Posted on September 5, 2013

‘Riotous’ Black Mobs ‘Out of Control’

Colin Flaherty, WND, September 4, 2013

Even by Baltimore standards, neighbors are astonished at the frequency and intensity of black mob violence in and around a suburban skating rink this summer. And last summer. And the summer before.


Local media and public officials refuse to report or talk about how everyone involved in these hyper-violent confrontations is black. But neighbors know. And many think that the race of the criminals is preventing law enforcement from arresting and prosecuting those responsible for these “riotous” and “out of control crowds.”

The latest violence is centered around the Skate Land roller rink in the Baltimore suburb of Fullerton. The crowds range from 300 to 900 people. They require as many as 25 police cruisers and a helicopter to control.

The dozens of examples of black mob violence connected to the rink range from throwing bricks through police car windows to vandalizing the Denny’s restaurant next door. The violence includes beating clerks and stealing merchandise from a nearby convenience store, fighting with police, jumping on cars–breaking window and ruining paint–and much, much more:

Amber Ruth was caught up in one of the periodic spasms of violence where hundreds of “children” walk in the street, stop traffic, destroy property–and worse. Says Ruth to the plucky Patch newspaper:

“I was on my way home on a Friday night around 9:30pm and they shut down Skate Land at Putty Hill because of fighting and those little hoodlums busted out my back window with me sitting in my car when i was stopped at the light in at Rossville blvd & BelAir Rd..

“I called over a Police officer and told him what they did. He told me to get out of there it WAS NOT SAFE! No kidding, it was not safe, they busted out my window, $800 worth of damage.”

The violence forces businesses to close during peak skating hours. Many of the stories of violence and vandalism involve the crowds walking to a nearby bus stop. WBAL TV captured some of the mayhem:

“Community members said the crowds at the Putty Hill-area Skate Land are out of control and getting dangerous.

“Police said that the complaints about large groups of rowdy teens leaving Skate Land at 11 p.m. and being loud and destructive increased in early July.

“‘They’re complaints about destruction of property. We have businesses that have had to lock their doors because of the large crowds,’ said police Cpl. Cathy Batton.

Investigators described damaged cars and street signs. They said they increased patrols with 25 police cars this past Saturday, but teens threw bricks through the car windows. Two juveniles were arrested on disorderly conduct charges that same night.

“Anil Chadha, an employee at the nearby 7-Eleven, told 11 News that teens attacked him from behind on Saturday. He showed reporter Kai Reed damage to his car that he said happened when a group of teens jumped on top of it.

“‘Every Saturday, it’s a problem. A lot of kids come in here–300, 400 kids come in here,’ Chadha said.”


Twenty miles away, at the Arundel Mills Mall, six black people assaulted a shopper on Saturday. According to WBAL: “When the victim tried to defend himself, the others in the group surrounded and assaulted him.”