U.N. Agency Says 2.2 Million Zimbabweans Face Food Shortages

Reuters, September 3, 2013

Zimbabwe faces its worst food shortages in four years following a drought and poor harvest, the U.N. World Food Programme said on Tuesday, a month after veteran President Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF disputed re-election.

The agency said it was working with the government and other international aid organisations to provide food assistance to about a fifth of Zimbabwe’s 13 million people from October until the next crop harvest in March/April 2014.

“Hunger is on the rise in Zimbabwe with an estimated 2.2 million people–one in four of the rural population–expected to need food assistance during the pre-harvest period early next year,” it said in a statement.

That is the highest number of Zimbabweans requiring food assistance since early 2009, when more than half the population relied on such aid.

That was the peak of a decade-long economic crisis critics blame on Mugabe’s policies, notably his government’s seizure of white-owned commercial farms for redistribution to landless blacks.


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  • AngloCelt

    Rhodesia was known as the “breadbasket” of Africa – in the space of a single lifetime, black rule has turned it into the “basket case” of Africa. What a difference governance by the majority makes…

    • Wethepeople

      Isn’t Africa the most fertile continent on our planet? Hmm it isn’t that the inhabitants are lazy or incapable of ruling themselves so…

      Dat soil muss beez raycisss

      • John Ulfsson

        It also has more naturally occurring grains than any other continent. All of that opportunity is wasted on SSA’s.

      • CoweringCoward

        Working in the engineering field one hears the old adage “Mother Nature is a BITCH!” She is also a racist too.

  • MekongDelta69

    Only 2.2 million?!? Bobby Mugabe is slipping. Let’s get that number up Bobby.

    Btw, did the reporter say, “Zimbabwe” or “Detroit”?

    Just ‘axin’

    • evilsandmich

      Now be fair, Detroit couldn’t dream of having only 25% of it’s residents on food assistance.

      • CoweringCoward

        Well the Zim “need” is probably a lot more pressing, with few prey whites in the area to feed off of.

  • Spartacus

    Good. Let the filthy animals die. It’s not like they deserve anything else.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      It’s heartbreaking to see animals display more humanity than those who are called human…

  • Remember, this country once exported food.

    2.2m starving black Zims? Darwin at work. And we all know Darwin is right, don’t we? Must not deny science.

    • CoweringCoward

      “Bread Basket” of Africa as I recall seeing written of it.

  • IanJMacDonald

    “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Galatians 6:7-9, King James Version (KJV)

    Sow hatred for the white man, private property, and freedom – reap the bitter harvest of poverty, tyranny, and a short life expectancy.

    So Zimbabwe, how’s that Uhuru workin’ out for you?
    tinyurl [dot] com [forward slash] mtfzys7

    When it comes to Africa, I say let nature run its course.

    • TheAntidote

      When they got rid of the White man they also got rid of sanitation, potable water and energy. But…. now they’ve got plenty of cholera and STDs

  • ncpride

    Some nutter on WND posted that what’s happening to SA Whites is retribution for Apartheid, despite the fact it was totally justified because of black violence. I pointed out that they are starving to death again, and the violence among themselves is staggering, so that ‘retribution’ he gloats about works BOTH ways, now doesn’t it? Let them starve. They get exactly what they deserve. My only sorrow is all the Whites having to suffer along with the black imbeciles destroying the country THEY (Whites) built.

    • Spartacus

      We have to do something to bring the Afrikaaner to either the US or Europe as fast as possible. The situation there seems to be getting worse every day, and it’s only a matter of time until they’re wiped Rwanda-style .

      • ncpride

        I would do nearly anything to help. If there is an organization of any kind that focuses on helping them get out, or somewhere to donate money for them to relocate, someone please post it. OR, if there is a way to get more involved, post that as well.

        • Spartacus

          I’ve been looking for a while for a foundation specifically designed to help Whites move out of that s***-hole, but I couldn’t find one. Either one doesn’t exist, or it’s been very meticulously buried …

    • evilsandmich

      international aid organisations to provide food assistance

      The people in those organizations need to go pound sand, along with anyone dumb enough to send them money.

    • Sick of it

      Was it that Levin guy again? He stated that he was pro-genocide last time I confronted him.

      • ncpride

        That’s the very nutter. What a monster to condone and even approve such violence against ANYONE, but he seemed to take particular pleasure in the violence against Whites. Pure evil….

        • Sick of it

          Considering his background and certain facets of history, it should not be a surprise.

