Internal DHS Document: Pro-Amnesty Americans Pose as Illegals to Mock System

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart, September 17, 2013

An internal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) document obtained by Breitbart News shows that the agency is aware of pro-amnesty American adults posing as DREAMer illegal aliens as a way to further their political agenda. The document says that such pro-amnesty American adults are crossing the border into Mexico then back into the U.S. with the intent of being captured by U.S. immigration authorities, detained and incarcerated. At a later time they will reveal themselves to be U.S. citizens. The document says they are conducting this activity with the goal of attempting to show America’s immigration system is broken, and needs to be reformed through legislative proposal such as the Senate’s “Gang of Eight” bill.

“The purpose of this bulletin is to advise field personnel of recent information received surrounding the possibility of adult U.S. citizens attempting to enter the U.S. posing as undocumented minor immigrants with the purported desire to be processed for removal proceedings/deportation and detained at juvenile detention centers along the U.S. Southern Border,” the document, which was distributed to U.S. immigration law enforcement personnel on Sept. 10, reads. “The Nogales, AZ, area was specifically mentioned. Then, when the opportunity presents itself they will reveal themselves as U.S. citizens to the media and proceed to criticize/mock the U.S. immigration process in order to further their agenda.”

The document Breitbart News obtained is marked “NOT FOR PUBLIC DISCLOSURE–LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE.”

The document continues by noting that the plan is “believed to be affiliated with/orchestrated by” Prerna Lal and Mohammed Abdollahi, who are the founders of, a website and organization aimed at advocating for DREAM Act immigration policies that would give amnesty to illegal aliens who were brought to America as minors. {snip}

The DHS document notes that Lal and Abdollahi are also “possible organizers” of the “DREAM 9.”

“The DREAM 9 was the nine Mexican nationals who, on July 21, 2013, walked arm-in-arm through the streets of Nogales to the U.S.-Mexico border and applied for admission,” the DHS document reads. “Based on the previous actions of these activist organizations the detailed information received about this plan should be considered viable.”


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  • These idiots do not possess survival instincts.

  • Puggg

    Sure this mocks the system, but it mocks the system in favor of us politically speaking.

  • Criminal impersonation is a felony.

    • mgs166

      It certainly is. They should be relieved of the “burden” of American citizenship and sent packing due south with a pencil and a post card.

      • Bossman

        A citizen can’t be stripped of his citizenship for what is a misdemeanor.

        • ms_anthro

          We can change that fairly easily. And will, when the time is right.

    • Sick of it

      You and I both know that members of protected classes are not punished for said crime. I know a vibrant, diverse local who should be in prison for said crime.

      • me

        Why aren’t these turds sitting in a cell? Oh, yeah–the ‘government’ only goes after Whites.

    • Bossman

      How can it be a felony when being in the USA without proper documentation is a misdemeanor?

  • WmarkW

    OK, make them pay the amnesty fine to remain in the US.

  • ncpride

    The document says they are conducting this activity with the goal of attempting to show America’s immigration system is broken…..

    Um, no it plainly shows how woefully unsecure our borders are, despite ridiculous rhetoric they are more secure than ever.

    • willbest

      It would be funny if 2,000 people tried this and only 3 were caught.

    • mobilebay

      When will we get over the idea that our immigration system is not broken? It’s laws are simply not enforced. Our government totally ignores the dictates of the policy. We have been sold down the river (Rio Grande, maybe) and all in the name of votes and cheap labor. What a sad ending for the greatest nation on earth.

      • Bossman

        It is broken in the sense that the laws that are currently in place can’t be properly enforced. An unenforceable law is meaningless.

        • ms_anthro

          The success of Operation Wetback (look it up) demonstrated clearly that sending illegal invaders back to Mexico is entirely feasible. We could enforce our laws, and some civilians are trying even now, but the government won’t let us.

          The fedgov has been completely hijacked by profiteers and warmongers that hate our American culture, founding stock, and way of life, and won’t stop until they have destroyed it completely–or until we stop them.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Leave the “protesters” in prison for a few weeks or months. That ought to teach them a lesson, especially if they are incarcerated with disreputable blacks or hispanics. Problem solved!

  • mgs166

    Posing as criminals is more accurate.

  • They should be forced to cross into Mexico’s southern border.

  • Spartacus

    Deport them to Mexico, see how they like living in the third-world they’re so desperate to recreate in the US .

    • Bossman

      If they are citizens, they can’t be deported.

      • Spartacus

        Then strip them of citizenship .

        • Bossman

          It can’t be done. People cannot be stripped of their citizenship for what is defined by law as a misdemeanor.

