical facts. Laugh in their faces, and when they shriek that you must be the R-word, smile and own it proudly. Let other Whites see you do so. Be the one person who is willing to say what they don’t want us to say.

        Whatever you do, never apologize and never back down. They can’t keep taking our lunch money and shoving us down in the dirt if we’re willing to stand up and shove back, twice as hard.

    • Junis


  • David Ashton

    The note of triumphalism over the “guilty” white race is beginning to be detected in more and more movie themes. There is more to this than truthful history or sympathy for slaves.

    These influences seep even into this AmRen website, when we find mugger-victim John Engelman voting up a comment (from Brent Wood) which suggested that all White Americans inherited blame for “ancestral” slave-ownership and the alleged murder of “six million Jews” in Europe, and should all vacate the continent to the “Native Americans” who alone owned the US.

    • borogirl54

      Native Americans also owned slaves. But that was never mentioned.

      • David Ashton

        So did a few blacks.

        And what about Muslim enslavement of blacks, whites and Indians?

      • Erasmus

        And they never mention how because of malaria the slave trade from West Africa wouldn’t have been possible without blacks selling the fellow blacks to Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and English slavers.

        If they want to talk about slavery and race, then, by all means, let’s put ALL the cards on the table.

      • itdoesnotmatter

        PBS “History’s Mysteries,” never fails to air a segment that features something to do with whites’ history of evil.
        One of the hosts was reporting discoveries made investigating the backgrounds of various black celebs, including Oprah.
        Don Cheadle, a black actor, came next.

        You should have seen his face when the host told him investigation of his background revealed that his slave family were all bought and owned by Amerindians. No connection to white slave owners whatsoever.

    • Erasmus

      Then if we share the guilt for “six million” non-goys killed in Europe and for slavery of which none of my ancestors had any part, then the ‘groids share blame for the murders of Channon Christian, Jonathon Foster, Fannie Gumbinger, Autumn Pasquale et al.

      See how the game works?

      • Stentorian_Commentator

        I know, you’re pointing out what appears to be a double standard, or enforcing a possible single standard. However, as the blog Unamusement Park pointed out, there is only one standard, to wit, Screw Whitey!

        • Erasmus

          And we need to start turning the standard back. I am happy to go toe-to-toe with the cultural Marxists.

    • Spartacus

      • A slight contradiction!

      • Diversity Fatigue

        That is bogus. Whites today have the genetic potential to do what their ancestors have done. It’s a crock, man.

        • TheAntidote

          Absolutely true and seldom pointed out.

    • Mergatroyd

      Engelman’s comment must have been taken down. Too bad. I didn’t get a chance to vote it down.

      • David Ashton

        It was not a comment but a “vote up” which was deleted along with the “Brent Wood” rubbish he endorsed. We await Mr E’s explanation along with his answer to the repeated question as to whether he has EVER been a moderator on this site. Stock sentences about how he “loves Judaism”, considers Chinese women the most beautiful on the planet, and enjoys Mexican restaurants, will not be enough.

        • JohnEngelman

          I love Jews, Judaism, and Israel. I think Chinese women are beautiful. I enjoy Mexican restaurants, Mexican food, and Mexican festivals. Moreover, I just voted down your comment.

          • David Ashton

            Ah, but we knew all that already like your support for Obama and your communist friends. Your stock responses have told us this verbatim many times.

            What YOU HAVE NOT EXPLAINED is why you voted up a comment that effectively put the blame on every existing white American for the few people who originally owned slaves in another time and for other people who killed Jews in another place; a collective racist demonisation, if ever there was one.

          • JohnEngelman

            Slavery was America’s original sin. The Confederacy was formed to preserve slavery. Unfortunately, many Southern whites wish the Confederacy had won the Civil War.

          • David Ashton

            Not an answer.
            1. Slavery. Between 700 and 1914 an estimated minimum of 14 million blacks were enslaved by the Arabs. For China and Korea, see “History of Slavery in Asia” documented on Wikipedia.
            2. “Holocaust”. Nothing to with Americans, many of whom died fighting the Nazis in WW2.

            Have you ever been a Moderator on this website?

          • FransSusan

            Yes, that’s what the history books want you to believe about the Confederacy and the south. Not true.

          • Slavery was a grossly inefficient economic system. I guess a socialist wouldn’t know what one of those was if it bit him.

          • TheAntidote

            What was Israel’s original sin? Ethnic cleansing? Dispossession? Terror/mass murder? Or was Israel exculpated by the Hitlerian doctrine of ‘might makes right???’
            Huh? Do the millions of Negroes who came to the United States after the end of slavery share the original sin? Are Holder, Farrkan and Obongo’s daddy stained with the sin of this rayciz hellhole?

          • I voted him up and yours down. The day this discussion turns into a popularity contest is the day I’m finished here.

            I don’t hate Jews, I don’t hate Israel and unlike my wife, I don’t hate Chinese. She’s Japanese, so she hates Chinese. Some things about the world never change, and it gets depressing at times, but then something more pressing comes up and that garbage is quickly forgotten.

            I take a very relaxed view to disaster, because of my old Croatian service and much later US federal felony conviction. My mother’s house in Boulder is OK, with a new clothes drier, water-heater and natural gas furnace, and there was no structural damage. She already had the 4th season of “Doc Martin”, so I had ordered her sent 1,2,3 and 5 for her birthday, because the three of us had enjoyed watching it with her when last we visited. They’re cheering her up. My timing was just lucky; that’s all. Luck counts.

            I only worry about what I can fix in the near future.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    This is pure propaganda. Where are the films about the hundreds of thousands of white men who lost their lives in the Civil War, the deadliest war in American history? Where are the films about the black slave traders who sold slaves to the white slave traders in the first place? Where are the films of cannibalism and barbarity that exist throughout Africa today? Where are the films about black-on-white crime in modern-day America? Where are the films about white enslavement throughout history? About Ghengis Kahn? Etc., etc.

    The endless rehashing of a relatively short period in history in order to smear a single nation and a single race is nothing more than an effort to break down the will and the spirit of white people.

    • Jenkem Huffington

      You really think the tribe that dominates Hollywood, publishing, and the media would let any of those plots get out?

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    I’m not going to be nearly as tormented by the movie as I am by the thought that some negro is going to think he can visit violence on one of my daughters because of the potentially fanciful stories of a dubious book. Yeah, not found until the 1960s. I’m not buying it.

    • ms_anthro

      Arm your daughters. Enroll them in shooting classes and buy them guns, holsters, and gun purses. No, I don’t care what the law says. Their lives are precious and more important than any laws on the books.

