Britain ‘Giving in to Sharia Councils’ Says Norway’s Anti-Immigration Leader

Richard Orange, Telegraph (London), September 1, 2013

Britain is “giving into the claims of Sharia councils”, according to the leader of Norway’s anti-immigration party which is poised to enter government later this month.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Siv Jensen, the 44-year-old leader of the Progress party who cites Baroness Thatcher as her inspiration, said: “What I have seen that the UK has done is to give in to the claims of sharia councils, and I don’t think we should give into that. In Norway we have one law, and that is the Norwegian law.”

Miss Jensen, who is unmarried, said Britain was suffering the results of earlier mistakes in its immigration policy.

“I see some problems arising–You’ve had problems with riots, you’ve had problems with radical groups who aren’t very fond of democratic systems and freedom of speech, and I think those are criteria that you really have to stick to in the modern world.”

Miss Jensen’s party has grown to become Norway’s third largest since it was launched in the 1970s, pushing a libertarian economic and social policy, combined with a vehemently anti-immigrant, anti-Islamic stand.

Ahead of parliamentary elections this Sunday, she could now enter into coalition for the first time with the more centrist Conservatives, who hold a wafer thin poll lead over their rivals Labour.

“We are ready to take on the responsibility,” Miss Jensen said.

Miss Jensen has steered her party to recovery since the aftermath of the twin attacks mounted two years ago by far-Right terrorist Anders Breivik, a former party member. The party’s support dropped to 12 per cent but a softening in her rhetoric since the attacks has helped them recover.

“Siv Jensen used to talk about ‘the hidden Islamisation of Norway’, and she doesn’t do that any more,” said Martine Aurdal, political editor of the Dagbladet newspaper and Miss Jensen’s biographer.

In recent months the party has published a hard-hitting ‘Immigration sustainability report’, while she has allowed other members of her party a free voice.

Christian Tybring-Gjedde, who leads the party in Oslo, speaks about a cultural war with Islam.

“We can’t celebrate Christmas in school, we can’t sing Christmas Carols,” he told the Telegraph. “This is a small part of our culture, which is being washed away gradually, and its very painful. We gave them a home, and now it’s us who are having to adapt to their culture.”

The report recommends the number of non-Western immigrants coming to Norway from close to 20,000 a year to about 1,500 a year.

To do this, it recommends renegotiating international refugee treaties, making it more difficult to get citizenship, and curtailing the rights of Norwegian citizens from non-Western countries to bring over their families.

Traditional Islamic marriages would not count as marriages for immigration purposes, while a spouse would need to have studied for seven years after primary school to be eligible to come to Norway, effectively ruling out family reunion with spouses from most Islamic and less developed countries.

When asked about the proposal to make Islamic marriages ineligible, Miss Jensen stressed that the report was not yet official party policy.

Miss Jensen rejected any comparison of her party’s ideas on to those of Breivik. “I haven’t really spent much time reading his crazy theories, but what he did was just very awful and he attacked our democracy and I think here, nobody blames us for his actions. That would be absurd.”

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  • Spartacus

    If anyone wants to find out what’s really happening in Norway, just google “Oslo Rapes” .

  • At least it’s a start. You know you’re in trouble when a woman has more guts than the typical Norwegian man.
    Siv Jenson:

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      Women all over the West have been able to exploit that remnant of Chivalry that protects a woman where it would be impossible for a man. I’ve seen it right on my street when a neighbor woman walked up to two strangers down the dark street who stopped to check out an abandoned car. She didn’t know I was coming up behind her and I made a quick call to her husband to tell him what she was doing. Afterward, she just said, “I have a sixth sense about things like that.” I read her off. Women do this now, I told her, because of feminism or tv, I don’t know. But there’s a law of averages and you’re going to find it if you keep up doing that. Her husband later thanked me. She needed to hear that from someone other than himself because she does this sort of thing all the time. It shows the difference feminism has made in Western society; men are cautious while women feel completely empowered, to the point of delusion. In this case, I am always glad when a white woman takes up a white interest position. This is using this principle against them while deflating the idea, popular among Muslims and blacks, that white women can’t wait to be accosted by them.

      • kjh64

        Well I don’t know about this woman but most women I know are far more cautious then men, some to the point of being paranoid. Most women I know are nervous about walking out to their cars at night etc. Of course, men on average have greater muscle strength but that doesn’t really matter if someone has a gun.

    • bigone4u

      Miss Jenson looks just as I pictured her in my mind–an attractive white woman with blonde hair and fair skin. What a doll (no offense intended to feminazis).

      • kjh64

        “Feminazi” is a nonsense term. Give me a break.

