The 16-year-old girl’s once-beautiful face was grotesque.

She had been disfigured beyond all recognition in the 18 months she had been held captive by the Comanche Indians.

Now, she was being offered back to the Texan authorities by Indian chiefs as part of a peace negotiation.

To gasps of horror from the watching crowds, the Indians presented her at the Council House in the ranching town of San Antonio in 1840, the year Queen Victoria married Prince Albert.

‘Her head, arms and face were full of bruises and sores,’ wrote one witness, Mary Maverick. ‘And her nose was actually burnt off to the bone. Both nostrils were wide open and denuded of flesh.’

Once handed over, Matilda Lockhart broke down as she described the horrors she had endured—the rape, the relentless sexual humiliation and the way Comanche squaws had tortured her with fire. It wasn’t just her nose, her thin body was hideously scarred all over with burns.

When she mentioned she thought there were 15 other white captives at the Indians’ camp, all of them being subjected to a similar fate, the Texan lawmakers and officials said they were detaining the Comanche chiefs while they rescued the others.

It was a decision that prompted one of the most brutal slaughters in the history of the Wild West—and showed just how bloodthirsty the Comanche could be in revenge.

S C Gwynne, author of Empire Of The Summer Moon about the rise and fall of the Comanche, says simply: ‘No tribe in the history of the Spanish, French, Mexican, Texan, and American occupations of this land had ever caused so much havoc and death. None was even a close second.’

He refers to the ‘demonic immorality’ of Comanche attacks on white settlers, the way in which torture, killings and gang-rapes were routine. ‘The logic of Comanche raids was straightforward,’ he explains.

‘All the men were killed, and any men who were captured alive were tortured; the captive women were gang raped. Babies were invariably killed.’

Not that you would know this from the new Lone Ranger movie, starring Johnny Depp as the Indian Tonto.

For reasons best know to themselves, the film-makers have changed Tonto’s tribe to Comanche—in the original TV version, he was a member of the comparatively peace-loving Potowatomi tribe.

And yet he and his fellow native Americans are presented in the film as saintly victims of a Old West where it is the white settlers—the men who built America—who represent nothing but exploitation, brutality, environmental destruction and genocide.

Depp has said he wanted to play Tonto in order to portray Native Americans in a more sympathetic light. But the Comanche never showed sympathy themselves.

When that Indian delegation to San Antonio realised they were to be detained, they tried to fight their way out with bows and arrows and knives—killing any Texan they could get at. In turn, Texan soldiers opened fire, slaughtering 35 Comanche, injuring many more and taking 29 prisoner.

But the Comanche tribe’s furious response knew no bounds. When the Texans suggested they swap the Comanche prisoners for their captives, the Indians tortured every one of those captives to death instead.

‘One by one, the children and young women were pegged out naked beside the camp fire,’ according to a contemporary account. ‘They were skinned, sliced, and horribly mutilated, and finally burned alive by vengeful women determined to wring the last shriek and convulsion from their agonised bodies. Matilda Lockhart’s six-year-old sister was among these unfortunates who died screaming under the high plains moon.’

Not only were the Comanche specialists in torture, they were also the most ferocious and successful warriors—indeed, they become known as ‘Lords of the Plains’.

They were as imperialist and genocidal as the white settlers who eventually vanquished them.

When they first migrated to the great plains of the American South in the late 18th century from the Rocky Mountains, not only did they achieve dominance over the tribes there, they almost exterminated the Apaches, among the greatest horse warriors in the world.

The key to the Comanche’s brutal success was that they adapted to the horse even more skilfully than the Apaches.

There were no horses at all in the Americas until the Spanish conquerors brought them. And the Comanche were a small, relatively primitive tribe roaming the area that is now Wyoming and Montana, until around 1700, when a migration southwards introduced them to escaped Spanish mustangs from Mexico.

The first Indians to take up the horse, they had an aptitude for horsemanship akin to that of Genghis Khan’s Mongols. Combined with their remarkable ferocity, this enabled them to dominate more territory than any other Indian tribe: what the Spanish called Comancheria spread over at least 250,000 miles.

They terrorised Mexico and brought the expansion of Spanish colonisation of America to a halt. They stole horses to ride and cattle to sell, often in return for firearms.

Other livestock they slaughtered along with babies and the elderly (older women were usually raped before being killed), leaving what one Mexican called ‘a thousand deserts’. When their warriors were killed they felt honour-bound to exact a revenge that involved torture and death.

Settlers in Texas were utterly terrified of the Comanche, who would travel almost a thousand miles to slaughter a single white family.

The historian T R Fehrenbach, author of Comanche: The History Of A People, tells of a raid on an early settler family called the Parkers, who with other families had set up a stockade known as Fort Parker. In 1836, 100 mounted Comanche warriors appeared outside the fort’s walls, one of them waving a white flag to trick the Parkers.

‘Benjamin Parker went outside the gate to parley with the Comanche,’ he says. ‘The people inside the fort saw the riders suddenly surround him and drive their lances into him. Then with loud whoops, mounted warriors dashed for the gate. Silas Parker was cut down before he could bar their entry; horsemen poured inside the walls.’

Survivors described the slaughter: ‘The two Frosts, father and son, died in front of the women; Elder John Parker, his wife ‘Granny’ and others tried to flee. The warriors scattered and rode them down.

‘John Parker was pinned to the ground, he was scalped and his genitals ripped off. Then he was killed. Granny Parker was stripped and fixed to the earth with a lance driven through her flesh. Several warriors raped her while she screamed.

‘Silas Parker’s wife Lucy fled through the gate with her four small children. But the Comanche overtook them near the river. They threw her and the four children over their horses to take them as captives.’

So intimidating was Comanche cruelty, almost all raids by Indians were blamed on them. Texans, Mexicans and other Indians living in the region all developed a particular dread of the full moon—still known as a ‘Comanche Moon’ in Texas—because that was when the Comanche came for cattle, horses and captives.

They were infamous for their inventive tortures, and women were usually in charge of the torture process.

The Comanche roasted captive American and Mexican soldiers to death over open fires. Others were castrated and scalped while alive. The most agonising Comanche tortures included burying captives up to the chin and cutting off their eyelids so their eyes were seared by the burning sun before they starved to death.