      Armed In Heels (Google it since links are held for moderation here) sells stylish gun purses and concealment holsters that will appeal to women of all ages. I do not work for them in any way but I am a frequent customer. Good luck to you and your girls.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    Heinous acts have always taken place but that does not represent the norm then any more than it does today. The fact that very few blacks chose to return to Africa when slavery was abolished says far more about the treatment of blacks overall than some movie.

  • bigone4u

    Another hand grenade lobbed by Hollywood in its war on whites, heterosexuals, white men, Christians, traditionalists, and others who don’t buy into their Satanic vision of the world they want to create. They want the racial attacks on us to continue until we surrender. Surrender to a bunch of Hollywood types and libtards? Never!!
    Since the public schools will probably be sending the kids to theaters to see it, parents should protest, scream, and refuse permission to have them indoctrinated by a film based on a book of lies written to demonize southerners.

    • NM156

      It’s a Euro movie, not a Hollywood movie. It will not see wide release here and will vanish into obscurity in the Netflix archives.

      • Funruffian

        I sure hope so. Brad Pitt, rhymes with Sh##, is the Hollywood figurehead supporting this vile anti-White propaganda. Hitler used similar propaganda to sway the masses and it worked. The Chosen people of Hollywood and their minions are doing the same thing.

        • David Ashton

          Do any of you sometimes get the feeling that we are beginning to live in a mirror universe of Nazism – exactly the opposite values but similar methods of control?

          • Funruffian

            Yes I do. Considering they are only eight decades apart I sure hope we can get our ball rolling soon.

  • Spartacus

    The jew’s really pushing the propaganda hard these days, isn’t it ? A “dead white male” once said something along the lines of “when everyone talks about something, it is clear that something is missing” . That being said – If groids would’ve been through half of what my people have been through, they would’ve been extinct by now.

  • NorthSea

    A book which “according to some historians, helped to bring about the Civil War”. A book?
    I’m curious to know which historians subscribe to that theory.

    • Jenkem Huffington

      10 out of 10 “African Studies” majors to be sure.

    • joesolargenius

      The Rothschild Banking Family were reputed to have financed both sides of the Civil War thus deciding whom would win and then after abolishing any political opposition in the South used the Railroad to help extend their power throughout the rest of America.Their present estimated net worth is around a half a trillion ,sorry Mr. Gates and Mexican Slim your just bit players .

      • Sick of it

        If their net worth is 500 billion, they have effective control over trillions of dollars worth of assets. Much like the Rockefeller family.

    • I was under the impression that the Union’s insistence on keeping the fortress that blocked Charleston’s harbor and the horrible blunder committed when South Carolinians bombarded it was the trigger.

      • NorthSea

        Me, too.

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      I agree. I have heard of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and the claim that it started the war, but not this one. If it was so searing and unforgettable, as well as supposedly being a true story, then I imagine it would have stayed in print, eh?
      I am also reminded of the negative reaction to Mel Gibson’s graphic portrayal of Christ’s scourging and crucifixion, and how it served no purpose. But I think at least everyone agrees on the basics of the scourging and crucifixion, even if they disagree about what happened after. This so-called true story of slaveholder depredations against blacks, now that kind of graphic violence serves some purpose, I imagine. What purpose would that be? (yep, that’s sarcasm)

  • Luca

    Everything depicted in the book is true. That is the way SOME slaves were treated. of course what is missing is the other side of the story which will never be told. The story about loyal slaves who fought along side their masters for the Confederacy, the slaves who were treated like family, slaves who felt sorry for the poor southern Whites who worked just as hard as them but had no masters to feed and clothe them. Their will be no stories of the Whites who died for black freedoms.

    This is liberal propaganda and all it will do is have Africans rampaging in the streets and theaters just like Django did.

    And who is behind this propaganda? Who runs Hollywood? Who is going to laugh all the way to the bank from behind their Beverly Hills gated mansions?

    • Spartacus

      “And who is behind this propaganda? Who runs Hollywood? Who is going to
      laugh all the way to the bank from behind their Beverly Hills gated


      I wonder who…

      • Jenkem Huffington

        Brilliant! I must say that the connection between Freemasonry and organized Jewry is pretty profound, but when considering who may not be named it’s apt.

      • Sick of it

        Some folks don’t realize that all of the above work together…excepting the non-existent Reptilians.

        • Spartacus

          And of course, Amren deleted my post…

    • joesolargenius

      The poor Whites were usually share croppers whom lived much worse than many plantation slaves and worked a lot harder.

    • Pax Romana

      “Everything depicted in the book is true.”

      Everything depicted in the book and movie will be ‘accepted as true’ by those who most benefit from it. Though, how much is true, we may never know. And if we did, if contradictory to the Liberal narrative, will never be accepted.


      Remember, we are talking about a time when manufacturers, product dealers, and advertisers, could make outlandish claims about their products’ and get away with it. Story tellers would go over the top, “telling whoppers”. Adding new details every time they were told.

      During the time this book was written the Abolitionist movement was in full bloom. And Abolitionists certainly had a product to sell, the ‘Abolishment of Slavery’….by any means necessary at the time. And they certainly weren’t beyond the ability to exaggerate, twist the facts, or lie outright, if it helped sell their cause.

      The yearly publication, ‘The Anti-Slavery Almanac’ (I have one published in 1840) was a classic example of Abolitionist Propaganda meant to move the sympathies of the reader against slavery. Every month entry had an illustration and horror story about the abuse of a particular slave or slaves and their “ugly”, “abusive”, “evil”, psychopathic slave masters.

      The author, Solomon Northup, may very well have, (with the help and ecouragment of Abolishonists or by his own choice) exaggerated or made up out of whole clothe certain dramatic insidents portrayed in the book. Now, 163 years later is accepted as gospel by the Liberals who have a product to sell called “White Guilt” and “Black Rage”….apply Liberally, as often as needed.

      • Luca

        Read “Bullwhip Days”, biographical narratives recorded during the 1930’s when former slaves were in their 80’s and older.

        The reality is far more complex than this book or the movie which will only portray the worst of the worst.

        Everything in the book is true, as far as “possibly” happening. There were kind masters and there were cruel masters. If a movie came out portraying kind masters Liberals would ridicule it as propaganda.

        When the Union Army came marching through the South telling the slaves they were free and encouraging them to leave, most would not because they wanted to be close to their benevolent masters who had always treated them kindly and cared for their every need. They stayed on and became sharecroppers like the poor Whites. The ones who had cruel masters are generally the ones that left.

