He was, without any doubt, one of America’s greatest heroes. A brave, eloquent and inspiring man whose stirring speeches still resonate powerfully today.

No wonder, on the 50th anniversary of the famous March on Washington at which he made his I Have A Dream speech, the U.S. President and former presidents—Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter—gathered this week to pay tribute to Martin Luther King.

But Washington didn’t always feel that way about the Baptist preacher and civil rights leader from Atlanta, Georgia.

Driven by FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover’s mistaken conviction that King was a dangerous Communist, federal agents bugged his hotel rooms. What they found, and tried to use against him in a poisonous blackmail campaign, was not evidence of Communism but of serial adultery.

Leading one of the most astonishing double lives in history, King was not just the Bible-thumping champion of the rights of man, but also an inveterate womaniser who cheated on his wife throughout their marriage.

King’s secret sex life became such a talking point at the White House that recently released interviews with Jackie Kennedy revealed even she knew about it.

Jackie confided how her brother-in-law Bobby Kennedy had told her the FBI had recorded King trying to arrange a sex party on the night before the March on Washington in August 1963.

‘I can’t see a picture of Martin Luther King without thinking, you know, that man’s terrible,’ sniffed the former First Lady. Bobby had told her that King ‘was calling up all these girls and arranging for a party of men and women, I mean, sort of an orgy’.

That King was a sex addict—though probably no worse than Mrs Kennedy’s husband, JFK—has long been a source of embarrassment in an America that effectively declared him a saint.

Though it is beyond question that King was charismatic, tireless and courageous, it is also indisputably true that this brilliant man had a seamier side, as one of Dr King’s closest associates confirmed.

Civil rights campaigner the Rev Ralph Abernathy was the man who cradled King the day he was killed by an assassin’s bullet in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1968.

But in 1989, Abernathy—who succeeded King as the movement’s leader — incurred the eternal wrath of his allies and accusations of a  Judas-like betrayal after he confirmed that  long-standing rumours about his old friend’s rampant sexual appetites were true.

In his autobiography, Abernathy said King—whose 1953 marriage to Coretta Scott produced four children—had a ‘weakness for women’.

King, a pastor from the age of 25, ‘understood and believed in the Biblical prohibition against sex outside marriage,’ said his friend. ‘It was just that he had a particularly difficult time with that temptation.’

And that was putting it mildly. Abernathy related an extraordinary story that indicated King spent the last night of his life enjoying the attentions of not one but two lovers, followed by an encounter with a third woman whom he knocked sprawling across his motel room bed.

The fateful evening had started with King delivering his historic I’ve Been To The Mountaintop speech at the Masonic Temple in Memphis, in which he appeared to foresee his own death.

Afterwards, Abernathy, King and a civil rights movement comrade, the Rev Bernard Lee, went to the home of one of King’s female friends for a late-night dinner.

Abernathy said he and Lee took a post-prandial nap in the sitting room. He awoke at 1am to see King emerging with the woman from her bedroom.

They then returned to their lodgings at a local motel, where a black female politician was waiting to see him. She got her wish and Abernathy left the couple to go to get some sleep in the room he shared with King.

At around 7am or 8am, King burst into their bedroom, looking alarmed, said Abernathy. King needed his friend’s help to calm down a third woman who was, he said, ‘mad at me. She came in this morning and found my bed empty’.

As a reviewer of Abernathy’s book put it at the time, the author’s implication was obvious: ‘King, a married man, had been unfaithful even in his unfaithfulness.’

The drama didn’t end there. When the third woman turned up in the room, her argument with King became so intense that he ‘lost his temper and knocked her across the bed’.

In the hailstorm of outrage from the civil rights movement that followed his claims, several of those involved in this eventful night later came out to challenge Abernathy’s version.

Adjua Abi Naantaanbuu, a Memphis hair salon owner, said she hosted the dinner party and there had been no sex in her house that night. She hadn’t been a friend of King either, merely a civil rights activist who had been asked to feed the visitors.