    • Shmalkandik

      Not necessarily. After thier defeat by the French in 1807 it was the Queen Maria Louisa who held what was left of Prussia together. Napoleon called her “The only man in Prussia”. Similarly – do you remember the name of Maria Theresa’s husband? Can you name any of his achievements while the Empress was saved Austria Hungary from the Prussians, while raising the man who became Franz Joseph the 1st? Go back a bit further, and would you say the men of Elizabeth’s reign lacked guts? It depends on the individual – most hings do.

      By they way, Siv clearly maintains that country’s reputation for producing handsome people. I don’t care what insults the Swedes traditionally hurl at them.

  • Miss Jensen’s party has grown to become Norway’s third largest since it
    was launched in the 1970s, pushing a libertarian economic and social
    policy, combined with a vehemently anti-immigrant, anti-Islamic stand.

    There, you see, American libertarian? You can do libertarianism domestically and still have a rational policy on race and immigration at the same time, and the ideological purity monster will not materialize from under your bed and kidnap you.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      But when most of your supporters are so because you will allow legal pot use, you get all the Leftist/Libertarianists without the nationalism.

      • Would you be referring to the young people who supported the Presidential campaigns of a certain Paul, R.?

        Really, most American libertarians today only care about drugs, prostitution, gay, porn and most importantly of all, open borders. Take the Cato Institute: It has a reputation for being libertarian, but I think that most of its scholars and fellows (and ladies) would be okay with big spending government and high tax rates as long as the borders are wide open. They say Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, who recently bought the WaPo for $250m, (and because his order was over $25, he got free shipping), is a libertarian, even though almost all of his political contributions go to hard left Democrats. I just explained that paradox.

  • Winston Merryweather

    Sounds like my kind of woman. Unfortunately, most women do not obtain wisdom on racial matters until they are beyond child-bearing age. Some never do. Sad but true.

    • kjh64

      “Unfortunately, most women do not obtain wisdom on racial matters until they are beyond child-bearing age. Some never do. Sad but true.”
      Same for many men. Young people tend to be more idealistic. Older people also have more life experience with this.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    “We can’t celebrate Christmas in school, we can’t sing Christmas Carols,” he told the Telegraph. “

    I would go further and ask them to pay attention what those Christmas carols say about peace and good will toward all men and then ask themselves if this is really a suitable attitude, given the peril they are now in? Love your enemies, do good to those that harm you? For the sake of whom?

    Better to seize the sword and call out to Odin, if you need spiritual support to justify your survival. However, if you are on your way to the Kingdom of Heaven, what goes on in Norway hardly matters. Heck, those raping, murdering Muslims are your deliverers.

    • That’s not the issue here. No Xmas Carols in British schools…not because Odin is offended, but because Allah is offended.

  • You didn’t get the memo. Sweden officially blames the Stockholm car-b-ques earlier this year on Sweden not being progressive enough.

  • odious liberal

    The Brits are white-guilt ridden fools. They will pay for their stupidity.

    • Spartacus

      Britain, France, Sweden and Norway – these are the 4 nations that have the highest chance of being completely extinct within 100 years . I hope I’m wrong…

  • Spartan24708

    This is so true. My husband is 5’9″ and I’m 5’8 and we are roughly the same weight but I can’t hold down one of his arms with both of mine. That said a much smaller woman wouldn’t stand a chance against even a small slightly built man, let alone a husky six footer.

  • mobilebay

    When are leaders going to have the courage to deny admittance of muslims into their respective nations? Borders should be guarded with a country’s mllitary and no one admitted without authorization. Each nation is entitled to sovereignty and safety. Hopefully, our own leaders will someday realize this.

  • Race deniers have so co-opted the terms “libertarian” and “Constitutionalist” that what you want would be served well by coming up with a new word to describe it. Because I know you are racially aware and are an immigration patriot. How about “ethnonationalism?”

  • Because that’s what ideological cultists do.

  • Andy

    I think their hopes lie in the white population aging and failing to reproduce to the point that the more moral people of color control the government.

    • kjh64

      That is when these Whites will be in for a rude awakening. These “people of color” will look out for their own group only. They won’t care one bit about Whites OR about “people of color” not of their racial group.

  • kjh64

    Yes, but everyone knows that “Buffy” is fiction of course. I think women and men are well aware that if someone is larger, they are much harder to fight off. A small man wouldn’t want to take on a large man either.

    • Spartan24708

      This is true but girls and young women see this stuff constantly and they get the idea that they are invincible. The best you can hope for is a lucky shot to a vulnerable area and then run like crazy.

  • kjh64

    America can’t afford to be as generous as Sweden, we would go broke. Well, we’re already going broke.

  • kjh64

    “They never draw a connection between third-world people and uncivilized, dangerous behavior.”

    They do, they just won’t admit it.

  • kjh64

    So true. Whites everywhere, except a few Eastern European nations, have gone positively nuts. It’s like a virus took over that afflicted Whites around the world be it North America, Europe or Australia.