      • Sick of it

        The Abolitionists also favored the Suffrage Movement, socialist education, and the overthrowing of conservative governments in Europe.

    • Junis

      “Their will be no stories of the Whites who died for black freedoms.” You mean like John Brown?

      Every Muslim knows that the perpetrators of 9/11 also own Hollywood/Wall Street etc.

  • Tarczan

    What an obvious fabrication. The evil white overseer has property (the slave) that is 2-1/2 times as productive as a normal unit and he destroys it? He would not damage property this valuble, ra

    • Luca

      Most slaves were not productive and in fact,from an economic point of view, slavery was bad business.

      The majority of slaves were need for agricultural labor. They had to be fed, housed, doctored and clothed even when they produced nothing. During early childhood, advanced pregnancy, sickness, old age and during the winter they were not engaged in agricultural labor and yet they needed all the benefits I described.

  • Tarczan

    What an obvious fabrication. The evil white man has a unit (the slave) that is 2-1/2 times as productive as a normal slave and he destroys it for some trivial reason? Slaves were valuable property that were for the most part well treated. Read “Gone With the Wind”. Margaret Mitchell interviewed many people for this book and tells a very different story.

    • bigone4u

      There are reputable mainstream economists, writing decades ago, who studied the economics of slavery. Their research confirms what you say. Slave owners had every incentive to keep the slaves healthy, happy, and working, to get a decent return on their investment. The book and movie here are propaganda, like the Roots miniseries from the 70s.

      • Andy

        Well, I wouldn’t rule out that it happened in this case, but I’m sure this was very, very rare – kind of like the horrific cases of child abuse you hear about every so often.

        • Sick of it

          The case portrayed by this movie is related to the crime of impressing freemen into slavery. So one could also expect that all involved in such activities would…act like criminals.

    • joesolargenius

      Frank Yerby an African American author wrote some excellent books of fiction on plantation life and included a lot of factual history but after becoming famous he was bullied by other Blacks into propagandizing his work.. For example the Missionaries in Africa could never convince the black leaders to stop raiding small villages and enslaving it’s citizens. A large portion of the Africans whom were sold as slaves came from a country in West Africa then called Dahomey ruled by a King named Gezo whom was reputed to sell belligerent mother in laws when they demanded too much.

      • bigone4u

        I didn’t know Yerby was black. I see his historical adventure type novels in thrift stores quite a bit. The things we learn on amren. I’ll add that to protest discrimination, he moved to Spain and stayed there until his death. Interesting that he didn’t go back to Africa, but stayed among whites.

    • newscomments70

      I searched on youtube for audio interviews of former slaves. Several such interviews exist. They almost all speak highly of their former masters. Many were still living with them into old age, as they had nowhere else to go. I have no idea why a slave would like their masters, but this seems to be common. From older southerners, i heard that they were basically treated like pets. Most people love their pets, and very few are cruel to them. There is always a sadistic person who beats their dog, but it is rare. I don’t mean to endorse slavery or compare former slaves to animals, this is simply what I heard.

      • pcmustgo

        It varied. I read Booker T. Washington’s description of his mother (she had him by the white master, he was half white) walking up North on foot when slavery was banned. The older slaves on that plantation did not want to leave after slavery was banned as they had a fondness for the master and did not know any different.

  • Evette Coutier

    This story sounds like a day in a Muslim country where citizens face sharia law, and not like the old American south.

  • Andy

    Sometimes I want to scream. A new documentary, “Harvest of Empire”, has as its main point:

    American intervention in Latin America has been so uniquely evil that Americans owe Hispanics their country.

    • Did this evil treatment of the greasers include providing a large and profitable market for their exports? Did it include keeping rapacious European colonial powers from invading, conquering and returning colonial rule (with the exception of the French in Mexico, who did their business while we were preoccupied with our War Between the States)? Did it also include diplomatic intervention in cases like Peru’s 1941 invasion of Ecuador, as well as our acting as a guarantor of the 1942 Rio Protocol?

      We Gringos are really a terrible bunch of beasts, aren’t we?

  • MekongDelta69

    Imagine a race SO perpetually hung up on ‘race’?

    Oh wait – I don’t have to ‘imagine’…

  • Pax Romana

    Please read the following article. Though it was about the propaganda aimed at our youth through liberal bent text books publisher, ‘Glencoe’, it perfectly describes the Liberal/Hollywood Victimist Agenda when it comes to slavery and blacks.

    ‘More Fake “History” from Glencoe’

    by William J. Bennetta

    Ol’ times there are not forgotten,
    Whuppin’ slaves and sellin’ cotton, . . .

    from Tom Lehrer’s comical song, ‘I Wanna Go Back to Dixie’ (1953)

    “Wherever multiculturalism goes, it brings Victimism with it. Victimism is an integral part of the multi-culti ideological package, and its practitioners, whom we may call Victimists, have two principal concerns: They invent fake stories and images that are intended to bring sympathy, admiration, glory and political advantage to groups of people who have been officially designated as Victims by the multi-culti establishment; and they strive to disseminate their fake stories and images in the guise of “history.”

    The Victims are always groups, not individuals. This isn’t surprising, because all multi-culti ideology revolves around tribalism, the rejection of individualism, and the doctrine that a person’s primary identity is his group identity — i.e., the tribe to which he belongs. In practice, all the principal tribes turn out to be racial or quasiracial groups, which are defined in terms of their real or imaginary ancestries.

    Among the racial groups represented in the population of the United States, two have not merely been certified as Victims but have also been selected for especially lavish treatment by the Victimists. These groups — Amerindians and American blacks — figure prominently in the multi-culti version of “American history,” where they are sanitized and glorified beyond recognition, and are depicted as the hapless prey of
    evil white men.

    Sanitization is an indispensable part of this endeavor, because certified Victims must always be depicted as innocent, righteous paragons of humanity. The sanitization process consists largely of hiding or denying any facts which show that the Victims had victims of their own, whom they slaughtered, displaced, subjugated, enslaved or
    exploited. This is why, for instance, the fabricators of multi-culti “history” conceal the fact that slavery and slave-trading were widespread among the Amerindians. And this is why they refuse to acknowledge that in Britain’s American colonies, some blacks were slaves but other blacks were slave-owners. (See, for example, the reviews of the high-school book United States History: In the Course of Human Events in TTL, January-February 1997.)