Contemporary accounts also describe them staking out male captives spread-eagled and naked over a red-ant bed. Sometimes this was done after excising the victim’s private parts, putting them in his mouth and then sewing his lips together.

One band sewed up captives in untanned leather and left them out in the sun. The green rawhide would slowly shrink and squeeze the prisoner to death.

T R Fehrenbach quotes a Spanish account that has Comanche torturing Tonkawa Indian captives by burning their hands and feet until the nerves in them were destroyed, then amputating these extremities and starting the fire treatment again on the fresh wounds. Scalped alive, the Tonkawas had their tongues torn out to stop the screaming.

The Comanche always fought to the death, because they expected to be treated like their captives. Babies were almost invariably killed in raids, though it should be said that soldiers and settlers were likely to murder Comanche women and children if they came upon them.

Comanche boys—including captives—were raised to be warriors and had to endure bloody rites of passage. Women often fought alongside the men.

It’s possible the viciousness of the Comanche was in part a by-product of their violent encounters with notoriously cruel Spanish colonists and then with Mexican bandits and soldiers.

But a more persuasive theory is that the Comanche’s lack of central leadership prompted much of their cruelty. The Comanche bands were loose associations of warrior-raiders, like a confederation of small street gangs.

In every society, teenage and twenty-something youths are the most violent, and even if they had wanted to, Comanche tribal chiefs had no way of stopping their young men from raiding.

But the Comanche found their match with the Texas Rangers. Brilliantly portrayed in the Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove books, the Rangers began to be recruited in 1823, specifically to fight the Comanche and their allies. They were a tough guerilla force, as merciless as their Comanche opponents.

They also respected them. As one of McMurtry’s Ranger characters wryly tells a man who claims to have seen a thousand-strong band of Comanche: ‘If there’d ever been a thousand Comanche in a band they’d have taken Washington DC.”

The Texas Rangers often fared badly against their enemy until they learned how to fight like them, and until they were given the new Colt revolver.

During the Civil War, when the Rangers left to fight for the Confederacy, the Comanche rolled back the American frontier and white settlements by 100 miles.

Even after the Rangers came back and the U.S. Army joined the campaigns against Comanche raiders, Texas lost an average of 200 settlers a year until the Red River War of 1874, where the full might of the Army—and the destruction of great buffalo herds on which they depended—ended Commanche depredations.

Interestingly the Comanche, though hostile to all competing tribes and people they came across, had no sense of race. They supplemented their numbers with young American or Mexican captives, who could become full-fledged members of the tribe if they had warrior potential and could survive initiation rites.

Weaker captives might be sold to Mexican traders as slaves, but more often were slaughtered. But despite the cruelty, some of the young captives who were subsequently ransomed found themselves unable to adapt to settled ‘civilised life and ran away to rejoin their brothers.

One of the great chiefs, Quanah, was the son of the white captive Cynthia Ann Parker. His father was killed in a raid by Texas Rangers that resulted in her being rescued from the tribe. She never adjusted to life back in civilisation and starved herself to death.

Quanah surrendered to the Army in 1874. He adapted well to life in a reservation, and indeed the Comanche, rather amazingly, become one of the most economically successful and best assimilated tribes.

As a result, the main Comanche reservation was closed in 1901, and Comanche soldiers served in the U.S. Army with distinction in the World Wars. Even today they are among the most prosperous native Americans, with a reputation for education.

By casting the cruelest, most aggressive tribe of Indians as mere saps and victims of oppression, Johnny Depp’s Lone Ranger perpetuates the patronising and ignorant cartoon of the ‘noble savage’.

Not only is it a travesty of  the truth, it does no favours to the Indians Depp is so keen to support.

Editor’s Note: For more stories like this one, see our “Indian” and “American History” tags.

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  • MekongDelta69
  • libertarian1234

    (He refers to the ‘demonic immorality’ of Comanche attacks on white settlers, the way in which torture, killings and gang-rapes were routine. ‘The logic of Comanche raids was straightforward,’ he explains. All the men were killed, and any men who were captured alive were tortured; the captive women were gang raped. Babies were invariably killed.’)

    This kind of vicious cruelty and inhumane behavior was in place before the white man colonized America. And it involved most all of the tribes, not just the Comanche savages.

    When we hear blacks like Michael Dyson and others wail that whites killed all the Indians, they don’t want it known that any atrocities by whites against the Indians usually were paybacks for mass slaughters and tortures of white women and little children, even babies, and that the entire white vs Indian wars can be summed up by noting that the Indians tried every vicious, devious way to conquer the white man, and got their a**es kicked for trying.

    They weren’t the unjustly vanquished as we so often hear about. They were the losers in a war they insisted on pursuing by deceit, torture, mayhem, and atrociously inhumane methods.

    And it riles me greatly to now listen to them or anyone else declare that they were some kind of innocent, noble people who were wronged and murdered by the white man out of nothing less than greed.

    Yes, treaties/promises were broken, but it happened more often by the Indians in the beginning and that fact has been submerged by people who hate whites and/or people who have some kind of Indiophile love based in a kind of mental derangement.

    We were attacked, viciously and cruelly just so they could steal our horses, livestock, blankets, etc., something they were doing to each other for hundreds of years, and we did what we had to do to respond to the vicious threat.

    • Amerind men were notoriously cruel to women. The women had to do all the work and were still treated like garbage.

      The white girl who was enslaved had her nose cut off because her “owner” decided that “too many” Comanche men had raped her.

      • libertarian1234

        Good points.

        Also the women were expected to chew stiff rawhide until it was softened enough to be used by their men. They also were thought of as less than men and a common custom in most tribes was to have the women walk behind their men a few steps whenever they traveled from one point to another.

        They were second class citizens treated far worse than even Muslim women today.

    • bigone4u

      The Comaches are still hated in the Texas Hill Country by older whites who heard stories told by their elders of Indian atrocities when growing up. The scary part is that I’ve been told by the locals that the Mexicans and the Comache interbred. It may explain the cruel nature of some Mexican on white crimes we read about on Amren.

  • I read Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee, and let’s give credit where it’s due.
    Most of those Indians learned the cruel art of war from their most dangerous enemy, the white man. A white man didn’t gather a group of Indians in front of a corpse one day and said, “Today, I’m going to demonstrate how to scalp someone.”
    In reality, the Indian men ventured out into what they thought was a straightforward skirmish against whites. Instead, they were tricked. While they were gone, the whites had entered the now undefended villages and slaughtered everyone, scalping several. The returning warriors came home to a gruesome sight.