  • Nick A Siggers

    I wish I could recall the author of the quote, but to paraphrase:

    The black African is better off living under his White oppressor than a Black government.

    • evilsandmich

      Lots of places were better off under the benevolent dictatorship of western colonialism. It was generally a worse deal for the colonizer who had to supply way too much men and material to in order to keep some of those places in line.

      • watling

        It’s amazing what supreme self-confidence and an unshakeable sense of superiority can achieve. This quote is from Brian Moynahan’s The British Century:

        “It was this self-respect that imposed the Pax Britannica which so impressed Sylvia Leith-Ross. There were just 106 Englishmen, and three women, in Northern Nigeria; the achievement was astonishing, and recent.

        “It started, as British colonies often did, with a young man’s ambition and a private company. Before 1892, the country had a handful of British traders, ‘counter jumpers of the worst type and biggest bounders into the bargain’, who traded gin with the natives for palm oil.

        “George Goldie created the Royal Niger Company to bring order and the flag to the huge country; ‘my dream as a child was to colour the map red,’ he explained. He hired Frederick Lugard, a soldier who was fighting slavers around Lake Nyasa in East Africa, to penetrate deep into Northern Nigeria.

        “Lugard, fortified by a flannel cummerbund and huge breakfasts to ward off evers, raised the West African Frontier Force and set off inland. His officers included Sylvia Leith-Ross’s husband.

        “He had few enough men, his strength little more than his ‘assertion of superiority’, and the handy backup of the Maxim gun if that failed to impress the feuding tribesmen. A captain wrote of witnessing ‘two very hot and dirty, begrimed, badly clothed Englishmen dictating to a crowd of about 600 Mohammedans, all big swells, and kicking them out.’

        “When he set up his tripod to photograph the native chiefs, they fled for fear he was assembling a machinegun. In two years between 1902 and 1904, Lugard overran the Northern Nigerian states of Sokoto and Kano.

        “He noted that the natives had known no peace; at one moment, children played in the villages, at the next ‘you may find the corpses of the men, the bodies of the children half-burnt… whilst the women are captives of the victorious raiders.’

        “He thought that the arrival of the British would prove ‘the greatest blessing Africa has known since the flood.'”


      Well, no matter who ever that author is, one thing is for sure. He is dead on point with the fact that black’s are by far better off under a White Government. Than they have ever been under any so called “Black Rule” Governing body, period!

      Example Number 1: Zimbabwe!!!!!

    • rowingfool

      Liberals are fond of blaming Africa’s current problems on the unsettling legacy of Colonialism. In an ironic sense they are correct.

      Under colonial rule, slavery in Africa was outlawed. Once the colonialists departed, and without slaves to perform all the brute labor, African societies collapsed. That’s because the men regard themselves as warriors and hunters. There status derived from collecting trophies. Their many wives and slaves performed all the work. Black men regard labor as demeaning–an attitude that persists to this day in American Blacks as evidenced by Jazz and Gangsta Rap lyrics. Playing football is a proxy for predatory behavior so that’s okay. These traits were genetically selected for so they persist across continental boundaries and cultures.

      To black men, white working men will always be chumps and sissies for doing women’s or slave’s work.

      • MBlanc46

        Interesting point. The little that I know about African history suggests that there’s a good deal in what you say. Could you give some bibliographical citations so that those of us who are interested could dig a little deeper.

        • rowingfool

          Just google Wiki about African slavery. Even they (!) concede that slaves were integral to pre-colonial African economies. And moreover, white slavers found a ready-made market when first they made their way to the African coast, drawn there, no doubt, for that very reason. Slaves were one of Africa’s biggest exports (cash crop so to speak).

          In other words, whites did not introduce slavery to Africa. Quite the reverse.

          The economist Thorstein Veblen came up with the insight that men living in warrior/hunter societies who engage in predatory behavior garner and display trophies (gold bling, bmws and rolls of bills) as indicators of high status. They hold labor in contempt. Much of their energy is expended in raiding their neighbors for booty and slaves. Isn’t this (tentatively) confirmed by recent findings about the “warrior gene” occurring in higher frequency in African black males than whites?

          • MBlanc46

            I’m familiar with the facts on slavery. I will look into the Veblen ideas, which are quite suggestive.

        • Sick of it

          Read Negroes in Negroland (Found on Open Library DOT org). The majority of blacks were enslaved by the rest historically.

      • Whitetrashgang

        Same as natives, if you work for a living your considered a loser, thats how those people think .Take care of your family is the same thing, only for chumps.