    The Victimists have been particularly vigorous in their efforts to distort the history of slavery, and in this context they have invented and promoted two grand lies. The first is the notion that slavery was unknown in the New World until it was introduced by Europeans. The second is the explicit claim that Europeans established, in the
    Americas, a form of slavery which entailed unprecedented cruelties — cruelties that made American slavery different from all the other slave systems that ever had existed.

    To the delight of the Victimists, the assertion that the American slave system was uniquely cruel………they have invented a list of features that supposedly set the American slave system apart from all others. In so doing,…… writers have provided an exceptional demonstration of the art of perverting the historical record for the sake of promoting Victimist delusions.

    The false depiction of American slavery …… the writers settle down to deception: “Before the American slave trade, however, slavery had never been permanent and irrevocable — nor had enslaved persons ever before been treated as subhuman, denied the rights of education, marriage and parenthood, or forced to pass on their slave status to their descendants.”

    Every item in that passage is false or meaningless.

    Consider, as an example, Glencoe’s claim that the American slave system was the first in which slavery was hereditary — the first in which “slave status” passed from parent to descendant. What a travesty! To find cases of hereditary slavery, we need only look to the Amerindians of the Pacific Northwest. Perhaps my readers will recall two such cases that I cited in these pages last year:

    Though customs varied from group to group, slavery was often hereditary. Among the Tsimshians, for example, a child of any slavewoman was a slave from birth, and he remained a slave unless a freeman adopted him. Among the Chinooks, a freeman could marry a slave — but if he did, he himself became a slave, and all the offspring originating from the marriage were slaves.

    [from my review of McDougal Littell’s America’s Past and Promise in TTL, September-October 1997.]

    Now remember the well known slave system of ancient Rome. Among the Romans, hereditary slavery was established in law and was reflected in, among other things, the deliberate breeding of slaves………..


    Finley also gives the lie to Glencoe’s claim that, until Europeans established slavery in America, slaves had never before been regarded as“subhuman.” In this connection, I hope that history educators will be sure to read Finley’s fine book and will give particular attention to his chapter “Slavery and Humanity.” I hope, too, that they will read Jonathan Burack’s article again and notice the view recorded by the 14th-century Islamic historian Ibn Khaldun: Blacks were well suited to slavery, wrote Khaldun, because they were hardly human and had attributes “quite similar to those of dumb animals.”

    Next, look at Glencoe’s claim that slaves had never before been denied the right to education. This isn’t even false. It is a meaningless absurdity. It is an absurdity because the idea of a universal “right” to education is a recent novelty — and for that matter, so is the very idea of a universal right. Glencoe’s notion that a “right” to education has existed always and everywhere, and has been extended to slaves everywhere but in America, is nonsense.

    As my final example, I point to Glencoe’s claim that slavery had never before been “permanent and irrevocable.” That is another travesty. In North America at least, slavery certainly was not permanent and irrevocable — and every educated American knows that such eminent figures as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, in their wills, granted freedom to all or some of their slaves. Similarly, every educated American knows that the most famous American slave of all, Dred Scott, eventually became a free man. The American Odyssey writers, however, are evidently seeking to produce dupes, not educated citizens.”

    (William J. Bennetta is a professional editor, a fellow of the California Academy of Sciences, the president of The Textbook League, and the editor of The Textbook Letter. He writes frequently about the propagation of quackery, false “science” and false “history” in schoolbooks.)

    The above article was excerpted to present a shortened version. For the complete article, go here: http://www[DOT]textbookleague[DOT]org/93fakes%5BDOT%5Dhtm

    • Andy

      Thanks for the article. Just to verify, this is someone called Bennetta and not William J. Bennett the former secretary of education?

      • Pax Romana

        Correct. 🙂

    • David Ashton

      “The ‘victims’ have become the ‘totems'” (Sir Oswald Mosley).

  • 1gravity

    Let’s see how this movie plays out in the wider culture. More and more Whites, thanks to websites like AmRen, are seeing that it is ok to yawn in response to claims of racial grievance. It really is time to move on.

    • Brian

      Yawning is often the best response to libs who clutch the pearls when racial realities are presented to them. If you get histrionic they enjoy the escalation; if you get defensive they assume they’ve struck a nerve. They don’t know what to do with casual indifference, and it frustrates them.

  • The Final Solution

    Can’t wait to watch this one and cheer every time Massa Fassbender cracks the whip. What a shame those days are gone. It must have been glorious to be a white man during that time period. To have absolute command over all blacks at all times – what a magnificent thing. It is absolutely incomprehensible to me that people actually thought that freeing blacks was actually a good idea. Just inconceivable to think they hadn’t the foresight to imagine the consequences.

  • The Final Solution

    “Her hands moved so quickly they could hardly be seen as she worked from dawn until dusk, with only a 15-minute break for a meagre lunch of cold bacon.”
    Sounds like a lot of white men today – farmers, mill workers, loggers…for thousands of year’s we have toiled relentlessly, while the only time blacks ever worked hard in all of human history was under the white man’s command.

  • The Final Solution

    How did that boy ever know how to read and write? Sounds like well-crafted fiction to me.

    • Bossman

      Many black slaves did get to tell their stories but the most interesting ones were slaves who were sailors and who got to visit many countries.One such book is called “The Interesting Narrative” by Olaudah Equiano published by Penguin Classics.

  • libertarian1234

    That’s what I was thinking when I first saw the article.

    Fortunately, right now we have this site, Colin Flaherty and WND, CofCC, all reporting on black violence, along with ALL the conservative sites doing the same thing, so the expected acceleration of black violence is going to be reported with all the additional videos.

    Even the MSM sites and some liberal ones are showing comments by white people that express a growing outrage.

    When you stop to think about it, articles like the above are really beneficial to us in our never ending drive to make the majority aware of the black threat. And if they do accelerate their racist attacks as expected, that too will be to our benefit.

  • ncpride

    They have been churning out these anti-White movies one after the other the past few years. Anyone that can’t see an agenda is blind. However, I suspect it’s backfiring because White America has a severe case of ‘Negro Fatigue’ and it’s growing daily.

  • Mack0

    Blacks make the same movie over and over again. This type of films distract blacks from the real problems in their communities by externalizing all their problems as the fault of the white man instead of looking inward at their own behavior like any mature adult would do. As long as they get their two minutes of hate toward the white man, they are perfectly happy continuing to live in denial.

    • ms_anthro

      Blacks might be acting in these movies, but they aren’t making the movies. Follow the money.

  • Greg S

    Let them get pi$$ed off, who cares? They have been whining for 200 years, and will continue the woe is me long after we all leave this wonderful Earth.

  • Sick of it

    Sounds like Patsey was one of the few who could keep up with my grandparents. Oh wait, toiling in the fields is supposed to be a black thing.