    Even in the American Indian culture, the half white offspring rise to the top.
    Quanah Parker, the half white chief.

    • Luca

      The Indians had long practiced warfare, torture, rape, slavery, genocide, human sacrifice, bestiality, incest, and occasionally cannibalism long before the Europeans arrived. This is how they gained the reputation as “savages.”

      Some were worse than others but few were the civilized, transcendental, hippy environmentalists as we have been lead to believe.

    • libertarian1234

      “Most of those Indians learned the cruel art of war from their most dangerous enemy, the white man.”

      That is absolutely false.

      They were killing, slaughtering, torturing, and stealing from each other long before the white man set foot on North America in any numbers.

      It is these kinds of myths people like you have promoted that has given rise to so much anti-white hate.

      They also engaged in treachery, deceit and murder from the very time colonists settled in the East. Amren has run articles on this very situation.

      • Stentorian_Commentator

        I like to call American Indians the First Nativists, for their often violent resistance to white immigration. Funny how they’re not called out on that. I also like to call them earlier immigrants, as a retort to FDR insulting the original white settlers.

      • The Indians were outclassed by a better warrior. You would think, that after hundreds of years, with iron, sulfur, and phosphorous literally in their backyard, the indians would’ve built their own firearms.
        for those of you over 30, remember the old crying indian don’t pollute commercial?
        Iron Eyes Cody was 0.0% Indian.

        • gemjunior

          They could have gotten a more realistic Indian that’s for sure. Nobody accomplished what white men did with firearms, even muskets and blunderbusses (I might have spelt that wrong or even named it the wrong name, but you know the one I mean with the wide end distal to the trigger) and also, these killing devices were cleaner. I’d much rather be shot in the head than die any other way.

        • dave

          he was italian

        • Whitetrashgang

          Technology is everything, the natives should have had guns, ships booze and everything else the white man had. Just shows the races from maternal families always accomplish little to nothing. Its just screwing and fighting till they lose to another race.

      • FormerlyEdNY

        Ethnic cleansing was practiced long before Whites made it to North America. Whole tribes were literally killed by the victorious tribe. These were not isolated incidents but were practiced throughout the centuries.
        Now with history aside, I know a number of Native Americans. I would much rather live around NA’s then blacks. They don’t cry victimization, they practice common courtesy and in my experience they have a good work ethic.

    • So CAL Snowman

      sarcasm does not go over well on the internet

      • Romulus

        It’s hard to convey verbal inflection through the print medium. I got it , however. MrCooper has a knack for it. Read his posts enough and you can pick it up. I have no love lost for the Amerindians. Despite the media, I’ve read most of the above books on how the injuns treated the settlers. If the intent is Indian sympathy, forget it, they won’t get any from me.

    • IanJMacDonald

      Nonsense. Go read A Fate Worse Than Death: Indian Captivities in the West, 1830-1885 (Caxton Press: 2007) by Gregory Michno.

    • gemjunior

      I feel sure that must be wrong. When have you ever read anywhere that whites scalped anyone in European history, anywhere? They learned it from Indians if they ever did scalp anyone.

  • din_do_nuffins

    This story got its facts mixed up. The only Indians who acted like that were the long lost tribe of White Indians. Only Whites are so evil.

  • Spartacus

    ‘”One by one, the children and young women were pegged out naked beside
    the camp fire,’ according to a contemporary account. ‘They were skinned,
    sliced, and horribly mutilated, and finally burned alive by vengeful
    women determined to wring the last shriek and convulsion from their
    agonised bodies. Matilda Lockhart’s six-year-old sister was among these
    unfortunates who died screaming under the high plains moon.”


    And remember – these are actually civilized compared to blacks…

    • gemjunior

      maybe they are NOW but back then I’d rather have been around blacks, since they had a fresh memory of chains shackles and whips… but it takes a special savage to skin and slice a 6 year old child.

  • Tarczan

    Why do we have to read this in an English newspaper?

    • Spartacus

      Because England has fewer jews.

      • guest

        They still have far too many though. England is becoming a hellhole invaded by nonwhites just as America is.

        • Spartacus

          Well, look at the bright side . And if you can find it, point it out to me, I’d love to catch a glimpse…

        • watling

          It’s not technically an invasion because England’s immigrant population was invited in by our treacherous leaders. There has not now, nor has there ever been, a need for any immigrants.

          By the way, Jews don’t bother me like they seem to bother some on amren. What I particularly like is the way Israel is a constant thorn in the side of its Arab neighbours, who know that they would potentially be annihilated in any military conflict with Israel.

          Another by the way: one of the Daily Mail’s columnists is Melanie Phillips – a Jew.

  • IstvanIN

    Sounds like our future in Mexo-Amerindian America. In fact sounds a lot like Mexico today.

  • sbuffalonative

    Search: Wikipedia Beaver Wars. The Iroquois essentially committed genocide of the Erie and Huron.

  • Tarczan

    As a young boy in the late 60’s I remember reading a Life magazine story about the Plains Indians. They had captured some whites and one white girl continued to cry and whine. An older indian women took the girl and slowly sliced her legs off, starting at the ankles and working up to her hips.Not a story we would see today.

    The view of the Indians was remarkably like many view the blacks today. That is the farther away from them you are, the more you love them. In the east the Indians were viewed as the noble savages while those on the frontier were forced to confront reality.
    just like us today with blacks.J

    • libertarian1234

      That’s an excellent comparison.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Very good point, and just like the blacks, the Indians are worshiped by the White liberals as the ultimate expression of hippy dippy feel good mother earth nonsense. It’s insane how these White liberals lap up the Indian kool-aid and demonize the White race yet just take all White technology, scientific advancement, and civilization for granted, as if the Indians would have ever produced anything remotely resembling Western civilization. Every time i hear a White liberal whining about the Indians I tell him to go live in a teepee with NO electricity, no running water, and no central heating and then get back to me on the Indians.

      • watling

        It’s likely that Running Water would be found in a neighbouring teepee.

  • storibund

    Reading Lonesome Dove years ago was a reality smack upside the head for me.