Georgia Davis Powers, the Kentucky state senator who paid that late visit to King at the motel, said the pair simply stayed up talking until 4am. Bernard Lee claimed Abernathy’s tale was invented and he had ‘betrayed a great trust . . . to make a buck’.

But Abernathy stuck to his story until his death. ‘In all honesty, in all fairness, it happened,’ he said.

Were Abernathy’s critics closing ranks to protect the legacy of a giant? Their problem was that Abernathy was not the only one to level such accusations.

Though the subject never makes it into the admiring discussions of King on U.S. breakfast TV, CNN or the pages of the New York Times, the preacher’s serial sexual adultery has  been covered in a string of acclaimed biographies.

According to Pulitzer prize-winning biographer David Garrow, it was an open secret among civil rights, activists who even warned King to rein in his ‘compulsive sexual athleticism’.

But he was unrepentant, bluntly telling a friend: ‘I’m away from home 25 to 27 days a month. F*****g’s a form of anxiety reduction.’

Though he didn’t name names, Garrow said three particular women became more than one-nights stands.

King grew very close to one of them — believed to be a female colleague from Atlanta. At one point, he saw her almost every day, though—Garrow added—‘it did not eliminate the incidental couplings that were a commonplace of King’s travels’.

It was clearly not just the civil rights leader doing the chasing. A King aide recalled watching woman after woman making passes at King at a suburban New York fund-raising party.

‘I could not believe what I was seeing in white Westchester women,’ he said. ‘They would walk up to him and would sort of lick their lips and hint, and [hand him] notes . . .  After I saw that thing that evening, I didn’t blame him.’

Evidently, King could afford to be choosy in his adultery. According to an old family friend: ‘The girls he “dated” were just like models . . .  tall . . . all usually were very fair, never dark.’ King, he added, was ‘really a Casanova’, but one who had a ‘quiet dignity’ and was respectful towards his many conquests.

It was an extraordinary secret existence for a man who used the message of the Gospels in all his speeches and who would tell interviewers that ‘sex is basically sacred . . . and must never be abused’.

But as even his closest friends attested, King was a male chauvinist who insisted his wife—a devoted civil rights activist—stay at home and bring up the children while he travelled America with his firebrand preaching.

He once told Coretta he was too busy to discuss which school they should choose for their daughter. On the few days he did spend at home, King was continually on the phone.

It didn’t help that when he was out on the road with his fellow preachers in the early civil rights movement, he was among like minds. Commentators say these pastors’ sexual charisma was a fundamental part of their appeal to congregations.

Sleeping with female members was the norm rather than the exception and King himself admitted that he didn’t know a single black preacher who was chaste.

As the veteran activist Michael Harrington delicately phrased it, the movement was ‘not at all a sour-faced, pietistic’ endeavour. ‘Everybody was out getting laid.’ Or trying to.

One of King’s most distinguished biographers, Taylor Branch, revealed how—on King’s trip to Norway to collect the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize—members of his entourage were found running after naked or near-naked prostitutes in the Oslo hotel where they were staying. Only a desperate appeal to hotel security saved them from being thrown out.

Branch also detailed how FBI agents bugged King’s hotel room in Washington in January 1964 and recorded him in adulterous full flow. ‘I’m f*****g for God! I’m not a negro tonight!’ he could be heard shouting.

The same year, the FBI anonymously sent King a ‘highlights’ tape of his sexual groaning and dirty jokes, along with a message that read: ‘You are done. There is but one way out for you. You better take it before your filthy, abnormal, fraudulent self is bared to the nation.’

King interpreted this as a call for him to commit suicide, though FBI insiders later said they were simply seeking his resignation from the civil rights movement.

The FBI also sent damning evidence to his colleagues, politicians and major media outlets (who, for reasons unclear, declined to publicise them).