  • Old Crow

    Thomas Jefferson once said he feared America’s problem with race wouldn’t be solved until one race exterminated the other. I see Hollywood is doing its part to hurry up this calamity.

  • Sick of it

    I’ve grown up seeing only prejudice and injustice toward whites generally. It’s everywhere today.

  • JettieG

    Pfft. Five of my forefathers fought for that two-faced jerk Lincoln; two died (one in Libby Prison), other three injured. For what? I read Civil War history and I’m with Robert E Lee all the way. We all got sob stories in our family histories; this is another.

  • Diversity Fatigue

    These movies are designed to induce white guilt and tell blacks their DAILY murder and savagery against whites is justified.

  • I have quite a list of movies on DVD to order from Amazon, but strangely this one will never be on my list. I’m allergic to drivel.

    Slavery might not have been the most pleasant existence imaginable, but blacks would never have been brought here otherwise. Slavery was thus the price of admission for living in a developed nation they could never have conceived of, let alone built.

    History is replete with cruelties that contained a silver lining. Scotland’s Highland Clearances were brutal enough, but the population reduction had a valuable side-effect: Scotland had been every bit as dependent on the potato as Ireland, but avoided the worst effects of the later potato famine because the population had been substantially reduced.

  • fuzzypook

    I was an English major in college. I remember reading many of these “stories” in class. There were many such stories written in the 1800’s. Most of them were written by white abolitionists posing as ex slaves.

  • Sick of it

    I’m just pointing out certain facts as, apparently, not everyone realizes that the black portion of our population went from 25-33% down to 10% within a generation. That was before the liberals did anything for blacks (other than free them from regular meals and guaranteed shelter)…yet they proclaim themselves some sort of savior of the black man, when really they left them to die (or rot under welfare). Obviously they have been pushing affirmative action in more recent years. And when have I made excuses for black behavior? I’m pointing out liberal crimes.

  • Mergatroyd

    I’m positive this movie is as truthful and accurate as “roots” was.

    If slavery were as cruel as this movie depicts, then blacks should be down on their hands and knees thanking whites for ending this violent, wretched institution and sacrificing 600,000 of their sons to put an end to it.

    • Luca

      They have no conscience, they show no gratitude, they are eternally dependent on whites and we can never do enough for them.

  • KingKenton

    It seems the first and most important question to be asked is whether the story is true or not. Reading the article, it has an air about it that says made up. The account of him being kidnapped, in New York City no less, reads like something out of a Hollywood drama (well, I guess it will be shortly). Does anyone have any insight as to the veracity of this book.

    Eager for the income, he agreed and, expecting to be away for no more than a few days, left without telling his wife. He would not see his family again for 12 years.

    Really??? Who goes away for several days without telling their wife?

    Northup’s story was rediscovered in the late Sixties thanks to a white academic and journalist called Susan Eakin, who had long campaigned for black rights in her native Louisiana.

    Hmm, I suspicious already. She has a Wikipedia entry wikipedia DOT org/wiki/Sue_Eakin
    It doesn’t really say that much.

    There supposedly is a version of the book, ‘Twelve Years a Slave’, for “kids” that is used in schools. Ughh…

  • Mergatroyd

    Evangelical White Christians in England, led by William Wilberforce, put an end to the slave trade in 1807 and in 1833 abolished slavery in most of the British Empire.

  • KingKenton

    There was also a very active slave trade that was conducted by the Vikings that sold many Whites to Middle Eastern slave owners / traders. Whatever conditions slaves in America endured it had to be better than what those sent to the Middle East had to face.

    • David Ashton

      Let me get John Engleman going. “We have ample evidence that one great branch of commerce fell almost entirely into the hands of the Jews – the internal slave-trade of Europe” – Henry H. Milman, “History of the Jews”, vol.2, bk.21.

  • newscomments70

    Is the liberal media trying to start a civil war? I’m not sure if they want to make us more miserable, in retaliation for losing control of the media, or they want a full scale race war. I assume it’s the former. Liberals are not capable of any real fighting. Blacks will get to them before angry whites…just like in the LA riots of the early 90s. Rich white liberals were shaking in their sissy gucci shoes. They were unarmed and blacks were at their doorstep…ready to pull them out of their mansions in Brentwood. Reality was not like some Hollywood movie, where blacks and liberals whites fight side by side against evil conservative whites. Reality was more like present day Africa. All whites are targets for brutal rape and murder, even white liberals. How soon they forget.

    • MartelC

      Is the liberal media trying to start a civil war?
      YES. YES and YES… chaos is an opportunity to seize more power – just like 9/11 was an opportunity to offer a pre-cooked foreign policy that had nothing to do with fighting terror.

      White liberals are like the Frenchmen in hati who helped foster their ‘rights of man’ revolution. They think they will be thanked .. when in reality they will end up on the guillotine with us – perhaps quicker because in reality, blacks probably see them as weaker and more contemptible.

  • itdoesnotmatter

    Is it my imagination, or are we seeing lots of new AmRen posters?
    How wonderful if it’s so.
    Welcome, if you are a newbie.

  • ShermanTMcCoy

    Big Black! He big!!! He black!!!!!

    And he out to get . . . .
    Da Man!!!!

  • Brian

    The Willie Lynch hoax also was from around that time period.

  • Juan Outtamany

    so…. it is a comedy?

  • William Krapek

    I plopped down a good $165 for the GOLD STANDARD of Holocaust scholarship: “The Destruction of the European Jews” by Raul Hilberg. And I’m tracking his case as I go because to be honest I don’t trust him. In fact I’ve learned that I can’t trust him.

    Lots of allegations. Lots of stories and eyewitness testimony. Very little real physical evidence of any kind. For example: the camp at Sobibór was definitely(!!) an extermination camp. There should be the remains of more than a quarter million Jews there but Israeli archaeologists came up with very little. One single building there – the first alleged gas chamber – has been described three different ways by three different sources. Made of wood. Made of brick. Made of cement.

    The people were pushed in through the front doors and their bodies were pulled out through the back. Or lifted out with cranes. Or dropped through trap doors(!!) into wagons underneath.

    And DON’T get me started on those silly “gas vans.” The best evidence is those were Soviet inventions that they just blamed on the Germans.

    Anyway… The story here sounds like a lot like the hair-brained ones Hilberg passes on as history. You know. The ones that can’t be falsified. I call them “Germans tossing infants in the air and catching them with their bayonets” stories.

    (They were accused of that back in WWI. But I apply the terminology to anybody accused of such obviously fictional acts.)