    • Erasmus

      But slowly starving to death under the misrule of a dictator with a black face is so much better than feasting under the “cruel” rule of white colonial over-lords, isn’t it?

      • Nick A Siggers

        For the social justice crowd, that apparently is the case.


    Handed the keys to a fully formed nation of splendid beauty and a huge farming industry which produced so much food that it not only fed Zimbabwe but it also fed half of the entire continent of Africa. In just 40 years or so Zimbabwe has degenerated from the bread basket of Africa to the Basket Case of an all too Black and overtly Racist state. A Black Racist state mind you, that laughably can’t even feed it’s people. Instead leaving it up to the Evil White Man to feed their people for them. So in the name of preserving the lol’s, I say Long live Robert “Racism Is My Middle Name” Mugabe. And long live Zimbabwe! A graphic example of black inability to even maintain a fully functional, turn key white society when literally given the keys to the empire.

    • IstvanIN

      All they had to do was maintain, not advance, not improve, just maintain and they couldn’t do that.

    • TheAntidote

      The flag of Zimbabwe must be a strand of toilet paper stuck on a stick. Long live the redistributionist policies of Mugabe!

  • Tinfoil A22hat

    Zimbabwe has a larger percentage of arable land than lots of other countries, including Canada, Sweden, Colombia, Australia, New Zealand. So, what’s the problem?

    • Spartacus

      The problem is monkeys .

    • Nick A Siggers

      A 30 point IQ deficit, and tendency to live day to day verses planing for the future, which I concede could be caused by the former.

  • APaige

    Blacks would rather starve to death with black farmers than to be fed by white farmers. That is beyond racist and stupid. That’s it blacks are ‘racpid’

    • Wethepeople

      Not quite true. They don’t want our farmers producing in that country. Their more than happy to accept food, and money, that white people produced elsewhere in the world.

      • Erasmus

        Which is precisely why they shouldn’t be sent even a loaf of bread.
        Let mother nature take its course. Our charity only maintains their dysfunctional culture and society.

  • odious liberal

    They never had this problem when YT ran things.

  • JohnEngelman

    When poor people have a high birth rate poverty increases.

    • JDInSanD

      When blacks have a high birth rate poverty increases.

      • IstvanIN

        When countries have blacks they have a high poverty rate.

  • Spartacus

    If anybody wants to donate some money where it will actually be well-spent, I can make a suggestion :


  • Tacitus1

    Why can’t we learn from history ? When the world turned on South Africa in support of terrorist Nelson Mandela, they could see what happened in Rhodesia. I understand that 800,000 whites left South Africa since Mandela’s election. Current South African leader Jacob Zuma was a former communist and terrorist with “Spear of the Nation”, not to mention up to his nose in corruption charges.By last reports, South Africa received 757 million in US aid. It seems that South Africa is on the same path as Rhodesia.

    • Sick of it

      Their infrastructure has been falling apart ever since. Services, such as utilities, aren’t being provided as they were in the past. The only security one has is if one has guards armed with submachine guns (you can find stores guarded in this fashion). General lawlessness abounds.

      • Tacitus1

        yet some can romanticize the third world and demonize the Western cultures.

        • Sick of it

          Only because they are fairly ghetto themselves. Trashy people come from all classes.

    • JohnEngelman

      Back in the 1970’s a Marxist friend of mine had a gathering at his apartment in which a black freedom fighter from Rhodesia gave a talk.

      During the question and answer session I said, “I assume you will eventually win. The whites in Rhodesia are greatly outnumbered, and lack support from white countries. However, the standard of living of blacks in every former black colony in Africa has declined since independence. Blacks have a higher standard of living under the apartheid regime of South Africa than in any other country in Africa. Why should I be confident that blacks in Rhodesia will become more prosperous after you win?”

      Rather than give me reason for confidence he suggested that if I was not a racist I would not have asked such a mean and nasty question. Because I was a guest of my friend I remained silent, and the freedom fighter went on to the next question.

      • Tacitus1

        Typical ! They attack you and refuse to answer the question. I think you won that debate.

        • JohnEngelman

          Thank you. Insults are the last refuge of those who know that they have lost the debate.

          I recently had an e-mail exchange with Tim Wise. It began as a friendly conversation. Unfortunately, after I refuted his arguments he became rude.

          • What did you expect from him? The last piece of his I read consisted of his gloating over the demise of whites, presumably with himself and his family as some deserving exception.

          • JohnEngelman

            I do not perceive of Tim Wise’s goal as “the demise of whites.”