Some of what these anonymous letters claimed—such as King’s penchant for white prostitutes and his use of church donations to pay for drunken orgies—have been hotly disputed, even by those who admit that King slept around.

Abernathy insisted his friend was ‘never attracted to white women and had nothing to do with them’, even if he had opportunities.

But there’s another mystery: why, having collected the evidence, did the government never make more of these highly incriminating tapes? Many senior government figures—not least the formidable J. Edgar Hoover—would have exposed King like a shot.

But, according to Taylor Branch, while President Lyndon Johnson felt betrayed by King over his public opposition to the Vietnam War, he baulked at using the FBI’s dossier against him.

It’s not clear why his predecessor, JFK, also stayed his hand, but given his own philandering, perhaps he thought it would be hypocritical.

When he got the tape, King was surprised to learn that the FBI knew so much about his private life, but he also told friends it was none of their business. The FBI tape was also sent to Coretta: she claimed she could not make out what was going on and ignored it.

Later she admitted she had never once discussed infidelity with King, saying: ‘I just wouldn’t have burdened him with anything so trivial . . . all that other business just didn’t have a place in the very high-level relationship we enjoyed.’

As his old friend Ralph Abernathy noted: ‘Women are always attracted to a hero.’ And King was certainly that.

Charming, gracious, affable and perfectly mannered, King ‘attracted them in droves, even when he didn’t intend to’, he added.

For all his very human flaws, he was a man of immense goodness who turned the tide against racial bigotry in America. Only four men in U.S. history have a national monument and only one—King—has a holiday named in his honour.

But one wonders what he would think of the almost god-like adulation he receives today.

His wife and friends said he was racked by guilt about his personal failings. He found it uncomfortable to be put on a pedestal when all he wanted to do was end the injustice of segregation.

On Sundays, at his Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, King would tell his congregation—without being too specific—that he was a ‘sinner’.

He added: ‘There is a Mr Hyde and a Dr Jekyll in all of us . . . you don’t need to go out this morning saying that Martin Luther King is a saint.’

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  • Rhialto

    Three indisputable facts about MLK:

    1-King was a leader of Blacks; Blacks considered his sexual activities to be his own business, and had little interest in them. What concerned them was his leadership in advancing Black interests.

    2-MLK did have Communist contacts and the FedGov had good reason for monitoring them.

    3-Liberals have decided to make MLK a superhuman hero, replacing all White male heroes.

    • doctorivy

      4. He plagiarized his famous speech and college thesis.

  • Oil Can Harry

    King’s sleazy womanizing was the least of his crimes.

    I’m more offended by his plagiarism, his Marxism, his anti-Americanism and his hatred of whites.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      His womanizing helps to show that he wasn’t the infallible Christian we’re led to believe by mainstream “conservatives.”

      • Jim Whitehead

        I really like Glenn Beck, but his MLK yammerings are ad nauseum, yuck! He needs to check into the truth about this black weirdo.

        • DDDDDuane

          Beck’s zio j ew love doesn’t bother you?
          You must be a zio-neocon….

    • JohnEngelman

      Where does Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. say that he is a Marxist? Have you ever known a Marxist? I have known and liked several. They do not hide there persuasion. So, please post a quote from King, followed by a website locating the quote, where he says he is a Marxist.

      Just because Dr. King criticized aspects of the United States does not mean that he was anti-American. On this website I have read expressions of the desire that the United States divide. I have read sympathy for the Confederacy. That is what I would call anti-Americanism.

      Far from hating whites, Dr. King said this in his “I have a dream” speech, “The marvelous new militancy which has engulfed the Negro community must not lead us to distrust all white people, for many of our white brothers, as evidenced by their presence here today, have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny.”

      • Epiminondas

        I wouldn’t place too much trust in public speeches. If you want to know what’s in a person’s heart, look at their letters, notes, and conversations that were off the record. That’s where the real MLK comes out. Personally, I believe he was too illiterate to really understand economic issues. He simply did not have that much knowledge of history, either.