    Now mind you: there were still a lot of Jews murdered. But I think the British historian David Irving probably gives a maximum number: about three million. From all causes including combat and disease.

    • Luca

      My best guess is that Hitler viewed certain people more valuable as slave labor than as corpses.

      They certainly died due to crowded conditions, disease and lack of food. If you have your supply lines bombed every day, and your resources are limited who will you feed first, your soldiers or your prisoners? I also believe he gassed the ones about to die or who were of no use for labor, but I don’t believe the popular Hollywood story-line of systematic extermination. Maybe in the very end when he became maniacal and had nothing to lose.

      When I was a kid, I knew a Pole who was in a POW camp and he said the Nazis hated the communists much more than any other group.

      Hitler wasn’t stupid, if he really wanted to completely exterminate an entire population in a quick and cost effective manner he could have loaded them on 10 ships (from different ports) and dumped them 20 miles out in the North Sea every single day, 365 days a year. Each ship could have carried 1,000 prisoners and made 3 trips a day. Thirty thousand times 365 equals about 11 million in one year alone. There were only about 10 million Jews in Europe before the war.

      • William Krapek

        I actually think the gassing accusations have completely fallen apart aside from – I believe – some that were performed on the mentally ill. I mean think about what we’ve heard about for decades:



        Seriously. What the hell is a gas oven? There are gassing chambers and there are CREMATORIA. Two different animals. Both can be used to murder millions and SORT OF get rid of the evidence. Or they can be used to kill lice and hygienically dispose of bodies. The fact that those two aren’t even properly separated in the minds of millions is a red flag that we’ve got a problem with this story.

        But on the other hand a lot of “Holocaust Revisionists/Deniers” want to plead that hundreds of thousands “only” died from diseases like typhus. But the connection is very simple: no concentration camps and ghettoes for Jews, no typhus. Those deaths need to be squarely laid at the doorstep of the Nazis.

        Mind you: the NAZIS. No more of this generalized “white guilt” nonsense. And no more of that “burned holocaust offering to God” nonsense either. The Jews ain’t Jesus. That’s blasphemy.

        Anyway. That’s actually a perfect description of Dresden.

        This was obviously a technologically advanced and carefully controlled expulsion putrified by a war with pathological Stalinists. If Jews want to dredge up the “holocaust,” I’m more than happy to dredge up their happy participation in the Soviet genocides.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    It is also important to keep in mind that most Southerners had no desire to continue slavery. At the same time, they did not want the anticipated results of emancipation, that is, having to live among blacks not kept in check by the slave chains. Southerners were trying to keep themselves and their progeny from having to be burdened by black dysfunction, just like a modern white community resists school busing.

  • RileyDeWiley

    I also suspect a fake. It’s too trite, too many horrors in too short a time. And the setup – being kidnapped into slavery, and escaping it at the end – really smells phony.

  • Jenkem Huffington

    The savages are running amok NOW.

  • MartelC

    as i commented below,t Is the liberal media trying to start a civil war?YES. YES and YES… chaos is an opportunity to seize more power – just like 9/11 was an opportunity to offer a pre-cooked foreign policy that had nothing to do with fighting terror.

    White liberals are like the Frenchmen in hati who helped foster their ‘rights of man’ revolution. They think they will be thanked .. when in reality they will end up on the guillotine with us – perhaps quicker because in reality, blacks probably see them as weaker and more contemptible.

    There is no doubt our elite see us as a threat to power and their just around the corner utopia – its been ‘just around the corner since 1789 and has resulted in about 200 million dead, but never mind that…

  • Earl Turner

    Go ahead hollywood. Make all the negro pity-porn you want. I and many more like me, a number that grows daily, are completely free from all white guilt and we are immune to your anti-white propoganda.

    • ms_anthro

      Further, we will use it against you. Keep baiting us.

  • newscomments70

    In public elementary school, I recall being forced to see the film “The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman”. It was a fictional story, but my limited, liberal teachers basically pushed the film as history.

    • prunepit

      There is a censoring system in place so parents can reject films containing violence and sadism but they have no control over the obscenities public schools call “education”. There is no effort to verify the truth of holocaust stories or stories of insane sadism toward blacks so our children are subjected to the wild imaginings of obscene propagandists. I consider it child abuse.

  • [Guest]

    Thank you. I’ll have a look.

  • prunepit

    The irony is that such stories are made for white people because it is in the character of white people to feel compassion for others and that contradicts the depiction of whites as sadists.

  • alex

    How “survivors” survived after spending years in death camps without food?

  • prunepit

    If they made a movie in South Africa depicting obscene cruelty against the members of a white, farm family would blacks be moved to tears and guilt?

    • Junis

      No, because South Africa is originally a black country.

  • Junis

    No matter how useless the black race is, Americans of European descent will ALWAYS be indebted to them whether they like it or not.

    • FransSusan

      Are you being sarcastic? If not, I don’t understand your point.

  • newscomments70

    We need a movie studio run by race realists to counter this garbage. I know that sounds like big talk, but it’s not inconceivable. There are film schools all over the country to educate oneself. UCLA Extension offers some of the best film classes available, to anyone, for next-to-nothing. Independent films have done very well recently. If Michael Moore can make films, why can’t we? Everything starts out small, but eventually, we could bury liberal media. Too many people hate liberal media and want to see them put in their place.

    • I think this is a good suggestion. I struggle to name even one pro-white (fairly) movie style production film. There may be some, but off the top of my head none come to mind.

      The other side have Avatar, The Butler, planet of the apes, x-men, and a thousand others – often starring Jamie Fox, Morgan Freeman or Denzel Washington!

      Obviously we are not going to have £Multi-Million budget for those kinds of blockbusters, but I was only talking to somebody on here the other day about the British film “Dead Man’s Shoes”.

      That film was written and produced on a budget of around £700,000 and shot within three weeks. Through a gritty structure and clever editing, as a viewer you do not focus on the low cost, or can even really tell. The tale is compelling and draws you in.

      It was apparently nominated by some film magazines to be within the top 100 films of all time, albeit positioned around 92.

      A race-realistic drama or thriller need not even be as good or as long as Dead Man’s Shoes, and, I suppose, we could use sites like Youtube to promote and ultimately show the video, which, if (albeit annoying) advertisements were put aside it and some merchandise offered, might claw some revenue back, including clicks from the opposition who would no doubt be interested in watching it too, lol.

      I may be being naive, but it is good to think big sometimes. We may already have scripts that can be derived from real life events, or from fictional works already written, like “Sea Changes” by Derek Turner.