    • gemjunior

      Wow me too. Those books were my first glimpse of reality about the Indian’s brutality. Larry McMurtry knew his stuff too, it was no different than what’s in the article here. And he wrote a book called “Comanche Moon” too.

    • guest

      The Lonesome Dove series was great on TV.. One of my all time favorites.

  • joesolargenius

    There was a story written in 1920 something by a boy scout leader whom wrote an unbiased account of the life of Daniel Boone whom was considered by the Indians to be a better Indian than themselves . He was captured by the Indians eleven times whom consistently tried to brainwash him into joining their tribe but he always managed to either bribe his way out or escape. The Borderers which is what the settlers whom lived more than twenty miles from a fort were called , immediately taught their children how to be an Indian so if they were captured they would not be killed. The book mentions how the Indians would torture captives and then if they survived invite them into the tribe , this was the way of the Eastern Indian tribes. Daniel Boone was a great man whom was instrumental in defeating the French but his reward was to have all his land stolen by Lawyers connected to the government he helped preserve , not once but twice .

    • sbuffalonative

      There was an amusement park in Canada at Crystal Beach, Ontario.

      They had a walk-through pavilion that showed horrific modes of torture and death. Scared the hell out of me. Never understood why anyone would have such a thing.

      One of the scenes I vividly recall was that of Indians scalping people.

      I can’t imagine that display either being approved for public viewing or surviving public outcry.

  • White Mom in WDC

    Ah, the peaceful, nature loving, peyote peace pipe smoking Indians

    • gemjunior

      Yeah right? Don’t forget “Dances With Wolves” how eeeeeeeevil those terrible white soldiers were to the poor Indians. And when white traitor Kevin Costner writes his letters they all say “I have great respect for the peaceful people and their ways.” Too bad he wasn’t scalped, genitals in mouth and sewed up. I thought only vicious whites did that sort of stuff? Maybe in movies like “Hostel” or the “Saw” series. These freaks did it in real life.
      We whites have been gettin’ hated on longer than we even knew it!

      • Will in VA

        If you can find it watch the movie “BLACKROBE”.
        I have always characterized it as “DANCES WITH RABID WOLVES”

  • sbuffalonative

    Where I live, there’s a very small park that has a memorial. I’d like to post the picture but when I re-size it, it loses all readability:

    Rebecca Gilbert and Elizabeth Peart
    First white women to reside within the limits of Buffalo.
    Taken as captives from Pennsylvania in 1780,
    they lived among the Seneca Indians until their
    release in 1782.
    Original marker dedicated July 9, 1937
    Replace by the
    New York State Society
    Daughters of the American Colonists.
    Mrs, John R. Landers, State Regent
    July 27, 2007

    It’s interesting that someone is keeping their memory alive by re-dedicating the memorial as recently as 2007.

    • Randall Ward

      There is a cemetery outside of Corsicana Texas, by the side of the road; a whole party, wiped out by commanche

  • OhWow

    Wait. You mean Indians weren’t happy, humble little beings singing kumbaya around a fire living in a utopia until the white man came and ruined it all?!

    • dave

      if we let the indians keep the land,this country would look like red somalia. the indians were murdering savages,just like their black cousins.

    • gemjunior

      Imagine that…. We’ve been deceived all along! Who knew?

  • Randall Ward

    The commanche was the reason their were only 4,500 mexicans in Texas,when Texans won their independence from Mexico. It took the white man to role back the comanche, and it wasn’t easy. When Texas won independence there were 20,000 whites and 20,000 comanches in Texas; only 4,500 mexicans (most on the Texas-Mexico border).

    • John Smith

      Texas needs more Comanches today.

  • Pax Romana

    Quote: ” Wherever multiculturalism goes, it brings Victimism with it. Victimism is an integral part of the multi-culti ideological package, and its practitioners, whom we may call Victimists, have two principal concerns: They invent fake stories and images that are intended to bring sympathy, admiration, glory and political advantage to groups of people who have been officially designated as Victims by the multi-culti establishment; and they strive to disseminate their fake stories and images in the guise of “history.”


    Among the racial groups represented in the population of the United States, two have not merely been certified as Victims but have also been selected for especially lavish treatment by the Victimists. These groups — Amerindians and American blacks — figure prominently in the multi-culti version of “American history,” where they are sanitized and glorified beyond recognition, and are depicted as the hapless prey of evil white men.

    Sanitization is an indispensable part of this endeavor, because certified Victims must always be depicted as innocent, righteous paragons of humanity. The sanitization process consists largely of hiding or denying any facts which show that the Victims had victims of their own, whom they slaughtered, displaced, subjugated, enslaved or exploited.”-William J. Bennetta is a professional editor, a fellow of the California Academy of Sciences, the president of The Textbook League

  • Pax Romana

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the liberal fed anti-White racism from history bigots like those here seems to believe that ‘aggression’ and ‘oppression’ is a “White” condition, rather than a human one. These liberal race supremacists have never named any other race or culture, when referring to those two human characteristics.

    I would be interested in knowing how other races in history obtained territory on which to build their nations. How did the Japanese (within their Asian race and culture), “integrate” with people of other territories. How did they treat the people of the Philippines, or the Chinese in such places as Nanking, for instance? Were they “aggressive” and “brutal” when they attacked they’re lands by “force”? Where they “oppressive” and “hostile”, when they enslaved their people, and flung their babies on the ends of bayonets? And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

    What of the American indigenous tribes? Did they really live in peace and harmony with each other, or were they in a near constant state of tribal warfare, killing and butchering others tribes with impunity to obtain new lands and hunting territory? Despite the liberal PC history of the ‘Noble Indian’, thrown off his tribal land by the evil ”White eyes”, a land that they “occupied since time began”(PC-BS). Most tribes ended up on the lands that they lived, by either violently forcing out another tribe, or by being violently forced out themselves.

    While the liberal historical revisionists change history to fit their biased anti-White/pro-Minority agenda. And while these same social engineers teach the impressionable
    youth of the world, that the native Americans were an environmentally friendly peaceful people, in touch with their ‘Earth Spirit’, and in perfect harmony with fiends and neighbors, only to be brutalized by the evil Whites. Those Whites who were there at that time, had a different experience with the “kind and peaceful” Indians, and therefore a different opinion entirely.