          • Spartacus

            They can if you change the law. This isn’t just a minor crime, like littering, these people are openly mocking the sovereignty of their own nation, they obviously don’t belong there.

  • kjh64

    America’s immigration system isn’t broken. It just needs to be enforced. Since America isn’t willing to defend its’ borders, it’s being taken over by brazen foreign invaders. If a nation is unable or unwilling to defend its’ border, then that nation will be invaded and conquered. That is the law of the jungle and it’s been that way since the beginning of time.

    • dukem1

      Not broken…enforcement needed…That sums it up right in a nutshell.
      Has there ever been a “nation” in the history of recorded civilization that would tolerate foreign nationals sneaking into that nation and demanding to be given every right enjoyed by the actual citizens of that nation?
      Is there that much money being made by people hiring chicken-pluckers or apple-pickers?

      The USA is doomed…I hope I die before I get old.

  • Boris McGuffin

    Over on Breitbart now there is a vomit-inducing story about a muslim that Dick Durban is head over heels about. He wants this scarf-headed bitch to be granted citizenship. Now, as it turns out, the American flag she was posing with in the propaganda picture was just a prop. It was discovered that she was blatantly admitting to this, and other anti-American vile bile. Dick Durbin should wind up with a horse’s head in his bed one morning soon.

    • bigone4u

      Since I love horses, I would suggest the horse keep its head and Durbin wake up with a pile of horse manure in his bed instead, but I get your point.

  • bigone4u

    Cops don’t like to be tricked and have their time wasted. I have a feeling some of these fools posing as illegals are going to find themselves in possession of a nice amount of heroin–enough to send them to prison for 5 years. I don’t normally approve of planted evidence, but …

  • IKantunderstand

    O.K. Would all of you please fill out IRS forms, posing as self- employed workers, with fake names and ss numbers, and, if caught, just claim you were trying to make a point about how illegal aliens are treated. Or something. Let’s bombard our bogus government with bogus info. Shoulda Picked Our Own Cotton.

  • MekongDelta69

    Just leave them in the can.

    Problem solved…

  • NM156

    Why are Prerna Lal and Mohammed Abdollahi still in the United States? We’re being destroyed by foreign interlopers.

  • Greg Thomas

    No doubt anchor babies are behind this, which means they are really not US citizens to begin with. Deport every last one of them!

    • Bossman

      What kind of logic is this? A citizen is a citizen, no “ifs” and “buts.”

      • Greg Thomas

        I see Mr. La Raza could not resist stopping by to defend his beloved brown anchor babies. What a shocker. Listen up. I will never EVER believe for a minute that the intent of the 14th Amendment was to convey US citizenship to the spawn of those who slithered across our border in violation of
        not only our immigration laws, but sovereignty as well.

        Now seriously, don’t you have more important things to do, like getting ready for the next pro-amnesty rally, where you can be surrounded by your dearly loved illegal invading mexicans?

        • Bossman

          It doesn’t matter what you believe. There was a time when only free white men could be citizens of the USA but times change and ideas evolve.

          • Greg Thomas

            Is that all you are good for, speaking in open border platitudes?

          • Bossman

            No! I’m not for open borders. I want to see the USA recognize Mexicans as fellow North Americans and get them to work for a peaceful and prosperous North America.

        • We know what the purpose of the birthright citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment was, it was to make citizens of black people who were recently freed slaves. Big mistake? Yeah. But it was not meant for the anchor babies of illegal aliens.

          We also know that the 14th wasn’t constructed to dismantle segregation, because the same Congress that did its part to pass the 14th Amendment to send it on to the states for ratification (quote-unquote, in some cases), within a week, passed legislation to segregate schools in the District of Columbia.

          Of course, it doesn’t just stop there. The notion that the Founding documents had some sort of egalitarian imperative in their construction is a crackpot revisionist notion that I even read in this space from time to time from our people that ought to know better. It’s so obvious that the Founders were anything but racial egalitarians. Hop a time machine and go ask Thomas Jefferson: When you say “all men are created equal, do you mean them?” As you point to his black slaves. His answer would be “Hell no.” Ask the members of the 1st Congress that, in the late summer of 1789, passed the Bill of Rights and sent it on to the states for ratification (successfully so, a little more than two years later), if they thought those words in what would eventually be called the “Second Amendment” (at the time, it was the 4th Amendment) applied to black people? We know that they didn’t, because one of the early acts of the next, 2nd Congress, whose membership had a strong overlap with the 1st Congress, restricted mandatory militia service to free able bodied white men in a certain age range.

          • Greg Thomas

            We can go ever further QD. The 14th Amendment contains
            a provision which prohibits the conveyance of US citizenship to the offspring of foreign diplomats, who by the way, would have been residing legally in the country at said time of birth.