      When it comes to documentaries, yes, If Michael Moore can do it, why can’t we? (Aside from the costs and apparent lack of supporters behind our message! lol). Seriously though, it can be done.

      We do have “Grinding America Down”, “Original Intent” etc which are kind of in the ballpark on some issues – and more specific matters depicted in Craig Bodeker’s “A Conversation about race”.

      Maybe there could be a short-film competition to draw in race-realist film students that want to showcase samples of what they can do, from which a more well funded and precise final version could be filled out.

      • newscomments70

        Thanks for your comment. There are several race realist films and clips on youtube. Their popularity is growing, but I still yearn for more. Liberal media still has a stranglehold on the public. Some films are created by whites, such as David Duke. David Duke does not have a strong political following, but his films are often spot on. Surprisingly, some striking race realist productions are made by non-whites. One of my favorite race realist productions is a series by Zvi Yeheskeli. He is an Israeli who speaks arabic and filmed an undercover documentary of muslim areas in Sweden and France. He “passed” for a Muslim and filmed some shocking footage and interviews. The name of it is “Europe’s takeover by Islam”. This was aired on Israeli television, but completely censored by western media. Thankfully, it is on youtube. I respect that people on here have varying opinions of Israel, but i encourage everyone to view the ground-breaking series. It is easily searchable on google and youtube.

        Another race realist I enjoy watching is Pastor Manning from Atlah. He is a black preacher from Harlem and 100% race realist. It is unusual to see a black man telling the truth about the black community, but his colorful way of explaining reality is very entertaining. He is anti-obama, and he believes Trayvon was a violent thug. Whatever your opinion is, he is hilarious. His description of an upcoming white rebellion was positively inspiring. Some may not approve of non-whites in their movement, but sometimes that’s what it takes to break the ice.

        A race realist film festival is a great idea. There are scores of film festivals for amateur films in several genres…perhaps an “Amren Film Festival”?

        • I remember Pastor Manning. Some of the clips I saw years ago were hilarious in their cold brutality of truth-telling.

          I remember one recounting the race riots, where he even lambastes his fellow blacks for being so stupid that they were smashing up their own neighbourhoods instead of going a few blocks away and trashing the neighbourhoods of those they were supposedly rioting against. Very funny, in a tragic kind of way.

          When it comes to non-whites in the movement….I do not think that is a good idea for a whole host of reasons. However, that does not mean to say there cannot be co-operation between what are often touted as our ‘enemies’ by our opponents.

          For example, I have read some excellent material from an Oriental author which is race-realist and ‘nationalistic’ to their own people and their own country.

          I was also listening to a radio debate the other month on a BBC station, regarding Burma and the so-called rise of ‘neo nazi’ Buddhist nationalists there who are against immigration and Muslims who they see as gradually taking over the country and a threat to the future of Burmese people.

          Being a nationalist, for me, ironically does not stop at my own borders or the borders of White nations. Whether it is Tibet and the Han Chinese problem, or Indonesia, or wherever, we are often allies in wanting to preserve and secure our own peoples in our respective homelands. I would welcome some mutual work between different peoples in different parts of the world.

          That said, I would not welcome a “mixture” in each of our fights. We can co-operate without being mixed into some amalgamation, something which, I fear, would do the bidding for the ‘globalists’ by means of a “we are all in this together” type outlook emerging.

          My obvious focus is directly on my own nation, then the rest of Europe and the “White world” outposts, then the rest in order of my own perceived value and merit, lol.

          A film festival is even further to my suggestion, and has a certain ring about it. I know nothing of creating drama or documentaries of my own. I have only ever previously made documentaries out of TV material and other documentaries in the public domain.

          Whether there is a pool of budding nationalist documentary makers with an expert eye, or drama producers with a cutting edge style, is something I have no idea about.

          • newscomments70

            I have mixed feelings about “sharing” fights with other races as well. Some are ok with that, some are not. I do believe that the English Defence League has chapters for Sikhs, Jews and other groups. That documentary I spoke of, the undercover investigation by an arab-looking Israeli, was immensely helpful to our cause. No white European could ever infiltrate those awful communities so effectively.

            There is significant gray area within the races. I remember working with Lebanese, who considered themselves white Christians, and supported SA apartheid. White liberals are unanimously against colonization and genocide of non-white countries. They hysterically push for white genocide in Europe and the new world. I could never figure that one out.

            I have made short films after taking film classes. They were not race realist, but just something I made in class. I did submit them to some film festivals. I do know the process and it is not difficult. There are scores of film festivals in existence. If we started a race realism film festival, or whatever name you wanted to give it, it would stir controversy. We would be lambasted with bad publicity, but that would only attract more viewers. Such a movement would help us establish an enclave in the media. I like to think bigger though. I want to bury liberal media (by means of truth-telling and ratings, not violence).

          • The EDL, unfortunately, are not a race-realist organisation. They are not nationalists either.

            They are perhaps better described as ‘patriots’ whose love is for the country itself, in terms of systems, structure, culture – but not necessarily the race or ethnicity of the people itself.

            To me, considering what they claim to stand for (and the actions of their leadership and many within their membership) they are cultural Marxists who seek to continue the current status of decline, decay, immorality, lewd behaviour, by promoting and defending homosexuality, multi-racialism and multiculturalism……providing that the ideology of “radical” Islam, which is a threat to those values, is left out of the mixture.

            When you strip it down and peel it back, this is what it all seems to be about. This is perhaps why they have Gay and Lesbian divisions, Sikh divisions, and are in hoc with the Jewish backers of these organisations around Europe, who, in my opinion, use the EDL to do their bidding.

            Sure, they are a noise and “boots on the ground” against the “Islamification” of this country – and good for them, it needs to be tackled – but beyond that, they show little sign of standing with the ideologies and fights of true nationalists.

            Individual members and supporters may have a whole shade of different opinions, but as an organisation and concept at the top, they should not be mistaken as being nationalists or race-realists.

          • newscomments70

            I don’t know too much about the EDL, other than their interviews and demonstrations on youtube. Thats too bad. I do like the BNP, but they seem to be falling from favor, recently. I still enjoy commenting on their site and interracting with British nationalists.

          • Yes, it is a tragedy what has happened with the BNP in recent years.

            I used to be a member myself, but although it was a bit of a wrench and although I was reluctant to do so seeing as it was the major nationalist party in Britain, I could no longer put up with what was going on within the party and with the direction it was going in.

            That is a long tale though, and water under the bridge. Maybe things will change again, and fortunes recovered, who knows.