    Here are a few first hand eye-witness accounts of ‘Sand Creek’, and a couple of other incidents that tell us why the pioneers held very different views of Indians, as compared to that of the “liberal” news media in the East, which felt sympathetic toward the Indians of the West, while having little, if any real contact with them.

    First a part of the Congressional Testimony not included in the Liberal biased Wikipedia article:

    “….on the fifty-ninth day of this inquiry surgeon Caleb Burdsal
    testified that he had been treating wounded soldiers in a Cheyenne lodge
    when a trooper came to the entrance with five or six Caucasian scalps.

    Dr. Burdsal was cross-examined:

    “What reason had he to think these scalps came from the heads of white persons ?

    He replied that he was convinced by the color of the hair: blond, sandy brown, but none very black.

    Might they not have faded or been altered by age from their original color ?

    Dr. Burdsal thought not. “My impression is that one or two of them were not more than ten days off the head.”

    He was asked how he could determine this.

    “The skin and flesh attached to the hair appeared to be yet quite moist.”

    William Breakenridge, best known as a deputy sheriff of Tombstone, was a young soldier at the time of Chivington’s raid. His testimony corroborated Dr. Burdsal:

    “There were a lot of scalps of white men and women, some very fresh, found in the teepees….

    ….Worse yet, they saw a blanket woven of human hair-hair from the heads of white women. Everybody knew this to be a fact. Still worse, according to an editor of the Rocky Mountain News, William Byers, the troops found a white woman’s skin stretched across an Indian saddle”

    “Elizabeth Tallman, interviewed in 1936 for The Colorado Magazine, had this to say:

    “I was in Denver when Col. Chivington started for Sand Creek. John M .Tallman, later to be my husband, belonged to the Third Regiment, part of which was in the battle. I have some rings made of a white woman’s hair, taken off the bodies of dead Indians. Had you been living at that time, as we were, in a constant state of fear and anxiety, almost daily seeing the bodies of friends or acquaintances that had been mutilated by
    the Indians, you would have found no censure in your heart for Col. Chivington’s act”

    Source: ‘SON OF THE MORNING STAR’, pg. 177-8-9

    It was well known among the whites who had contact with the Indians in the West, that they would often conduct savage raids on white settlers, raping, murdering and mutilating white families in the spring and summer, and then return to the reservations in the fall like nothing happened, to collect their government handouts. Apparently ‘Black Kettle’ and his Cheyenne and Arapaho at Sand Creek were among those murdering Indians terrorists who fained peace and innocence as the evidence of white women scalps and skins above indicates, as does this:

    Excerpt of a letter from Captain Louis Hamilton, the grand-son of Alexander Hamilton. Later killed by Indians. And he commented on the sympathy for Indians which was being expressed by government Peace Commissioners and by certain newspapers:

    “I only wish some of the most enthusiastic of their admirers both male and female
    could have been the recipients of the ‘Noble Red’ kindnesses, instead of the unfortunate settlers on the Saline and Solomon. One of the women brought into Fort Harker was [raped] by twenty-three of the villains. …Comstock was one of the first victims to the savages. He and a scout named Grover had visited the camp of ‘Black Kettle’ a Cheyenne chief then supposed to be friendly and were leaving it when they were followed and shot. Grover feigned death and escaped.”

    A few of the many incidents of Indian atrocities committed against white settlers during the 19th Century:

    “Col. William Collins commanded men who faced the Comanche, Kiowa, Arapaho, Cheyenne and Sioux. Of these tribes, he wrote:

    “War with somebody is the natural state of an Indian people. Every tribe has some hereditary enemies with whom it is always at war. It is by war that they obtain wealth, position and influence with the tribe.”

    “Col. Henry Carrington wrote: “The great real fact is, that these Indians take alive when possible, and slowly torture.” Enemy dead who could not be tortured were horribly mutilated.

    This is how Col. Carrington describes the battlefield where 80 American
    troops were annihilated by a combined force of Sioux and Cheyenne under
    Chief Red Cloud:

    “Eyes torn out and laid on the rocks;

    Noses cut off;

    Ears cut off; chins hewn off;

    Teeth chopped out;

    Brains taken out and placed on rocks with other members of the body;

    Entrails taken out and exposed;

    Hands cut off;

    Feet cut off;

    Arms taken out from sockets;

    Private parts severed and indecently placed on the person;

    Skulls severed in every form, from chin to crown;

    Muscles of calves, thighs, stomach, breast, back, arms and cheek taken out.

    Punctures upon every sensitive part of the body, even to the soles of the feet and palms of the hand.

    All this only approximates the whole truth.”

    “A few of the soldiers had managed to kill themselves before being captured. Many — probably most — were taken alive and tortured to death. This was the potential fate of every soldier on the Plains, and it is hardly surprising that it was standard practice to “save the last bullet for yourself.”

    Source: Scalp Dance: Indian Warfare on the High Plains, 1865-1879, By Thomas Goodrich.

    How the some Indian males treated women and children, both white and Native American:

    Incident During the Great Sioux Uprising, of 1862:

    Excerpts from original sources:

    “One of them picked up her niece, Wilhelmina Kitzman, who was still alive. He held the child upside down by one foot. With his free hand, he took a knife, “with which he cut the flesh around one of the legs, close to the body, and then, by twisting and wrenching, broke the ligaments and bone, until the limb was entirely severed from the body, the child screaming frantically, ‘Oh God! Oh God!’ When the limb was off, the child, thus mutilated, was thrown down on the ground, stripped of her clothing, and left to die. ”


    “Everyone rushed to take cover. Helen Carrothers shoved her two children in a ditch and shielded them while she witnessed sights she was never able to forget. A warrior snatched up the Henderson girl and beat her about the face and head with a violin case taken from the wagon. In moments, the child’s features were obliterated. He swung her by the feet, slamming her against a wagon wheel again and again, and threw the battered body to her mother.”

    “Helen watched as another Indian grabbed the Henderson baby and, “holding her by one foot, head downwards, deliberately hacked her body, limb from limb, with his tomahawk, throwing the pieces at the head of Mrs. Henderson. Some of the Indians made a big fire and when it was burning fiercely, they lifted the feather bed on which Mrs. Henderson lay, and tossed bed and woman and the mangled portions of her children into the flames.”