        • JohnEngelman

          Oil Can Harry said Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. hated whites. Unless Oil Can Harry can document that from specific statements by Dr. King expressing his hatred for whites Oil Can Harry is projecting his hatred onto Dr. King.

          Far from being illiterate, several of Dr. King’s speeches and essays are among the most eloquent in the twentieth century. Unlike Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan, Dr. King wrote his own speeches.

          • rowingfool

            “eloquent” in the sense of Black preacher or Rap eloquent.

            Stringing together phrases that sound “eloquent” does not make a coherent, philosophically-sound argument. King had a mediocre mind and like most black heroes was likely incapable of understanding even the most elementary technical reasoning. You have to have lived with and around blacks to become attuned to their exquisite capacity for bullsh*t. True that wherever their perceived self interest is at stake, they become remarkably “intelligent” but this is typical of lying sociopathic cons everywhere.

  • guest

    The American liberal media will forever continue to hide the negative facts about any non-white they love and worship. Even when confronted with the truth, they will still cling to their crazed liberal beliefs that non-whites = good and whites = evil.

    • The other guest

      Not only the crazed liberals…haven’t you heard EVERY single “conservative” that praises King to no end?

      On all conservative talk shows and TV, Hannity, O’Reilly, Levin, Rush etc. that is all I heard on MLK day. Nothing but praise because King is their black HERO or their black “Christ” is more like it. Insanity (about race) among Whites has grown so much that it is too the point that I do not want to talk to them about any racial truths for fear they will eventually turn us all in one day for hate crimes! That is how bad the USA has become. They will snitch us all out to protect their “pets”.

      • BonusGift

        MLK worship is one of the primary litmus tests for even getting near a mainstream media camera.

      • Jim Whitehead

        Yeah, and it’s sickening! I can’t stand to listen to those like Beck who spout his virtues, ad nauseum. Otherwise, they’re great to listen to. Just seems like they’re trying to hard to pretend most blacks are equal to everyone else.

        • Stentorian_Commentator

          Let’s ease up on Beck. One, he’s funny and polished, and knows what sells on radio and TV, no mean skill. Two, this past weekend on his Blaze network the news was explicit about two black-on-white attacks, one in NYC and the other in Boston. They actually declared the assailants to be black. I think Glenn might be learning something from the Knoxville Horror and the Christopher Lane murder.

          • tedwilliams99

            Beck is an idiot, and so is Hannity. And btw – consider how many murderers are white. How many serial killers are white? MOST of them? What was Hitler? Oh yeah – he was white huh? Guess who started most wars in recent history? Yeah white people your dumbliness.

          • DDDDDuane

            When you adjust for population percentages n!99ers are about four times more likely to be serial killers than are Whites….
            ALL modern wars were financed, false flagged and instigated by
            j ews….

  • Spartacus

    “And that was putting it mildly. Abernathy related an extraordinary story
    that indicated King spent the last night of his life enjoying the
    attentions of not one but two lovers, followed by an encounter with a
    third woman whom he knocked sprawling across his motel room bed.”


    But did he kill any of them ?!?! No, he didn’t, which already makes him better than 99% of all other groids .

  • Alexandra1973

    King, a Bible-thumper? He denied most of the tenets of Christianity!
    As a friend of mine has said (and I’ve said here), blacks are interested in two things: fighting and fornicating.

    • IstvanIN

      ..and from the looks of their, woman eating.

    • OlderWoman

      Theft might be the third thing.

  • bigone4u

    MLK was a pervert, a liar, a plagiarist, a communist, and a whole bunch of other nasty things the history books don’t mention.
    Want to have some fun? Link this story in an email to your favorite libtard Negro-phile, along with the line, “I didn’t know this about MLK. Did you?” See what he/she says in response. Your reply to their reply will be, “Even Jackie Kennedy despised him.” See how long they defend whore mongering. You might create a new recruit to our cause.

    • Spartacus

      Good idea.