            Some people can get very bitter and hostile to the BNP and what the leadership did to the party, but I am not a bitter man, I still support all natonalists who are doing constructive things or giving out the right messages, no matter what party they are supporting.

            I do not realy believe in “party politics” as a viable vehicle any more (I would have to be convinced otherwise, now things are at such a slump and such a demographic and social decline) – but I am more at home with the “British Democratic Party” which formed after the turmoil in the BNP.

            Their website and articles/polcies are very good. The ‘cream’ of the BNP jumped ship to help form it in my opinion. How they will fair “on the ground” in politics has yet to be seen though.

            The BNP is of course the most well known and the BDP will have a task to supercede them in the minds of the electorate, even though the BNP has, in my opinion, shrunk dramatically and organisationally since 2008/2009.

            Hopefully, in the future, we can all get our act together and push together at the same time instead of being in compartments…….but the history of British Nationalism tends to make this a bit of a pipe dream!

          • newscomments70

            I wish you luck. It seems that you have an uphill climb. The UK infested with marxism and liberal thinking. It seems worse than the U.S.. When race articles hit US media, most of the comments are race realist, conservative. The occasional liberal comment will be hated and voted down. It seems the opposite in British Media. It is especially infuriating when there are articles posted about the U.S.. British liberals are hysterically paranoid about “white racism”, and believe that blacks in the U.S. are victims of racism. When I try to explain the facts, I am almost always censored. I don’t even visit the comments section anymore in most British publications. My anger is just too much. The BNP folks, on the other hand, are wonderful. They seem to be hated by the majority, but they are the only group that makes sense. And I didn’t mean any offense. All of our countries are plagued with liberalism. Today, Germany just elected their first black African MP’s…and they think it’s wonderful.

          • I think everywhere now has various strains of liberalism infested in it.

            The situation in Germany will be different to France, the situation in Germany and France will be different to the UK, the situation in all those will be different to the US…..but the same kinds of stumbling blocks and muddled thinking (or lack of thinking in favour of emotional feel-good) are there somewhere.

            The Daily Mail newspaper (which tends to be the defacto irritable “right wing” tabloid newspaper here) is very hard to comment on.

            It seems they like to publish the same old populist canards – and you can wonder how those people have got their inane or blunt comment on, but yours has not been allowed – but deny any serious and informed commentary that goes beyond the national chatter over whatever issue they are peddling.

            I have managed to get 7 comments on the Daily Mail within the space of 10 months. Okay, I do not write them every day, or ever week, but I have probably got only 1/8th of the comments I have written actually published on site.

            I have largely given up bothering. The Mail is a paper for a particular purpose anyway – they are duplicitous and have an agenda.

            For example, without any sense of contradiction, they can run an ‘outrage’ story about sexualisation and body image pressures of children and teens on the main page, then down the side they will have pictures of celebs and teens in bikini’s and commenting on their ‘beach figures’.

            They will whip up a hysteria storm over immigrants and immigration, but when a member of the public is found taking some sort of stand against it, they are in the papers as being “vile” “racist” “haters” or “fascists” and how despicable it is that this can go on in Britain today…. or start singing the praises of some multi-ethnic event or another.

            They are complete hypocrites.

  • pcmustgo

    1% of whites own slaves and tens of millions have immigrated here since slavery was banned… but I guess all “whites” worldwide need to be forever guilt tripped and punished for this.

    • Mack0

      Its a way of obtaining power through guilt. In a strange way its a compliment as much as it is a demonstration of fear. They know that they can’t win through force or ability.

  • FransSusan

    I’d like to hear Jared Taylor’s opinion of this movie. Why are we seeing so many of these anti-white movies being made lately? They’re apparently very lucrative. Is that the only reason?

  • David Ashton

    Some blacks were promptly deprived of their genitals. Arab slavery continued after the western emancipations, and has continued until recently. Arab writers had a low opinion of negroes similar to that of whites like Hume and Kant, some too offensive to quote. Not all whites see the human races in absolutely binary terms, and the Chinese tend to do so. Of course, different peoples rank order other peoples, often by pigmentation or skull-shape, or even size (e.g. Bantus & Pygmies). There is also the “caste” system in India and elsewhere, and the preference of dark-skinned people for lighter mates or skin-lightening aids, even before western colonialism and televised culture.

    The Koran definitely singles out Jews as a people that abets disorder on the earth. Historically, Jews and Christians at best had to accept dhimmitude and a special tax. Pagans like Hindus or Africans were treated not so “tolerantly”. To be sure, Islam is technically color-blind (though colors were given as divine sign), but of course its devotees have ethnocultural (as well as sectarian) divides; e.g.Persians v Arabs. For some further details, the studies by Bernard Lewis, M. A. Khan and K. S. Lal are worth consulting if you can get hold of them.

  • Mack0

    This kind of propaganda would make the old KGB jealous. The brilliance of it all is how they keep convincing people that movies of this kind have any relevance to people living in the present. I doubt very few Jews are seeking out Romans to accost because they occupied their lands two thousand years ago.

  • ms_anthro

    Phenotypically, we are precious and rare. Arabs and mestizos can look surprisingly similar, as can some of the darker Turkic peoples. Asians may vary by region but for the most part they have almond-shaped dark brown or black eyes with visible epicanthic folds, black, straight, coarse hair, and flat noses. A Han Chinese and a Korean may have obvious differences but overall, they still both have yellow skin, straight coarse black hair, flat faces, slanted eyes with epicanthic folds, etc. Sub-Saharan Africans, though differing in stature and bone structure based on where they originate, are unmistakably black, with black features.

    Meanwhile, Whites look like no one else on Earth except other Whites. We share a specific look that is unique among all people and yet still contains a breathtaking range of diversity, from eye color to hair color to complexion. An Irish redhead and a Nordic blonde are both visibly White, though they may look strikingly different. And our genes are almost never dominant in a White/non-White hybrid. When a White person miscegenates with a non-White, our phenotype is barely detectable, if it is detectable at all.

    We see the world in binary because to mate with non-Whites is genetic suicide. It’s a survival mechanism that has allowed us to stay White through the millennia.

  • A Freespeechzone

    How ironic–the Whites and generation that fought for civil rights are now THE evil suppressors.

    Notice that over the last couple of years that more and more anti-White movies have been released by liberal Hollywood.

    I won’t be seeing this…

    Just watch–it’ll be up for an Academy Awards.

  • kanadaville

    The movie came out, but I’m not seeing this rise of violence towards whites and racial tension you all complain so much about