    ‘OVER THE EARTH I COME’-pg. 82-3, ‘Justina Krieger Story’, Bryant pgs. 26-30, 54-5, 303-315


    “Mr. Goodrich quotes a Crow chief explaining to General George Crook his hatred for the Sioux:

    “They hunt upon our mountains. They fish in our streams. They have stolen our horses. They have murdered our squaws, our children. We want back our lands. We want their women for our slaves, to work for us as our women have had to work for them. We want their horses for our young men, and their mules for our squaws. The Sioux have trampled upon our hearts. We shall spit upon their scalps.”

    “As this passage indicates, Indians did not restrict their slaughter to combatants; many white homesteaders were killed without regard to sex or age. Capt. Henry Palmer left this terrible account of the aftermath of a raid:

    “We found the bodies of three little children who had been taken by the heels by the Indians and swung around against the log cabin, beating their heads to a jelly. Found the hired girl some fifteen rods from the ranch staked out on the prairie, tied by her hands and feet, naked, body full of arrows and horribly mangled.”

    “Mr. Goodrich devotes an entire chapter to women’s narratives of captivity. Its title is “A Fate Worse Than Death,” and he does not use this antique expression ironically. A captive in an Indian camp was fair game for any kind of degradation:

    “She was led from her tent and every remnant of clothing torn from her body. A child that she was holding to her breast was wrenched from her arms and she was knocked to the ground. In this nude condition the demons gathered round her and while some held her down by standing on her wrists and their claws clutched in her hair, others outraged [raped] her person. Not less than thirty repeated the horrible deed.”

    “Of two white women rescued by the 7th Cavalry in 1869 it was recorded:

    “At first they had been sold back and forth among the bucks for fifteen ponies each, but their last owners had only paid two.” One victim “appeared to be 50 years old, although she was less than 25.” She had not only been repeatedly raped but had received constant beatings from jealous squaws.”

    “Indians delighted in trophy-taking, and prized some trophies over others. Catherine German wrote of the death of her sister [Note she had already witnessed the killing of her mother, her father, and her little brother. Her pregnant mother having her stomach slit open and her fetus thrown to the ground, and then her throat cut. Three sisters
    were left, until]:

    “Some time passed while the Indians were parleying; they seemed to make a choice between Joanna and myself. The Indians removed our bonnets to see if we had long hair. My hair was short. Joanna was sitting on a box that had been taken from our wagon. We heard the report of a rifle and when we looked again, our beloved sister, Joanna, was dead. The Indians then scalped their long-haired victim. This all happened within a very short time, and before any of us could realize it, our once happy family life was forever ended.”

    “Contemporary accounts show that the lot of an Indian woman was not much
    better than that of a white captive. Lieutenant James Steele wrote:

    “She is beaten, abused, reviled, driven like any other beast of burden. She is bought and sold; wife, mother, and pack animal, joined in one hideous and hopeless whole.”

    “War correspondent DeBenneville Keim reported:

    “The relations between the sexes is the same in nearly all cases — that is, they [the women] are the servants or slaves. All labor performed in an Indian village falls to the lot of the women.”

    “Elizabeth Burt, an army officer’s wife, recorded her impressions of domestic life among Indians:

    “I saw one of them, a chief, walking in front of a squaw, whose back was bent under a heavy sack of something, probably flour, while he, with his tall body wrapped in a gayly colored blanket, carried nothing but a stick.

    We stopped to watch them. Did he offer to help her carry the load?

    Not he, indeed; but on the contrary would use the stick to poke her in the back, to urge her on when he found her falling back with her heavy load. The brute!”

    Mrs. Burt believed she was allowed to walk about in Indian camps because “women are such inferior creatures in the estimation of an Indian that I engrossed little of their attention.”

    A Fate Worse Than Death: Indian Captivities in the West, 1830-1885, By Gregory Michno and Susan Michno, Caxton Press, 2009.

    “After the 3rd US Cavalry attacked the camp of the Cheyenne Chief Dull Knife on November 25, 1876, they discovered that he punished neighborhood enemies as well as encroaching whites; Mackenzie’s troops discovered a necklace of brown fingers, the arm of a squaw, and in a buckskin bag the right hands of twelve Indian babies. ”

    ‘SON OF THE MORNING STAR’, pg. 341

    “In May 1869, the Dog Soldiers, a splinter group of Cheyenne warriors led by Tall Bull, carried out a bloody sweep along the Solomon and Saline rivers in Kansas. After murdering several unsuspecting settlers, including George Weichell, they captured the man’s attractive wife, Maria, just arrived from Germany. Later that day, the raiders surrounded Susanna Alderdice, shot her three children full of bullets and arrows, then carried the pregnant mother and her infant into captivity. Because of its continual crying, the Cheyenne soon dispatched the baby and left the tiny corpse for the wolves.

    In response, Major Eugene Carr and the 5th Cavalry, guided by William F. Cody, set off in pursuit.”

    ‘SCALP DANCE: Indian Warfare on the High Plains, 1865-1879’, By Thomas Goodrich, Chapter 11. [A Lease on Hell]pg.181

    “The American Indian has always had champions among whites. Their voices have generally been loudest in areas furthest removed from Indians in their natural state — perhaps not surprisingly since traditional Indian life involved almost perpetual warfare. Thus, as America’s political frontiers moved West, Easterners came to see Indians
    not as, in George Washington’s words, “beasts of prey” with an insatiable appetite for bloodshed, but as victims of the white man’s greed and brutality. With the disappearance of the frontier all Americans could take this view, and in the last 30 years book after book has promoted guilt over the fate of the Indian and regretted our
    nation’s very existence. ”

    This is just a very small sample of the many incidents of Indian atrocities against both whites and fellow Indians.

    • libertarian1234

      That’s an absolutely excellent compilation of historical facts on the subject and the references are right on.

      Good job.

  • dave

    the white man did not destroy the indians,their own chiefs did. they sold their own people out for wampum and booze(fire water). the indians needed the white man technology,just like the blacks use it today.

  • IstvanIN

    The fact remains that, despite our flaws, we are the only race of men to have evolved. No one forced us to modernize, or become charitable, or to treat our fellow men, women and children with decency and compassion. We ended slavery and child labor. We took women from chattel to full citizen. Not because we were conquered, or taught, but because we evolved. Because we civilized ourselves. No one else can say that.