            As it turns out, the framers did not believe it such a great
            idea to convey US citizenship to the offspring of those who may have an allegiance to a foreign country. We all know why that is, as we see evidence of this everyday in our “post-racial,” diverse society.

            Yet, the open border, La Raza zealots would like us to believe that two mexican nationals (who have demonstrated a full allegiance to their adored mexico), who violated our immigration laws, as well as sovereignty, should enjoy the full benefits of the 14th Amendment. It defies common sense and logic that a child of a foreign diplomat would be denied citizenship, while two mexican nationals are said to produce an America citizen.

          • All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.

            Children born of non-citizen parents who happen to be in the country are not of our jurisdiction.

          • Bossman

            Do you want to know where Jefferson got the idea that all men are created equal? The story goes something like this: Back in Virginia there was a law that said that anyone born of a slave mother would be a slave for life even if that person’s father was white. But, if on the other hand, that person’s mother was white and father was black such a person could never be a slave. As a young lawyer, Jefferson took the case of a young Mulatto who was trying to free himself because his grandmother was white. It was during that time that Jefferson came to the conclusion that all of this purely arbitrary. No one was born a slave. If no one was born a slave, then everyone is born free. If everyone is born free, then everyone is born equal. Slavery is a condition imposed from without and therefore arbitrary. In the 18th century, men thought in absolute terms, you were either a free man or a slave.

          • ms_anthro

            No one is interested in enslaving Mexicans except the globalists that are encouraging them to invade our country to depress our wages and destroy our once thriving middle class. We don’t want you as slaves–we don’t want you here at all. And the day is coming when your protests and chants and all the spit you keep sending into our eyes will fuel the fire of a rage you can’t even begin to imagine from your comfortable chair right now. When you disenfranchise a heavily armed, individualistic people in their own country, what do you expect to happen?

            You don’t really think the globalist scum busily importing your kind here actually care about Latin Americans, do you? You’re a commodity to them, a tool, a battering ram, useful chattel. When your purpose has been served they’ll turn on you like they did on us. And then things are going to get very interesting indeed, because people with nothing to lose don’t fight fair. The average founding stock American increasingly has nothing to lose.

          • Bossman

            I’m nowhere near being a Mexican. Have never even been to Mexico. I’m here in this forum to make you guys think and to have fun.

          • ms_anthro

            Even worse–an apologist for the worst of Mexico’s criminal underclass, and you don’t even have the excuse of being one of them. Another weak seed.

          • Greg Thomas

            Could have fooled me. “Weak seed” is right!

          • Greg Thomas

            What does “equality” or emancipation have to do with violating anothercountries immigration laws as well as sovereignty? Mexicans have this disgusting habit of equating their lawlessness with some sort of civil rights struggle. If blacks were more perceptive, they would ne enraged.

            Do you not believe country has a right to define and defend its borders? The La Razas have this perverse notion that enforcing immigration law is a violation of mexican equality. You cannot fix stupid.

          • Bossman

            I was replying to the poster “QuestionDiversity” who said that Jefferson did not believe that all men were created equal.

  • ms_anthro

    And eventually enough of us will realize that if the government doesn’t obey the laws, perhaps we shouldn’t either. And then all this talk of what the laws say about anything will become meaningless, and Bossman and his kind aren’t going to like it one bit.

  • kenfrombayside

    Keep the pressure on your reps in congress. Giving 11 – 30 million (nobody knows for sure) criminal lawbreakers legalization pure insanity. Plus, they could sponsor their relatives; that would bring the total up to about 50 million aliens in our midst. Of course, these new citizens will vote for the vile democrats and their socialist giveaways. Most of them will be unskilled, uneducated, low IQ etc. Stop this outrageous bill now. Don’t sit on the sidelines.You are not wasting your time. The American people don’t want this bill. You have to do all you can do to stem the third world assault:
    – Contact your 2 US Senators and rep in congress.
    – after biz hours, leave a message on your DC rep’s voicemail. All US Senators have multiple offices so it would be a good idea to hit all of the. Remember, be civil and don’t threaten
    – go to NUMBERSUSA then go to the take action button. You will be able to send faxes to your 2 US Senators and congressional for free. (I also gave a $50 donation).
    – use Business Reply envelopes to state your opposition to America’s insane immigration policies and the proposed amnesty. Don’t give the parties any money.
    – join an immigration group like FAIR. Strength thru numbers!
    – go to the RNC & DNC sites to email them.
    – Use the media: call a talk radio program; write a letter to your local paper. If the media outlet is liberal, then talk about economic impact of massive third world immigration.
    – text everybody in your cell phone queue now.