Ministers are to risk a major row over immigration by scrapping the ten-yearly National Census after more than 200 years.

An announcement axing the survey is expected this month, together with moves to find cheaper ways of counting the population.

But the Government faces accusations of trying to hide the truth about immigration.

The future of the census has been in question since the disastrous 2001 survey led to bureaucratic chaos and a final population figure at least a million short of the reality.

The Office for National Statistics has been exploring replacements based on ‘administrative data’, which could include NHS and tax and benefit records and the electoral roll.

However, officials also want to use the vast databases run by private sector organisations to supplement publicly-held information.

The ONS has canvassed the idea of tapping into information held by internet search engines such as Google and the databases of corporations such as Tesco and the energy supply giants.

The results of the consultation will be made public later this month. Sir Andrew Green of the Migrationwatch UK think-tank warned that the proposals ‘need to be examined very closely’.

‘There must be no question of burying the truth about the scale of immigration,’ he said.

Danny Dorling, professor of human geography at Sheffield University, called the idea ‘stupid’.

In an article for the journal Radical Statistics, he said the 2011 census had confounded analysts who believed that the ONS had been over-estimating the population because it has been better at counting immigrants than emigrants.

‘The 2011 census told us that the opposite had in fact occurred,’ said Professor Dorling. ‘ONS had been under-estimating the population and there were far more people living in the UK than they thought.’

‘The 2011 census showed us that the population of the UK was rising, still slowly, but faster than the ONS had thought, and faster than almost anywhere else in Europe.

‘Without knowing that fact we could not speculate in a sensible way as to why that might be happening.’

The 2011 census showed that there were 56.1million people in England and Wales, 3.7million up in a decade, and half a million more than official estimates.

The ONS acknowledged that almost all the half-million were eastern European immigrants who were not detected by regular Government surveys.

The first census was taken in 1801 amid fears that a rising population would bring starvation and revolution. It has been held every ten years since–apart from 1941–but has become a costly exercise. The 2011 headcount cost £500 million.

Professor Dorling said that a reason for scrapping the census could be to stop embarrassing social studies, such as those finding that the poor are becoming increasingly less healthy than the well off.

‘One of the reasons you might choose not to have a census is if you wanted the kinds of studies that relied on census data not to be undertaken,’ he said.

He said it was wrong to replace the census with inadequate surveys, saying ‘the politically devious way to cut something is to cut it, but claim that it is continuing.’

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  • Spartacus

    “Professor Dorling said that a reason for scrapping the census could be
    to stop embarrassing social studies, such as those finding that the poor
    are becoming increasingly less healthy than the well off.”


    That’s because dark-skins, who are growing at an alarming rate, are also almost exclusively poor due to their lower IQ. And it’s not just a question of poverty, but a question of how you handle it. I’m poor, but I don’t smoke crack, or participate in gang-rapes…

    • Wethepeople

      What a coincidence! I too am poor, yet I am in shape, don’t do narcotics, don’t drink excessively, don’t eat fast food, don’t have more than one sexual partner at a time, don’t have children (especially in excess) at a early age, etc, etc. I wonder if there is a common denominator between you and I that differentiates us from say Deshawndra or Jamal?

      Couldn’t be race, could it?

      • Brian

        Kulcha, of course. We are all blank slates and precious snowflakes who should all be rappers and reality tv stars, right?

    • My White Grandparents were genuinely poor (during the Great Depression)
      yet they resisted forming into posses and bringing harm to innocent people.

      • Brian

        Mine didn’t have indoor plumbing or electricity, and plowed with a mule. I don’t know how they survived without EBT and Section 8. Maybe it wasn’t hot back then in GA? We’re always told how summer heat causes the freakouts of violence in cities.

    • Sick of it

      I’m also poor. I do not drink. I do not eat excessively. I use no drugs unless absolutely necessary when I’m sick. I have never raped anyone. Don’t have any kids out of wedlock. Heck, I’ve never beaten a man to death because I was bored!

      • CoweringCoward

        You’re no “fun”. Real old “fuddy duddy”, I mean really, not ONE RAPE?

        • Wethepeople

          I think we can let him slide on the rape. But never beating anyone to death out of boredom, that is inexcusable.

          • CoweringCoward

            I know, right?

      • Brian

        What do you do with your time?! You do eat Skittles though, yes?

        • Sick of it

          I have opened a bag of Skittles, but I did not inhale.

    • CoweringCoward

      Perhaps our young fellas NEED to start having a dozen offspring in their early 20’s! At least some of the gov largess should go to upkeep the founding population’s DNA.

      • mikebowen55

        Nice thought but they wouldn’t be dark enough to qualify

      • Sick of it

        The problem is that kids born into that sort of situation, especially if they’re cast about and not living with you, will likely end up supporting everything the government school tells them to support. So we lose by creating another liberal anti-white voting base and perhaps death squad (they’re popular in Latin America you know).

  • No cause for laughter. I’m writing this from a country whose officially reported national debt has not increased since mid-May.

    • CoweringCoward

      How dare you questions dear leaders “frugality measures”, didn’t you see the second immaculation? Now say 5 hail Obama’s and sin no more!

      • Executive summary of Obama’s second inauguration:

        Obama: “Our Founding Fathers started a country then wrote a great Constitution that focused on individual rights and limited government…”

        Crowd (mostly black women): Various boos and jeers, but mostly silence.

        Obama continues: “…which they got mostly wrong. And I’m here to fix that! Forward, Comrades!”

        Crowd: Loud cheers, gradually transitioning to a chorus of “gibsmedat gibsmedat!”

    • Sick of it

      Their unemployment figures are even more ridiculous. The statistics they quote on average wage are absolute lies, as one can tell by reading the Social Security Administration’s own data.

  • bigone4u

    Britain sliding into third world status. A national census is dropped because it is too costly, yet the benefits given to brown and black immigrants dwarf the cost of a census. Lies are all we can expect from liberal governments that ignore our interests.

    • Sick of it

      Liars seem to be in charge of the world, generally. We used to spit upon liars.

      • CoweringCoward

        These days, if that were to be the case, I am thinking there would not be enough spit in the world.

        • Sick of it

          Not enough people abhor lies today, that’s for sure. Even fraud seems to have become something people accept as long as one does not get caught. It’s mind boggling.

          • SFLBIB

            Long ago, a friend who was in retail sales told me that people would rather be lied to than told the truth.

          • Sick of it

            Yeah, that’s why I don’t fit in with sales too well. I have to believe in something if I am to sell it.

      • SFLBIB

        I am offended by that word. The polite term is “progressives”.

        • Sick of it

          They do seem synonymous.

  • MBlanc46

    I understand and share your concerns about privacy. On the other hand, being interested in 19th-century American history, I recognize that census data is one of the very best sources that we have for understanding our past.

  • CoweringCoward

    Census form, last I filled one out, I just gave the number of people living at this address. The rest is NA.

    • SFLBIB


  • David Ashton

    I would like to have accurate information about the numbers of people actually living in the UK, even according to HMG’s own (by no means perfect) “ethnic” census categoriies – White British, and others. How can I ever obtain it?


    The main reason for the census is to allot representation in congress. For example, if your state was entitled to 5 representatives due to shifting populations, would you be happy with your current 4? Don’t forget that each state gets one electoral college vote for each rep plus one for each senator. Or are you happy letting New England decide?

    The rest of the B.S. questions are to verify that liberal programs/ideas are working, so I give them B.S. answers.


    “There are countries where hyping race and ethnicity has led to slaughters in the streets, but you cannot name a country where it has led to greater harmony.” – Thomas Sowell