    • bigone4u

      If only the great mass of whites could read and understand your brief words, which sort of remind me of the Gettysburg Address in their eloquence and brevity. A set of white genes is something to be proud of.

      • IstvanIN

        We need brevity since most people have the attention span of a nat. And thank you for the kind compliment.

  • bigone4u

    I usually send Amren links to stories every week, but few of my selections get posted. I (and perhaps others) sent this link, so pardon me while I bask in my own glory. This story caught my eye because the great John Ford/John Wayne classic “The Searchers” tells the story of a Texas white man determined to either kill or rescue his niece from the Comache. “That’ll be the day,” is a famous John Wayne line from the movie, which depicts as graphically as possible in the 50s the cruelty of the Indians. Buddy Holly wrote his hit, “That’ll be the Day” after seeing the movie.

  • Bossman

    So many of the native tribes of pre-Columbian America were savages. So what else is new? Some tribes were peaceful and others were warlike. But compared to Europeans, they were all savages. Nonetheless, they all helped in many subtle ways to make America great.

  • guest

    But..but…but we have all been programed into the mindset of the Noble Indian, the Noble black man, the Nobel mexican, etc…..

  • Spartacus

    Well then, rebuild your defenses . Move in white communities, get armed, and make it very clear to any dark-skin that tries to move in that it might be fatal. And show your children pictures of what’s happening to the Whites in South Africa, that’s probably the best way to combat the propaganda :


  • libertarian1234

    “Care to share some actual proof of the Indian’s cruelty and treachery towards whites, Mr. Libertarian1234?”

    That you can ask such a nonsensical question after the immense amount of referenced facts listed on this page alone makes it plain that you can neither understand nor accept anything but what your brainwashed lab rat mentality will allow you to, which is nothing at all.

    There is absolutely nothing you wrote that is factual and most all of it sounds as if it came from the mind of a child.

  • MBlanc46

    “They were as imperialist and genocidal as the white settlers who eventually vanquished them.”

    Alas, these are characteristics of just about all human groups. Starting in the 18th century, European philosophers began to propound the idea that maybe people should stop behaving that way. Now Europeans stand accused as the great imperialists and murderers by people who were–some still are–just as imperialist and genocidal.

    • Iron Helm

      Its a little like the way all non-English posters on here talk write about the English, no?

  • Buck Roeser

    Uh…what’s your point? The “indians” were not exactly natives to the american continent, broheme…they migrated across the Bering Strait, according to your history books. Not natives, are they? Wow, seems to me that the “indians” took what didn’t belong to them, being as they didn’t originate here? Oh, the indians stole it first? Is that your point?

    • ncpride

      It has no point, just the same tired, ignorant, brainwashing, one-sided version of history they try to teach all our children these days. Or to be more precise, the same nonsense they’ve taught us all for decades.


      You know, your “Oh, the indians stole it first?” comment may be a far more accurate statement than most people would think. Considering that the oldest skeleton that was ever found in America was a 9500 year old man of clear European ancestry who was given the name of Kennewick Man. And as we all know (as far as those days are concerned anyway), where there’s a man, there’s most likely a tribe, and where there’s a tribe there’s most likely a population.

      However, that population apparently died out on this continent, yet the “Amerindians” of Asiatic descent lived on, and thrived even. They multiplied and spread out across the entire continent far and wide. I wonder just what had happened that allowed one peoples to thrive and another to be completely cleansed from the continent? What happened to Kennewick man’s people? Any idea’s out there?

      • libertarian1234

        Besides Kennewick man, much evidence is now being analyzed and accepted in many quarters already which involves the Solutreans who were here before Kennewick Man and the Indians.
        Much scientific evidence is presented which at this point appears to be accurate.
        The video on this is fascinating. Very professionally done.

    • Philo Vaihinger

      UN indigenism. The non-white “indigenous peoples” were and are rightful owners of the Americas, Oceania, etc.

      The last non-white to arrive and his descendants forever are rightful possessors while all white arrivals from first to last and all their progeny forever are genocidal, Nazi thieves.

  • IstvanIN

    Not overnight my friend, not overnight. Blacks read the Bible, do they learn from it? Did it help them evolve? No. In fact the Bible says nothing about child labor, treating women as full-fledged citizens and condones slavery. Nor are we forced to follow the words of Jesus. Think about that.

  • Tacitus1

    Wow ! there are some well informed & thoughtful post here. I will say that as a fan of the Lone Ranger movie that I don’t take it so seriously. To me it was light-hearted old fashioned fun. The Indians did attempt to kill both good guys.
    In history we don’t get enough on the American Indian cultures and there were many groups and diverse lifestyles. What we get is countless retellings of MLK marching on Washington. I’ve visited Maya sites in central America and can tell you that some indigenous peoples were quite advanced compared to beloved ” homelands ” of all these Afro-Centrist.

  • Reverend Bacon

    Kimosabe: “Quien No Sabe” or “he who knows nothing.” So I guess the joke was that they called each other morons.

  • Reverend Bacon

    We had our own aboriginal problems, before we imported more. But back in the day, we met force with force, and not with political correctness. The decimation of the Indian population was such that they really don’t have much political relevance, except for the casino rubbish. The Aussies did the same, and vanquished all but a handful of their violent, savage natives. They learned from us, presumably, but we didn’t. Hence, our current problem with our imported violent savages.
    It’s said “history is written by the winners.” Well, maybe. But it’s been re-written by the whiners.

  • Bossman

    Yes, Europeans too have gone through a learning curve.

  • libertarian1234

    “WWII ended almost 70 years ago – an entirely European conflict in Europe. Check at the numbers of dead to see how savage these civilised Europeans actually were.”

    Boy, do you need a history lesson. You might be interested to know that the war in the Pacific was almost as great a threat to the allies than Germany and Italy were.

    And comparing a conflict that lasted 4 plus years to ongoing atrocities that occurred over centuries that involved lifestyles of entire peoples is hardly a comparison.

    You lefties always come up with some kind of lame logic that isn’t even comparable to what you’re trying to prove, but you seem to be clueless about it.