    • tedwilliams99

      you’re an evil person and I’d love to kick your ass – and I assure you I could

      • Trying Times

        Tough guy huh, so laughable. But I am sure he is so impressed with your thugness and is shaking in his boots. You are a clown.

      • DDDDDuane

        Your intellect just let us know you are a n!99er….

  • The other guest

    Sleeping with female members was the norm rather than the exception and
    King himself admitted that he didn’t know a single black preacher who
    was chaste.

    I think all of us know that blacks whether they be a preacher or whatever is not”chaste”. They are the most promiscuous race on earth but of course one cannot admit the truth about that race,, can one? King was a communist also which this piece tries to downplay.

    • Spartacus

      Here’s a picture of him at a communist training camp :

      • DDDDDuane

        These were communist j ew incursions into the South to train n!99er terrorists…These jew incursions were aided and abetted by the j ew controlled national media…. MLK has a very intelligent look on it’s face in this photo…After this they probably sent it to the same acting school (how to emulate humans) that barak hussein obama went to in the 90’s….

    • Whitetrashgang

      That and natives are just as promiscuous once again maternal lead civilizations are garbage. I feel like Charles Heston in planet of the Apes. Goddamn these people.

      • tedwilliams99

        and you’re the product of your big fat mom taking a dump

  • White Mom in WDC

    Another out of control purple penis.

  • JDInSanD

    I prefer a much shorter one that goes:

    “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

  • Defiant White

    Wouldn’t be surprising if 200 years from now, historians discover secret evidence implicating the King Kong family and 1960s civil right’s “leaders” with having arranged the hit on Michael King. His usefulness was just about over and by taking a stand against the Vietnam war, he was starting to hurt the civil rights bowel movement. I don’t have the figures in front of me but many people got financially rich off his LEGACY. Others got politically rich for having been a friend of “Martin.” Just wouldn’t be surprising to find that Coretta offed him . . .

    • DDDDDuane

      There had to be multiple, multimillion dollar insurance policies on this “god”…
      The wife and the j ews pulling it’s strings probably made out big…

  • Funruffian

    I believe this article is trying to depict him as a sex God which is definitely exaggerated and embellished to brand him as some charismatic person. This article is written by a liberal who is admitting that King wasn’t perfect. Good God, say it isn’t so! But then he lauds King as a man who was unable to bridle his urges due to all the temptation headed his way. He wasn’t a sexual stud. I am certain that he had very few White prostitutes at his disposal.
    This article is another attempt to dissuade one from believing the guy was a total fraud, which he was. But in its feeble attempt to save his tarnished legacy, they make him out to be a sex king. How shallow and degrading that liberals think that sexual prowess and promiscuity can garner admiration.
    MLK may have been promiscuous, but he was hardly a stud.

    • DDDDDuane

      Well didn’t you know viagra was synthesized from Martian Lucifer Co on’s super virile DNA…? Just pop one and you could F like this hero…Then you automatically scream: “I’m not a nigga tonight!!! I’m F ing for GOD!!!!”

  • Funruffian

    “He was, without any doubt, one of America’s greatest heroes. A brave, eloquent and inspiring man whose stirring speeches still resonate powerfully today.”
    I never paid much attention to this over-mythologized Bantu. Whenever his mug appears on TV and I hear that jarring histrionic voice bellowing out like a frantic cow, my first instinct is to change the channel.

  • Funruffian

    “But, according to Taylor Branch, while President Lyndon Johnson felt betrayed by King over his public opposition to the Vietnam War, he baulked at using the FBI’s dossier against him.”
    The late LBJ and MLK would be dispatched to hell within a decade from each other. How horrible to think that this scum, along with the real orchestrators of the Civil Rights Movement destroyed the safety and fabric of our nation. The past 50 years have been a steady decline.