            Nevertheless, somehow he has made a good living pandering to the white liberal guilt complex. I give him credit. It is hard to sell something that it two generations out of date, but he does it well

            Tim Wise is like a used car dealer. He sells poorly functioning cars made during the 1960’s that have lots of mileage on them. He charges new car prices, and he sells them.

            White liberals should not feel guilty about blacks. Blacks should feel guilty, and ashamed. The black ghetto riots that happened from 1964 to 1968, and more enduring increases in black social pathology destroyed the New Deal Democratic coalition, and turned the United States into a Republican country.

  • MBlanc46

    This is what happens when Negroes take charge of things. Zimbabwe, the Congo, LIberia, Detroit. It’s always the same.

    • JohnEngelman

      You left out Haiti.

      • MBlanc46

        Major oversight. Haiti is the poster child for black rule.

  • bigone4u

    Let the Zimbabblers starve.

    • Funruffian

      There will always be misled and misguided do-gooders who think they can make a difference and volunteer to help these poor beasts.

  • Magician

    Let me guess, liberals and feminists in Sweden and UK will say

    “Let’s bring them to Sweden (or UK) and give them citizenship as soon as they arrive here, and start giving them thousands of dollars each month, just so the rest of the world will acknowledge we are not racists! We will never ever deport them, even if they brutally rape and murder our young girls and boys!”

  • Funruffian

    My dream is that government officials will agree to let nature take its course. Leave these Africans to their own devices and evolution will surely take its course. But wait! I thought Blacks were the great inventors and engineers of industry and society!
    Oh that’s right. That hackneyed expression only works when trying to make themselves feel good. Otherwise, they desperately need your help to survive.

    • watling

      Hey, don’t forget that blacks are spectacularly successful at genocide. 800,000 were “taken care of” in Rwanda in 1994. Even Stalin would have been impressed with that.

  • Funruffian

    I am leery of donating any money to any cause whether it be Breast cancer Awareness, MS, MD or Prostate Cancer, because I know that is just a façade to obtain funds to feed Africans.
    Before I make a donation I need to see exactly where my money is going and who receives it. Otherwise, no DICE!

  • Sick of it

    It also requires knowledge of modern agriculture, rather than mere experience with brute labor.

  • CoweringCoward

    My whole life I have seen “help feed the starving Africans”. The adds keep coming but the numbers needing aid keep climbing. This is not something that aid, aids. Now instead of a million miserable starving wretches there are ten million. What is the end point to be? Have you in “helping” not made MORE misery?

  • gregCall

    Since it would be just another slap in the face to assume blacks can’t feed themselves, I say we let them take care of their own and watch them all starve.

    We all know how that would go because blacks never help other blacks only themselves and it doesn’t matter where they are, in a black country in Africa, or any city in any white country.

    Unfortunately we all know what’s going to happen, white emergency relief will flood into Zimbabwe further propping up and personally enriching Mugabe. The saddest thing about it is after whites invariably bail them out they will resent whites for their very ability to help them when they obviously can’t help themselves.

  • JohnEngelman

    U.N. Agency Says 2.2 Million Zimbabweans Face Food Shortages

    – Reuters, September 3, 2013

    My response to this is the same as my response to reports that the Syrian dictator has used poison gas against his own people. Why is this our problem?

  • watling

    Every so often a libtard sports writer here in the UK will bleat about the lack of black soccer coaches and assert it’s all down to waycism.

    Not so. Blacks are simply incapable of managing.

  • watling

    When countries have a high black population they have a high incidence of HIV/AIDS.

  • Fredrik_H

    They made their bed…

  • Mark Hillyard

    The statement made re: Israel from God, that “I will bless those that bless you and curse those who curse you!” Is interesting because it actually fulfills itself. Mugabe cursed the white farmers so the white farmers don’t produce and the uneducated eat the seed crop. They bring this curse on themselves. Jesus said, Bless and don’t curse!”
    In simpler terms, if you teach your children and bring them up right they will be a blessing to you and their mother. If you neglect them they will turn out the way they do as noted in the Black population.

  • kjh64

    “Zimbabwe faces its worst food shortages in four years following a drought and poor harvest,”

    And this is White people’s problem how? If Blacks are equal, they should be able to farm and produce food and solve this problem, right? They kicked out the White farmers anyway. Why don’t Mexicans or Asians help them out since Whites are so “racist”.

  • WR_the_realist

    Will we ever have a western politician with the guts to say, “They made their bed. Let them lie in it.”?