  • Harry

    Do you watch the NBC TV, REVOLUTION? IT is a science fiction TV show taking place 15 years after a worldwide blackout has disabled all electrical technology.

    I suppose the liberal hippie freaks who would romanticize such an idea, would suffer the greatest if that really happened. I am an avid watcher of this TV show. If there really was a worldwide blackout off all electrical technology, it would be infinitely more horrible in real life, than in this TV show!

    • I’ve seen a little bit of it. The kind of people who would be the worst off in such a world are the SWPL young dweebs who lout around in their parents’ basements clad only in their underroos while doing social justice activism on their iPads.

  • John Johnson

    The only good indian is a dead….

    • Pihi Tabee

      I am sure the feeling is mutual. Please explain how the Europeans were any better? I as a mix breed, can see the native ideals clearly, and really wonder what we are trying to progress toward??? An overpopulated, society of lazy, corporate driven, yes men and women, throw away society with their air and water polluted because their natural rights have been violated? Show me all these nice clean places in the South and Texas where you would drink from a Spring, River, or Lake without extreme filtration and added chemicals??? By the way, the American Indians were only defeated by shear endless numbers of immigrants and their diseases, and near complete destruction of the Buffalo. Not to mention, until the invention of the Colt revolving pistol the American Indians could hold their own with bows and arrows alone. Savages, should look in the mirror. Many, of you here now were past Celts and Scotts who were being Persecuted in the old countries. Put that in your peace pipe and smoke it. The American Indian War is not over neither is the native man from other cultures, just being fought differently these days. It is the oldest war in America’s History. Another thing I have learned, is that many tribes have different ideals and values. For instance, the Comanche did not like the Tonkawa, who practiced cannibalism (whom the US Govt teamed up with to find the Comanche). Imagne that!!! Never forget some American Indian conflicts were settled with a game of lacross, not war. The English Kings used to pay for Indian Scalps!. Every European Nation has had many wars and torture! My problem, as Crazy Horse himself claimed. you cannot live off the land like your God given rights these days, because some greedy murderous people have claimed it. My opinion to add to Crazy Horses’s is that when others pollute and it runs onto you land, air, or water, then your enalienable rights are violated! What ever happened to that old saying, “Everyone has the right to pursue happiness, as long as it does not violate someones elses’s rights?” Look up that saying!!! And if you think that is not true, think about this, if I or someone else just eliminated you to protect our rights and health of our families, then what are we?

  • Philo Vaihinger

    Wow. Didn’t realize. Thanks.

  • Iron Helm

    Its exactly how the non-English posters here write about the English…total hypocrites.

  • Pihi Tabee

    Funny, coming from people like the French who at one point had beheadings all day every day, 20 to 40 thousand people were beheaded. Hitler, King Henry, etc. Don’t forget all those fancy torture tools and debowelings etc by the Europeans. Oh and slavery. Can’t forget about that. The Comanche took whites captive and as slaves, instead of the black men whom the whites took. The hypocracys burns. The settlers were offered to share the land, but instead stole it and broke treaty after treaty. The American Indians did what they had to do to protect their lands and way of life. Just because they were harsh, does not mean the Eurpeans were not less harsh and cruel. It is a fact, that most white captives never wanted to return to white society. Native way of life, is not so different from the tribal ways of the Celts and Scots from the long past.

    • libertarian1234

      “The settlers were offered to share the land, but instead stole it and broke treaty after treaty.”

      Your allegations are so ignorant and false it’s hard to know where to begin. Nothing you said is true. And what isn’t an outright lie is an exaggeration. Whites were murdered and tortured as described below, simply because they had belongings that the Indians wanted.

      Attacks on white people were no different than what the Indians were doing to each other LONG before the white man came upon the scene.
      You’re too bigoted, ignorant, and intellectually challenged to understand much of anything, so your opinions are no more than the asinine ramblings of a fool.

      • Pihi Tabee

        And white man has not, nor have not done the exact same and worese? You must look in the mirror and decieve yourself. The white man has done much worse. Look at where we are today. Still killing people that do not agree with our hypocritical views. Native American wars between tribes were never on any scale that the white man has brought fourth. You had white man forcing other tribes on to tribal lands of others, and yes this caused many problemes between tribes. Hell, you had the Delaware Indians in Texas as early as the 1820’s because of this pressure. I think you see only what you want to see. You are just one of the sheeple.

      • Pihi Tabee

        Natives were murderd and torured as well. From the very begining of white intrusion. Sure, tribes would have run in’s, but nothing on the level the white man brought. Civil War? The wild murderous west. Many American Indians settled things where there was much less bloodshed. Sometimes even games, or mano e mano (one man against another), and yes war, The White Man also pushed tribes on to other tribal lands, and caused much friction. For example The Delaware indians were forces into Texas in the 1820s, up against Comache land. So, were the Eastern Cherokee onto Caddo lands. I think you are one of those what they call a sheeple. What a hypocrite you are, the American’s possesed, abused, killed, tortured, and traded slaves, but yet the indians were not allowed to take whites as slaves??? LOL! The hypocracy runs deep Most often they would become capitives and part of the tribe, and not slaves. Or sold back to their families. Take Herman Lehman as an example. A pure White German Comanche. As for the treatment of woman, I find that this is very conflicting, since many tribes practiced matrilineal order. Many tribes valued the input of their women. Yes, their woman did hard work, so what? The men hunted and protected. There are 540 recognized tribes, so I am sure you can find many different belief systems. . In my opinion There were very good tribes, and there were bad, just the same with white man. If it would not have been for kind tribes, Lewis and Clark would have been killed. Just because you as a white man think the Comanche were bad, for some reason cannot think that they were protecting their land and way of life. They knew being nice did not work, and resorted to bascially scaring and horrifing the invaders. I would do not do any different if I would have heard what happened back East and the pressure and occurances at the time. There was much to be learned from both, and would have been a much better place if it had been so.

      • Gloria

        Incredible how this white supremacists idiots want to change history and claim they were the only real victims! Settlers were living in stolen land and they knew it so they had what they deserved! And they did broke every treaty they had with the indians, to say the contrary is beyond revisionists and ignorant. Have you heard about the Cherokees? If you think they were savages, you are mentally ill.

  • Gloria

    “war on each other” so did the Europeans for centuries so in what are Europeans better when it comes to violence?