  • libertarian1234

    The butt-kissers can carry on for volumes about King, but this man can be summed up very briefly: If he were around today he wouldn’t sound any different than the black talking heads today who cry and whine about imagined injustices and engage in anti-white, anti-American hate speech and keep the black mobs enraged and violent. He wouldn’t sound any different than Michael Dyson or Tavis Smiley or Reverend Wright.

    He preached non-violence and peaceful demonstrations , because he had to. The times were such that had he advocated the hate that is spewed today his entire race would have been blown into oblivion.

    His attitude and actions were not based in a love of non-violence or high morals, but in an absolute necessity to say and do the things he did.

    • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

      Is there such a thing as a preacher who is not a hypocrite?

      • libertarian1234

        Yes, there is.

        And our boy King’s problem didn’t stem from being a hypocrite but a black miscreant, just like the ones on the scene today.

        And it is his advise that people adhere to today that has turned out to be his legacy, because the reason blacks are disliked and shunned nowadays is because they are judged by the content of their character.

        • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

          No, every preacher is indeed a hypocrite. They adopt their blind beliefs absent of proof while rejecting all the other religion’s beliefs. Hypocrisy is integral to the practice of religion.

        • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

          Adopting one set of religious dogma while rejecting all others is called being a hypocrite.

      • OlderWoman

        Everyone is a hypocrite. You just dislike Christian ministers. Next time you judge them, you should look in the mirror.

        • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

          I dislike all liars and claiming there is a god who loves you is as much a lie as claiming there are aliens on Pluto who love you.

        • DDDDDuane

          We have a typical vicious zio-christinsane imbecile here….

    • DDDDDuane

      When the j ew hired the hero for this role it supposedly took a page out of ghandi’s book…
      When in reality these were TERRORIST marches…n!99ers attacking, destroying property, sh itting everywhere, throwing bags of 5hit and urine at cops….The j ew controlled media only showed the White police responses to these savage n!99ers….

  • MartelC

    Really, what from the so called 1960s revolution isn’t a big lie?
    Nearly everything liberalism or multiculturalism or whatever you want to call it is based on lies.

    The only question now is, how long can a society built on lies last? if society guides itsef based on an ideology that is in complete defiance of reality, how long until it crumbles to dust?

    • Epiminondas

      Soon, we hope.

  • MartelC

    I attended a church service once where literally they read excepts of his speeches in place of the readings…..

    • DDDDDuane

      What is the difference…The holey booble is a load of 5hit as well….

  • Lee_CPA

    You have to put things in perspective of the time frame it occurred. In the 50’s and 60’s, America was the height of the “Cold War” with communist Russia. The communists were trying every trick in the book to harm America and dilute their influence in the rest of the world.
    The civil rights movement played right into the communists hands. If it weren’t MLK, it would have been some other charismatic snake oil salesmen. MLK’s ties to the communists were what got him on the FBIs radar.
    You can talk about MLKs plagiarism, adultury, abuse of women, alcoholism, etc, etc. To me, all that pales in comparison to treason – which is what he did by being a stooge for the communists.
    In the end, the communist ploy to use civil rights to degrade America worked beyond their wildest dreams. We now have a parasitic underclass that is growing daily, we are an insolvent debtor nation, and we now have another socialist stooge in the White House.

    • DDDDDuane

      communist ploy = j ew supreme-st ploy…
      Why not call a spade a spade?

  • OlderWoman

    ‘Civil rights campaigner the Rev Ralph Abernathy was the man who cradled
    King the day he was killed by an assassin’s bullet in Memphis,
    Tennessee, in 1968.’

    I’ve seen Steve Cokely’s video of the assassination. I don’t remember seing Abernathy cradle King. However, I did witness Jackson putting his hands in Kings blood and wiping it on his shirt. There are many blacks who despise Jackson knowing that he helped arrange King’s death.

    • DDDDDuane

      Jessie’s blood stained shirt is like a modern day “Shroud of Turin”….
      When you put the shirt on the white women remove their clothes and attack you with lust….

  • OlderWoman

    Probably plagiarized from other sources.

    • JohnEngelman

      Great writers are frequently influenced by what great writers before them wrote. It is called “The Great Conversation.”

  • OlderWoman

    Usually the mega church pastors. But blacks trump them in their indecency.

    • tedwilliams99

      let’s see your data dumb dumb

  • prunepit

    Martin Luther King, like Obama, was the creation of Jewish impresarios. One of the necessities in creating and controlling a public figure is the simultaneous creation of a blackmail dossier. The threat of exposure makes the subject tractable while he is alive and can be used to discredit him after his death. Simultaneous elevation of MLK in the eyes of blacks and disgrace in the eyes of whites enhances that most useful racial divide.

  • Jim Whitehead

    In other words, MLK was A POS. How surprising.

  • tedwilliams99

    LOL – you people decry King but probably worship Hitler. Bunch of evil, cowardly, white-trash-losers. Thank God pathetic evil losers like you are becoming more and more marginalized and the more time passes, the more you’ll have to cower in fear, pissing and moaning about an increasingly cosmopolitan world. Guess what dumb asses – in a few decades, the “white” man will be in the minority. Of course, you’ll all be burning in hell for your willful, evil ignorance. I fear for your children. God help us that they realize how incredibly stupid and backward you are and decide not to attend your Klan rallies. You think people of color are more prone to promiscuity? Oh please. Half of you are probably closet homos and the other half would cheat on your wives if only there was a woman who look twice at your big fat ugly ass. And don’t kid yourselves that Jesus loves you any more than anyone else. Any of you that goes around ridiculing people of color, well let’s just say that you’ll have to answer for that one day. You’re as bad as the Pharisees. MLK wasn’t perfect. Yes he had a weakness for women. You know who else did? David, Solomon and Sampson. And I guarantee you that some of you do too. If you got 1/1,000 the attention of women that he got you likely wouldn’t be able to control yourselves either. Pull the log out of your own eye and spare the world your fake righteousness. You do realize that people like you are the reason so many won’t turn to Christ. They see no change in you, all they see is blame and stupidity. Do some research and look into how many pastors struggle with pornography. Close to half, and many, many of them are white pastors. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  • tedwilliams99

    there’s no proof that you are either, loser

  • tedwilliams99

    you’re an idiot

  • Lucifer Light

    Funny how whites got framed for Jewish inventions and crimes such as slavery; run by %90 Jews. The KKK was founded by a confederate Jews. And Jew Amherst British General masterminded the smallpox blanket campaign to wipe out Indians. So many things that have been blamed on Europeans, that are actually Jewish crimes including communism/bolshevism.

  • DDDDDuane

    Why would it have any concern for Whites? It was a n!99er who was hired by the j ew to perform in a role just like the president amerika currently has…

  • DDDDDuane

    Of course that plagiarized speech wasn’t declared “top speech” because the one reading it was a n!99er….

  • DDDDDuane

    Coulter is a repulsive ziocon pig…

  • DDDDDuane

    In every n!99er “church” everyone is f- u -c king everyone…
    It’s a place to dance, sing, F and be advised of govt handouts….

  • DDDDDuane

    It’s probably true but what normal White woman would go to an event were this gruesome n!99er was scamming donations? It was probably at a synagogue (of satan)…Half of them were most likely j ewesses…
    Barak Obama’s father Frank Marshall Davis wrote about white wh- ores going to Chicago communist party meetings in the 1940’s and f- u -c king every n!99er they could get their hands on…(much like obama’s ugly whore white mother). He wrote specifically of one who only disappeared after it contracted syphilis (hopefully the white whore spread disease to 100 n!99ers…)….

    Frank Marshall Davis married one of these insane, je w brainwashed, communist party white pigs and had 4 offspring with it….
    Insane, j ew brainwashed white whores (frequently from rich families) were going to “jazz clubs” from the 1930’s to the 1950’s on missions specifically to F n!99ers and become impregnated by them…